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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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starts now. we believe he may have been inspired by isis. >> denise: the f.b.i. saying the suspect in the attack at osu may have been inspired by the islamic state but they need help piecing together exactly what happened. also new this afternon the preliminary autopsy report for the attacker abdul ali razak artan. >> chris: the medical examinersa gunshot wounds to his head and chest. mark? >> the attack was registered to artan's brother and trying to verify if artan posted rantings on the morning of the attack and too early to say if the rampage injuring 11 people was terrorism. so far they have done dozens of interviews with family and co-workers and others and want anyone who saw artan to report what he was doing so they could
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events of that morning. >> there's no determination as to why ohio state and why that particular building and why that street. it is all the information they are trying to decipher from any electronic signatures he left behind some basic information about the purchase of the knife. we know the time of the attack and we know we have footage from osu university where the vehicle was. it is this time in between t purchase and the arrival on campus we want to fill in. >> the 18-year-old attacker was fatally shot by osu officer allen horujko in good spirits and concerned for the victims. chris? >> stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of the attack at osu and you can find updates and the app will push them to you. >> denise: we want to turn to the weather.
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i couldn't believe it. jeff, what's going on. >> jeff: that's it as far as warm days low 60s and this band of rain. some of this rain containing a few downpours here specifically in ashland county and out over the lake moving east. this is the cold front coming through. rain is moving into cleveland. this is where we have the heaviest rain and moving onshore here. right around fairport harbor and perhcl northern ashtabula county. that's the strongest part to that line. i have an alert going this evening basically now up until about 10:00. this will be an early evening thing. after that we should dry out for a little while. you will encounter wet roads. it will become slow out there. actually developing right now the heart of the rush hour. 54 sandusky and seeing the
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spots in the 50 and seeing the darkening sky. and 6:00, 53 and mainly light showers once the front passes and 49 at 8:00 and noticeably colder. we will start tomorrow. cold enough for a winter mix at times right through the start of the weekend. forecast details on that later in the half hour. denise? >> thank you. people in the south are storms. at least five people were killed and more than a dozen hurt. the national weather service says a series of tornadoes and strong winds downed trees and power lines and damaged homes in louisiana, mississippi and alabama. >> lots of wind. lots of rain. lawn furniture blowing around and tree limbs knocked down. heavy rains continued in some areas dealing a drought.
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some of the neighborhoods there. you can download the cleveland 19 first alert weather app and you can get conditions for anywhere in the country and check live interactive radar and hour by hour forecast customized for your neighborhood. >> chris: the heroin epidemic tears through northeast ohio. the cuyahoga medical examiner today announced there are 42 fatal opioid overdoses here in cuyahoga cy. meant noll or the combination of the two. >> 16 cases pending toxicology testing and the number could be higher. 20 overdose victims lived in cleveland and 22 from surrounding suburbs. at least 446 people died from opiate overdoses this year alone. cleveland 19 trying to help you spot the signs of heroin and
5:05 pm there's a page dedicated to preventing and stopping heroin or opioid use. click on the spot the signs tab under health news. >> what started as a separate fender-bender in a beachwood neighborhood ended in terror for two women. cleveland 19 allison brunner is getting answers on two carjackings that have investigators wondering if crimes have a cleveland connection. >> that's r cases carjacking victims told officers someone bumped a car from behind. when the driver got out of the car to check for damage victims detailed how the suspect jumped in and took the car. >> i stopped at a stop sign and felt a jolt. i got out of my car and a man started walking towards the car. >> while i was in the car, someone hit me from behind and i got out to check the damage.
