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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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accident. >> brian: we're following a developing story that will unfold in cleveland today as they continue to push to make sure the water in nearly 70 cleveland schools is lead-free. a local politician will ask congress for money for more testing this morning. we have a live report coming up in two minutes. >> nichole: one look at the radar will tell you that big, green blob is heading our way. the weather will change later today. the temperatures will be but we could be in for a november thunderstorm tonight. >> brian: good morning. hope the holiday weekend or the start of the holidays or the thanksgiving holiday weekend was great for you, but it's monday and another work week, november 28th. thank you for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky in for tia ewing this morning. laura demaria is watching the roads this morning, but let's go right to meteorologist sam roberts who has details on the forecast. good morning, sam. >> samantha: good morning, and
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rolling out of bed this morning. back to work we go, and i would take the umbrella along if you'll out for a prolonged period of time today. right now we're completely dry, but you see some rain out to our west. now, i don't think all this will hit us. it's going to be moving into some drier air. this is rain coming through indiana, but here at home the air is super-duper dry, so i think any rain we see during the day pretty isolated. you can see that at this hour, 6:01, really nothing happening in northeast ohio. it is totally dry, and i would expect a dry commute out there. quiet conditions, so i gave it the green light for your drive in. it's chilly. bundle up. upper 30s through 8:00 in the morning, and we should hit 41 at 9:00. a yellow light for the evening commute as we could have a few spotty rainshowers around, especially out to the west of cleveland. that's where we're most likely
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drive, and look at these numbers. mid-50s this afternoon. you might drive home with the windows down it will be so warm out there. of course, we turn soggy and windy tonight. we talk about that coming up at 6:15. >> laura: out there on the roads it's been an easy one. haven't had any broken-downs or major accidents out there. good look for you if you get out on the road bright and early. big nudz inon 77 northbound perhaps coming from southern parts of akron arcan ton, massillon, green, other suburbs and so many to the south headed to the north. you can get onto 76 westbound. also if you come route 8 southbound on 76 westbound, those were set to open at 6:00 this morning. they should all be up and running by now. our drive times look good. strongsville, north olmstead, mentor and akron headed out the door. should be right on time to downtown.
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i have that for you coming up at 6:19. customer appreciation day at tower city today with the opening of the improved tracks. it's set to last double the time of standard track replacements. riders get off the rapid at the new stop this morning and enjoy chick-fil-a compliments of rta after months of relocation. >> brian: 6:03 right w. buildings, 70 or so may use water with dangerously high levels of lead. >> nichole: the testing has gone on since the summer. another round of testing will start today. denise zarrella is live in cleveland getting answers for us this morning. denise. >> denise: what's happening today is actually senator sherrod brown is expected here at william patrick day head start. he will talk about a new bill that he's co-sponsoring that
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and preschools like this one to regularly test for lead in their water. we've been getting you answers on what's going on in cleveland schools as far as the lead found in their water. that situation went on for the past several months. wilbur wright elementary school was tested and found to have lead in the drinking water. the cleveland metropolitan school district did over 5,000 tests of water samples, 580 had elevated levels of what the district did was flushed the systems of 69 schools and replaced faucets and fountains and brought in bottled water for the students and their faculty to drink. now, the legislation that senator sherrod brown is here to talk about today will actually help pay for the testing of water to discover if, in fact, there is any lead in some of these schools' drinking water. he'll be here at 10:30 a.m. this morning. coming up in the next half hour,
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principal about what she had to say to parents after lead was found in her school's drinking water. for now we get answers -- issing questions and getting answers here in cleveland. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> nichole: the elyria chronicle telegram is reporting this morning that three tow motors are to blame for the carbon monoxide at lorain kpt automotive systems in elyria. it was evacuated on wednesday after high levels of carbon monoxide were found inside. the chronicle tow motors in question have been removed. at least ten people were treated, but everyone should be back to work this morning. >> brian: cleveland police say a man shot two men who tried breaking into his home. he killed one of them. the men tried to break into that home on east 38th street around 9:30 last night when the guy that lived there decided to do something about it and took matters into his own hand and shot and killed a guy and shot the other manat face.
