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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 18, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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tuesday night, investigators try to get to the bottom of the fire that devoured a landmark shopping destination this south jersey. new casino is coming to philadelphia, details tonight on live hotel and casino and why some are against it. but the big story on "action news" tonight is near record lows outside. >> temperatures are more than 20 degrees below what they should have been this afternoon and it is only going to get worse. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board and we are challenging record.
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>> that is right shirleen and brian, if we get in the overnight hours and as you wake up tomorrow morning some spots across the delaware and lehigh valleys could challenge record lows but we will recap the day. we went from the middle of november, straight through to our winter season. afternoon high temperature in philadelphia climbing up to 32 degrees and wind gusts of 42 miles and hour and warmers wind chill we saw today was just 19 degrees and as you look at the numbers outside tonight across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys most spots in the 20's with the exception of the poconos we have a current temperature of 14, 25 in the city, 29 in sea isle city and 21 for allentown and lancaster but the win is still a factor as this hour, they are gusting from 20 to 30 miles an hour, so you factor in the wind chill and it is a single digits up in the poconos, four or 5 degrees there. thirteen in philadelphia current wind chill in dover of 16 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar you can see we have a mainly clear and quiet sky across much of the region. clear skies and even though wind are still pretty blustery we will challenge those record lows tonight.
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we will give you a snapshot what is in store. philadelphia in the forecast we are seeing a low of 20 degrees. record was 20 in 1936. reading, trenton, atlantic city having record lows, tonight, and in the teens, setback in the 1930's and 10 degrees is record low in the poconos, setback in 1933. so all of these locations coming very close to record territory tonight. we will let you know when this cold will ease up and if there is any warm up on the way with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, shirleen. >> all right, melissa we won't to have worry about is snow, at least in the yet. it is a completely different story to our north, this is time lapse video of lake effect snow band moving across lake erie, producing heavy band of snow in the buffalo area. when we say heavy, we mean heavy. as much as 4 feet of snow has fallen in parts of the erie county, new york. that has forced highways to shut down. there are also travel bans, and in place, drivers are being told not to leave home
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without a full tank of gas, blankets and water in their vehicles just in case they get stranded. there is new information tonight, raising new questions in the death of cooper health systems ceo and his wife. they were found in the burned out somerset county home in september and now we have learned that the evidence may pint to murder. sharrie williams live from the satellite center and sharrie, you have new details. >> reporter: brian, thinks a major change in course for this investigation. the evidence now pointing that the two may have been stabbed to death and also we are learning that abc is saying that now a new state agency is launching its own investigation there is new information tonight in the deaths of cooper health systems ceo john sheridan and his wife, joyce. the details are gruesome. abc news confirms that joyce sheridan was stabbed at least eight times, one family member described the attack as savage and done in a fit of rage.
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a source close to the investigation says that john sheridan had stab wounds to his side and penetrating wound to his neck. a at least two knives were recover from the scene. another new detail is john sheridan's body was found bee need a huge armour doused with gasoline and set a fire. it is evident that suggest that both may have been murdered. that is a a far cry from original suggestions from investigators, of murder/suicide. somerset county prosecutor's office stated that the couple was found september 28th after a fire was intentionally set in their upstairs bedroom. but this marks the first report of stab wounds, since the two died nearly two months ago, and there have been criticism of how the county prosecutor has handled the investigation. married for 47 years, the couple was remembered a at a memorial local held in october. >> we really lost a giant that lived here and did a lot for
