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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  November 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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common as we're thumbing through police reports every day. jack: we're talking about domestic violence... des moines police tell us just last year they responded to more than 14 thousand calls for service to domestic incidents. and today-- we got a rare chance to hear from the perspective of some of those victims. local five's nikki davidson is here with today's big story at five. nikki yeah jack we broke down those numbers, and its pretty startling... that means just in des moines city limits there's an average of 38 calls to police a day reporting a domestic incident... but today we met a group of woman who are part of trend thats rising... victim's fighting back and talking about their experiences. " " nat (baby) not along ago laura gibson and shelby shafer were strangers... two mothers who met online, on a moms support group through facebook... they started planning a fundrasier to help other woman..and realized a group of five of them had something very serious in common. 7:58:45 i too was domestically abused in a relationship. their stories are all different... but each feel, the hardest part... was leaving. 7:36:07 it got even worse after i left, it's a scary thing. it's hard if you're an outsider to see why people would never leave. shelby shafer says she's been in two different abusive relationships... the beginning of her last was nothing like how it ultimately ended. 7:36:27 he was perfect, he was funny, he was nice, we got engaged in a month. when things changed, she says it was hard
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to get help. 7:37:00 i tried to reach out to a couple friends, it was kind of like 'you're crying wolf because you lost friends, you're seeking attention. i was victim shamed. then there was the fear.. 7:50:14 if you see someone's anger day to day when you're staying with them, imagine the anger and control they'll have once you leave that relationship. utlimately she felt she had save not only herself, but her child. 7:37:35 his drinking, his rage it wasn't just effecting me, it was effecting my daughter, it. it took guts, i had no pride left but i moved in with my parents. being victims isn't the only thing the group has in common... they're also survivors... 7:59:19 just the five of us talking about experiences brought us closer, but it's also very emotional because it's not easy to talk about. and doing just that -- talking about it is what experts in iowa say is changing. 8:20:08 we've seen an increase in the number of calls taken from surivors, 8:20l17 they're coming forward to use their voice and create awareness. talking about how this doesn't have to be the end. 8:01:49 you can get through it
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created is a the women created is a ladies day at jasper winery saturday from 11 a.m. to five p.m. ... there will be a raffle, and the proceeds from that will go to the iowa coalition against domestic violence to help other victims get out of an abusive relationship. reporting in the
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studio, nikki davidson local five news we are iowa. jack: nikki, thanks ... and if you or somebody you know needs helping getting out of a domestic violence situation, please call the iowa hotline... 1-800- 770-1650. the iowa coalition against domestic violence tells us they got 25,000 calls last year... and ended up helping 22,000 people get out of harm's way. jack: new at five now... jack: the family of a man shot dead by a des moines police officer is filing a lawsuit against the officer who pulled the trigger. 28 year old ryan bollinger was killed back in juneney officer vanessa miller, who fired at him through her squad car windshield... after a chase near merle hay mall. his family filed a wrongful death lawsuit through their attorney. we will hear from him tonight on local five news at six and 10. the des moines police chief found officer miller, a seven year veteran of the force, justified in her actions, and a grand jury did
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not indict her. stephanie: target customers in southeast iowa are in an uproar right now. in consumer matters today, they're losing their store! target announced plans to close a location in ottumwa by january... as part of a decision to close 13 stores nationally that lose money. target operates about 1,800 stores nationwide. thousands of people though have joined a "save ottumwa target" facebook page, asking the store to reconsider. representatives of target say its a decision they haven't taken lightly. jack: on the presidential campaign trail today, new poll numbers show just how close the race is at the top. businessman donald trump and retired neurosurgeon ben carson are within one point of each other in this latest quinnipiac poll... 24 percent to 23 percent among republicans nationally. trailing trump and carson, florida senator marco rubio at 14 percent, texas senator ted cruz at 13 percent and former florida governor jeb
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bush at 4 percent. as for the democrats, hillary clinton is pulling a strong lead ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders. jack: iowa's republican party chairman finds himself a national celebrity today... after getting specifically called out on the daily show on comedy central. local five's chief political correspondent amanda krenz shows us. iowa's first ever growth and opportunity party was a huge event, with many of the gop presidential candidates making an appearance. the event also made national headlines, because of one organization that wanted to attend but was told they couldn't come. daily show 2:42 - because for real, the iowa republican party denied the daily show acccess to their event last week. / and that gave daily show host, trevor noah, all the fuel he needed to poke fun at the state... 3:20 i've got no beef with iowa, until 3 months ago i didn't know it existed... noah didn't hold back about the chair of the iowa gop either.