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caught a short time later on east 55th. we're working to get answers on his condition and what charges, if any, may be filed in this case. >> nichole: this is another story. what happened to browns quarterback robert griffin iii during their game with the giants? unbelievable. >> brian: it is. he and his girlfriends had their wallets taken right from their car in the players and family parking lot, and that is right inside of the stadium. sia nyorkor is live at stadium getting answers this morning. sia. >> sia: yes. good morning, brian and nicki. the couple says they were robbed in the players lot right here at firstenergy stadium. they posted about it on social media. let's take a look. first, there's this tweet from rg3's girlfriend, greta. quote, so you valley your car for a browns game and come back to all of your boyfriend's money
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about five minutes later, rg3 backed her up and said, adding, smh, shaking my head. no she responded to several tweets and said they parked in the players lot, an area that should be secure. quote, ain't about why we left wallets in the car. we parked in players and family parking garage. i should be able to leave anything i want there, end quote. now, we have calls out to cleveland poce stadium to find out if they're investigating. now, coming up in the next half hour, there are some people on social media asking the couple why they left their wallets in the car, and why they were so trusting. we'll show you those tweets in the next half hour. for now i get answers at firstenergy stadium, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> nichole: a man convicted of abusing a 2-year-old boy will be sentenced today. michael mcmillan pled guilty to
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child endangering. prosecutors say mcmillan and two other people tortured and burned the little boy over the summer. preparations are underway in cuba this morning to honor the life and legacy of revolutionary leader fidel castro. he died on friday, and thousands are expected to attend public ceremonies at havana's revolution plaza that begin today. cubans are in the midst of observing nine days of mourning looking back but also looking ahead. >> it could be maybe the start of some kind of dissolution so that we can start visiting. we are extremely curious. we love the culture, and we fell in love with cuba without going there through our parents' story. >> nichole: the largest memorial is expected to take place together. his remains are taken from havana to santiago retracing in reverse the victory march he took with the revolutionary army. castro will be buried on santiago on sunday.
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president-elect donald trump. he has a series of meetings today with potential members of his administration now. we're still waiting for him to name his choice for secretary of state. mitt romney, rudy giuliani and bob corker are among candidates. wisconsin election officials are going to meet today to discuss a possible time line for a recount at the request of jill stein. stein plans to request recounts there's no evidence voter results were hacked or electronic voting machines were compromised. spend a lot of taxpayer money on this. stein just wants to make sure. second down and 19 getting hit and into the hands of jason pierre paul! he will run it in. >> brian: another rough one for the your browns yesterday
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pierre paul managed to take it into the end zone. this touchdown wrapped it up. they're 0-12. four more losses and they join the 2008 lions as the only other team to go 0-16 in a regular season. after the game hue jackson was asked about how he plans to maybe internalize the team's record during the bye-week. >> i'm honest with all of you. i don't know how to do that yet. being 0-12 is probably hardest thing ever. >> brian: the browns playing the bengals at home after the bye. tickets are going for as long as $7 apiece on stubhub. the number of browns win total stays the same, but the temperature may go up today, sam. >> samantha: it will be warmer in the mid-50s, and the winds are increasing later today and into tonight. we've got some rain on the way.
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most of the rain is actually just north of dallas. that's all coming in tonight. it will be a wet and windy evening. we'll talk about that and look ahead to next weekend coming up after the break. >> nichole: cyber monday is here, but something may keep it from becoming the biggest online shopping day of the year. >> brian: next, we get answers on what led to a shooting inside a movie theater in california
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>> nichole: time is 6:14. people in nepal are still recovering from last year's devastating earthquake, and now they've been rattled again. an epicenter near mount everest shook the area this morning. there are no immediate reports of casualties or damages. back in 2015 9,000 people were killed, 11,000 injured when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked the same area. we're still trying to get answers on a shooting at the movie theater near san francisco this morning. we know a security guard shot a man and several theaters were
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witnesses say there was some sort of disturbance before the shooting. we've also learned in the last 30 minutes at least one other person was arrested. police shot and killed a man who fatally shot a woman and injured two others in ashtabula, baton rogue, louisiana. the man shot a woman and tried to run over a crowd helping her. it took place in the middle of interstate 10. we're still waiting on police to identify the man and the victim. >> brian: cyber monday morning. online sales could hit at least $3.3 billion today. that's 9% more than 2015. but cyber monday may be in danger of losing its online sales title because most online retailers actually started to post deals as early as midnight on thanksgiving day. analysts say there are still plenty of deals to find in the next couple of hours. >> it's going to be a very strong cyber monday.
