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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 20, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> it is thursday night airport big story on "action news" is breaking news out of west oak lane where a shooting is under investigation right now. >> and we are told the suspect was on the receiving end of at least one security guard's bullet. eva pilgrim is gathering details at the scene. eva. >> reporter: the crime scene unit just arrived here open the scene. a would-be robber is fighting for his life after trying to hold up this west oak lane rite aid with a knife this happened
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before 8:0, 8200 block of stenton avenue and that while the 33-year-old man was trying to hold up the pharmacy he ran into a security guard that pulled his gun and opened fire inside the store. a police say they were able to find the knife here at the scene. we spun the knife open the ground just outside the store here along with the book bag making it appear the would-be robber was trying to leave the store. we know at this hour that he was taken to einstein in critical condition again and crime scene unit just arrives here at the scene. investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened inside the store. we are live in west oak lane. eva pilgrim, for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. eva. thank you. and tonight a community is mourning two children killed in tabernacle, burlington county and it appears the violence happened at the hands of their very own mother this morning. police discovered the gruesome
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scene inside a home on the unit block of holly park drive. they found a young brother and sister dead inside the house. the siblings brother and mother each suffered gun shot wounds and were critically injured. investigators say it is quite a while until they know why this happened. in the meantime, neighbors and friends are supporting each other in this difficult tile time. "action news" reporter dann cuellar talked to community members devastated by the violence. he's live now in tabernacle, dann. >> reporter: and shirleen, we're learning more tonight about what may have triggered this terrible tram di. in the wake of it all many including friend of the family gathered here tonight for an emotional vigil. >> forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. >> holding candles and wipe ago way tears they gathered in tabernacle to reflect on the tragedy. among them 8-year-old savannah
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heler who held a picture of her and her late friend nadia killed with her brother on holly park drive with her brother. >> nadia is my best friend and she was always nice to me. >> savannah's mother said they had thanksgiving lunch together at school yesterday. >> she never experienced close death before. this is very hard for her. >> also here tonight was monique who said janine the mother of the three children has been her best friend for 33 years. >> i can't believe this happened. i'm in complete and utter shock. her kids are like my own kids. i can't believe it. >> she said la page was unemployed nurse having financial difficulties and living on the home holly park drive with her children, her brother, his wife and their kids. while authority have not called this attempted murder-suicide.
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cur yes, sir said if la page said things got bad this is how she would end it. >> it's devastating. my heart is broken. >> classmates of nadia were dealing with the harsh reality of losing a friend at such a young age. >> nadia was in my class and was my friend. >> reporter: okay. >> and i'm sad. >> reporter: you're sad, yes. and in closing, pastor of tabernacle united methodist reminded us during the season of thanks giving there are others out there suffering and going through tough times. and we should try to reach out to them. live in tabernacle, new jersey, dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> dann, thank you. they're called the most sweeping changes to nation's immigration system in three decades. president obama laid out expensive and expansive list of executive actions tonight to spare some 5 million people in the u.s. illegally from
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deportation. they include immigrants that have been here five years and have children who are citizens or legal residents. anyone who came to the u.s. as a child and is attending school, has graduated high school or served in military. >> let's be honest, tracking down, rounding up and deporting millions of people is not realistic. anyone who suggests otherwise is not being straight with you. it's also not who we are as americans. >> now, republicans have vowed a fight on this. they say the president's actions are illegal. even the president himself said last year that he did not believe he had legal authority to take these steps. tonight a very different scene. here at home tonight, this group gathered at a mexican restaurant south philadelphia and as you see they klapd in approval of president's plan, shirleen. >> thank you, brian. there is a formal death sentence for the man accused of killing a toddler and her grandmother in king of prussia.
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raghu yand morey was convicted last month. >> yet another woman came forward accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. teresa sergesi's story is similar to others. the woman is 57 and lives in boca raton florida and claims the assault happened 1976, las vegas, back stage after cosby perform aid show. the two maintained contact for years after alleged assault. a spokesman for bill cosby has not responded to request for comment. word came today cosby will keep his position on temple university board of trustees. cosby is arguably the school's most famous alum and trustee since 1982 and attends
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commencement sayre knownyes often. he seltd a lawsuit by a temple employ in 1986 which accused him of drugging and fondling her at his home in elkins park. >> a high temperature of 50 was the most welcomed break after this bone-chilling week we've had. but no reason to get used to it. tomorrow we're headed back in the other direction. meteorologist cecily tynan as latest word from accuweather live at the big board. >> we'll have a roller coaster ride with temperatures. tuesday and wednesday afternoon high in the low 30s. today we shot up to 50. it felt fwharm xar son. but still that is four degrees below the average high for this time of year. and now, if you have been outside recently, you can feel the cold air is rushing in as we speak. right now, philadelphia is 35 degrees. 36 in millville. trenton already dropped down to 32. wilmington 3 4 and the cold winds coming from north and west.