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and drove away. >> two incidents happened after a series of carjackings in cleveland. no arrests have been made and those cases and so far police aren't saying if the crimes aren't connected. >> getting answers, allison brunner cleveland 19. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: let's take a live look at the roads. smooth sailing in and out of town on 77 now. there's an river at detroit. that's a busy intersection this time of day. you might want to avoid the area. an accident in medina. route 303 east and westbound between ridge road and hinckley hills. be on the look out there. a big debate for cleveland city council. it is about the newly designed public square. >> the mayor wants to keep it closed to all traffic. some fear feds may step in with
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cleveland with the new details. boom? >> reporter: rta is slated to lose millions and more on that in a moment. if rta fought on the terms of the agreement with the federal government it could lose millions and millions more making bus service more inconvenient. >> we are always modifying it and moving on stops to best serve our needs and going to longer buses that need more curb space. i think the plan was a good one. >> rta and general manager joe at a cleveland city council meeting discussing his support of closing public square to bus traffic after a $50 million renovation. that decision also supported by the mayor is the subject of hot debate costing rta $2.6 million more a year to reroute buses around the square. councilman zack reed says there's the potential feds will fine the city for breach of
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the federal government. okay, you gave us the authority to redesign public square with the agreement we would allow buses to continue to go through public square which is the hub and now we are saying we will not do it anymore. >> that's $12 million. >> we know it is $12 million. >> we find it incredulous. that was announced without any discussion with city council. we are parties and have council and i don't believe we have. >> wait. there's more. the feds told rta $18 million in sales tax it now sends will be eliminated in 2018. unless then president trump decides otherwise. >> rta is going to the state trying to lobby the state to replenish the funding.
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governor john kasich turned down $2 billion in mass transit funding because of his opposition to the three c corridor connecting cleveland, columbus and cincinnati. rta may be between a rock and hard place. live in public square, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> chris: boom, thanks for that. president-elect donald trump speaking of making more cabinet picks and he made an announcement about the vast empire. marlie halls details. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is getting closer to filling out all the cabinet positions naming wilbur ross a 79-year-old billionaire to lead the commerce department and a former goldsman sacks partner to be treasury secretary. he is expected to play a major role in crafting trump's tax reform program. >> i know what it takes to make loans to small and mid market companies.
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from all his businesses to focus on running the country. the watchdog crew released a critical statement of mr. trump's statement saying what he does not seem to realize or does not want to admit is conflicts arise from ownership of the trump organization. >> mr. trump is making good on a campaign promise. >> i think they will make air-conditioners and sell them across the border and make lots of money and we have all the unemployment. not gonna happen. >> reporter: mr. trump will travel to indiana tomorrow to announce a deal with air-conditioning maker carrier to keep 1,000 jobs from being shipped to mexico and later he kicks off his thank you tour in ohio. >> and on the to-do list select secretary of state retired general david petraeus, rudy giuliani and mitt romney are said to be on the short list.
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york. >> denise: mr. touch scheduled a news conference on december 15th to discuss his plans to sever ties with his business empire. >> chris: coming up next on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. a terrifying 24 hours in parts of tennessee. families packing up and running
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> you can see the fire. this is just >> looking at video taken by one man recording with his cell phone as he and his family evacuated from a massive wife in the smoky mountains of tennessee. hundreds of structures damaged and destroyed by those flames. the death toll has gone up once again. 7 people confirmed dead from the fires and nearly 4 dozen others were hurt. >> denise: this is the largest fire to hit the area in a century.
