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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in summit county. david heel and chin heel and co-workers noticed he wasn't at work and a neighbor told me a family member stopped by and discovered the couple's bodies. at 10:30 the sheriff department and green fire department responded and pronounced the couple dead at 8:18:00 a.m. they told us they think the indoor heated pool may be linked to high levels of carbon monoxide an w more information. this was an active couple and helpful people in this neighborhood. >> this is a family that was very generous and very welcoming and very kind. i think it is a tremendous loss for the family and the community. but our entire area. he was a business owner and very, very well-respected.
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heartbreaking. a tragic reminder for neighbors and others out here about carbon monoxide safety. and you can see the holiday lights have turned on, a tragic reminder of what happened near the holiday season and the medical examiner tells us autopsies will be performed on the couple tomorrow. getting answers shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. thank you. when it comes to carbon monoxide there are three basic symptoms, headache, dizziness emergency crews get called out more on this because of heating systems start working harolder. experts say install an alarm on every level of your home 15 feet for fuel burning appliances. >> we want to take you to akron. harry boomer is on the scene with the latest on a barber shop triple shooting. harry? >> romona, akron police say they confirm three people were shot
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barber shop at 5:15 west exchange street. victim number 1 a 17-year-old shot in the ankle and ems transported him to akron general hospital. the second victim a 49-year-old male from tallmadge shot in the shoulder and transported to akron city hospital and works for the barberton salvation army and victim 3 is a 20-year-old male shot in the stomach and chest and ems transportedim akron general listed in serious condition and here is lute rick williams of the akronn police department. >> a 20-year-old male walks into the entrance and starts an altercation with a guy already in a barber chair about to get his hair cut. the guy in the barber's chair pulled up the apron and fired multiple shots and hit the 20-year-old male and struck him several times in the chest and abdomen and struck two customers, innocent customers in
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customers at the time and ran out trying to find safety as well as the assailant still at large right now. police are looking for a black male 20-30-years-old and medium to light complexion and had on designer jeans and gray underwear. they could tell because his pants were sagging. >> lieutenant edwards says if you know anything about this, please give the akron police a call. >> reporter: live in akron >> there's an escaped prisoner on the loose. david dahn was on medical furlough at fair view hospital. when they went to pick him up he was gone last seen running through the woodlands at metro parks dahn has a history of theft and drug charges. he is not considered to be dangerous. >> always watching, always tracking your first alert
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>> yesterday. >> there it was. it is running together. >> 20-degree drop in temperature today. that's the cold front that came through. we saw the rain and getting lake-effect stuff. i say lake-effect stuff because we are all over here. we have the green and pink color and white. it is just flurries seeing snow inland, ashtabula county here and northern geauga county with light rain in and conneaut north of i-90. elyria airport reporting flurries as well. a lot of cloud cover. temperatures haven't done much this afternoon hanging tough at 41 in cleveland. 40 akron and a lot of 30s in there. the wind of course is making it feel colder. we are gusting up to 30 miles an hour in some cases next couple of hours. and 9:00 around 38 and basically
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we will not drop too much because of the clouds. but you are feeling the change. waves of minor winter mix showers, all right. that's the case tomorrow and even into the day saturday. a heads up. after monday looking pretty active around here. looks like rain to snow, the coldest air. we will track that as it moves into the country. details later on. mark, back to you. >> remember, now that we are getting into the snowy season you willan first alert mobile app. get alerts for your specific area and get notified about the weather that does affect you. you are looking at a man police say is a cold hearted killer. david calhoun , jr. is a wanted man accused of killing two people. >> allison brunner went to ravenna township today and learned one of the victims was 6-10 weeks pregnant. >> reporter: i spoke with the sheriff and tells me his
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david calhoun , jr. and goes by the nickname of d- block. earlier i spoke with family members of the victims and tell me they just want this man caught. >> he destroyed lives, so many, for nothing. they didn't deserve it. neither one of them deserved that. >> you have to turn yourself in. >> this double homicide happening outside this home on henderson street shortly after 2:30. victims include 32-year-old marsh and lasaun sanders. a manhunt underway for 29 hours. sara calling dispatch moments after being shot. >> upon responding, officers found one male had been shot and killed. there was also a female. she was transported to university hospital. and unfortunately, she passed away last night. >> family and friends wanting
