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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon. it's flield thanks for joining us. i'm eric weisfeld and i'm rochelle dean and we begin this afternoon, with a story that continues to develop out of the low countries. sled has joined several other to investigate the shooting after deputy. the shooting took place as the arrest. >> this was the scene from an armed standoff. officials are reporting that the suspect in question has died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. chief deputy with the sherlock's office confirmed this is a female deputy. stay with a.b.c. columbia news. >> also developing this hour it looks good but we're talking
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>> it's still a little cool outside. i think we are hoping that it is changing for the better. jonathan kennedy for your first forecast. we have seen a lot of change over the last couple of days. we saw a lot of rain, and severe storms, and tornadoes watches. last couple days sunny and windy today will be chillier. 50 degrees, lots of sunshine, winds west and northwest. 15-miles-per-hour. so a little breezy but not as gusty as it was yesterday and the day before when we received gusts of 40-50-miles-per-hour. nice exquiet for us. sunshine. no clouds. temperatures pretty uniform, we started out in the lower 30's.
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48s, and, wagner and 50 degrees for everybody. winds will be maintained north and west. cooler and not as breefsy but some wind going outside. highs in the upper 50's and lots of sunshine and see if that carries over into the weekend. >> well the presidential hopefuls are coming onever of off their final debates and and trump was the target of his competition. rubio and cruz targeted his business record, personal wealth and commitment to social issues. it's a final push to stop his momentum and the businessman was not taking the shots lying down. >> i feel good about the polls, i'm beating him. >> not hillary. >> well if i can't, hey, ticket beat her you're really going to
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>> voters in twelve states and one u.s. territory will go to the polls tuesday. the democratic presidential hopefuls must focus on the voutters in south carolina. >> cline to will continue campaigning here. she'll be going to a rally today, at south carolina state university. at 4:45, clinton will be joined by her husband bill clinton for another rally. it will begin at 8. >> former president bill clinton has been stomping the campaigns real hard. he wowed the crowds yesterday. saying she is one candidate who can move it forward. >> what we need had to do is make america whole again, so
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that picture of the future. so we can all rise together. that's what this election is about. >> the chin tons have stops planned and their daugher will be joining, in charleston and here, and we have a complete list of all of those stops. meanwhile bernie sanders is back, he will be attending a tour rally, at 5:30. he will also attend a rally at the twp auditorium. remember tomorrow is the democratic primary. polls open at 7-7. if you already voted in the republican primary you cannot vote for a democrat this weekend. we'll have the complete coverage tomorrow. nearly 8 billion budget proposal heading to the house floor.
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education and for gives 12 million in loans to south carolina state university, and, it must meet certain conditions, a yearly increase in enrollment and a balanced budget and give income tax relief and floods. >> the highway patrol has released video from the night myers was arrested and this time calls to step down are getting louder. >> community members who have lost loved ones are leading this charge. dozens rallying outside all calling for the same thing. they want him to resign. they admit he has given four decades of service they believe unacceptable. happen. he's going to hurt somebody. >> critics say they'll search
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and the red cross asking you to roll up your sleeves and save a life. >> they are hosting up the blood drive. all you have to do is go by the convention center anytime before 3:00. well some major blood, sweated and tears to end the regular
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>> that's next. >> cart line na and penn state. and the bketball to mississippi statement and the women will try to close out the regular season in style. >> mitchell not starting in a first-place, last place match-up. u.s.c., would still go onto score 11 points. her replacement, bianca, scores the first 2 points of the ballgame. >> dominating another double-double. and asia wilson leads u.s.c. with 16 points. gamecocks turn the ball over 29 times but they still win
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66-459 final score. u.s.c. one win away from its first-ever undefeated season. they will host l.s.u. this sunday in the regular-season finale. >> thank you. it's almost time to play ball. the tickets are going sale for their season-opener. you can snag some by going to theire and, they take on the greenville drive april 14th. >> mcdonalds hope that sus mers will love local lori items. they can purchase low carb breakfast bowls.
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scrambled eggs and, hash browns and 460. mcdonald will also begin using yogurt in its parfaits and smoothies. well forget the food here's a little swig for the soul. america's first beer spa has opened its doors. taking a bath in the brew could be good for you. it has only been open for a week and already expanding with plans for a beer garden and a new coffee with hops in it. >> never heard of that. interesting. >> it's cool.
