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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 7PM  CBS  November 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> i thought we played better in the second half, we controlled the tempo of the game in the second half on offense, so jalen did a good job in the second half and we did a better job executing. i told them at halftime, forget everything and go out and execute. >> allie: alabama has beaten auburn -- hasn't beaten auburn three consecutive times since 1992. what does it say about the toughness and the senior class? >> i'm proud of our players, we've had great l and good players the last 10 years and i appreciate them all but i especially appreciate these guys. >> allie: thank you so much, coach. >> thank you. >> allie: one of those seniors is jonathan allen standing by me. your last game in bryant-denny stadium. you could have gone to the nfl. you stayed. what will you remember most? >> my teammates. they're my family. best fans in america. thank you for all the support they've shown me and the
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>> allie: thank you. good luck in the s.e.c. championship game. >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> verne: jalen hurts. freshman quarterback. 30-12 the final. we will return to bryant den in tuscaloosa. (vo) it's black friday weekend at verizon, and people are ready. because they know a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. get our best smartphones for free. like the iphone 7. the samsung galaxy s7. all absolutely free. plus, you'll get an $800 visa prepaid card when you switch 4 lines. shop our best black friday weekend deals this saturday and sunday only. hurry, and get it all at verizon. during the ford year end event, discover why ford is america's best-selling brand. ?i'm on top of the world, hey!? with the most 5-star ratings... award-winning value... and the highest owner loyalty...
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>> verne: 30-12 the final. time now for the napa play of the game. this will not surprise you at all. this beautiful pass from jalen hurts to ardarius stewart, who tiptoed down the sidelines for a touchdown. the napa play of the game. let's listen to the call of alabama announcer eli gold. >> gets the snap. rolls right. looks. finds a man. throws. first down. stewart gets free. ardarius to the 10. to the five. he's in. touchdown, alabama. 38 yards. yes, indeed. >> verne: well, a full house here at bryant-denny. if you're an alabama fan, you loved this afternoon. thanks to our crew here in the
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stork. >> gary: [laughing] >> verne: our spotter, dave bolden and butch baird. our statistician chuck gardner. and a spouse, nancy. for gary danielson and allie laforce, verne lundquist saying so long from tuscaloosa. the keep post game show is next after these messages. emphasis. that training becomes wisdom. and that you can only count on auburn graduates believe in honesty, a spirit that is not afraid, and prepardness. because, one never knows when cause for celebration will arrive.
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>> cbs sports presents the jeep post game show. >> adam: welcome to the jeep post game show. i'm adam tonight on cbs celebrate the holiday season with robbie the reindeer and the story of santa claus followed by a new edition of "48 hours" in the game you just saw alabama over auburn 30-12, all field goals frts tigers, bama hasn't allowed a touchdown since the a&m game five games ago. florida doing anything to crack this? >> rick: alabama established their presence on both lines of scrimmage, got back trong the
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is an x-rated film. you have got to find some holes in that defense. no one has. >> brian: i don't know how to follow that, really. they could not run the ball, auburn, came in averaging 297, got 66 yards on the ground. you look at florida and that young offensive line, they're going to be overwhelmed by this veteran defensive front of alabama. it's going to be difficult. >> adam: alabama all audiences. >> brian: that's true. >> adam: action from around the country, lamar jackson's heisman hopes. are they in trouble, rick? four turnovers. >> rick: lamar jackson fumbling inside two minutes. did he fumble his heisman trophy away? that's the question. austin mcginest takes advantage of the miscue and strikes a 47-yard field goal giving kentucky the victory. >> adam: fumble coming with the tie game and kentucky ends their
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louisville 41-38. stephen johnson a star in the making for kentucky. more s.e.c. versus a.c.c. kirby smart. what happened? >> brian: qua searcy. >> adam: they've won the last two between the hedges on georgia. it's the egg bowl, rick. how about an omelet. >> rick: nick fitzgerald oo cracking an egg over ole miss's head. this is getting ugly. mississippi state huge ahead of ole miss. >> adam: about a dozen. 55-20 the final there. ole miss ends up in the s.e.c. west basement. not from the s.e.c. but a record setter, the highest scoring game in f.c.s. history, pitt with 76, syracuse 61, more combined points than either of their
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and oklahoma. >> adam: we'll tell you what the wild ending in columbus means for michigan and ohio state. ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? 'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ? ? and if you want to be you, be you ? ? 'cause there's a million things to do ? ? ? ? ? ? ? the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating
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>> adam: welcome back to "the jeep post game show." tuesday night at 8:00 eastern join me and the r over on cbs sports network for "inside college football" only on the 24-hour home of cbs sports we'll talk about the mess that is the big ten after the big game went to overtime and michigan left kicking everything, b.j. >> brian: jabrill peppers getting ready for the game. is brooklyn in the house? curtis samuel. 39, whirly, derly, they pick up eight yards.
