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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture, bringing you styles to fit your life at prices that fit your budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. the day after the attack at osu. some positive news. officials say terrifying ordeal will make a full recovery. >> the guy ran a car through a crowd of students. he did it purposely. >> romona: but the question now is why? >> he's very, very kind. very well received around here by people. >> romona: investigators are searching for a motive and they aren't ruling out terror. the latest right now at 4:00. and we continue to follow new details on the attack at osu.
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update on the situation there. but first. >> romona: cnn claims law enforcement sources believe the attacker was inspired by isis. the sources cite the facebook posting the suspect made on monday. investigators are inspecting his computer and cell phone and talking to family and other associates. but as jen picciano found, some people are holding off on judgment about the suspect's ties. jen. >> reporter: yes, ramona. all but three from yesterday's attacks have been released from the hospital and sent home, including an engineering and science professor who actually took to this table here at wechsler medical center to speak about his experience. he says he was returning to his office at watts hall. this is professor william clark monday morning when he heard a large shout and he also heard a car. that suspect's car hit a planter. and that same car then clipped him and sent him flying in the air. he suffered some pretty severe
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he then said that he saw the attacker get out of the car and he heard other people shouting and he made a move to go towards the building to safety but he says before he even made it into the building and head into the basement, he did hear those fatal shots fired. and professor clark says he has a message for officer horujko who put an end to it all. >> if he was here i would put my arm around him and tell him he has days to manycome. he did the right thing. that's what he was trained to do and that's what he did. and who knows. there was a lot of people walking around between classes. who knows what other damage this young man would have done. and my understanding is that he was challenged three times to put the knife down and advanced towards the officer and i don't think he had much choice. >> jen: so, again, professor clark is one of the victims who has been released along with another victim who provided a
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we'll bring you those details coming up at 5:00 as well as what professor clark had to say about the suspect. we'll send it back to you in the studio. for now reporting live in columbus, i'm jen picciano getting answers. >> dan: thanks, jen. on social media the hashtag # winning out is buckeye strong. one of the messages being reiterated on campus. a lot going on on campus that we're fortunate to be able to show you as students try to get back to rita. this is in the student union. they've put up these big blocks of paper that people can come in and share their thoughts. she said i was at the ohio union today for a big brother-big sister set up in the lobby. a small outlet for students, the community for something so tragic and scary to happen on campus. a lot of people posting pictures of that. and a lot of people commenting on the -- comments made by the president dr. clark there at
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in the face of adversity. really, really a message of strength. and as far as the professor that was speaking there, people already commenting on here. this woman saying thank you professor william clark for withholding judgment of the deceased student and the circumstances. you are a testament to buckeye strong saying he wouldn't pass judgment until all of the facts were out about the suspect in this case. that buckeye strong is really in not just here in ohio but around the country. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, ramona, back to you. >> romona: dan, thank you. speaking of buckeye strong, the ohio state university will be holding an event this evening for community members following yesterday's attack. it will be at 7:00 p.m. at saint john arena. we will have a live report from there. that's beginning at 6:00 during our newscast. and this story is still developing. look for updates through the
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plus keep connected through the story through the social media changes. always watching, always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: tanchak here. and what a day. many spots topping the 60 degree mark out there. not a record. but we did come close. over night and tomorrow we've got more rain on the way. and this is going to be phase two with this system. i have the alert going from 1:00 a.m. to about 7:00 p.m. toow and that's going to mean wet travel, especially for your morning commute. right now we're not seeing much on the radar, but i'm expecting rain to develop here around chicago and indiana. as the night wears on, we have moisture that will be coming in from the south. and that will be the over night rain. 59 akron-canton. southwest wind at 11. not nearly as windy as what we dealt with over night and early this morning where we did get damage reported.
