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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. and a blizzard slams the midwest overnigh last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. about the gop frontrunner's taxes. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answs questions for the first time about why he won't help the fbi break into the san bernardino shoer's phone. >> this case is not about the phone. this case is about the future. >> his message for victims' families and this morning, new reports isis supporters may be threating facebook's mark zuckerberg. ancharge. the elephants caught on camera heading straight for a u.s. senator.
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call. and good morning, america. pretty scary moment for senator jeff flake. you kept the elephants calm. >> the slowest elephant can outrun the fastest man. thankfully they can't outrun the safari jeeps. >> welcome back. great trip a lot of news to get to including this rescue unfolding right now. a live look at rockaway beach. a fishing boat got in trouble and a coast guard went in to get it. see how roy the seas are and the coast guard ship actually overturned. so far everyone is okay but the rescues going on rig now. we'll stay on top of in this morning. take a look now at waverly, virginia, where a state of emergency was declared. 53 reported tornadoes in just the last 48 hours stretching from texas up to virginia and at least eight weather-related deaths and more than 70,000 people without power this morning. we have full team coverage
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with abc's gio benitez in lancaster, pennsylvania. good m morning tyou, gio. >> r reporter:my, good morning to you. the rain is still coming down and there is just so much debris all over the place. this house and barn just completely destroyed. anand we're eing damage like this all across the east. overnight, a tornado emergency. twisters touching down along the east coast, state of emergency issued in virginia after a tornado went tearing through the farming town of waverly. >> everything on main street is down, damaged, some houses. one house was caught on fire. >> reporter: four people were killed including a toddler. the search continues this morning for more victims. in north carolina, this twister caught on camera. >> it was pretty, pretty terrifying. >> felt like the whole house was shaking. >> repororter: sev houses ripped apart and dozens more suffering major damage. >> it's amazing that no one is hurt with all the dage we had. >> reporter: in the midwest
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havoc for drivers. in illinois, highways littered with cars in illinois after nearly a foot of wet snow fell. overnight torrential rains slamming the northeast, blinding conditions forcing drivers to pull off roads. winds paing such a powerful punch, thihis semi tctor trailer getting knocked to itsts side on the heavily traveled george washington bridge. power lines down and igniting across new jersey and in philadelphia, winds dropping trees on cars and houses. the storm forcing nearly 3,000 flight cancellations, 1,200 flights into and out of chicago alone. and back here in lancaster, pennsylvania, we can tell you the national weather service will be coming out to look at this damage to see if that was caused by a tornado or not but the good news right now, perhaps a miracle, no injuries and no deaths reported, sam. >> unbelelievable,io and the
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look for is whether the straight line winds was just a pushing damage or they'll to see if there was a twist. if there is a twist, pow, tornado. now, if you think that february storms an't powerful look at the size of that tornado. this is just one of them we were talking about. that one in evergreen, virginia. now to waverly, virginia, a town waking up this morng destroyed. a town that's looking around and realizing that at least three members of their communityty are phillip mena is there live. hey, phillip, just tell us what you see around there. again, monster storm. >> reporter: the devastation in this town is just striking, as we mentioned right here is where those three people were killed including that toddler but the trailer they were in when the storm hit is nowhere to be found. alll that is left are these piles of lumber and twisted metal and over there the remnants of what was yesterday a functioning laundromat. you can see the change machine
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authorities are still assessising the damage. everyone has been accounted for but it's going to be months before they can rebuild. so sam, just a devastating blow to this community. >> i got to tell you when people walk out the door and d they can realize where their streets are or where the markers that they knew every day in their neighborhood it's unbelievable. this storm isn't done. we have power behind it. we've got a big blast of cold air, some areas will still get snow. snow wrapping araround thereat lakes and in it was a big snow system as well, 15 inches in indiana. 10 near flint, michigan. you'll get more snow today. this cold air charges in and these are the storm warnings still out for that. so watch that low pull away then know we've got some big changes in the northeast all t way in the great lakes coming. watch these temperatures from the 50s today, pow, to the 20s friday morning. saturday morning, just 12 degrees in burlington, sunday, 31 degrees. cold air in new york city, it bounces back by the end of the weekend but right now it's cold
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that storm damage. > okay, s, thanks very much. we move on to the race for the whe house. it's "your voice, your vote" and with super tuesday just five days away, donald trump has lots of momentum after three straight wins. tonight's gop debate may be the last best chance for his rival to shake things up. jon karl hasas all theatest. >> reporter: we're down to just five candidates on the stage tonight. if the others can't find a way to slow trump down, it won't be long until we're down to one. at a predebate rally in houston, marco rubio showed a new willingness to take on donald trump. questioning whether he's ready to be commander in chief. >> you can't just say when i get there i'll hire the smartest people a they'll tell me what to do. >> reporter: in a fox newsws forum last night both ruo and ted cruz questioned trump's conservative credentials. >> we are not going to allow the conservatitive movemt to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative. >> donald wins the general
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what he'd do as president. i mean, yoknow, we need a president we can trust. >> reporter: trump is also taking fire from the last gop nominee, mitt romney, over his unreleas tax returns. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. when people decide they don't t want to give you their taxes it's usually because there's something they don't want you to see. >> reporter: trump fired back tweeting that romney, quote, blew an election that should have been won and is now playing ththe tough y. coming off three saight wins, trump now seems confident he's on his way to the nomination. >> i mean, it's going to be an amazing o months. [ cheers and applause ] we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right. >> reporter: he's even musing about his poteial l vice presidential pick. the outsider saying he may go with a washington insider. >> i do want somebody that's political because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed that's just sitting there for years and yes and years.