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i'm going to say no. the refs say yes. jim harbaugh on my side here -- the next play curtis samuel, game-winning touchdown run and after the game urban meyer, who won the game, had something to say to his counterpart. >> it's my wife. i'll get right back to you. i'm at the press conference. all right, bye. she said bring a glo home on the way home. >> i'm bitterly disappointed. in the officiating. can't make that any more clear. my view of the first down was it was that short. >> adam: jim harbaugh loves milk. urban meyer, may be a dig there. i don't know. 30-27. he's 5-0 against michigan. ohio state. they get this win, they're number two. but they're not even going to go
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because penn state obliterated michigan state 45-12. they're going to represent the east. wisconsin has clinched the west. what do you make of ohio state chances? >> rick: i think this is bad news for the pac-12 and the big 12 because i think the winner of the big ten has a great chance to get in and i think ohio state is a lock to get in. >> brian: bad news for the committee. they placed a premium on conference champions. ohio state is not going to win their conference yet they're going to get into the playoff. number two. they've got to go. they beat the number three team in the country. >> brian: if conference championships don't matter, say they don't matter. >> adam: thank you for watching the jeep post game show. here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. next saturday at 4:00 eastern. the s.e.c. championship presented by dr. pepper. number one alabama and number 15 florida. our coverage starts at 3:00 eastern with cbs college
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presented by jeep followed by "autotrader college football today." the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow. double header action. many will see the bengals and ravens. most will see the panthers and raiders. starts at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us have a great evening and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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sgloofrjts. >> a nail biter of a game. ohio state pulls out a win against a team up north in overtime. this was the game t on the edge of their streets, screaming at the stands or screaming for much of the game like i was. do you have your voice left? you go nuts for these games. >> reporter: voice could be beat but i'll soldier through this. we'll show highlights and talk about this one for years to come. late in the game, buckeyes down
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field goals, got this through. go to overtime. move to double overtime. puck eyes down to 3-3. they went for the first down. it was reviewed and they got a first down. the coach was mot happy about ha. good-bye. touchdown. buckeyes win 30-27 in o.t. it is impossible to sum this game up in 30 seconds. i'll be here for 30 minutes. to know was there for the greatest version of the game. how incredible is that? is it only fitting that's how the game would end?
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ultimate second overtime had the buckeyes scoring and keeping their hopes alive. the crucial fourth and one. it pays off as the buckeyes put away that team up north once again. >> have been part of crazy football games. that was number one. i'm just really thankful honestly. grateful with god who blessed me with all these blessings. happy for our i think buckeye nation has that game, played at home. just happy he was able to win for buckeye nation. >> my team, we fought, it was a hard game. great blocking by receivers. >> you can't ask for better efforts for both. we have great players. they are a well coached team.
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see the big 10 in action like that. >> it was an obvious first down, not surprisingly, jim harbaugh saw it different. a tale of two coaches. the buckeyes beat the team up north. >>. >> thank you. we'll have more from to know later on in sports. two and a half quarters, it did not look good. the pick six, interception for short field. they were legitimately getting their doors blown off. they were on the five yard line, it was ridiculous. hung in. made plans. what a finish. they had turnovers they couldn't convert. the best play of the day was
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on the ground. >> face down into the dirt. he was asked, did somebody pick you up? i don't know. you'll hear that later on in sports. >> on to the weather. hopefully our perfect weather will continue into the evening. beth is here with a first look at the forecast. >> i'll tell you what, downtown is rocking with winter fest. it is cold. wind gusts upwards of 20 an hour. temperatures should hold steady in the upper to middle 30's. brisk out there. a windchill out of the winds are starting to shift. tomorrow, look at this, talk about beautiful football weather. a late fall day that will be stunning. partly sunny, we'll have some clouds. we'll shake off the clouds with you there is no chance of rain.
