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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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monday night, and philadelphia prepares for a visit from the pope, and the tens of thousands who will come to see him. >> for the amount have of damage to the reek also, the patient where is relatively uninjured. power ball lucky. >> that is one way to put it. tonight a look at kelly drive accident that had people wondering how these crash victims, survived. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a big chill, moving in. >> the temperatures are rare, for this time of the year making it all the more painful. meteorologist melissa a magee is at the big board with a look at how low the the temperatures will go.
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>> yeah, shirleen and brian, we have a big chill going on, a big arctic blast moving in the delaware and lehigh valleys and old man winter arriving a ahead of schedule. checking out temperatures across the region philadelphia a coming in at 46 degrees. thirty-five in the poconos. forty-seven in dover a long the coast in sea isle city coming in at 49. temperatures not too bad right now but as we get into tonight or into tuesday some changes are on the way. the win is starting to pick up. sustain from 10 miles an hour in millville to 15 miles an hour in atlantic city. sustain win speed in the poconos of 15 miles an hour. looking at the win particles you can see the wind direction. they are coming from the west northwest. so the wind hell topped drain down that colder air. check out these numbers. north and west of our region throughout the great lakes and upper midwest numbers from international falls, down to north platt, nebraska, anywhere from the single will digits to the teens, just 2 degrees in north platt. that is not the wind chill. that is current air temperature.
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7 degrees at international falls. current number of 17 in bismarck, north dakota that colder air is working it way in our region as early a at tomorrow. talk about what we can expect for the rest of tonight and overnight. we will tart to dry out. as roads dry out these win will pick up, up to 35 miles an hour and the big story as we get into the overnight hours and into tuesday, temperatures fall below freezing mark. so even though bulk of the region will stay dry there could be a little bit of popping or standing water overhead. keep in mind there could be a a few slick spots out and about on the roads. so here's the story and big head line. lowest wind chill you wake up to tomorrow morning along i-95 corridor temperatures will feel like ten to 15 degrees. while south jersey a and delaware wind chills as you wake up tomorrow morning in the teens to about 20 degrees and zero to ten is how chilly it will feel up through the poconos. coming up we will take a closer look and let you know what you can expect and how long this arctic blast will stick around. all of those details with the
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full and exclusive accu weather forecast. >> all right, melissa, thank you. pope francis has now made it official, to the delight of philadelphia's catholic faithful, he will, in fact, come to the city of philadelphia a for next years world meeting of families. >> sharrie williams has details have of how this big a announcement played out. >> in philadelphia. >> reporter: in his own word pope frances a announced to the world he is coming to philadelphia pontiff confirmed he will attend the world meeting of families president 2015. organizers of the event got the word, literally in the middle of the night. >> i have had many adrenaline rush during my life time but nothing like this morning between 3:30 and 4:30a m. >> reporter: pope will attend the festival of families on saturday, september 26th. the stage will then be turned into an alter for an outdoor mass which he will celebrate sunday, organizers expect more than a million people to pack the parkway for both events. >> this is a once in a
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generation opportunity for philadelphia, for the commonwealth of pennsylvania, to shine on the international stage. >> reporter: in march a political delegation and local catholic leaders traveled to rome lobbying for the pope's wrist it. archbishop of philadelphia charles chaput was in rome today for the pope's big a announcement. >> people were gathered around him, applauded, i a applauded the loudest because we are very grateful for this opportunity. >> reporter: during the trip to rome governor tom corbett came away with the secret his wife susan hafer the story. >> and a the holy father answered our invitation by, whispering three word in tom's ear, i will come. >> reporter: logistics and security will be a massive under taking, and a huge expense. >> it is significant, from a security standpoint but i want to reassure you, we have host big events well. we'll as much funning as is possible. >> reporter: as much funning
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as possible, and the organizers themselves say they are in the middle of raising, 45 million-dollar, as a working budget but it may very well take more than. that we are just ten months away from seeing a sea of people throughout this parkway area. big draw, of course, being the pope. live from the steps of the philadelphia art museum, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right sharrie, thank you. lets go live to kenneth moton who is in fairmount, hey, kenneth. >> reporter: hi, shirleen. yeah, no area of the city will be off limit when it comes to accommodations. but any neighborhood near the art museum, or parkway will be a hot spot. there are a lot of people looking for a little papal hospitality. confirmation of the papal visit will most likely have millions of people looking for that all important hotel confirmation, in the coming weeks. fairmount resident ion kim says her catholic friend and family have already started to call. >> a a lot of people
