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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. asking questions and getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> he was a really good guy. i don't want him to be left with a bad name. we're gonna miss >> romona: now at 11:00, a heartbreaking story of a 4-year-old boy finding his dad dead from a drug over dose. and this wasn't the first time the man over dosed this week. how his family is dealing with their loss coming up. but first, many of you are getting ready to hit the road tomorrow to travel for thanksgiving. >> denise: we issued an alert for one of the busiest travel days of the year. how will the rain affect your
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>> jeff: it will be worse tomorrow night. that's when the rain will be arriving. let me show you the regional con digs tomorrow morning. if you have the day off and if you are traveling east i know they have gotten a lot of snow out east. parts of new york state and especially it is looking dry in the morning. this is the system that is making its way here. and we are thinking now as we get into evening that's when we are looking for the rain to come into the cleveland area. it won't be wet roads. it won't be a real heavy rain, but it is enough to make things damp for sure. it is coming from the west so if you are traveling west you will run into that first. so that's what we are monitoring. i will bring you more details on this system and what to expect heading into thanksgiving and your black friday shopping is coming up.
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million americans will be on the highways in the midwest this thanksgiving. and of course right along with them will be those annoying orange barrels. how can you navigate around them? dan deroos is in the answer center with the answer. >> dan: the easiest answer is go to cleveland they were nice enough to send out a statewide alert. all of the construction that may impact your travel here is one of the major ones. and akron with that one. it is the i-77 junction and i-76. it has been a mess. now add to that huge holiday travel and it will be bad tomorrow. the other area of major concern is this is the toledo area, the north side of toledo. you get to i h of 75 and you get around the city it is going to be a major delay there too. a lot of people will be driving at least 50 miles.
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driving for thanksgiving and one of the things is you want to stay off the roads m. >> what you want to do is travel the peak times and that is basically you are traveling to any major city you have to make sure you are not traveling in that area about noontime and around evening time when people will be getting off work. >> dan: here is my other tip besides going and seeing the entire list is the all go app. you can see the roads are green so if you set out driving right now you would have no problem. another feature i like is if you put in the route you can create a route and maybe that's where you were going for dinner. it will keep an eye on the route you are driving. you are not supposed to be looking at your phone, but an alert will pop up on your
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undoubtedly going to pop up tomorrow. getting answers in the answer center, back to you. >> denise: thank you, dan. the sad reality of the heroin epidemic hit a cleveland family. a 4-year-old found his dad passed out from overdose. now the little boy's mom is struggling to explain what happened. shelby miller with the emotional story. >> for the family of an addict, this is their worst nightmare. getting --et loved one over dosed and died. the call came from a 4-year-old who told his mom dad was sleeping. now there are hopes for others who are suffering. >> he was a really good guy. i don't want him to be left with a bad name. we're gonna miss him. >> holding her son close she tears up talking about her ex, michael dunaway, the father of her two children. >> he was a really good guy.
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>> a great dad, but he had a down fall. >> he was a good guy. it is just even when he was going through the addiction he was still a good guy. >> reporter: she said he suffered from addiction, but these days she thought he was clean. >> people are very good at hiding things. >> reporter: she had a feeling something wasn't right this afternoon so she called dunaway and their 4-year-old son owen answered. >> what did he say to you on the phone? >> that daddy was sleeping. >> reporter: right away and when paramedics got there he was found dead of an apparent drug over dose. something their 4-year-old son struggles to fully understand. >> families need to not be ashamed. so many people are scared to talk about it and admit you have a family member or loved one who is suffering from addiction. >> reporter: as a social worker she sees addiction hurt too many people. she and her sons know the feeling all too well. >> he was great.
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he loved his kids. he would do anything he could for them. they adored him. it is going to be tough especially with the holidays. >> reporter: she said dunaway wanted to get professional help, but couldn't afford it. cleveland police went to his apartment two days ago after getting a call he had overdosed. they used narcan then to revive him, but today it was too late. i asked her about had no idea it happened. denise? >> denise: shelby, thank you. we just checked with the cuyahoga county medical examiner's office and there were at least 385 heroin and fentanyl fatal overdoses through october 7th. the last day information was available to us. compare that to 228 last year during that time period. the medical examiner expects the final number this yary to
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deaths. and cleveland 19 is trying to help you spot the signs of heroin and opioid abuse. go to cleveland and click on the spot the signs tab under the health news. >> romona: right now chris tanaka is tracking breaking news from the news desk. >> chris: we just learned a 29-year-old man is dead after a shootout at a garfield heights barber shop. another 29-year-old man was grazed by a bullet. police are still l the shooter. investigators tell us an argument broke out inside the skills barber shop when the shooting happened. we will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates on our cleveland 19 news app. and a police officer is out of surgery after being shot in the head. he remains in critical condition. about an hour ago detroit police took a person of interest -- a person of interest into custody.
