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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> brian: good afternoon. breaking news this afternoon. no charges against a north carolina police officer accused in the deadly shooting of a man. the prosecutor says the charlotte officer, brent vincent, acted lawfully when he shot and killed keith scott. scott was apartment complex when police confronted him. police video showed officers shouting for scott to drop a gun and they shouted numerous times. surveillance video showed scott was armed. both scott and officer vincent are african american. >> laura: no buses through public square. cleveland mayor jackson made that announcement two weeks ago. >> brian: now the issue appears to be back on the table all of a sudden. cleveland 19's harry boomer just
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sort through this one more time. hey, harry. >> harry: hey, brian. it is still going on right now upstairs in room 217 here at cleveland city hall. you know, the $50 million renovation of public square still being talked about, about whether or not people can get access to the public square via buses. basically where buses will not be allowed to travel through the square. the city doesn't want that nor does r.t.a. that's going to cost the r.t to reroute buses around public square. and equally of concern is whether not allowing buses that pick up and drop off about 18,000 passengers a day will get the city r.t.a. fined a significant amount because of the contract that was let to actually renovate r.t.a. that is of course a federal contract. that is under discussion right now. there is contention as to whether or not they will be fined and how much they will be fined and whether or not it's
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up at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 on cleveland 19 live, getting answers at public square, rather at city hall, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> brian: all right, harry, thank you. important story. all right, the f.b.i. searched this station at tourney and rockside. it is one of several businesses the f.b.i. is investigating. now we reached out to the bureau to get answers about the search. so far, they have not commented. this canton man will be in court today accus police found richard whitman at a home on hirsh place northwest and put him under arrest. that's where someone fatally shot david eddy. cleveland police investigating the shooting of a 15-year-old on glennside road. the boy said he was simply walking on the street when he heard gunshots then noticed he had been shot in the leg. >> laura: the f.b.i. is piecing together the motive in the ohio state attack. agents recovered at least two devices belonging to the
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artan's online activity. isis is claiming responsibility for inspiring the attack in a statement on his propaganda website. there's no evidence that this claim is actually true but investigators will only say they are looking at terrorism as a possible motive. in light of the attack, the ohio senate is considering a bill that would allow universities to permit concealed carry on campus. it would allow it inside day care facilities and certain police stations. the senate could vote on the bill today. the house passed the bill a year ago. >> brian: president-elect donald trump sent out a series of tweets about his business empire and announces two more cabinet picks. >> reporter: steve mnuchen is president-elect do donald trumps pick for treasury secretary. he spoke to reporters at trump tower this morning. >> our number one priority will
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three to four percent growth. we believe that's very sustainable. mnuchen is a former goldman sachs executive. the campaign also announced billionaire wilbur ross will be nominated for commerce secretary. the president-elect will hold a news conference on december 15 to discuss plans to leave his business empire while in office. in a series of tweets this morning, mr. trump said -- i feel it is visually important as president to in noay various businesses. it's unclear if the billionaire plans to turn over his business holdings to his children or put them in a blind trust. transition officials tell cbs news the plan does not include a release of his full tax returns. mr. trump had dinner last night with mitt romney and future white house chief of staff priebus. romney said they had a wonderful evening.
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and interesting and engaging. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news mr. trump's considering romney, retired general david petreas and rudy giuliani for secretary of state. >> brian: president and vice president-elect will travel to indiana tomorrow. there, they will announce a deal with air conditioning company carrier to keep nearly 1,000 factory jobs in mr. pence's home state. >> laura: well the deal to prevent hundreds of job losses at a major manufacturer. carrier's parent company planned to close two indiana facilities and move more than 2,000 jobs to mexico. but the air conditioning giant tweeted last night that it reached a deal with president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence to keep the nearly 1,000 jobs in indy. >> brian: all right. democrats did not choose ohio congressman tim ryan as minority house leader.
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rep nancy pelosi. she was reelected this morning to the minority whip position. >> laura: police in california rejecting social media speculation about a mom who went missing for three weeks. sherry peppini was found by the side of a highway on thanksgiving morning. >> reporter: investigators are analyzing the clothes sherry was wearing when she was found on this northern california highway. >> she was in different that she had been reported missing in. and, the evidence that was recovered may contain dna evidence. >> reporter: detectives are now reviewing private security cameras that may have caught her abduction. they have served over 20 search warrants on cell phones, cell towers, and computers. >> the biggest piece of evidence is literally sherry at this point. >> cody is one of the private investigators keith pappini hired to try and find his wife.
