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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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asking questions, getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> we start with that. a live look outside at cleveland. cloudy, cool and rain out there. this is one of the biggest travel days of the year. depending how far you are traveling, you could see snow. we begin with that all-important thanksgiving forecast. >> it is important. what can you expect if you are one of the millions of people who will be jeff tanchak has a first look at the forecast. >> wet roadways around here. at times we see a sleet mix in there and for the most part of the country dealing with vote and rain and the last few days and upstate, new york. even they will be seeing mainly rain out of this. >> here is a look at the radar. generally a light rain.
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color with sleet mixing with rain in geauga county and chesterland there. you have a steady light rain in ashtabula county. this is with us through the night and tomorrow morning. the alert for mainly light rain now through 10:00 a.m. that of course could slow things down because of the wet roads. steady temperatures as well around 40. it will be a damp thanksgiving better news for shopping friday. i am looking at a mainly dry forecast most of the day. >> forecast details on that including a big holiday weekend coming up that's later in the half hour. chris? >> jeff, thanks. >> chris: many people taking to the skies headed out of town for the holidays. >> as i said this is the biggest travel day of the year. the sunday after thanksgiving is typically the busiest. harry boomer is live at hopkins airport now.
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>> all right, denise. the flow of people is picking up as the airport rush hour approaches. the board behind me shows mostly on-time arrivals and all of that and on-time departures as well. >> reporter: for most of the day following the early morning rush air travelers made their way through hop wins airport and to families around the country. they expected long lines and long wait times. destinations today. >> of course by the end of the day is expected to be the busiest travel day so far this year. carol and her daughter sharon follow the advice of the airlines and came a couple of hours ahead of time. >> we thought there would be long lines. very nice. traffic wasn't bad. we are doing fine so far. >> of course holiday periods are a potential threat.
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security. all the federal agencies are here. the f.b.i. has a field office here. we get homeland security and t.s.a. information and intelligence reports. >> a more steady flow of people is expected as people get off work, pack their patience and head here to hopkins. coming up at 6:00 we have another update for you. harry boomer, getting answers at hopkins international airport cleveland 19. >> thank you. ple the road for the big turkey dinner. >> that's right. the ohio state highway patrol are offering a reminder for drivers. shanice dunning has holiday traveling advice. shanice. >> right. many people travel for thanksgiving and aaa reports many will drive more than last year and this can be a busy and dangerous time. >> ohio state patrol says 9 were killed in crashes this year and
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michael is fresh off the road from chicago and made his trip with his dog and cousin last night to beat holiday traffic today. >> all my family is here in cleveland. >> he is one of the millions hitting the road this weekend. aaa predicts a 2% increase in drivers compared to last thanksgiving. low gas prices, a likely factor causing the spike. >> mainly, the congestion that comes with holiday travel is a major concern. that's what we caution peopleab >> ohio state highway patrol rob gable is giving warnings that drivers probably heard before. >> slow down. give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going and leave the distractions aside. make sure you plan out your route. he says reminders to wear a seat belt and avoid drinking and driving important every year and state reports say 9 people last year were killed in crashes last thanksgiving weekend and 119
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threat for others drunk driving up 25% this year. increased law enforcement on the roads this weekend. >> the officers from all kinds of different agencies and police departments and highway patrol are all seeking out drunk driver. state highway patrol says alert them to what you see happening on the roads. back to you. cleveland 19 news app and like us on facebook. you can track the holiday traffic and get the latest weather forecast a free download in the app store. other news cleveland police investigating a robbery at a food mart and check cashing business on pearl. officers tell us the owner was hit in the head with a gun at last check. police are still looking for the suspect.
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killing in a barber shop. >> they want to identify the man who took a young child with him to the crime. catherine bosley is live at the scene right now. catherine, what's the latest. >> police say the investigation is just beginning and call the gunman a cold blooded killer. the fact he had a little boy with him at skills barber shop when he walked in and riddled a man with bullets says a lot t >> 29-year-old charles davis was killed almost as soon as he walked into the barber shop. the father was recognized by the gunman and another customer right away and appears something was going on between the two and police have no idea what. all the victim's family cares about is the killer is brought to justice and packed a press conference with a lot to say even to the killer. >> god might can forgive you.
