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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  November 10, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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small town, big investigation. calhoun county authorities are sorting out a
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local 5 news at 10 starts in 30 seconds. "you're watching local 5 news at 10 in hd .we are iowa's most accuratebrad/wx wall weather adlib: today turned out pretty nice with just enough sunshine in central iowa to push us into the lower 60s while most other areas of the state only reached the 50s. clouds will be increasing overnight as a strong storm system moves closer to us wednesday jack: what do you do
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when your what do you do when your neighbors -- are a nightclub? people in this part of des moines keep calling the cops-- but what can really be done? then-- "we need more welders, and we need fewer philosophers." stephanie: presidential candidates talk about how to keep america competitive. we'll break down the republican economic debate coming up. and later-- something i hadn't felt in a long time and its's really good. jack: local veterans break down when they see the surprise in store for them. it's a can't miss story, ahead of
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" local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" jack thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jack miller. stephanie and i'm stephanie angleson. stephanie: it sounds strange to say it in november-- but local five is your severe weather headquarters. we're anticipating some potentially severe storms tomorrow. jack: so let's bring in chief meteorologist brad edwards who's tracking what's expected to be a fast- moving storm tomorrow. brad brad/tags on wx center tight shot look for scattered showers and storms to increase over iowa during the morning hours wednesday with the strongest storms likely to move through the metro between 11am and 4pm. there will be the threat for some hail, highs winds and even some isolated tornadoes with these fast-moving storms. stephanie: brad thanks-- and just to show
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this is... since 1980, iowa has seen just 22 tornadoes in the month of november. make sure to tune in tomorrow for full severe weather coverage. stephanie: our other big story tonight -- stephanie: polk county's latest homicide happened outside a nightclub that is right in the middle of a neighborhood. jack: neighbors say the loud noise and increasingly violent activity spilling into the streets is a huge concern. jack: someone was shot and killed outside the evolution nightclub on northwest 6th drive early sunday morning. three other people were hurt, and neighrbors say this is not the first incident. local five's nikki davidson picks up our coverage as neighbors speak out tonight. nikki: right club evolution has only been open since april but neighbors tell us the sheriffs department has been here often, we pulled the call logs and this is what we found... one ..t.wo ... three pages of trips...and thats got neighors concerned.
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shut it down... thats the overwhelming message from the businesses and residents on nw 6th drive in polk county... 9:02:43 we don't want to see anymore of it. club evolution moved in seven months ago... they're only open a few nights a week and when they are... they attract crowds of hundreds as you can see from these photos off their own facebook page... but they're also attracting visits from the sheriffs office... nearly 70 trips...that means deputies are called to incidents like fights... threats... loud music... even situations with weapons on average every few days. 8:59:36 when you look at all these, what are you thinking? i'm thinking the sheriff has been busy doing this. i wonder if they are paying per call or if the neighborhood is. this past weekend...the situation became deadly with one man shot to death... and three others injured. two are still in the hospital in fair condition tonight. neighbors say they want the club gone...but are so scared... they didn't want to show their faces or talk to the media out of fear of retialation. 9:03:01 it's absolutely going to get worse,
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it's gotten worse and worse as we go along here. we don't need the norority or violence. so we asked the polk county board of supervisors whats next... turns out they've also gotten half a dozen complaints from neighbors asking the county to o voke the nightclubs liquor license. but the county says that isn't as easy as it sounds... they say they need proof that the business itself violated laws... they're looking into that now... district representative robert brownell said " "we want to work in concert with the neighborhood, and we want to work in concert with the business too. (evolution nightclub) may have used up it's chances." nikki: the county says they plan to have some kind of action made in the next 30 days. in polk county nikki davidson local five news, we are iowa. stephanie: we did try to reach out to the club's owners. we left messages but have not heard back. authorities are
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still interviewing witnesses about the weekend homicide but have not arrested anyone. they want you to call polk county crime stoppers with any tips. jack: developing now -- a body found in a small town. the calhoun county sheriff's office has called in help from state criminal agents after they found a man shot dead in pomeroy. jack: here's where the crime scene is: the 200 block of second street. police were called there around 2 am this morning. they found someone shot dead. the identity or age of the man hasn't been released. but investigators say they don't believe the public is in danger. we'll let you know more after they do the autopsy. stephanie just one more day to gather your thoughts on a proposed pipeline that would cut through iowa. thursday is when the public will be allowed to speak before the iowa utilities board about the bakken pipeline that would cut across iowa diagnolly, carrying crude oil from north dakota to illinois. the hearing is at the boone county fairgrounds community building
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from 9 a-m to 5 p-m. 210 people will be allowed to speak, split evenly down the middle "for" and "against." stephanie: we want to know -- what are your thoughts on the pipeline project? you can sound off on twitter and facebook. send us an email or give us a call. and expect full coverage of that hearing on thursday here on local five. stephanie: the issue spread to the campaign trail -- democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders releasing a statement today opposing the pipeline's construction. he says it's our job as a nation to break the quote "addiction to fossil fuels." jack: the republicans debated tonight on the fox business channel and it was all about the economy. jack: the questions were carefully and narrowly focused on money issues... things like the minimum wage. the candidates generally agreed that an increase to 15 dollars per hour would not be good for the american economy. they're also calling for cuts to regulation they say is strangling the economy. and they want a much simpler tax code. jeb bush says
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many economic indicators. " jeb bush says: hillary says the obama administration's policies are good. but the numbers of jobs and poverty don't say so." "carly fiorina says: we need to fundamentally change washington. not just a change in administration from republican to democrat. but a true change in the status quo." jack: our post debate coverage continues after our post debate coverage continues after the break. with a live report from milwaukee. stephanie: then later -- veterans take the trip of a lifetime... but it's what happened on the plane ride home that'll really stick with you. look for that special story, coming up.