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the the state of new jersey. it is a very sad day. >> reporter: yes. >> had you in stitches all the time. you never knew what would come out of joyce's mouth. we always had a great time. >> reporter: in light of this new information, pointing to murder, the four children of the sheridans release add a statement that reads in part we do not conn down releasing information, in a piecemeal fashion because of frustration with the process, it is not helpful to getting to the truth about what happened to our parents. late tonight abc confirmed that the new jersey state attorney general's office is now conducting its own fresh investigation, into these deaths. the office says that it wants to put additional manpower and also another level of expertise, behind a very complex case. we are live from the satellite center, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. shirleen. >> sharrie, thank you. one of south jersey's favorite shopping destinations went up in flames this after afternoon, and it took effort to get the fire at the
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columbus farmers market under control. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live from columbus burlington county where that fire is under investigation tonight. report report shirleen, what is behind me now is what remains of building four, of the iconic columbus farmer market. what set off the inferno is still under investigation but business owners say it could not have come at a worse time, right before the holiday season. seen from chopper six shortly after the fire broke out officials say an automatic fire alarm went off at 2:06 this afternoon. soon more than 150 fire fighters will begin to arrive at landmark columbus flea market which dates back to the 1920's, high wind quickly sent the inferno to four alarms. >> we were hampered by the winds, cold weather and wind were really a big issue on this, give the fire a good
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head start once it started in there. fortunately there was the building built with firewalls in place which helped us tremendously to confine the fire to one section of the market. >> reporter: remarkably, despite high wind, fire fighters were able to contain the fire to building four, built as oldest average largest flea market in the delaware valley, is there ten of the 65 business where is destroyed. co-owners of the national just bagels, their was among lost and it could not have happened at a worst time just before the busy thanksgiving holiday. >> from what the fire companies have told us that the building was located in, it is just entirely gone. so, everything we have is gone. >> busiest day of the year. so we don't know what we will do. >> reporter: officials say about the only saving grace is that the flea market was closed to day. >> had it been a busy thursday or a thursday of thanksgiving it was a tremendous an amount of people there. it would have been sheer
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chaos. >> reporter: the fire is under investigation by the state and burlington county fire marshals offices, as well as the springfield police department. it is unclear if the columbus farmers market will be able to at least able to partially open for the the busy holiday season. we are live from columbus, burlington county, new jersey i'm dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> dann, thank you. a bucks county man is facing murder charges tonight in the overdose death of the 27 month-old son. this is 38 year-old cocoa wallace of middletown as he was taken in custody today. his son sebastian, died on october 22nd. toxicology tests revealed that toddler had ingested enough oxycodone to kill an adult. wallace, who also had had custody of a nine year-old boy, is being held without bail tonight. >> it is expect to charges soon upgrade add for the driver suspect of hitting a pedestrian and driving off with that man still stuck in
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the windshield. that pedestrian 61 year-old kenneth muhler died last night. prosecutors say markos ortega drove a mile and a half before being stopped by ocean township police. he was facing a long list of charges including dui. central bucks west football coach, is out of the job come next season. brian henceel was already suspended while the school district, investigated hazing allegations within the football team. investigation found that the team wasn't supervised adequately and in of the coaching staff followed a code of conduct. police are investigating. king of prussia mall is famously large, and now it business to get a whole lot bigger. for years shoppers a had to brave elements to get from the plaza to the court and vice versa but that will be a thing of the past. new details were announce today about the plan to connect those two massive parts of the mall, and we will have have all of the details and what this could mean for the new stores coming to kop, coming up, at 10:30 tonight.
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we now know where philadelphia's new casino will be built. the state's gaming control board awarded the city's second casino license to live hotel casino today. it beat out three other applicant and will be located in the 900 block of packer a avenue near the stadiums. residents who live near that site have expressed concern over traffic, crime, and other issues but developers have promised to work with them. they expect to break ground in eight months and open up the casino doors in two years. and, still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten. >> a deadly attack in jerusalem, three americans are among those killed and there is a local connection. also, having a child in hand didn't stop a thief from playing grinch, the entire theft is caught on video. plus john bon jovi is a rocker and also a devoted philanthropist and tonight he was honored for that work in philadelphia. we put all the apps you love...