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me and explain to my other niece and nephews why they don't have a father on thanksgiving. >> the violence has got to stop. >> finance somebody knows something, please come forward. i just lost my oldest child. >> police are worried about the little boy who was with that man and hoping that little boy will say something to someone about what he saw and someone will, in turn, come t this person to justice if they don't catch up with the guy before that. >> getting answers. catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> so troubling catherine. thank you. the f.b.i. is warning police around the country about a potential terrorist threat around thanksgiving or the inauguration in january. >> mark: that's right. we told about you the isis threat early they are week at 5:00. mark nolan at the alert desk with the latest advisory. >> as we know the city of new york is preparing for the annual
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each year preparations include protecting tens of thousands of spectators and surrounding public. this year safety concerns are at the very top of the list. the f.b.i. alerted police about the concern of potential terror attacks. the country's largest force with concrete barriers, bomb-sniffing dogs and 80 new dump trucks will be filled with sand to block intersections. >> you can ram n of things but you won't move it. >> we are always concerned in large travel periods and gatherings and individuals. >> police were banning traffic from crossing the parade route along the entire two and a half mile stretch. the concern not limited to new york. transportation hubs across the country also on alert here. there's no specific credible threat and the f.b.i. is concerned about a potential attack.
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cleveland 19. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. we have been stressing it is busy out there and you can see the volume despite this rain coming down. we have an accident on i-271 southbound around harvard road happening in the last 20 minutes. you can expect delays going through there. if you are traveling for the holiday now, tomorrow or later in the weekend be aware, be alert and be calm while drive defensively. >> all right. let's talk sports now. browns announce robert griffin iii will be at practice rg iii sidelined since september with the bad shoulder. >> nice to have him back. plus the cavs are at home tonight to take on the trailblazers. tony zarrella is live at the q now with more of this. >> tony: you asked me what i am thankful for. i am thankful for this. i am back in this building. it's been a while.
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indians and world series greatest excuse there is and first let's talk the cavs. rg iii back on the football field for the fist time in a long time. broke a bone in his shoulder and has not played since. the ongoing debate is if and when he is ready to go will you put him out there. some argue if he is not part of the plan, short term if rg iii gives you the best chance for a win and avoid making history with the out there. he was out there today and has been cleared to practice. he has not been cleared for contact, though. obviously, he can move around and throw without pain and not willing to take it. he says i have a lot of football left. >> i can play at a big level and i have to continue to prove that. >> but, you know, i wouldn't want to do it anywhere else but
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i see it every single day. >> that's something special. and everyone will look at that. the guys in this locker room had a special quality and we have to prove it and move to the future. stay tuned. giants in town this week. josh mccown with kevin hogan, the rookie backing him up and the bye week and maybe rg is on the field. strong words about kyrie >> all right. >> denise: i would like to see rg iii back out there. >> chris: would you? feels like if he goes out there he ends his career. my goodness. >> for his sake. >> denise: just saying. >> chris: all right. let's move along. coming up at 5:00 one councilmember charged with shoplifting. another in trouble with police for disorderly conduct and last
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drag-out at their council meeting. we want to know what in the world is going on with
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. crews in north carolina are spending their thanksgiving fighting wildfires down there which are now threatening dozens of homes. wifes are spreading in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains and authorities are even going door-to-door to warn
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now it's orlo wants to know. >> chris: orlo wants to know what's going on with the brook park city council. two members in trouble with the law. >> denise: yeah. there was a fierce debate between the mayor and council president. paul orlousky found the meeting last night quickly turned into an angry affair. >> reporter: can we talk to you -- >> get out of my yard. >> reporter: can we talk to you about your citation? >> >> reporter: councilman thomas troyer want willing to talk about his charge of disorderly conduct for interfering with police. his second disorderly conduct in as many years. councilwoman julian mccormick not answering our questions for her arrest of shoplifting more than $900 in goods from target. she saw it unfold. >> i thought that is not how i would want my city represented. >> and i am asking you to allow
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disruption. >> brook park president jim trying to silence discussion of the situation at the beginning of council's meeting ignoring the opinion of the law director that alters legislation a deep concern. >> i understand what you are saying. i don't think it is revelant to the ordinances we propose. >> reporter: why should anyone care? brook park like so many cities is in financial distress with confidence and council shaken and passing a levy to restore recreation programs will be a long >> reporter: when mayor tom coyne tried to speak his microphone was shut off. >> we can't hear! we can't hear! put him on! turn it up. we have a right to hear it. >> audience, please. >> we have a right to hear! >> reporter: it got so bad a recess was called for a back room meeting one coyne refused to agree to. >> meet you in the back room to talk? >> no.