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about somebody breaking into cars. now investigators are trying to figure out how the officer got shot. and a water park in kansas city, the slide that killed a 10-year-old boy this summer will be torn down. ramona? >> romona: thank you. investigators are focusing on the speed a bus driver was going when he lost control and slammed into a tree. it killed five young chirp. now -- it killed five children. now they have to explain to their kids that some of their friends are dead. >> that's the challenge all nightlong how we will tell him and break the news to him because he does president -- because he doesn't understand it. i don't know how to explain it to him. >> romona: police say he was going well above the 30-mile an hour speed limit. the 24-year-old has no criminal record, but he does have two violations on his driving record. just two months ago his boss
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in 2014 he was cited for driving without insurance. >> denise: a warning tonight about a popular mini-van. toyota is recalling nearly 750,000 siennas because the sliding door could unexpectedly open while the car is moving. the car maker is coming up with a fix for that practice right now and will notify all owners when it is going to be available by mid-january. and a consumer alert if you expect a 250 cargo pilots are on strike and that's forcing companies like amazon and dhl to cancel about 75 flights full of packages every day. the airline is hoping to get a court order to end the strike and get the pilots back in the air just in time for the holiday shipping season. >> denise: pro-biotic yogurt helps with digestion, but now it may treat mental illness.
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help people suffering from depression. plus -- >> romona: it promised jobs and millions of dollars for northeast ohio. why did it cost taxpayers in assisted? carl monday is getting answers next. jeff? >> jeff: all right, ladies let's look at the feazel roof cam. we have high clouds out there in advance of the us is stem. i in advance of the system. i'll get you through your
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>> denise: tonight a carl monday investigation into the questionable spending of your tax dollars. millions spent by nasa in the state of ohio was supposed to jump start a local business, create jobs and stimulate the economy. >> romona: instead the deal has put the company on the edge and left taxpayer, holding the bag. carl monday is getting answers in this investigation. >> pressure sense isers play a big part -- pressure sensors play a big part in our everyday lives. watching space flights. >> liftoff. >> reporter: to making the vehicles we drive. and making the food we eat. >> it is a $20 billion industry. everything you see and every plastic and every rubber and every car and we have the
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>> reporter: he was so confident of the future of the sensors that he moved his family business from buffalo to northeast ohio where he partnered with the research center. and he partnered with the state of ohio to produce and market what he says was a breakthrough product. >> people are desperate to find a technology like this. it is like selling flat screen tv's in the 50s. nobody on the planet has anything like it. >> when we hear the term normally what we think of. it is a standard pressure gauge commonly used to check the tire pressure on your car m industrial pressure sensors send is out an electrical signal. using a $1 million development grant for the state of ohio and a $2 million investment from specter, nasa agreed to provide sensors that would holdup to extreme temperatures. >> they were supposed to
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sensors and all of the president busher sensor d -- and all of the pressure sensor dyes. so we were enormously excited anden -- and enthused. >> keller built a new production facility and hired highly trained workers and waited for nasa to come through with a sensor. >> we don't get a single sensor to work. half were selling our products canceled our relationship. our damages, loss and reputation are staggering. >> the technology was developed by this man. the scientist with dozens of patents to his credit. in a breech of contract lawsuit against nasa, specter says they proposed they go into business together and he was the person responsible for manufacturing the sensor to
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specifications. >> when you look at what was promised versus what is delivered, how can you explain getting sensors that fail. nothing you can send to customers. >> reporter: they agreed to let us interview him, but the day before our interview nasa called and canceled citing on going legal action in the case. >> it is the little guy versus the big guy. it is a company on the verge of failure because of all of the investments it made in this >> reporter: attorney james wiggin represents specter in the lawsuit. instead of creating business he got squeezed. >> there is a piece of toy further -- toy furnitures. these inflexible bureaucracies who were -- both of which were unwilling to work with specter to solve the problems. >> in this letter to specter, nasa blames specter for filling to come up with
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they stopped paying nasa because they failed to deliver the working sensors. >> it is the most egregious case of misrepresenting what you will do and not standing behind your word and a contract i have ever heard of. >> nasa's failure to deliver costs the company $45 million in future business. specter wasn't the only one to take a beating. according to specter's lawsuit they stood to earn millions in royalties from the deal. >> we are estimating it is 15 million. >> did it come close to that? >> it was 0. >> reporter: instead of expanding and creating more jobs they are fighting to survive and keep the business afloat. >> the state of ohio invested money for nothing. we invested everything for nothing. >> reporter: in the end they designed to create jobs and may have put jobs in jeopardy. >> to keep the business alive and keep all of the people employed.
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off. >> would i work with them again? you couldn't pay me enough money. >> reporter: getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> romona: nasa is now demanding specter repay the money they are owed by specter. and the state attorney general says is specter left ohio taxpayers on the hook for more than $350,000. specter is disputing both those claims. now it is up to the courts to decide who is right. >> denise: tonight we are eat all of the great food this week without sabotaging your tie yet. first, eat a small breakfast. it will give you more control over your appetite and will power. portion control. that's key. try not to over fill your plate and skip the foods you eat all year-round. eat slowly putting your fork down between bites. that will help you out. jeff is laughing. you can't do that, jeff? why not? take a little break.
