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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> people in parts ever the country are digging out after old man winter pays an unwelcomed visit. >> and temple doctors devote their day to make sure major health issues don't keep these athletes off the ice. >> and a wendy end to the weekend. >> powerful gusts whipped across the delaware and lehigh valleys today and trees came down and in some cases on top of cars. in other places the falling branches took power lines with them. and we have team coverage of the conditions outdoors and "action news" reporter annie mccormick standing by live in fairmont
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with a look at the damage there. threats get started with meteorologist melissa magee over at the big board, melissa. >> sarah it's second day of november and feels more like december when you factor in the blustery winds and really cold wind chills we've been dealing with throughout much of the day. as we look at peak wind gusts we had gusts of 48 miles an hour gusting as high as 47 in the poconos. wilmington, dover and atlantic city clocking in with gusts tvd 45 miles an hour. and here's the cup pretty and reason why it was windy. stormtracker 6 double scan radar show you this area of low pressure this coastal storm that affected areas of new england and heavy and early season snow. this is lifting on off to the north and east. and we have high pressure over the ohio valley that works its wayest ward and sandwiched in between so you get the winds funneling in out of the northwestch the northwest chill is stick ago around. temperatures currently in the 40s. you factor in the wind chill and it feels like we're in the 0s. doing 34 in philadelphia and 31
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in poconos and can't wind chill in sea isle city 41 and dover lower 30s. winds stick ago around and the chill future tracker behind gusts hows us as you wake up tomorrow morning it won't be as blustery as start to the morning monday as it is current limit still some pretty blustery conditions. 9 miles an hour expected wind gusts early in the morning and as we get to tomorrow, afternoon, these winds will slowly start to subside. we'll talk about what is ahead for the rest of tonight. and it stays breezy and chilly and a chilly start back to work early tomorrow morning and i'm tracking an early week warming trend. we'll fay a closer look at that good with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> let's move to annie mccormick live in fairmont park. hi, annie. >> hey, walter take a look at this damage left in fairmont parks this is a half of a treat split in half. this car is huge. 25 feet long. several hundred pounds. also, it totaled at least 5 cars and one woman tells us she feels
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like she had an angel on her side today. >> this is the damage the massive trae left behind trapping several cars including laura reardop. >> a tree hit four cars. >> they were walking in honor of her best friend and mom terri recommendly who died of lung cancer. she parked on this grassy knoll near avenue of americas. this is what is left of her car after the tree fell. tonight she's hanking her stars she turned back after the walk to take annual photo with friends. >> we could have been there minutes before but we all stayed to get this group picture. >> wind made walking tough and knocked over tents for the event. >> wind was so wild we had this tent completely blow over. all the framing pieces are shattered r scattered on it. >> the same gusts blew through wallford uprooting this tree an blocking traffic and delaware affected everywhere tally will have to wilmington.
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at the peak peco had power outages through the counties. that's where this tree reardon h dhon says she is thankful. >> little aen i could have been in that car. >> after the peco outages by this afternoon, there were only several thousand apd out annuals left. as for this situation here it has the not been cleaned up in several hours but we're told by tomorrow crews will be back out here to try to clean up this mess. reporting live in fair mopt park. annie mccormick for "action news" 10 at phl17. >> lots to cleanup, thank you, annie. new englanders honkerred down as snow pounded the area. along coastal massachusetts driving winds and ocean spray made it difficult to see. inland they needed help with
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snow removal equipment to clear the field before the patriots broncos game. more in the next half hour of "action news." don't forget to get the latest on changing weather conditions on 6abc. tune in starting tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. matt, tam, david, karen will have the accuweather updates as well as any of the latest headlines and traffic. >> it is the final push in the race for pennsylvania governor. both candidates had some big names in the philadelphia area this evening. and hoping to bring in those last minute votes. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live now outside of temple university. president barack obama made a campaign appearance tonight. kenneth. >> yes, sarah t. was president versus possible precedential contender as both men made pitches for tom corbett and with less than 48 hours to go before the polls opened. >> president obama and businessman tom wolff. governors chris christie and tom corbett. the race for pennsylvania
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governor came through philadelphia sunday night. >> he's not a professional politician he's somebody who knows how to create jobs and knows how to start a business and knows how to to serve the public. he's in it for the right reaso s reasons. the york county democrat pointing out his campaign promises to fund education and create jobs. >> pennsylvania is open for business for everybody. everybody. not just a favored few cronies, everyone. >> in ivy land bucks county the loud and tell is like it is republican governor is trying owe not to be the first in the commonwealth to the lose election. >> democrats are not coming out they're not cited in fact they're not excited about their own candidates they should not be. and they're not excited about tom wolff in pennsylvania.
