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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we know that seat belts will save lives. if we put one for every kid on every school bus. >> romona: coaching up at 4:00 the deadly crash tennessee has renewed the seat belt in school buses debate. we look at all sides coming up. but first, a father, gunned down in his own business during a robbery attempt. >> mark: now the search for his killer begins as his family mourns his loss. jen picciano live with the latest on the investigation and the victim. jen? >> reporter: mark and romona, cleveland police are now looking for the suspect who walked into
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before 7:00. he shot and killed marvin zoria and the family is still reeling from this devastating loss. the 44-year-old was behind the counter on his east 116th monday evening when cleveland police say a robber came in, pointed a gun and him and demanded money. when zoria tried to slap the gun away, he was shot in the chest and didn't survive. today candles and signs for manny as he was noun started mart. family friend said manny was a generous shopkeeper who cared about the neighbors. >> positive person. always doing stuff for the community. >> what did he do? >> if you didn't have anything, he will try and help you out the best way that he could. just one of those people willing to do anything for people who is down. >> reporter: the victim leaves behind six children as young as 4 and as old as 20. stanton said he was family
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and talking about taking them places but stanton said he was too often working dedicating himself to providing for him. investigators say the suspect fled the scene there but at this point there have been no arrests, no named suspects, not even a suspect description at this point. of course, family and loved ones hoping that suspect is caught. they are asking neighbors or witnesses to come forward and speak up and help get that person behind bars. the victim's funeral is getting answers in downtown cleveland, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> mark: thank you. new at 4:00, a 4-year-old boy in cleveland called his mom who called 911 today and the kid wasn't able to wake up his dad. police were called to the apartment on spring road around 1:00 this afternoon. when they got there they found the dad dead from an apparent drug overdose. no word how long he had been that way. police were called also called
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days ago by the same man. that time narcan was successful. >> romona: today is the second year anniversary of 12-year-old tamir rice. he was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer outside a recreation center. family and friends are commemorating his death during a 12-hour demonstration. our harry boomer is there live with what's going on right now. harry? >> reporter: romona i am standing outside the first district police station where those two officers involved in tamir's shooting work. this has been going on since about 6:00 this morning. people have been coming and going all in support of his family and for the prosecution of those officers. >> it's been two years too long and that's the hashtag we are using today. >> reporter: ryan brown is among a handful of demonstrators standing on the stoop of the first district police station during a 1200 hour commemoration of 12-year-old t out amir rice's shooting demonstration.
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pd. we are asking for answers and city of cleveland to meet the four demands for the city. >> reporter: cleveland 19 asking what the those are. she wants a meeting with loretta lynch hoping for national support before the trump administration takes over. the immediate firing of the two officers. he was shot outside the recreation center playing with a realist particular-looking handgun. >> for incoming prosecutors o'malley to retry the case in an open trial this time without the secrecy of the grand jury and charge these officers with aggravated murder. >> reporter: the fourth demand, tamir's mother wants to city to use $500,000 reportedly
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cleveland schools. >> we encourage folks to come and be in support of the mother. this is her only public appearance this week. she is taking time to be with her family. as we go into the holidays they still go into the holidays with a missing loved one and no justice. >> reporter: now we are standing outside the first district police station. this demonstration started at 6:00 this morning. it is going to go until 6:00 this evening. one hour for each of the 12 years that tamir rice the mother is on her way here. we will hear from her. we will have that at 5:00. live in cleveland, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: so the question is what is going on in brook park? paul broke the story of a council a.m. being arrested for shoplifting. now another council member in trouble with the law. we tried to get answers. >> reporter: morning, can we
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>> no. >> reporter: why? >> get out of my yard. >> reporter: can we talk to you about your citation? >> why? >> reporter: i'm interested in it. what's that? >> mark: councilman tom troyer wouldn't answer any questions but we tried. you will see more at 6:00. a former university of cincinnati police officer will be tried again. this after a jury couldn't agree on a verdict in ray tensing's first trial earlier this month. shooting death of sam dubois last year. the prosecuting attorney said the state will request a change of venue. always watching always tracking. now fur ice alert frack. >> jeff: we got rid of the lake effect cloud cover. just high, thin clouds out there right now. yeah, a little chilly but that wind not nearly as strong as what it was yesterday.
