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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> brian: good morning. while you were sleeping strong wind violently whipped through northeast ohio. power is out to about 7,000 customers. lines are down and trees knocked
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>> tia: more than 50,000 somali immigrants live in columbus, that's a huge part of the population. our very own sia nyorkor is standing by with the muslim student to talk about the sentiment now on campus. sia. >> sia: yes, good morning, tia. we've been reaching out and talking with students here in the muslim community overnight anl now i am joined here with miss sabrina. come over closer. good morning. >> good morning. >> sia: tell us, what are you hearing? how are students handling this? >> unfortunately, it's a sad event, but we're unified in the event and staying together. that's the most important thing to do right now. >> sia: one question everyone is wondering, how can students move forward from something like this? >> it's something we have to stay together, stay buckeye
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unfortunately, is happening a lot. staying together and not hating or taking it to another level is really important. >> sia: we talked last night about the -- you know, that man, and he talked about not having a place to pray here on campus. you told me, that's not true. >> i would definitely disagree with that. we have a very big muslim student association and somali student association. we have someone from the somali student association here. i'm not sure what he -- didn't have the right information or what it was, but we have definitely a lot of places to pray and where you feel like you're allowed to pray. >> sia: awesome. thank you for your time this morning. we'll be hearing from sabrina and other students a little later throughout the morning. i'm going to send it back to you, tia. thank you. >> tia: all right, sia. thank you so much. was this a terrorist attack? we don't have the answer, but nichole vrsansky is back in the
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exploring to see if that's indeed a possibility. nicki. >> nichole: good morning, tia. thank you. 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan was a somali refugee that left his homeland in 2007 and lived in pakistan and came to the u.s. in 2014 as a legal resident. last night officials swarmed a west columbus apartment where he lived about 7 miles from campus. they are certainly searching for clues there. in the meantime, a neighbor told police what >> i talked to that boy almost every day. fairly decent person. spoke when spoken to, had very nice mannerisms, wasn't rude or disrespectful. >> nichole: police tracked his 2002 honda sifk to that building. it's unclear if he owned that vehicle. we do not know if he lived with anyone in that apartment. we'll be searching for those
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deactivated bus police are interested in what he posted shortly before the attack yesterday. i'll have more on that angle in the next half hour. tia, back out to you. >> tia: thank you so much. i did talk to someone who has worked at the ohio state university. i knew him when i was a student here many, many years ago. he said this situation could have been much worse aside from the fact that, you know, there were some injuries, but keep in mind osu police officer alan response. which is why a lot said it was worse if it were not for this officer. he shot and killed artan in a minute. the public safety director at osu says officer harujko is owed a debt of gratitude. we'll show you what we have coming up on cleveland 19. at 6:25 i will give you my perspective as a former student on this attack at 6:39. what security experts call the new stop, drop and roll and why
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message may have saved lives at the ohio state university. at 6:54 we hear from a northeast ohio student explains what she did as the attack unfolded. of course, live team coverage continues throughout the morning right here from columbus. brian. >> brian: thank you. 6:10 right now. big story here in northeast ohio remains the weather. strong winds damaged trees, buildings and power lines overnight. sam. >> samantha: some of those abandoned buildings haven't been and it doesn't take severe winds to knock things down and cause some problems. so please be careful on your drive in to work. i'm not trying to hype it up or anything, but it is that time of the year where leaves are falling as well. so that could create some slick conditions on the roads. smaller debris is also possible in your roadways and watch for areas of ponding after very heavy rain for a few of us overnight. the rain is gone, but what about
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the break. >> brian: 6300 people still without power. next, people trapped in tennessee after a huge wildfire
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>> nichole: time is 6:13. breaking developments in the lewisville teacher strike. it's over. teachers head back to school tomorrow, 180 full and part-time teachers were off the job since november 2nd. we're told the teachers voted late last night to end the strike. we're waiting on details on a new contract agreement. in gatlinburg, tennessee this is cell phone video from overnight. wildfires triggered mandatory evacuations while you were sleeping. we have more video inside a car as people flee the great smoky mountains national park and dollywood is now closed. no structures at dollywood have been damaged. firefighters are hoping overnight rain helps knock down those flames. i'm getting new information on a deadly plane crash outside
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17 people were killed and many in the brazil's soccer team. you see it circle there. aviation authorities say five people survived. this is video of ambulances carrying those survivors and getting to the hospital. right now investigators are looking into the possibility that the plane ran out of fuel. however initial reports on cause indicatage electrical failure. video of wind damage here at home. this is st. teresa's holiness scientist church atkinsmand portions of the brick falling off and damaged with the high winds overnight. some of the damage we've been reporting this morning. denise zarrella is monitoring the situation out there. she'll have more on that and an update on power outages? about 15 minutes. brian, back to you. >> brian: heads-up to parents in parma. shiloh middle school is closed due to a water main break. all after school activities and programs canceled as well. other schools in the parma city