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demarco morgan is near gatlinburg with more. >> parts of gatlinburg, tennessee look like a scorched town with smoldering homes burnt to the ground. >> we are still having because of the wind trees that are falling. they are taking down power lines limiting our access and some of the areas. >> flames hollowed out homes and buildings. many forced to evacuate sought refugee run by the red cro night here after escaping the fire. >> looking out every window you can watching for a grow in the distance and smoke everywhere. >> gatlinburg mayor mike warner is trying to help his community while dealing with his own devastation. >> an opportunity to drive through town and confirm that my house was gone and my business and 31 years is gone. >> denise: he says heavy rain
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firefighters in their efforts to put out the flames to some degree and 200 firefighters are still out there on the front lines. officials haven't said if it was arson. they didn't say today if it was human-caused. >> chris: now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. oil, the big focus on wall street. opec ministers working to cut production for the first time in 8 years triggering higher local s meant lower prices since 2014. the cost of crude soaring at the mention of a production cut. the news is better if you are trying to sell your house. home prices across the country are at record highs. the latest index shows it jumped 5.5% topping the peak home price record from 2006. >> denise: hey, if you have a complaint about your car, the
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a rule forces automakers to put a special label on sun visor of all cars having instructions how to file safety complaints. regulators use that information to possibly issue a recall. >> football fans listen up. you are getting a chance to score big time. bud light is out with a new superbowl promotion randomly placed 37,000 golden beer cans in limited edition special th if you find one, you have a chance to win a pair of superbowl tickets to see the game every season for up to 51 years. can you imagine? >> jeff: all right. a lot of people now clicking on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app and you are interested in the radar i'm sure. we have pockets of heavier rain embedded within this line of
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mentor along the cold front. heavy rain through cleveland hopkins airport approaching cleveland, parma and brooklyn, berea, middleburg heights and western part of medina county and raining right now. most of richland and ashland county and it is tracking east. wooster 5:36 millersburg 5:44 approaching mentor and fair lawn dry most of the afternoon and all of a sudden a flare up of showers along this front. that's what we expected would happen. this rain will be with us through the first part of the evening. it won't rain all night. we have the alert going until 10:00. behind it, we have a lot of cloud cover. colder air coming in. you see, got a little light snow
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minneapolis area. it is turning winter-like chicago's temp 37. we are 20 degrees warmer than chicago. this is the air that is moving this way. future view 7:00 has us dropping actually into the mid to upper 30s as the night wears on. it will be noticeably colder out there by 7:00 tomorrow morning. future view is going real aggressive with the cold dropping well in the as far as rainfall is concerned again, a lot of this coming down tonight. jefferson 3/4 and most areas looking at .1 to .2 of rain and not as heavy in western counties and canton area. you could be looking at a quarter inch tomorrow. tomorrow cold enough and gusty west wind gusting 30 miles an hour. throughout the day mainly along the lakeshore and east of
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lake-effect winter mix here. but we are not expecting any snow accumulation. it won't be all rain and won't be all snow. a little bit of everything in there perhaps sleet pellets coming down. tonight i have us dropping to 39 in cleveland. evening showers and the wind continues to pick up. akron-canton 38 with evening showers and otherwise mostly cloudy but tomorrow's highs only around 40 cloudy, windy and a few showers particularly the lakeshore southwest wind there gusting over 30. boy, it will put a wind chill in the air. a huge change from what we have been seeing. 39 at 8:00, 41 at 11:00 and 41 at 2:00. friday a winter mix. 40 the high getting into saturday. a little light winter mix as well. not enough for an alert.
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rain, sleet, snow. 38 only on sunday. we are not talking about anything big yet. monday, tuesday, wednesday looking dry starting the new week. 45 monday, tuesday and near 60 wednesday. >> at least first half of the week looking good for share your holiday drive and we try to keep the weather nice for us. >> maybe by the latter part of the week when i am out there we will get rained on. >> that's when it starts to interesting. >> i saw the look in your eye. >> coming up at 5:00 counting down to the opening.