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aspects that have to be investigated and that includes the restraints that she was found in and things like that. >> reporter: in a statement obtained by "people" magazine tuesday, her husband revealed his wife's body was covered in multi-colored bruises, severe burns, red rash and chain markings. she was branded and weighed only 87 pounds. he also pushed back against those who have questioned her story, accusing them of malicious, subhuman behavior. >> for the people that think this is a hoax, we don't have that information. >> talking to her three times has there ever been a point where her story has changed? >> not to my knowledge. >> that's essential. >> that is. >> deputies are looking for two hispanic females as the suspects and they are considered armed and dangerous. the sheriff also tells me they are looking to get more information out about their physical descriptions sometime
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>> laura: well, investigators have interviewed sherry three times sitting down with her for several hours on tuesday. >> brian: coming up on cleveland 19 news, first fires, now a tornado. we have the very latest from tennessee. that's next. >> laura: and did you know diapers are considered luxury items? what? coming up, we are getting answers about a program that helps parents buy diapers for
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>> laura: five people killed by
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across the south overnight. three of the deaths happened in northeastern alabama when a tornado ripped a mobile home apart. an official in tennessee says two people died and at least nine others were hurt when the severe storm hit the state overnight. and those high winds only made the wildfires in gasoline burg, tennessee -- in gatlinburg tennessee even worse. the fires killed four people and destroyed 150 buildings. officials said the westgate smoky mountain resort and spa is likely entirely gone. dollywood and nearby pigeon forge was spared significant damage. >> brian: authorities are hoping the black boxes from the crash will help them figure out what happened. 79 people died. brazil has declared three days of mourning following the crash that killed members of a beloved soccer team. castro's ashes are being driven to his final resting place, a small cuban flag covered the
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remains of the 90-year-old leader. the ashes will retrace the victory tour castro took after overthrowing the government in 1959. straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, we are getting answers this morning on how you can keep your family safe from what the experts called the silent killer that could be in your home. >> samantha: an important story as we head into the colder months. certainly not cold out there right now. let's take a live look from high atop our feazel roof camera. 58 i we have a southerly wind. not oppressively hot, but definitely above average. average highs this time of the year in the mid 40s. so, we are really overperforming. we will take a closer look at when things cool back off coming
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>> just last week we told you about several workers in elyria who got out of their workplace, their building, just in the knick of time. >> laura: the fire captain on the scene told us a simple carbon monoxide detecter could save your life. denise zarella is getting answers about how important carbon monoxide detecters really are. >> reporter: firefighters detected high levels of carbon monoxide inside lorain county
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employees reported they suddenly felt sick. luckily everyone was ok because employees did the right thing when they started to feel the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. there are three basic symptoms you should be familiar with in case you have high levels of the odorless colorless gas in your home. they are a headache, dizziness and nausea. this is the time of the year when emergency crews say they get called out because of co poisoning. >> we would see probably like the start up of the really cold weather when thete start working. working really hard. and, maybe they had a problem last year that didn't get corrected, they made it through the winter and now coming into this winter, the problem's still there. >> reporter: and that fire captain that you just heard from said that any plug-in carbon monoxide detecter will usually do. make sure, though, that you have two of them just in case one doesn't work. >> brian: millions of dehumidifiers are being recalled
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there have been about 450 reported fires and $19 million in property damage according to the consumer product safety commission. the recalls involve dehumidifiers with brand names like danby, delonghy, g.e., kenmore, premier, seabreeze, solius air and super climate. >> samantha: a lot of folks u issues. definitely want to be sure and double check to make sure that your dehumidifier is not on the list, because, you know, sometimes we got to have those in the house. time now, 12:17 and here's what we've got going on. it is totally dry outside. so, this morning if you are watching, you are probably like, you liar, you said it was going to rain today. we were thinking early this morning that we could see a few spotty showers around but in the interest of full disclosure, we
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morning in the southern end of our forecast region. now most of us are dry and there's even a little sunshine breaking out. but that is excellent news because, we can get outside and enjoy the warmth despite the cloud cover. now, i wouldn't rule out a spotty shower popping up into the afternoon. the issue is that we've got this front moving through the area and, with that feature around, i cannot rule out an isolated shower or two this afternoon. but i think most of us are just going to deal with c and temperatures on the up and up. i kept us at 61 this afternoon. simply because we are starting to see a few breaks in the clouds in some locations. and we also have something else working with us and that is a southerly wind. i love a south wind, because usually that means we are warming up. so, we will go 59 at 1:00. 61 at 3:00. and then we will drop to about 59 by 5:00. again, we will keep most of these clouds around and don't
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reach because that stray shower chance still in through about 7:00. then we are just mostly cloudy overnight. biggest thing with tonight's forecast is going to be the cool down. so, this morning, many of us woke up in the upper 50s and lower 60s. tomorrow morning, it's going to be a lot colder. we will hit about 44 by 11:00 and then when you wake up in the morning, it's going to be in the 30s. but it's going to be windy. so it will feel probably like it's in the mid 30s tomorrow morning. we only get up tomorrow afternoon with high winds, it's going to feel like the 30s all day. so, big change here as we usher in much cooler air. courtesy of that front. there's also a chance for a little light lake-effect rain tomorrow. primarily along the lake shore and out to the east of cleveland. not everyone will get in on the action. for most of us, it's just going to be a cold and windy day. it's the first day of december. so, i guess it it's timely, right, that it would get really cold and windy.