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normal times today. they believe shiloh middle school will be up and running again tomorrow morning. hit-and-run driver in jail this morning after turning himself in to cleveland heights police. jeremy boone is charged with aggravated vehicular assault after he hit a 10-year-old boy last wednesday on lee road and drove away. that boy was released from the hospital on monday. he is recovering at home. senator sherrod brown is pushing for support for a new bill he hopes to get our children safe. under the proposed law, schools and day car centers get $100 million in grants every year to test for lead in their drinking water. right now the test is not mandatory and costs schools a lot of cash. >> no parent should ever have to worry about lead levels, should ever have to worry about their son or daughter, their little boy or girl turning on a drinking fountain and getting
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>> brian: the bill moved through the senate. senator brown hopes the house will do the same by the end much year. we have to check weather. >> samantha: the weather this morning, you know, big improvements after we had rain blow through overnight, and we had very gusty winds overnight as well. the winds, although still breezy, have backed off. so that's wonderful news for those out and about early in the morning. it's also very warm outside. 54s in cleveland. that is 9 degrees warmer than the average high for today, which is only in the mid-40s. so we are seeing really here unseasonable warmth. no rain, again, all of last night. shower activity is long gone, but we have a lot of cloud cover around, and i expect that throughout the day we will maintain a lot of that cloud cover. i went mostly cloudy through about 1:00 in the afternoon, and then partly sunny after that. temperatures today, well, that,
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54 at 7:00, 61 midday, and then an afternoon high today in the middle 60s. 20 degrees above average, and 2 degrees away from our record high of 67. my goodness. it feels like april out there. tonight, still feeling spring-like. i don't know. my heat hasn't been on in over a week, so maybe yours isn't on either. tonight i don't think you really need it. we're in the 50s all night. 57 at 7:00, and then we drop to there's a little chance that we could see a few showers move through very late tonight, but most of the evening will be just fine. if the kids have a late soccer practice or something like that, you probably won't run into any rain. it's going to be overnight that we have that little chance of showers. rain does pick up tomorrow, though. tomorrow is a first alert weather day for the threat of rain and gusty winds. not damaging winds like we had overnight last night, but you
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days. 62 tomorrow. that is the last day of november. it's appropriate. it's been a fairly warm november by november standards for this part of the country. i mean, we shouldn't be in the mid-60s today. watch what happens december 1, thursday. we've got temperatures in the 40s, and we are going to stay very chilly through the start of the weekend. there will be a little rain around each day and snow mixing in from time to time. no bigwm like that. it looks like the end of the weekend, we warm it up a skosh with a little rain in there. i may remove the chance of rain. as the models come in, that will let me know whether or not to take out sunday's chance of rain. >> laura: we have to enjoy today for what it's worth, right? today looks beautiful. still wet on the roads this morning, so drive it a little
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time out the door. as for your drive, it doesn't look so bad. might be debris in roadway spots. we have construction on i-90 eastbound across the innerbelt bridge. the right lane is blocked, and it's during the daytime hours. they did this yesterday and they'll do it today and tomorrow. 9:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. now, i was talking about one of the downed lines that we had in the parma area. that has cleared out. also the one that was on east ninth street blocking all the way from we have this issue. a downed tree right at west 134th between cooley and san diego and all lanes are currently blocked because of that. drive times no problem at all. headed out the door to downtown cleveland, running right on time. coming up, we take the akron commute at 6:33. >> brian: if you're headed to hopkins, you have to fly somewhere, you have to pay more to park. all lots have been bumped by a
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course, for the holiday travel rush. hopkins, officials say the price hikes help to pay for improvements to the airport. 6:21. we go back to columbus to hear the 911 calls dispatchers took as the attack at ohio state unfolded. next, turned out to be one of the safest holiday weekends on ohio roads in recent years. that's good. we get answers from the highway
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>> brian: welcome back. the ohio highway patrol says seven people died during the five-day thanksgiving holiday this is a big improvement from 2014 when 23 people were killed. browns say they're looking into the alleged robbery involving quarterback robert griffin iii. he and his girlfriend claim they had money stolen right out of their car in the players parking lot on sunday. there is no word right now how much money was stolen or who the suspects may be. 6:24. the attack at the ohio state university struck current students as well as former
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our tia ewing on campus this morning, and tia, you are a former student, a graduate of ohio state university. tell us about your reaction yesterday morning when you first heard about what was going on at ohio state. >> tia: you know, brian, to be honest with you, i couldn't believe it. when you hear the ohio state university you think buckeyes and football and sports and tradition, and you also think of a great research university. what you don't think of is any the ohio state university. what i can tell you, being a former student, is that i do know campus police have always been vigilant at the university and a strong police force. so it's no surprise when i heard how fast campus police were right here on scene at watts hall. i'll tell you this, though. my heart is still heavy. although there are no casualties as a result, no innocent people were killed at least, it's still unbelievable, unfathomable that