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let me tell what you happens tuesday night, four more years. >> governor corbett defends his record at the spring hill rally and said his opponent will have to raise taxes to get when he promised my opponent wants to be ed rendell. tax and spend tax and spend. >> there's one thing they had in common they pushed people to get out and vote. >> you need to elects come corbett one more time on tuesday. >> you've got to vote and you have to vote for tom wolff and when you do i guarantee you a better future for the people of pennsylvania and the people this country. dmrod police you. god bless america. let's get to work. >> and as you would imagine tomorrow will be a busy day for wolff and corbett. governor will make campaigns and wolff will jump on a bus for a
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tour in lancaster and endsing in pittsburgh. reporting live in north philadelphia, ken, "action news" at 10 on phl17, sarah. >> kenneth, thank you. don't forget to make time tuesday to cast your ballot. in new jersey, polls open at 6 a.m. in pennsylvania, and delaware, the doors open at 7 a.m. polls close at 8 p.m. in all three states. other news tonight a drive by shooting seriously injured a teenager in north philadelphia overnight. and the 18-year-old was sitting inside a car on the 1000 block of west tioga street with another teenager when someone drove up and opened fire. the victim was struck in the head. he's being treated at temple university hospital. no arrests in this case so far. >> a 9-year-old was hospitalized this afternoon after falling out of a second story window in west philadelphia. police and medics rushed to the scene at 54 and norfolk streets around 2 the child was rushed to children's hospital. no word yet on the victim's condition. a new castle county man is charged with manslaughter aft
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pregnant woman he's accused of asawlingt last month died from her injuries. 24-year-old fernando flores was arrested october 19th after paramedics described the unconscious woman in the waterford trailer park in bear. 21-year-old paula delgado polanco died wednesday. flores was charged with assault for what's called a domestic incident. officials say sdel glad owe polanco gave birth to baby girl before she died. at least check the infant was in critical and stable condition. >> pennsylvania state police are testing a rifle to determine if 2 was the weapon eric frein used to kill one straight trooper and wound another the gun was recovered frat ban donned airport hangar where at caused kol killer was on tuesday. after a 48 day manhunt he's charged for the september 12 attack that killed corporate brian dixon. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty.
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>> philadelphia's men and women in blue gathered tonight to remember a fallen colleague. they held a candlelight vigil outside the dunkin on broad where officer chuck cassidy was gunned down several years ago sgoxt his wife and family were on hand with community leaders and his sacrifice has been an inspiration to other officers especially those in the 35th district where he worked. >> still to come at 10:00 a delaware county woman has two things to celebrate. she is cancer free and now getting appeared married. we'll tell you how the once life-threatening ilaoaness helped her final the love of her life. updates on today's big injuries on the field with the eagles and what it could meend for the rest on the field with the eagles and what it could meend for the rest of newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while...
