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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: we start out with this story. i can't imagine. it's a desperate search underway this morning on cleveland's east side. the family of a missing teen hopes someone can help them find her. we have a live report in two minutes. >> brian: the manhunt continues it va ravenna. >> tia: pred good heading int best, it's about to really feel like decemberrr. do you get it? >> brian: good one, tia. >> tia: yesterday's was wake up, it's the first of the month. >> brian: those are epic e-mails she sends in the morning. not only rain this weekend, we have temperatures that may drop into the 20s next week.
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i'm brian duffy. >> tia: you seem excited like you're ready to get rid of me. let's get a check on traffic and the weekend forecast beginning with samantha roberts. what do you have cooking, sam? >> samantha: it's cold out there, so really we're not cooking at all. we're freezing in the 30s, and it's mainly dry outside. you can see a lot of lake-effect cloud cover out there, but no rain or snow in our coverage area. you have to go up to northwestern pennsylvania around into new york to find significant rain or snowshowers. that westerly wind not helping us get any snow right now because it pushes it right across the lake and into south erie. here at home things are pretty quiet, but i have a little chance throughout the day for a brief wintery mix. we'll say it might drizzle a little bit and spit a little snow from time to time, but nothing of significance. now, if you live out east in the snowbelt, i think you have a better chance of seeing a
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the rest of us it's a lot of clouds if you work outside today. you, of course, want to dress warmly. 40 midday and an afternoon high today of 42. with the wind factored in it will feel like it's in the 30s all day long. i think we've been on kind of a little snow drought recently. we really haven't seen much snow at all this season so far, but in my seven-day i do have a chance for maybe some shovelable snow. i don't know. we're going to talk coming up at 6:15. laura. >> laura: shovable? oh, boy. all right. we're still dealing with this mess along 77 northbound. it sounds pretty rough. a lot of people sitting and a lot of red, and that's not what we want to see at 6:00 in the morning, right? it's 6:02 right now. this is a very out of the ordinary slowdown. 77 northbound right at grant, and it looks like traffic is just getting by in one lane here
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as you move towards downtown, we have 3 miles per hour and it's a slow sit and crawl as you come across the bridge there. 77 moving over 480. just not moving well, so it's going to be not a great commute for you if you get out the door right now, if you come around 480 and get on 77 northbound or other parts of 77. the rest of the map is very typical. it's friday and usually a better commute. you have to block this area right there, but that's a rough spot. we keep on watching that. from from akron to cleveland. i hope we get it cleaned up fast. >> i agree. we're tracking a developing story on cleveland's east side. a family is searching for a teenager who vanished in midair. >> tia: missing for two months now. sia nyorkor is getting answers at the 5th district police station. >> sia: you can't imagine what
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harris. police want to know. here's what you need to know about her. she's been missing for almost two months. police say she went missing october 8th. they tell us she left her tacoma avenue home with her brother to go to the library, but on the way home she just kept going. ellen is 5'4" and weighs 110 pounds. if you have seen this girl, call 5th district police. you can see t there at the bottom. 216-623-5518. that's 216-623-5518. now, there are a lot of questions surrounding ellen harris' disappearance. we're asking questions today about how long police knew, and if her family reported her missing. we're still working to get those answers for you. we will work on that and bring you those updates on air and
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district, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: thanks so much. a warning for people on the far west side. police are looking for this guy, david donn. he escaped yesterday afternoon and was last seen running through the woods towards the rocky river reservation. he was in custody for a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. he has a beard and is bald. an intense search is happening right now in portage county for the man suspected of killing a man ravenna. we have the chilling 911 call to the police from one of the victims. >> hello. >> i need an ambulance. i just got shot. >> what do you mean you just got shot? >> tia: she was pregnant. >> brian: the man police are looking for, david calhoun. he goes by d-block. he's considered armed and dangerous. >> wherever you're at, you need to turn yourself in.
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families for nothing. >> brian: very sad. the victim's is 32-year-old sarah marsh and 33-year-old lashuan sanders. they were high school sweethearts and had a kid today, and marsh was in early stages of pregnancy. if you know where calhoun is, please call police right away. >> tia: i can't imagine that. an update to what now seems to be a string of carjacking. we told you about two incidents of bump beachwood. there's two more this time in cleveland heights. all four victims are elm with driving alone. women, be aware. we posted how you can protect yourself from these type of crimes. i'm here today for one main reason. to say thank you to ohio. >> tia: president-elect donald trump made his first stop on his thank you tour. he spoke to nearly 18,000 people in cincinnati last night.
