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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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home. tonight, deputies arrest a man in silva's murder. plus, continuing after yesterday's powerful storms. damaging winds leaves a couple picking up the pieces but thankful to be alive. where is the cheese? after facing a snead i can't furor from people who said the cheese was missing from inside their mozzarella sticks, mcdonald's could be forced to go to court. and the skies have finally started to clear up, but where do we go from here? we'll talk about specifics. abc columbia news at 11:00 starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11:00. thank you for joining us tonight for abc columbia news at 11:00. i'm alicia barnes. >> i'm ben hoover. 46-year-old adrian silva's body was found around 3:00 a.m. on the morning of january 3rd
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crashed motorcycle along the parkway in northeast columbia. officials say silva had been shot multiple times. this is video from that night. vincent may has been charged with silva's murder. we're waiting on details of the motive of the killing itself. investigators say they took connected a gun to the killing of a man in columbia. 45-year-old abeen patterson has been charged in the killing of timothy gentry. today's break came when the gun was tested that patterson was used when he robbed a woman and fired on officers just last july. police say investigators have not determined a motive for killing gentry who worked with children and did charity work overseas. let's talk politics now. a bill intended to make it easier for the public to obtain police dashcam video has been postponed in the senate.
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enforcement agency to get a judge's blessing before it can deny a public records request. if the judge believes it should not be released, a public can sue. let's talk weather now. very different day today than we saw yesterday. >> just a bit. not as wild. the calm after the storm we would like to call it tonight. chief meteorologist john farley joins us now with a look at what it's like just right outside our windows. >> yeah, you two, what's going on here, that storm is finally, finally pushing off the coast. a couple of last gasp showers. the temperatures are also coming down. we're in the 50s right now, 40s for a few of us. compare that to last night at this time where in the range of ten degrees cooler and that's what we should get used to. we're not going to see any warm temperatures for a little bit. in the 7-day forecast, there are no warm temperatures there. so getting going tomorrow
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a little breezy, but it will be clear. temperatures will dip down to around 40 kicking it off tomorrow morning. as we go through the day, a breeze from the north and temperatures will climb to the low 50s. that's as far as she goes. we'll be looking at 20s in the forecast. we'll get specific when that will map coming up in just a bit. >> john, thanks. one business is assessing the damage left behind f fm yesterday's storms. >> there's a lot of cleanup left but people are counting their blessings. jennifer ready has their story. >> the microbushes hit here in leesville. the roof that used to cover a shed is one sign ofhe damage left from wednesday's storm. crews worked to clean up the debris scattered cross tracy's logging. the national weather service says the microburst that hit the area packed 70-mile-per-hour winds, strong enough to leave its mark. >> when i looked out, you can see the old chicken house over
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coming down, the tin was swirling, the debris was flying like it was coming across the field. when i saw this shed here of my uncle's i saw it hit the ground. >> jody says the microburst lasted about 30 seconds. >> i could hear the tin and the debris and stuff like that. 10, 15 seconds i was in the hallway, it got quiet. >> a hay shed turned into a pile of wood, this roof once sat on top. across the property, tin scattered high up on trees and cars left without windows and dented from debris. >> i've spent my lifetime in this place, you know, i've built buildings and you realize how temporary those things are, you know, and how quickly they can be gone. but at the same time, you ask yourself, what do you do? you pick up the pieces and you go back again. >> while they pick up the pieces, owner tracy gunter is grateful for one thing. >> the good lord took care of
