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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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sponsored by value city furniture bringing you styles to fit your life at prices that fit your budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> we live in an unstable world unfortunately and we have to continue to do our best to protect ourselves. >> a home. social media takes center stage to keep students informed. >> seems it is happening more and more often across the country and hits harder at your own school. it is heartbreaking and sad and frustrating you know. >> some left shaken. >> it is not real. >> you go nome. it is not supposed to happen.
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so, yeah. says scary. we are learning more at 4:00 about the man responsible. >> mark: a police chief says authorities are looking into the attack at ohio university is terrorism-related. >> tiffani: investigators say nine were hurt, one critically. dan deroos joins us at the answer center. >> dan: we will walk you into exactly how this happened and where injuries occurred and the exact spot where the suspect was shot and killed. we have ohio state camp us and here is the horseshoe for point of reference and we come to watts hall at 9:52 this morning when this 18-year-old of somali disspent saw a crowd of students outside of watts hall and drove up on the sidewalk to collide and ram his car into as many students as he could from there. he has a butcher knife is what we are told and walking up the sidewalk he is slashing and cutting as many students as he
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he gets to this corner here when confronted by a ohio state university police officer he gives them a command to drop the knife and does not do it and?shd >> nine total were taken to the hospital. we are not quite sure how many were hit by a car and how many were slashed by the butcher knife. >> we will show you live pictures. we were told there will be a briefing at ohio state i pull that up and monitor that will situation. there's the president of ohio state university. it was supposed to start at 4:00. again, a lot of details we were trying to fill in, what was the motivation. we know the individual was 18-years-old. he is of somali dissent and he
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the president is about to speak so we will go live. i am president of ohio state university and surrounded by colleagues from the state and city government and public safety, community and positions here from our medical center. >> as you are well aware, we had an incident where an individual drove onto a sidewalk striking several individuals and exited the vehicle with a knife and cut and/or stabbed oth before being encountered by one of our campus police officers who commanded the individual to drop his weapon and not following the commands, the individual was neutralized by our officer. the original victims were struck by a car at 9:52 this morning and the officer encountered the individual by 9:53 and the subject was neutralized at 9:53. at 9:55 a campus alert went out
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the first to exspit avoid the circumstances or the place where this happened and told to run and hide and get away from the circumstances that we have trained for in desktops and other exercises. they did that and got to secure places. and law enforcement from the campus community and city and state joined t to sweep the camp us to make sure there was no further threat and approximately 90 minutes later they were released. i have with me the people who were directly on the scene and they will speak in a moment. i want to say first i had a chance to speak with the officer who was the first responder and thank him for following his training and being able to neutralize the circumstances within one minute and i was able to visit with three people
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let them know how much we are praying and supporting them and coming to a complete and speedy recovery. the ones here in the hospital were in good spirits and a couple people and dr. thomas can give you updates. our thoughts and prayers are with them and pleased no one was seriously injured and look for them to recover shortly. and let me give you monica, director of public monica? >> just give you a brief time line of events this morning that we had at 9:52, the officer-involved called out that a car had hit 7 to 8 pedestrians at 9:52 called into the radio on the fach center. again, a few seconds later at 9:52, the officer called to a
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a knife. at 9:53 the same officer called out there were shots fired and he had one person down. that's when the officer engaged the suspect. so the suspect drove his vehicle into a group of pedestrians. there were injuries that resulted from that. the suspect got out of the vehicle with a knife and began cutting individuals in the area and the officerag suspect and fired shots and used deadly force to stop the threat. the threat to safety was ended at that time and several other law enforcement agencies responded in addition to ospd and began to surround the area and we followed up on other possibilities and leads going on. the lane avenue parking garage there was rumor there might have been another potential threat
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to be true. we would like to share with you today the officer's name who we all owe a debt of gratitude today. he did a fabulous job today and he is a 28-year-old officer and been with ospd not quite two years and the suspect's name we can confirm was we do not have any information at the moment on motive. the investigation is ongoing in that regard. we have some information or updates about the patients? >> i also want to say several people joining on stage. i won't mention everyone but say the support we have received from the city and the city is represented by the mayor and
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governor kasich is with us and also our representative from congress is here this afternoon. i want to mention those people and maybe have andy come and give the update on the status of our patients. >> thank you. good afternoon. >> i'm andrew thomas medical officer at the wexner medical center. a brief update on the individuals involved in this situation that we are both brought here as well as two other hospitals in the we had six total individuals brought here by ems or came in on our own and the number earlier was five and since the press conference we have had one additional victim hit by the car who came in with muscular skeletal injuries and assessed downstairs and beyond that there were two stab victims and two other victims having been hit by
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lacerations that we're working on. there are two patients taken to riverside methodist hospital north of camp us and both individuals were struck by the car. one has orthopedic injury and the other actually has a minor neurologic injury with a skull fracture being observed and awake and talking and appears to be stable from what i am told by my colles were two individuals taken to grant as i mentioned earlier today with lacerations and one additional patient that's shown up at grant hospital a victim of being hit by the car and who had an orthopedic injury and since discharged from the emergency department. >> with that i will turn things back over. >> chief stone has some more specific information about the incident. >> thank you president.