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support. just yesterday, george, he was endorsed by two junior members of congress, his very first congressional endorsements but as he told you just yesterday, endorsements are a, quote, waste of time. >> he did say that. you're in front of that board. let's give everyone a sense of why we call it super tuesday. what's at stake? >> this is the single biggest day of the entire primary. nearly 600 delegates at stake, about half you would need to clinch the nomination. you've got most of the big states in the south, a little bit of new england, a little bit of the midwest and, george, this is also where you can continue to get delegates even with a second or third place finish. >> donald trump ahead in most of the polls in most of those states right now so both rubio and cruz have to find somewhere to get a w. >> reporter: especially ted cruz. his home state votes, he has to win texas and his entire campaign has been based on winning in the south. if he can't find a way to win there it's lights out for that campaign.
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where he can win but you can look at where he's spending his time. a lot of time in minnesotata, virginia, tennessee, oklahoma, unclear which of those states he can win but he's got to show he can win somewhere.
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8:47 am just before almost killing himself. you know, we loved him, you know. >> taron, you nailed it. >> nailed it. >> absolutely nailed it. >> thank you very much.
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had you been on skis before. >> never in my life. >> come on. >> never in my life. i had to learn for the film, yeah, yeah, i didn't take to it like a duck to water. i have to say. >> no? >> but i gave it a good go just like eddie. >>ust like eddie and i got to tell you, hugh, your character, you play a former ski jumper. >> yeah. >> a lot of talent, but a bad attitude. >> exactly. >> you're here to teach him but eddie really steves you. >> he kind of brings me out. it's sort of his redemptive talent, friends and how friends can bring out the best in e each other and both are outsiders but my character had all the potential and none of the endurance or courage or stick ability that really eddie had. i watched this what friends and one mum said every kid should see this movie because it kind of says you don't have to win in life to be a winner and that's what i love about the feeling of this movie, the theme of this moved. >> what was the like working with someone like mr. jackman over there.
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i mean, the movie is inspirational and uplifting but it's just so funny. we just spent two months laughing at each other. i kind of made it my mission to tryo put hugh off through every single scene. >> did it work? >> oh, yeah, you can watch the movie. >> moments where you see me laughing and they made the cut but he is hysterical. >> the transformation was just incredible. do you still find yourself mimicking eddie a little bit. >> two months after we finished shooting my mother kept going, stop doing eddie. >> give us the eddieace. >> brilliant. i know. on cue. >> i know you posted on certnly media that you had another go-around. >> yep. >> with your skin cancer but everything is good. >> everying is great. skin cancer is out. by the way, mine is the most minor form of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma. regardless who you are get checked. please don't me as a kid and i
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>> youon't have to win to be a >> that's it. eagle" opens this friday. thank you,u, gtlemen, very much. >> lovely. >> what a great message. i love that. we were both like got to take the kids. all right, coming up, everybody, the best moments from "gma" on
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we're back and don't go anywhere. i want to show you cool stuff. amy is back from that incredible adventure, "gma" on safari l live right in there and it was incredible to see in the crater but i was curious when you were there, all the new technology ththat you guys were using, there's been poaching at these park before. is this the time we can turn the corner on that a and there won't be. >> everyone is certainly hoping so because having these otected areas first of all they have a high concentration of armed anti-poaching, y know, throngs of security going around and they are helped and aided by drones, by live
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happening in realtime and go out and stop it and hopefully it will be a preventative. people will know if i go out there i'll bee caught. it isn't going to pay off but these images a so stunning to look a and i wanted to bring a little bit of africa back with me for you guys so, sam, i hear you really liked my hahat. it's a little war torn here but i thought you might wear it well. >> i can't wait. >> sam has never worn a cowboy hat in his life. >> except for every wednesday night. >> beautifulul necklaces for lara
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the tanzanian ministry of west. we'll see you for l.a. sabrina: roosevelt high schools has taken steps to make students of any gender identity feel safe. the metro school has opened up two of its restrooms, that were for staff use, to be used as "all-gender restrooms." the change follows a student petition that went to school leaders. no one is required to use them, but are students. new this moines police a man with a double homicide
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sabrina: last night investigators arrested a man in connection with the november deaths of amy and amber fraaken. following an interfiew with police, officers charged 47- year-old barney fraaken with two counts of first degree murder. on november 22nd, his wife and daughter were found shot to death inside of a home on hull avenue. fraaken was taken to a hospital for self-inflicted injuries...and was released from medical care yesterday. police believe the shooting may have been related to a domestic conflict. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/
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>> announcer: over 40 years of unbearable pain. >> it's a full-blown migraine.
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through the top of my head. >> announcer: what if it was not a migraine at allergy this time. >> it's a migraine imposter. >> a healthy donut? >> announcer: and bill's latest strategic for fighting the zika virus before the summer olympics. >> staying healthy on and off the red carpet, today! >> dr. travis: we are covering a lot today, the first hot topic, a new fitness class is offered to kids as young as 8 years of age. does it do more harm than good? many kids dream to grow up to be a princess, detective or doctor, there are a handful of children in england who have their eyes set on ... pole dancing? pole fitness, the female instructors, are putting on


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