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>> friend and family said goodbye britney maynard open social media today saying she
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ended her own lifech the 29-year-old released a video showing death with digney after learning she had terminal brain cancer she moved to oregon to take advantage of related legislation. last week she said she was feeling good and did not plan top end her life this weekend. >> "action news" reporter jon was in philadelphia. >> kids and their parents are living from all over the region common denominator are kids part of snyder youth hockey program. on today's agenda no cost physicals. >> we're grateful for medical students from temple touvrt come down and they're volunteering time today. >> scooeping frunz neurologic cool it cardiovascular. parents welcome it. >> another opportunity to make
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sure he's me good health. you know it's different set of eyes. >> kids you should have them checked out. you don't know if they could have some sort of internal injuries over the is season or something you know? >> the hockey has 3,000 kids enrolled from 300 different schools. it helps teach lifelessones to children. the screening is in the third year. it has caught irk use from conclusions to heart murmurs. >> we picked up hypertension in young children very unusual and picked up scoliosis and other injuries in the spine. other conditions of the spine. >> when a health issue is found organizeers say there is follow up care before the student can return to organized sports. today zachary is one of those coming for screening. >> i think it's cool they're doing it for the kids that need physicals. >> john rawlins for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with
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meteorologist melissa magee and it was windy today, melissa. >> it really was, walter and sarah, we had a windy and cold finish to the weekend and these temperatures in the weather outside definitely more reflective of winter like fill rather than fall. and you look at that high temperature today, 49 degrees. that's 12 below average. normal for thus time of year is 61. check this out. daylight savings time came to an end today. the sunset today was 4:58. we got a gorgeous shot to share with you. one of our action news viewers and fwiter followers kathy shared with me the photo of this sunset. gorgeous shot. overhead outside right now we have mostly clear sky and really chilly for the normal temperatures. currently in philadelphia coming in at 43 degrees. you factor in the wind chill and feels like 34 in the city and allentown, lehigh valley, 39, trenton 40, and along the coast beach thich sea isle city temperatures in the lower 40s. and you still have those winds constant out of the northwest.
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and here's satellite 6 along with action radar you see an area of low pressure that is a coastal storm that triggered heavy snowfall across areas in new england and a lot of snow in coastal areas of maine. lifting off north and east high pressure over the ohio valley that wants to work its way east ward and has not done so jet and ooz a result, have those winds coming in out of the northwest which is making for a blustery or normal day. and also a colder than normal day as well. we'll show what you is going on. the only issue as we get to tonight we'll have a freeze warning posted for lancaster county and we'll go up and during the over nights hours 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. temperatures overnight will be in the upper 0s and lower 30s across the region. bus stop for you tomorrow, sunshine, grab a jacket if you step out doors. and as we get to 8 a.m. tomorrow that temperature coming in at 42. and the good news these temperatures will rebound and moderate as we get to tomorrow afternoon. and we'll share with you those numbers coming up with the full
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and exclusive accuweather forecast. we'll sends it back your way, sarah. >> thank you, melissa. >> two years after diagnosed with brian cancer a woman became engaged today to one of the nurses who helped with treatment. this is viewer video of jim mc dugal proposing to maureen kate near boat house road. they gotten gauged after race for hope philadelphia an event to raise awareness about brain tumors. two years ago maureen was diagnosed with a brain tumor. few months after treated at riddle memorial hospital she reconnected with jim one of her nurses on facebook. today he asked maureen to be his bride. >> i was like if you can like me when i was sitting in the hospital like that, you'll be fine. i did pretty good. >> i got extremely lucky i won't lie. >> the couple's tee shirt said fomo which is for more even and team tangerine because her tumor was the size of a tangerine. >> we check in with jeff for a
10:19 pm
first look at today's eagles win and who is on the mend tonight. >> a parents spend months picking out the perfect bade name. if you are a giraffe you can be
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>> nearly 4,000 people braved the cold to fight against lung cancer. nydia's bhorming did not smoke deciding of lung cancer five years ago. the number of non-smokers diagnosed is on the rise. lung cancer remains leading cancer killer here in the united states. >> all right. time now for a check on sports. let's go live to jeff skversky in the "action news" sports center. hey, jeff. >> hey, guys eagles are in first place tonight off to the best start since 2004 when they went to the super bowl it komentz at a cost tonight. demeco ryans is expected to miss the rest of the regular season and quarterback nick foles and quarter in houston falls down hard on left non-throwing