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60 in downtown cleveland. south wind at 13. all right, the headlines very warm tonight. we have the over night rain that will be developing. still warm tomorrow. one more day with showers around. and then it turns colder on thursday. windy. a little bit of lake-effect rain will be developing as well. forecast details later on in the half-hour. mark. >> mark: jeff, thanks. so high, gusty winds really the problem over night leaving a heck of a mess in the wake in a lot ofpo catherine bosley joining us now with a look at what was going on in cleveland. catherine. look at that. >> reporter: well, you know, indeed the damage is scattered. but what you see behind me here, what's left of this vacant building on the west side on maywood gives you a pretty good idea of the power of some of the winds from last night. some scary moments over night with winds strong enough to bring down an entire wall of this abandoned building waking some neighbors up in a bit of a panic. >> waking up it was like, boom,
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>> reporter: connie lives right next to the building that they were hoping would be taken down soon. >> oh, my good. look at all of this. i'm glad nobody was hurt. i hope there was no animals in there. >> reporter: no one hurt here either but damage as a tree toppled on to a house. also on the east side, kinsman and east 7 third. check out this mess. a chunk of facade of the church ripped away crashing to the ground. and cleanup along downtown after the street was covered in glass when cable used in construction was snapped by the wind and smashed out a number of windows. the road reopened just in time for rush hour. and with all of that, of course, comes power outages. last i talked with first energy, there's still about a thousand homes and businesses in the dark, mostly on the east side. but i'm also told within the next couple of hours, everybody should have their power restored.
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cleveland 19. well, there is a new law on the books that may prevent the number of drunk driving deaths. it's legislation that takes the wheel out of the hand of serious dui offenders. >> i had my license since i served the time in 1984. >> reporter: it began when we noticed jerry got an impaired driving he had been convicted in 1984 killing three people driving drunk on brookpark road. he got out of jail in just over a year and immediately got a new license. since then, he's gotten nine more duis. he was not alone. ohio law said the driver's license suspension begins at the time of sentencing. so dozens of inmates arrested by police were sitting in jail cells at the same time they were working off their suspensions. they would get out and immediately get a new license. last year we brought the issue to state representatives who
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you did that we realized that people were able to get their license back when they were released from prison after an aggravated vehicular homicide offense. >> reporter: baker and manning began a state-wide campaign for a change in the law that began more than a year ago by talking to judges. >> we looked into it, and sure enough the suspension is concurrent with the prison sentence. so i said i don't think most people realize think they would support that. >> reporter: next they went to the legislators. many of whom were unaware. and won unanimous support that makes an important change in the law. >> it says very simply that the suspension will begin at the day that you are released from prison. >> reporter: you're not working off your suspension while you're locked off. >> that's right. >> reporter: the governor has already signed the bill. the speaker of the ohio house put his signature on it and the
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getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> romona: while it has been signed, the bill won't take effect for 30 days. notification to people in the legal community about the changes will also be sent out. cbs news has learned that former labor secretary elaine chow is president-elect donald trump's to be transportation secretary. chow served under president george w. bush and is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and georgia congressman was nominated to lead health and human services. they both have years of experience in washington. the louisville teacher strike is over but no progress is made. the teacher union voted to return to the classroom tomorrow with the one clause it wanted removed remains. the union wanted a no retaliation clause in the contract that would prevent reprisals against any teacher, student, parent or community member for what they did before
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still ahead here at 4:00. >> romona: wildfires force evacuations in tennessee. we have one man's wild escape.