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allentown it's even colder, 29. reading 29. mount pocono big boulder ski resort opened today with trails. right now it's 21 degrees. definitely cold enough to make snow up there. and the wind chills are really telling the story. autopsy cross the great lakes into canada. even pittsburgh wind chills 19 degrees. green bay is two degrees below zero international falls 10 below zero. we won't get quite that cold. but wind chills will drop down into the teens and single digits right in time for the morning commute. this shows how it's going to feel tomorrow morning. this morning you didn't have to bundle up with quite as many layers as earlier in the week. put the layers on tomorrow. kids heading to the bus stop. i suggest you put the winter coats on as well as the scarves and hats and gloves and whole sha bang. i-95 corridor and areas south and east we're looking at wind chills in the teens. then you get across the nearby north and west suburbs, wind chills in the single digits and
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northern lehigh valley and poconos wind chill dropping close to zero. the good news is if you don't like it quite this cold i'm tracking a gradual warm-up as we head through the weekend and early next week believe it or not record warmth possible m coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> a light at the end of the tunnel. >> thanks, cecily. >> baggage handlers are wrapping up a one day strike. all of the worked for mrim flight and airport subcourt tore. they're forced to perform dutys in unsafe working conditions and paid too little. they're looking for the same compensation airline employees get. operations were not impacted by that strike today. >> pennsylvania stream court is forcing corbett administration to strap plans to close a third of state's county based health centers. the court ruled officials cannot ignore state law that requires pennsylvania to maintain the health centers it's opened as of
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1995. the corbett administration must stop closing center and reopen the closed ones and restore health services to the way they were back in 1995. >> and thanks to local non-profit young aspiring broadcasters from chester being given a rare opportunity. tonight was premiere of hip-hop live run by hip-hop, inc. of chester program designed to give hands on experiencing producing news web site, monthly pod cast and talk show. as you see there very own walter perez was there to share some encouraging words to the future media professionals. >> and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at 10 tonight. saved by the crook. campus shooting may have been much worse had it not been for one student's selection at the library that night. >> also consumer alert one of the most recognizable names in baby product is calling back 5 million strollers. we'll talk about the defect
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tonight. >> and a big thank you tonight for two delaware county police officers who helped save a young for two delaware county police officers who helped save a young life.
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>> investigators are trying to see yeah university of florida student opened fire in the lobby before police confronted and killed him. one student jason derfus was carrying three books and checked out. a bullet hit the third book possibly saving his life. that book a theology textbook. derfus said he is sure god is watching out for him. >> a texas nurse that survived ebola has a new engagement troyng replace the one destroyed. zales based in dallas up vooded amber and her fiancee to pick out a ring for free. the olds one was insin traited. she contracted ebola while treating thomas eric dunk whoyn later tie died. ten are dead because of the
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monster snowstorm in new york. more than 6 feet of snow fell in counties in and around buffalo and not done yet. the snow is so heavy there the only way to remove it is to use front end loaders and dump trucks. some have thousands of pounds of know open their houses causeing a frantic ration to clear roofs before they gave in. an estimated 220,000 tons of snow in the stadium is covering it leading nfl to move that game to detroit. nothing like that in the accuweather forecast. but it ill will be cold. ask meteorologist cecily tynan tonight. >> brian, really same winds causing lake effect snow in western new york state is what is bringing down the big chill for us tonight. satellite 6 and action radar showing we are pretty much in the clear here. but if you look right near buffalo, new york, you can see very narrow band of that heavy snow. that's lake effect snow. reason why, low pressure up over
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cap day. you have circulation around that and it's cold northwesterly waindz cross lake erie i should say. that's what's causing snow. that's also what's pulling down very cold air. we have another blast of chilly air moving in tonight. philadelphia, 35 degrees. trenton 32. millville 36. allentown 30. dropped down to 29 reading and lancaster 28 and then you factor in the winds. winds are picking up. wind chill feels like 30 in philadelphia. feels like 23 wilmington and 2 trenton and 19 allentown and 19 in lancaster and tomorrow morning will be one of those beautiful mornings when you look outside and see sunshine. you'll be able to hear the winds blowing around and rattling windows. morning rush hour will be sunny. 6:00, 26. still 26 at 7:00 and 27 at 8:00. wind chills this is really key the wind chills 5 to 15 in the