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temperatures only top out in the low 40s. little chance of a wintry mix on friday. i don't think we will see anything terribly disruptive, but, guys, there may be some rain around from time to time mixing with snow. and then speaking of snow, on saturday, those of you out in the snowbelt could see a little lake effect. then we get rain on sunday. so i have a lot of clouds in the forecast and a lot of chilly weather. should get just a little warmer by early next week. maybe a little sun next week. >> laura: today's not so bad, thou it's in the 50s right now. excellent. >> brian: but that forecast is typical. listen, it's december. >> samantha: i know. in february we will be like -- 40s! awesome. >> laura: warming back up. yeah. all right. thank you, sam. >> samantha: sure. >> laura: the obama administration says low-income families spend twice as much as higher-income families on diapers. so the white house is stepping in and connecting private companies and nonprofits to help families in need.
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>> reporter: clara says the $75 a month she spends on diapers stretches her budget to the limit. >> my house makes pretty good money. i make, you know, pretty good money. and it's still disappears. >> reporter: the white house estimates low-income families like gaton's spend 14% of their salary on diapers. there's no federal aide for buying them, and families often have limited internet access to find deals online or live far from big box stores to buy in bulk. >> it's hard to go to your a $5 pack of diapers. that's not realistic. >> so she turned to clear charity in orange county for help. she buys diapers here for half the wholesale price. the white house launched the community diaper program this past spring because nearly one in three american families struggle to afford them. the cutie's brand is making diapers with a simpler design. and online discounter is selling them at no profit with
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organizations. the program expects to help provide 10 million diapers this year alone. gaton says it's a problem that needs more attention. >> many people don't know, because many people don't want to talk about it. >> because diapers are a necessity for babies and their parents. >> laura: and i'm quickly finding out how expensive all baby items are right now. but diapers are also subject to sales tax in most states because -- get this -- they are considered aux >> brian: ok. well, a health alert now about certain types of exercise. some could actually help you avoid an early death. that's the whole point. right? a new study in the british journal of sports medicine looked at surveys on more than 80,000 adults. researchers found swimming, racquet sports, and arobics were linked to the best odds of putting off death from any cause and from heart disease and stroke. and another reason americans should get more sleep, a new
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economy up to $400 billion a year. researchers say lower productivity and higher risk of death from sleep deprivation have a big impact on the economy. >> laura: well there's still more to come on cleveland 19 news at noon. >> you got the last ticket! >> brian: yeah. but we are talking about the golden ticket. the golden can of beer. see how finding gold in your six pack could land you a very
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>> brian: anheiser-busch says 37,000 golden beer cans will be randomly placed in limited edition super bowl themed packaging nationwide -- except california. those entering the sweep stakes can win a pair tickets every year for up to 51 years. except california. >> except california. why is california -- jason's here. hey! >> laura: yes! >> hey by the way i'll be on tomorrow morning with you guys. it's not like i don't want to get up. >> laura: all right. yeah. >> going to set that alarm. >> brian: here's my question. sam can answer this, too. what makes a great weather team? >> go. >> samantha: oh, you put me on the spot.
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>> samantha: communication. communication. >> trust. >> samantha: i don't want to call for snow and you come in and you're like -- thunderstorm, you know. wouldn't make much sense. >> that may happen a few times. >> brian: good communication. gout something? go ahead. >> laura: no, i was just going to ask you what makes being in cleveland, because everybody always talks about our northeast ohio winter, how difficult it is to predict and what's going on with it. what makes it so difficult? >> so many different micro climates really. we've got the big oldak havoc on our weather especially in the winter and it can be different depending on where you are. some folks may see a foot of snow and your neighbor across town may get absolutely nothing. so, it's a huge challenge for us and we have this first-alert weather app and we can get you those customized. >> laura: nice plug. >> see, i paid attention. >> laura: favorite restaurant in cleveland? >> used to be lolita, burned down. i would say ginko. a little sushi spot.
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>> victoria: i can't believe this. >> billy: i know this is difficult to hear, vick. >> victoria: is it really so hard for you to be happy for me, billy? is it so hard to accept the fact that i've moved on? >> billy: travis slept with another woman. >> victoria: don't say that! >> billy: it's true. >> victoria: travis would never do something like that. >> billy: you felt it. when he was on his knee proposing to you in the park, you knew that there was something wrong. i could see it. the doubt in your eyes -- i could see it. >> victoria: what do you mean, you could see it? >> billy: i was in the park that day. i couldn't hear what was happening, but i knew. i could see the hesitation in your body. you didn't trust it. you didn't trust him. and you were right not to. >> michael: objection, your honor! >> leslie: on what grounds?! >> michael: the whole purpose of this hearing is the question of joint visitation of the minor child, and you ask for a restraining order! >> leslie: mr. baldwin's clients have demonstrated beyond any


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