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. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: hotels and homes are destroyed in gatlinburg and
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wildfires there. more than 14,000 have been forced to evacuate. . >> everything is burning around us. every cabin, everything. >> romona: this video showing this man's escape down the mountain during these wildfires. it's going viral now. michael posted the video to his facebook page and it already has more than 3 million views. he says he was able to escape. wow. at the aquiu leave behind more than 10,000 of them but the aquarium is closed today. jeff. >> jeff: all right. yes, we continue to monitor that situation. they did get a little bit of rain yesterday, but it wasn't enough to really stop those fires. so they continue to deal with that horrific situation there. around here we are dry. we have some cloud cover around. this is the front that's going to come through tomorrow afternoon. and we think at that time we
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system. this is going to be phase two coming up. and also eventually a cooldown. but we got some more rain that will be developing here over night. nothing in the area right now. so you're good to go for the drive and anything that you have planned this evening. look at the temperature. 60 degrees. loving it. and even out to the west, we still have temps well in the 50s. a little cooler tomorrow. one more warm day before the temperature drop as we get into thursday. here is a look at future view we're dry. we're going to hold steady, i think, in the mid 50s and generally a mostly cloudy sky. watch what happens over night heading into the morning drive tomorrow. here is 7:00 a.m. showers around. not particularly heavy. but enough to give you a wet morning commute. and kids heading off to the bus stop, you're going to be encountering some showers. and the risk is going to be there pretty much throughout the day. remember in my first weather hit, we have the alert going all
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evening. here is a look at the rainfall. and this is through the afternoon tomorrow. it's not much. it looks like most areas around a tenth of an inch or so. we'll see what develops. the heaviest rain should stay to the south of us with this system. but by thursday as that cooler air rushes in, we'll get into a little lake-effect rain there. okay. tonight over night rain develops. and it's going to be very warm. look at the low temperature. 53 in cleveland. akron-cant s and a low of 49. tomorrow mostly cloudy, showers around throughout the day. it looks like the best opportunity will be actually in the morning. and one more warm one out there. 60 degrees for the high. tomorrow night we'll start to see that cooler air come in. here you see the planner, 7:00 a.m., showers, 53. noon, 56. and a risk of some showers. mainly light rain. temperatures dropping a little
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night. now, on thursday mainly along the lakeshore we're going to see some lake-effect rain developing and cooler. 43. i do have an alert on friday for a winter mix. this will be a little lake-effect. 41. and saturday a winter feel with some minor snow showers. we're not expecting any accumulation out of this. but some light lake-effect 36. saturday night 29. monday 47, dry. and we could see some morning rain on tuesday. 47. okay. i'm in the first alert weather center here. if you follow us on social media, you know that this guy is coming to join us. mr. jason nicholas, happy to have you. >> anchor: great to be here. and finally let the cat out of the bag. it's been a few months i've been
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underneath desks and we have a great weather team. i'm looking forward to working with you every night. i've long admired your stuff as a meteorologist and i want to learn and we're going to teach each other and have a great time. >> jeff: i've been getting a lot of people asking me are you leaving? no. i'm not going. he and i are going to be working together here. it's a new era in weather here at cleveland 19. and we're going to be dominating the weather here in this market and bring you the best coverage that we can. >> anchor: and any fights we have between you and i are going to bff i promise. >> jeff: yes. >> anchor: maybe put them on facebook or instagram. >> jeff: that's right. >> anchor: with the cell phone, the mobile alerts, best in the area. obviously. >> jeff: there it is. welcome, jason. >> jeff: you asked us earlier throw us a curve ball because you have to get back into the swing of things. so here is your curve ball. if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? >> oh, my gosh. [ laughing ]. >> anchor: you know, i feel bad
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they lose their leaves. they do color very nicely with the different bright colors. but i've always been jealous of the evergreens. because you have your leaves and your needles all year. >> jeff: okay. i think he's back into the swing of things. what do you guys thing? >> awful. >> jeff: welcome jason nicholas. you'll start doing the news next week. monday, december 5th. and, mark and ramona and harry, great to join you guys too. >> romona: oh, it's good having you. [ laughing ] >> romona: like i do all of the guys. [ laughing ] >> romona: and he's going to join ramona's room. i love that. >> anchor: can't wait to come in the room. >> mark: you can get him for that deciduous comment. you say deciduous. i say conifer. [ laughing ]
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cuyahoga county has announced the scam squad. >> reporter: the scam squad goes after people who spends their time being unsuspecting of the elderly most often of their life savings. >> scammers who are calling folks, they're professionals. they are organized crime figures. they have got scripts. they've got employees. they do this for a living. >> reporter: now a scam squad to reduce scams against senior citizens has been put together. the task force is made up among others, the aarp, the cuyahoga affairs, which sheryl harris runs. >> if we all network and we're all talking to each other and all sharing information that we're really going to get a better outcome both in the investigation. >> reporter: director harris got a call for help just this morning. >> she got a call from what she thought was her grandson. someone sounding like he had been crying and said i really need some help. i'm in jail. let me put you on the line with the public defender. >> reporter: it was a scam. luckily she didn't fall for it.
