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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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clef lend 19 news sponsored by national carpet outlet. asking questions and getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts night. >> i'm going home this afternoon. >> he found himself carve an attacker. >> everyone continues to be healing. >> romona: while the campus of ohio state is still in shock it remains buckeye strong. this is the latest we know right now. three people are still in the hospital. a neighbor says the suspect was acting odd on sunday night. police say he bought several is knives moments before the attack. buckeye strong, hundreds
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>> our shelby miller was there for the tremendous show of support for the university. shelby, how are the students coping with what happened? >> they tell me they are united and you got the feeling inside this arena. hundreds gathered to really come together and to heal after monday's attack? monday's attack. in ohio the community came together and they were singing and holdingig their support. during the event university members spoke including michael drake and the student body leaders. no one mentioned the suspect by name or spoke in detail about the attack on campus. instead they focused on healing and the power of coming together as a buckeye nation. they thanked police for their fast response.
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strong. >> it means a lot. just knowing that everyone is there on the lookout for people. if someone needs someone we know they can help. we we had the shock and it is something we always fear and we never think it will happen. the sun will come up tomorrow and we will move forward. >> they were handed red and white everything that happened. the student life senior vice president said there are counselors who are here at the ohio university campus if anybody needs to speak to them as well. cleveland 19 news. >> denise: tonight the fbi is disputing the claim that isis was behind the attack. investigators say it is common for groups to take responsibility for acts of violence.
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inspired by isis propaganda and the late cleric. >> the ohio state muslim student association released a statement condemning the violence that reads in part we cannot allow it to taint the way we view each other or stand by as we use these incidents to justify violence against muslim students or those perceived to be muslim. and muslim studentay perceive them to be capable of carrying out an attack just like yesterday's. as tiffani tucker found out, they say it only ray 80s more decisiveness. the aftermath of what happened on the osu campus continues to lippinger -- linger as they head back to class one day after a student's vicious attack. >> that's when there was an
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campus among many somali and muslim students. concerned third year law student says because there is a feeling that she and other muslims have to uh -- to apologize. >> they are forced to mourn twice. we are forced to mourn and split our emotions and feel on defense automatically. >> i think it is sad that way. >> he is somali and of muslim faith. he says he now feels a sense of decisiveness instead of being unified. buckeye strong, healing through a difficult time. >> i pray for the day we can heal as a community instead of humanizing ourselves. >> a community that says they condemn what happened on their
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>> i am a student and i want to be given the opportunity to grieve is a an osu student. >> and as a true sign of their solidarity they planned on attending that vigil on campus. ramona? >> romona: look for more on our cleveland 19 news app. as soon as more breaks in the investigation you will be alerted from a push alert by depth look at who the attacker was. >> firefighters are scrambling to find a massive wildfire ripping through the smoky mountains. three are dead and 14 more hurt this is cell phone video taken by two brothers as they escape from the mountains of gatlinburg. 14,000 people have fled the
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>> all of those people lost their homes and their businesses and everything else. things they worked hard for. >> they are still conducting rescue operations. thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected. >> let's go to christa gnaw -- chris tanaka. he has >> chris: thousands have descended on cuba to pay their respects to fidel castro. live images of people leaving that massive sprawling open air as you can see. it was filled with mourners who honored and celebrated the former dictator's life and legacy. they played videos of his life and world leaders took to the stage to look back at castro's
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from here his ashes will be taken so they can pay their final reports. >> a dinner meeting between the white house chief of staff and mitt romney just wrapped up. they were talking about the possibility of romney serving as president-elect trump's secretary of state. he named the treasury secretary. they have plenty of it on wall street. ramona? >> chris, thank you. dozens of protests took place across the country including right here in cleveland. it is demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage. >> workers walked off the job on 30th and carnegie to show their support of the idea. thousands of fast-food workers