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his biggest promise to ohio and the american people is the safety of the people. >> the job of the president is to keep america safe, and that will always be my highest priority. >> tia: the results from the polls here in ohio for president-elect donald trump are significant. he won 81 of the 88 counties. the first candidate to do that since ronald reagan in 1984. also, his total vote count is the third highest for any candidate in history. president-elect donald trump is planning to nam nature a marine veteran to be the secretary of defense, retired general james mattis. he spent 44 years serving in the marine corps. this isn't official, but a formal announcement is expected sometime next week. >> brian: a man accused of shooting a lakewood high school student is expected in court this morning. denzel johnson is charged with felonious assault. the 16-year-old victim is going
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shot because of his muslim faith. he said johnson called him a terrorist and shot him right in the arm. police are not, however, investigating this as a hate crime. at least at this point. we will be at court this morning. if anything developing we will let you know. cpd announced the annual gun buyback is this sunday. it's from noon to 4:00 at the 3rd district. guns must be unloaded, of course, and in a clear plastic bag placed inside or backpack. when you get there, don't take the gun out. it should be locked in the trunk of your car for police to remove. >> tia: tom hanks is back in the cle today. he's in town for the greater cleveland film commission and promote our area as a place to make movies. hanks will take with more than 750 cuyahoga college film students this morning. the academy award-winner began his acting career in northeast ohio back in 1977.
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>> tia: what's one team that you just don't like? is it the steelers? do you like the steelers? >> brian: i do not like the steelers and that team up north. other than that, i'm good. >> tia: if it came down to a bet, would you wear the steelers jersey? >> brian: i don't know if i could make that bet. my wife is listening right now. >> tia: she's from pittsburgh, i know. >> brian: no, i don't think i could put it on. i wouldn't make that bet. >> tia: the c cavs lost to the clrs today lebron will pay for a bet in the world series. >> brian: we are getting answers on lebron on this big bet he made with bulls superstar dwayne wade. >> that's right, guys. dwa wane wade is ready for him to make good on the world series bet. this picture says it all. he will sport a cubs jersey tonight. don't worry, james isn't
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it's because of a lost bet. they said the loser would show up to the other home game looking like a baseball player from a different team. >> i got to wear it. you make a bet. last year i think i lost to draymond against michigan state and sent my wine to him. i fulfill my bets. i lost to d-wade in the world series, so i have to wear a cubs uniform to the game >> you have to give him credit for sticking to it. a lot want to know which player's jersey he'll wear tonight. at 6:30 i'll explain what we know this morning. if you made a world series bet, send us your pictures and tweet them to us @cleveland19news and they may end up on the air. back to you guys. >> brian: while you were sleeping, an american airlines jet full of people made an emergency landing in charlotte. we get answers on why the plane
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>> tia: they call a newborn baby in tennessee a miracle this morning for what was going on around her when she came into the world. such a cutie, sam. >> samantha: such an incredible story there. it is cold. that's our big local story right now. feels like 27 in cleveland. feels like 25 in elyria.