4:21 pm
>> if there's a problem that you're panicking about and an instant solution that gets offered to you within that same communication, that's where you really need to step back. because that is where scams happen in that little bubble of panic around you. >> reporter: more than $2.6 billion is scammed from seniors every year. the scam squad also asks them to post these consumer alert cards where gift cards are displayed. >> they wanteo cards. gift cards. or in money wires. those are two payment forms that no legitimate government agency ever accepts. >> reporter: now, sheryl harris says when confronted with you've got to take care of this right now kind of scenario, she says take a deep breath, don't send any money, don't buy any gift cards. and please check with family and police to verify the emergency is real.
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cleveland 19 >> romona: already, harry, thank you. trending today on cleveland 19 news at 4:00.
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. welcome back. it's time to find out what's trending and where some goggles are. >> romona: and it's a case of a hungry, hungry hippo or maybe he's angry. south africa was driving across a bridge at a national park when he saw the hippo on the bridge. he assumed it was used to humans because there were people walking nearby. he was wrong. [ laughing ] >> mark: the hippo charged the truck leaving significant damage. the hippo tried to bite the truck and then walked away as if that never happened. well, rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you get my pizza right. dominoes pizza is japan says it's training reindeer.
4:26 pm
to deliver pizza in one of japan's coldest snowiest regions. from what we can tell, the delivery man's job is safe. the trainers seem to be having trouble reigning in these drivers. [ laughing ] >> i need my goggles. >> mark: we've all done it. admit it. little aiden walker searching for the lost goggles before jumping into the finds them on top of his head. even when he touches them, he realizes where they are and jumps in. >> romona: how cute is he? >> mark: smart guy. coming up here at 4:00. >> your job is to break people up and have a nice day. >> romona: why this woman is going viral now. . and the president's pad is all decked out and ready for the christmas holiday. we break down the decor by the
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(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore, yet another innovation,
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. one of the victims in the ohio state attack spoke publicly for the first time today. >> romona: william clark is a math and science professor at watts hall. he was struck by the attacker's vehicle and a few minutes later he heard three shots fired. clark suffered severe cuts and bruises. he was dismissed from the hospital this afternoon. three other rvictims rema hospi hospitalized. high winds ripped down wires and caused a couple of buildings to collapse. gusts topped 50 miles per hour early this morning. most of the electricity has been returned to homes and businesses but crews continue to clear tree branches and building rubble. jeff. guys, well, we're monitoring the threat of some more rain here. it's mainly going to be light rain that develops over night and through the day tomorrow. right now not much on radar. but out to the west i think
4:31 pm
some showers as the evening wears on. so the alert will be over night and through the day tomorrow. this is basically phase two with this system that we're in. timing 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. that will be tomorrow, which means morning drive you're going to have some rain. and then through the day tomorrow leading to wet travel out there a little slow go. but look at the temperatures how warm it's going to be tonight. 7:00, 57. 56 at 10 we basically hold steady in the mid 50s. and then when the rain starts to develop by morning, we'll drop a little bit. but that is very warm for this time of year. we should be in the 30s for lows. and we're going to be in the low to mid 50s in cleveland. so very warm out there. over night rain. one more warm day tomorrow with the showers. not that windy. but by thursday the wind does pick up again with gusts over 30. it's going to be colder and,
4:32 pm
along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. look at the temperatures right now. 60 in cleveland. 60 in akron. a little cooler out to the west. 55 in norwalk and dover-new philly at 61 degrees. probably didn't even need a jacket in some cases this afternoon. all right. so it's about the rain chance. this is tomorrow 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00. we're going to have about 50% coverage of showers throughout the area. and, like i said, the risk all day. right around 60 with the shower threat here. and you can see throughout the day 53 at 8:00 a.m. 55 at 11:00. showers around akron-canton. and your forecast high tomorrow will be at 57 degrees. so here is a look at future view. 7:00 tonight, we're dry.
