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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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what has occurred and manage the situation. we're treating four victims with >> good afternoon, everybody. brian duffy and laura demaria here at cleveland 19 news. we will re-set the situation as we begin cleveland 19 news at noon. the ohio state university campus was on lockdown. that was lifted after active shooters were reported on campus. at least nine people have been hospitalized following an active-shooter incident. brooks has details for us on this developing story. [sirens] >> police swarmed the campus of ohio state university in columbus responding to reports of an active shooter. the university's twitter account warned students just before 10:00 a.m., active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. watts hall, 19th and college.
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of science and engineering. the cbs affiliate in columbus ohio reports it began when a vehicle crashed into the building. firefighters responded to a possible gas leak. >> it's still a very active situation. there are lots of students standing by. in fact we are near the armory where students are peering out the window for an idea of what's happening. >> police say one assailant was killed by law enforcement but the campus remained on lockdown as the search for possible accomplices continued. >> brian: all right. so, here we go. we are taking a look at live pictures from the ohio state university as we re-set exactly what has happened here. it was about 9:biothis morning, laura. >> laura: mm-hmm. 9:30. the initial shots we believe range out outside of watts hall on the ohio state university campus. the campus was immediately put on lockdown by the ohio state university emergency management team. that lockdown lasted for hours.
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one of those suspects has been shot and killed. the other suspect we understand is in police custody. we also understand that there were nine people shot. we don't know if those were just students or university personnel or professors. we understand nine people, however, were shot. at this point, we believe that one of those people is in critical condition. >> laura: as for the tweets that have been coming in from buckeye alerts, that's who we have been following here, through this morning, now buckeye alert, active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. watts hall, 19th and college. that came in about almost exactly two hours ago that that tweet came in. shortly after that, there was a buckeye alert, continue to shelter in place avoid area of college. more information to follow. that was one hour later. shortly after that, continue to shelter in place. north campus area, follow directions of police on the
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31 minutes ago when finally the update came in, shelter in place lifted. scene is now secure. all classes are canceled on columbus campus for the remainder of the day. then, shortly two minutes after that, it was area around 19th and college avenue is closed. list of buildings closed and additional information at emergency much of what we are off of social media. so many details do come in via social media at this time. facebook, twitter, all of these are huge, huge piece of information to all of us and to anyone out there trying to contact their students, their parents, their children. >> brian: we will go to sia nyorkor. do you have some updated information for us? >> sia: yes. right now we are actually waiting on a press conference
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dr. michael drake. we are seeing reports on twitter that he will address this situation at 12:10 p.m. and so that is something that we are definitely wanting to hear. you know, what happened, you know, what is going to go on. we are waiting to hear that information. we are also getting information that several victims from the shooting are being treated at local hospitals all over columbus. in fact, just a little bit ago, to o.s.u. for treatment and so, as we get this information in, we will bring it to you. it is a very fluid situation right now and we are working to bring you more information. laura? brian? >> brian: ok, sia, thank you. we have also had a number of live interviews with students on ka campus. caitlin and marcelle, both of who were involved in that lockdown. we heard from an ohio state university student who said he was simply walking down the
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heard pop pop pop pop pop, heard six or seven gunshots. he said he had never heard gunshots before in his life. immediately, however, he said he knew exactly what they were, turned quickly and ran into one of the campus dining halls where he had to explain to the manager of the dining hall that he heard gunshots outside. that's when they immediately saw the tweets from the ohio state university emergency management team. they put the dining hall on lockdown even before the tweet went out. he said it was situation. it's a building that's covered in windows. they had to stay back from the windows. caitlin, another student that we had talked to, told us she was in biology class when the news came out with 300 or so people and they were in lockdown. all of the stresses that were involved there. when they were dealing with things like their phone, no chargers for people on their phones and not sure about how they could get information and how people were sharing phone
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each other get in contact with roommates and most importantly with parents who were wondering what was going on on that campus. i have a junior at miami university in ohio. two hours away. can't imagine what those parents were going through when that news initially broke that there were shootings on the campus and that there were victims on that campus. so, a lot of times we blast technology for some of the things itre and twitter and some of the nasty negative things. but, it certainly helps people get in contact and certainly helps spread information that can save lives in situations like this. i don't think there's any question about that. >> laura: certainly gives us more options of ways to be able to communicate with loved ones and friends. not only are they trying to get a hold of their friends, their family members back here in cleveland many of them, but they are trying to get a hold of their friends who are in classes potentially in watts hall or the buildings directly surrounding that.