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now it is going to be cold night. we think there will be a big temperature drop once the sun sets. this cloud cover isn't thick enough to help keep the temperatures up. here comes the next system tomorrow and it is rain developing in the afternoon and tomorrow night. that could slow down your travel around here a little bit, but at least it is not snow, right? thanksgiving will feature some drizzle. right now most areas below 40 degrees. we're at 39 in cleveland. warm spot dover-new philly at 41 and ashtabula county 36. we have 38 degrees in wrecksville. the next few hours 5:00, 39, 6:00, 37 and then we crash to right around 30 at 7:00 as the sun sets. after the cold night we have that system tomorrow. i will have the hour-by-hour broadcast down on that in the next time out. >> romona: today federal investigators arrive at the
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in chattanooga, tennessee that killed five children, four girls and one boy. a speeding bus driver is said to be to blame according to an arrest affidavit. now the bus flipped twice before slamming into a tree and literally splitting in half. jasmine mateen lost her daughter in the accident. she said the kids told her bus driver johnthony walker told the kids to prepare to die before the bus flipped >> and my daughter say right before the bus flipped that he was speeding around a curve and asked them, are you all ready to die? and then jerked the steering wheel and that's when the bus flipped twice. >> romona: walker was arrested and charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. next investigators will look at
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renewed conversation with seat belts in school buses. chris van vliet reports. >> we know that seat belts will save lives if we put one for every kid on every school bus. >> reporter: the head of the national highway traffic administration says three-point seat belts like the ones in your car that go across the shoulder and the waist should be on every school bus. but there is no federal mandate. six states require seat belts on school buses but only california meets the r agency has been weighing whether to mandate belts on school buses for four decades. >> we're not denying this is going to be a challenge but we are looking from research to funding to figure out how to help everybody nationwide get their kids even safer. >> reporter: it is estimated four children die every year in large school bus crashes. it believes seat belts would reduce those deaths by half. this seat belt manufacturer's rollover test shows the impact of a crash on unbuckled
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are certainly very good in a rollover where you might be ejected if you didn't have that belt. >> reporter: lat near nitsa predicted it would cost $7,300 and $10,000 to retrofit each school bus with seat belts. with an estimated half million school buses in service, the cost would be in the billions. administrator rosekind suggested new buses could come off the assembly line standard with seat belts. >> the manufacturers could do this starting now. >> reporter: n the cost it could take up to a decade or more if ever to get a regulation in place requiring seat belts. the ntsb believes three-point seat belts would improve school bus safety. chris van vliet, cbs new, washington. >> mark: we are asking questions about what's being done to keep children safe to and from school in northeast ohio at 5:00. the police have been testing a new program to keep us safe and help police when they are
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to take the program county wide. wide. >> reporter: it is called the detroit shoreway safety camera initiative. after a successful pilot program in ohio city police now have the software to take the program county wide. what it does is create a registry of security cameras throughout the entire county. that includes cameras on people's homes, businesses, eveu detectives investigating a crime will be able to search for footage more easily. all they have to do is type in an address and instantly see where there are cameras in the area. a press conference today held today. council men said neighborhood safety is a priority. >> we have to make sure our neighborhoods are the safest in northeast ohio.
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initiatives like this which come from our residents and that our residents expect of us really help us to continue towards the goal of having well-rounded, diverse, safe and sustainable neighborhoods. >> reporter: of course, community leaders said that through research they found that safety was a top priority for residents. this isn't the first time something like this has been done. the county prosecutor's office says they borrowed the idea from new york and san francisco. >> the latest sighting of former presidential candidate hillary clinton. plus. >> i would say the relief i have gotten since surgery has been miraculous. it is night and day. >> romona: a young mom undergoes a unique surgery and now she is giving thanks for a
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>> mark: welcome president-elect donald trump has been holding more meetings in new york as he works to fill positions in his upcoming administration. >> romona: while his transition teams work to fill his cabinet, no announcements have been made this week mama kelly anne conway says mr. trump does not wish to pursue charges again hillary clinton for use of a private email server while secretary of state.
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republican dr. ben carson for housing and urban development. the president-elect is headed to florida for the thanksgiving holiday after an off-again on-again meeting with the new york times. >> romona: not long after the picture of hillary clinton walking in the woods went viral, she has been spotted again since the election. this time in a rhode island book store. employee jessica wick took this photo with her on sunday after she showed up with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and their two grandchdr media the next day saying she was very kind, warm and gracious. she said she told clinton that she voted for her and how much her candidacy meant to her. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: let's pinpoint euclid and downtown heading out. 6:00 temperatures warmer along the immediate lake shore. 8:00, 38 euclid, 37 downtown.