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>> tia: i'm tia ewing from the alert desk this morning. while you were sleeping, police in san bernardino, california released the 911 tapes from a terror attack that took place one year ago today. gunshots can be held as the cries for help are also made. >> we have an active shooter here. >> ma'am, listen to me. take a deep breath. have you s the gun? yeah. they're there. they're dressed in black and they have a gun. >> listen, i know, mam. we're on the way, okay? is he still shooting? >> oh, my god. >> tia: yes, he's still shooting dispatcher. investigators say the husband and wife that carried out the attack were upset because they felt she should not have to attend an office holiday party because they were muslim. they shot and killed 14 people and wounded 22 others. memorials are planned in san
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of the victims. wow. a mechanical problem is being blamed for causing an american airlines flight bound for london with 210 people on board to make an emergency landing overnight in charlotte. no one was hurt. brian. >> brian: talk about coming into the world with a bang. a baby in tennessee being called a miracle this morning after being born during a tornado. >> i was like, i doubt it's really going to happen, because it hasn't before. then it actually did happen, a i was like, oh, my gosh. i cannot believe this. >> you can still see the cuts and bruises from amber newman's face. she suffered these when she was thrown from her mobile home wednesday morning. she had little ava a short time later, and she's been nicknamed the miracle of mcminn county. she's cute. cuyahoga heights is playing for the state title at 10:00
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tonight the st. ignatius wildcats looking for the 12th state championship in school history. the knights trying to get one. massillon perry played last night and lost 14-7. there you go. big games down in the shoe today. that's a lot of fun for those kids playing in the horseshoe. >> samantha: it's cold down there. 39 today. same thing here, very similar to yesterday. look at the current conditions. it's 35 in cleveland, 38 in sandusky. when you factor in the wind, it feels as if it's in the upper 20s and lower 30s, so feeling a little colder than it is. cloudy skies out there right now, and we are mainly dry. there could be a few flurries out here in the snowbelt, but most of the moisture, due to the wind direction, is off to our north and east right now out towards northwestern pennsylvania, new york if you're
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pennsylvania, just be aware that you may run into some moisture in the form of rain or snowshowers once you get out there, maybe a mix of the two. nothing really happening here at home right now. it's just cold, and as i mentioned, it's going to be cold all day. we have temperatures hitting about 42 this afternoon, so we're about 2 degrees below average. with the wind factored in it feels like the 30s all day. cloudy skies, windy from time to time, and there may be wintery mix that pops up occasionally. this is not anything that slows you down. it's not going to be anything heavy, either. the best chances for seeing it will be out in the snowbelt. tonight, though, some of it could slip farther off to the west. if you're in cleveland or elyria along the lakeshore and even a little bit farther inland, you might run into brief, wintery mix. they may be light accumulation through the night, but mainly
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mid-30s tonight with a breeze factored in. it will feel colder. if you have a holiday party this evening, it's definitely bundle-up weather. we just stay all bundled up in coats and sweaters all weekend, because the chilly weather is not going anywhere. we're in the low 40s all weekend for our highs. now, tomorrow i think will be a pretty quiet day. it will be cold all day and cloudy, but any wintery mix we see should be out in the snowbelt tomorrow. on sunday, weather alert. we'll have a little disturbance moving through the area, and that may kick off some rainshowers. i think this is a more widespread rain and there's snow that mixing in. if you're going to do some holiday shopping on sunday or just going to church services, be aware in the afternoon especially we could have rain and snowshowers in a more widespread fashion. monday we get rain, and then more rain on tuesday.
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by thursday, laura, this could be our best chance so far of seeing snowman-buildable snow. we haven't seen much of that so far. >> laura: we haven't. out there on the roads, big news here. 77 northbound, big improvement. that accident with that overturned vehicle cleared out of the way. much faster to clear it out of the way when we don't have as much traffic on the roads. we had bad slowdowns. it got down to a 25-minute delay for folks up 77. weti you can see that 41-mile-per-hour marker, so try to get that flow back up to normal as it moves northbound. really, really good sight coming in from 77, coming in points to the south this morning. looking around akron, we move smoothly up route 8, 55 miles per hour. 65 up 77. canton to akron is moving really well. the drive time is back to norm with akron to cleveland. you're back in the green, 40 minutes there. good, good sign.
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tremont closures, we have those at 6:33 because the christmas story run is tomorrow morning. >> it can be a tricky. it's an art and not a science, but there's some rules of thumb. >> tia: we get answers this morning on the rules of holiday tipping. who should top your list, and how much you should be willing to give. >> brian: next, the bizarre kidnapping of a california mom. we get answers about the frightening circumstances we heard about her abduction and
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>> brian: welcome back. good morning. a california woman who was held ai screamed so loud she coughed up blood. >> tia: sherri papini said she couldn't get anyone to stop and help her after she was released from captivity. she was found thanksgiving morning about 150 miles from her home. investigators think she may have been a victim of sex trafficking. >> the suspects concealed their faces in an attempt to hide their identities from her.