10:23 pm
shoulder and he misses rest of the game. the extent of injuries still being determined. we will have more tests tomorrow. if it was broken call lor beaten he could miss two months. demeco ryan expected to miss because of a tear of the achilles. he'll have an mri to see if it's partially or completely torn. it was a bunch to the gut teammates were ryan as he war carted off. >> it's sad to see somebody go down like that. only thing we can do is keep pushing forward you. >> never want to see anybody get hurt you know. and demeco is a rock for us on defense. you know we don't -- i hope he's already. >> it hits everybody at some point and i think what you always get to see from a team with injuries is you learn how much faith you have in the backup and how prepared is the team and how much depth do they
10:24 pm
have. >> birds battled 3 point game final minutes backup quarterback sanchez with the touchdown. jeremy maclin. his second of the game. eagles win 31-21. how about that? despite losing two key players they are in first place tonight with cowboys losing as well. we'll have more on the eagles and key injuries coming up later in the show and we'll go to houston to ducis rogers with more. for now, we're live in the sports center, jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news" on phl17. walter. sarah, back to you. >> all right, thank you, jeff. hundreds of bikers hit the streets of philadelphia today to make sure kids in need have a happy christmas this year. they pulled out from columbus boulevard spring garden street carrying new toys not electric factory headquarters. there the toys were collected by volunteers from the marine corps toys for tots cam bayne and these bikers got a rocking thank you and over the years this toy run provided more than a million toys to needy children all run provided more than a million toys to needy children all revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates.
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it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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>> anonymous bidder bought the naming rights at the dallas zoo for tens of thousands of dollars. this adorable guy was born last week. yesterday zoo officials auctioned off the rights to name the new edition. the winning bid came in at 50,000 dollars. while it's common for corporations to sponsor sports arenas this likely won't be at&t giraffe the buyer is single donor and the money will be used for wild life conservation and
10:28 pm
the giraffe's name has not been released. >> i'm par sthoul gus. >> gus the giraffe. >> much more to come in the next half hour. another college football player from a school in western pennsylvania is charged with a beating that nearly child a man from west chester. >> and a blast from the past. what people in new england and the south were cleaning up their cars today.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
>> thanks for joining us again. we begin with pennsylvania's governor race and big names in town tonight. >> with both candidates pulling up the stops with election day coming this up week. president obama looked ready to declare an early victory as he took the stage with tom wolff in a ralry at the lee acore acent r acenter. he also took a slight at republicans calling them good patriots with bad ideas. >> i guess if we had not tried that for ten years resulting in ultimate disaster maybe they would have an argument. but we did dry it and it did not work we cannot go back to that we went forward it tom wolff. >> the wolff leaves corbett in the polls and corbett campaign hopes to captainize on president's sagging popularity.
10:31 pm
>> that was the message as corbett campaigned in bucks county with a powerful political neighbor new jersey governor chris christie. and a low democratic turnout on tuesday. >> they're in the coming out and they're not excited in fact they're not excited about their own candidates and you this should not be. they're not excited about tom wolff here in pennsylvania. and let me tell you what will happen tuesday night. four more years. >> earlier today the governor and mrs. corbett visited montgomery countsy campaign volunteers. he thanked them for hard work reminding them of legendary coach vince lombardi saying the harder you work the luckier you get. volunteers gathered in oxford circumstance until important get out the vote thevrt afternoon. and upper faith group called power worked a phone bank
10:32 pm
calling people throughout the city that did not vote in the last gubernatorial election and they urged them to come out to make everyone's voice heard. a low turn glout philadelphia was crucial factor in deciding that race. >> a sixth player football player from a college in western pennsylvania has been arrested in brultal beating of man from west chester. investigators air algerie 20-year-old freshman linebacker from california university of pennsylvania turned himself yesterday. he and five teammates are accused of brutally attack louis whammyblech the 30-year-old allegedly stepped in to stop an argument involving his girlfriend and one of the football players as off campus eatery and campbell suffered severe brain trauma a all players have been us is spended from the sgleem if you spent time outside today you noticed the high winds across the ream yoch. it created a safety issue at construction site in philadelphia. the action cam was on the scene at broad and erie avenue in tioga circumstance. bricks and other debris fell