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give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. now for very latest on the deadly synagogue attack in jerusalem, we know that three americans, are a among the dead. total of four rabbis were killed and have been laid to rest per jewish tradition. two palestinians stormed the temple with meat cleavers, knives and a hand gun during morning prayers. a police officers died hours
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later. also, a among the dead rabbi twer sky, his son, lives in lakewood ocean county and learned of the tragedy overnight. >> i walk in the apartment. he was just trying, you know, crying. >> this is a loss to the entire jewish community. we are all reeling at this loss at this horrific news. it is just terrible. >> two men response ribble shot and killed by police. this is the first time a long standing israeli palestinian conflict that people inside a worship site were targeted. the controversial keystone xl pipeline could not get past the senate today. fifty-nine-41 vote was a nail biter to the event. house approved bill needed 60 votes to reach the white house. the oil pipeline is six years in the making and would run nearly 1200 miles from canada to the gulf of mexico. republicans are vowing to resurrect the bill once they take control of the senate, in january. well, in case you have not
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stepped outside and who could blame you for staying inside, it is chillingly cold out there. >> yes, we have not yet seen the bottom of this temperature free fall. melissa magee is at the big board with the details on this one. >> shirleen and brian, it has been really cold across the delaware and lehigh valley. one thing to have cold era head but with those biting wind from the west/northwest it makes it feel colder. that is what we are feeling throughout the day-to-day. current wind speeds, sustain speed in the poconos of 17 miles an hour. sustained in philadelphia at 15 and 18 miles per hour sustain wind speeds. and there in wildwood. factor that in on your skin when you step outdoors. this is how cold it feels. thinks the coldest it has been all day to day with temperatures in the teens along the 95 corridor. feels like 9 degrees currently in lancaster and current wind chill in sea isle city a at 16 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar, clear and quiet across much of the northeast. at least inland locations down to the mid atlantic but focus
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your attention out across great lakes and that is where we have been seeing all of the activity today, and for good reason. folks a across upstate north have been dealing with lake effect snow showers across this region. you can see this ban of snowfall, anywhere from 200 to 250 miles long and it had has been affecting a large chunk of areas south and east of buffalo. so when we look at total snowfall this area has seen, you will focus your attention across the board by area lackawana and lancaster, new york they have seen five to 6 feet of snow, and forecasters there are saying this is round one of snow. there is a secondary wave have of energy that moves in as we get into tomorrow for upstate new york. add on top of that 2 feet more by friday morning. so some big changes over there. a lot of snow, thankfully, we are just dealing with a chilling and the cold air overhead. your morning rush hour, our problem tomorrow will be sun glare. it is bright but bitter. wind chills in the teens.
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6:00 a.m. 22. low of 20 at 78:00 a.m. and at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning that temperature of 24 degrees with that wind chills in the the lower 20's and even some teens north and west. coming up we will look closer at the forecast and let you know how long this chill will stick around and when this cold snap will pop with that accu weather forecast, shirleen. >> i hope it pops soon. >> i do too. >> a rocker turned philanthropist is being honored in the heart of philadelphia tonight. the marion anderson award recognizes men and women who have used their talents, not only for fame but for the good of society. john bon jovi meets that description, and we will go live new to kenneth moton at the kimmel center where john bon jovi is accepting the the marion anderson award tonight, hi there, kenneth. >> reporter: hi there shirleen, guess what, ceremony is still going here at the kimmel center. any moment now john bon jovi will take stage to accept this honor after an amazing night of music. the rocker brought the stars
10:18 pm
to this years marion anderson award gala at the kimmel center. performances by john baptiste. >> ♪ >> reporter: all american rejects, all in honor of this years recipient the one and only john bon jovi. >> we're really excited for him and he is from the soul foundation, project home, and he really has done a lot for philadelphia. >> reporter: star studded night in center city which filled a concert hall would not have been complete without host and fun would i mandel wear county resident wanda sykes. >> you excel at everything that you do, music, acting, good hair. >> reporter: this night of jokes and music people lifting their honor of the legendary one bon jovi front man known for philanthropy. often we see new jersey native off the stage donating his time and machine toy help the hungry, home less and less fortunate. his non-profit soul
10:19 pm
foundation impacting one soul at a time. >> it is very inspiring to know that he is so big, so large, and that he is still stays true to philadelphia a. >> reporter: for those who watched and receive the award named for distinguished philadelphia marion anderson they could not help but sing his praises. >> he is such a down to earth person. even though he has become very, very large he never forgot his roots. >> reporter: thinks 14th year for the award, and it was also benefiting financially, young artistness our city, motown founder barry goredie received the honor last year joining the list of other actors and entertainers like richard gear, harry bellafonte and also, james earl jones, what a list, guys. reporting live outside the jimmy kimmel center, i almost called it jimmy kimmel center, reporting live outside the kimmel center, in center city, "action news" at ten on phl17.