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share of cyber monday and walmart and macy's, lord & taylor, home depot. these are three other major players. >> brian: staying with the theme of cyber monday, amazon saved some of the beg bargains for cyber monday for today rolling out more than 75,000 sales this morning. we continue on our "money-saving monday" this week by showing you how to earn cash back from cyber monday shopping. there are several apps that save you the most popular apps in northeast ohio is called ibouta has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in the area. gives you cash back on purchases even at restaurants and the grocery store. we talked with the found and ceo of ibouta to understand how it
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points but actual cash. you earn real money and put it onto your bank account by paypal or vinmo or use it to buy a credit card or starbucks or walmart. in fact, already there are folks in cleveland who have used it for a few years and have earned almost $3,000 in lifetime earnings, and the app is free to use. >> brian: brian leach said you can earn extra cash by trying the app a so sounds like a good deal. >> samantha: time is 17 after 6:00. i hope you had a great holiday weekend. we're off to a pretty nice start this morning. it's a little chilly. most of you wake up in the 30s, but no rain out there. clouds are on the increase, though. yesterday if you were at the browns game or just outside trying to get it done, maybe hanging up the christmas decorations, we had a ton of sunshine. we won't see that much sunshine today. you notice the clouds really
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more to the west. there's also some rain out here west of the ohio border out into indiana. some of it is already moving into the state of ohio. this is west central ohio, a little light rain here. now, as this moves closer to us, it's going to battle some dry air so i think any rain that moves over us later this morning is actually going to be pretty isolated. the radar looking really om ominous, but i don't think we see that much rain during the day. now, i can't rule outso showers from sunrise through about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, but no soaking rain until overnight. cloudy skies today, and temperatures will be running above average. 51 midday, and then 56 this afternoon. it will be a little breezy from time to time, so that may make it feel cooler than it is especially this morning. mid-50s and it's almost december. not bad at all, right? rain is becoming pretty would it
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after-school practices, and early dinner plans. i don't think our main batch of rain is here for that quite yet, but after 7:00, 8:00, that's when the chances climb. look at this. rain is likely, and it will be windy tonight. windsmy gust 40 miles per hour and it's very mild. look at the numbers. we're right around 50 all night. that's also not bad this time of year. the rest of the month through wednesday, that's the last day of november, features aig warm-up. tomorrow it's 64, and our rain will be long gone by sunrise tomorrow. you can get outside and enjoy the weather, but it's a blustery day. enjoy tomorrow, though, because more rain is back in the forecast by wednesday. it will be a wet and breezy day. by december 1st on thursday just in time for meteorological winter to begin, it's going to get cold. mid-40s thursday and friday with
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snow. should be mainly dry for the upcoming weekend, laura, but it will be on the chilly side. >> laura: bundle up for that. head out on the roads this morning, driving fine. no big issues. i had my seat warmers on this morning, felt a little chilly. maybe you will, too, headed to work this morning. it's a smooth drive, 60 miles per hour north of 480 and driving well into downtown. a construction alert is coming up for this week, so starting this morning at 9:00 a.m. and today through wednesday, they're g lane. it's blocked there just during kind of off times, so they get this done after rush hour begins and then they close it or open it back up, the closure right before the rush hour in the evening really. should have some improvements with this and it will pick up and not have problems coming up on thursday. drive times look good. strongsville to cleveland 19 minutes on time from north olmstead, mentor and akron. coming up we talk about the west side commute at 6:33. guys.
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from a new york giants player to terrelle pryor after yesterday's game. >> nichole: next, a few report on teen driving. why researchers actually blame parents for their this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's all of this, this, and this. and especially that. waaat? yep, add this and you've got strawesomeberry. "oohh!"
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a new aaa survey suggests it'sen their fault. it says parents aren't doing a good enough job to teach children the rules of road. it says parents have become less involved with children's driving and have set bad examples. >> your kids are more likely to do what you do than what you say. as many times as you may tell them no cell phones behind the wheel, they will process that and learn that that is an acceptable thing regardless of what you might say about it. aaa says parents should practice driving with teens in as many different conditions and environments as possible. >> brian: thanks so much. here's our guy, bob golic, with us this morning at 6:25. so we know the deal. 0-12 right now. >> yeah.