10:33 pm
from 10 story building there and wind tore out panels from construction barrier around the site. one person we're told ep durd minor injuries from falling debris. >> another look at the accuweather forecast we're hoping the winds die down in the overnight hour. >> just a little. winds as high as 15 miles an hour. but the winds still an issue tonight and it will be as you wake up tomorrow morning. not as bad but breezy outside. sky6 live in hd as we look at ep penns landing at the delaware river a georgous shot on this sunday night and mostly clear skies. winds still pretty gusty currently in philadelphia winds gusting as high as 30 miles an hour. so they are coming down. still an issue and with gusty winds you have wind chill to continue with as well. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's dry and quiet and big weather story today was the wind. it is still an issue outside. current wind speed showing you sustained 15 miles an hour in
10:34 pm
poconos to 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. it's sustained wind speed in dover of 16 miles an hour 'and coming in out of the north and northwest. high temperature today in philadelphia only in the upper 40s. 49 degrees. below where we should be. you factor in the winds coming out of the northwest feels like 34 outside in the city. north and west of town slatington, 37, new holland 39, oxford 40. and lower 40s. whipped chills in the 30s and 41 currently air temperature in chester. down across new jersey browns mills 40 degrees and same in ewing as you move over to hockessin temperatures lower 40s and 44 currently outside in dover. here's satellite 6 along with action radar and skooingtal storm essentially early season nor'easter affecting areas of new england and maine picked up heavy areas of snow. the storm system off to the norm and east and high pressure wants to work its way east ward. has not done so yet.
10:35 pm
we get the winds out of the northwest today which is why we had a blustery day. it's minely clear. dry and quiet the rest of tonight. in fact here's setup for you as we get to monday. area of low pressure debt parts norm norm and east and high pressure southeast works way east ward. breezy at least for the first half of the day tomorrow. chilly in the morning. temperatures will be rebounding as we get to the afternoon hours thanks to a westerly whipped. westerly whipped this time of year gets temperatures up to the upper 50s. definitely better afternoon as we get to monday. day planner showing you 7:00 in the morning chilly start. 39. plenty of sunshine nonetheless to enjoy. 49 at 10 a.m. and upper 50s 1:00 in the afternoon and we'll hold 56 degrees at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast sunny and milder monday, high temperature 58, tuesday much warmer and in at 65. if you head to the polls and get out to vote an wednesday, clouds and sun. high temperature up to 68.
10:36 pm
thursday tracking cold front that moves through so rain lookly some of which could be heavy at times. high temperature of 6. cooler with perhaps showers lingering for the first half of the day friday high of 56 and cooler as we get to start of next weekend. any changes in the forecast meteorologist david murphy has you covered tomorrow morning on 6abc kiz guys. >> thank you. child winds were whipping up in the other part of the county we're deal with unwelcomed sight in november. snow. looking at winter's early arrival. >> november name like a lion cross much of the country. guest the jump on winter and early nor'easter played a post halloween trick on main dropping heavy snow driven by high winds. toppling power lines. norm of portland this heavy truck game a cashtive slick roads. in north carolina wintry weather struck with whipping wind and 8"
10:37 pm
of snow in some areas. >> i get a text an they asked me how much snow was there and i said what? i opened the door and was totally sglpd in the state horse country wind gusts sent wind chills gal opening to single digits and 22" of snow brought down trees and forced officials to close roads in the great smoky mountain national park. >> kids wore sthorts school yesterday we were not expecting this. >> georgia unseasonable snow said boo to halloween pum sglinz car windows were covered in ice. we thought it would be cold when we opened the door and we consequent outside and there was snow everywhere. >> surprise snow outside sacramento california got a cold shoulder from this motorist. >> it's like my first time driving in the snow ever. so we're really caught off guard. we're shocked right now. >> in the west winter storm warnings are posted for higher elevations from idaho and
10:38 pm
montana to colorado. chuck seevrson for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> still ahead on "action news" at 10, high schoolers preparing to vote for the first time get a lecture on the importance of their voices. >> and they'll never cruise again. what happened on this halloween theme voyage that gave travelers a reason to scream. >> she's become a reason nationwide for a woman facing cancer. nationwide for a woman facing cancer. her story coming up mmmmmmm. look out. now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares even more. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds.