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especially on the east coast that could drive here quickly, will love to come in really and enjoy the event. so, you know, we hope that a lot of things can open up their door report rorrer hospitality officials say hotels are booking up more than 50 miles outside of philadelphia. >> we are he's inviting the world to visit, can you help us. >> reporter: that is why the the world meeting of families posted this information on videos directing visitors to home, there host families can sign up and people can find a place to stay for a small fee. >> charge them a small fee. >> no, ill will's cook them dinner. they can buy me breakfast. >> reporter: those millions will need to eat. restaurants and catering companies are gearing up. >> we won't just have an 8:00 o'clock rush for dinner, it will be all day, a all night. >> the co-owner of cuba libre and ren yous at the ballroom and library on the ben franklin parkway started to get calls today from potential clients. staffing and feeding the
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masses means big business. >> so we have this, we have to have these meetings to discuss is what our strategy. how will we maximize this and serve the most number of people. >> reporter: numbers have been thrown around about the economic impact in this area, 300, 400 million-dollar, but that business, owner we spoke with tonight believes those estimates are low, brian. reporting live from fairmount, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> we will have much more coverage in the months to come, kenneth, thank you. five people are recovering from a crash on kelly drive, a law enforcement official is among them. "action news" reporter dann cuellar was there as the investigation was underway tonight and he is live with the very latest details, dann. >> reporter: brian, accident investigators tell us that the five people injured, one was a philadelphia detective with major crimes, a assigned to work with the fbi. the dramatic scene on kelly drive near mid veil earlier tonight. police say it was just before 6:30 when a chevy trail blazer headed in the it is i lost
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control of the curve and went in the path of two vehicles going the the opposite direction. the trail blazer ended upside down. >> there were one, two, three patients who were entrapped. five total patients and three different vehicles. >> reporter: fire department lieutenant william finnegan was on his way to work in center city when he came upon the accident and called 911. >> hardest part of the job was calling in the run because we're on kelly drive and there is no landmarks. you cannot say, i'm here at pine. just giving them, landmarks to get here was hardest part. >> reporter: three people were trapped in the vehicles, fire fighters and paramedics had had to work to get them out and on to stretchers to waiting ambulances. the messy accident scene forced the hut down of the section of busy kelly drive for several hours, and as usingers looked on. >> it is just so sad to see, i mean, it is not safe out there and people are rushing to get home. >> reporter: off-duty major crimes detective injured one of his legs in the accident. authorities say injuries to the five patients are not life threatening, lieutenant
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finnegan is just glad he was at the the right place at the right time, to be able to help. >> for the amount of damage the to the vehicles and patients were relatively uninjured. power ball lucky. >> reporter: investigation ongoing but a at this point it does not appear that drugs or alcohol played a role, in this accident. we're live along kelly drive, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl7. >> all right, dann, thank you. police have the suspect accused of stabbing a social worker 21 times, in camden today. would the man was attack inside new jersey department of children and families office on haddon avenue knew. the attacker pull a knife on the rick tim around 1:30 this afternoon. she has under gone surgery and was on life support, at last check. a prison fight put three people in the hospital, tonight, all three of them were jail employees trying to break up a violent fight at the philadelphia industrial correctional center, in the northeast. a inning will inmate is accused of stabbing the two
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corrections officers and a sergeant, the injured staffers were taken to aria torresdale hospital for treatment, the prison is still under lock down. a jailed priest in the process of appealing his child sex abuse conviction has now died. the reverend charles engelhardt was months in the six to two year term when he died over the the weekend. maintain his innocence saying did he not remember the accuser. a abuse allegations from the same accuser led to former priest edward avery accepting a plea deal and a conviction of teacher bernard sheer owe. that accuser's testimony brought down monsignor william lynn, whose conviction on endangerment was later overturn. a president and treasure era accused of stealing from the very girl softball organization they were supposed to oversee. prosecutors in burlington county charged husband and wife daniel and melissa o'hara with theft by deception and other offences. couple is suspected of taking $3,600 from the central burlington girls fast ball,
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fast pitch, softball league, and spending it on personal expenses. they didn't have children playing in the league, at the time of the theft. it was a trip down memory lane in tonight's cool board meeting in berwyn, a along with the usual business matters, tonight's meeting is intended to include the conestoga high school class of 1962, they came by to present a few gifts to their alma matter including this piece of art that will be permanently displayed in the school lobby. they gave the the school a financial donation, a as well. and still ahead on the full hour of "action news" at ten tonight a state of emergency is in place in ferguson missouri an anxiety grows over a pending grand jury deis. also surprised word from the dea targeted nfl team doctors and what they had in their bags. and blame the gobbler your thanksgiving feast could cost you more this year, we will tell you why.