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yesterday, and the offensive line still can't block. we know all that. let's talk about hue jackson a little bit. after the game very emotional. i'm not going to say he was in tears, but he was very close to being in tears. what do you make of that, and how do you feel about that? >> first off, one of the things i liked about him from the beginning is he showed more passion and more emotion for the game. we played under marty shot hiemer who cried after games re a lot of times we had to go check. we won? okay. good. it's a good cry. you know, i saw that in hue when he first came in press conferences and joking and having fun, and i think now like any other professional he's -- he understands that he's in a building time, but i think he wants to see success. even as a coach you can't -- they don't want to sit there and
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things better. >> brian: i think it shows the fans he really does care, and obviously they do. i want to move to this pryor and jenkins twitter war kind of thing. do we have the tweet? here it is. look what he tweets to him. terrelle pryor, you are a blank eater to me. that word starts with s. then pryor comes back with this. hey, you're a solid guy, played a great game and god bless and good luck the rest of the year. we don't usually see stuff like this ie player to that level, and then pryor takes the high road. >> back when i played when we tweeted like that at games, people said, what the hell is that? it's not even invented yet. we talked about pryor. first off, there was a thing about don't give them stuff for the locker room. bulletin board. it happened once in a while. now nobody seems to care. everybody wants to go out and
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to respond to it later. you know, pryor, when he first took over the wide receiver position, a lot of people said, can he do it? is he mature enough for this? being a young guy, he started to show maturity in how he went through things, and i think he proved in yesterday with the response. >> brian: i think so. all right, bob. thanks, pal. appreciate it. >> a pleasure as always. >> brian: hopefully we talk about a win in two weeks.
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>> brian: rg3 was on the sidelines not dressed for the game but trying to help out as the browns look to beat the giants. somebody at that point was ripping him off. we get answers about this developing story that started with a tweet from his girlfriend late last night. >> nichole: we're following a developing story that will unfold today in cleveland. the push to get water tested for lead in nearly 70 cleveland schools. today we'll have a live report in just two >> brian: we're trying to keep you ahead of this storm this morning. temperatures sam has told us all morning they're pretty nice, but we could be in for a little november thunderstorm tonight. >> nichole: good morning. it's monday, november 28th. i'm nichole vrsansky in for tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. we hope you had a wonderful and safe thanksgiving day weekend, as now we kick off the holidays. very exciting. we're looking forward to that,
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back to school today. >> brian: here's meteorologist sam roberts who has everything you need to know about the weather when you head back to work and school. >> samantha: an alert late today and tonight. things are changing after a beautiful ending to the weekend. we have rain on the way tonight. hence, the alert. this could be soaking rain in some cases, and there may be a little bit of thunder as well. no severe weather. another big issue tonight, that wind. winds gust upwards of 40 miles per hour now, we could see a stray shower or two anytime from sunrise through about 4:00 in the afternoon. again, a much better chance of rain overnight and into the wee morning hours of tomorrow. right now there's no rain. it's completely dry for your morning commute, so if you're about to hit the road or head off to the gym at 6:31, good for you, by the way. it is dry outside. so you shouldn't need the wipers or the umbrella early on. again, that's a late day kind of thing.
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cleveland. we're at 40. 38 in canton, and then one of our colder spots, new philly, at about 33 degrees. we have warmer days ahead. i love that. santa on the beach with his feet on the cooler there. we're going to talk about this late november warm-up coming up at 6:45. laura. >> laura: the morning commute has been an easy one this montt morning. still getting back in the way the things roll after the holiday weekend. we are moving well. no problems out there, and the west side commute looks perfect. i-90, 71 and 480 all pictured here in green. that's what we like to see. in akron things are moving perfectly, and this is great news here. the central interchange should be back up and running. we have those back opened up. 8 southbound and 77 northbound moving to 76 westbound. that was slated to open up at 6:00 this morning. it should be open and perfect for you if you come from the
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falls area and headed towards akron. drive times on time. mentor, canton, elyria and strongsville, if you're headed to downtown cleveland your drive time is right on time. your east side commute is coming up at 6:49. guys. >> nichole: browns quarterback robert griffin iii says his car was robbed in the players' parking lot during yesterday's game with the giants. >> brian: rg3 and his girlfriend say their wallets right now are missing. sia nyorkor is live at the this morning. hey, sia. >> sia: good mortgage, brian and nicki. yes, his girlfriend, greta sadeiko, tweeted yesterday right here at firstenergy stadium that their wallets were taken out of the players' lot, which she thought was a secure area. she tweeted it out, listen, though, to what people are saying in response to her tweets about that.
