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tv   Local 5 News at Ten  ABC  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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wells fargo arena tonight.
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who's closing in on state championships. local 5 news at 10 starts in 30 seconds. "you're watching local 5 news at 10 in hd .we brad/wx wall weather adlib: winter has roared back into the picture on the first day of march, but can we expect any lamb-like weather in our future? well, the answer is yes! tonight will be cold though with clearing skies and temps falling into the 10s. at least the winds will be calming down in between weather systems. however, our next weather system will take long to come our way with clouds increasing quickly
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wednesday. there could be some light rain showers developing over the metro by late in the day and into the early evening with snow developing again north of the metro. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie: super tuesday voting is wrapping up and the numbers are coming into the local 5 newsroom. let's take a look at the latest results... stephanie: right now donald trump and hillary clinton are the projected winners for super tuesday. each taking home a majority of delegates from the states voting today. we'll have more coverage from super tuesday states later in the show. but first.... stephanie/2shot controversy swirling around des moines in- home daycares--and how many kids should be allowed inside.. good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot and i'm jack miller. it started with one complaint from a neighbor about a lack of parking on a residental street because
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stephanie: tonja boggs is licensed by the state to care for as many as a dozen kids at one time.. but a city ordinance says any care provider can only have half that number - six kids- in their care. . recently the city demanded she reduce the number of kids she cares for ...and launched an enforcement plan to review all other in- home care providers. jack: but tonight... that enforcement plan has been stopped, and the city is taking a step back. jack: local 5's nikki davidson is here to tell us why. nikki: right when the city announced they wanted to crack down on daycare providers.... they got a lot of complaints. it turns out enforcing that city ordinance would land hundreds of kids with no daycare... and as the city has hit the 'pause button' on this tonight... a group of providers are coming together to fight back. (nat kids) tonight as kids of all ages and backgrounds... sat together on their tiny stools to color their part of a bigger picture.... just one room over.... their parents and guardians.... a room full of strangers were painting their own picture of unity. 5:45:08 togther we stand, we stand strong you can pick us off one by one but having a group is
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they're a group of at home day care providers... licensed by the state... and now frusterated that the city of des moines has their own rules for how they should run their service.... 13:13:07 what they're doing is not right, the city and state need to align together and come together and let us providers know which way to operate. although the city says right now they're going to enforce a rule that says providers must limit the kids they care for to six... (they are trying to put out the fire) this group is rallying for when they do... they've got a plan to head to the next city council meeting to show them just how many people this ordinance impacts (parents will have to walk away from jobs, quit school, there is a terrible effect) providers say tonight... they can't imagine cutting kids from their service... 1:28:14 you're going to have a whole lot of kids out of a good childcare service and a lot of providers unregistered. and this isn't just about money... it's about the relationships.. 2:46:22 they become you're family i can't imagine having to pick out two kids to get rid of. and the service they provide.
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most imporatant is the children. nikki: tonight i spoke to city councilmen joe gatto over the phone... he told me the council chose to wait until they have more information to make a decision about the ordinance. he said there's no set time table for when the council will be ready to revisit the issue. in the studio nikki davidson local five news we are iowa. jack: the group of providers as you saw there... are not slowing down on this issue. they put together a plan tonight to speak as a group at the next city council meeting march 7th. we'll keep you updated on this story as it develops. we want to know what you think? jack: let us know, we may use your comments on-air. you can post you thoughts on twitter and facebook. or send us an email or give us a call . we'd love to hear what you think! the contact information is on your screen. stephanie: super tuesday is the first chance
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they do on a national stage. primaries and caucuses are held in 12 states on one night. tonight cnn and abc have projected that donald trump and hillary clinton have essentially "won" super tuesday. stephanie: but winning the states only means so much. you see here trump won 5 states. losing to cruz in texas and oklahoma. but the number of delegates cruz won in texas is huge compared to say those in massachusetts. clinton also taking home a majority of states, only losing to bernie in 2 states so far tonight. but again, it all comes down to how many delegates will vouche for each candidate. stephanie: one of the few states sanders ran away with tonight was his home state of vermont. that's where we find local 5's brittney hibbs. the crowds have come and gone.. bernie came out to give his speech much earlier than we anticipated. he won his home state of vermont and the crowds here reflected that. at times it felt more like a rock concert than a political rally. there were a number of bands and after his speech bernie even came back out to sing and dance with the bands. during his