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papini surveillance video of several suvs spotted in the area on the day she was abducted. they're working with a sketch artist to try to create drawings of her kidnappers. she was also branded as well, which is even more terrifying. a developing story trending on facebook this morning. this is video of 86-year-old buzz aldrin. he was evacuated from an antarctica vacation and this morning is waking up in a new zealand hospital. aldrin i but details on why he was hospitalized haven't been released. >> brian: quite a few people are stressed out by the holidays. one of the reasons is they don't understand or really feel they know who to tip and how much. a lot of us struggle with that every year. tom stockett from cleveland wealth steps in with some advice. >> it can be tricky. it's an art and not a science.
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shouldn't be what you feel you have to do. it's a gift for great service. >> are you receiving great service? are you happy with the service? if so, then it's somebody you should think about during the holidays. >> brian: we know the basics of who to tip. the hairstylist, manicurist and tips for a favorite teacher. if you get great service your mail carrier, garbage collector, and delivery people and a little extra for servers at the restaurant a and pet sitter should be considered and, of course, any caregivers of your children. as to how much, that's up to your budget and -- >> it depends on the amount of times throughout the year you utilize the service as well as the level of service that you get back as to how much you should tip that individual. >> brian: if you want a guideline, it's usually the onetime cost of that service. small gifts or gift cards are always appropriate.
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here at cleveland 19. really, sam does. if you head out right now, you probably need a jacket. i had to say it. >> samantha: i'll let you guys read the forecast since you want to talk about the weather. >> tia: we can pull it off. >> samantha: weather expert brian duffy. i'm just kidding. it's 6:26. we always mess with each other. someone watching for the first time think we're jerks. we have a cold morning drive. watch out for a brief wintery mix that might pop up. you have a better chance of seeing that on your evening commute, and i'll have that forecast for you coming up after the break. stay close. >> brian: a live report on the search for a teen that seems to
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>> brian: the top story this morning a missing 15-year-old girl from girlfriend. this is ellen harris. she hasn't been seen we have a live report on what we know right now about her sdafance. that's in two minutes. >> brian: police in cleveland look for this man. he was in custody for shoplifting charges when he escaped from fairview hospital. he was last seen running in the woods near the metro parks. >> brian: it's going to be cold out there. our cold weather continues. if you cut down the tree this weekend, boots and gloves and hat and bundle up and don't forget the ax, clark. winter chill and maybe some rain
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good morning, it's friday, december 2th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. let's get to the wake-up forecast with our meteorologist sam roberts. hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning. it's 6:30 and we're off to a cloudy and cold start across northeast ohio. you can see there are some lake-effect snowshowers and a little rain off to our east in northwestern pennsylvania. here at home really not much to write home about at all. it's been very quiet today. i do think we get through the morning commute problem-free a again, budged bundle up because it's chilly. 37 at 8:00 and upper 30s by 9:00 and you factor in the breeze and it feels like it's in the upper 20s and lower 30s. even this afternoon as we hit about 40, it won't feel like it. it's going to feel more like it's in the 30s just all day. so, you know, we're kind of settling into december.
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i gave you the yellow light for your drive home. there could be brief wintery mix around, especially out in the snowbelt east of cleveland. what about the weekend? we're going to talk about that coming up at 6:45. i love all those candy canes. laura. >> laura: not the gravy or wasabi from the other day. don't want to try those. back to normal up 77. had a big slowdown up 77 this morning just to the north of a bit of a mess out there. we're back to 60 miles per hour. smooth sailing through there. an overturned vehicle earlier. thankfully everyone was okay with the accident as well. we had bad slowdowns that messed with people's style out there. we have the christmas story run going on through tremont and the public square area. a lot of runners will be out there on foot. i-90 the westbound ramp to abby avenue will be closed off tomorrow from 8:30 in the
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morning. drive times are on time, guys. we have no problems if you make your way in from strongsville, north olmstead, mentor and akron. we have a west side driving come up for you at 6:49. real quickly, everyone, i have to say a quick hello to peggy out there who works in westlake but watches us every morning. she watches all of us. she's probably have her shake right now. say hi to her, too. >> hi, peggy. thank you for watching. listen to this story. this is se cleveland police need our help to search for a teenage girl missing since october 8th. police just alerted us last night. >> brian: sia nyorkor is live with more on 15-year-old ellen harris. >> sia: brian and tia, a lot of questions surrounding this missing 15-year-old. people want to know why has it been almost two months and we're just now hearing about ellen harris? here's what you do need to know about her.