6:34 am
one person quotes, who leaves their wallets full of cash in a car they valet. i smell bull poo. the second tweet, quote, not saying its right, but you should know better than to leave your wallet in the car. unfortunately, it's america today. now, we do have calls out to firstenergy and cleveland police to see if they are investigating this reported robbery. the they think it might be an inside job. we are working to get those answers for you. for now we get answers here at firstenergy stadium. sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: thank you so much. cleveland police say a man fought back whether two men tried to break into his home on east 38th street. he shot the suspects and killed one. shot the other guy in the face. that guy tried to get away, but police caught him for a short
6:35 am
we're working to get answers on his condition and what charges, if any, may be filed in this case. an alert this morning from shaker heights. someone is breaking into homes there right in the middle of the day and take what they can get out of the house. police tell us they're going to step up patrols on ronsdale and scottsdale boulevard. those that live there say they're kind of surprised when they heard this news. >> we were a bit almost dumbstruck actually. it wasn't really so much of concern as surprise, i'd say, yeah. >> brian: all right. if you live in that area, police are saying make sure your doors are locked even when you're home and report anything suspicious. >> nichole: as many as 60 cleveland school buildings may have water with dangerously high levels of lead. as a parent, that is not the news you want to hear. >> brian: not at all. and they're going to take some further steps here today to make sure that this water is safe.
6:36 am
is live in cleveland getting answers for us this morning. denise. >> denise: yeah, well, in fact, senator sherrod brown will be here this morning at william patrick day head start program here. he uses this place as a backdrop to urge congress to help him pass a bill he has right now that will help schools and head start programs like this one regularly test for lead in their water. if you've been watching our station, you've been seeing all the stories that we've been do you about high levels of lead found in cleveland stills. wilbur wright elementary is one of the most recent where the water there tested positive for high levels of lead. the school district flushed the systems of 69 schools and replaced the faucets and fountains. they also did bring in bottled water for everyone to drink. school officials have said that they obviously want parents to feel like their children are safe. >> i don't think the parents to panic. we're okay and fine.
6:37 am
>> denise: high levels of lead can be dangerous for young children and cause long-term effects including learning disabilities. we will be here when senator brown is here spoking this morning at 10:30 a.m. for now we ask questions here in cleveland. denise zarrella, news." >> nichole: three tow motors are blamed for making people sick after being exposed to kor bone monoxide in elyria. "the chronicle telegram" says at least six employees got six from fumes on wednesday. workers are on the job. the fire captain says it appears to be an isolated incident. >> nothing is indicative of a history of any particular problem there. this appears to be isolated to
6:38 am
and cooling. >> nichole: the building was vent laid the and the shop re-opened last night. >> brian: thousands gathers in the streets in havana, cuba today as they honor the memory of fidel castro. memorials will be held in revolution square for castro who died on friday. he ruled the communist nation for nearly 50 years. critics called castro a brutal tyrant, but supporters praised him for giving cuban people free health care and castro's ashes whim be buried in the city of santiago on sunday. >> nichole: president-elect donald trump is back in new york this morning trying to fill the vacancies in his administration. he has a series of meetings today with potential members of his administration. we're still waiting for him to name his choice for secretary of state. we know mitt romney, rudy giuliani and tennessee senator bob corker are among the top candidates.