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>> denise: there is a new set of guidelines dealing with someone who is mentally ill. these changes stem from the set set -- settlement with the justice department. sara goldenburg is getting answers on what is changing. >> one of the biggest changes is the crisis intervention team that will be made up of officers who volunteer for the job. they will be specially trained to respond. >> reporter: police are usually the first on the scene. now how they respond is getting an over haul. >> this is a. >> grann particular step -- this is a guy began -- gigantic step forward. >> reporter: they trained police officers for the last 10 years. >> they said this is the most important training they
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of intense specialized crisis intervention training. all police officers will get eight hours of training every year. they will cover suicide inter veptions and crisis de escalation and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. >> police officers are called to the scene first. they are our first responders. by going back over those cases we are finding out, well, you know, why did this occur? shouldn't we be ahead of it rather than >> reporter: here is how the crisis intervention team will work. >> they will first know where they are at in the city and they will know that ahead of time. they will know who to call and who has the experience. >> reporter: he hopes training like this will keep mentally ill people out of jail and get them the training they need while giving police other tools they can use. >> we hope the use of force is the very, very last exercise that they do, and that they use all of the other skills
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>> these new guidelines need to be approved by a federal judge and soon there will be two meetings to give your input. find the information when and where they will be on the cleveland 19 app. denise? >> denise: thanks, sara. crisis intervention team officers known as cit will be volunteers from the force. they have to have three years of experience in basic patrol. they have to complete a written application and interview process. they combine not have a history of complaintsor >> romona: tonight a federal watchdog group is recalling 2.5 million dehumidifiers because they can over heat and catch fire. they are sold under various names including frigidair and ge and kenmore. >> it is a very warm night out there. let's look at the roof cam. it is 5 fife degrees in
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it is 55 degrees in downtown. the second half of the week we will say hello to jason nicholas as well. stick around. >> plus, the doctors say women older than 75 don't need to get a yearly mammogram. but tonight a new study says that's not true. we're getting answers on this health alert coming up. >> then one city is banning alcohol during a huge party next spring. it is all to keep you safe. details on where the booze ban
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>> live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kept, this is cleave -- toyota in kent, this is chief lend 9 -- this is cleveland 19 news. >> they are asking for $850 million to transform the existing buildings into a state-of-the-art hospital. but where will that money come can you expect? >> denise, they are calling this a revitalization program for their entire campus. what they should call it is a rebooking of the entire campus. with will feature the new 9-story hospital.
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over and it will be demolished. it is what we know now. it shows you just exctly how many buildings we are talking about. that's where the main hospital is. they are set in several stages. $855million and as taxpayers are you footing the bill? absolutely not. they will sell bonds against the credit rating. they hired an investment banker to start doing that. they have been talking about it since 2011 and it is time now to act. let me read part of this. he said this is not about us.
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they deserve better than the facilities we have. cleveland is undergoing an amazing renaissance. it will not work if they are left behind. very, very exciting news. getting answers in the answer center. back to you. >> romona: all right, dan. we have heard about how bad stress stress can make you sick. stress can improve your memory and brain cell ises multiply under stressful situations and that helps your memory get better. stress gives you confidence making you feel resilient and confidence can soar.
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recommendations on when women should stop getting a mammogram of the most say the screenings can stop at 75. now they say there is no reason for women 75 and over to stop, especially because the risk of breast cancer increases with age. they say a woman's decision should be made based on their health. >> romona: what was supposed to be a joyous meal turned into t getting food poisoning and others may not have gone to the hospital. 800 elderly and homeless people showed up at the church's annual meal. now health officials are trying to figure out what happened. >> a city in alabama is banning all alcohol at the beach for spring break next year. it is part of an effort to keep students and vacationers safe. after being overwhelmed with out of control college students the city of gulf
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this time they are being pro-active, but not everyone is on the no booze ban wagon. >> i feel like we really didn't even give it a chance to maybe make a plan. it just went automatically into a ban. >> the booze ban goes into effect on march 4th and it expires on april 16th. the neighboring cities are not getting rid of k -- of alcohol and we will have them monitor the beach parties. >> are you frustrated over the november election? a dallas-baysed company is let -- a dallas-based company is letting them get their anger out by letting them smash things. that's right. people are paying anywhere between $25 to $500 to smash smash tv's, computers and other things without getting into trouble.
