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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  December 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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hawkeyes work to keep their winning streak alive. we've got reports from the big ten championship in indianaoplis. the news starts in 30 seconds. "you're watching local
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team and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: what is better than a friday in the 50s? maybe a saturday in the 50s! look for clear to partly cloudy skies as we head through the night. temps will not fall as much as last night thanks to southerly winds of 5- 10 mph, but some likely outside the metro. saturday will be another mild and dry day for the midwest with southern iowa reaching the 50s again while mainly 40s will be expected to the north. iowa" stephanie/1shot tonight, downtown area has businesses taking another look at security. good evening. i'm
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jack has the evening off. the extra precautions come after a fatal shooting on court avenue. new tonight, the man police say is responsible is behind bars. stephanie: 24-year-old dresean barber is accused of shooting and killing 21-year- old edmanuel perez sunday morning. he's charged with murder and attempted murder of andrew hurley- boyd. stephanie: tonight, some businesses near the murder scene have added extra security. local five's jacob peklo joins us live now from downtown with more. jacob? jacob that's right, stephanie. able to see all here tonight, but you can probably sense their presence. there are six off duty police area, with more tomorrow as it's due to the warmer weather, crime that took place here last weekend. funk, court avenue property manager: "i don't know why but i feel a sense of relief." after a deadly shooting, right in matt funk has taken a
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security guards, although he's not sure how long they'll be in place. funk says he'll be working with the individual business owners to decide if extra cameras s e worthwhile. on the phone/matt funk, court avenue property manager: "they're going to after january 1st, want to review the benefit and cost. i'm not the one who gets to decide that. i will just relay information and then they'll make decisions." in the meantime, people are going downtown, in droves, with another mild weekend on tap. becca hawkins, drake junior: "i'm not too concerned about downtown. i feel safer downtown than i do around my neighborhood." funk says because of city ordinances, whoever installs the cameras would not be able to point them across the street, so he'd have only a limited addition being recorded. on the phone/matt funk, court avenue property manager: "there are certain aesthetic elements of the building that make it so that there's not very much to see." those headed downtown tell us the security measures are a good idea, at least until things calm down in the area. noah chalfant, urbandale resident: "you don't want to feel like people are constantly being watched, you know. do it for a short time, and
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they're pleased with funk's decision to take extra precautions. moines police department: "we're always pleased when we can have more uniform presence down there." and if more businesses feel inclined to hire more security, the police say they're ready to go. sgt. paul parizek, des moines police department: "i can't remember there's ever been a shortage of off duty. i mean, it's christmas cash." the businesses i spoke with tell me they're still looking at the costs of cameras as part reporting live in moines, jacob news. we are iowa. stephanie: and just, a reminder for those heading down this weekend...those extra police officers will be on patrol tomorrow night as well, but not on sunday. stephanie: new information on the san bernardino couple--who carried out that deadly rampage wednesday. the female suspect--using an alias--pledged allegiance to the leader of isis on social media--just hours before carrying out the attack--the fbi saying it is now investigating these "horrific acts" as an act of terrorism.
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a first look inside the apartment sayed farook shared with his wife--tashfeen malik--and their six month old daughter--eviden ce of a life left behind--personal items--clothes hanging in a closet--little shoes--an empty investigators anything the important. " "we found two cell those cell phones crushed. we have phones and we do continue to exploit the data from the cell phones. we do hope that the digital individuals will take us motivation. stephanie: investigation continues, new video of that dramatic police chase, farook driving--tashfeen malik--firing out the back. gunfire echoing through the streets of san bernardino. the pair was killed in the hail of gunfire. the f-b-i says it has no evidence--yet--th at isis directed the attack on farook's colleagues--killi ng 14 and injuring 21. stephanie: to stuart now where officers investigate a meth dealer in town. they got a tip that someone in the home was selling meth to minors. the officers found meth and drug paraphernalia.