6:33 am
home on tacoma avenue with her brother. they were on their way to the library. on their way home, she just kept going and walking. ellen is 5'4" and weighs 110 pounds. if you have seen ellen, you need to call ?5th districtolice. you can see that number there on your screen. 216-623-5518. that's again, cleveland police just sent us this info. we're reading the reports, and we're finding out that she was reported missing on october 8th. so we are working to get answers about why this information is just coming out. when we get the answers, we will update you on air and online. for now i'm reporting from the 5th district, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." i need an ambulance.
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are you on henderson. >> i am. i just got shot. >> brian: a chilling 911 call from one of the two murder victims in ravenna on tuesday. police are still looking for a suspect. david calhoun jr. is considered armed and extremely dangerous. sarah marsh, who was pregnant, and lashuan sanders, were shot and killed. there's an escaped prisoner on the lose. david donn was on medical furlough from fairview they went to pick him up and he was gone. he was last seen running through the woods in the metro parks in rocky river. police say he has a theft with theft and drug charges. he's not, however, considered to be dangerous. >> tia: in akron police are on the hunt for whoever shop three men at a barbershop on exchange street. no one working there was hurt. the shooter was said to be getting his haircut when he
6:35 am
look for it first on the cleveland 19 mobile news app. >> brian: arguments continue today to spare the life of ronald phillips on the screen. in 1993 he was sentenced for the rape and murder of a 3-year-old little girl. phillips is the first death row inmate scheduled for execution next year under a new process for putting condemned prisoners to death. >> brian: michigan's elections board will hear arguments ballots cast in the presidential election should be recounted. a similar hearing will take place in pennsylvania. that's on monday. they're already recounting votes in wisconsin, and we should get some of those numbers later today. ? i'm proud to be an american ? ? where at least i know i'm free ? >> brian: all this talk of recounts comes on the heels of president-elect donald trump's
6:36 am
cincinnati. this was his first public appearance since winning the election. a lot of his speech highlighted unity as a key goal of his administration. >> we are going to bring our country together, all of our country. we're going to find common ground, and we will get the job done properly. we'll get it done properly. >> brian: president-elect trump hinted at the naul nation of his secretary of defense. former mattis. a formal announcement could be coming next year. >> tia: in washington, d.c. mike pence rented a home and they're buying gay pride flags to hang in front of their homes. they want to send pence a message because of his position on gay rights. he's renting home until he moves into the vp's mansion in january. the ohio department of education approved the financial plan for parma city schools. the district has to make up a
6:37 am
at the middle school level when it comes to academics. also, extracurriculars at all schools could be cut or turned into pay-to-participate programs. >> brian: today we'll be asking more questions about some massive job cuts we heard about from stark county last night. more than 400 employees at alliance castings are going to lose jobs next month as the plant goes idle on january 28th. the slowdown in the energy field we're told is to blame. railroad cars. one of cleveland's proudest adopted sons is back in the big city to promote our area to be the site of more hollywood filmmaking. we're talking, of course, about tom hanks. he's always been outspoken about his appreciation and love for the cle. he's in town for a sold-out event with the greater cleveland film commission. also this morning he talks with film students at tri-c.
