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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  November 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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october in 2013 and received pay at that time. state policy only allows payment during military leave up to thirty days per year. lamb also failed to record vacation days ... and he was promoted without a resume on file. kattey the current director of the department of administrative services janet phipps released a statement saying they've followed state policies during her tenure ... and they will consult with legal counsel regarding reimbursement of gross pay and excess vacation." the governor's released a statement calling the actions of both lamb and carroll inappropriate ... and they have full trust in the director of department of administrative services. kattey: ryan lamb and were fired last involving secret settlements. remind us what happened there. stephanie: were given dollars in payouts last parted ways with their state jobs. hush money. many oversight hearings were held to get to where the money
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came from and why they were paid to keep quiet. the governor claimed he never knew about these confidentiality agreements. jack: detectives in des moines may be taking a new look at a decades-old missing child case. that's after a break in the abduction case of a boy from minnesota just last week. daniel heinrich was named as a person of interest in the disappearance of jacob wetterling in 1989. heinrich appeared in federal court yesterday and a judge ruled he should be kept in jail as a "danger to the community." right now faces child pornography charges, not anything related to jacob wetterling's case. jack: still-- details about evidence found in heinrich's home caught the attention of a retired des moines police detective who was in charge of ....... eugene martin's case. he was a des moines paperboy who was abducted in 1984. local five's amanda krenz joins us now to preview the special report she's working on about the possible connection. amanda: this case out of
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minnesota just didn't spark hope with this particular officer, it got a lot of people talking.. .and thinking... could there be a connection with missing boys from the des moines area? we decided to contact the officer who investigated eugene martin's disppearance. while the arrest in minnesota got his wheels turning, it also refreshed his thought's about a case that's haunted him for 30 years. he hopes it makes others think about eugene martin too. a 13-year-old who was about to deliver the newspapers on his paper-route, he vanshed from a street corner without a trace. but eugene is not forgotten, his entire family thinks about him everyday... and it changed the life of one des moines police officer forever. "rowley 17:42 yeah, it's changed me. the trust factor. police don't have a high trust factor as it ws but this took it out of me." amanda: i actually got calls today from two of eugene martin's family members... his aunt and his brother. they're also very curious about this case out of
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minnesota. while it may or may not end in the answers and closure they want... it could be the spark that leads to renewed interest in eugene's case, and renewed hope. much more tonight in my special report at ten. jack: an armed robbery at casey's last night, and newton police are looking for clues. before the officers arrived at the scene, the robber ran off with the gun he used to take money. the suspect is described as a white man wearing a black ski mask, black and dark blue or black shoes. should be armed and dangerous. stephanie: candidate unveiling his ads...and one of them targets you.. stephanie: set to air in early primary states. they tout experience and bold pledges. one of the ads calls on iowans. take a listen .. "obamacare is a total with something much of iowa vote for me,
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you'll never be disappointed. i don't disappoint people. i produce. together we're going to make america great again. i'm donald trump, candidate for president, and i approve this message. " stephanie: radio ads will also air in new hampshire and south carolina. jack: declaring war on climate change. that's what some of iowa's top leaders are asking of the presidential candidates. state legislators and des moines mayor frank cownie signed a pledge that's already been signed by hundreds of iowans. it asks for net- zero greenhouse gas emissions by 20- 25. they asked for candidates campaigning in iowa to do the same. "this is not an issue, it's a crisis. when you come home at night and you see you've got a broken leg on your chair and there's a painting hanging off the wall crooked and the refridgerator is leaking and you notice your waste basket is on fire, three of those are issues, one of those is a crisis. that's what climate change is, it is a crisis. and we've got to be concerned about the other issues, for sure, but we have to treat this
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jack: so far, no presidential candidate committed to a net-zero emissions economy across all industry sectors. jack: young voters in the metro area can talk about the issues they want to hear at tonight's third "give a damn" caucus event in downtown des moines. the democratic and republican state party chairs will be at the kum and go theater tonight to talk about the top issues young voters care about in iowa, the issues are being identified from a previous "give a damn" event. the program goes from 5 to 7 pm. stephanie: the iowa caucuses are less than 100 days away, and state party chairs along with the secretary of state, are taking extra measures to get young voters involved. it's a statewide initiative to engage the youth in the caucus voting process, and something the secretary of state's office is calling "caucus 101." the office has already helped teachers bring the caucus to life in their classrooms. and now they'll
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launch a special event encompassing those lessons, including a mock caucus. "we're very excited about giving our young people the opportunity to learn first hand about how the iowa caucuses work. beign first in the nation is a very serious responsibility and i think this activity will give them the background they need to become engaged in civics in their community. " stephanie: the iowa youth caucus will be on november 19th at high schools, community colleges, and libraries around the state, stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at six... a traffice stop in iowa city turns into a gesture of kindness from the officer. jack: and....why are these students shaving off their professor's beard? "your watching local 5 news at 6 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards, and local 5
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locameteorologist brad edwards, and local 5 sports with sports
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schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa." stephanie: a university of iowa police officer pulled a car over last week with a broken brake light. what he found in the car could have led to 12- hundred dollars in fines. what he did instead ... is pretty heartwarming. "it has all the makings of a typical traffic stop for university of iowa police officer don strong. a black suburban driving through the heart of campus with a broken brake light. but when strong peaked inside the suv, his focus quickly shifted to the six kids in the back. sot: "went to start talking to them and from georgia, heading back, i noticed the two car seats they had just weren't appropriate, looked like they were a little beat up. facing 12-hundred dollars in fines strong directed them to a nearby walmart. that's where he pulled out his own wallet and bought the family four new car seats -- then showed them how to
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in the parking lot. as for the 12-hundred dollars -- strong let it slide. "taking that from them was not going to help them get car seats, show them how to properly put them in, i felt the best way to do that was to educate and get them the proper help they needed. " strong says his actions show that police are about more than just writing tickets -- the profession he says is about helping people -- an approach university police say they're trying to take everyday. "we're embracing the concept of community policing and we have a problem, we have different tools to solve it, one can be a ticket one could be purchasing car seats, obviously that's a much nicer, permanent fix to the problem than giving someone a ticket and having them drive away with still the children unsecured. " stephanie: you can find more pictures of officer strong's donation to the
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georgia family on the university of iowa police department's facebook page. stephanie: we love hearing stories like these, so if you know of a police officer who did something nice, or something else interesting going on in your community, feel free to contact us. we also want to hear from you if you have a story you want us to look into. send local 5 news your news tips. email us at: news at we are iowa dot com. or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555. we're on facebook "we are iowa local 5 news" and twitter "we are iowa 5 news" if you see news break... let us know. we are iowa and we want to cover the stories that are important to you. jack: students and faculty at morningside colelge are rallying behind one of their professors as he starts treatment for esophogeal cancer. the treatment includes getting rid of the beard he's been growing for 40 years. today, supporters gathered to help dr. mark heistad (high-stad) transform his look. students each got to trim heistad's beard before the whole thing was shaved off.