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>> reporter: until the uncertainty of council is set straight, cheers could well become tears. >> getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> denise: both councilman troyer and mccormick pleaded not guilty and both will appear in court on those charges soon. >> chris: now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. a federal judge in texas is blocking overtime rules by the obama administration that would have time and a half to an estimated 4 million eligible workers who currently don't receive extra pay. 1 states including ohio sued to block the new rules. the feds are letting gm delay a recall of potentially defective air bags. general motors says it needs time and more time for long term testing. more than 2.5 million vehicles may be affected unless gm can
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trucks and s.u.v.'s. >> denise: a gravy recall to tell about you tonight and shouldn't have an impact on your thanksgiving dinner for heinz pork gravy. it is mislabeled home style bistro au-ju containing soy. and holidays are fun and financially stressful. a new poll by the credit company pe people responding say they will spend more than expected to for christmas and 44% say they feel obligated to spend more than they can afford. >> jeff: all right. an update on the rain situation here. still raining steadily in the cleveland area and especially parma, garfield heights and moving into downtown. see the yellow color.
5:19 pm
cleveland heights, bratenahl, euclid, i-271. we got the rain and mainly cleveland east now. as you look at the latest radar we are seeing a little bit of wet snow mixing in, though once you get into western new york and some colder air and we have a little snow in northern michigan. you see this here. this is the next wave that will be coming through. it looks like we may get into a bit of break from rain from earlier this evening at 7:00 you can see most of us not seeing much. by around midnight, 1 a.m. here comes the next wave. look at the temperatures holding steady around 40. it will be all rain we are thinking here. >> that will come through early tomorrow morning. we are looking at steady light rain for your thanksgiving. temperatures warm in the low 40s. perhaps warming in the mid-40s
5:20 pm
diminishes to a drizzle. here is a look at 1:00 p.m. not totally dry. it is a damp thanksgiving and total rainfall a quarter inch for most of us give or take. not as heavy off to the east by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. so, you know, it won't cause too many issues but enough to make the roads wet and slow things down at times. that will be with us through the light rain. 7 a.m. temperature at 42. we actually go up a degree or two overnight. 7 a.m. temperature 43 akron-canton with light rain and happy thanksgiving. a morning light rain diminish to a drizzle by afternoon and it won't be totally dry. 47 the high. boy that looks good. 42 at 7 a.m. and 45 at noon with
5:21 pm
, 45. good news for shoppers it is mainly dry until later friday night. if we get sunshine and peaks of sun friday we could spike in the upper 40s. over the weekend light lake effect rain, sleet, snow cooling down to 40. saturday night low 34 and sunday is looking better than last sunday for sure. could be approaching 50 with a clearing sky. afternoon monday windy and 55. by tuesday we could be in the 60s for a day. it will rain as the next system approaches. >> denise: 60s and rainy is better than snow. we'll take it. >> thank you, jeff. more still ahead at 5:00. why this friday is the best time to find new music. >> chris: i like that turkey gobbling.