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is not just about a president but about a political revolution." he said.toniht. you're going to see a lot of election results.. he said it's not just winner takes all... by the end of tonight we are goi g to win many hundreds of delegates... the crowd went wild. we talked with his campaign manager jeff weaver who said sanders was in great spirits tonight among friends.. he said tomorrow sanders will in michigan ready to continue the campaign. reporting for your election headquarters in vermont i'm brittney hibbs. stephanie: thanks brittney. the primaries and caucuses don't thanks brittney. the primaries and caucuses don't stop here. saturday folks in kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine and nebraska get to cast their ballots. jack: local 5 news is your local election headquarters. look for the
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of super tuesday tomorrow morning on good morning iowa, and up on our website, that's we are iowa dot com. jack: tonight is the biggest test so far for candidates electability factor. folks in super tuesday states say it's an important election and that people need to make sure they get out and vote. "i'm sure this is the most important voting period we could have. " "even within the parties, the direction of the country is at stakes." "you know people say, that they can't change politics. but they don't try most of the time. i think if they tried a little harder, we'd get better results." jack: and while iowans weren't involved tonight, they were keeping an eye on what happens. chris -"i like the fact that iowa doesn't necessarily go with the trend, go with the fad, and that it was a close race here. hopefully it will be equally as close nation wide but i guess we will see. " justin -"here, in iowa we have such access to the candidates. alot of these individuals in the voting states today didn't have that type of direct access so i think that is definitely a difference." jack: again for the
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tuesday states, visit our website, we are iowa dot com. stephanie/ram: tio the courtroom now ... and the boone county case that's taken years to get in front of a jury. it's day six of the alexander fazzino murder trial. fazzino is charged with the death of his wife emily, who was found dead in the bathtub. his defense team is blaming prescription drug abuse. stephanie: and today they called emily's own mother on that subject. cindy beckwith told the jury emily wanted private rehab in her parents home in the fall of 2011. beckwith said, under doctor's instructions, she went through four days of detox to get off her pain medication. it was all kept a secret from the boone community as well as emily's father, siblings and from her husband. she told the jury she then thought emily was cured and never saw her under the influence again. " four day rehab at my home, that was her request and i honored it"
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despite all this testimony, cindy beckwith said she thinks her son in law was to blame for emily's death, not the drugs. jack/ots: here's a lobbying effort that's easy to get behind. special olympics iowa athletes gathered in the statehouse rotunda today. they asked lawmakers to sign the pledge not to use "the r word" when describing people with intellectual disabilities. "it would be a dream if this was on longer around and people would only use the word "respect" and treat everybody the same way no matter who they are or what they look like." jack: it's all part of the national "spread the word to end the word" campaign. you can take the pledge yourself
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dot org." stephanie: coming up, ballard girls take on keokuk at the state tournament. see how they did in the 4a quarter finals. jack: plus, who wants to punch a ticket to state more on the boys side? valley or centennial? we'll show you. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot tomorrow on good morning iowa... the netflix series making of a murderer... has created a lot of attention for a wisconsin town...but what about the victim of the murder case.. we'll learn more about the woman whose life was cut short... and sam has a look at your forecast ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! "your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." brad: weather adlib: winter has roared back into the picture on the first day of march, but can we expect any lamb-like weather in our future? well, the answer is yes! tonight will be cold though with clearing skies and temps falling into the 10s. at least the winds will be calming down in
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systems. however, our next weather system will take long to come our way with clouds increasing quickly during the day wednesday. there could be some light rain showers developing over the metro by late in the day and into the early evening with snow developing again north of the metro. brad stephanie: jack: jack:
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joins us now-- and jon girls are at state-- boys trying to
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jon: that's right guys-- a great night of hoops around central iowa. coming up on local 5 sports we start at the well where quarterfinal action runs through tomorrow night. we have 3a and 4a highlights when
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" now, jon: for the first time in school history the nevada cubs are at the state tournament back to back seasons. they're defending champs in 3a-- and ranked number 3. they battled sioux center in the quarterfinals tonight as they try to defend their 2015 state title. the defending champs from nevada with a tough opener versus sioux center. warriors come out on fire in the first. the three from shayla post sparked a 10-0 run. time out nevada. sioux center led it by 3 after one. 2nd quarter, cubs answer back. kati cassabaum with the old
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nevada pulling closer. then it's lexy koudelka, down low. we're all tied at 22 heading into halftime. 3rd quarter, the splash zone heated up! cassabaum out stephenson then it's koudelka left wide open for three more. fey! from beyond the arc in the 2nd half. but today it was lexy koudelka's center was only a sophomore, she led the way with tournament best along with 10 rebounds. cubs shake off a rough start and are on to the semis with the 59-44 win. "sioux center came out shooting really well and kind of put us on our heels a little bit. once we settled down got the ball to our post knocked down a couple of threes we were good to go. i think our experience showed down the stretch. " "feels really good cool with my teammates. getting open cuts they were the ones getting me the ball so up to 3a top
