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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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answers about the attack at osu. the f.b.i. talking today about the somali-born student who carried out a car and knife assault. >> romona: investigators also said it is too soon to say the rampage hurting 11 people monday was terrorism. the men and women of the f.b.i. are part of this great community. we will be with you united as we move forward together. we are all buckeye strong. >> romona: law enforcement said this is a investigation into the actions of abdul razak artan and force by police shooting and killing him. now chief investigator carl monday joins us uncovering new details about the police shooting death. >> reporter: tonight a preliminary autopsy report gives us a better idea how abdul artan died. the report released by the franklin county coroner says artan was shot multiple times to the head and chest.
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homicide. the findings are preliminary. a final determination will be made when the coroner completes her report and that could take up to 8 weeks. we are awaiting news on the release of artan's body according to the muslim faith all muslims should be buried the day of their death or within 24 hours. getting answers carl monday cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you, carl. all 11 victims are expected to recover. released their names. three have ties to our area. we will have more for you tonight at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00. we have continuing coverage on our app with more of today's "news conferences" and look for updates on and social media. >> mark: now the fires in tennessee. three more bodies have been recovered from the wildfires bringing the death toll to 7. right now it is believed more
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search-and-rescue missions are ongoing while fires rage in some places. the mayor of gatlinburg says officials are discussing reopening the city later this week after evacuations of residents and tourists. >> romona: all right. jeff tells me it is raining out there now l. it continue? >> jeff: slowing things down. it will be for the next three hours. it won't rain all night. we got colder ai here we are on doppler max network. we have had a few lightning strikes in this. a bit of a surprise. we did kind of get the instability going. enough to generate lightning strikes and this is the main squall loin geneva, mentor and east of cleveland and picks up again around wooster. in this area will you get a quick quarter to third inch of
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it is slowing things down and not moving things that quickly. but then it will diminish to light rain for the rest of the evening. it is mainly light showers this evening through 10:00. wet roads out there right now developing. here you see a rainy downtown cleveland. winds will be picking up. noticeably colder. that starts tomorrow. a winter mixt folks in the snowbelt and i will have forecast details on that in my next time out. romona? >> romona: no charges against a north carolina police officer who shot and killed a man at an apartment complex in september. prosecutors say keith lamont scott was armed. surveillance video from a convenience store before the shooting shows a bulge consistent with the ankle holster and gun later recovered at the scene. scott's wife insisted her husband was not armed.
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three separate locations as f.b.i. agents executed search warrants at local businesses. the sunoco at rocksside and marathon in fulton and cleveland and another at sunoco east 55th and payne. the f.b.i. not releasing details but part of an ongoing investigation. tonight we are getting answers at what happened at a local olive garden and racial overtones. details. >> ricky is part of rake and came to olive garden and a waitress refused to serve him because he was black but say that's not the reason they asked he and his group to leave and it played out on social media. >> i need back up. we have customers who are getting i would say rowdy with our only female manager. >> reporter: an employee from the parma olive garden called police tuesday saying help was
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comedian and random acts of kindness founder and explained his side of the story and got asked to leave olive garden because we asked for a new server because she didn't like serving blacks. >> smith said it was a black waitress and told her we were not leaving and call the cops and an employee did. they reported how the waitress refused to serve them alcohol. have i.d.'s. >> they were making sexual comments to our server. and then the next thing was they were -- they got id'ed for alcohol anded to buy more alcohol than their i.d. allowed and asked for a server who was white. >> the individuals left on their own and friendly with officers. as far as we are concerned this matter is closed.