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take sot tomorrow on good morning iowa... a teen fears an accident may keep him from experiencing high school but it turns out students bring school to him... right down to the homecoming parade. plus...sam has the latest on some possible severe weather. ((:03 wx ad lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! "your watching local 5
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jack mjack miller, stephanie angleson, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa."
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stephanie: facing each other for a fourth time... and this time around, it was all about the economy. stephanie: only eight candidates participating in the gop debate tonight-- the least amount so far. it meant everybody got a little more speaking time... but did anybody gain any ground? jack: local five's evan kruegel joins us live from milwaukee now. evan -- did anybody really stand out tonight? evan (( lib about 1:00)) toss back jack:
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jack: evan, thanks. des moines is preparing for its own debate-- the three democratic candidates will spar on stage at drake university this saturday. it's on c-b-s, but
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the complete recap on local five news at 10 on saturday. stephanie: jack, thanks-- i'm joining chief meteorologist brad edwards in the weather center where tomorrow-- this will be a busy place. brad ad lib intro, then move to wall. (brad moves from wx center to wxwall) brad: weather adlib: today turned out pretty nice with just enough sunshine in central iowa to push us into the lower 60s while most other areas of the state only reached the 50s. clouds will be increasing overnight as a strong storm system moves closer to us wednesday. this energetic low pressure system will likely produce some severe weather wednesday in southern iowa and missouri, so we will be watching it closely. look for scattered showers and storms to increase over iowa during the morning hours wednesday with the strongest storms likely to move through the metro between 11am and 4pm. there will be the threat for some hail, highs winds and even some isolated
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tornadoes with these fast-moving storms. it will be windy wednesday, but even windier that night with wnw winds gusting up around 50 mph! the strong winds will continue into thursday and friday with much cooler temperatures. however, the weather will turn around just in time for the weekend with lots of sunshine and 50s saturday and 60s sunday!
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10:17 pm " jack: you'll see all kinds of veteran's tributes tomorrow on veteran's day. but this one is
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decending on washington d-c for the boone county freedom flight. stephanie: for ten hours, local heroes toured memorials dedicated to their service, where fallen commerades were remembered as well. "there you go sarge we got you, we didn't forget you." stephanie: a long day for them- they were up for nearly 20 hours straight flying to d-c and back home. stephanie: but it was just as they were ready to call it a day, when organizers had one more surprise for them. jack: local five's elias johnson shows us. nat - diet coke? at a crusing atltitude of 30-thousand feet, boone county veterans have their first chance to take a breath and reflect on their 10-hour day touring the memorials dedicate to their service, nat is that the last bag? when freedom flight director don batt walks five suitcases to the front of the plane, one by one don batt - boone co. freedom flgiht director and these five bags are our duffel bags we have here and they're our duffel bags, so to speak, our mail call for out veterans for anyone who has served overseas, mail call was the only connection to life back home bruce schuller "just liek the old days -
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waiting for mail call!" clarice kostelnick - viet nam nurse "i had no idea this was coming at all." but unlike letters they recieved during battle asking how they were doing, these messages from friends, family and school children offer something different clarice kostelnick - viet nam nurse "thank you mom, capt claire, for your service..." "i'm sure the things you did had a big impact on our country." "you may not think you are a big deal, you are a big deal." some of the notes draw big smiles nat thomas matt "these really touched me" clarice kostelnick - viet nam nurse "i can hardly read through the tears." others bring out emotion that had been long forgetten bruce schuller "its someting i havent' felt in a long time...and its good...its really good." when george silberharm saw who his first letter was from nat - great geandkids the stack went back inside the yellow envelope nat "oh, george" --- he'll get to them when he gets home don batt "this is their homecoming. we want to make sure to welcome them home and give them a simulation of what it
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hard to picture a happier ending to what will go down as the perfect day for 146 local heroes, nat "it's a goo deal" thomas matt "hard to imagine how special this has been." bruce schuller "just like the old days, that's all i can say." clarice kostelnick - viet nam nurse it's been a very emotional day, but very rewarding day too...great trip. elias johnson local 5 news - we are iowa jack: this was the second part of elias' story on the boone county freedom flight. you can catch the first part on our website, we are iowa dot com. stephanie: sports director jon schaeffer in now and jon a big move up in the
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playoff poll for iowa jack: jon: yeah guys-- and iowa is still unbeaten at 9-0 coming up on local 5 sports they'll look for number 10 against minnesota we preview that game and take a look at tonight's new college football playoff poll.