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she was an engineering adviser, rachel lemaster who was just speaking a moment ago. shoe he was saying that she saw a body outside of the loading dock there by that building and so, if that were the shooter, which she described that she believed that it was, that was on the outside of the building. you know, this scene here was dangerous, very dangerous for anyone who was nearby who was surrounding it. in fact, i even saw that during the time when this lockdown happened at university, also nearby towns, upper arlington and grandview heights were placed on lockdown. those are the school districts there nearby. upper arlington and grandview heights. so definitely this extended far beyond ohio state. this also included some nearby suburbs where students were in school. young school aged children were in school as well. >> the lantern, which i believe is the student newspaper, it is the student newspaper, is reporting that there are some buildings, and this was just three minutes ago, that are still on lockdown.
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that tweet from the ohio state university management team that the area was secure, but the school newspaper, the lantern, reporting some buildings are still on lockdown. we want to inform you what you can expect from cleveland 19 news this afternoon. jen picciano and a crew on the way to columbus and the ohio state university. dan deroos is already here, working on what's going on with social media and a push our coverage forward from the big board so we'll have plenty for you this afternoon and, as we continue on cleveland 19 news at noon. we are also waiting the appearance of michael drake, who is the ohio state university president, who will be speaking soon. we want to head over to sia right now who has some breaking news. >> sia: yes, brian. you just talked a little bit about that. the lantern newspaper, that is the student newspaper.
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that's near the lane avenue parking garage. you may remember that they asked people to stay away from that area just a little bit ago. even though the shelter in place was lifted, that whole area, the 19th and college avenues, so, if you are in that area, they want you to go away because they are still searching. we aren't sure for what, but, it is still under investigation, so it's still an active scene in that area. details as we get them in. laura? brian? >> brian: ok, thank you so much, sia. dan deroos with us right now at the big board wants to give us an overview of the ohio state university campus and how this day played out. dan? >> dan: and especially for parents with students on campus. you have south campus and north campus and we will come right in to watts hall. you will see the stadium, so we are only talking a couple of blocks from the stadium is where watts hall is right here.
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about possibly a body in the back loading area. so i'm going to spin this around so we can get to the back side of watts hall and this is the loading dock area back in here we have been able to see. we know that a lot of these police presence, when we saw the twat team, they were surrounding this side of the building so they made their approach when they went in from that direction to get to the back of the building. but again, just a little bit of a layout to show you where watts hall in respect to the rest of the campus. again, we are waiting t from the president of the school to get to us. he's going to be able to fill in some of the dots. he's supposed to be speaking really at any point. of course we will get to that. brian, back over to you. >> all right, dan. thanks very much. what we will do now laura is take a quick commercial break, be right back, and hopefully we will be hearing from ohio state university president michael drake when we return.
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>> brian: welcome back. 12:13. we have been following breaking yous all morning and afternoon long. there was an active shooter on the campus of ohio state university. two of them. we believe one suspect is dead, the other is in custody. last reports we are hearing nine people were injured, either through gunshots or through a knife attack now. there are some reports out there that they may have been injured through a knife attack at this point. we want to go now live on the phone to ohio state student sarah weller. she's from canton, ohio and sarah, we understand that you have a connection to some of the students who were victims. so sorry to hear that, first and foremost and most importantly.
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>> um, yeah, so i know one of the victims, he was actually, um, hit by the car when it drove through the crowd initially. but, as far as i have heard, he's at the hospital in stable condition. so -- as good of news a as we can have right now about the situation. >> laura: did you hear anything about a potential knife attack? along with these shootings? >> what i heard was that initially t w pulled in one of the buildings. everybody evacuated the building and then the evacuated crowd, a car drove through the crowd and that's when my friend was hit. and then, um, i heard that someone got out of the car with either -- i've heard a knife or a machete -- i don't know what's fact and what's fiction. and then someone else came out with a gun but yeah, i heard that there was a knife attack because initially they were saying there were eight injured but then a faculty member said
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machete inside one of the buildings. >> brian: sarah, this friend of yours who was hit by the car, was he a student that was going to classes at watts hall and is that a building that you also are frequently at? is that how you know this student through taking similar classes? >> i know him through a mutual friend who i lived with my freshman year. yeah. that's one of the major engineering buildings. i'm not in engineering. but i've never had class there. >> brian: sarah, how are people on campus handling this right now? the threat, although we are hearing from your student newspaper there, the lantern, that some buildings still are on lockdown and that there is still have a bit of a fluid situation. we are hearing from the emergency management team at ohio state university that it's an all-clear. what can you tell us from where you are, what's your sense? is this an all-clear situation as far as you are concerned?