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officers responded a short time after the call and explained customers were cooperate 95 there was no police report taken and no criminal charges and no investigation as far as anything as far as our department is concerned. >> smith is activity and through his organization random acts of kindness and seen here to feed people in need and reached out to him for comment and didn't hear back. olive garden reached out apologizing to smith and wanted him to c they have suspended employees involved while they look into it. getting answers in parma shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: shanice, thank you very much. olive garden released a statement. our number one goal creating a welcoming environment for our guests each day. we take these allegations seriously and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated in our restaurants. i just took a look at ricky's instagram page and he released a statement saying he spoke to the
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hour. according to his instagram they will donate $1,000 to rake, random acts of kindness everywhere. if you want to look at it: you com look at it there. the cleveland community police commission is getting an earful. earlier this month we told you it asked police union president steve loomis to resign saying he consistently and it was created as a consent decree and steve loomis said he would not resign and saying the amount of energy and effort to remove the only hetrosexual white male catholic father grandfather. military member not and of cleveland with 23 years of decorated law enforcement experience is, unfortunately telling typical and
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app. a rash of smash and grab burglaries has business owners in north randall on edge. paul orlousky found one place that's been hit twice. >> it's about as simple as it gets. a man walks up to the front window and hurls a rock at it. that's the first clue he is left handed. he and a buddy jump through. they fill pockets with expensive phones and looking for according to the store owner. no flip phones taken they cherry picked the expensive ones. >> with less than a minute they were able to do what they wanted to and took off. >> reporter: how much was the loss. >> i would say close to $20,000. >> reporter: that doesn't include damage to the window and display cases. workers were replacing a second expensive window. >> and thank god they were not able to come in and did damage.
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literally. it occurred a mile from the police station. the store is on a busy street and the burglary happened at 10:00 and the attempt at midnight. and as fast as they operate, unless a police cruiser was going by it is almost impossible to catch them. >> i want police on the road and make the city have us feel safe and secure and not fearing for our life. >> the video clearly shows what burglars faces and nina invited the mayor to come and see what happened and he told her he would. he didn't show up. he sent the detective. she walked in and she was heartbroken. >> north randall is cash strapped and the likelihood of police patrols is unlikely. >> getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> we analyzed police response times and two incidents at cell tech. during the burglary it took
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store. two minutes for the second incident. jeff? >> i am here with mr. jason to our weather department already here. >> we have been working hard this afternoon. >> jeff: all of a sudden a blow up of showers and a few storms. the thing that's pretty cool with what we are doing. i am doing the tv thing now. if you have our first alert weather app. jason has been d push alerts. pretty cool and you are doing one right now. >> jason: i will do one during the break. for cuyahoga, lorain and medina and lake county you have gotten alerts in the last couple of hours and will do one during the break for everyone to update you on the rain we are seeing. download it there and i will do it here. >> download the app right now. guys, over to you. >> thank you very much.
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people weigh in on whether or not rta should be allowed in public square. >> brave and talented. we meet a young artist with a great holiday gift idea. buy a shirt to help others. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: rta administrators banned buses in public square for pedestrians today they meet with city council. >> romona: councilman zack reed says the city agreed with the federal government to keep the buses in order to complete the $50 million renovation. >> now we are coming back to say to the federal government okay, you gave us the authority to redesign public square with the agreement that we would allow buses to continue to go through public square which is the hub
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>> how much is that likely to cost? >> that's $12 million. we know it is $12 million. >> reed says there's the potential the city will be fined. there were 18,000 pick ups and drop-offs today. thistledown racing is getting a $59 million make over. a property enhancement. a new facade and glass entrance should be finished this spring. more than $150 years. >> tonight we have the perfect holiday gift that also helps kids at the cleveland clinic children's hospital. nichole vrsansky introduces us into the t-shirt fundraising campaign. >> the sun and rainbow and flowers. a sun. rainbow. flowers. lilliana's favorite things to draw and paint.