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morning so you really want to bundle up and dmres layers and extended time outdoors. through the day mostly sunny. keep the gusty winds. allentown high 3 4 downingtown 35. efforta 34. philadelphia center city 36 degrees and trenton 35. glassboro 36. wilmington 36. south jersey really not much warmer, cape may 38. speedwell 35. millville 36 and dover 37 degrees. wind chills in the 20s. certainly a cold start to the weekend. but i'm tracking gradually warming air through the weekend. also possibility of rain and near record warm m. details open that including eagles forecast and all important philadelphia marathon forecast coming up a little later on. shirleen. >> all right. thank you, cecily. tonight we know who will be dancing at the dancing for our future stars event benefiting independence mission schools. and we are happy to tell you that our very own meteorologist melissa magee will be among
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those cutting the rug. the actual event is in march with local personalities and professional paters in have quite a bit of preparing to do. but, not so bad so far. >> and you know she will own the dance floor. >> humble display from two heroes tonight honored from saving life of little boy who shot himself in the face. saturday night, darby township, and the 10-year-old boy found a gun under the seat of dad's truck. officers responded and found the boy lifeless. sharon hill officer performed cpr on the child in the backseat of patrol car as k-9 officer jean mackey drove to the hospital. >> i have four kids of my own that when we first got there the first thing that came to my mind when i realize today was a kid. i thought about my kids. >> just doing my job. >> any officer in delaware county or philadelphia or surrounding agencies do every day of the week.
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>> two good guys there. tonight the little boy is at children's hospital of philadelphia and, doctors say he is improving each and every day. >> and now to a first look at sports tonight. eagles fans are taking another look at quarterback mark sanchez. >> ducis rogers is live now in the "action news" sports center ducis. >> hey there guys a week ago eagles fans were riding high. this week trying to get rid of green bay hangover. how about mark sanchez. he's even stephen headed to sunday's game against tennessee. jeff skversky explains why. >> this is fun job when you win. >> and when not mark sanchez is familiar with up and down life and nfl quarterback thanks to days in new york. he's doing everything in his power to stay even keel. >> you have to be like that life and obviously in this sport and in this profession. it's not always going to work out sunday and it doesn't last week. we're well past that. >> sanchez moved past four
10:20 pm
turnovers and ugly loss in green bay and even though as many tunovers as touchdowns he's not blaming it on the rough. step ten will be third start since 2012. >> when you've been out of the game ten years and come back it doesn't matter. you have to take care of the football. >> season khaez is comfortable running chip callly pedal to the metal hurry up offense he's running every play 8.8 seconds two second faster than when foles was running offence and it's still not fast enough. >> you're always competing against yourself and trying to be better. and be the best version of yourself for your teammates. >> competitive side in sanchez is chomping at the bit to get back out there and take it to the titans. jeff skversky for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> ahead next half hour the lesion of doom returns to wells >> ahead next half hour the lesion of doom returns to wells fargo
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>> we've got a lot more coming up in the next half hour. how to make it through the holidays without breaking the bank. >> and 10:45 massive stroller recall. which you need to be concerned about and next a huge reward being offered tonight for information leading to arrest of the person who shot a delaware state trooper. plus that trooper tells us what state trooper. plus that trooper tells us what that experience has meant to his
10:28 pm
revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world. there was a vigil tonight for a
10:29 pm
family in tabernacle. the shooting left two children two members of the family dead. brother and mother, 44-year-old janine lapage are hospitalized in critical condition. the shooting was likely
10:30 pm
attempted murder-suicide. >> a florida woman come forward claiming she, too, was drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby. teresa se re gese said it napped 1976 following a show in las vegas. she's fourth woman to make allegations at the it against the comedian. >> tonight president obama announced sweeping overhaul to the nation immigration situation. it would keep best and brightest into the united states and deporting only criminals and he'll send more resources to the border and make it easier for skilled work others to stay here. steps will be taken to document illegal immigrants as long as they meet certain requirements. >> but we'll begin this half hour with a frigid forecast. we hope you enjoy today's warm weather. tomorrow will get cold again. >> lately, these days feel balmy compared to what we see tomorrow morning which will be wind and temperatures in the teens and let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> and it's funny how today felt
10:31 pm