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we've seen it happen all across the country, but i guess you never think it would happen so close to home. i guess really what it did is put everything in perspective for me as a former student and as a journalist and person just living in the united states at a time such as this. >> college campuses tend to be close-knit communities. how do you think the student body, which i think is the key question here, is going to react? how are they going to come together and push themselves through what's a difficult time for them just walking around this cams building every day? >> tia: i mean, shocking, really, when you think about it that classes are back in session today. they were all canceled yesterday, so that is a really good question. how will everyone band together? i think that's exactly what will happen. ohio state has a tradition of everyone banding together, everyone coming together in a time when there's happy times. so i'm just going to believe that the same thing will happen during tragic times. as of right now, i can tell you
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as if life is resuming back to normalcy. i hope that is the continued presence here, that everyone will continue to band together and look at the positive outcomes that no innocent lives were lost, brian. >> brian: great job. talk to you again in a couple of minutes. coming up on cleveland 19 news, we show you what morning commuters could deal with after
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>> brian: good morning. we're following breaking news
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caused lots of damage around northeast ohio overnight. power is out, lines down, trees knocked over, and even a vacant building collapsed. our live team weather coverage begins in 30 seconds. we're live in columbus as the ohio state campus begins waking up, and it will begin the healing process in the wake of attack there, the tragic attack that sent 11 people to the hospital. good morning, everyone. i'm brian duffy. tia ewing is live in columbus this morning where that campus hard as it may be today. we'll go live to columbus in a moment. first, we had a wild night of weather. let's get a check on traffic and weather beginning with our meteorologist, sam roberts. hey, sam. >> samantha: hey, duff. good morning. good morning to you if you're just waking up with us, it's 6:30. i want to let you know that the big, damaging wind gusts from last night has died down.
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wee sustained from the south up to 20 miles per hour. no damaging wiendz anymore. that's excellent news for the morning drive and walk to the bus stop this morning helps us out when it's not overly windy. winds gust at 23 miles per hour in ashtabula. that's better than 50 miles per hour, which is what some of you had to deal with overnight. i know it sounded like my windows were about to break last night. so i'm glad that has eased up for us. we're dry, too. last night's rain is long gone, but still a lot of cloud cov hanging around. we keep the clouds through the first part of the day. no rain, and today's hour-by-hour chance of rain is zero from sunup to sundown. you want to get outside and hang up christmas decorations. it will be breezy and warmer in the mid-60s. speaking of wind, last night on cleveland's west side we had bad wind damage reported in some areas around west 91st and maywood. this is, again, on the west side, and that's where we find
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us exactly what kind of damage is found there. >> denise: yeah, i was just looking around here. it really strikes you that all these bricks from this building are down in the middle of the street here. you can see how the walls just came tumbling down onto west 91st and maywood. that's the intersection that we're at here where the high winds overnight we're told caused this vacant building to collapse. luckily we're told nobody was hurt. significant things to point out about wind damage overnight. another building that sustained some major damage, that one i want to show you was atkinsman and east 73rd street. that's st. teresa holiness science church. the wind must have whipped up strongly enough to pull off the front of the facade there. just a short time ago we were on east ninth near euclid where overnight a construction wire
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glass to go flying and they had to shut down east ninth street, several intersections there. luckily that's re-opened, and that's why we moved to this location right here. if you take a live look at this, it will be interesting to see this as the sun comes up. it's a sight to see. again, high winds cause damage all over the viewing area where there were power lines down, trees down and we head over to laura demaria to find out if any of that is still causing any traffic problems. laura. >> laura: when you look at the highways, the highways are not the problem spots. gosh, about 6,000 customers still without power here in northeast ohio, so some of the problems we have not in the akron area either. we have power outages, but not on the highway. highways look perfect. we have an accident at madison avenue at berea roads. that's roads are very, very wet still this morning, so that can cause problems on the morning
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between cooley and san diego. all lanes blocked there. we had that clearing of east ninth street where we were blocked due to lines down. we had some downed lines in the parma area south of 480. those have been improved. the power outages not so improved yet. wickliffe with 875 customers without power and cleveland has many customers without power in the 500 range. the drive times are not affected by this. if you get out the door right cleveland, your drive is looking a-okay, brian. we have our east side commute at 6:49. >> brian: thanks, laura. appreciate it. this morning the ohio state university campus recovering from an attack that left 11 people injured and the suspect dead. this morning investigators continue to try and determine what caused that violence. our tia ewing continues our live team coverage this morning in columbus. tia. >> tia: yeah, and that's right.