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yes. will we see a browns' victory? that i don't know. it will be beautiful. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40's which is a couple of degrees better than what we did today. the second half of the weekend is much nicer than the first half. we are flirting with the mid 60's. unfortunately, it comes with clouds and some rain. i'll explain the full seven days coming up. >> and yes, it is a great night for winter fest. it kicks off tonight as family fun. shanice is live with all those people. hey, shanice. >> it was a great turnout here tonight. this is what everybody came to see, the christmas tree, all of its beautiful lights. people are taking advantage of down here, this is an event, winter fest that happens ever year.
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2016, it was in our beautiful brand new public square. people absolutely love it down here. you can see some of the people just hanging out, having a good time, earlier it was absolutely packed all the way around. another big pack a lot of families came to was the ice skating rink. it was a brand new public square. there was free ice skating for people to take advantage of. a nice event and show with the fireworks. a lot of families not just here but at public shops and other activities all around downtown cleveland. an epic way to kick off the holiday season after an epic year. i'll have more coming up. right now, getting answers in downtown cleveland, cleveland 19 news. >> in other news, shock and celebration, cubans and cuban
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ways at the news of the death of fidel castro. the announcement of the cuban dictator was made by his proer raul who is now president. fidel has been declining in health for a decade. kenneth craig takes a look back at castro's life. >> to supporter he was a revolutionary hero. to critics, he was a ruthless dictator. castro was cuba for 19 years. he was the illegitimate son of a wealthy farmer. in the 1950's, castro and other rebels toppled sgloofrjts
7:27 pm
communist country 90 miles from the united states. they established close ties with the soviet union and seized almost all united states owned properties. the u.s. tried numerous times to oust him from power. in 1961, president kennedy authorized a force of c.i.a. trained rebels to storm the country. castro's forces crushed the rebels in three days in what was known as the then the u.s. found evidence of soviet missiles in cuba and the world held its breath as the cuban missile crisis this will they finally blinked, greg to remove the missiles. through the year, castro survived countless assassination attempts. in 1980 he embarrassed the u.s. when he included thousands of
7:28 pm
patients in a mass exodus. he turned a custody battle for a young cuban boy into a public relationships war against the united states. castro introduced healthcare and universal communication to cubans but censored the media and made most immigration illegal. he fathered nine children from five different mothers. just before his 80th birthday, castro shocked his people when before undergoing surgery, he turned the reign of power to his brother. after that, he made only occasional public appearance to rail against capitalism. having put the country in his brother's care, fidel castro lived to see president obama agree to normalize relations between cuba and the united states.
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>> raul castro says his brother will be cremated. funeral arrangements haven't been announced. >> cleveland police investigating the city's 10th homicide of the year. it happened on 116th street near buckeye. two people were shot. both victims were taken to university hospitals, one died, the condition of the second victim is unknown. police are trying to sort out what happened. the cuyahoga medical examiner has identify the victim o crash on i-90 last night. 24-year-old jamal green was traveling down i-95 west with a passenger when another vehicle pulled up beside them and opened fire. green was struck in the torso and his car crossed traffic and struck a utility pole and crashed through a fence. green and his passenger were taken to metro. green died at the hospital but his passenger took off before speaking to police. he hasn't been located and there
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>> if your feet are rested after black friday sales, you may want to think of hitting saturday shops. this one just off the shaker square, there is a lot of good bargains to be had. it offers shoppers a much roomier and relaxed shopping experience. no pushing your way through crowds here. you can hop on a horse drawn carriage that takes next store. >> it is important to support small businesses and i love the idea of having so much in one small area. >> i like going to different places. i love small businesses, you get to know the town itself. >> the deals will continue throughout the holiday shopping
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today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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>> business leaders and police checking surveillance video trying to figure out who is responsible for hitting a 10-year-old on lee road and then they fled. here's bill safos with the search for >> for the last several days it has been a mystery who was behind the wheel of this cries her pt cruiser when it hit a 10-year-old boy in cleveland heights. police have yet to release the victim's name but say the boy and his 12-year-old brother were crossing here at lee road when he was hit just after 5:30 in the evening this past wednesday. the driver fled the scene. >> it is the worst thing you can do with your car, it is
7:34 pm
>> the boy is is recovering from head and leg injuries. but they want the person caught but they have no suspects. >> what do you think the driver should be thinking about? >> going to skwal. >> turning himself in. >> police have yet to catch this driver but they say it shouldn't be long because there are plenty of surveillance cameras around and one caught a picture of the suspect's car. i think they will catch him because they usually do. >> it is not just community traffic teams police are looking at. they want to see any other pictures or surveillance video that is out there the. they say business owners are cooperating. so far the missing puzzle piece, who did it, hasn't been solved.