warm. we were 50 degrees with four below normal. but considering two days before that we're stuck in the 30s it actually felt nice today and let's take a look at temperatures right now across the region. temperatures are beginning to drop already down into the 20s and parts of viewing area. kennett square, 29 degrees. pottstown 30. quakertown 28. warrington 29. and levittown currently 3 1. heading into south jersey hammonton, 3 3, glassboro, 34, woodbine 3 and delaware hockessin currently 32. the cold air is creating some windchill factors as well. wind chills already dropping into the teens in lehigh valley where it feels like 19 degrees. lancaster also feels like 19. philadelphia feels like 28 and trenton 22 and wind chills will be dropping down into the teens overnight. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the reason why there's low pressure over dan because winds out of the northwest this is also what's
10:32 pm
cranking up lake effect snow machine. parts of western new york could get another foot or two of snow in the overnight hours. lake effect snow warnings continue up there until 3:00 in the morning. so here we'll be dry. but it's going to be cold as we head through the day tomorrow. even 11:30. wind chill still generally in teens and 20s and wind chills will stay in the 20s through the afternoon. so, tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. 36 degrees. but it will be breezy and cold. heading into the weekend, this high pressure begins to move a little further to the south and east. what this does is sets up return flow on saturday with winds out of the southwest. still a cool day and not quite as harsh. 42 degrees. increasing clouds in the afternoon and this really sets the stage for warmer weather for the second half of the weekend. this say big weekend in philadelphia, philadelphia marathon weekend. saturday, for the roth man 8 k see you there i'm running it, bright, dry and cold. start temperature 7:30, only 28.
10:33 pm
but marathon half marathon sunday, a lot milder, partly sunny when race against 7:00, 38 degrees. but warming up through the 40s and by noon up to 53. they really don't have to bundle up too much if you run the marathon and half marathon. good luck. >> big pattern change on monday. jet stream soaring north this will pull up winds southwest near record warmth. how do you like 70 degrees on monday. but it will come with a chance of showers. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast for tomorrow, mostly sunny, 36 degrees. wind chills in 20s. bundle up. is it a saturday. still certainly chilly. not as brutal. 42. on sunday, increasing clouds, mild, 56 degrees. so eagles game-day temperature in the 50s. rain moving in on sunday night. monday, it will be warm and windy with showers, high 70. we only keep that for one day. drop down to 59 open tuesday.
10:34 pm
partly sunny skies. wednesday it cools off to 48 degrees. and thursday, it will be a cool but dry thanksgiving with a high of 47 degrees. looks like winds will not be a factor for the parade. 47 degrees. compared to temperatures in the 30s. feels nice. >> perfect. >> something to be thankful for. >> amazing. >> thank you, ces. >> 10,000 reward offered tonight for information that leads to the person who shot a delaware state trooper. trooper richard deskis was shot in the arm while responding to a skawl one year ago today. it happened around 24 and mark net wilmington. the ghaun was never found. trooper deskis since made a full recovery. >> very grateful that i'm here and a lot of positives came from. it from the community and other law enforcement a lot of positive things as a result of a negative situation. >> positive man. >> if you have any information on the shooting, just call
10:35 pm
1-800-tips-3333. >> firefighters were bidsy tonight and battled flames shooting from the roof of this home. 5th and jefferson 6:30. we're told the home was vacant and they're trying to figure out how this fire started. new at 10 o 30 tonight a man convicted of murdering a woman in the poconos now claims he's also murdered women in texas. just this week, 40-year-old charles hicks was sentence todz death for 2008 murder of viena knoll. her remains were found in trash bags along the high waxt. texas rangers are working with other actions to investigate the new claims by hicks that there are more victims out there. >> a young man's voice has gotten attempted murder charges against him dropped. may, 201 3. philadelphia police said several men broke into home of blind woman on 4700 block of marple street and holmesburg and turned on the gas. victim, who did not want to be
10:36 pm
identified, said she recognized one of them by his voice as her next door neighborhood tomile mc duffy. he was 18 at the time and charged with attempted murder because police say the gas could have killed the woman. da's office said the victim failed to identify him a second time in a new voice lineup just this month. >> a former philadelphia teacher's aid is accused of sending important to a 13-year-old. 9-year-old quasine cunningham faces a number of charges including corruption of a minor. investigators say he sent explicit imannuals and video to a boy through facebook. cunningham most recently worked at an after-school program at henery a. brown elementary. he is being held in delaware county prison on 100,000 bail. several shots at the columbus farmer's market in burlington county, new jersey reopened today. the outdoor vending area and produce and seafood markets are
10:37 pm
back in business days after a massive fire. the market was closed tuesday when flames broke out and destroyed ten stores. investigators still don't know what sparked the fire. however, businesses say this is the worst time of year for this to happen and thanksgiving is one of their busiest days. there was a meaningful gathering in center city last night the center for grieving children held fourth annual fall fest. eagles president dop smeleski was on hand. it provides support for families that experienced death of a loved one. >> teens in paulsboro new jersey have a new place to hangout. a teen center with a pizza party. the kids can play foosball and pool and there's also a computer lab where they can work on homework and a lounge. great new place for kids to hang out. ♪