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euclid and basically holding steady in the mid 30s this evening anyway. here is the moisture attached to the system that's going to be moving at us later tomorrow. yes, they are getting a mix of some sleet and snow there in minneapolis. now we're thinking it will be afternoon and tomorrow night and it will be mainly in the form of rain by the time it reaches us. the timing on this alert is 1:00 through tomorrow night. that could slow down your holiday travel at that time. here is a look at future view. tomorrow morning are you good to go. no problems for your last day of work and last day of school for a lot of us. you can see temperatures though are going to be cold again, well in the 20s to start things off. by 1:00 in the afternoon, we will be above 40 and then here comes the rain. looks like the first slug will
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after 7:00 tomorrow. that's the steadier batch. and that will be with us through the night. as we get into thanksgiving morning some light rain into the early morning but then that will diminish down to a drizzle. so kind of a raw thanksgiving but we're not looking at steady rain. look at my forecast low tonight. 22 in cleveland with some high clouds. but warmer along the lake shore. 19 akron-canton, mostly cloudy. afternoon 47 for the high. we will see if we can hit that in the afternoon. 28 at 8:00 a.m, 38 at 11:00, 40 at 2:00 in the afternoon. it will be light rain in the afternoon, steadier rain though tomorrow night and warmer because of the moisture. areas of drizzle on thanksgiving and a cloudy sky, 46. if you have one of those turkey bowls that football game that you like to play thursday
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all right, light rain on friday, 48. do i have an alert on saturday for a winter mix and windy, 41. but no big snow accumulation out of that. sunday it is back to sunshine, 49 and a bigger warm up on monday with more rain in the morning. romona? >> romona: many people look forward to thanksgiving all year but few will be as excited as one young mom in georgia. she will get to savor each bite without sickness or pain and she can credit that operation. >> reporter: for years the only comfort 33-year-old jessica could find was through nature. she had severe back pain, urinary and breathing problems and became nauseous and bloated after eating. >> in march of this year i woke up in the middle of the night having some severe symptoms, and i w went to the e.r. >> reporter: jessica's intestines were twisted caused
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but didn't know she had intestinal malrotation where the intestines are misplaced and in jessica ace place pressing on vital organs. >> the problem is your intestines can wraparound each other and you can lose all or part of your intestine and have obstruction which can cause death. >> reporter: jessica turned to the internet and found a doctor from the cleveland clinic. he suggested a surgery that he invented where jessica's intestines would b separated, and secured properly inside her abdomen saving her intestines and avoiding the need for a future transplant. >> we are using the patient's own organ to fix it in an anatomical way and place it like reorganizing our kitchen or bedroom using your own furniture to make your house look pretty and safe. >> reporter: after surgery the
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jessica's back pain and urinary symptoms disappeared and she is now able to enjoy a meal without feeling sick. >> i would say the relief i have gotten since surgery has been miraculous. it is night and day. you know, i'm still recovering so there are some little things, but the things that feel better are worth every bit of the surgery. >> romona: thrilled she got her life back fully. >> mark: i can't imagine what th trending at 4:00, the grammys might just hit the road thanks to the show's new host. >> romona: and what's got this mom making this priceless face? we find out.
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plus get dental coverage, vision benefits, prescription drug coverage and access to over 13,000 fitness locations nationwide. now's the time to switch! if you live in one of the following counties, you can get a plan with zero dollar monthly premiums. call now! the medicare enrollment deadline for the cleveland area is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-717-2654 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. >> mark: priceless moment caught on camera is trending
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artest kanye west. kanye is hospitalize under a psychiatric hold. that means question not leave the hospital without the doctor's consent. a representative for west says the rapper a is being treated fr exhaustion. he walked out a show last weekend after performing four songs recently and ranting about beyonce and jay-z just to name a few. he then scrapped the remaining concerts for his mega tour. ? ? >> mark: l.l. cool-j is passing the mic. late night host james cordon will be in the driver's seat for the grammy awards in february. it will be a first for cordon. last june he hosted the tony awards and won one in 2012. >> romona: love his show. >> mark: surprise, it's a boy.