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>> denise: and go easy on the alcohol. these are good tips. the calories in wine, beer and liquor can add up quickly so mix in water in between drinks. >> romona: i'm with you, jeff. pro-biotic yogurt has become a way to deal with digestion problems. researchers say it could reduce stress. they tested the theory and they started swimming toward the top of their tanks. it is a sign of less anxiety. now doctors hope to duplicate their findings in humans. >> romona: tonight a legend said an emotional god -- goodbye at fox 8 news. >> denise: he gave his final forecast after 55 years of being on the air. >> be good to the animals. i don't handle this very well. i'm sorry. my voice is gone. >> denise: there wasn't a dry eye across northeast ohio.
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his love for the weather may have only been surpassed by his love for animals. we here at cleveland 19 want to wish him well in his much deserved retirement. >> romona: yes we do. i was blessed to work with him for eight years over there. he is just like he is on tv. >> romona: what a career. a great man. >> jeff: the first time i met him we were at thee garden show. >> romona: that's where i met. >> jeff: i ran up to him and he is like, security! security! >> denise: he is always joking. >> jeff: let's look at the rain that is moving in tomorrow. and if you notice we are getting a little winter mix, the leading edge of it. that could happen once you get to toledo and over to northern indiana. i don't think it well be
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period of a winter mix and you will see this on the future view. this is early in the morning tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. there is the time stamp. notice temps in the 20s and that's why we could get into a little bit of a winter mix before it changes over to rain. and it will be a light rain that develops for us. right around 1:00 in the afternoon we are thinking tell pes will be in the 40s -- temps will be in the 40s. the steadier rain arrives tomorrow night. travel conditions right around this time tomorrow night. we think it will be raining and creating wet roadways. look at the future view rainfall and by 11:00 tomorrow evening a little over a quarter inch in sandusky and close to a quarter inch there in norwalk. but most amounts, a 10th of an inch or less, that's not a ton of rain, but it is enough to dampen the roads. we do have the alert for that
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expected. the good news is it is not snow, but it will be rain. so we've seen worse conditions out there before. mostly cloudy and cold tonight. we are down to 22 for the low. tomorrow morning's commute will be an easy one. 23 at 7:00 a.m. and warming to 28 at 8:00 in the morning. that's below normal. up to 47 for the high and turning cloudy and developing, this 38 at 11:00 a.m. it is west that winter mix and then light rain spreading in the area during the afternoon. akron-canton becoming cloudy and afternoon light rain and 42 your expected high. showers and then on thanksgiving it will end in the morning. areas of drizzle on thanksgiving and a lot of cloud cover. friday night rain for the
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it could change over to a winter mix. a little lake effect here and 41. sunday is looking a lot better. sunny and near 50 for the browns game. near 60 with a little light rain in the morning. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. the rivalry with that school up north has been a little one sided as of late. it does you will hear from urban meyer coming up in sports. >> get breaking news and weather on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the
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>> now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> the game. it is about a rivalry and it is about tradition.
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meeting in just four days at the shoe. the match up has never been about in the prior 111 meetings playoff rankings. they are making it known the buckeyes have a great shot to play for the national title with a victory on saturday. still holding strong to that number two spot and the requesty is remaining can ohio state advance to the playoffs without playing for the big 10 title? although in the loss t michigan state then they would play for the big 10 crown. all quiet on ohio state's campus which is not normally the case. on tuesday night, michigan week and no jumping into mirror lake. it is under construction. the rivalry has been under reconstruction as well. buckeyes winning 11 of the last 12 including the 42-they are teen drumming. welcome back to the rivalry, mr. harbaugh, but this year they are more evenly matched. they are not taking the school
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on lightly is the team having really, really good players. i don't think i have ever seen them from afar and they are always great players. there are 47 senior or some crazy number. these guys have been here awhile and they are grown men. a very, very good team and very talented. i don't know if i ever considered a >> you can throw out the records and even home field advantage. the buckeyes are 25-27-2. we need to get on the other side of that with a win this weekend. not sure how much better the winnless brown wills get before sunday's game. they are putting their bees foot forward. they are out making a difference helping out with a
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thanksgiving day meals and town hall.
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> jeff: here we go. tomorro we've got -- i don't know why i put that in there. i don't know if we can see a rainbow tomorrow. 33 at 9:00 a.m. we need sunshine to get a rainbow. it is a little bit in the morning. afternoon rain is into tomorrow night and then drizzle on your thanksgiving.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: it's a beautiful race day here at the ed sullivan speedway. i'm your race announcer larry boberry and hot diggity dog do we have a race for you today. in a lane one, new competitor to the colbert, and in lane two sprint cup champion jimmie johnson. they will be racing down the track with eggs on spoons in their mouth and returning with a grapefruit between their legs like the ancient greeks. let's go to the track! >> ready, set, go! and they're off. stephen with good form. what's this? jimmie johnson's using his hands. a questionable move but since he's a celebrity, i'll let it go


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