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we can put the buildings back, but people are a little more precious than that. >> as work continues, the owner here at tracy's logging tells me he hopes to have everything repaired in the next six to eight weeks, in lease vill, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. donald trump didn't win iowa but he still has a good shot to take on new hampshire. according to the new poll, trump is leading the field of republican candidates with 29% of support in new hampshire. the next three candidates are in a statistical tie for second. now, the poll was cononcted entirely after the iowa caucuses. it shows senator marco rubio with support from 18% of likely republican primary voters in new hampshire and senator ted cruz received 13% support. governor john kasich 12% and jeb bush 10%. the next pack of candidates is well behind with governor chris christie and carly fiorina pulling 4% in new hampshire. the poll also found out that about a third of likely
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hampshire are still undecided. a former olympic figure skater brought her campaign to hillary clinton to columbia today. michelle quan attended a clinton campaign event at columbia college. she said clinton is ready to build on the progress made by president obama. the campaign says quan previously served as a senior adviser for public diplomacy and public affairs and as an envoy for the u.s. state department. well, the richland 2 school board wants to hear from its students about the october incident that involved then school resource officer ben fields and a female student. >> abc columbia's beth russo has more on richland 2's student advisory council. >> preventing incidents like this one, between a spring valley high school student and resource officer ben fields is a top priority for the richland 2 school board. >> it was very, very difficult;
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was just unfortunate on many levels. >> susan bill, vice chairman of the board said the incident drew attention from parents locally, nationally and internationally. >> to see a student is definitely bothersome as a parent. >> it wasn't just parents, teachers and community members who had thoughts on the brawl. >> some of the kids did kind of step forward that very day, and then there were other students that were also supportive of the sro officer. so there were differences of opinion there. >> hearing those opinions directly from students, that's the purpose of the newly proposed student advisory council. >> there's so many decisions that we make that impact the students, and so it's great to hear what is it that would be important to them. >> student representatives from each high school, middle school and elementary school in the district will make up the council, which will meet with
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basis, an idea parents welcome. >> we're all there, the school board, the parents, teachers, everybody is there because of the student. i think it's great they're taking the opportunity to listen to those voices and those students that, you know, aren't often heard from. >> school board members are hoping to have the council approved and the application process complete by the end of this school year so that they can have the council in place at the start of the new year. reporting in the newsroom, beth russo, abc columbia news. well, i feel like i report this about this time every year. super bowl 50 is on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting event in u.s. history. ticket tracking site seek geek says the average ticket price is just shy of $5,000. hundreds of dollars more than the record-setting ticket price for the mayweather pack withdraw fight last spring. you know when you're beating that out, they're expensive. >> absolutely. this sunday you're going to be
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commercials probably than the super bowl, right? for the journalism class at usc that is the case. every year the class reviews the commercials and they also rank and rate the commercials. now, the super bowl of advertising class is gearing up for their big day and the chance to name the best commercial and hand out that coveted cocky award. >> it's always exciting on the day that we give the cocky award. most exciting of the year is we've had several where alumni were behind the scenes, creating the commercials and they come to campus to get the award which is really amazing. >> and the class will invite the winner to the university of south carolina to receive their award. your facebook feed may contain a new birthday reminder today. it belongs to the social media giant itself. facebook was founded 12 years ago today, but the co-founder wants the attention focused on users electing to name today friends day.