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>> yes. >> sorry, guys. i love that guy. >> we're blaming it on the cold. >> yes. >> thanks, kenneth. we appreciate it. >> first look at sports tonight and eagles effort to get past, last weekend's beat down. >> ducis rodgers live now from the "action news" sports center hi there ducis. >> the eagles may have brought cold weather with them to philadelphia, they hope their play remained back in green bay. a beat ago this could linger but birds tell jamie apody that they have moved beyond that game. >> it is a short memory. i'm done with it. >> reporter: short, sweet and cary williams upled is up sentiments of his teammates today. packers game is in the past and they are moving on. so that 33-point embarrassment is not haunting their dreams. >> i was really tired after the practice. i loved our tempo and i loved our energy. this is a group, we took one on the chin last week. sometimes you get beat up.
10:21 pm
these guys are ready to come back strong. >> we cannot how this game to trickle over into the next game. we understand that. >> good news titans don't provide anywhere near challenge that the packers did. two and eight team after losing to the steelers land night on monday night football but birds know after the performance they put up they cannot take anyone likely. >> this week we have the tennessee titans who are hungry who may not have wins but they fly around and they get to the ball. they do a good job. they are a dangerous team. >> eagles believe they are still a dangerous team as well. >> this is a situation in that green bay game where we just could not compete like we knew, we cannot fix these mistakes. we're just doom. then we would be worried. but all that stuff is fixable. >> with the eagles jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> ahead neck half an hour we will hear from the flyers on the loss of claude giroux, will hear from the flyers on the loss of claude giroux, bwe put all the apps you love...
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we've got some breaking news in middlesex county, chopper 6hd is live over the new jersey turnpike, right near exit number eight in crownbury township after a massive accident. you can see crews are on the
10:25 pm
scene as smoke billows from the northbound lanes, this accident happened just around 9:00 o'clock tonight and it is affecting the three outer northbound lanes right now. >> that is right, police say three tractor trailers were involved here. you can see just charred remains of those trucks, that were involved in this. shirleen said all three northbound outer lanes are closed right now only one of the three inner lanes is opened at this point but quite a mess, a massive accident here in cranberry township, new jersey, shutting down a portion of the new jersey turnpike right now. we do not have any word on injuries or the extent of any injuries right here but we are following this very closely and we will bring you any new details as this newscastt continues, "action news" continues right after this.
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we've got much more coming up a at 10:30. >> including an update on actor tracie morgan how he is doing after a crash this um iser on the new jersey turnpike. and next up, video you have got to see police are looking for a man who used a toddler to help him steel from a stranger.
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[♪] >>announcer:"action news" at 10:30 on phl17 continues. hello, again. thank you for joining us. here is a look at stories we are covering an "action news" at phl17. there is information into the death of a c.e.o. and his wife. they were found in their somerset home in september. the evidence may point to murder. the attorney general's office is conducting their own investigation. a shop went up in flames. it took 155 firefighters to put
10:31 pm
out the fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the business owners say it could not come at a worse time with the shopping season approaching. and israel is in retaliation. it killed five people including five rabbis dead. and mosher twersk moshe twersky. there was a fiery crash in cranberry township. you see the remains of the semis. no word on any injuries. look at the incredible traffic backup underway. all three outer lanes are closed
10:32 pm
with one inner lane. it's causing incredible delays. and traffic is closed on one side and big delays on the other. what injuries are caused by this. we are trying to learn that. we'll pass it on in the newscast. now, to the frigid weather. we are hitting record lows with melissa magee. >> yeah, brian and shirleen crank up the heat and grab a cup of hot chocolate. it's a gorgeous shot of the center city skyline. it's clear and quiet. we'll show you the numbers west of turn to. tannersville 14. and fleetwood and center city at
10:33 pm
this hour 25. and same thing for chester. down to areas of south jersey and delaware. the 20s for cinnaminson. and sea isle city at 28. we have 20 miles-an-hour and some spots are higher than that. because of that you have wind chills in the teens. along the i-95 corridor 9. feeling like 5 in the poconos. and in dover 16. 13 the wind chill in wilmington. here is the action radar. the arctic high pressure is as far south as the lake states. the temperatures are in the 20s. that is cold for areas in the southeast. the only place you are finding the activity is down wind from the great lakes.