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>> denise: time for your holiday eye on entertainment. black friday is a big day at local record stores. >> chris: we begin with two movies, animated from disney and the other about reclusive billionaire howard hughes. >> you never had a drink in your life. >> i have never had a drink. >> warren beatty with "rules don't apply." the movie is about a religious small town beauty queen who tests her boundaries after getting a contract with howard hughes movie studio. >> a hero who journey to find them. >> yep. this is the one i will be seeing. it opens today in local theaters. the disney animated venture
5:26 pm
duane johnson and follows a teenager on a daring mission to save her people. ? i guess you're just what i needed ? ? i needed someone to feel.? >> chris: this friday is the second record store day this year featuring a re-release of the cars classic expecting to drop that day. the event celebrates good old fashioned brick and mortar. thing to do. >> denise: absolutely. >> chris: coming up in the next half hour on cleveland 19 news felony food tampering. a man busted on food surveillance at the food court. his actions may have put a young
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>> chris: cleveland 19 news
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for local police thanks to a grant from the county prosecutor's office. >> denise: the money comes from convicted criminals meaning every police car in cleveland will have a dash cam. lacy crisp has show and tell. >> for the past two years the cleveland police department has been working on getting body cameras for police officers. soon all squad cars will be equipped with cameras, a way to protect police and the public. interactions between police officers and citizens have been called into question. with the addition of body cameras two years ago in cleveland it cleared some controversy. >> without a doubt. without a doubt. having a body camera has helped protection for the citizen and protection for the officer and also helps with accountability on both sides. >> reporter: body cameras are so
5:31 pm
looking to add dash cams. soon all 350 squad cars will be equipped. >> once we get our first line responders situated and equipped we will move to the next phase. >> reporter: the city council accepted a grant to pay for the dash cams made from the same com from body cameras and can be made for the body camera. >> i feel most officers this tool is beneficial. i think they like it. >> many wish the department the dash cam videos two years ago when tamir rice was shot and killed. there can be little question about what actually happens between police officers and the public. >> gives us more ability to show transparency. we can give you better coverage of an entire incident versus that happened from the car. >> what's great about cameras officers don't have to remember
5:32 pm
when a officer turns on lights, sirens or opens the back door. >> getting answers lacy crisp cleveland 19 news. >> denise: good to know. i'm sure they are glad to have them. >> chris: accountability is a big thing. >> denise: also transparency. >> let's look at the soggy forecast. >> it will be that way through tonight and tomorrow morning. we have an alert up for that talking mainly light rain. as we all know big travel slow things down. it's been worse. we will take the wet roads rather than the snow covered stuff basically from downtown cleveland headed up i-90 lake county, geauga, ashtabula county and into pennsylvania. you are dealing with the rain where it is not raining much further i would. a bit of a break in the action. if you are traveling down towards columbus in the next couple of hours you will be dry
5:33 pm
akron-canton 38 degrees, the wind is pretty light. downtown cleveland we have light rain coming down. 39. the overall trend in temperatures keeping it steady. 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, within a degree of the 40-degree mark and go up a few notches in the low 40s. it won't be a real cold thanksgiving kind of damp. a lot of cloud cover. we will not see throughout the night and low cloud deck. rain diminishes to a drizzle tomorrow for thanksgiving. good news for shoppers, i will keep it mainly dry across the area friday. tomorrow 50%. still moderate chance of rain 7:00 a.m., 9 a.m. and goes down late in the morning and afternoon with a morning light rain diminishing down to a
5:34 pm
42 at 8:00 a.m. 46 at 11:00 and areas of light rain and drizzle. it is mainly drizzle during the afternoon. akron-canton same deal morning light rain and drizzle. your high at 46. got that friday forecast for you the rest of the weekend. how about the drive home from thanksgiving. that's the details on that coming up. chris? >> all right, thanks jeff. something you hear about every year. commission warning us of dangerous toys. the agency calls it trouble in toy land. toxic medals, choking harvards and noise that can damage a child's hearing. a report estimates 250,000 kids are hurt by toys. >> there are ways to a them for christmas. >> helpful advice.
5:35 pm
commission. one rule of thumb headed out to buy toys you will want to keep in mind. you should avoid toys that shoot or include parts that fly off and parents like the nerf guns and commissions say it is too dangerous. and bikes, rods or dangerous edges. >> this will sound like common sense at this point. i didn't know one. look for the letters a designation that says the product meets the national standards set by the american society for testing and materials. and here is the one i didn't know good rule of thumb. if any part of that toy can fit in a toilet paper roll, the card bore part in the middle, the toy is not appropriate for children under 3. if you don't have kids like myself you wouldn't know that. this is more and more dangerous
5:36 pm
magnets and superpowerful magnets. the problem is kids are swallowing those and they have to have surgery to have them removed because of the magnetic pull is too tight into the organs and that's dangerous. a few things to think about headed out on black friday and buy toys for kids. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. >> denise: can't be too careful. you have to check everything out. still ahead trump transition takes a big step forward.