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time for your eye on entertainment. rogue 1 breaks a record before
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neil diamond opens a tour. and returning to where it all started. >> a sell out every time he plays cleveland. a fayetteville in the early 70s and now he is on a solo tour packing the crowds in. tickets go on sale friday for ? sweet caroline.? ? ? good times never seem so good.? >> denise: speaking of packing in the crowds, neil diamond is coming to cleveland announcing a 50 year anniversary world tour. can you believe he is 75-years-old. the rock hall of famer is on the
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friday. ?[ music ] ? singer songwriter the weekend has set a record. spotify says he has the largest number of single day download through the streaming service. however, the streaming service refused to release the actual number. in case you wonder he spells the weekend his name without the third e between the k and n. >> capable of destroying a capable of breaking ticket sales records. reports say rogue 1 boasts the biggest number of presale tickets. they went on sale monday and many theaters sold out. rogue 1 a star's story opens december 16th. >> we saw -- >> chris: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 a leadership vote for democrats in congress and an ohio rep was
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>> chris: cleveland 19 news continues with a leadership vote in congress and an ohio congressman loses his challenge to nancy pelosi. >> the democrat's failure to gain more seats in the last election means it is time for change. crbo more. >> california congresswoman nancy pelosi won enough votes to keep her position as top-ranking democrat in the house of representatives. >> i have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one. >> democrats voted 134-163 to retain nancy pelosi ohio congressman tim ryan says he may not have won but did advance his cause of trying to get democrats
5:31 pm
economy. >> we have got the message out we wanted to get out and as democrats we need to talk about economics. it is the issue that ignites us. >> ryan's supporters says she has to listen to them. >> she understands change has to come. no question about it. >> pelosi's message was simple. democrats need to put on a unified front to elect donald trump and elect republicans who control congress. >> democrats say they are expecting a fight on many including obamacare which pelosi helped push through the house. >> there is no stronger battle-tested person than nancy pelosi. >> democrats say despite the challenge they left the meeting energyized and unified for the battles to come. craig boswell cbs news, capitol hill. >> congress is on a holiday break and will begin work january 3rd. >> the 2016 hurricane season
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were 15 named storms this year and three were considered major. this is the first above normal hurricane season since 2012. matthew was the longest and strongest of the year. it was a major storm for five days with top winds of 116 miles per hour. >> nothing so bad coming our way as images we saw. still raindrops in our future. >> enough to make it slick on the roads out there, jeff. that's what's a shower downtown and we have the alert going this evening for after 7:00 light showers and a little heavier right now as the front comes through with wet roads in spots. here you see it through the mentor area. and that red in downtown. we've got steady showers right into mansfield. this is that heavy line. the red color that you see there
5:33 pm
i know it is because i am standing here. jason is trying to work the radar for me. anyway, that will come through. wind picks up as the night wears on and temperatures will be dropping. 53 at 7:47 at 9:44 at 11:00. overnight dropping through the 40s in the upper 30s and the problem is we don't go up much in temperatures tomorrow. evening showers picking up and here comes colder air and noticeably colder air will start tomorrow. throughout the day as this happens through friday and saturday. it will be a winter mix of lake-effect rain. nothing too heavy, though. 55 the current temperature in cleveland still. we are dropping. 52 sandusky there. forecast tomorrow 7 a.m. and
5:34 pm
39 degrees. with some spotty showers there during the afternoon. >> a minor winter mix we are calling it in the canton area. windy and colder 41 degrees. here you see at 8:00 tonight. the rain will be exiting. by 1:00 a.m. we are dry. that's why we have the alert going in effect this evening. by morning we will start to get lake-effect with that gusty west details here in a little bit. chris? >> thank you. the christmas spending season is in full gear. most people spending more this year. a recent poll shows they will spend $830, $100 more than last year and most since 2007. all the holiday spending could cause real problems. >> denise: sure can. spending too much can impact your credit score. there are ways to help protect
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>> dan: a couple of tips and here are things i didn't know. will you learn what impacts your credit and how that works. let's look first of all, watch your balances. the higher the balance on the cards, the lower your credit score will be. they call it utilization of credit. when you get to 30% of your credit you have used up, getting to the max on your cards, that's when your score will start to dip. let's talk about would you like to open up? just say no. they have higher interest rates and low limits. you don't want to use up all your credit f. a card has $1,000 limit and you have used up $800, it looks like you overspend and it will hurt your credit. can't be late. you have got to make your payments on time. payment history has the biggest impact on your credit score. get over 30 days late and it is
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score. next up, check it twice. we should be doing this more than most of us do. you need to keep an eye on your cards for credit card fraud especially after cyber monday making all the on-line purchases. that's where it gets dicey. a couple of tips we hope to help you get in the holiday shopping season. >> getting answers, dan deroos. back to you darks niece. >> denise: very good advice. thank you, dan. still ahead at 5:00 biking aerobics, swimming, exercise may be better for you than others.