5:06 pm george dastanza hybrid, this isn't over. local 5 reached out to kaufmann today, he's a college professor, who's taking it all in stride. he said, (fullscreen) "i had a good laugh at the clip last night, and it's certainly made me a rockstar with my students. while we can enjoy a laugh at ourselves from time to time, we always take our role as first in the nation very seriously. iowans are used to making headlines in the world of political satire. jeff 1:12 every four years iowa's a target, whether it's serious or humorous. henry 2:53 i ignore them. they obviously don't know us or they would not say that. at least one iowan thought maybe it
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would have been a good idea to let the daily show into the gop event. sandy 3:06 i though he was foolish not to let them in. i think there wold've been some good for the gop from it. amanda now the reaction from iowans... pretty predictable i guess. but here's something that we saw online today that surprised us. the minneapolis star tribune posted this article: quote: as minnesotans, it's our duty -- if not our pleasure -- to occasionally make jokes about iowa. but when someone else goes after our southern neighbor, we tend to get our dander up. they proceed to stick up for iowa. nice to know we have protective neighbors to the north... amanda and totally unrelated to this story... we did learn today that trevor noah, the daily show's host... had to undergo an emergency appendectomy this morning. so he will be missing tonight's show. comedy central will air a rerun. and in the spirit of "iowa nice," no grudge from us
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iowans... we've tweeted at the daily show host "get well soon." i wonder if jeff kaufmann will do the same. noah's expected to be back to work tomorrow. ((amanda & anchors ad lib)) jack: and we want to know your thoughts on this story-- did you find the daily show rant funny or did it go too far? you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. send us an email to: "news at we are iowa dot com" or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555 we'd love to hear what you think about this story or any other. stephanie/2shot now coming up on local 5 news at five... local 5 is going country. we'll have a live preview of tonight's cma awards from nashville. jack: but next... shocking news about what really happened before a cop in the chicago suburbs was shot.
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"you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with jack miller, stephanie
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5 news at 5 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa."
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welcome back-- in national headlines now. jack: a student stabbed and wounded four people as classes got underway at a rural university campus in central california . police later shot and killed him. two students, one staff member and a vendor were attacked at the university of california, merced, but were expected to recover. all the victims were conscious when paramedics reached them. campus officials said the attacker was a student but have not confirmed his identity or provided a motive for the attack. then there was this shocking news today from illinois -- a police officer's death was ruled a "carefully staged" suicide, two months after he was found shot dead. the investigation found the lieutenant had been stealing and laundering money from the fox lake police department over the past seven years. lt. charles joseph gliniewicz was found shot dead in the chicago suburb on september 1st, shortly after he radioed that he
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was chasing three suspects. the shooting led to an extensive manhunt. but today-- investigators say it was all made up. (george filenko/lake county major crimes task force) "gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. the facts of his actions prove he behaved for years in a manner completely contrary to the image he portrayed." jack: gliniewicz was 52 and nearing retirement. jack: mcdonald's is getting into the gourmet burger business, but you have to go to britain to try one. stephanie: the fast-food giant is launching a signature collection of gourmet burgers at dozens of u-k restaurants today. they are made- to-order and thicker than traditional mcdonald's burgers. that means customers may have to wait a bit longer for their food. if the gourmet burgers are a hit, they could expand across britain and possibly appear in the u-s. stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather
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"now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" brad: weather it has been one of the warmest starts to november we have on records for iowa, and it will continue for one more day! we had a lot of clouds around today in central iowa which kept us in the 60s, but some areas in
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western and eastern iowa did reach the 70s. everyone will be mild tonight thanks to some clouds and fairly strong southerly winds of 10-20 mph. temps will only fall into the mid and upper 50s by thursday morning. it will be another mostly cloudy day thursday with a few showers possible, but many areas will stay dry.
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highs will reach the mid to upper 60s with south winds of 15-30 mph and gusting higher. a cold front will spark some thunderstorms for central iowa between 5 and 9 pm thursday evening and will also usher in some much cooler air. we will be back to seasonal averages on friday
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be cool, but sunny and dry- good leaf raking weather! next week is also looking closer to average but mainly dry until the end of the week. brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie: thanks, brad!
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coming up-- it's the biggest night in country music all year. look for live preview coverage from the country music awards, straight after the break.
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5 news at 5 in hd. we are iowa" jack welcome back... it's the biggest night of country music all year... the cma awards. stephanie: and they're right here on local five! just about an hour and a half away... and local five has a live reporter on the red carpet...greg parker joins us now from nashville, tennessee. greg greg parker ad lib -- no closed captioning available stephanie: thanks greg...
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keep it here on
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local five tonight for the c-m-as. brad paisley and carrie underwood will host. it gets underway at 7 p-m and we'll bring you a live wrap- up after the event on local five news at 10.
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here's something to look for new at six tonight. " ringing bell" jack: a surprise for every student. instead of talking about bullying and the bad.. a handful of urbandale students are focusing on the good and spreading happiness one sticky note at a time. we'll have that story tonight at 6. brad/wxhang weather adlib: put script here in green stephanie:
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spending your time with us tonight. jack: we are working hard on another
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breaking news tonight on the
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passenger jet that broke apart
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