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>> denise: president-elect donald trump is getting to work early. he is naming selections for his cabinet ahead of schedule. >> chris: mr. trump announced his first two women cabinet picks, one a former rival joining the team. we get answers from the white house. >> reporter: south carolina governor nicky haley is accepting donald trump's offer to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations out of a sense of duty. mr. trump is in florida for thanksgiving. in a statement this morning, the president-elect praised the daughter of indian immigrants saying she has a proven track record of bringing people together. g.o.p. accepted trump's offer education secretary. devoss is from michigan and
5:40 pm
reform. >> rival ben carson in the running to be the next secretary of housing and urban development took to social media saying an announcement is forthcoming. >> president-elect trump may be walking back several controversial campaign positions. >> during an interview with the "new york times" tuesday reporters live tweeted his shift in policy including his promise to investigate hillary clinton. >> to get a special >> according to a reporter's tweet mr. trump said i don't want to hurt the clintons, i don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways and offered to shift views on climate change and water boarding. weijia jiang, cbs news. >> and donald trump may bring back water boarding after hearing from general james
5:41 pm
ready for winter. seems every year the city of cleveland isn't prepared for the big one. we are getting answers about strategy of clearing streets when snowstorms slam the city. new details on a man who they say caught with 36 kilos of cocaine and guns. why he shouldn't have had firearms in the first place. >> we will have those stories
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ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift
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>> chris: a strange sight in the sky over central florida. check out the upper left corner of the image there. police dash cam video captured a huge fireball in the sky. scientists saying it was brighter than the usual meteor and several thousand happen every day and masked by daylight. now to a teenager with big dreams to build a cooking empire. he is also hoping to inspire
5:45 pm
>> denise: he already has a new cook book and popular show and he is only 15. danielle nottingham joins him in the kitchen. >> you have orange zest. >> reporter: 15-year-old chase bay is a whiz in the kitchen. >> i like to makeburgers and i like to go on the grill and fry, that's only because it is fun. >> a hit on social media. >> another episode of taste in your face. >> reporter: chase was diagnosed with >> he only liked five foods. getting him to eat different food was quite a struggle for many years. >> today he has a cooking show on youtube with millions of viewers and celebrity chefs as guests. chase released his first cook book and releasing his recipe for cranberry muffins.
5:46 pm
>> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> a lot of people with autism cannot speak that much. if i were to inspire those kids they might conquer those challenges. >> that's exactly what he is doing. >> that's really good. one recipe at a time. >> reporter: danielle nottingham cbs news, irvine, california. chase plans to donate after the proceeds from his cook booko receive educational and vocational training. check this out. this is new york city. a humpback whale spotted swimming the hudson. people in manhattan nicknamed him gotham. shocking. >> animal experts worried about the humpback. the 25-footer appears to be stuck on a sandbar and hoping the whale will free itself during high tide. >> denise: police are
5:47 pm
food tampering. a 12-year-old boy is in the hospital after getting sick. the incident is caught on surveillance camera. check it out. some guy is pouring a substance on a prepared food there. this was at a grocery store in south lake tahoe, california. the owner called police after smelling a chemical odor and that's when he looked at the surveillance video. >> this is very hazardous situation. this substance left a foamy type of white presence on the food. >> awful, isn't it. >> police are running tests to identify the substance. they say the video, though, held to the arrest of that guy on felony charges. for weeks now big box stores have been bombarding all of us with christmas commercials. this weekend forget big and shop small. >> chris: absolutely. small business saturday is the
5:48 pm
little guys and all they do for their communities. >> denise: that's right gill goldberg is here from the small business administration. thank you for joining us. how did this start? >> it started a number of years ago 8 or 10 years ago. it has momentum. for example, 95 million people shop small. shop local merchants small business saturday and $16.2 billion and i was just in lakewood with congresswoman marcy and mike summers going around to the stores there trying to highlight small business saturday. shop small and it was a really unique experience. we went to the shops and the owners were there. you don't find that anywhere else except in local america where stores are merchant owned.