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picture in recovery after getting a new heart. lily was born with a heart syndrome. >> she was born with half a heart. her left side of her heart didn't work. her first open heart surgery was 10 days old. >> lily has had four open heart surgeries and six heart catheterizations and not to mention the transplant surgery. >> i am brave. >> reporter: so brave. now her drawing will be featured on where i'm from appare t-shirt one of two designs for the company's second annual holiday fundraiser for cleveland children's clinic and all proceeds go to the hospital. >> every single dime of this money will be used to fund the research in pediatrics. >> reporter: the shirts are $26. the sweatshirt $46. can you find them at one of five where i am from mini stores. they are available on the company's web site and at the
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campus. >> it is a win-win. you are donating and helping an incredible cause. you get an awesome neat shirt to keep for yourself. >> she always wants to help other kids. i am fraud proud of her. >> reporter: if you are looking for a gift to someone special this holiday lily has the perfect suggestion. >> my t-shirt. >> romona: that's fantastic. >> what a >> i am brave she says. >> romona: all right. time to talk about this weather. it is raining. jeff says it won't last. >> you have three hours? >> by around 9:00 getting out of here. we have the rain coming at a bad time and a lot of people driving around. it is slow go. if you are expecting someone to be home they might be delayed. temperatures are dropping in the 50s. look at the 30s.
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it is changing out here. this is the ribbon of showers. we had thunder. one lightning strike close to downtown and one near mentor within the hour. could be pockets of lightning embedded with this and thunder. shaker heights and city of medina jason's hometown. approaching orrville. here is future view at 8:00 back edge of the rain moving through cleveland. by 10:00 this evening most areas should be dry at this time. we will be dropping eventually in the mid to upper 30s overnight here. look at 7:00 a.m. future view giving cleveland 35 and warmer than that. cold enough tomorrow with a gusty west wind. look at this. lake-effect setting up.
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morning and mainly along the lakeshore and east of cleveland. it will be a west wind if not southwest. so that's not favorable for a ton of stuff. during the afternoon tomorrow, again the winter mix northern ability county keep it in the forecast and even saturday. >> a lot of cloud cover and feeling like winter around here. >> 39 the low. evening showers and the wind will be picking >> akron-canton 38 your low evening showers and tomorrow 41. a few showers around and perhaps a winter mix east of cleveland. 39 at 8:00 a.m. 49 at 11:42. friday winter mix 40. saturday a winter mix as well. 39 and not enough for an alert as you see here. by sunday we are dealing with a system.
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another winter mix rain, sleet, snow 38 and a lot of mix in the forecast coming up. 45 monday. look at next wednesday close up to 60. >> now this is a serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> you got to admit cavs would not be the same without j.r. swish. he is part of the personality of this team. last night top of your left watch swish in the middle of the play and wanders to the middle of the bench. the guy you are supposed to cover scores easily. after the game things got more bizarre. >> can you take us through what happened with the play with jason terry? >> he ran off the court and hugged him. >> you know they were inbounding
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he ran off the court and hugged jason terry and got a lay up because you were off the floor. >> i didn't know i was in the game. >> wow. >> tony: that's the only issue, problem. jason lloyd gave him chance after chance after chance and jr says i didn't even know i was in the game and far better to come clean and say i messed up. getting ty lou's take when we
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ust. anthem blue cross and blue shield. call us today, toll free at... 1-844-731-5981. that's 1-844-731-5981. >> tony: tyron lou is a proven winner in charge of a championship roster and phenomenal dynamic and his challenge keeping the defending champions focused in late november. j.r. maybe wandered off in the middle of the play and got swish's bizarre take and now the head coach.
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doing something negative to the team and they inbounded the ball and over there giving the guy a hug. it is embarrassing. we are not happy it happened. it happened and i talked to jr, we adjusted. >> ty. bill russel and kareem abdul jabbar to protest the war and further the civil rights movement. 50 years later the impact stands and greats are celebrated again. mohammed ali. three will be honor in two weeks in brooklyn, new york. and antonetti named executive of the year by baseball america. well deserved. >> romona: a lot of people are not familiar with their work. >> tony: they were strong.
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>> jeff: good portion of the area seeing showers and some cases heavy moving to chesterland and down 271 there through orange and into medina county. wow. there's the front. and on the app here you can see temperatures dropping through the 40s and winds picking up.
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>> mark: see what happens?
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glaim can deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us glaim tornadoes and firefighters force thousands to flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer is cleared t shootingave black man that led to days of arrest. >> officer vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: hunt for a killer mountain lion. and the wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation for productivity and longevity. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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