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arrested during the search. stephanie: clive landowners are speaking up after the release of a controversial flood map. more than six hundred homes and businesses are affected by the new flood maps released by fema. this new map would make homeowners in the indian hills neighborhood buy flood insurance--even though they've never had a major flood. the city of clive says although they're not in charge of making the maps, it's just a matter of time before a flood occurs. doug ollendike "youre looking at the probability of a hundred year flood event occuring, the probability of that is one percent per year." bill raine "for a home in a neighborhood that doesn't flood, we believe that's too much for a just in case this tiny little possibility might exist." a meeting with fema is scheduled for tomorrow fema is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9-am at the indian hills junior high school. stephanie: we're just 27 days away until the governor's plan to privatize medicaid care in iowa goes into effect.
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and these proposed changes are distressing for families who rely on medicaid for health care. one dubuque family says the switchover is just happening way too fast.. local 5's katie wiedemann has their story. alyson beytein has three adult sons, all who have autism. two of them are enrolled in medicaid. including zachary, who uses medicaid exclusively as his health care provider. earlier this week she received medicaid enrollment forms in the mail. both of her sons were automatically enrolled in two different networks. patients do have the option to switch networks, but she had trouble finding dubuque based doctors in any of the networks. we called all four iowa medicaid managed care organizations, to see which doctors are
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several told us either their system was down or many doctors aren't listed because they are still in the application process. amerigroup, however, did list several major medical providers in dubuque as in- network. beytein believes all of this confusion could be avoided in the governor's office would slow down. stephanie: local 5's cheif political correspondent, amanda krenz, sat down with the governor to ask him the same thing today. "i understand the hostpital association is concerned about the changing to a new system that really focuses on improving outcomes. they're use to a system where they got rewarded for
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these three major hospital systems signed contracts with the managed care providers. university of iowa hospitals and clinics, unitypoint health, and the genesis health system represent 3300 providers. stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at 10... got your game gear for the big 10 championship? we'll see what t-shirt maker raygun is doing to support the hawks. then.... " " stephanie: and...despite a really mild about winter tonight. we go inside a that is pure winterwonderla nd.. brad: toss)) "monday on good a police force turns to the dark side...
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approach to recruitment it's a video that will make a sith lord proud. and we get a fresh look at the forecast. ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! " "your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with jack miller, stephanie
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edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." stephanie: brad brad: weather adlib: what is better than a friday in the 50s? maybe a saturday in the 50s! look for clear to friday in the 50s? maybe a saturday in the 50s! look for clear to partly cloudy skies as we head through the night. temps will not fall as much as last night thanks to southerly winds of 5- 10 mph, but some refreezing will be likely outside the
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midwest with southern iowa reaching the 50s again while mainly 40s will be expected to the north. winds will remain southerly from 10-20 mph with partly cloudy skies. the clouds will increase saturday night with a few light showers possible by sunday morning. sunday will be cooler with nw
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around until later in the afternoon. next week will remain mild and dry until about friday. it looks like we will have several chances to reach the with monday, tuesday and thursday being our best chances. in that thursday might even reach 60 in some locations! cooler
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the end of the week along with some rain. that's right- it is looking like rain, not snow as our mild winter begins! brad stephanie: jack: stephanie: plans to enjoy
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weekend? share your photos with us! head to our website, we are iowa dot com. and click on the share it tab! stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at ten, footballs done so bring on the hoops. high school basketball highlights later in sports. stephanie: next.... the t-shirt gurus at raygun are at it again. see the hawkeye gear they've churned out for tomorrow's big game.
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of hawkeye- inspired t-shirts. just in time for the big ten championship game against the spartans tomorrow in indy. local 5 took an inside look --
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stephanie: to be sporting if you're going some black and
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game -- share your pictures with us! you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. send us an email to: "news at we are iowa dot com" show us your hawkeye pride and you might see yourself on air this weekend. stephanie: jon is here now-- and while yes all eyes are on indy tomorrow. tonight it's high school hoops. jon: that's right stephanie! coming up on local 5 sports we'll feature a couple of games out of the ciml as basketball season gets tipped off.
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comes the start of basketball season. high school hoops tipped off this week. plenty of action around the metro tonight we start with a ciml showdown. west des moines valley hosting roosevelt. start with the roughriders using the three ball-- ethan shafer showing some touch-- knocks down the trey. then they do some work inside-- that'd get the riders out to a 5 nothing lead. but valley pushing back austin hinkle driving and goes high off the glass gets it to fall and one-- converts the three point play. turner scott know using some handles and uses the window-- bank is open for a pair.