5:49 pm
the holidays. husband and wife and they live two blocks away in lakewood. >> we have two lakewood residents here. >> obviously besides the feeling of supporting your local economy and small business owners and there's a social media component to it. what is it. >> must be twitter. i am a little, i think too gray to be hooked on social media. i think the experience is, you know,oi >> chris: bragging about it. taking pictures. hashtag it. getting out there. yeah. >> denise: how about the impact on these businesses. how much do you think their budget is done and income is brought in at this time of year. >> just like any retail operation black friday is a big day. shop small. saturday is a big day. when you go into the local merchants they are the pillar of
5:50 pm
store in lakewood founded in 1903. >> chris: amazing. >> we went to a men's clothing shop and sporting goods store 1939. >> denise: geiger's. >> and a wine shop 1937 another depression store and are all still there and pillars of the community. >> denise: we have to support them. you know, they are our local neighbors. >> chris: how out more information on small business saturday? >> can you go to the united states small business administration web site, click on it and go to small business saturday and find everything you need to know about small business saturday and remember shop small saturday. >> denise: shop small. help out our fellow neighbors and friends. a lot of great stores in our area. mom and pop shops. unique stuff. >> whether in lakewood or
5:51 pm
>> gill, thank you so much for coming in. >> chris: thank you for stopping by. >> denise: have a nice thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. thank you. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: we will obviously pinpoint the planning forecast. we have the rain. it is a bit of a lull in spots and redeveloping overnight and through tomorrow morning i expect light rain diminishing to a drizzle for turkey day 47 the night. not too bad. it will be dry. good news for the shoppers on friday. mostly cloudy if we can get peeks of sun we might spike up to 49. another front will come through. we will drop back to 40. a light winter mix. rain, sleet, snow. i have an alert and not expecting this to be significant. saturday night 34 and sunday clearing sky.
5:52 pm
monday windy and mostly cloudy 55. monday night rain developing tuesday and we really warm up to 65 with a strong south wind tuesday. showers, windy wednesday and mainly light rain and steady temps in the low to mid-40s and watching the mid-week system. chris? >> chris: thanks. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 smart phone personality. what your device is really saying >> denise: plus cleveland 19 giving away the hottest toy this year. a lucky viewer can win a hatchimal. complete the entry form on the cleveland 19 news app.
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premiums. call now! the medicare enrollment deadline for the cleveland area is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-717-2654 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. >> denise: a lot of people looking forward to black friday. a new report confirms what some shoppers already believe. best black friday found some stores actually repeat the same old deal and same old prices as last year's christmas season. other stores raise prices ahead of time and lower them just for black friday.
5:56 pm
research ahead of time before you start shopping. >> chris: now a question. iphone or android. >> denise: iphone. >> chris: what you carry can say a lot about your personality. >> british researchers interviewed hundreds of people. iphone are likely to be female and younger and treat their phone as a status symbol. android users smart phone users. >> denise: who knew! >> chris: yeah. >> denise: of course you are not knowing if they tell the truth to the researcher. >> chris: i guess i am a status seeking young gal because i have the iphone. >> denise: one thing i don't have is a hatchimal. coming up the hot toy for
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>> mark: now at 6:00 raw emotion as a family wants justice after a barber shop murder. police say the killer had a child with him. >> romona: plus millions of people are hitting the road for the holiday weekend. we are watching the roads and sky for any problems. >> mark: and really, they are the hottest toys of the season. but some are flying off the shelves and people are paying much more. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window, siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: some wet holiday travel on the day before thanksgiving. >> romona: how long will it last? jeff tanchak is tracking the rain in your first alert weather forecast. >> jeff: things are slow this afternoon and system with us throughout the night even into
6:00 pm
well, some of us still dealing with steadier rain on the east side, lake geauga and ashtabula county. we are getting a nice break in many spots including cleveland where right now we are dry. here is where we are seeing the steadiest rain especially the darker green color moving up 90. traveling east you will run into that. this will come in later tonight and rotate that's the next batch. we have the alert going through the night and into tomorrow morning. now through 10 a.m. mainly light rain and slow go with the wet roadways and at least they are not snow-covered, right. >> 39 and holding steady around 40 degrees or so. 7, 9:00 dry in cleveland and 8, 9:00 light rain coming from west


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