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of course, you hear from sia nyorkor as well, not just me. i can tell you right now you saw that student walking past me. the campus is coming to life right now. a lot of activity just after 6:30 here at the ohio state university. i don't know if this campus, even though classes will resume today, will ever feel normal again. that's yet to be seen, right? this is what we do know as of right now. this entire ordeal got started just before 10:00 monday morning, and police say artan deliberately jumped the curb in his car and hit a group of pedestrians. he then got out and started to slash people with a butcher knife. that is hard to even imagine and comprehend. in less than a minute campus police were here, and they caught the suspect and shot him dead. now, students had to hide in classrooms and waited for the all-clear. that had to be terrifying. we know there are nonlife-threatening injuries right now for those injuries. we did go by all the hospitals
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if we can find out any information on the victims. we did see family and friends sitting in the waiting rooms just waiting patiently to find out those conditions, but we didn't get any new information about that. what we did get was a statement from the muslim student association that we want to show you. this is a partial statement from that organization here on campus. it reads in part, we unequivocally denounce and reject this violent attack as ohio state students and as a community of muslim americans. together. we can't allow the attacks to taint the way we use each other or stand by as they justify violence of retribution against muslim students or those perceived to be muslim. sia nyorkor started to work this story late last night for you to try to get some comments from muslim students here on campus. of course, i told you earlier in the newscast that more than 50,000 somali immigrants call columbus home.
6:37 am
nyorkor has some students who just met her out here a few minutes ago to tell their part of the story. sia. >> sia: yes, thank you, tia. i've been talking with students here in the muslim community overnight and this morning. many of them told me they're already feeling some backlash, and there are concerns about having to apologize for someone who was not of their faith. i am joined here this morning. good mo she's a third-year law student. jenna, we had a conversation just a little bit ago about feeling like you have to apologize for somebody who is not of your faith. can you talk to us a little you about that. >> yeah. it's really concerning when the headlines went from suspect on campus to all of a sudden somali muslim refugee. those are three identities a lot of people identify with. i'm muslim.
6:38 am
muslim. whether i see that, the first thought i have is like, oh, my god. i took a deep breath and sat down and texted friends and said he's been identified. stay safe. don't come to campus if you don't have to. >> sia: why is that some muslim students feel like they have to be proactive and get ahead of something like this when things happen? >> it's because we have seen many times time and time again when there's an attack and the assailant isli be muslim, attacks have happened or people go to the muslim community and say why aren't you condemning this act of terrorism? why aren't you condemning it? now muslims feel like the only way to deal with it is to condemn them before anyone asks them to condemn it. it forces the rest of the muslims in the community to walk around feeling pain but feeling sorry. >> sia: thank you so much for your comments.
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interviews online and on air. for now, i'm going to send it back to you, tia. thank you. >> tia: all right, sia. obviously, we don't condone any attacks on anyone here on campus, but the question cannot be ignored. was this a terrorism attack? for that part of the story, let's going into the cleveland 19 studio now to nichole vrsansky. nicki. >> nichole: we're learning more details about 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan. we know he was studying gi state. he was a somalian refugee that left his homeland in 2007 and went to pakistan and came to the u.s. as a legal resident. he had a facebook page. the fbi is looking into one post shortly before the attack yesterday. that page has been disabled, but we're told he wrote that he reached a, quote, boiling point and made reference to a, quote, lone wolf attack. he also wrote he was sick and tired of seeing muslims killed and tortured.