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the iowa hawkeyes are rolling in wins-- 9 to be exact. it's a place many fans probably didn't expect the boys in black and gold to be. the hawkeyes will take on minnesota saturday looking for a 10th straight win-- and could be nearly a lock for the big ten championship game. alex giaimo has more as the hawkeyes get ready for the golden gophers. "iowa has a chance to be the first team in school history to win its first ten games... but still their mentality remains the same...the only thing that matters this week is beating minnesota on saturday. (kirk ferentz) we've got a real big challenge and we are going to have to have a good week of preperation but that's really the best way to get there and we've tried to explain that to our players and whatever they may have been dreaming up you can only get there by doing well week by week. and that's about all you can control i know it's boring and mundane. (giaimo) last season the hawkeyes were blown out at minnesota. they'll be using that bad memory as motivation. (austin blythe) anytime you lose like that to any team, you know, it's a really bad loss and leaves a bad taste in your mouth and we are looking forward. (cj beathard) we know minnesota is a good team i mean obviously they got the best of us last year but we have a different team. it's a
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different season and we feel different about this season and as long as we go in there and focus and be prepared. i think we will go out there and play our best football. (giaimo) with each win the expectations for this team grow bigger and bigger but the hawkeyes remain grounded. (leshun daniels jr.) we don't have any pressure we just go into each week the same. you know, we got to prepare and if we do all the little things right come saturday everything should take care of itself. (giaimo) and saturday will really be something special. the hawkeyes will be wearing all black alternative uniforms for the 7pm kickoff and they'll be playing in front of a sold out crowd at kinnick stadium with a chance to make history. in iowa city with your hawkeye headquarters report, alex giaimo " a look at the college football rankings-- this is the second one to be released this sesaon-- iowa moves up big to number 5
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from number 9. clemson-- alabama-- ohio state--notre dame are your top 4. baylor the highest big 12 team at number 6. stanford, oklahoma state-- lsu-- and utah round out the top 10. tcu fell out of the rankings after a loss to okey state this last weekend. iowa state welcomes the cowboys to jack trice saturday afternoon. this afternoon harlan-- the two time defending champs in 4a volleyball took down pella 3 sets to none. they're a step closer to their third consecutive championship. for head coach angie spangenberg-- this is familiar territory as she looks to push her team through the semis into a championship match friday afternoon. and they're doing it after the jess schaben era at harlan. "you know we went to jess as many times as we could last year but we also had kids who could bring it in addition to jess. so these three have played and suited since they were freshman so they knew what it takes to get here so i think we had a great
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group coming back then we add some sophomores and juniors that really bought into it we've worked hard. " so let's run through 4a results-- on the bottom half of the bracket-- harlan beat pella and will play bishop heelan at noon on thursday. on the top side lewis central and west delaware are moving on to the semifinals. in 5a quarterfinals-- number one dowling was shocked by hempstead 3 to one-- centennial over johnston in 5 games. the jags will take on hempstead thursday morning. and bottom half of that bracket-- bettendorf and cedar falls are moving on. jon we'll be right back. brad: weather adlib: . it will be windy
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windstrong winds will continue into thursday and friday with much cooler temperatures. however, the weather will turn around just in time for the weekend with lots of sunshine and 50s saturday and 60s sunday! stephanie: jack: thank you for spending your time with us
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