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president joe biden made history today as the first vice president to have a facebook page. biden posted some pictures on his page today, including the day he was sworn in as vice president. biden's first facebook post comes on world cancer day. the cause is near to biden's heart after his son died from brain cancer last may. president barack obama has also added to the list of people on facebook and he also has asked barack obama and joe biden have asked people to designate part of their page to add for the fight for cancer. joe biden said he would like his page to discuss those causes that matter. i didn't know he was on it. >> surprising the v.p. wasn't on. soon he'll be on snapchat. >> and periscope. >> speaking of which. the biggest bus in town took a field trip this afternoon just down the street from where he
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the higher education monster bus ventured on the children's museum along with monster truck driver jimmy tracy. >> my kids love the thing. everybody can relate to the school bus. that's something everybody can relate to. everybody has ridden on one. that's why we wanted to do something different and it turned out really good. >> okay. that thing is awesome. that thing is pretty awesome. all the kids who came out today received the discount for monster jam. there are shows tomorrow and saturday at colonel life arena. hopefully they can take that thing off-roading a little bit. >> yeah. i think that would be fun. it kind of scares me when you see those monster trucks. they're so big. >> it will pack colonel life. their genre of music made it the most successful bands in the 60s. founder maurice white has died from earth wind and fire. i saw this earlier tonight. we'll have more on his death
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it was an evening of local designs, all while helping a very good cause. we'll tell you about it next. hey, guys. tuesday is for one team. we're gearing up for super bowl 50 and showing our panther
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columbia starting at 5:00 a.m. well, rock 'n roll heaven has a new leader. maurice white, the bandleader of earth, wind and fire died last night in his sleep. white's brother and the group made that announcement on his facebook page. among the group's most famous tracks -- september, shining star, one of my all-time favorites and sing a song. white was 74 years old. >> so young. so young. well, after it looked like they were coming out of a sales slump, mcdonald's has a new battle. a california man is suing in a federal court over what he says is fake cheese in the company's mozzarella sticks. he's asking for his 1.27 b bk and seeking damages for u.s. customers who he says were lied to. mcdonald's website describes the cheese sticks being made with 100% real mozzarella but the complaint claims the fas chain uses starch additives and
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the court documents allege that the tests found that the sticks to contain more water and starch than federal food labeling actually allows. mcdonald's has vowed to fight the allegations. so what's next, midlands? many of you add chalk to answer that question on a gigantic eight-foot tall idea board. many shared ideas and brainstormed about the future on first thursdays at boyd plaza on main street. the goal is to generate 1,000 ideas between now and february 19th. >> working on a project like this, you know, i'm seeing a lot of different ideas from people and it's really cool that we're actually going to execute those and see those come to fruition in our community. >> by early march, two ideas will be selected and those ideas will be implemented and executed by june of this year. so they move fast on what's next. tonight, it was a night of fun, family and fashion in
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around the midlands. now, the cancer of many colors foundation put on a second annual fashion show for fighters. it was held at the holiday inn and suites in west columbia. many strutted their stuff on the runway. >> everyone that has supported this through the years and the people that will support us hopefully in the future, but it's not through them and their generosity, we could not do what we're doing. >> the dillards department store sponsored all the outfits worn by a models on the catwalk. and all the proceeds stay in the midlands may go to local survivors. when you head out today, consider wearing the color red when you head out tomorrow, i should say. it's almost tomorrow. tomorrow is national wear red day. you're encouraged to wear the
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the until one killer, heart disease. the event encourages you to take the first step toward a more heart healthy lifestyle. columbia city leaders donning their red will participate in aware red day photo shoot. these two always big supporters of this day. usc students have picked a couple toive them the wedding of their dreams and the best part, it's free of charge. the winner of the 22nd usc love story is janice and julian windedder. the winning -- windsor. the winning couple will receive a questioning picked out by the -- will receive a wedding picked out by the class. you had to submit ahoto. >> i didn't expect to win because of the age, i guess. there were so many, i knew there would be so many eligible young couples. it's very exciting. >> the students find local businesses and community members
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i'm assuming that they have the same last name and they're kind of renewing their vows. >> i love that idea. it's going to be great. i actually sat in on one of the classes where they plan the wedding. i mean, they cover every single base. it's impressive what they manage to pull together. >> so exciting to be able to see. now, everybody has a chance to be able to do different things for the wedding if you're part of the class. >> yeah. >> but the public doesn't get into it. >> no, no >> it's just the class. >> right. >> can't be able to see them walk down the aisle. >> john farley gets involved of course because every bride wants to know what the weather is going to be on their wedding day, right? >> absolutely.
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we start with a view of the flags across the street at the statehouse. they're starting to flap around a bit. the wind is picking up out of the west and that's going to do a good job clearing the skies overnight tonight. this is how it's going to go. clearing tonight, a little breezy at times. sunny and a little breezy tomorrow. kind of a cool, crisp weekend ahead. let's show you what's going on here in terms of the temperatures here. we'll start you with a little look of what rain is next. it's off the coast. behind it plenty of clearing. now we'll talk temperatures. as you get farther west, we're in the 40s. as the cooler air spills in from the north and west, things will be changing. you can see it here in the humidity field. it's pretty high humidity in the eastern midlands. in the western midlands we're way down. that will continue to dry out as the cooler dryer air spills in overnight. the big view shows that behind this storm front there's a lot of clearing. we've got some wind and clear skies.