10:38 pm
>> whole lot of moving and groffing tonight. 250 seniors came out for 38th annual thanksgiving dinner dance in wynnefield. look at them go. they were joined by students from st. joseph's having a good time with them. they enjoyed a tasty y meal and afterwards hit the dance floor and shook it. a lot of smiles tonight. good music. i don't blame them. >> got to move. >> especially when cold out. there we have it easy compared to people in buffalo. they're still buried under snow and it doesn't look like problems are going away soon. >> director mike nickels and look back at some of his >> director mike nickels and look back at some of his meaningful and defining
10:39 pm
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>> lights on broadway dmim honor of mike nickels. he passed away last any. his career included "the gradu graduate" "working girl" and " bird cage" he won an emery, grammy, tony and was married to diane sawyer and survived by four children and grandchildren and mike nickels was 83. >> for the first time since
10:42 pm
taken captive peter kassig's birth parties were speaking out about their son a adoptive parents ed and paul are adoptive face to save kassi z-from isis. she and her children will have their own private ceremony to remember peter who was executed by the terror group. kassig was reunited with his biological family when he turned 18. >> new and dramatic video stwhoop aarr doing and check it out. kansas city, missouri. police were chasing the white suv when driver lost control and hit a fire hydrant and slammed into the budding this morning check it out. you can see part of the building collapse. that driver was injured as a result of that crash. >> and we'll take you back to buffalo where people will be digging out for days to come. mrs. a consumer alert tonight. millions of strollers recalled and dangers they pose to your
10:43 pm
little one. >> and don't forget to wake up with "action news" team. get morning's top news head lines, weather, traffic,
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>> 2014 is set to be warmest year on track. storms hitting northeast and scream cold affecting note of the country today. >> in western, new york, burried in sneen bracing for more. >> this suppress dented. i've never seen snow like this. >> nearly 6 feet had fall anyone parts of buffalo area coughing cars and homes. trapping people inside and out. >> my wife has cerebral palsy i am trying to get into the house to her. the snow is beyond my control. >> the latest wave of winter weather coming in with a bang. thunder snow and lightning at times near whiteout conditions. before it's all over totals in some areas could see up to 3 more feet pile piling up. >> i'm actually surprised that it's not worse. this is probably the most snowfall in history. >> new york governor says local
10:47 pm
crews with help of national guard are making progress in snow clogged highways. there's growing concern over collapsing snow tops and authorities evacuating dozens from mobile homes and weight of snow to heavy to bear and vents kloinged with snow have left some without heat. >> we were without heat 2 1/2 days. >> others unable to work. >> i have a 4-year-old at home and house to support. >> with more snow for buffalo and record breaking cold continuing to grip the country it's clear this crippling winter blast is not over yet. >> we're expecting heavy snow through friday here. when temperatures warm up and all of this snow melts residents won't be in the clear. they'll have to worry about flooding. caroline costello, "abc news," buffalo, new york. >> now since buffalo is covered in snow the nfl decided to move sunday's game between buffalo bills and new york jets. we now know it will be played in detroit. >> and now, to our consumer
10:48 pm
alert. parents and caregivers there's been a massive stroller recall. graco is recalling 5 million after several children severely injured. the recall covers 11 models of graco strollers in the past 14 years kids hands getting caught in foameding hinge six children had fingertips amputated. contact graco immediately to get a free repair kit. >> 35 shopping days until christmas. this might be the most wonderful time of the year for 3457b many it can be the most stressful. tonight tips for managing spending without skimping on presents. financial gurus say the first thing you need to do is mack a budget. list who are you buying for and what you want to spend and stick to. it avoid impulse purchases. start shopping early. it will give you time to compare
10:49 pm
prices and take advantage of sales. get creative. sometimes homemade gifts are more personal and can be cheaper. take advantage of delayed gifts like planning events, promising to take them to dinner a new year. if you're in a tight spot this helps the budget. >> don't forget about after christmas sales. >> i don't mind getting gift after christmas. >> 35 days i need 70 days. >> seriously. >> it's time for sports tonight. >> ducis rogers live at the big board. >> let me take floats brian right here. >> biingt night for flyers not because they were trying to end a three game skid. royalty was in the house. we'll get to that if a moment. first, highlights against minnesota. vinny with fancy stick handling to mark strike. game tide one. early third period.. michael scandela puts the goal past ray emory.