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system on the campus. we went back and checked the video and able to pick up the suspect vehicle entering catch us on woody hayes drive and able to back track and follow the vehicle all the way to the crime scene. we actually have the vehicle on woodruff and we also have the vehicle on 19th, before the officers for the fine job they do and also our communications people and by tracking this vehicle down we could tell that the suspect is in the car by himself and also i appreciate the response by the city, the county, state and our federal partners assisting in us this ongoing investigation. thank you. >> i think that's the
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he was acting alone and innocent concert with anyone else anywhere? >> i will let law enforcement answer that. >> this is an ongoing investigation. i can tell you today that we can prove to you that the suspect was by himself in the vehicle and committed this act by himself today. it is an ongoing investigation to determine motive and if anybody else was involved in this act.
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>> what have you learned so far? we can tell you the suspect is an osu student. >> is has been involved in anything terrorist related prior to this? >> ongoing investigation. >> let me also take this, let me ask for a moment we have the governor and mayor here and would like to say a word and hear congresswoman beatty. >> governor, what do you have to say to the people of ohio? >> well, look. this morning i talked to dr. drake obviously. i want to thank our first
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job. when you think about this time line, i think from 9:52 to 9:54, it shows how much practice, how much training, how much expertise and how much coordination existed with campus police. the columbus police and f.b.i. the srt which is our special unit at the highway patrol. there was amazing coordination and the speed at which these folks were able to come together think about what this incident with this tragedy could have meant. a man with a butcher knife and who knows what else. i don't know what else he may have. think about driving a car into a bunch of people and think if you were standing out there with the
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understanding, from both doctors here they expect a full recovery. so, when you think about the students and you think about the parents, many of whom of course were texting and snap chatting their kids, it is remarkable what these first responders did. i mean there will be a lesson across america and all campuses across america about what you as dr. drake mentioned, you know, these table top exercises are not to be lightly taken and it is the same way we feel about our high schools and k-12 schools all of which need to be taken more seriously by everybody in the field. the other thing i would tell you is i thought about this earlier
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god daughter who goes to school here and got off the plane and heard about the situation and actually came to my home. she i believe has now returned to campus. this is where i started. i mean this is where i wandered as an 18-year-old in the president's office. there was a time when i walked in before we even had the stands, dr. drake, walking into the horseshoe and standing at the 50-yard line and looking around at this place. you know, i served as an orientation leader. my first big meeting in politics came through novice faucet. the offensively. there's nothing like the offensively, not like orton hall. this is an incredible and magnificent place. when i heard that this morning, of course i right away thought
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perhaps the gunfire. and frankly, it took a piece out of everybody here at our beautiful ohio state university that this could have happened here. we are a strong, tough resilient community. when we think about as we like to say now the ohio state university it's just not students who go to school here touch this had place who think and will be affected by what happened today and we will be extremely grateful. that we will have full recovery. there can be a lot of questions about who, why, how and when and we have to respect the law enforcement community to do their job. the f.b.i. is assisting with local and campus police and
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investigators. we are helping at the highway patrol with anything that needs to be investigated. the f.b.i. has also has a partnership. they have not taken over this investigation. they have great respect for the work of the campus police and columbus police department. so we will not rush to try to figure things out. i know that's your job and frankly it is our job to say let the investigation take its due course. at the end o find out what happened. we may not totally find out why this person did what they did or why they snapped. we may never find out but we will have a lot more information. i think i would be joined by dr. drake saying we have to have patience. the campus will reopen tomorrow. and people are getting their confidence back and ohio state will be stronger having come