6:39 am
they're going to talk about it today. stein also plans to request recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. there's no evidence voter results were hacked or electronic voting machines were compromised. stein says she just wants to make sure of it. we know one thing for sure. the browns get a top pick in the draft. that's the bright side, right? >> brian: they can't blow the pick, right? that's the problem. the browns are now 0-12 after falling to the giants yeste afternoon. another rough day. the browns were actually in this game until josh mccown was hit on this play in the fourth and had the ball picked off. jason pierre paul glides into the end zone with these. the browns cut it to a 7 point game at 20-13. then this happened. the giants scored and took a 27-13 lead. browns couldn't get back in it after that. they have a bye next week. joe thomas of the browns spoke yesterday about the importance
6:40 am
from the game a little bit for a few days and kind of be intro spektive a little bit about where we are and where we want to be in the last four weeks of the season and come back hungry. you want to come back with new motivation and find whatever it takes inside of you to get better to help your team get a win. >> nichole: they should be starving at this point, don't you think? come back december starts on thursday, but today's forecast looks a little more like spring, sam. >> samantha: you know, we have rain on the way, and it's going to be in the 50s later. so that is pretty spring-like. 6:40, and you can see that rain moving over the indiana/ohio border. i think some of this could clip us throughout the day, but more rain is likely tonight. we're going to talk about it coming up after the break. >> brian: all right, sam. this looks like something you might do on a trip with your
6:41 am
swimming with otters not only a lot of fun, it's helping these kids deal with their pain. >> nichole: next, a cirque du soleil performer plunges to the ground in a horrific trapeze accident. we're getting answers on what happened.
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>> samantha: time is 6:44. a 16-year-old north ridgeville boy was found safe in philadelphia, pennsylvania. logan standering was reported missing on sunday. his family said he was delusional and they were concerned about his safety, but his aunt confirmed to us he's been found safe. we have some more detailed information now on how t cirque du soleil arc row bat that fell during a performance in australia is doing. lisa skinner is a three time australian olympian that fell about 10 feet from the rings onto her head. we're told she briefly loss consciousness, but is said to be in stable condition at a brisbane hospital this morning. it was smooth traveling for everyone that made they're way back home after the long weekend. federal aviation administration data shows most u.s. airports
6:45 am
less yesterday afternoon. aaa predicted 48.7 million americans would travel by car, plane, bus, or train for the holidays. this is an incredible story. firefighters in arkansas say it's a miracle that an 8-month-old infant survived being tossed from a car into a drainage grate off of a highway. the baby was thrown from the car during an accident on friday night. family members couldn't find her, but som coming from inside the drain. >> we pulled this back from the grate, and the baby at the time, the 8-month-old was actually sitting down in the grate sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out. >> brian: police have confirmed that the car seat was not properly installed and the baby wasn't properly restrained. please go to your local fire department if you're not sure how to get your car seat
6:46 am
nobody including the infant suffered serious injuries. >> nichole: a san diego sanctuary is using otter to help children with serious illnesses. it's called nurtured by nature. the otters are specifically trained to work with sick children. this is a pop lor lar popular destination for make-a-wish. >> it's a it's super important to treat the psyche and to have a good outlook, especially in pain or sick or scared. >> nichole: that is so wonderful. i've heard of dolphins doing similar kinds of treatments for children who are ill. anyone can swim with these otters at nurtured by nature for a price, and then that money goes back for those who want to have make-a-wish visits to swim with the otters. sam. >> samantha: all right. thanks so much, nicki.
6:47 am
morning. a lot of you going back to work, back to school after the holiday weekend. you can expect a mainly dry morning. you'll notice on our local satellite and radar here there's not much happening, just an increase in cloud cover and a little light breeze out there this morning as well. off to our west is where all the action is. showers are coming through portions of indiana moving into western ohio. rain is approaching the lima area. now,om general direction of movement is towards the east and northeast. i do think as we progress deeper into the morning some of this could clip us, but the problem is this rain is moving towards some pretty dry air. so, again, i think a lot of this is going to just be above our heads. that's called verga where it looks like there's a lot of rain on the radar, but it evaporates before it gets to the ground because the air down here at the surface of the earth is so dry. i think that's kind of what
6:48 am
pretty isolated through the daylight hours. i'm not saying we won't see any rain, but we see most of the rain tonight. just a few spotty showers possible through the day. mostly cloudy skies otherwise and temperatures running above average. our numbers this morning are pretty chilly. we're going fob in the upper 30s through about 9:00 in the morning. we hit the mid-50s this afternoon. 10-plus degrees above average for today. most of the rain. here's futureview. we start off at 5:00 this evening. most of us look at a dry evening, but at 6:00, 7:00 if you leave work later, there may be rain around and here's 9:00, 10:00. rain moving through and it may be heavy and there may be thunder out there as well. 1:00 in the morning, rain ongoing, but watch what happens by 5:00 or 6:00. the rain moves out, and this is 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow morning,
6:49 am
day tomorrow, too. so your tuesday shaping up to be a nice day, but again, we do have that rain coming in late tonight. a few isolated showers are possible during the day. tomorrow windy, temperatures in the 60s. that is the pick day of the work week because wednesday, the last day of november, will feature rainshowers, especially east of i-77. first day of december, that's when things turn chilly. that's appropriate, december 1st is the first day of meteorological winter. rain and snowshowers thursday and friday. looks like we dry out by the weekend, but still on the chilly side. laura. >> laura: and budging up out there, right? out on the roads this morning we still have a good commute kind of morning, a monday morning coming off a holiday. i expect that we could be moving a little slower this morning. do be aware of that as we get towards the rush hour now.
