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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: we continue to follow two major breaking news stories at 11:00. a tragedy in tennessee and a massive earthquake in japan. the alert deck tracking the information right now. >> chris: ramona and denise, it is news no one wants to hear. six elementary students are dead after a horrific crash in chattanooga, tennessee. now the ntsb said they are send ising a team to investigate the crash. here is the most up to the minute information we have. 17 students were taken to the hospital after the bus turned over and wrapped around a
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bus ranged from kinder gardeners to fifth graders. the bus driver is cooperating with police, but speed is thought to have played a role in the crash. >> what has happened today is every public safety official's absolute worst nightmare. but that is nothing in comparison to the nightmare that families and friends and our community is going through with this tragic loss children in our community. >> chris: we did some investigating hoping to ease some parents' fears in northeast ohio about putting their kids on a bus. according to the national highway traffic safety administration riding in a school bus is actually seven times safer than riding in a car or truck. an average of 30,000 people are killed in car accidents every year compared to just six kids in school bus
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people were hurt after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck japan in the early morning hours there. a tsunami warning was now canceled, but some waves three to four feet high did come ashore. right now japan is seeing aftershocks across the country. many more are expected over the next few days. if you are wondering, yes, this is the same area that massive earthquake and tsunami struck killing 20,000 people in 2011. ramona? >> romona: thank you. a west side mall has been losing business for decades as the big box stores packed up and left leaving empty storefronts. the elyria officials are looking at ways to redevelop midway mall. sara goldenburg is getting answers on a possible plan to bring back shoppers. >> reporter: this is about stimulating the economy.
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shopping center. if they don't do anything the mall will continue to lose money. the midway mall has seen better days. >> it is depressing. >> reporter: you will find sears and jc penney and best buy here, but other anchor stores like macy's and dillards have packed up over the last few years and with them the smaller shops have followed. >> we just need a lot of work. there hasn't been too much business. everyone has been closing lately. >> the city unveiled a new study they have been working on for over a year to see what nationally more people shop on-line and locally residents flock to places like crocker park. >> we live in lorain now so coming out this way there is just not too much stuff out here no more. everybody has been moving out to westlake and bay village and stuff like that. >> the study recommended following the blueprint of other shopping centers by adding hoy tells and restaurants and entertainment
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busy again. residents hope a better mall could be the catalyst for change in elyria where the economy is struggling. >> more jobs and more job opportunities. >> reporter: midway mall is looking for a buyer still. the mayor hopes it can happen as early as next year. in the meantime they are looking at tax incentives to help with the project. in elyria and getting answers, sara goldenburg, cleveland 19 news. depp den a grand -- >> denise: a grand jury decided not against a garfield heights man who left an eight-month-old in his suv last year. the man forgot to drop off chase benjamin at daycare with other children. the grandmother then took the car to work. the eight-month-old was in the car for several hours before being found dead in the backseat of the car. >> in stark county a show of support in the classroom for three weeks because of a strike.
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live where parents and teachers were demanding answers on what the next step could be. >> reporter: dozens of people came to the city counsel meeting hoping for help. teachers have been on strike for weeks and the board of education members refuse to meet up. 20 days of teacher strikes and still no answers in lewisville. >> we are ready to move on. we are ready for this to be done. we want to come to a contract and we want to get back in on our classrooms. ep lewisville high school. she and more than 160 other teachers went on strike on nove. >> we are fighting for our own futures and for the sakes of our family. >> reporter: that fight made its way to city council. teachers and concerned parents pass the constitution center asking for help. >> this has to end. if they can help in anyway that would be great. >> reporter: that means the lewisville association must meet face-to-face with the
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it is something that hasn't happened in june. >> i would appreciate you guys as a group continuing to president busher -- continuing to pressure the parties to meet and talk. that's what it will take for this thing to be resolved. >> reporter: parents tell me they are worried. >> they are an excellent school system and everybody here is suffering. all we want to do is sit down and negotiate and get back to it. >> reporter: the education association put in a proposal they haven't heard anything back. i did reach out to every bowed of education -- every board of education member and i got a response directing me to the website. i went to check it out, but it was last updated november 7th. no new news in lewisville. shelby miller, cleveland 9 -- 19 news. >> romona: we put a letter outlining their plan to put an
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>> denise: most of you are starting your holiday shopping at some poin it t this week and we want to know which shopping center was safest. we got our hands on police reports for crimes that happened at 9 different malls across northeast ohio. and the ones we looked at seemed safe. >> romona: we found there is more to the story. danny carlson is getting those answers tonight. >> this is 9-1-1. do you have an emergency? >> it was 9:00 already, but she had gone shopping at night there several times before and the parking lot is well lit and the people at the giant eagle in leg gay you see village knew her, so she didn't even give it a second thought until she was face-to-face with a strange man in her car. >> she said someone was in her car. >> he had a weapon in his hand. i just looked at it. >> reporter: a 31-year-old man with pa hat and scarf pulled over his face.