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we will have learned a lot. i can promise you from president of our university to the people that run security here and they will up their game beyond an unbelievable amazing and outstanding and heroic performance on the part of our first responders. >> thank you congresswoman joyce beatty. let me just say my remarks as governor has just the opportunity to talk to president drake and governmental staff team early this morning. i would be remiss if i did not thank the medical team and multiagency police force. let me add to that the alert system. what was so incredibly unique and life saving was the alert system that students got the
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those things just don't happen. let's not take that lightly. so this administration, i say thank you for planning and being prepared and that's what happens when you have something as awful as this. the students did not overreact. they called one another. i got calls from students and like the governor all the places we saw on tv were fresh in my mind from spending four years as recent vice president going in that garage and going by the president drake. to you, andy thomas, to you erik atkins and to our police chief and mayor and all your fine officers. i am so proud i can stand here with chief jacobs and say thank you for your leadership and to you dr. gretchen. thank you.
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columbus. today is one of those days you are grateful for good training and great people across the board president drake and i had the opportunity to meet with the outstanding young law enforcement officer earlier this afternoon and some victims at the osu medical center. we want to give thanks for outstanding men and women who biggest challenges in our communities in law enforcement. it's never been a more dangerous or complicated and challenging time to be a police officer. we had a dynamic well-trained professional today save the lives of many of our residents and students. and to the outstanding professionals here and hospitals
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and the first responders. that when difficult challenging tragedies take mace in our communities they are raising and running right into the heart of the danger. and so we say thank you to them. columbus is a special place and ohio state is a major reason why we are so special: i ask the people of columb up involved in their thoughts and prayers, the victims, their families and for the collective community this is a diverse, welcoming and warming community where we welcome people from all over the world. that is what makes us so special. i ask for everyone to continue to lean in, bray for one another and look out for one another and
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on what brings us together as opposed to what divides us. >> president drake. >> thank you very much. we have a few minutes for a couple of questions. >> do you have the spelling of the name of the police officer and two at riverside and three for a total.>> >> correct. there were six now total at ohio state, two riverside and three at grant. >> officer's name is alan hor
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force. >> since january 11, 2015. >> he is a police officer. >> chief stone can you say ideal there are police officers? >> there's interviews to be had. and anybody he might have associated with. find out what we're waiting on a search warrant to go in and search the property. >> do you have video of the complications. >> at this time i have video of the suspect coming on campus coming to the scene. i have not looked at that yet
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investigated. >> were there any weapons found in the trunk. >> the case is still being investigated. >> was the suspect known for medical at osu? >> we can share at this time regardless of the suspect. he was an osu student. >> how old was he? >> i believe 20. >> mark: you are just seeing the finish of the press conference with regards to the attack at osu today. we heard from everyone from the university president to our governor and mayor of the city of columbus on this. and we have heard a number of different stories throughout the day different facts, different figures and that was a conglomerate what we were hearing for the most part. i don't think it was anything off base any way. >> tiffani: the president of the university specially visited with three victims at the hospital and you heard governor
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make a full recovery in talks with the medical staff and the big key in this, the alert system let students know what was going on at that time and to run and hide and go to safety immediately. >> there were three words that caught me. we all saw this and retweeted it out throughout the day. run, hide, fight. >> this hit me today as we were looking for this information coming in. >> we will continue to follow new developments throughout the rest of the eveninge. the information on arion line on our web site and