10:50 pm
it's a sea saw battle. clouds giroux puts it back in the flyers favor. one timer. 2-2. under a minute to play. jason zucker left autopsy all alone on door step. got to get a body on him. flyers dropped 4 in a row, 3-2 final. before tonight's game two-thirdsn'terd into the flyers hall of fame. john le chair and eric lind draws. >> we would like to start off thanking flyers organization especially mr. snyder, clark and they always gave us the best in a quality team and gave us every opportunity to win we'll be forever incredibly proud and hon toward to play for philadelphia flyers and we thank you for that opportunity. >> good stuff there. today's eagle injury vort relatively clean. let's see what can be said about
10:51 pm
the play on the field when they toast tennessee. mark sanchez making third start for birds. on the other side, titans qb mark sdeken burger making third career start. just because he's young doesn't mean they'll take him lightly. >> he came in and those guys they're up here for a reason. they're professional athletes. pro quarterbacks and he can have a day like that and you know just completely blow up and have a great day. so, we gotta nroch like we planned aaron rodgers and tom brady. >> college basketball villanova jay wright knows athings or three about buck net nel. he graduated from 983. darren hiliard stucky fingers. 'nova wins 72-65. bruiser flint and drexel facing miami. final ten plus minutes without a
10:52 pm
field goal. kahnes on half 14-2 run. drexel falls 56-46. >> table tennis not considered a contact sport. keep your ion player at the bottom of screen. this is youth he snrent russia. player losses takes opponent's hands and tring to shake the referee shakes him right out of the chair. even john mc row would think that is out of hand. yunl event. nutty. table tennis. >> intense. >> yeah. >> crazy over there. >> i'm scared. >> thank you, ducis. >> check out this picture posted to instagram says welcome to my ridiculous life i'm locked in cvs. alyssa ran to the store monday night for gummy vitamins and walked around 30 minute and then made her way to checkout. >> nobody was at the cash register i looked around couldn't find anybody and i walk up front and see everything
10:53 pm
pulled down. >> she didn't panic until she realized her phone was almost dead. she tried calling cvs corporate offices no one answered she called the 911. she was freed by police and two managers. since then she filed a formal complaint. she said she is not mad find the whole thing pretty hilarious. >> sometimes you have to get your gummy vitamins. >> all about the roaring 20s. national museum of american jewish history holds annual north america gala with a night of music and dancing and special performances and the museum looked back at defining decade performances and the museum looked back at defining decade of all americans paying tribute
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ho ho ho green giant! >> the next morning the lobster was stale live. he rushed him to aquarium and determined albert was 70 years old and incredibly that lobster could live another 30 years. >> i'm glad he did not cook him. >> in our wake-up marriage it will be cold. take a badge and drawn butter in the morning. >> i'm trying to make a segue
10:57 pm
it's not working. windy and cold. 6:00, 27, by 8:00, 27, be wind chills in the morning will be in the teens. so jacket, hats, gloves, warrantsed. and through the day tomorrow we'll see loads of sunshine it will be cold. whipped chills in the 20s. bundle up. >> all right. we will. shank you ces and thank you for we will. shank you ces and thank you for joining us for "action news" at
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