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drive him to her bank. in seconds she made a decision that may have changed her life. >> what was going through your mind in those two seconds? >> to get away. i went to a car with their headlights on. i went to somebody i knew they were in their car and i can knock on their window and ask for help. >> reporter: she was safe. telling us the police came in minutes and mall security was there even faster and that man was caught in a few hours. a scary story for sure, but how often does something like this happen at our shopping falls in in -- shopping mallss in northeast ohio? we went through hundreds of police reports dating back to january of 2015. we then broke it down to broad categories like robberies and car thefts and thefts of personal belongings. beechwood plates had the highest number of aggravated or strong arm robberies. strongsville had the highest number of car thefts over that same two-year period.
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and theft there are pick pockets and lazy village had the most with nearly a hundred. aurora farms and strongville came in second and third. none of the malls had high numbers of reported violent crimes. according to the data we obtained, but we took our numbers to an expert to put it into context. in his opinion things like victims insurance premiums and the potential for bad pr could mean the actual numbers are >> i can tell you that it is probably four times more than what's being reported minute -- minimally. it could be four or more times. >> they don't have to respond to our request and they didn't. i reached out to every mall on our list. and of the ones that responded each said security was a priority, but it would not give us their crime statistics. >> should people be concerned
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to be? >> overall malls attract criminals. it is a mecca, but it is minor crimes. luckily it is a lot of minor stuff that happens and not really a lot of major stuff. on the flip side, malls are not a good place for major crime because there are too many people around witnesses and cam you rays so they keep it -- and cameras so they keep it to the minor stuff. >> you can do your part. don't leave valuables in the open and if you something that seems off, say something. the victim we spoke to says she thinks being at the mall helped her in a way. there are shoppers around and surveillance cameras and she says the insurance department made her more aware, but it didn't really change her. in fact she still shops at the scene of the crime. >> i wouldn't go to a different grocery store. >> experts say definitely not all crimes that happen at shopping centers are reported.
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the crocker park. now on our cleveland 19 app right now i have the numbers we looked at and also the experts' explanation as to why those crimes are not always reported. we are getting answers. dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> jeff: dani, thank you. a blustery night. 36 degrees and it feels like it is in tracking the system may slow things down for you. first alert details coming up. >> romona: a warning tonight for facebook users. we are getting answers on a scam making the rounds that is preying on people enjoying the holiday season. >> denise: plus people all over are getting tattoo to decorate their bodies. now some women are using them to cover up blemishes on their bodies.
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? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland money teen news. >> a scam alert you need to hear especially if you are on facebook. dan deroos is in the answer center for a secret sister gift exchange. >> dan: some women on facebook
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and not only is it a scam, but it is illegal. i'm gonna explain that. let's show you a couple of examples. ladies, let's create possible testify tee -- positivity. i need six or more to participate in a secret gift exchange. you send it out and you are supposed to send out 6 to 36. this is the key as to why it becomes illegal. the government as gambling. you are sending out one gest and hoping to -- one gift and hoping to get 3 to 36. they see that as gambling and if you are using the mail system to put it out, well that turns it into a felony. take a look. even the cookville police department out of i believe tennessee is posting this on facebook saying don't fall for it on your news feed.
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and you will be seeing it circulating. i know it sounds like a great idea and everything and with the holidays coming up, don't fall for it. you will not get any gifts in the first place and you may even be breaking the law. dan deroos, back to you. >> denise: a warning if you are buying gravy for your thanksgiving day feast. some gravy is mislabeled as pork gravy and that could booy a problem for those the allergen is not marked on the jar. for more information on this recall you can visit cleveland >> romona: many then by having a diet -- many think that having a diet pop or pepsi is healthier than having a regular pop. a doctor at the cleveland clinic says that's not the case. diet pop can intensity and encourage your sweet tooth. >> when you are consuming artificial sweeteners which tend to be 200 to 600 times.
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part of your brain that likes something sweet. >> research has shown people who drink diet soda are more likely to be overweight. that's because artificial sweeteners increase your threshold and it leaves you always wanting more. >> denise: an artist in brazil is getting worldwide attention he came up with for hiding stretchmarks. he covers them up tattoo. these are not your normal tattoo. it is a flesh colored tattoo that hides the blemishes. once it heals the person's skin looks smoother and more evened out. >> denise: but some doctors are warning that these tattoo could come with complications. you could end up with scarring and even worse, an infection in the tattoo. >> romona: a restaurant owner in new mexico doesn't have any set prices on his menu. that's because he doesn't need them.