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missouri's governor has declared a state of emergency as we wait to learn if the ferguson police officer will be charged in michael brown's death. that means that the national guard could be called into prevent scenes like this one, violent protests went on for
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weeks after the august hooting death of the unarmed teen. today protesters rallied outside proceedings, where a grand jury is deciding whether or not to indict, officer darren wilson. depending on the outcome protest groups have planned action in 61 cities. >> i think that st. louis is going to get an awakening that it didn't want. >> county prosecutors say the decision on an indictment would likely come into mid to late november, but an exact date is not yet clear. president obama today denounced the brutal beheading of the former army ranger bias is militants. video depicting the death of peter kassig appeared over the weekend. the 26 year-old was captured last year in syria where he had been serving as a aid worker. u.s. officials reviewed video which depicts the beheadings of a dozen of syrian soldiers. officials think that one of the killers in the the video is a frenchman, kassig is a
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third american to be beheaded and fifth werner. doctors in nebraska now say that doctor martin salea was too sick to be saved by the time he arrived for treatment of ebola a salea died early today after contracting that virus in his native country of sierra leone. the u.s. resident returned to america on saturday in what officials say was in extremely critical condition. his kidney and lung already failing. salea first showed symptoms of ebola 11 days ago but initially tested negative for that virus. polar freeze is hitting much of the u.s. and has extended all the way south and west, to new mexico. check out albuquerque, new mexico, significant snowfall meant snowplows out clearing roads, and cattle make their way through cover fields and children frolicked in white playground. the below freezing temperatures are expect to continue throughout the week and when you look at the map, it is astonishing how cold it will get. >> as melissa a showed us a few minutes ago we too are
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with to feel that freeze. she's live at the "action news" big board with the details on, well, what is our future hole willing, melissa. >> brian and shirleen, here it comes. good news is i can say we will not get snow but cold air is rushing in the wake of the cold front that moved through earlier today a cross the delaware and lehigh valley we saw three-quarters of an inch of rainfall to a inch and a half. in philadelphia at the airport picking up 1.14. .69 in allentown. more than an inch to trenton. 1.30 in wilmington. 1.62 inches of rain in atlantic city. cold air is moving in. looking at numbers a across the a area philadelphia still in the upper 40's but 48 in allentown, lehigh valley. forty-one reading. 49 degrees in sea isle city. there was a wind out of the west northwest. notice the chill starting to drop into the area. wind sustained from 8 miles an hour to 17 miles per hour across the region. by need some aspect of the rain to find a wind chill and we have a wind chill currently
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of 33 in allentown. forty-three the current wind chill number in sea isle city. here's your satellite six with action radar. moisture is moving off shore. in fact you can see the cold front starting to press to our east, just a few high thin clouds off to the west. that is partly cloudy to mostly clear, overhead tonight. so get ready for cold air that will follow in its wake. future tracker six showing you as you wake up tomorrow morning along i-95 corridor temperatures by 8:30 in the morning only in the teens, single digits north ape west, feel like 5 degrees in the poconos and even teens along areas in south jersey and delaware. so here is the call from accu weather taking a look at our morning rush on tuesday, had, scarves, gloves, everything you have in your closet break it on you tomorrow. wind chills in the lower teens. 6:00 a.m. 27. upper 20's at 7:00 a.m. and that number coming in at 28 at 8:00 a.m. here's the accu weather call, in the afternoon hours. we have not the much of a recovery. win gusting to 40 miles an hour. we are calling for an air
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temperature of 32 degrees. coldest air we have seen this season. coldest it has been since last march. you will really want to dress for wind chills in the teens. take that away, as you look in the forecast, teens, teens, teens that is how cold it will feel. we will have more coming up with that full and exclusive accu weather forecast, shirleen. >> not ready, just not ready brutal. >> thanks, melissa. our jim gardner stepped away from the anchor desk tonight to celebrate a man whose name and legacy of giving can be seen throughout philadelphia. jim hosted thomas jefferson university's annual awards gala honoring sidney kimmel, the apparel mogul and his foundation have contributed more than 550 million-dollar to deserving causes, that includes a 110 million-dollar donation to jefferson's medical school which now bears his name. man responsible for so much, and city sky line and so many great services beneath it. >> very good work good great event tonight. time for our first look at