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she has been carrying a son for the past nine months. kim spent her entire pregnancy believing it has to be a girl. she wanted a boy and girl and had a girl but was convinced she was carrying another girl. the california mother was blown away when she got what she wanted. >> romona: that's wonderful. a surprise like that. forget "hamilton." coming up at 4:00 we bring you lebron, the musical. that's still to come. we're giving aways hottest toy hatchimal to one lucky viewer and here is how you can enter to win. go to our cleveland 19 app and complete the hatchimal sweepstakes entry form under the contest tab in the left menu. the winner will be announced
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4:00, a commemoration in membery of 12-year-old tamir rice shot and killed two years ago but cleveland police. his mom settled a multimillion dollar lawsuit but wants to keep her son's memory alive. the mother is set to speak in 30 minutes. >> mark: cleveland police investigating the death after store owner on the east side. witnesses say the gunman entered the quick food mart on east 116th last night demanding monday. away and the gunman fired. >> romona: temperatures, normal temperatures in the 40s or so? >> jeff: yeah, let me see here. 48. >> mark: check your almanac. >> jeff: 48 average high. i knew it was in the 40s. i always want to be exact with you, romona. we are cooler than normal and it will be cold tonight but dry, and then we have this system on the way later tomorrow. so it is going to get a little
4:31 pm
not white which is good. so, you know, just plan on that maybe slowing things down a little bit for you with this rain co coming in. 39 cleveland, sandusky at 34 only. akron-canton 37. we got 38 in mansfield and in wooster. when we have rain or snow this time of year around interactive radar and we sent out now peal right, and sometimes we send them out right for your neighborhood if that's where the weather is going. if that's where we have the most active stuff, we can actually customize it just for those people who have our app in that area. 6:00, 37. then we are dropping into the 20s, i think. we are going to see a fast drop in temperature as the sun sets. low 20s for a low. so it is going to be cold. but a light wind out there.
4:32 pm
afternoon, tomorrow night we're going to have showers and then that will diminish to kind of one of those drizzle-type situations on thanksgiving. alert out tomorrow afternoon timing 1:00 p.m. through tomorrow night. we are going to be monitoring that situation as it may slow things down for you a little bit. more on the holiday weekend forecast for you coming up. mark? >> mark: jeff, thanks. lebron james was a no show at cavs practice today but for a good reason. james had to give a deposition in a lawsuit invng players union executive billy hunter. james who serve as vice president in the union was one of several players deposed. hunter claims he was undermined by the union during the 2011 lockout. he sued the union for wrongful termination and is seeking $10.5 million in salary and benefits. >> romona: most of you are starting your holiday shopping at some point in week, and we wanted to know which shopping center was the safest?
4:33 pm
reports for crimes that happened at nine different malls across northeast ohio. now the ones we looked at seemed pretty safe. >> mark: overall but we also found there is more to the story. dani carlson getting those answers. >> this is 911, do you have an emergency? >> reporter: it was 9:00 on a night last april. dark already but she had gone shopping at night there so many times before and the parking lot is well-lit and the the giant eagle in legacy village knew her, so she didn't even give it a second thought. until she was face-to-face with a strange man in her car. >> she said someone was in her car. it wasn't anyone she knew. >> he had a weapon in his hand, and i just looked at it. >> reporter: a 31-year-old man with a hat and scarf pulled over his face. he said something about a drug addiction and he wanted her to drive him to her bank.