6:50 am
out there. on the east side looking good as you come in and making your way the rest of i-# 90 towards dead man's curve. you make that spin towards dead man's curve, here are the final signs just under the curve. really all in the green. still moving perfect, right? drive times look good and strongsville to cleveland and north olmstead and mentor and akron run well. we talk about this more at 7:00. heads-up especially west siders acro have a closure on the bridge coming up today through wednesday. so stay tuned for us at 7:00 for that. >> nichole: breaking news out of akron to share. police officers were in chase along i-76 overnight. they tried to stop an suv for speeding. the driver did not. they ended up crashing a short time later. >> brian: two 16-year-olds were ntsd the suv being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries.
6:51 am
those suspects are taken to summit county jail once they're released. we'll be right back with the
6:52 am
6:53 am
browns quarterback rg3 and his girl up friend robbed. that tops our stories. sia.
6:54 am
and his girlfriend had their wallets stolen from their car right in the players' parking lot after turning it over to a valet. we have calls in to police. look for a push alert on the cleveland 19 news app. denise. >> denise: i'm here at william patrick day head start where this morning senator sherrod brown will hold a press conference urging congress to help him pass a bill that will help schools and preschools like this one, head start progr their water for lead. brian. >> brian: cleveland police say a man fought back when two men tried to break into his east 38th street home. he shot the suspects and killed one. the other man tried to get away. the police caught him a short time later on east 55th. >> tia: "the chronicle telegram" is reporting this morning tlie tow motors are to play for the carbon monoxide poisoning at lor raib county automotive systems in elaer ya.
6:55 am
after high levels of carbon monoxide were found inside. at least seven people got sick. the shop has been ventilated and is back open today. >> brian: there's a protest today of the dakota access pipeline project in akron after weeks of protesting by the standing rock sioux tribe as they try to prevent construction on their native land in north dakota. in cuba thep honor the life and legacy of revolutionary leader of fidel tas crow. he died on friday, expected to attend public ceremonies in havana beginning today. >> brian: president-elect donald trump has a series of meetings today with potential members of his administration. mitt romney, rudy giuliani and bob corker are among the candidates for secretary of state. laura. >> laura: the rta will re-open the tracks today renovated over the past couple of months to thank everyone for their patience during the upgrade. riders get chicken sandwiches. sam. >> samantha: that sounds
6:56 am
rain for you. could see a few spotty showers during the day today, but rain is more likely overnight. it's super windy tonight, drying out with more sunshine and warm weather tomorrow. 64 on the second to last day of november. rain returns by wednesday. guys, a very chilly ending to the work week. >> brian: starting not bad, and not ending very well. >> nichole: it makes me h got outside yesterday, because it doesn't look so pretty. >> samantha: if you didn't enjoy yesterday, you won't tomorrow. >> nichole: we're soaking up the sun as much as we can this time of year. >> brian: thanks for watching this morning. "cleveland 19 news" continues on cle43, including the latest on that shooting in a movie theater in california. >> nichole: get breaking news
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump denounces plans to recount the vote in three states. hillary clinton's campaign is now backing the wisconsin after conceding the election. >> cuba mourns the life of a leader while miami cheers the death of a dictator. charlie is in havana today and takes a look at how fidel castro death could change cuba and its relationship with the u.s. warning for shoppers who use their smartphones on cyber money. how opening your app could put your information in the eyes of criminals. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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