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sports. >> jamie apody is live in the "action news" sports center. hi there jamie. >> is there plenty of blame to go around yesterday after that debacle in green bay. just by nature of the quarterback position mark sanchez is getting the brunt of it. now an chest, well, he had a pain in the neck and yesterday was a game that was a pain in the neck for all of us. an chest had a lot to do with that given his 42nd half turnovers. he was only a small part of the problem but hard to ignore he a had six turnovers in three games since stepping in for nick foles. from a guy who led nfl with 52 turnovers, that is a bit concerning. sanchez trying to remain positive. he says his team will too. >> to be totally honest whether we won 100 to nothing or we lost the the way we did, just like last week what everybody else says on the outside does ant affect what we have in our building. we're a tight group. we're a family. we will clean it up in house and we will be ready to go next week. >> i'm not worried about this group. i think they understand. we have been around each other
10:21 pm
long enough. we understand their approach. if i'm waiting until unday to see where they are that means i missed practice, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. i know what these guys will be up to on tuesday. we are exited to get back to work and play tennessee. >> did you catch aaron rodgers laughing, at some of his teammates that he pictured on the side line. didn't sit too well with the fans and birds keep this in the back of their mine should these two teams meet again. coming up later, in the hour we will talk more eagles and plus, with the sixers finally get that first win in their tenth try? we will find out, we will have more news, when
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in health check kick off its new sign up season not without a few bumps. insurance shoppers trying to access a existing accounts were met with windows that indicated that the site was too busy. in some cases they were told to try again later. previously customers were put into a cue at high volume times, but white house says more than 1 million people visited the site this weekend, without the bugs that hit the last go around. well, most coveted part
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of the thanksgiving dinner might end up costing you more this year. turkey prices are up by 14 cents a pound, and compared to last year. that is because production is lower this year, and despite increase you might not ever know it, economist say retailers often take a loss on the price of turkey because shoppers by so many other items to make their holiday
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as you know there are plenty of sales this time of the year, how to read price tags to figure out if you are really getting the best deal coming up at 10:30. love behind bars, serial killer charles manson gets a wedding license, who he is plaque to maryann when it will happen. earlier this year i traveled to italy with local leaders made a plea with the pope to come to philadelphia, i'll have more on that experience and how it played into today's big announcement, right after the break. at buy is one thing.
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>>announcer:"action news" at 10:30 on phl17 continues with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. here is a look at stories we are covering an "action news" atso on phl17. this is the scene on kelly drive and winkdale. they declared a state of emergency whether a white officer is charged in the fatal shooting the michael brown. there is no date set for the grand jury's decision to be revealed. and pope francis is coming to philadelphia. he will be at the families conference in september.
10:31 pm
first we want to get started with the weather. you may want to crank up the heat in your house. the temperatures are going to drop. getting to melissa magee. hey, melissa. >> hi, shirleen and brian. the big arctic blast will work through the delaware and lehigh valleys. we are giving you a gorgeous shot of the center city skyline. you see it's bouncing a bit. the winds are picking up 8 miles-an-hour to 15 miles-an-hour in philadelphia. those continue later tonight. we'll show you the temperatures as well. responding to the northwesterly winds. up in tannersville 35. 40 in new holland. and coatesville, 44. browns mill at 42.