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jack: heistad says he's thankful for all the support from the morningside college students and colleagues. stephanie/wxcdl: jack/wxcdl chief meteorologist brad edwards is here now... brad:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is
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meteorologist brad edwards. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" brad/wxc: welcome back. i'm local 5 chief meteorologist brad edwards. brad: let's take a look at we are iowa's most
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brad/wxwall: weather adlib: put script here in green we did it again today- we reached the 70s! that makes this the warmest start to november on record for central iowa! don't get used to it because a cold front will be coming through by 5 pm, and you will know it has because the winds will be turning to the nw and get much cooler. there will also be a chance for some showers and storms, but most of the rain looks like it will fall east of the metro after 6 pm tonight. cool winds will take over tonight and keep us cool for friday. temperatures are actually going to be average- if you can believe that! lows in
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heading through the weekend, but at least we are looking at lots of sunshine! next week looks pretty decent to start off with mainly dry conditions until wednesday and thursday when we will see our next chance for rain. temperatures will be at or above average next week. brad/2wx: that's all for my forecast. check out the latest in weather stephanie/2wx: thanks brad. stephanie:
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weather photo? post it to we are just click on the share it tab! jack/2bam: i'm here with sports director jon schaeffer, and jon the iowa wild have a goal tender who's battled his where he is. jon/2bam: that's right jack but those battles haven't just been on the hockey rink. " it was a pretty scary time but luckily i had " it was a pretty scary time but luckily i had didn't realize what coming up on local 5 sports gives you an idea has been a cornerstone for his life. "now, local 5 sports
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growing up in canada the sport of choice for most kids is hockey. for iowa wild goaltender leland irving that holds true. the netminder has dealt with some ups and downs-- not just in hockey-- but in life as well. leland irving's road to the iowa wild has been anything but normal-- he's gone from the calgary flames-- to the khl in russia-- now to des moines. "it's been a battle like definitely not the easiest road to further my career." but at the age of 7 irving had to face a battle bigger than any his career would present. " we thought it was just like a black fly bite it swelled up pretty bad and was actually kind of pushing my ear so we got it checked out at the local hospital and they didn't find anything at first but then once i went into the specialist in edmonton that's when
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the results came back that it was cancer." "irving was diagnosed with rhabdomysarcoma, a cancer that forms in soft tissue" "it was a tumor on the outside of my skull. they removed it and then i went through 13 months of chemo therapy." "being 8 years old i didn't realize the impact that cancer could have on my life." "i knew i would lose my hair which i wasn't too worried about." , leland faced more than a year of chemo head on, turning to hockey as a welcome distraction... "it was probably the thing that might have saved me throughout the treatments. i played hockey almost every day whether it was in the basement with my brother or friends still competed played regular minor hockey. i only missed
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one game and one practice because my blood count was too low and we couldn't risk any sort of internal bleeding but it just takes your mind away from everything that's going on and really just allowed me to be a normal 8 year old." irving completed his treatment, with the cancer in remission.. "we were fortunate to catch it early and didn't have to go through any radiation or anything other than that." "18 years cancer free" the battle with cancer and his love of hockey shaped irving into the goaltender you see between the pipes-- and the man he is away from the ice. "it's tough you lose a lot of people in this world to cancer unfortunately it's a disease that's just we have to deal with it. but i think a key is to stay positive that's one thing i'm fairly good at just try to bring a smile to the rink everyday and work what the situation is
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jon: irving says he has a soft spot for kids with cancer. he's reached out to youth in the past going through battles similar to his and hopes to get an opporunity to do more here in des moines. irving is 2-2 and 1 this season in net for the wild. jon/sx3s stephanie/sx3s jack/sx3s we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at six.
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don't forget to visit local 5 on the web. we are iowa dot com is your home for the latest in news, weather, and sports. jack/wxhang: now one last check of your weather, with chief meteorologist brad edwards. brad: weather adlib: we did it again today- we reached the 70s! that makes this the warmest start to november on record for central iowa! don't get used to it because a cold front will be coming through by 5 pm, and you will know it has because the winds will be turning to the nw and get much
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cooler. there will also be a chance for some showers and storms, but most of the rain looks like it will fall east of the metro after 6 pm tonight. cool winds will take over tonight and keep us cool for friday. temperatures are actually going to be average- if you can believe that! lows in the 30s and highs in the
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gwen and blake holding our broadcast exclusive. gwen and blake last night holding hands nashville. >> this as his ex braves the cameras. >> that's coming up now.
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