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"sports illustrated" named him 2016 sportsman of the year. he joins tiger woods as the only person to win it more than once, but lebron has to pay the piper tonight in the windy city. remember, he made a bet with former teammate dwyane wade that the tribe would win the world series. alyson bruner joins us. lebron won't enjoy this. >> no, but at least he's a good sport about it and doing it. earlier i mentioned a lot of folks w lebron will wear tonight. here's what i found out so far. it's still -- well, it's a mystery, but we will all know tonight when he walked into the united center. this picture says it all. he will sport a cubs jersey at tonight's cavs/bulls game because of his lost bet. the terms were made back in october saying the loser would show up to the other's home game dressed like a baseball player from the winning team. here's what lebron shared with
6:39 am
>> reporter: what number is it? >> i don't know. i have no idea. i'm always on the first bus, come on. that's only whether i don't play. i'm always on the first bus. >> what a good sport. if you made a bet with a friend over the world series game, send us a picture. tweet them to us. they may show up on the air. staying in the sports world, we know that the browns are on their bye-week right they also need our luck, right? >> brian: yeah, yeah. >> brian, we are going to make you sport this browns helmet this weekend. >> brian: this weekend? >> to hopefully for next week have them get the w against cincinnati. >> brian: i have to take it home? >> this is for you, yes. >> tia: we need to take a picture when you watch the game. >> brian: i can't get it on my big bean. >> tia: your hair is all jacked
6:40 am
we got to get a picture of this. you got to get a picture of this. we have to get him while he's actually watching thele game, too. >> brian: you don't want that. >> tia: you'll get it. >> brian: i'll get you the picture. >> tia: niagara falls won't look the same. why you see them in a whole new light, the falls there. >> brian: the game-winning play from the ohio/michigan game causes vibrations measured by selo >> samantha: that's insane. time is 6:40 on this chilly start to your friday morning. do you spend the kids off to the bus stop in north olmstead? good morning to you. mid-30s, so bundle up there. 35 in shaker heights, but it's windy so it feels like it's in the 20s. a look at what things might warm up for us coming up after the break. >> next, it's not often police show up to begin a murder investigation and have the accused killer waiting for them
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>> brian: welcome back,
6:44 am
the washington, d.c. this morning where lawmakers vote on a new $611 billion defense policy. it prohibits closing the prison in cuba, keeps the pentagon from trimming number of military bases and awards u.s. troops the largest pay raise in six years. we hear why a man shot a former nfl football player and waited for police. road rage incident with 54-year-old ronald gasser near new orleans. gasser got out of his car, pulled mcknight from his car and then shot him multiple times. it will take months for the charred city of gatlinburg, tennessee to recover from devastating wildfires, but things start to get back to normal today at least in some spots. other places take a long longer. people that live there are starting to head back home, and
6:45 am
will re-open to visitors. >> tia: the niagara falls showed off the brand-new l.e.d. lights last night. they're the first lighting upgrades in more than 20 years to the falls. there are a ton of color options and schemes to change regularly. what many consider a staple of cleveland's food scene is expending once again. melt bar and grill opens their eighth location in dayton. next few weeks. it's set to open in june of next year. attention christmas story movie fans, you have a chance to spend the night in the iconic tremont home, but it may be the last christmas gift that you buy for your family. the museum is auctioning off a one-night stay, and right now the bidding is almost at 3500 bucks. the winner gets two-night accommodations for four and more
6:46 am
and prizes. bidding ends on december 8th. >> brian: that just does not get old, and it never will. ohio stadium rocking last saturday when the buckeyes beat that team up north. it was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake actually that was registered at that point. a geologist said the stadium was literally shaking. 5.7 on the richter scale. how is that possible? crazy stuff. >> samantha: all the gyrating in there, i guess. >> brian: she looks like a deranged easter bunny. that's the line from the movie whether -- when he comes walking down the steps. >> samantha: oh, fudge. >> tia: i'm raffi from the christmas story by the way.
6:47 am
this is because the play kicks off at playhouse square. make sure to go out and get tickets. what do you think? >> samantha: your ear was a little cock-eyed. >> brian: you look good, though. you look great. why are you so -- >> tia: that's how ralphy looked, so depressed. >> samantha: he's going to be so mad if he find out he said this. i think that jeff tanchak like an adult ralphie. i think he looks like him. i think that jeff tanchak looks like ralphie would look like as an adult. >> tia: i actually agree with you. >> brian: you might not want to mention that to him. >> tia: too late. it's on tv now. hi, jeff tanchak. >> samantha: good morning, jeff. he's sawing logs right now. 6:47 on this friday morning. happy friday to you. i hope it's off to a great
6:48 am