10:32 pm
the lower 40s in ewing and sea sails city coming in at 48 degrees. the numbers are cooling down the beginning of arctic air moving in. the cold front is starting to press offshore where in philadelphia we picked up an inch of rainfall. when you look off to the west, there is dominate ridge of high pressure. it's departing. the winding are picking up on the back side. check out the temperatures. in philadelphia the upper 40s. the teens in chicago, 13 degrees. same in omaha, nebraska. bismarck in south dakota -- dropping down to 27 in philadelphia. cape may falls down to
10:33 pm
31 degrees. a set-up on tuesday. an area of low pressure. it takes the trailing cold front. brutal winds as you get them coming from the north and northwest. as high as 40 miles-an-hour. add it on top of an air temperature of 32. wind chills only in the teens. we are going to be in store for record territory as we get into tuesday night in philadelphia. a low of 21. the record is 20. we are going to break records for reading and atlantic city and the poconos. those locations could find numbers overnight on tuesday in the teens. the high temperature is 33. dress for temperatures in the teens. extra layers are needed. on wednesday 33 degrees. this is the coldest air we have seen this season. not as windy mid-week.
10:34 pm
another shot of cold air moves in. a high of 40. the chill sticks around on saturday. it's 42. we get milder with the eagles at the linc. it's warm and wet as we get into the high of 50. it's going to take a lot of people offguard. a light at the end of the tunnel. we like that. the other big story pope francis is coming to philadelphia. after months was rumors it's official. the pope will attend the world meeting of families on september 26th. the next day he will say mass in front of the art museum. they are packing the parkway for both events. it's the biggest event for the history of the city. >> they are shining on the
10:35 pm
international stage. >> local organizers are raising 45 million to fund the event. the city is looking at the huge expense for security an. it brings jobs and tourism. the city officials said, as shirleen repeated it would be philadelphia's largest event in history. convincing the pope to come may be the most important job. that took an effort to ask the pope in person. i got to watch firsthand this past march. >> we are all excited. >>reporter:this was a moment that mayor nutter never could have imagined. he was seated on an altar feet from the pope himself.
10:36 pm
he moved closer standing before pope francis speaking to him directly. >> it's way wonder anything that i could imagine. whether it as a kid or in public service. >>reporter:the mayor, tom corbett and charles chaput were there to ask the pope to attend the festival of families. his attendance was no guaranteed. it was clear that the vatican viewed philadelphia as an opportunity. it's spring. we need a new wave. >>reporter:seizing on that excitement the delegation could barely contain theirs. as they toured the city it was ear to ear smiles. as they met with the pope it was arms filled with gifts. from the mayor a st. joe's pep
10:37 pm
jersey and a letter from the school. >> we'll be interiors in 2015. asking the pope to come for the world meeting of families. >> we know that the kids get their wish after all. i was standing on the roof of the vatican complex as meeting between the pope and delegates under folded. how much time that the pope spent with each and everyone. the pope leaned into the governor's ear that day and whispered "i will come." that is amazing brian. next year philadelphia will welcome the pope. maybe in 2016 it will bet democratic national convention. tom wolf joined mayor nutter and ed rendell, to ask for help to
10:38 pm
make the city the top candidate. they are expected to announce finalists this week. we'll keep you posted this month. a montgomery county man that pleaded guilty to send a ricin laced letter to a new love interest of his ex-girlfriend. there was terroristic threats. he tried to retaliate against the prosecutors, witnesses an detectives in the case. there is a hearing set for january 12th. the man known as philly jesus was busted for disorderly conduct in dilworth plaza. john chapter 15:18.
10:39 pm
he has a lawyer and misunderstood. he will happily accept your tips. there is that. they are saying thanke1 you to retired military. they offered free different to hundreds of vets. the fire department created a fitting entrance at tribute. it served as a fundraiser for disabled veterans. it was an exciting night for hundreds of foo foodies. it was taste of south jersey. they were offering up the best in local cuisine. the organization provides shelter, clothing, food and job training to the homeless. karen rogers, a native of new
10:40 pm
jersey hosted the event. when you are really getting a deal on sale items. plus, some nfl teams got unexpected visit from a drug agency. charles manson is getting ready to tie the knot. charles manson is getting ready to tie the knot. more on the bride and when you ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat icken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant!