7:35 pm
pt cruiser with damage, call police. >> the cost hay skyrocket with the next white house administration. the white house may not be the only place the secret service will have to protect 24/7. a law enforcement official tells cnn order to ensure the family's safety. when asked about the timing of their move, trump said this -- >> they are fantastic people so i want to thank the secret service. >> the command post at trump tower won't be cheap. the going price for the space, around 1.5 million dollars per year. the price tag is striking but
7:36 pm
eyebrows. the trump organization owns trump tower so taxpayers would be paying the president-elect for his own security. a separate law enforcement official say the number of nypd cops could grow to 300 at a cost of about one million dollars a day. >> mane time, hillary clinton's campaign announced they will take part in efforts to push for a recount in several key states. the campaign j candidate jill stein who raised millions of dollars to have votes counted in wisconsin. mark elliot also said the campaign had quietly been investigating accusations for a while and haven't found any evidence of hacking of voting systems. >> parts of mexico, a volcano on the border erupted, sending a stream of gas and ash more than three miles in the air. wow. some towns near the volcano
7:37 pm
it is not affecting normal activities. people are being warned to avoid at an area. >> that's cool. >> not unless you are living there. >> our weather is not too bad. >> it is cloudy. on the west side, far enough west, you saw the sun again today. my phone started going off on twitter. what is that? we don't see a ton. latest wind gusts are up. every now and then we'll have a 24-mile-an-hour reading. it is breezy out there. it is going to stay that way. and there's the windchill. it is the holiday weekend. people are bustling and trying to get out. hour by hour, similar to last night but without the threat of rain unless you live in ashtabula county. as we go through the evening, on
7:38 pm
temperatures should stay in the upper 30's t. next weather event comes in monday night. winds, rain and almost everybody is going to see the rain. ponding on the roadways could be a problem especially during the overnight hours. the good news is, it is going to be warm. you don't have to worry about the overpasses freezing or anything. the rain we currently have is out towards ashtabula, it is light. this will need to keep you on your toes. the slow moving system, tomorrow we'll be left with clear skies which is out towards dayton. by monday, what happens is we start pulling in all of our weather from the south so we can say on tuesday good-bye to the windchill although it will be breezy. not only is it going to pull this weather up, it will pull in
7:39 pm
mid 60's is what i'm going with for now. future view, i started at 9:00 in the morning, partly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. no rain, no snow. kickoff time, you'll need your sunglasses, you'll need to be bundled up. it will be a beautiful brisk day. monday morning, there is a chance we see rainshowers going flying by. most i should give you a heads up, most get through monday totally dry, a mostly cloudy afternoon and look out for the rainshowers to start, basically west to east by about 7:00 at night. i think we get monday in fine. tonight is fine. it is on the cold side. we'll stay above freezing. akron and canton on the breezy side. tomorrow, beautiful football
7:40 pm
gorgeous forecast. should top out under the 50 degree mark. a turn for the warm air starting monday with a southern air know. by tuesday, monday night's rain leads to a soggy tuesday morning commute. by the afternoon on tuesday, we'll start drying out. tuesday afternoon, might be a good day to call in half a day maybe because it will be fairly nice. it will be breezy. we'll stay dry tuesday night. another system comes many wednesday. that will be rain. tuesday, we could be talking about a rain-snow mix.