start again, december 2rd and certainly feels like it out there. we also have some light, lake-effect rain and snow popping up out in eastern lake county. then the lakeshore of ashtabula here, if you're traveling i-90 from lake county out to ashtabula or maybe you come from ashtabula headed towards cleveland, do watch out for that scattered, wintery mix out east. this is going to be the trend today. hit-or-miss rain and snow popping up, certainly not an all-day event or anything like that. the best chances for seeing it is out to the east of cleveland. it could skip a little bit farther off to the west, and we could see it in cleveland. i wouldn't rule it out. cloudy skies and low-impact winter mix and temperatures eventually up to 42. just like yesterday it's going to be a breezy day, so it won't feel like it's in the 40s. it will feel like the 30s all day. then tonight, well, we drop back into the lower 30s. christmas parties, all kinds of
6:49 am
square to catch a show tonight. budged up if you have to park away p walk. it's a cold walk through downtown with the 30s all night and the wind makes it feel colder. again, there might be a brief, wintery mix around. some of this may accumulate. here's the forecast through tomorrow morning. i notice that if you are out in the primary snowbelt, you might see a dusting, maybe up to an inch at most on our grassy and bless you. we got to get her some medicine, right? to the west and down to the south, not much in terms of accumulation, if anything at all. again, this is low-impact, early-season lake-effect. same thing tomorrow. cloudy, cold, a little -- i can't talk. a little breezy as well. then that wintery mix is possible out to the east of
6:50 am
weather alert day for that last day of the weekend. could see some light accumulation with that. i think it will be rain and snow moving in in the afternoon. monday we get a break in the action, and then more rain by tuesday. look at thursday. this is a day to watch. i've issued a weather alert for the threat of widespread snowshowers and we could see accumulations. look at that temperature. it's cold although the end of next week. laura. >> laura: you maybe it's because it's always freezing in here, right, sam? sam has my back and tia. it's the other guy in here that has an issue with that. we are back to normal on our friday morning commute. love that. it's almost rush hour. fridays are usually light r in traffic, but we had issues this morning. good to see the 77 problem has improved and also our construction on i-90 on the west side went away as well.
6:51 am
as you look on the innerbelt bridge on i-90, not a bit of slowdown. we're moving really, really well there. closes overed weekend, the carter road bridge lift will close tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning. they're doing maintenance on the bridge. careful through there. they re-open on sunday, and not sure what time yet because they don't know when they finish the work. we'll give them a break there. drive times are on time, mentor, headed to downtown. >> tia: an update on a string of carjackings in the suburbs. where you can find the information you need to protect yourself. >> brian: first, a teen disappears on her way to the
6:52 am
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now
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>> tia: welcome back. the search for a missing teen on cleveland'sest side tops our look at the stories you need to know before you g sia. >> sia: where is 15-year-old ellen harris? police are searching for this teenager. she's been missing for almost two months. we are working to get answers about her whereabouts. tia. hello. >> i need an ambulance. i just got shot. >> what do you mean you just got shot? >> tia: that's sarah marsh calling police after being shot in ravenna. she died a short time later as did 33-year-old lee shaun
6:55 am
houn jr. who goes by d-block. he's considered armed and dangerous. if he's caught we'll push it out on the alert system on cleveland 19's mobile news app. cleveland police are looking for this man that escaped from fairview park hospital yesterday afternoon. he was last seen running through the woods towards the rocky river reservation metro park. he was in custody for a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. call police if you see him. >> brian: police investiga these two in cleveland heights right after we had two in beachwood. all four victims are women driving alone. two of those are from beachwood. we posted how you can protect yourself against these crimes on our free cleveland 19 mobile appear. i'm here today for one main reason. to say thank you to ohio. >> brian: president-elect donald trump is back in new york this morning after making the first stop on his thank you
6:56 am
he's committed to keeping america safe. alyson. >> i'm keeping tabs on what will happen in chicago tonight. cavs superstar lebron james will make good on the bet he lost with dwyane wade. lebron said he would wear a cubs uniform if the indians lost the world series. we'll tweet out a picture and post it to our facebook page as soon as he shows himself tonight. sam. >> samantha: well, december is here, alyson. 42 with a wintery mix possible today. cloudy and windy. tomorrow, more of the same, especially in the snowbelt, but better chances by sunday. laura. >> laura: we had a yucky commute earlier sailing into 6:00. now we go towards 7:00, and it looks easy breezy, guys. pr account for a friday. >> tia: you can get breaking news anytime on cleveland news. wow.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, december 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect donald trump basks in his election victory at a rally in words erupts between clinton and a strategist at a public forum. >> a former nfl player is gunned down what looks like a road rage incident. witnesses describe the violent encounter that left a hometown hero dead in the street. plus only on "cbs this morning," members of the rockefeller family give their first television interviews about their falling out with exxonmobil.


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