6:40 am
attended columbus state community college for two years, graduating with an associate's degree before moving on to ohio state. we know police searched his apartment last night. it's about 7 miles from campus. neighbors there described him as polite, respectful. certainly, we'll be watching closely for any new information. tia, back out to you. >> tia: he may have been all of those things, but obviously, very troubled from w here at ohio state. we want to talk about the police officer hailed as a hero. alan harujko is praised for his quick response. he shot and killed artan in a minute from getting the first initial call this was unfolding on campus. the public safety director here at osu says officer harujko is owed a debt of gratitude. we did try to get an interview with that officer, and we were told by the ohio state university that he is not available for interviews at that
6:41 am
of course, we will continue our live team coverage from here at ohio state. next up, we will talk to two northeast ohio students about what they were doing when all of this unfolded here on campus. brian. >> brian: all right. we're also tracking the breaking news here in northeast ohio. overnight strong winds trees down and power lines down and a couple of vacant buildings down. samantha. >> samantha: please be careful on your morning commute. there may be slick roads due to leaves being in the road, leaves, debris, and watch for areas of ponding as well. a look at today's forecast
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>> nichole: time is 6:44. i want to keep you updated o the latest out of lewisville. the teachers strike there ended. about 180 full and part-time teachers had been off the job for about a month. the union voted late last night to go back to work. the first day back will be tomorrow. we have calls in for more information on that story for you. also developing this morning, houston police are investigating why a woman jumped from a plane. the united flight had just landed in houston and was taxiing toward the gate.
6:45 am
>> it's sunlight, and i just see a figure, you know, like stepping out of it. and then i'm like, what was that? >> nichole: what was that? it was a female passenger who opened the exit door over the wink and jumped 15 feet for the ground. some passengers quick to post that video to facebook. luckily no one was injured. the woman is detained for questioning. emergency officials in tennessee say wildfire has set 30 structures ablaze in gatlinburg including a 16-story hotel. it's now at the edge of the dollywood theme park. mandatory evacuations are underway for areas in and around gatlinburg including the south part of pigeon ford where dolly parton's theme park is. the smoky mountains national park is closed. we told you about the plane crash outside of colombia
6:46 am
survived. we know they were members of a brazilian soccer team. early indications include an electrical malfunction as far as the cause. we showed you the radar of the plane's final moments earlier. we have more on that story at 7:00. brian. >> brian: thank you. president-elect donald trump has tapped tom price to head the department of health and human services. that decision came as trump held more meetings with possible cabinet picks at trump tower yesterday including retired general david petraeus is reportedly being considered for secretary of state along with mitt romney and r rudy guiliani. >> brian: people in cuba pay their final respects to fee difficult castro. it was after the u.s. and cuba agreed to full restore diplomatic relationships. in a tweet yesterday president-elect trump threatened to terminate that relationship if cuba is unwilling to make
6:47 am
>> samantha: good to see you again on this tuesday morning. it is 6:47, and we're off to a dry start. that's great news after we had that rain blow through last night. i'm so glad it's gone for the morning commute. i wish i could take that rain and push it south to help friends in east tennessee dealing with wildfires, although they get some needed rain right now. that's excellent news as well. i expect that you'll have a dry morningom evening commute, but the roads are wet this morning, so bear that in mind. it's also going to be a blustery day but not as windy as last night. more good news. i love to give you great weather news, and here's some more. it's so warm today. average high for today is 45. we are 20 degrees warmer than that. 65 this afternoon with a little late day sun breaking out. it's 54 right now, so that's one of the first things you'll notice when you walk out the
6:48 am
the morning for november. late november at that. 57 at 9:00. 61 midday, and then again that afternoon high today is 65. that will probably happen at about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. tonight mostly cloudy skies, and there could be a stray shower that pops up tonight. so bear that in mind if you have dinner plans, take an umbrella along. you likely don't need it. the best chance for seeing any rain develop tonight is late tonight. so after your dinner plans, like could be isolated rain, and we stay warm and breezy in the 50s all night before tomorrow's weathermaker arrives. we have a cold front on the way, so i have issued a first alert outlook for tomorrow. scattered rainshowers will move in during the morning. there may be some rain around tomorrow morning and in the evening for both the commutes, something to plan for tomorrow. we could see a shower at any time. it will be a breezy day, but i do not expect any severe