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served. >> wherever you are at, you need to turn yourself in. turn yourself in. you have destroyed so many families for nothing. this massive manhunt for david darnell calhoun , jr. prompting the high school to even go on lockdown wednesday. >> our principal came over the loud speaker saying we are in lockdown mold, lock your doors. me and my friends hurried on stage and hiding in the wings.>> wanting answers and for calhoun to turn himself in. >> high school sweethearts. they loved each other. i will always remember their smiles and love for one another. their children. it is so sad. >> again, the sheriff telling me if you have any information on this suspect you are asked to call police. getting answers, allison brunner cleveland 19. >> thank you. tonight we have two stories
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doing something many of us do every day beginning with a man's murder on dead man's curve. police gave us the 911 calls. >> going westbound and he got hit. somebody in a car or truck. >> that call came from a man in the car with the victim. he went to the hospital and left before police could talk to him. jamal green died when someone shot him from another car. still no arrests there. cleveland. leroy barkley tried to fight off the attacker and was shot twice at the pnc in lorain and the victim's son told us his dad will be okay and he does have a collapsed lung. >> romona: sentencing for a former richfield police officer. michael simmons pleaded guilty for taking money. he got two years probation and 500 hours community service and
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by march 15th f. he doesn't he will have to go to prison for 18 months. >> the ohio department of education approved parma city school's financial plan. the district has to make up a deficit. the plan calls for cuts at the middle school level when it comes to academics. extra curriculers could be cut or turned into pay to participate programs. >> romona: it is not the only holidays whens remembered with something special. that's why a local man is giving up his birthday presents to collect toys for other kids birthdays. this week's romona's kid is from hudson. >> so tell me, first of all why you decided to do this. >> because i felt that other kids -- they didn't have
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to give them some so they wouldn't be left out and some don't have money to give presents for birthdays and birthdays are special. >> what about your friends? what did they say you were doing? >> didn't know i am donating to toys for tots akron children's hospital. >> parker, i have a few things for you for the kids. >> i hope people will do the same thing and keep >> is he not special? >> it is great. his birthday party is tomorrow and they will deliver gifts and toys to toys for tots on saturday. >> way ahead of the curve. he really is. >> he has it planned out. >> up next property owner concerns. the feds gave the stamp of approval for the nexus pipeline. what's next? >> plus, an all-out fan-quake on
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shoe was shaking for that michigan game. >> jeff: all right. that was in the forecast. the fan quake. a little lake-effect winter mix. might be dealing with snow here or sleet pellets into the chardon area. i will update you on this coming up next segment. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 >> mark: some property owners fought it. it looks like the nexus gas pap line will most likely move forward. the federal energy regulatory commission approved it. the line is set to go through stark, summit, medina and lorain counties in our area. it will transport pressurized natural gas through private and public land in ohio and michigan to canada. it is not quite a done deal yet. the board of commissioners will
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construction could begin early next year depending on other legal battles that may pop up. >> akron has a fire chief. the mayor issued an oath of office. the 19th fire chief and second african-american to hold that top post. tucker was serving as a district fire chief for fire prevention bureau and tucker joined in 1988 as a firefighter and medic and ac retired. >> romona: the shoe was definitely rocking on saturday. in fact, there was a fan quake. dan deroos has scientific proof. >> dan: ohio stitt university and geology department put seismometers around the horseshoe to see how much does it, in fact shake. they put out a video. let's put out the video and then the numbers. the biggest quake. watch. see it shook. that was the game winner and
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let's go over how big and what size fap quake did they get. the previous record was november 5 during the nebraska game. at kick off everybody was so excited they set a record at 5.27 technically a magnitude. if there was an earthquake 6 feet below the surface. this is what they tell me. that's how i know. >> when hooker picked off the past, it set another record 5.45. then the baker interception. see what's happening here. then with the first touchdown in the first ot, 5.07 and the game winner 5.79. the new record. they say it was because of the jumping up and down. the fans, 110,000 fans doing the screaming and yelling and felt like 5.79 magnitude earthquake
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pretty impressive. getting answers in the answer center back to you. >> romona: what about our living rooms. i was up out of the chair screaming. >> they forecasted a 4.25 in the first alert weather center. you are only up by .2. >> it was on the app actually. >> it was on the first alert weather app. you would have gotten it there. >> all right. yes. a little lake-effect now. much colder feel, you know. this is what you it is not cold enough for all snow. not warm enough for all rain but getting it off lake michigan. and lake erie and you are starting to see that. you get into the hills here around geauga county and chardon. says light rain in mentor seeing a shower move through madison, geneva, ashtabula, north kingsville and conneaut.