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ho ho ho green giant! >> a suicide bomber killed 50
10:41 pm
people in pakistan and it's feared the number will rise it was on the country's eastern bored were india. at the time hundreds were returning from a military parade. local police believe the death toll will grow to exceed 100 with vick nimz critical condition and smripter group for pakistani taliban claimed responsibility. a cruise set up to be a floating haunted house turned into a real nightmare for passengers headed to the baham s bahamas. celebrations halloween horror cruise hit something yesterday causing the massive ship to lien to one side. 960 passengers on board were headed home to florida at the
10:42 pm
time but there were forced to turn around and wait for another ves toll rescue them. they made it back to miami overnight. >> we felt the rock and shake and we knew something was wrong. we con trinted it to the bad weather so we didn't know it was that we hit something. >> they were trying to get the boat rafters down and they couldn't unlock them we were standing there watching. it was so horrible. >> the ship is two football fields long. no injuries reported. an investigation is underway to find out what the ship ran into. >> and fireworks are blamed for sparking a blaze open a ride in dizzy world. you can see the flames from last night. officials think the fire may have started when fallout fireworks landed on top of attraction and ignited decorations outside the structure. nobody was injured and officials did not have to evacuate the park. in fact the ride reopened an hour later. >> after the break jeff skversky joins us begun with a breakdown of today's big eagles win and
10:43 pm
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>> lisa thomas laury has the story sdmront what are two key election issues. >> one of the schools carroll is visiting in the days for the election day is upper merion nice king of prussia and she's discussing how important it is these students register to vote and cast the ballot. >> you have the most sought after demographic group in the country. >> taxing on fracking. >> we teach the lesson voting is important and it's not a casual thing do you to be part of a group app i think the vote will be of value. >> i asked 17 and 18 years what they think about that. >> 16 might belittle immature, 17 i could say being good voting
10:47 pm
age. >> most students we spoke with believe that 16 is simply too dwroung vote. >> 18 is good age. >> you pay taxes shouldn't you be allowed to vote. >> i'm only recently getting into the flow of politics. so any earlier than the age of 18 i believe we're not informed enough. >> but a few students think it's unfair not to be able to vote at age 16. >> when i turn 16 state of pennsylvania trusts me to drive. so i think i should be able to vote as well. >> i think what we saw here tlz they're asking good questions and that's the stuffest challengep figuring out the right question to ask. >> many 18 years and upper merion senior class registered to vote and will be casting their ballots on tuesday. lisa thomas laury, "channel 6 action news." >> it was emotional day for young woman living out her basketball dreams. lauren hill a freshman at mount
10:48 pm
st. joseph college raid in first and final game. she has inoperable brain cancer and scored first and last buckets of the game and afterwards celebrated with team and opponents and then offered a tearfull heart felt thank you. >> today has been the best day i've ever had [ applause ]. >> thank you so much. >> she received warm hugs and support from the whole family and meantime her story has drawn national attention leading for a fundraiser drive for brain research. so many wanted to be there for the big moment the game was moved it a larger venue. >> what a story. jeff here with sports now and the eagles injury report unfortunately including big players and we're waiting on prognosis. >> nick foles will have more test tomorrow. if it is a broken collar bone looking at 6 to 8 weeks possibly with nick foles out. big wins for eagles today but comes at cost. starting linebacker demeco ryans
10:49 pm
is expected to miss rest of year with torn achilles and quarterback nick foles may miss significant time with a shoulder injury. eagles quarterback goes hard on left non-throwing shoulder end of first. he leaves and doesn't return. >> foles again has more tests tomorrow which determine how long he'll be out. if broken call lor bone you're looking at 6 to 8 weeks. mark sanchez first drive first touchdown eagle goes up 24-14. 4th quarter demeco ryans takes off the path and fumbles and goes down with torn achilles and likely miss the rest of the year and ryan will have an mri tomorrow. his teammates were crying has ripes was carted off. bill davis says it's a punch to the gut. >> texans another shot to drive it into the end zone. lead cut to three. all points off eagles turnovers and turning point eagles drive