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> reporter: i am jen picciano live in columbus on the scene of a very sad day on buckeye campus. i talked to alot of students today and there's shock and sadness among them and confusion as to wt why someone would carry out an act of violence on the ohio state university campus and i made contact with a lot of students, several near to the scene as it played out at watts hall on the north end of campus shortly before 10:00 this morning including a sophmore who was in the building next door mcpherson labs from lima. he says when he found out about a possible active shooter on
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to keep everyone safe inside. >> we started barricading the door, me and a fellow classmate in the marines sat by the door and guarded it for awhile and making sure everyone was safe and giving instruction if somebody got in what we should do and figuring out the exits and everything. >> that same student said he was alerted to this emergency situation from a fellow student through a group chat a couple minutes bef t went out. he says he certainly owes that friend a debt of gratitude because he says he may have gone outside and been in the line of some of that violence if she had not warned him. >> many students i talked to were comfortable and satisfied about the way the campus played out and they kept everybody safe and contained throughout the morning as this went on. >> getting answers in columbus,
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>> mark: thank you very much, jen. a somber mood there and around ohio state and united states. >> tiffani: jeff we transition to you with the weather. as you were walking over here a little rain and wind? >> jeff: yes, this is an intense storm dealing with elements and facets and we have the first wave of rain. we will be on the warm side of things with this guy at first in the next couple of days. tomorrow a prettye- day. first we have to deal with this rain that will be coming through tonight. you see the rain to the west. temperatures in the 50s where it is not raining and dropping in the 40s once the rain comes in this evening across western ohio and toledo and lima here and cincinnati, indiana, michigan, it is raining and not much yet. a little light rain moving through lorain county avon bay
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the hour. again, that's not the steady stuff. it is really tonight the alert for rain and that wind is going to pick up. 8 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. the timing on this, good for tomorrow morning's commute and we think the rain will be out. wind gusts could exceed 30 and close to 40 miles an hour on the lakeshore as this happens. 7:00 this evening, 50 or better drop in the 40s and as this rain comes in by 10:00 p.m. it will be windy as all this happens. through 4:00 in the morning wind will be with us. 7:00 a.m., a warm morning and no rain in the forecast tomorrow. we are getting in a drier wedge of air with this system. here is a look at the future view rainfall. out of this tonight a quarter to
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it will become wet out there. very warm by 7 a.m. i have us warming to 57. southeast to south wind 18-36. akron-canton, 55 your temperature at 7:00 a.m. rain likely. windy, very warm. tomorrow, 65 the high coming close to a record. increasing clouds 57 at 11:00 a.m. there and 63 at 2:00. part 2 with t wednesday afternoon showers and then up to 61. we have another alert wednesday and scattered showers thursday, windy and colder 45. a few showers friday 45 with lake-effect that could turn into a winter mix on saturday. only 40 degrees. sunday a few afternoon showers near 50 and we kept monday dry
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name confirmed through authorities at ohio state on that attack that happened this morning we are finding out a little bit more about the suspect. doing a little bit of research on the internet. we find in the lantern, that's the ohio state newspaper. they have a recurring segment called humans of ohio state. basically they do a quick profile on somebody on their campus. if you take a look, this was an article about abdul artan. an article is talking about he is muslim and doesn't like there's a lack of places to pray on campus. i wanted to pray in the open and i was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. i am a mulse. that's not what the media portrays to be.
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muslim, the media put that picture in their head and will make them feel uncomfortable. i was kinda scared but i did it. i relied on god and went to the corner and i just prayed. a young man feeling the need to fit in. he just transferred to ohio state. this ran in august. i believe this was the august 25th edition of the lantern, newspaper. it was just an article based on this individual. let's get back over to the desk. >> tiffani: thank you, dan. during the news conference we talked about the alert system how police responded quickly to the situation and it makes you wonder if things could have been better. >> we have a security expert with us. >> at first blush what you have seen today from the press conference what do you think?