10:34 pm
in buffalo, they have seen 4 feet of snow and more snow is on the way. in reading we challenge the low of 18 degrees. that is a new record low. same for the atlantic city, a record low of 17. in philadelphia we drop down to 21. and here is a set up for the middle half of the work week. high of 33. tomorrow is not as bad as it was today. it's cold. wind chills in the 20s. instead of the teens. sunshine and a few clouds. not a breezy for the kay. to gets milder by thursday. it's noit's not as cold. as you are walking out of door tomorrow morning it's a chilling start and biting wind on the way. the temperatures and wind chills in the teens. as you wake up at 7:30, temperatures north and west of town feeling like 4 in the
10:35 pm
poconos. as we get into the afternoon hours not much of a recovery here. 4:00 in the afternoon. the temperatures in the 20s across the delaware and lehigh valleys. the poconos in the teens there. it's cold. less wind. high up to 33. sunny and breezy up to 45 on thursday. a reinforcing shot of cold air. on saturday it sunny and chilly a high of 42. mild on sunday with late rain around. a high of 58. it's a day to track closely. we have a half and full marathon taking place. in between that time there is lot of cold to get through, guys. brace for it. thank you. we have an update on breaking news we brought you a few seconds ago. we learned in the crash on the new jersey turnpike has proven
10:36 pm
fatal. one person is dead at this point. as a result of the crash by exit 8 in cranberry township. we don't know if other vehicles were involved right now. you see the intensity of the flames in were caused of this one charred out big-rig on the right. the remains of the other two lanes here. several lanes remain closed right now. it's an active investigation. the breaking development here. one person is dead as a result of this crash in cranberry township, new jersey tonight. this is a time of year that lots have packages shipped to our homes for the holidays. they are looking for a man accused of using a toddler for a cover to steal from stranger. this is surveillance video in upper darby last monday. an u.p.s. driver drops a package
10:37 pm
on the ponch. seconds later a ma-- porch. >> this is a littl baby. he never lets go. he uses the baby as a cover to steal. >> the victim says that the package contained $140 worth of toys. if you recognize the thief call upper darby police. we got this video in. a man robbed a hair salon. he got away with an undetermined amount of cash. no one inside of the store was hurt. it's days after a 20-year-old man was shot and killed in a parking lot. the shooting resulted from a drug-related robbery. markus johnson and three others intended to rob someone last thursday in that parking lot on
10:38 pm
marrows road. they arrested 17-year-old blalock and pankins. they are facing robbery charges tonight. a buck's county man was accused of raping a woman. the alleged victim is a 54-year-old woman. callahan knows that his bail is set the $200,000. 42-year-old stephen motorato took 13 bank bags. his arrest comes after a lengthy grand jury investigation. he is charged with theft and receiving stolen property and
10:39 pm
tampering with public records. in berks county they are searching for these two. they stolen coats from east bridge outfitters in maiden creek township. if you recognize the couple contact the police. the ground shook in wilmington tonight because of this. check it out. the action cam was at north and 11 street as the demolition crews took down the 8-story structure. it generated curiosity as well. still ahead a major expansion announced at the king of prussia mall. and more fallout for the minnesota viking that admitted hitting his 4-year-old son with
10:40 pm
a wooden switch. how tracy morgan is doing a wooden switch. how tracy morgan is doing after the horrific crash
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new tonight. hannah graham's death has been ruled a homicide.
10:43 pm
they are not saying how the 18-year-old died. her remains were found near charlottesville. she was last seen with jesse matthew. d.n.a. linked him to two other crimes. adrian peterson will not be on field for the rest the season. the nfl players association said it will appeal "demand that a neutral arbitrator oversee the president obama." he has off the field since appeal." and tracy morgan has not recovered from the crush on the new jersey township.