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up next. >> welcome back. a beautiful friday afternoon. it is a little chilly outside. 50 as you're heading out. plenty of sunshine. into the cloud in the sky. as you can see, nothing but clear skies and blue skies. sunshine, the winds northwest,
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some breeze but not nearly breeze we're seeing over the last couple days. we're seeing wind gusts up to 35-40-miles-per-hour. clear skies. not seeing anything in south carolina. it's growing to be a beautiful day. if we had winds out of the south and southwest we would be in the upper 60's, and winds will keep us cooler. 48 in newberry, and everybody else at 50 degrees. most areas saw a similar start. you can expect a uniform warmup and that's what we're seeing with almost everybody right at 50 degrees. winds, a little variable for us. we're seeing here, at 14 miles-per-hour. and the glow is out of the north and west.
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and no cloud cover. no moisture anywhere. that's a big difference from what we were seeing earlier. today 57. going to be sunny. 30 degrees. friday evening plans it will be chilly. going to the baseball game at 4:00. start out in the sunshine and go to the shade. that's when it is going to getet cold. breezy. nothing compared to what we were seeing earlier. >> radar quiet. snow squalls for the ohio valley. if you have some friday evening plans, around 50. and then 10:00 39 degrees. so be sure to bring the jacket and a big jacket. 39 will feel colder. satellite and radar nationwide
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just the ohio valley seeing some stuff. you have to go to san francisco to see some rain. look at the central plains, that's not typical. used to seeing big snowstorms. and nothing going on. like the weekend as well. not much different than what's happening right now. we'll stick with the sunshine. and cooler for us today and tomorrow. and below average and near 70s on sunday, i think we're in the 70's, monday and tuesday. and next chance of rain wednesday. >> you can't complain. >> we're rolling out the red carpet.
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as we count down to the oscars. >> not your typical movie to get the buzz. it brings an attitude full of action. now why this has some making a mad dash at an oscar nod. >> whether it is parting or thank goodness it is done. we have reached the final day, in the nominee. it's been an interesting week-and-a-half.
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and fiction. and it's probably the most out there of all of them. here's my take on the post future flick, mad max fury road. begins with max. he as survivor in the future where wars are fought for glean and water. and he is taken captive by a group of war boys and when it is discovered he has type o. blood he becomes a donor. the leader sends a group out on a supply run. it is led by furious. betrayal is soon realized. and he has taken all of the wives. the war boys are sent out to recover the wives. max is taken along so he can
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after that, he is able to free himself and enjoying it and free the women. as the movie progresses our senses become overloaded. they pull out all stops. and several factions step in and as many new enemies are made and new allies. the questions of what defines both freedom and home comes into play and in a world in which people have so little, they must adapt. there's no break from it. in the edge of your seat -- >> in a movie i already reviewed. so i felt the need to go back. my parents and my girlfriend, i am not afraid to admit when i was wrong. i did enjoy the movie. i said that it was stunning,
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from reality. i said that don't expect a deep movie with developing characters and expanding plot line. i referred to it as action pass car chase. they say it deserves the nomination and i watched it again there are some other things going on. i also found it crazy, the background and the landscape and all the stunts are real. >> charlie is fantastic but there was one thing that i said, that people e-mailed about and gave me praise. it was regarding tom hardy. >> you think it would be a tough task to fill the role beimel gibson. it is bane. for the first time for the movie, i kept expecting him to
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that's it. wow! i was tan back there the. this has been your last overview. i hope it has been a nice roadmap towards the oscars. sunday and see who gets the statue, feel free to email me. >> back to you. >> thanks. you know the design was also one of the oscar nods, and best picture. >> the red carpet will be mostly full of movie-stars and the big event is getting a special visitor from the white house. biden is attend to go send a powerful message for sexual assault awareness and, lady gaga is performing. >> you don't have to wait until sunday to catch all the glitz and glamour and see it tonight on journey to the oscars.
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it will feature stallone, and matt damon and more as they reflect on the key moments. tonight at 10:00. here. >> if you can't wait enough for the oscars, the red carpet will be rolled out this sunday on a.b.c. columbia, at 7. >> hopefully the os cars won't
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>> one last look at the forecast >> lots of sunshine cooler today and tomorrow. have the jackets. after that close to 70. >> thank you.
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we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> announcer: have no fear,
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