4:33 pm
getting into tomorrow morning right there we're going to start to see the showers. but a very warm morning. mark and ramona back over to you. >> mark: jeff, thank you. about five people survived a plane crash and the black boxes have been found. >> romona: at least 75 people died in that crash. >> ro >> mark: the charter plane was traveling carrying a brazilian soccer team and more than 20 journalists. the plane when the crew declared an electrical problem. the plane en route to new orleans landed early. a woman bolted. kris van cleave talks about a series of disruptive passengers. >> the lady on this flight opened the door and jumped out of the plane. >> reporter: passengers were left stunned after a woman took
4:34 pm
window. surveillance video appeared to capture her fleeing the plane and making a beeline for the terminal. according to one witness, the women entered the emergency exit row after going to the restroom. she made the 15 foot jump without an emergency slide. they shot this video. >> i look over and it's sunlight and i just see a figure step out of it. >> reporter: the woman was quickly caught by police who scratch on her. >> the ramp area where the airplane sit at the gate is a very dangerous place if you're not trained and you don't have the proper equipment. there were a lot of people put in danger because of her. >> reporter: according to the faa, incidents of unruly passengers have actually been on the decline since 2012. but one faa spokesman told cbs this morning we hardly go at least without at least one
4:35 pm
>> reporter: monday delta banned this donald trump supporter for life for his rant on a flight from atlanta to alan town, pennsylvania, last week. the airline apologized to passengers in a statement saying the customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight. >> what do you mean look forward. >> reporter: . although disruptive passengers can face possible fines, the punishment should be even harsher. >> if you punish somebody severely for flight, there would be a lot less of it. >> mark: the patient was transported to a mental center. a shopper at michaels in chicago gets upset with an employee who she says tried to
4:36 pm
reusable bag. >> i am making a report against you. you discriminated against me twice. your job is to ring people up and tell them to have a nice day. >> romona: the female shopper says she was discriminated against for being white and because she voted for trump. michaels says it does not tolerate discrimination against customers or employees and is investigating the incident. a witness says the employee was very professional. well, it's projected that cyber monday sales hit a rd those online payments from cyber criminals can be a challenge. jen blackstone got a tour of pay pal's command center. >> reporter: this is pay pal's command center where purchases are monitored around the world and around the clock. it's cyber monday and the team is monitoring financial activity. in 100 currencies and in over 200 countries. >> mission control it looks like.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: mj austin is an executive. >> you better checkup on this. it looks a little fishy. >> that's exactly what happens. there's a bunch of smarts behind the actual monitoring. through the monitoring, we're able to highlight the things that seem unusual. >> reporter: but it makes combatting cyber crime a dounting task. on cyber monday processed $25,000 a second. so much traffic paypal's website crash. >> we had a couple of outages during that time but the reality is most customers were not at all impacted. >> reporter: paypal was also one of the companies that shut down last month after hackers struck a company whose servers route internet traffic. the hack infiltrated devices like web cams, smart clocks and
4:38 pm
attackers knocking at the door to the bank. they're not necessarily getting into the bank but they're preventing anybody else from getting into the bank. ultimately it's not a question of data being exposed or customers being at risk or their data being at risk. it's just that service is being shut down. >> reporter: paypal says no customer information was stolen. still they look into the future. >> they're going to be up next robert griffin iii today in timeout and the player tag does the next lebron. >> mark: you hoe. and the most popular gifts this holiday season are ranked. we take a look. and there's a peek outside. it's 77 in and out of the city moving along just fine.