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>> it is no secret exercise is good for your heart of course but the type of exercise can play a big role. a new research found it is important how much and how often you exercise. riley carlson with the details. when barbara heads out on her bicycle she knows she is >> and i can tell it is good for my heart. new research reports cycling might pay off big in the long run. >> researchers studied exercise habits of more than 80,000 adults for over a decade and found people who took part in certain sports didn't lower their risk of dieing from cardiovascular disease they lowered their risk of dying from
5:40 pm
it cut their health risk by 15%. >> it is the first time scientists have been able to look at particular sports and clearly show certain sports definitely have a benefit. when it came to cardiovascular disease people who play racquetball cut by half swimming 50% and aerobics 36%. experts aren't willing to prescribe a specific consistent exercise is key. >> finding a sport that's good for you and sustain it over a long period of time. for barbara that means sticking with her bike. >> i love it. you see a big grin on my face. >> riley carlson cbs news london. >> chris: a recent report found 36% of ohioans are overweight and reporting no daily physical exercise.
5:41 pm
new details on the suspect in the ohio state attack carl monday has details in a look at the preliminary autopsy report. plus controversy at a local olive garden. a man says he was asked to leave and wait until you hear why.
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>> chris: hey take a look. a california company tested its jek. of the ship. they say it is the future of personal flying. the pack weighs 85 pounds and keeps them in the air 10 minutes. don't go too far out over the ocean. the company raising money to improve safety features. >> i want to do that. >> you think it might come first, though. >> denise: looks like fun. let's get it safe first. >> a cleveland ohio has been the backdrop for movies and now is
5:45 pm
in action. >> tri-c is offering a workshop to train people to work on movie sets. lacy crisp is here to show how it works. >> you may have heard of an actor named tom hanks. he got his start in cleveland and tri-c is offering a behind-the-scenes class hoping more people will get their star in films and shoot here. >> there's a growing film economy out here. >> reporter: if you want to learn how to work on a film there's no better teach of the camera. >> indie film cult classic called basketball diaries. ban the brothers. >> they were working on a five week intensive class on production. >> a to z and first class ticket into the film industry. and it gives you the skill set to go on a set and feel comfortable and excited what you are doing. >> the hope is to train people and encourage more films to
5:46 pm
>> the whole point is build the workforce in cleveland so when we get the movies in we have the people that can work on those sets. >> and the more we have, the more people we need. >> you don't have to be a cuyahoga community college student to take the class. be interested in working on film. at the end of the course will you get practical experience. the last week of the course is set aside to shoot a short film. >> it gives people the opportunity to be on >> speaking of tom hanks he will speak to students at the tri-c friday morning and doing a fundraiser for the greater cleveland film commission. >> getting answers lacy crisp. >> very cool. one family with a warning to anyone restoring their home, they captured a thief on camera who literally took the kitchen sink. the family says the contractor ran to the store for parts and
5:47 pm
could not be mistaken for trash. the surveillance camera caught everything. >> a trailer pulled up and took our kitchen sink both bathroom sinks and garbage disposal. he grabbed it and on cameras on the driveway. the second time he came and stayed in the grass area with the kitchen sink and disposal. >> chris: good grief. police are officers admit it may be hard tracking down the thief and hope someone recognizes the guy from the surveillance video. >> check out this security video showing a woman vandalizing a car and it went on nearly six hours. she used a pipe, windshield wiper and much more to destroy the vehicle. the woman even jumped on the roof of the car. you could also see people walking by taking pictures of what was going on and no one
5:48 pm
owner called 911 and officers arrested the woman. some students took action spotting kittens trapped in a storm drain. they called rescue crews after jumping into the drain themselves. the connecticut teenager is not resting until all the kitties were safe and it didn't take too long for crews to pull out four kittens. >> did the right thing there. president-elect donald trump is celebrating a vic hundreds of jobs are not headed to mexico. >> air-conditioning giant carrier made the announcement on twitter reversing plans to close two plants in indiana. dean reynolds is getting answer on the job-saving deal. >> we have all of these lost jobs. all of our lost manufacturing. we will get it back. >> reporter: throughout the campaign, donald trump made it clear. >> companies like carrier simply fire their workers and move their operations to mexico.