10:44 pm
it's not clear if he will be "the tracy morgan that he once was." one the retailers truck slammed in the back of the limo. what items you should buy on black friday. taking you to the king of prussia mall where a huge expansion was announced today. get ne
10:45 pm
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10:47 pm
big changes are coming to one of the biggest shopping centers in the country. king of prussia will add more retail and restaurant space. the plans unveiled today. sarah bloomquist was there. >> at the king of prussia mall there is the court on one side and the plaza on the other. >> you have great property. it divided by a road. it's cold when you have to go outside. there is no link to make it a seamless experience. >>reporter:that link is coming.
10:48 pm
the owner simon announced a major expansion project. it will bridge the two sides of the mall. inside there is enough space for 60 to 70 new stores, restaurants and a dining pavilion. and new features to enhance the shopping experience. >> you will have charging stations for your phones, state-of-the-art bathrooms. >> the old structure outside of the neiman marcus is coming down to make room for the new parking facility. they are happy that it will soon become one and offering more places to spend their money. >> you will not have to walk outside when it's freezing cold. that is cool. >>reporter:some of the existing stores move to larger retail
10:49 pm
space. what new stores are coming to the mall, and construction is ready for complex in the fall of 2016. looking forward to that. you don't have to wait until thanksgiving or black friday. the shopping push has begun. >> if you are in the market on the toys that are out on the best toy list that are released by amazon. i would not wait to get the hot toys. >> all right if there is a gadget on your list, small appliances, laptops and gaming systems they suggest black friday. if you are looking for clothes cyber monday is where you can grab the deals. the only prices will be at the
10:50 pm
lowest on thanksgiving. i think that they are excited about it. tvs and laptops his name is ducis rodgers. you can give us a shopping list tonight. it's toys, all about the toys. yes, it is. learn from the past do not dwell on it. that is the approach in green bay. they are focused on sunday's game with the titans. when the birds got in front of the microphone, the message was simple. move on. >> we took one on the chin last week. that is the way that it goes. you get beat up. i am happy. the guys are coming back strong. >> i am done with it. >> we are eager to get better. the corrects that we make we are excited to get better. we still have all the confidence in the world. we know we are a great team. we are looking forward to
10:51 pm
proving that. >> the eagles say that the wolf's season is done. the eagles bring back quarterback rock carmichael. he was released in august. they pick up scott, why? drew is out with an injury. he was suffering it through the practice. he will miss days not weeks. it causes the teams to shake up their lines a bit. >> i played three years with jake in columbus. i had a lot of success with him. i know it has been a while. it will feel the same. if it happens for a game or two, i will do it. >> it feels comfortable to play enough, it's an easy transition
10:52 pm
for me. whatever i am thrown tomorrow i will be ready for. >> tomorrow they take on the rangers. la salle scores quinnipiac at 56-28. derazio a nice move into the lane. 73-57. a one in a million shot. we take you to golf. not even close. did that go in? it's a peak. off the top of the backboard and into the hoop for the amazing feat. the young man gets $500. he was wearing shorts and tights. >> i did not notice. you have a great
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that is adorable. very cute. nothing cute about this cold. it's going to be cold tonight. record lows on the way as you wake up in the morning we have a chill overhead. and it's bitterly told. 6:00 a.m., 22. and 4:00 at 8:00 in the morning. early in the morning and as we get through the afternoon, 33 at 1:00 in the amp and 32 at the freezing mark at 4:00 p.m. feeling like the dead of winter. and meteorologist, david murphy will have more. thank you for joining us. "modern family" is next. i am brian taff for shirleen allicot, see you tomorrow.
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happy valentine's day. oh, happy valentine's day. aw. ohh! mwah. so, fratelli's tonight? hello, cannoli canoe. jay: i like it. nice fit. swanky material. [ chuckles ] jay, you look so strong and sexy, like an olympic wrestler but with money. [ both laugh ] your turn. okay. [ chuckles ] this is my favorite day in america! happy valentine's day, gorgeous. [ gasps ] they're huge! [ chuckles ] oh, my god! yeah, those will work. beautiful. you can wear them tonight. i have a surprise. [ gasps ] don't tell me, you're finally taking me salsa dancing!


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