4:34 pm
that may have changed her life. >> what was going through your mind? >> to get away. i went to a car that had head lites on. i went to somebody who i knew was in the car and knock on their window and ask for help. >> reporter: she was safe telling us the police came in minute, mall security was there even faster and that man was caught within just a few hours. a scary story for sure but how often does something like this happen at our shopping malls in northeast ohio? we wanted to obtained and wept through hundreds of pages of police reports dating back to january of 2015. we then broke it down into broad categories like robberies, car thefts, and thefts of personal belongings. beachwood place had the highest number of aggravated and strong-arm robberies at five, strongsville had the highest number of car thefts over the same two-year period also at five and as far as reported personal belonging thefts, meaning things like car
4:35 pm
the most with nearly 100 and aurora familiars in strongsville were second and third. none of the malls had high violate crimes but we took our numbers to an expert to put them into context. in his opinion things like victim's insurance premiums and the potential for bad p.r. could mean that the actual numbers are really higher than what we got. >> i can tell you that it's probably four times more than what's being reported minimally for it. could be four or more times. >> reporter: the malls don't have to responds to our request for their crime data, and they didn't. i reached out to every mall on our list and of the ones that responded, each said that security was a priority but would not give us their crime statistics. >> should people be concerned that malls aren't safe places to be? >> overall malls attract
4:36 pm
lucky it is a lot of minor stuff that happens and not really a lot of major stuff. on the flip side, malls are not a real good place for major crime because there's too many people around witnesses and cameras so they keep it down to the minor stuff. >> reporter: and as far as that minor stuff, you can do your part. don't leave valuables out in the open, be aware of your surroundings and if you do see something that seems off, say something. the victim we spoke to says she thinks being at the mall helped her in a surveillance cameras, security guards and police. she says the incident made her more aware but didn't really change her. in fact, she still shops at the scene of the crime. >> i wouldn't go to a different grocery store. >> reporter: so our expert said definitely not all crimes that happen at shopping centers are reported but keeping that in mind according to the numbers we got from police, crocker park and the ohio station outlets had the fewest incidents of reported
4:37 pm
on our cleveland 19 app i have the numbers we looked at and the expert's explanation as to why the crimes aren't always reported. dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: thank you. the cowboys in church? a video you have to see. that's coming up in time out. >> mark: foods you can fly with this thanksgiving. you're not going to believe this. that's straight ahead at 4:00. here is a look at traffic. 77 looking just fine. maybe some people getting out before the
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>> romona: aping may be throwing it way back with an old but new style cell phone. they have a patent for a flexible iphone that can fold in half like the old school flip phone. it is unknown if there is a iphone flip phone in the work but patents often provide a glimpse into what the company is thinking for the future. >> mark: getting ready to fly home for thanksgiving? the tsa issued guidelines this week have you talking turkey. dan deroos joins us now. >> we might get the answer to the question do turkeys really fly? no. but technically you can take some leftover cooked turkey, your grandma's favorite turkey and amazing and you would love to take some home.
4:41 pm
carry on or checked baggage. what about live turkeys? maybe are you flying somewhere and you wanted to take a live turkey because maybe have you a good one. maybe there is a farm or something. yes, technically if it is a certified therapy animal and it has been done before that people have taken on turkeys for that. raw turkeys, uncooked? yes, you can take that as well as long as it is packed in dry ice but that means it will probably have to will be too big. let's get to gravy. this is a tough one. if it is more than that it has to be in the baggage. hope it is sealed up tight. the pumpkin pie? absolutely. pies, cakes, and that even included mashes potatoes and things like that. it is a solid not a liquid. you can carry that on.
4:42 pm
good luck that it gets there in one piece but you know you can take some of the thanksgiving home with you. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos back to you. >> mark: jack frost working magic at the jack casino downtown. thousands of twinkling lights more than 100 toll day trees, 6,000 square feet of snow set up for the holidays all part of the fifth annual holidays at the higgly. now for a quick time out with romona a >> romona: it is anthony lima joining me today. good to see you. >> another tony. >> romona: we are going to talk about the browns draft. they are looking at someone from a hometown kid from mentor. let me tell you quickly why i am not excited about this. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> romona: i love he is a hometown boy, that's great. but it doesn't excite me because he's going to come here and get concussions unless you're going to tell me that that line you are going to build a wall that
4:43 pm
why bring any great prospect here just to have him hurt? >> remember, first the president is big on building walls why not cleveland. you see mitch from north carolina he is rocketing up all the draft charts. they are so excited about him. mentor's own. it kind of worked out with brian hoyer. cannon arm, 6'3" why not. they have to try something. >> romona: i like that 6'3" and armed. i do not want him to get h especially in front of his family. >> i know but at some point have you to pull a trigger on a qb. you can't be timid forever. >> romona: all right. the cowboys, they are actually shows the game in church because the cowboys are so hot. >> they would say this is a holy thing. sunday is the day of football and everything. they actually did this and people are, obviously, miffed. some people are very upset about this. here in cleveland they would call showing the 0-11 browns the
4:44 pm
point. i'm telling you, they went and drafted a quarterback, romona. they went and drafted a quarterback dak prescott. >> romona: i appreciate the fact our pastor lets the service out a little bit early during browns sunday. this year not so much. >> not exactly sparing you from torment. >> romona: no reason to go home and watch. maybe next year. >> say your prayers. they will >> mark: thankses guys. we know that getting tickets to see the hit play "hamilton" is no easy feat but what if bring long james and "hamilton" joined forces to make a mega musical. here's the result.