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a marquee example of how to do things right. first thing message to students. short, simple, sweet. they understood what it meant and what to do. secondly, great response. go back to columbine. average response was two minutes or more. today we are seeing a 1-3 minute response and today was a one minute response. you couldn't have it any better. no panic. 50, 60,000 students and didn't rush out of the buildin communicated with them. it was done very well. >> we have to make note. it was called a shooter response. the reality is there was no shooting. they used his vehicle as a weapon and used a bumper knife. how do you approach it differently at this point. it seems to me once out of the vehicle it makes it easier. >> what's happening, you are
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new trend. active shooter will represent any more aggressive behavior and it won't be another man or woman with a gun. it will be a symbol and communication for aggressive behavior. we will see more of that in the future that active shooter will be used for that purpose. >> we are looking at the shooter plan video released last year in case you are watching this video. tim, i want to ask you and shooter how people run to get low to the ground. in this situation it is hard to know right now. do you think perhaps when you hear of one person being able to stab several people do you think people were in shock and wasn't able to respond by attacking him or getting him to the ground? do you think it may have played a role? >> initially, when someone attacks a group with a knife he attacked a group.
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people. he got out of the car and they didn't know what he had or didn't have and it goes to this group suddenly and pulls this knife out or starts to show it and starts slashing. at that point in time some people got cut and injured and very quickly they dispersed and ran and separated and good normal safety thing to do and students did exactly what they could do and the police officer was there in a minute and his job is situation. 1-3 minute response time. very good. >> mark: tim you will stick with us throughout the newscast and throughout the day? >> yes. >> tiffani: at home we are talking about cleveland browns and more drama off the field. catherine bosley joins us from berea with the latest. catherine? >> reporter: we are talking about theft or allegations of theft. as the team gets to practice at
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yesterday's loss is not only getting attention it happened during the game. >> big talk in the world of sports espn to campus sports reporting what happened to rg iii and his girlfriend florida state track star greta after she announce odd her twitter account their wallets were stolen sunday. so you valet your car for a browns game and come back to you and your boyfriend's money being gone from the wallets. it was iii. typically on game day players pull up to firstenergy stadium leaving cars with valet staff who park them at a nearby lot. sometime during rg iii's car was parked a thief got busy. did not take long before twitter backlash began. followers blasting the couple for leaving their wallets in the first place. greta tweets back. ain't about why we left the
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able to leave anything i want there. >> no word on how much money or who is suspected. police have not received reports. they believe it is a private matter. the browns say they are looking into the matter and it will be handled appropriately. getting answers in berea catherine bosley, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: thank you very much. donald trump is working on filling his administration today interviewing more candidates at trump tower. >> the president-elect has tweeted multiple times in the past couple of days criticizing the recount effort underway in several states. kenneth craig reports. >> former c.i.a. director david petraeus is the latest high profile potential cabinet pick to meet with president-elect donald trump monday. petraeus is a contender for secretary of state. the retired general followed a number of other trump tower visitors including advisories
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>> petraeus resigned in 2012 after an extramarital affair after mishandling classified information. on tuesday mr. trump will meet with former rival and fierce critic mitt romney despite backlash from loyalists over his nomination for secretary of state. >> i am just astonished at the breathtaking volume and intensity of blow back that i see as one person close to the president-elect is receiving unsolicited. >> the president-ect members of his cabinet despite dozens of meetings most of them at trump tower. >> the incoming president has spoken out using twitter to attack hillary clinton's campaign for joining the recount effort led by green party candidate jill stein in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. independent fact checkers found no evidence of voter fraud despite the president-elect's claims on-line that fraud cost him the popular vote.
4:41 pm
news, new york. >> mark: kenneth, thanks. mr. trump is scheduled to meet with bob corker, tennessee and mike mccall. today michigan certified results making mr. trump the official winner of that state. >> donald trump, baby. that's right. this man knows what's up. >> we have [bleep] on here. >> the airlines is banning that man for life professing support and insulted those who didn't on a flight to pennsylvania last week. the company c.e.o. says in an internal memo dated today the airline is refunding the cost of tickets for other passengers on the november 22 flight from atlanta to allentown. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. we will watch the rain come in tonight and track it closely.