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beyond the arc too nate dennis from the corner nothing but net for the three 11-5 tigers first quarter. roosevelt finally with an answer-- eli dotson the fall away kiss off the window and in but valley using the size mismatch inside quinton curry posting up nifty left floater falls... valley rolls over roosevelt... 61 to 42 the final. over to dowling taking on sioux city heelan. sam ingoli gets the ball rolling-- drives-- puts it off the window and in for a pair. but deandre answer-- pull up jumper rattles the top of the key 2-2 ingoli-- nifty crossover drives and has the easy lay in.. but heelan elija hazekamp and in for a pair. dowling three from the eastman no doubt about it dowling up 5. but ross otte backs off the defender at the
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down... we had a pat mitchell sighting-- former maroons standout and north dakota basketball player. check out the back door pass from ted brown to stevie sarcone doesn't get easier than that. dowling cruises 55 to 40. jon: it's a regular headline-- national college football analysts don't think iowa belongs. well today jordan furbee heard from a couple of the college gameday analysts. he has more from indianapolis. " well jon we're less than 24 hours away form kickoff here at lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. now all season long iowa against the world especially in the eyes of the national media well earlier today we against the world especially in the eyes of the national media well earlier today we caught up with two college gameday analysts who certainly haven't been on the iowa corner to get their thoughts on the hawkeyes. (kirk herbstreit) i think that's maybe a little bit of iowa's fans maybe feeling that. as an outsider ive respected the prgram for a l0ng time how could you not? jut because of the way they recruit the type of the type
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way theyve developed them in the weight room. they do all the things you need to do as a winning program at the same time. they ened to beat a team like michigane state they ened to ave a solid. against a powerhouse program to be able to say see we told you so. and then there'es your moment. (david pollack) i dont care if people like me its just not one of my stregnths but i think the national perception has changed but its also dififucjlt to jusge iowa with who theybr played. theyve been very beneficial dosging ohio state michigan state penn state thats a good schedule. theres a lot of teams in the country that i think would be undefeated right now. this is a great stage for them and great opportunity if there is still people that doubt and hate and they can shut everybody up and they can go to the colleg football final four and shut more people up and thats the great thing about this they dont have to worry about anybody else." "now as mr. pollack said it's now all up to the hawkeyes a win and they're in and they can silence those
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college football playoff we'll find out that result in less than 24 hours that's going to do it for now from indianapolis at lucas oil stadium i'm jordan furbee local 5 sports we are iowa. iowa and michigan state duke it out iowa and michigan state duke it out starting at 7pm on saturday night in indy. kickoff is lined up for 7:17. catch the action on fox. jeff woody and i will preview the game a little more tomorrow night on cyhawk rewind at 6:30 saturday night. jon/2ram (wrap sports) stephanie: we'll be right watching local five news at 10.
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stephanie: this time of year, a good way to warm up is sharing your home with one of the many animals that are without a family... ramsey subaru of des moines has partnered with the animal rescue league for a special "share the love event" saturday... they will have
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hand, with a special reduced adoption fee of just 25-dollars.. that carries over to all a-r-l locations. they hope to find as many homes as possible for pets... stephanie: and despite the warm temps, we're just about 20 days away from christmas! waukee held their annual winter fest celebration tonight. there were ice sculptures, free soup, cookies and hot chocolate, plus plenty of opportunities to give to those in need. this is a fantastic night the weather is mild we have a ton of young families in waukee a lot of little kids so it warms my heart to see these people coming out here tonight stephanie: and brad you were out there helping all those residents celebrate tonight. brad: weather adlib: what is better than a friday in the 50s? maybe a saturday in the 50s! look for clear to partly cloudy skies as we head through the night. temps will not
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southerly winds of 5- 10 mph, but some refreezing will be likely outside the metro. saturday will be another mild and dry day for the midwest with southern iowa reaching the 50s again while mainly 40s will be expected to the north. winds will remain southerly from 10-20 mph with partly cloudy skies. the
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sa and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, from "captain america: civil war," chris evans and
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"jessica joneses," kryen ritter,
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