4:45 pm
>> mark: hats or to this. it is a great parody. steph alike. >> i don't want to relive that night of again. i would like to keep it in the past. >> romona: i had forgotten it. >> yes, the gingham shirt. coming up tonight at 5:00, we have much more for you. a school bully caught on cell phone video. a teenager pushed and hit as he walked down a school hallway. now police are investigating. plus, the christmas season is a big time for scammers, of
4:46 pm
we have some helpful advice so you are not the next victim. animal control officers rescue a wild turkey but this bird behaves more like a dog. and we have the video to prove it. chris and i will see you at 5:00. >> romona: we raised turkeys. (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done. but when it came to medicare, i was glad i could get a little help. (vo) ingrid called anthem blue cross and blue shield, and got the information she needed to make her best decision.
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>> mark: the wild days of winter back at lake metro park. you get to play a game just like candyland in an indoor imagine cool wonderland. take a turn on the life-size game board, move from space-to-space through all the seasons and discover all the many things nature gives us. the exhibit opens at noon each day in kirlin.
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year. >> mark: me, too. a lot of food. >> jeff: a lot of food, music, christmas carols. all that stuff. chia pets. >> mark: yeah. >> jeff: all right, let's look at the planning forecast. starting to see an increase in clouds right now and we'll have to see the forecast as far as where the temperatures go tonight is pretty tricky because if the clouds decide to kind of thicken up a little bit, we're not going to drop as much. if they stay on the thin side, then we will it is a light wind. so, you know, even if the temperatures were to drop, there is not going to be any windchill out there. tomorrow though afternoon rain and tomorrow night. so we have an alert up for that. it looks like on thanksgiving it will be early morning that we're going to see some rain and after that it will diminish down to a drizzle. but a cloudy sky, pretty raw, 46. nothing too cold. some light rain showers on
4:51 pm
i think later friday night and saturday a winter mix. some rain, sleet, snow. this will be a little bit of lake effect. not expected to get out of hand though. 41 on saturday. saturday night down to 37. look at sunday. so the browns game this weekend a lot better than what we saw last weekend. in fact, we could be sneaking up close to 50. little bit of light rain there monday morning so no alert for that. but look at how warm we get. 59, better opportunity of rai mostly cloudy, windy and 54. so that will be the next system that we'll be keeping an eye on there. again, 40s tomorrow, thanksgiving, friday, and dip a little bit on saturday with that winter mix and then shoot up in temperature after we get back to work on monday. mark, romona, back to you. >> mark: thank you. a way in a manger? >> romona: not so much.
4:52 pm
yeah, they have iphones. we will show you after the
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4:54 pm
with me, mark nolan. hey, romona. >> romona: high, mark. >> mark: recent survey what percentage of women would change their laugh? >> romona: i don't like my laugh. 30%. >> mark: close, 33%. i'll give it to you. >> romona: see, that silly
4:55 pm
>> romona: just in time for the holidays.
4:56 pm
nativity scenes and you probably have one in your house. this is a 2016 version of the nativity set found on the website and steadier is called hipster nativity set. check out who we suppose is joseph and mary there. very nice. with a phone out for a selfie and baby jesus and starbucks coffee. >> romona: three wisemen on segways bringing gifts what looks like amazon boxes of gold, frankincense and myrhh. #babyjesusnofilter needed. we aren't being sacoligious just reporting what we see. it is $129.99. >> mark: that is pretty
4:57 pm
brutally attacked. he told police it was by six pittsburgh steelers fans. the latest on that investigation
4:58 pm
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cleveland 19 news sponsored streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions. getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> chris: a live look outside and plenty of clouds as we take a look. big week for families and everybody counting down to thanksgiving and looking at the holiday forecast. jeff will have your up to the minute forecast in a minute.
5:00 pm
cleveland worker attacked by a group of six out-of-towners. >> he told police he has no idea who they are or why they did this to him. catherine bosley is getting answers on the investigation. did they catch these guys, catherine? >> reporter: yeah, they did. they made the arrests. six arrests. the victim says it happened so fast and doesn't remember much about the attackers except they had pittsburgh steelers hats on and didn't see them coming? >> from his 24-year-old jason bush shows us the staples in his head and then some. after getting beaten up in downtown cleveland landing in intensive care at first. >> so much blood around my face. i couldn't even open up this eye. >> it happened at 2:00 monday morning when he and his boss left work and walked around the corner to prospect to visit another restaurant and jumped by a lot of guys. >> i was the ground and really


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