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. a future king is supporting his brother and the woman he loves. they say the duke of cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for prince harry to support those closest to him. this goes back to a largely unprecedented and strongly worded statement prince harry made regarding the media's treatment of his new girlfriend which he described as a wave of abuse and harassment. it seems like william just
4:42 pm
approval. and now this. espn says former cleveland brown johnny manziel is being sued. a bar employee says manziel punched him and broke his nose. the suit is seeking up to a million dollars in damages for the incident which apparently occurred back in september at a private party in austin, texas. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> romona: okay. i don't know why people are start for the browns. robert griffin iii has been cleared for contact. >> tony: cleared for contact. >> romona: what's the argument for starting him over mccown? >> tony: he's better. >> romona: is he? >> mark: they felt he was better. the argument against starting him is he's going to be rusty. coach hue jackson said today there's going to be some rust. so i don't know what is going to happen and i think they probably need to see him go through a few
4:43 pm
they'll get back to practice on monday. today was the last one for the buy week. today was the last one. he may not know until next week. you can make a case for and against scoring him. they need to score more points. >> romona: i was down there on sunday for the giants-browns game because there were so many blue jerseys in the stand. >> mark: yes. it's getting to be a regular thing. >> romona: something to see. >> mark: not good. >> romona: let's talk about ln. people are saying he is the next lebron. now, can he do all of the things that lebron does and more? >> mark: so this guy plays for milwaukee. they call him the greek freak. what he said. [ laughing ] >> romona: jason nicholas trying to get. all right, jason. thank you. >> mark: this guy is similar to lebron in the fact he can score. he's big.
4:44 pm
he leads the team in scoring, leads the team in rebounds. second to team assists second only to delly. i wouldn't say the next lebron. that sounds like put him down for the hall of fame. lebron talked about him today. >> he's learned the game more and more. he does a great job of not only getting himself involved but getting the teammates involved and rebounding and doing things to try to help the team win. so he's improving ever since he was drafted all the way until now. [ laughing ] >> mark: it looks like he's wearing a cape. >> romona: i know. >> mark: a super hero outfit. >> romona: when you are lebron, you can wear whatever you want to wear. >> mark: wear whatever you want. lebron obviously appreciates his game. they play the bucks tonight if you're wondering why we're talking about this. cavs in milwaukee tonight. next lebron is a little too strong. >> romona: i have not watched him so i will watch him for a
4:45 pm
we'll still beat them anyway. >> mark: we'll be anxiously waiting the report. the holiday shopping season is in full swing and according to one survey, the iphone is at the top of the wish list for a lot of folks. piper jefferies annual holiday spending survey of a thousand shoppers ranked the iphone as the most desired gift followed by a mac book and an xbox. fit bits and hover boards saw a drop in >> romona: that's interesting. the white house christmas theme has been announced. >> mark: yep. it is the gift of the holidays. broke down the decorations by the numbers. here are some of the highlights. more than 200,000 leg go bricks make up the fence. 32 snow people and only 10 days to get all of that ready.