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here. do you feel it's all clear or is there some concern on the campus? >> i would definitely say there's still some concern on the campus. just because it's a scary attack, you hear about this, but, once it hits you personally, it's a very different situation. so, i think it would be hard for me to say it's all clear even just for a couple of days just because you don't know. you are supposed to be at school, it's, everybody's here is trying to better themselves and give better future. this is everybody's second home and when your home gets attacked, it's scary and it's personal. and -- there's a lot of confusing information and it's a lot of hearsay. everybody's talking to their friends who are near the situation. so it's hard to know what's true, what's false. but, yeah i've heard there's -- i don't know, you know, fact from fiction but i've heard that there might still be some, they are still looking in the parking
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>> laura: we can certainly only imagine. well thank you so much and, stay safe down there. our thoughts are with you, our prayers are with you and, we certainly hope that everything is cleared up and that everything is ok with your friend, as well, that you are telling us about. >> brian: thank you so much, sarah. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. yeah, just saw this tweet from associated press. hospitals in columbus are treating eight patients. none with life-threatening injuries. that it's probable lit best news we can pass along right now. eight patients, none, according to the associated press, with life-threatening injuries. all right. danny's with us. what do you have for us? >> well we have on the phone larry johnson. he is the former president of the national association of school safety and law enforcement officials. larry, can you hear me right now? >> i can hear you. go ahead. >> ok, larry. well first thing i did want to ask you just to get some analysis of this, one of the
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students saying -- run, hide, fight. what are your thoughts on that? was that the best thing that they could have told students at that time? >> absolutely. run, hide, fight is a great concept for the college environment. and, at this point, while they are in a situation where they don't know know all the tangibles of what's going on, getting students to safety and staff to safety is of utmost importance. >> what are your thoughts obviously, twitter, i have heard people calling in t in to us, students, sometimes the information is accurate, sometimes it's inaccurate. what should people at home do? how much should they listen to, with a grain of salt, so to speak? >> so parents across the country at home now have to trust in ohio state officials, those officials at the college or the university there, trust that they are going to make the right decisions and not begin to flood the phone banks, flood twitter with inaccurate information. i know that's a difficult thing
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state university, they have a great team in place there and, they are going to respond the best they can. but if we can clear up some of the phone lines, clear up some of the social media so that we can get accurate information out to the concerned parties across the country. >> now, unfortunately, colleges, universities, people have become more familiar to a tragedy like this one, something like this happening on campus. but one of the positives that i have heard is, you state did communicate very well. was that your sort of take away from everything that you have been seeing and hearing today at ohio state? >> it was . ohio state university is unlike any other university over the last few years. we have had the opportunity to go through a lot of training, a lot of drills, emergency communication has been a huge part of that. and i know for a fact that ohio state university officials have -- some of those crisis
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to address this issue. >> great. larry johnson, national security expert weighing in on had you he thought ohio state handled today's tragedy on campus. >> brian: great information. larry said ohio state did a pretty good job getting this information out which is so important to parents and everybody else. thanks, dani. appreciate it. we will be right back.
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>> laura: all right, thank you for sticking with us here. we are still following breaking news of a shooter on ohio state's campus. we want to go over to dan deroos now who is joining us with an update. dan? >> dan: we are starting to see a lot of graphic pictures coming out of ohio state of bodies, some of them were deciding not to show, because they are so graphic. but, we are going to share this one. this is actually from the lantern. the school newspaper has posted this picture and you can see this is one of the d we are still waiting for details on exactly if this is the suspect. you can see officers and what had to have been an incredibly tense scene on ohio state's campus. officers guarding this body. it even looks like the photographer is even being yelled at a little bit for being just too close. some of the pictures that are coming out, also want to, again, we want to caution a little bit, but we are trying to get you as much of the information as soon as possible.