5:49 pm
not going to be so easy to do anymore. >> it was nine months ago carrier, the 101-year-old american manufacture told shocked workers their factory would shudder. >> move from indianapolis to monterey, mexico. >> reporter: trump who benefited from the working class vote will be in indianapolis thursday alongside the state's and vice president elect mike pence announcing a deal with carrier parent company united technology keeping 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the state. >> they think they will make air-conditioners in their beautiful plants in mexico and sell across the border and make lots of money. we have all the unemployment. not going to happen. >> details surrounding the agreement haven't been mid public. united technologies grossing
5:50 pm
year holds a number of government contracts including nearly $2 billion deal made over the summer to produce engines for the troubled f-35 fighter jet. >> there will be some layoffs at this plant behind me. it is not cheer how many and nor is it clear what made the company change its mind. what is clear is that other u.s. manufacturers will be paying close attention to this deal. >> reporter: dean reynolds cbs news, indianapolis. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> this rain all of a sudden is slowing things down and we are getting reports of lightning at times. a few lightning strikes in this. you could hear a rumble of thunder and see a flash of lightning in lake county, mentor heavy rain and right through downtown cleveland coming down.
5:51 pm
western medina county and approaching brunswick and city of medina. that's the front. we are warm now and tomorrow windy, few showers around and even lake-effect rain that could mix with a little bit of sleet and snow especially in the snowbelt east of cleveland. 41 the high tomorrow. friday a winter mix on the lakeshore and 40. saturday we could look at a winter mix as well. 39 the high. we for us on saturday. it will be minor. we are not talking about an alert here. saturday night 33 and then on sunday an afternoon winter mix and better opportunity of that happening with a system. again, temperatures just cold enough for the winter mix and not cold enough for all snow. we are not looking at any snow accumulation. monday 45. tuesday 45 and dry and cloudy. look at that on wednesday we
5:52 pm
down we go eventually in the 30s saturday and sunday in the upper 30s. 45 monday and in advance of the next big front at the end of the week could be another warm up wednesday and thursday next week. chris and denise, over to you. >> mark: thank you, tan. men versus women on buying power. >> a huge disconnect on how couples divide spending. ?? don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before?
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if you could see your cough, it's just a cough. sfx: woman coughing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to 12 hours.
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an encouraging story for anyone needing a smile today. check out this video going viral. meet polly the goat. polly costume. her owner owns an animal sanctuary and says polly suffers severe anxiety and dressing her like a duck seems to keep her happy. >> and every kay i get messages from people saying i am battling depression or i have cancer and i look at your feed every day and see the little goats.
5:56 pm
>> denise: how cute. she owns a farm with two dozen special needs goats and plans to expand to host several hundreds of animals. >> chris: a report on your credit card. thousands of shoppers and 68% of women say they are responsible for their household holiday shopping. here is the kicker. 38% of men think they are in charge. a rep for the web site says it is clear purchasing power than men and apparently men have even less of a say than they think. >> i always ask my husband what's the limit. he says i am not telling you a limit because you go 20% higher than what i tell you. >> i put items in the cart on-line and don't click buy until i get the wife's approval. >> denise: i don't buy until i get the coupons. >> coming up at, the perfect
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>> jeff: now at 6:00 we have showers some containing heavy rain moving through now. >> mark: a group refusing to leave a local olive garden. what led up to the drama. we are getting answers tonight. >> romona: businesses on edge after a rash of smash and grabs. crimes companies. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert since 1960. >> live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> it appears artan may have at least been inspired by anwar and islamic state and we will continue to pursue this as part
6:00 pm
answers about the attack at osu. the f.b.i. talking today about the somali-born student who carried out a car and knife assault. >> romona: investigators also said it is too soon to say the rampage hurting 11 people monday was terrorism. the men and women of the f.b.i. are part of this great community. we will be with you united as we move forward together. we are all buckeye strong. >> romona: law enforcement said this is a investigation into the actions of abdul razak artan and force by police shooting and killing him. now chief investigator carl monday joins us uncovering new details about the police shooting death. >> reporter: tonight a preliminary autopsy report gives us a better idea how abdul artan died. the report released by the franklin county coroner says artan was shot multiple times to the head and chest.


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