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with us now for many days to come. we'll also get a plunge of kind of cool, maybe cold air early next week. overall it looks quiet for the next seven days. let's give you a look now at what's going on out there tonight. clear and breezy, we'll drop tonight down to around 40. for t t most part whahas out there now in terms of the clouds, they'll all be gone by the time you get up tomorrow morning. here is a look at tomorrow. the temperatures will settle into either side of 50. the wind, you'll notice it coming out of the north at times 15 miles an hour. a little bite to it. check out what's going on here. quiet. there's the plunge of cold air. tuesday, wednesday 40s with overnight lows down into the mid-20s meaning some of us could be colder than that. kind of a pretty cold start in the early part of next week. as far as rain, nothing there. that's your forecast.
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coming up next is sports. only way that we're going to win this game is if we pound this ball inside, pound it, pound it, pound it, pound it. >> dawndawn -- trying to match the best start in school history and make it 45 wins in a row at home before the big game next week. spring valley's dozier sitting this one out with a hand injury. we start in the second quarter. tiffany mitchell going to the hoop. oh, going down hard. mitchell already gone to the locker room once with a leg injury in this ballgame and severe pain, as you see.
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the two time sec player called for a charge on the play but stayed down several minutes, the entire building concerned. she had to be helped off. she ended up staying on the bench even though the doctor cleared her. third quarter, wilson, he put all stand yacht pumped out about the bucket and foul. it's called a technical foul, her first since 8th grade. dawn staley does not like the call. wilson 18 points, seven rebounds. the final seconds of third quarter, sessions the 70-foot buzzer beater. that gets the gamecock fans going, certainly the shot of the night from sessions. check it out again. nothing to it, right? this one a close one. usc up, a little more than two minutes to go. the former dutch standing out, coming up clutch. the doing it on defense, too. her fourth blocked shot seals it. usc's 45th straight win at
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carolina beats kentucky 78-68 for the second year -- the coach stepping up for the injured mitchell just like in the pan-am games in the offseason. >> honestly, it reminded me of when we were in canada and she went down there. i just lost one of my teammates. it puts a fire in you. when you lose one of your own, it puts a fire in your belly. i use that, keep going. >> mitchell expected to keep going for use's. dawn staleyly's team will not back down for the national chance. >> we're resilient. we're going to play you hard for 40 minutes and we're going to let the chips fall where they may. when you come here, you got to fight 18,000 people and us. you know, hopefully women's college basketball will give a great performance by both teams. >> we shall see.
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world colliding today for the carolina panthers. >> that's why i'm back in football right there. you heard it from snoop dogg. >> the rapper turned pop culture icon flipping the script at the super bowl for shizel. the players more excited to talk to him. cam newton came to his news conference, he completely changed when snoop stepped up to ask the question. >> no. >> working the media. >> talk to me. >> first of all, i want to say cam, oh cam. cam. cam dance for me. there you go. can and i get a 50% discount on pop john pizzas -- papa john pizzas. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> that will absolutely wrap it up for sports now.
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news. skies are clearing out and the temperatures coming down. we'll be in the 50s for the next several days. overnight lows will dip down around freezing. now, next week it's going to get well, really cold. we'll be in the 40s during the day and only 20s, in some cases probably even teens. when you look at 24 in columbia, 18, 19. going to feel a lot like winter over the next week or so. it looks like it stays dry for the whole time. >> gorgeous day on sunday. perfect day to stay inside and gorge ourselves with food and watch some football. >> that's right. >> why go outside when you can do that. >> that's all the time we have for abc columbia news at 11:00. have a good night. >> good morning columbia begins
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