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been around since 2008 business has picked up. >> i think i have one for browns fans. get in line. >> i think you can do that. i saw it on the curb in someone's garbage. just pick one up and smash that thing. why pay to do that? >> they told me to do this. >> and illegal i'm sure. >> i'm sure smashing it too. >> i have never seen you have a bad day. >> jeff is always happy. >> let's look at the temperature pattern here. well, you can see we arewoman. 54 in -- you can see that here. we have rain that is developing here later on and tomorrow morning.
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there you go. 30s in iowa. so there is the sign and they will be getting in here. it is a cloudy sky and that's the front that comes through. it is going to pretty much develop pretty close to us. if not right over us. 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. more likely toward the morning and they will encounter wet travel. look at the 1:00 a.m. temperatures. it is well in the 50s. by 7:00 a.m. drive time we will have a light to moderate rain. it will not cause major problems, but enough to slow down the commute. any kind of rain you get in the morning that will slow things down.
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i think once this rain eases up a bit that's when we could hit around 60. you can see 58 at 4:00 and then that's the cold front coming. then tomorrow evening we dry out for a little while. future view rainfall. we are not talking much here. about a quarter inch or so in cleveland once this rain develops. there is lesser amounts inland. overnigh for this time of year. rain develops by morning. 53 the low and akron-canton 49. rain developing overnight for you. tomorrow morning a 3 on a scale of 1-10 for the wet roads. light to moderate rain and low to mid50s. it was a warm day and showers around. we hit our high early
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in the 50s later in the day akron-canton your forecast high is 57. a noticible change with a few showers and lake effect rain along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. 43. friday a little winter mix here. 41. rain-sleet, snow. and some minor snow showers around on saturday. not expecting any accumulation, but a cold saturday. only 36. sunday mixed sky and 40. monday it is back to sunshine and 47. there you go. >> great to be here. i don't have to duck down under the desk anymore. i said i really want to join the team. the truth is, it is just so i can work with you guys. to say it is an honor working
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>> romona: we feel like vee known you for awhile. >> denise: you grew up in ohio. >> i went to medina high school and been in cleveland again for 10 years, just down the street. officially happy to come over here and join this wonderful team and have a lot of fun. >> romona: jeff loves forecasting the lake effect stuff. >> more than mira raw what floats your boat? what gets you going? >> you never say you like severe weather. i like 75 and sunny. if i can forecast that you never know. we get crazy weather. but jeff isn't going anywhere. i am an addition. >> and you guys have been golfing buddies for years. >> great to have you on board.
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freak. i can't say it. >> and tonight he went riled against the kvs.
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report o >> cavaliers are back to play the bucks. you may remember at 4:00 and 6:00 they had the greek freak. he played a role tonight. the cavaliers that were in here early he was taking it from kyrie and the good guys are up by two.
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took over. he finished this with 30 points and five steals. the cavaliers lose the third. here is lebron on the freak. >> it is always a challenge. you are never matched up on him one on one. his ability to play the point and get guys involved and keep himself involved. for the first time the browns have all of their quarterbacks available. rg iii is clear and kessler is back. who so start? if you had to pick now you would say mccown and griffin. if you had to pick now you would say mccown, griffin is probably rusty. but if he is the best guy and
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should go with him, but if you read between the lines you would go with rg iii. you wouldn't get a lot of opportunities to -- >> he didn't get a lot of opportunity to prove what he can be in the league. a lot of guys are eager to see what he can do. >> they are hosting the bengals and
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>> denise: thank you for joining us tonight. cleveland 19 this morning starts at 4:30 a.m.
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