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playing mount vernon-- the indians perfect so far this season. pocahontas gets rolling with a trey from grace meyer-- she had a double double 13 points 11 rebounds. kaitlyn volesky the rebutle with the mid range jumper for two. but the indians just rolling today-- ashlyn weidauer the trifecta falls in. then faith meyer drives baseline and lays it in-- and the pocahontas channel 4 news team is loving it-- they're kind of a big deal. how about some twin sister connection-- faith meyer to grace meyer and grace can lay it in nice and easy. that's a 20 point lead for pocahontas. then one of the best in the state elle ruffridge the three she had a game high 24 points. and right before half-- ruffrage again drives the stop and pop gets the roll.... pocahontas now 25-0 with the 83 to 43 win. and that is a record for scoring by a 3a team. this team is fueled by a runner up finish last year. #4 ballard and #5 keokuk finishing things up
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was the gabie doud show. the senior with the bucket down low. then it's rinse and repeat. doud had six of the bombers 11 first quarter points. but picked up 2 fouls in the 2nd quarter and would sit the rest of the half. and keokuk took advantage. makenzie pezley drops home the three. then it's brooke wade. that three ties it at 12. then with a minute to go, it's pezley again. chiefs up 18-17 at the break. 2nd half, doud comes down awkward on her ankle and gets helped off. she would come back in. and helps the bombers back in it. nails the three, down by 3. then with the big block. but with doud on the bench, keokuk would seal it. pezley with the layup, she had 19. 42-31 keokuk gets the win tonight. and in the last 2a quarterfinal that was played this morning-- manson northwest webster falls 59 to 47 to iowa city regina. the cougars finish the season 20-5. jon: coming up when
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boys 4a action to see who is heading to the well from the ciml. jon: the hawks nest
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ankeny and dowling even crazier with a state title bid on the line. jon:
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the girls state tournament is this week-- and next week it's the boys tournament. tonight 4a teams are punching their ticket to the well. the valley tigers are looking to get back to the state tournament after missing out on it last season. they get ankeny centennial tonight. bob fantana and the jags trying to avoid missing out on state again this year. valley a tough team to beat. turner scott on the fast break with the lay in this one was tight early. at the other end chase edwards the bucket off the glass and in. then there was this guy-- nick oelmann-- a three machine-- hits the long trey there. jags up 4 but scott with the answer-- this time the lay in with the right. here's the answer-- oelmann another triple. jags up 5. but right before half-- quenton curry gets the little floater to fall in and valley able to make a big run in the second half. and the tigers are well bound with a 68 to 51 victory over ankeny centennial. over to
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maroons up two in the third quarter-- cole scieszinski with a great look for three-- buries it.... but ankeny would make a run. in transition the outlet pass up to tyler maschoff-- the lay in and one for the three point play. then the man who had the assist on that play on the fast break-- lays it in that's drew maschoff. and the junior wasn't done there-- comes up with the steal and he'll flush it with two hands and the ankeny crowd ignites. hawks up 2. dowling though would answer back later in the fourth sam ingoli on the drive and he'll put it off the glass. then under a minute to play-- dowling trying to seal it up brendan dougherty the lay in and one-- three point play john petersen unhappy with the foul call would be t'd up twice and he's tossed.... the score not indicative of how close it actually was tonight dowling wins 69 to 58. #1 hoover taking on #7 ames. huskies beat ames by 1 at the beginning of the season. late 2nd
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the lead. and they extend it. eric steyer buries the three. later on it's carter mumm thru the lane and in. ames up by 6. then check out the rejection from colby shane!! little cyclones up 15-11 at the break. 2nd half, back comes hoover. douglas wilson backs up and in for two! then it's wilson out to kenny quinn for three! bang! huskies take the lead. and they wouldn't look back. hoover holds ames scoreless in the 3rd to take a 22-15 lead into the 4th. and they're headed back to state with the 31-24 win! to college hoops tonight was senior night for the hawkeyes hosting big ten champs indiana. clemons with the first points for the hawkeyes for 3 he buries it iowa up one. jarrod uthoff a fall away jumper he had 18 points on the night. then mike gesell opening up the triple iowa on an 8-3 run to open this game. thomas bryant helping indiana get back into it with the lay in 10-9 then nick
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uthoff 15-17 williams 17-20 wagner 20-24 woodbury 34-37 joke 39-42 wagner at buzzer 41-47 indiana wins 81 to 78 over the hawks. jon/3shot we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10.
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our future? well, the answer is yes! tonight will be cold though with clearing skies and temps falling into the 10s. at least the winds will be calming down in between weather systems. however, our next weather system will take long to come our way with clouds increasing quickly during the day wednesday. there could be some light rain showers developing over the metro by late in the day and into the early evening with snow developing again north of the metro. stephanie: thank you for spending your time with us tonight.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, will forte! from "the walking dedead," ross marquand! and music from miike snow! with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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