4:46 pm
>> anchor: i have no decorations up. >> mark: i don't either. >> anchor: except my son's ginger bread. >> romona: you're usually quick. what have you been doing? >> denise: well, you know, busy, busy, busy. well, still ahead at 5:00 tonight on cleveland 19 news, an investigation at the airport. wow. this is a tough one. a woman jumped from a plane as it was taxiing for takeoff. other passengers could only watch in horror. and today is the day of giving. generosity. and ohio is the 8th most generous state. what you need to know, though, to avoid being scammed. plus are you having trouble sticking to a fitness routine? the answer may be just a phone call away. chris and i will see you at now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers
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. i haven't done weather in a long time, but that was cloudy. [ laughing ] >> jeff: it's cloudy. >> romona: cloudy. >> jeff: we should have the three of us go up there. >> mark: i might pull a hammy. it's finally good to be able to have you on television. you're usually hiding back there. >> anchor: i've been hiding b >> mark: in plain sight. >> anchor: i snuck out a few times. you can go on camera. >> romona: we know you have your meteorological chops and all but what do you like to do outside this building? what are some of your hobbies? >> aside from looking at some of the wonderful computer models. golf, softball, running, traffic, wine, beer, drink, sports. >> mark: wine, beer, drink. >> anchor: everything a
4:51 pm
>> exactly. >> romona: i learned from you guys what a bar drawl -- bar crawl [ laughing ] >> jeff: bar crawl. we're not doing bar brawl. >> anchor: that's later on. after the 11th. >> jeff: we're going to do something here. jason and i are going to do the seven day together. >> anchor: how do you like that. >> jeff: feazel roof cam as mark mentioned cloudy sky. no rain in the area yet. i don't know how we're going to do this. this is pretty cool. [ laughing ] >> jeff: all right. let's go to the and here we go. >> anchor: you do the first three. >> jeff: yes. 60 tomorrow. now, we've got some over night -- we're on jason's shot, aren't we? because i'm feeling big right now. all right. 60 tomorrow. we're going to have some showers. a few showers on thursday. and then it turns colder. 43. and it looks like it could get cold enough for that winter mix on friday. look at that. 41. so we have an alert there. >> anchor: we have three alerts over the next seven days.
4:52 pm
i'll work on tag. >> anchor: wintery mix for friday. >> jeff: yes. >> anchor: and then as we head through the end of the weekend -- >> jeff: there is the weekend. >> anchor: i didn't hit that. let's break down the weekend. saturday night, 20s. it's going to be chilly. we're talking about some minor accumulations here for saturday. >> jeff: minor stuff. little lake-effect. >> anchor: sunday we dry things out. we're looking at next week mid to late, right. potential there is for a little late week warmup and then a huge cold front thursday >> jeff: heads up next week it could get a little interesting around here. so we're not sounding the alarm bells yet. but it does look like as we head into december, which is thursday, december 1st. >> anchor: hard to believe. >> jeff: first full week of december, might get cold weather. you're starting at the right sometime. >> anchor: definitely. that's why i'm here. >> jeff: jason nicholas, everybody. guys, back to you. >> romona: all right. good to have you, jason. coming up at 4:00.
4:53 pm
some parents are using this to discipline their kids. but what is in it?
4:54 pm
. >>'s useless trivia with me, mark nolan. hey, romona, welcome back. >> romona: thank you, mark. >> mark: had is the epitome of useless trivia. what is the number of socks worn on one foot? >> romona: 25. [ laughing ] >> mark: no. sorry. 152. >> romona: really?
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
okay. how about a dose of discipline for your kids during the holidays? >> romona: tony romo's wife candace think she can help. it's apple cider vinegar. it's sprayed into kid's mouth. she wanted something that wasn't as harsh as spanking but some a
4:57 pm
it's been a mommy blogger secret. it's up to the parents if they use it or not. whatever works for you. >> mark: in the old days you used to wash out your mouth with a bar of soap. >> romona: now we're spraying sassy spray. >> mark: that's right. coming up. coming up next on cleveland 19 19 news, a disturbing new
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> sitting in the back of my right leg and basically flipped
5:00 pm
concrete, which at my age is not what you want to do. >> chris: a victim of the ohio state attack. a math and engineering professor describing in vivid detail when he was hit and when the chaos ensued. we begin with continuing coverage of the attack at ohio state. 8 of 11 people injured are out of the hospital. >> denise: three in the hospital are expected to make a full recovery. jen picciano is live now columbus with the very latest. jen? >> reporter: yes, denise and chris, all of them are expected to make a full recovery including professor william clark who spoke at wexner medical center at the table as he was being released from the hospital today. professor clark told us he was struck by the suspect's car, was badly bruised along his legs and cut up along his ankles. the suspect did not say anything


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