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may have been used and that suspects may have gotten out of the car. we just heard one report from a student on campus that she knew one of her friends was actually hit and hurt by a car. so, we are going to show you this picture, but again, we are waiting to get it confirmed. you can see this is a vehicle that appears to have rammed through, there's a bicycle trapped underneath. you can see the windshield has been shattered out as it looks like it may have been used to hit some individuals. but again, we are waiting to confirmation on exactly how this attack played out. but some of the pieces are starting to become clear or at least put in to place. as soon as we get new information, we will let you know. back over to the desk. >> all right. thanks very much. we went to go to cleveland 19 news anchor ramona robinson who has a god daughter who is a student at the ohio state university. good afternoon. tense moments for you. no question. and your family. i'm hoping your goddaughter is ok and what have you heard from
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and, mckenzie is actually a student at miami of ohio university and she was on the ohio state campus this morning interviewing through their medical school program because when she graduates next year, ohio state is one of the schools she's looking at to attend. and if you can imagine, she was not sure what was going on, because, she's not a student. she didn't get that alert. so she had to take her cues from everyone else who said -- down, lock the doors, be quiet. and so, there were -- it was just a harrowing few moments when i received a call from her m&m, frantically saying -- i'm still emotional, but, your goddaughter is there and she's locked inside a med school building. so, we heard from her. she is ok. she was completely across campus
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nealing hall, the med school building there. but yeah, it was quite tense for us. >> laura: how soon were you able to talk to her after you had heard what all had unfolded at the university? how soon were you able to get a hold of her and know that she was ok? >> well, i was afraid to text her because her mom said that they were all huddled quietly and i didn't know if she had the phone on vibrate, so i was relying on her communicate with her and finally she called or texted her mom about 15 minutes after we learned about the shooting saying i'm ok. but that's all she said was i'm ok. and, you know, for any parent, that's just not enough because you don't know since the suspects were still at large, you don't know if they are going to come to their building and, i just started praying, not just
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school. hoping that everyone would be ok. then later we heard that students were injured and so, my thoughts and prayers are just for all the families right now who are still worried about their children. she said that they have received the all-clear. and yes, she is continuing her med-school interviews there today. that will resume. it's not the reception, of course, that she thought she would get going to the campus today. but, laura, we just don't think, we report on these things way too often. but, we never think that they will touch our lives and i can tell you when it does, you, you stop breathing for a minute. because you think oh, my god i hope my baby's going to be ok. >> your emotions are perfectly understandable. i have a kid at miami of ohio,
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and i'll tell you, and you probably feel the same way. any time i hear after school shooting, i immediately think back to chardon. i get another lump in my throat because i was one of the first on the scene there. it is seared in my brain when i saw the scene there. now i know that's what they are dealing with at ohio state university. thank you so much for sharing we will see you this afternoon on cleveland 19 news. we want to head over to sam right now. >> samantha: all right, we are tracking some showers out there this afternoon. this is a live look at our radar. you can see that we do have light rain moving through the northern end of our forecast region and some additional showers back to the west. so, this will be the story of the afternoon. hit or miss isolated light rain showers. more down to the southwest. that is the batch of rain that will move in for tonight. let's go through the afternoon forecast. temperatures in the 50s with
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it's not going to rain on you constantly but there may be some isolated light rain moving over your area from time to time. so, just have the umbrella on stand by. tonight, rain becomes widespread. temperatures around 50 all night. it will be very windy, as well. winds may gust up to 40 miles an hour tonight. so you may want to secure anything light or loose in your yard. tomorrow, warmer with sunshine. we are in the 60s. rain likely by wednesday. december begins on thursday and that is when chilly air back to you. >> brian: ok. thank you so much, sam. of course you will want to join us for cleveland 19 news this afternoon at 4:00. jen picciano on her way, all of our reporters in the building today as we continue to follow what is a very big tragic breaking story at ohio state university. >> laura: certainly we'll have more coming up at 4:00 this afternoon and continuing throughout the rest of the evening. but for right now we are going to take you to the young and the
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>> chelsea: [ gasps ] well, hello! >> nick: hey. thank you so much for doing this. >> chelsea: oh, are you kidding me? it's my pleasure. hello, little man. we are gonna have so much fun while your dad's out doing boring stuff. >> nick: [ laughs ] >> chelsea: any word from dylan? >> nick: uh, no. nothing. >> chelsea: i'm really hoping he'll reconsider. i mean, he just doesn't strike me as the suing type. >> nick: you know, he seemed pretty serious. >> chelsea: i was hoping, you know, giving him a few days to think about it, he'd reconsider and realize that suing for visitation is a bad idea. >> nick: that's what i'm hoping, too, but i got to be cautious. i can't take any chances when it comes to my kid. you know, i thought i lost him forever. there's no way i'm letting him go now.


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