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adrian peterson's grievance was the subject this afternoon. they are wondering if he should have been reinstigated. hre-instated. he was charged with federally child abuse for hitting his son. he pled to reckless assault. charles manson is getting ready to tie the knot. he is engaged to a 26-year-old woman. she left her home in the midwest nine years ago and moved to california to be near manson. they have 90 days to get married
10:44 pm
or they have to reply for a license. he is allowed to invite 10 people outdoor of the "puerto rica10people outside of the pri. more on the lawsuit that may have prompted the surprise visit. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team starting at 4:30 a.m. only on 6 ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires. ♪
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believe it or not the holiday season is upon us. we want to save you money. kyle james took 6abc on a hidden tour. in target the tiny number indicates the percentage off. at kohls nm stands for new marketdown. and gv is great value. and it means that it's a clearance item. at home depot you have to look for the yellow tags.
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.0.06 means six weeks .03 means three weeks until the savings. don't be fooled ther fooledd price tags. they are finding out if the players are given painkillers and prescription drugs. they were performing surprise raids on several nfl teams. they were digging through the medical bags of training staff for the detroit lions, seattle seahawks and more a as they look for violations of the controlled substances act. they were in the clear insisting
10:49 pm
on sunday. >> anybody that is transferring controlled substance is violating the rules. that is all the information that we have. >>reporter:they are motivated by alleges raise in the pain kill issue lawsuipainkillerlawsuits. >> they illegal distributed painkillers that left many addicted. 400 are suing the nfl saying that painkillers were handed out like candy at halloween. leading to addiction and organ dang. >> i can stand by that that we did not know what we were taking at times. >> they cooperated with the d.a. there is no indication that irregulatories were found. it was painfulal jamie apody
10:50 pm
is live at the big bored now. and talking about a reality check. the eagles not as good as we thought they were. was it a perfect storm in a really bad day. they scored on offense and defense. they were slippery. today he said he is not worried about his guys bouncing back. >> we lost games before here and not let the second game to beat you twice. focus on the next game. that is what we are in the process of doing right now. the titans are beating steelers 24-20. they were building a big lady.
10:51 pm
tony parker gets 17 points after one. and william carter williams got 16 points. the sixers never led. yep, that look says it all. doesn't it? claude giroux did not attend a meet and greet. he was evaluated by the team doctors. according to the hextall that he is fine. no word if it was an injury or when it was suffered. they are hoping to stay in shape with three days off. mark your calendars, folks la salle will host the regional in march of 2016. hopefully they are good enough for the home game in sweet 16.
10:52 pm
as easy as daryl hilliard made it look for the cats. he let, winning 88-44. they are pumped up at the gas. drexel is hosting st. joe's check out this move. and rodney had a baseline slam. they beat the hawks 13. as the young team held off 15-3. temple is hosting louisiana tech. and temple trailed by the double-digits rallied to win 87-75. they played duke on friday. what would you do with $325 million? i will never know. i had to call co constantin.
10:53 pm
he is only 25 years old. don't sell yourself short. you never know. who is going to pay me? for what? for what talent. she is only 13. she has accomplished a lot of moemo'ne davis is releasing a memoir. remember my name will be released next march. she was a sensation over the summer. she even appeared in a car commercial directed by spike
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take a good look at that the chicken, do you see anything or anyone? they took a photo of a dinner that his wife made. if you look closely you can see jesus. he is not active in any particular religion. he is spiritual and open to what he sees. a jesus theme, the pope is coming and philly jesus and the piece of food there. within last look at the forecast. it's going to get cold tomorrow. i can't say anything. we'll move on. as you walk out of the dor in dn
10:57 pm
the forecast, 90s ar 90% of thee tomorrow the wind chill is at 15. thank you for joining us ""modern family""modern family"t thank you for joining us ""modern family""modern family"t followed by
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[ telephone rings ] honeydew, what's up? guess who's here. your dad! [ laughs ] he drove his r.v. all the way up from cocoa beach. hey, son. working hard? he's gonna say, "hardly working." [ chuckles ] i meant to tell you he was driving out. did he say it? oh, yeah! [ chuckles ] good kid! he wasn't supposed to show up for a few more days. well, guess what he brought us. a keep. yes! yes. yes, i should have told claire about the dog. and i was going to. but i-i was just waiting for her to be in the right mood. actually, i did get one "right mood" a couple nights ago, but...i cashed that in for something else.


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