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wind in elyria. a 33 gust and blurs reported in elyria. mentor is 30mile-an-hour wind and feeling like a december 1 day. here is 8:00 on future view. the way the wind will set up most of this winter mix tonight will be east of cleveland and lakeshore. as we go through the day tomorrow you will see more perhaps around euclid and during the afternoon the wind takes on more of a northwesterly component. 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. you can see wet snow geauga and northern trumbull county and pretty minor. no alert. we have an alert tuesday. this is the next big thing we are watching. steady rain at first and gets interesting. the second half of the workweek next week with the coldest air we have seen in a while and
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and lake-effect snow situation. stay tuned. could be quite the ordeal next week. 37 tonight for the low winter mix. mainly lakeshore and east of cleveland tonight. akron-canton down to 34 and kept you dry. this is lake-effect. winter mix tomorrow as well. around 40 and most of it minor and wind stays up wind chills 30-33. 38 at 8 a.m. and 40 at 2:00. and m with that minor mix 38 and sunday afternoon. 43 the high there. monday partly cloudy and 47. there's the rain on tuesday. much, much colder. look at that. we may not get out of the 20s until thursday. sometime next week cold, snow, wind. stay tuned. we will keep you posted on that. mark? >> thank you, jeff. straight ahead in sports
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clippers. could these two meet up in the
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: it is mark schwab live at the q blake griffin star player for l.a. clippers in town for prime time nationally televised showdown with defending champion cavaliers. two pretty darn good teams.
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best friends lebron has in basketball. it is fun when the two teams meet up. this could possibly be a finals preview. you might think whoa, wait a minute. that would mean clippers would have to get there instead of the golden state warriors. in the shoot around are clippers good enough to do that. >> obviously have dynamic players and great players and mvp players and all-stars and players of the year and championship coach and they all the ingredients. but i am not one to say this is the year they get over the hump. >> that's for the season to be played out. >> big honor for lebron today named sports illustrated sports person of the year for guiding the cavaliers to the nba championship. his hometown team after being down 3-1 in the finals, one of the greatest comebacks ever for his hometown team. he is the winner this year
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award two times. the other tiger woods, not even michael jordan. baseball changes. we are coming in the new collective bargaining agreement, one the d.l. going from 107 to 15 days and changing the all-star game and it is significant. it no longer a will determine home field advantage in the world series. they have done it since 2003 and they decided that's dumb. you agree with the rest of us, dumb. best record h no browns game sunday. tony zarrella and bernie kosar will start your sunday. >> tiger woods is golfing again at the hero world challenge. 18 guys are in this event. he was tied for the lead after 8 holes. at 2 over he is in 17th. j.b. holmes your leader. tiger has been out 15 months after two back surgeries. that's it for sports. cleveland 19 news at
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all right. next three days will feature a winter mix from time to time. tomorrow 40 a minor winter mix saturday 38 and sunday afternoon 43. nothing major. kind of cool and chilly. >> romona: it is okay.
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us cbs evening news. >> romona: i am not complaining. that sur ordinary tissues left dakota's nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job. with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> pelley: also to vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear of gone. >> pelley: and a new over-the-top light show at niagra falls.


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