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cleveland 19 first alert weather app. you can track the rain with us. it is a free download and we are pinpointing mayfield, mayfield heights treasure of 271 gates mills and 7:00 you are dry and by 9:00 and 10:00, 11:00 this evening it will be raining. on top of this you will deal with gusty winds as well. the alert, we have about 8:00 here. that's when it kicks in 5:00 a.m. that's good news for the morning drive. and for most of us the rain should be out of here by the time you get up tomorrow morning and wind gusts over 30 throughout the night and we are dealing with this big system right now located in the northern part of the country. we are on the warm side of things. the first wave of rain, this wall of water that we will deal with here expect wet travel to develop and the night wears on
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the 40s as the steadier rain at 43 at midnight and temperatures will start to rides. 47 at 2 a.m. and by morning in the 50s. it will be a very warm day out there tomorrow. 54 akron-canton and south wind. not too strong yet, downtown cleveland 54 as well with a cloudy sky. much m changeable throughout the week headed into december coming up. mark? >> all right, jeff. thank you very much. still to come at 4:00. >> put your foot on my grass or i will kick your rear straight up your back. you thought -- >> tiffani: this savvy senior ready to have a big game show dream fulfilled. >> here is a look outside.
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moving just fine. >> first alert traffic on
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>> tiffani: welcome. a 101-year-old has one wish before leaving this earth. >> she wants to spin the wheel on "the price is right." marie bridges recently diagnosed with emphysema has been watching
4:47 pm
when she found out the show was coming to louisiana she was shocked and more shocked when given tickets to see the show. >> we also contacted the producers for "the price is right" to possibly get her on as a contestant on the show. >> god knows, he knows how long i will be here. i want to spin that big wheel. [ laughter ] >> and i might get a car. i could win i am hoping i will. >> tiffani: isn't she cute. she looks great. >> bridges is going to next year's show in style. a man donated services from his limo services and will take her there in style. >> not bad. going in style and will win the car. >> tiffani: she will spin that wheel. >> mark: i want to see her do the showcase showdown. >> we'll be right back after this break. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19
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>> tiffani: i want to give you a recap of the breaking news we have been following all day long before 10:00 this morning, a 28-year-old osu officer nearly two years on the job shot and killed the 18-year-old osu students abdul razak artan. >> mark: a number of people injured in this attack. we are looking at nine throughout the day. by virtue of the press conference we have 11 total, one critical condition and all expected to survive at this hour. >> at least that's what governor kasich said when he spoke with doctors. there's a bit of good news in all that. right now we will turn thing
4:52 pm
>> jeff: right now we have a cloudy sky in cleveland. we will get through the afternoon commute with little or no rain. it will be after 7:00 a shot of rain tonight a quarter to half inch. it will be windy. but tomorrow dry. look how warm it will be. up to 65 with increasing clouds. tomorrow night spotty showers and then afternoon mainly light showers here wednesday. that will we've got 65 tomorrow. record by the way is 67. welcome close to that very warm. 61 wednesday and scattered showers and windy thursday and colder. 45. a few lake-effect showers friday and only 40. as we get into the weekend this could mix with some sleet or snow and then saturday night we could look at snow showers. notice, no alert. most snow showers saturday night
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saturday we warm in the upper 40s and a few afternoon showers around with another weaker system that passes by and monday we have it dry 46 and partly cloudy. and temperature trend 65 tomorrow and 61 wednesday and can you tell something is moving through. we go 45 thursday and around 40 and into the day saturday. mark, over to you. >> thank you. still to come at pranked. a grandma gets the wool pulled
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>> tiffani: a youtube magician loves to prank his grandma. this time it was something involved in the news. >>. is this in the news? >> get out. get out. >> he attached a fire shooter on the back of his phone to make it spark. his grandma got him into magic when he was a kid and used to
4:57 pm
like it is plain torturing her. >> tiffani: she looks legitimately scared. >> tiffani: right now we will go to chris tanaka to tell us what he is working on for the 5:00 show. chris? >> chris: we are across the street from what remains a live and active scene for law enforcement officials. coming up at 5:00 what went right and what went wrong.
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asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> not supposed to happen.
5:00 pm
rooms like we were taught and turn off our lights and just hunkered down. >> an attack at the ohio state university. students blocked the doors with chairs and whatever they could find. a man of somali dissent first ran his car into a crowd of started stabbing people before he was shot and killed by police. cleveland 19 news with live team coverage in cleveland and the threat is now over but the impact will be felt for some time. >> and my partner is there and tough day at my alma mater for sure. >> it has been. i spoke with one student earlier who described the campus today like a ghost town after the events that happened starting at


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