6:49 am
day of november. watch what happens here for the first day of december on thursday. i love how we go right into december, which should be cold, and it just gets cold, right, on december 1st. 44 degrees with windy, breezy conditions. same thing on friday. low 40s on saturday, too. so maybe a good day to stay inside and wrap christmas presents, or if you haven't bought any yet, budged up and go shopping. during the time thursday through saturday scattered lake-effect rainshowers around, and because of the temperature trend, there may be snow that mixes in from time to time, but no major accumulations expected, and then at the end of the weekend we get a little warmer, mid-40s there. now, notice i have a chance of rain on sunday. if you have plans on sunday and you're like, no, i don't want it to rain, well, it may not. i'm waiting on new weather data to come into the forecast center, and that's indicating
6:50 am
laura. >> laura: out there this morning, it's been a pretty smooth morning for highway commutes. we are kind of sailing towards rush hour right now, which means we will see more yellow. that's the 30-mile-per-hour marker you see to the north of 490 along 77 northbound. nothing major for you there, though. east side commute also looking good between 77 and 271. you're up to speed the whole way. then out 422 the rest of the direction we're 60 miles per hour towards solon, 64 miles per hour a little farther to the east where little bit faster. an accident at madison avenue at berea road. we do still have a downed tree at west 134th between cooley and san diego. all lanes are blocked with the accident. drive times are still moving really well on the highways. no big problems on the highways. let's hope it stays that way during rush hour. >> brian: i hope so, too. thanks, laura. a lot of people give credit to the run, fight and hide
6:51 am
after the attack. it advised them to run if they could or hide if they could not run or if someone dangerous comes close fight. it's a message national security expert tim dimoff says it's something everybody understands. >> when something happens, send a simple message. there is something very wrong going on. run, hide, fight is a good message. you have an aggressive action taking place where people can get hurt or killed. hide and fight the new equivalent the fire issues, stop, drop and roll. it's meant to be abrupt to get people to go through a series of steps to ensure survival.
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topping the stories you need to know before you go. strong winds do big-time damage around the cleveland area overnight. it caused a construction cable to snap at east ninth and euclid. the intersection just re-opened after 5:30 this morning. wind also damaged part of a vacant church on east 97th and a vacant building on the west side. denise. >> denise: i'm denise zarrella here along maywood in between west 90th and west 94th street where overnight strong winds brought down this abandoned building. luckily no one was hurt, but there's a lot of cleanup to be done here today. sam. >> samantha: the good news is the rain is moving out for us.
6:55 am
backing off as well. mid-60s today with late day sunshine, and rain is back in the forecast tomorrow. your full seven-day coming up on cle43 at 7:00. tia. >> tia: i'm tia ewing on the campus of the ohio state university. we know that 11 people are injured and we know the investigation continues as to why abdul razak ali artan carried out this attack. investigators searched his and push alerts on your the mobile news app. sia. >> sia: i'm at the ohio state university tracking backlash in the muslim community after the attack. we're told there were several incidents, but everyone is calling for peace today. brian. >> brian: to help with the heal process, a vigil was head at st. stevens episcopal church in columbus that gave students a chance to say prayer and comfort each other.
6:56 am
>> they were prepared and my teacher didn't freak out at all so we didn't freak out and stayed calm throughout the entire thing. >> brian: good to hear. other students say that the vigil will help them and focus on moving on today. all right. remember to get breaking news updates at any time with the "cleveland 19 news" app for your smartphone. "cleveland 19 news" continues on cle43, where we will hear from a woman that knew the osu attacker and spoke to him every single day. also, of course, sam will have an update on the weather and nichole will be at the alert desk. laura does what she does. she has traffic, right? >> laura: keep up. >> nichole: i have to say our thoughts and prayers with the students and staff and families and parents at ohio state. i can't imagine being a student there on campus today, what they've gone through. >> brian: no question.
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? good morning, it is tuesday, november 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." two big breaking stories. a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashes in killing 75 people. remarkably six survive. plus out of control wildfires threaten thousands of people and tear through homes, businesses and schools near tennessee's great smokey mountains. >> and the student who toked a crowd at ohio state is angry about muss lips now administrators want to know if he had any terror connection.


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