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they want for their meals. the karma cafe is all about that in fact. he hopes his customers will pay his generosity forward and help others. now he got the idea after traveling to australia and seeing a restaurant there with the same thing. >> great idea. >> romona: i wonder if it is profitable. >> next week he will be like not such a goo publicity for it. >> jeff: a little midweak system can slow things down. it won't be snow. it will be more rain than anything else. look at the temperatures now. 25 norwalk and 23 dover, new philly. a little more wind along the lakeshore and cloud cover. that's keeping the temperature up 37 in euclid and 37 in lakewood. in the southern part of the
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strongsville and brecksville. cloud cover and left over lake effect cloud is still hanging around. west of cleveland partly cloudy and east of cleveland mostly cloudy. here are the clouds associated with our system on wednesday. it looks like it will mainly be rain. i have a winter mix changing to rain. there is an opportunity if this moisture gets in here late morning that it a mix and a little sleet in there and perhaps a wet snowflake or two. then it changes to rain by the afternoon. then it is wet roadways on wednesday. 7:00 a.m. you are dry in morning at least the early morning. do you see the first ribbon of moisture that gets in here by 1:00 in the afternoon on wednesday? then the second batch the steadier batch will be in the
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look at tomorrow morning temps. we could even see some upper teens where you have some snowpack. by 10:00 a.m. we start to warm into the 30s and right around 40 or so for the high. but not as windy out there tomorrow. forecast tonight in cleveland, partly cloudy and chilly, 27. more clouds east though. 19 is the low. akron-canton with a light wind. weather impact tomorrow morning is a two on a scale of 1 to 10. i am seeing about 28 degrees and increasing high clouds throughout the day. we'll hit 40 and it will be more comfortable outside though because of the lighter wind. 37 at 11:00 and this time of year we hit our high between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. we'll be around 40. akron-canton is a little cooler and 37. down to 22 tomorrow night.
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wednesday. mix to rain and 39 for the high and then on thanksgiving it will be some areas of drizzle here up to 47 for the high. another alert on friday for light rain and then as we get a little colder on saturday a winter mix and some lake effect rain, sleet and maybe agents -- maybe a little snow. sunday is a lot better than sun is day's browns game. sunny and 48 and we are actually in the monday with afternoon showers. denise? >> denise: the price of some things have gone up. the coffee chain raised the prices for certain drinks and baked goods between 10 and 30 cents. but 90% of the menu is not affected by this. back in july starbucks raised the prices for some espresso and latte drinks. >> romona: a terry fying close
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corner and it was all caught on camera. watch as it wizzes past them. then it was clipped by another car end ising it spinning out of control and narrowly missing the kids. the cruiser slammed into a van parked on the side of the road. >> i'm still shaken up. you see that in the movies and not real life, you know? it was just kind of scary. >> romona: i'm sure it was. none of the kids were hurt, but the officer did injuries after hitting the van. they found 28% of colleagues are in and out of the office. >> romona: did anyone get a
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with no wins? tony zarrella has the report in sports. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news
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serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: i have handed out grades for many seasons. some a's and b's, a lot of c's. i don't know the game plan, but we all know what we are witnessing right now and there is only one group to blame.
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you are ignoring the problem! >> tony: besides, his ultimate grade can't be given yet. he simply can't blow it up again. it would be easy to grade the coaches starting with hue jackson whose name is attached to the longest streak in browns history and who is in danger of having 0-16 on his wiki page for the rest of his life. he is playing the hand he's been dealt. coach wanted cody kessler, but not on the field right now. kessler is over many reasons. you can hammer him too. he wasn't part of the 2016 plan. the guys up front, well they have collected enough f's to last a lifetime. they weren't the ones who blew this group up and let the best center in football and one of the top tackles walk away. even joe thomas who has been playing his best for years
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bed you make. that includes 14 rookies and only one whom was noticible. cory coleman going up and pulling this ball down. there are other young guns making an impact including danny shelton who may be coming into his own and at least returned alt of the nastiness when he shoved big ben back to the ground. there is only one grade to give and that's to the front office. on the field the browns still look like little kids getting beat up by the schoolyard to be the steelers. long-term there is no way to know if this will work out. short-term these coaches and players were set up to fail. still the only f you'll find at this point belongs to the guys upstairs. we will do this all week. the game, here is our fun fact of the night. you realize in the last 15 years that team up north has only beat the buckeyes twice. in that time the buckeyes have
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two national titles and you were at one of them. >> denise: i was. >> tony: browns got off easy. if she did the report card --
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>> jeff: denise has her coat on. it is going t chilly one tomorrow, but not as windy. we'll see a little more sunshine so a better day tomorrow overall. 37 at 11:00 a.m. 39 at 2:00 and then by 8:00 tomorrow evening it will drop to about 35. >> denise: all right, jeff. and thank you for joining us. be sure to join our morning team at 4:30 a.m. >> romona: we hope you had a
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