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>> a pakistan based technology
7:43 pm
rights. it called for the development to be called the johnson control hall of tame village. the annual enshrinement will be called the pro football hall of fame enshrinement. the value of the deal with johnson controls, well, of course, it hasn't been released. graphton police and the fbi are asking for help to get a bank robbery suspect behind bars. e afternoon at the first merit bank on main street about an hour before closing time. this is surveillance photo of the suspect. most of his face is covered. he wore blue surgical gloves. police say he walked into the bank, demanded money and threatened to cruise a gun if the tellers didn't hand over the cash. no gun was ever seen. the suspect took off in a gray car, possibly a bonnville or oldsmobile. if you have information, call
7:44 pm
>> and it wasn't just tvs and tablets flying off the shelves, gun dealers were doing a booming business. the sales were driven by sharp discounts on guns, amho and accessories. there was a sharp increase in demand. so those shops are now offering black friday discounts from 10 to 50 percent off, depending on the store. >> here's married companies, divorce rates are at a 35 year low. it is hard to say why by researchers at bowling green say the aging population, changing gender roles, many are choosing not to tie the knot at all, factoring into the divorce rate. utah has the highest marriage
7:45 pm
40% of the states. that's strange. >> if you haven't gotten a power ball ticket, you might want to get it fast. nobody won wednesday night's drawing or the first few drawing. the jackpot increases to 403 million dollars or 243.8 if you take the cash option. the drawing is tonight. you can find your winning numbers on cleveland
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>> 10 years and eight days ago they met at the top two teams of the country. ohio state and the team met at two of the top three games. i don't know if anyone was expecting it to be this good. what a harbaugh trying to do what no coach has done since sdoovenlths. remain scoreless until michigan added a field goal. it was 3-0 for a while until this play. malik took it to the house, 7-3 ohio state. lebron and the cavs, that was
7:49 pm
while. they followed that up with a blunder. why are you kicking? he broke off this long kick return. the open position before the half. michigan back on top, 10-7. we are that way at the break. they come down, they get another touchdown. it was 17-7. things looked bad for the buckeyes. took it from a yard out. it was 17-14 in the third. move to the fourth. are you kidding me? tyler durbin, down by 3. they managed to get down there again. went one for three is good. they would go to overtime. jt barett straight ahead, touchdown. bucks up 24-17.
7:50 pm
what a grab in the back of the end zone to keep it tied at 24 after the extra points. double overtime. bucks down 3. did he get snit jim didn't think he did. first down, bub eyes. curtis samuel. touchdown, it! 30-27 in the most glorious version of the game we have seen in 10 years. >> we have great players. they are a well coached team. so are we. for the country to see the big 10 in action like that. (inaudible) i love my players. >> for more on this classic, including some reaction from urban myer to that fake punt
7:51 pm
to tony who was in ohio stadium for the game. >> urban myer called it an instant classic. if you look at the second half and the two overtimes, it is one of the greatest games in sports greatest rivalririvalries. the first half, some sloppy mistakes. the time it took the offense to get it rolling, it was not their finest four hours. that said, after the game, because of the way it played out. urb wanted to focus on the ending. >> a 29-lead and curtis scored. my more questions about the fake punt, we expected bigger defense and pressure.
7:52 pm
curtis scored. >> everybody trust me with the ball in my hand and knew i could make the play. great guys. they just -- they stood up and they made it easy. all i had to do was turn on the field. >> you were on the turf, somebody carried you off? you walk off? >> i don't know. >> after the game? >> yes, curtis scored. >> in the second half, defense was doing their job, we have to do ours. let's go do our part. they were doing everything. it was just really going out and execute that. >> how are you feeling? >> curtis.
7:53 pm
another phenomenal game. with that, the buckeyes roll on and the michigan wolverines, we'll see. at the shoe, 19 news. >> buckeyes defense kept them in the game. then in the second half, jerome baker's interception, this was huge. 17-7. baker picks it up. gets him down there. that would set up the weber touchdown. they earned their scholarship. they needed penn state to lose. that didn't happen. michigan state was in early. that put penn state up for good. this is a 45-yard touchdown.
7:54 pm
many feel they are a lock for the playoff. >> many will say, you didn't win your conference. stranger things have happened. everyone feels like the buckeyes are in good shape to get into the playoffs. >> knock on wood.
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
>> the weekend crew first had the mannequin challenge a few weeks ago. it was pretty good.
7:57 pm
some did the challenge as a grueling shift on black friday. the employee who shot the video said doing the challenge put everyone in a good mood and made the day go faster. >> you did the challenge before. did it put you in a good mood? >> yes. it is fun. >> a good team building experience. >> i can do the mannequin any time. >> check it out, it was funny. what it is going to be. heading anywhere tonight, temperatures should stay in the upper 30's, we are already losing a couple of degrees from the low 40's that were just happening about an hour ago. tomorrow, partly sunny skies, almost 50 degrees. 53 on monday. a beautiful start to our monday. rain comes in monday night. look at tuesday, tuesday afternoon, we'll be in the mid 60's. >> nice. >> love it. >> you know i'm loving that. thank you for watching.
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narrator: our story begins in the north, north of the northlands and the coldest northest lands. even norther than that. there. coldchester, the town at the north pole. as you can probably tell, it's august, and at the north pole, august is when the bus comes. there you go. thanks a lot. whoa. ooh! hey. whoo! whee! (chuckles) uh-oh. (gasps) what is that?


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