10:50 pm
down 4th and one and four to go. barely gets first. leads to this. sanchez to jeremy maclin. got it. second touchdown of the game. eagles win 31-21 they're 6-2 in first place. ducis rogers has more. >> a costly victory indeed on offense and defense. i spotted nick foles after the game with arm in a sling. more tests will be done tomorrow. adds for linebacker demeco ryans not only was he carted off the field had to be carted from the locker room to team bus you. >> never want to see anybody get hurt. demeco is a rock for us on defense. you know we don't -- i hope he's already. but, you know we'll see what happens. obviously guys have to step up. >> nick foles going down and how bad would you feel for him. >> i feel awful for nick, man, that's my guy. i mean from the time i've been here nick has been nothing but helpful for me and as a team
10:51 pm
folks are on ate mission and you have to go ahead and have mark back. >> quick to point out offense does not miss a beat with mark sanchez. the backup knows he always has to be ready. >> i felt like i was ready and prepared and of course you're nervous and played in the stadium before and this is first start here. it brought back a lot of good memories and tried to get positive plays and help the team. >> while with the jets sanchez led them back-to-back championship games a few years ago. with birds in houston i'm ducis rogers for "action news" at tendon phl17. >> all right. ducis. how about jeremy maclin eagles receiver has 3 45 yards and four touchdowns in the last two games. as far as next game monday night against carolina at the linc where they can extend the first place lead. dallas cowboys without tony romo because of two broken bones in the back. we help the eagles get back in
10:52 pm
the first. rt start against arizona throws two picks. arizona takes advantage in the fourth. andre ellington scored on eagles last week. helps the eagles last week. touchdown. cowboys lose 28-17, second straight game. ar arizona 7-1 best record in football. here's a look at nfc east eagles back on top but again they still have to play dallas twice over final eight weeks of regular season. redskins run into trouble before they goat game in minnesota that's team bus ghoot an accident on way to the game. nobody seriously injured. robert griffin the iii. matt asiado with three and james left third touchdown of the game. redskins lose 29-6. >> to say nascar playoffs is fight to finish is under statement. another fight breaks out today in texas.
10:53 pm
look at this. brad questions lou ski gets into another fight with jeff gordon after the race. doing more than bumping there. a pitchy face and cut lip. jimmie johnson by the way won the race. they are going nuts down there. two more races to go. >> look at these guys. >> what will happen in the other races. >> what will happen in the other races. >> nascar right not
10:54 pm
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>> hen house sghair philadelphia had a halloween look with south of the border flare today. dancing skeleton and puppet with day of the dead festival this festival is celebrated on november 1 in mexico and honored departed loved ones and celebrates the circle of life. >> melissa a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> breezy in the morning and showing you regional eyes plenty of sunshine, milder by the afternoon and temperatures 95 corridor upper 50s 56 tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon for high in allentown. 59 down the shore in atlantic city. murph is the man tomorrow morning. he's got to watch on 6abc at 4:30. >> okay. melissa, thank you. >> people kept warm with all sorts of hot apple streets today in lahsska bucks county. annual apple fest in 41 year and families traveled brick miles from search of gourmet treats, music and entertainment.
10:57 pm
the two day festival offered farm fresh produce. the two day festival offered farm fresh produce. >> thanks for joining us
10:59 pm
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>> this is election 2014 "in focus," an in-depth look at the races affecting the philadelphia region. onwhat will internet be tuesday -- what will the turnout be on tuesday? what are the polls telling us? chris borick has the older final hole of the pennsylvania campaign. in beating republican and leading democrat make their concise pitches for tom corbett and tom wolfe. the west football controversies.