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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> it was the most surreal moment of my life. time complete shock. >> friday night, a happy ending for a stolen pooch and the owner who thought she would never see louis again. >> tour draits dropping like flies. growing number of sex assault allegations against bill cosby tonight. >> big story on "action news" is end of brutally cold week and temperatures are dropping fast. >> we have another tough night in fact parts of the lehigh valley and reading will tie or break records. then we are in for sort of a
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weather roller coaster. meteorologist cecily tynan has details at the "action news" big board. >> it has been a cold week. three out of the past four days. temperatures have not climbed out of the 0s. tuesday, 3 2. afternoon high, wednesday 33, thursday we have a break in the weather 50, today, 37 afternoon high. during this period. temperatures averaging 12 1/2 degrees below normal. and tonight, it is another very cold night. philadelphia holding ton 30s. not much longer. allentown 24. wilmington 27. reading 26. trenton 28, sea isle city 31. millville down 18 degrees. we did have some pretty high wind gusts earlier today. 31 miles an hour are in philadelphia. if you look at the wind speeds now they're really dropping off. 9 miles an hour in philadelphia. some areas, reading and atlantic city airport no wind really,
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zero miles an hour. with with light winds and no crowd overhead, this will lead to very dramatic radiational cooling. satellite 6 showing high pressure over virginia than is keeping skies clear. it will shift to the east through the weekend and this will bring us milder concerns as we head to the weekend. tonight will be a very cold night. philadelphia, 23 degrees. millville 16. trenton 19. wilmington 20. allentown and reading, forecasting a low of 15 allentown and 16 in reading. those would be record lows if they drop down to that by tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning any activity, race, soccer game, you twoond bundle up. if you don't like the cold weather, if you look down to the south. temperatures in 7 0s and 60s. that air mass is moving our way. i'll talk about the record warmth on the way coming up in
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the full accuweather forecast 7 day. >> there is confirmation of shootner a family tragedy where two children died. police officially learned a woman first named as victim is in fact the suspect. the mother accused of shooting her own children. "action news" reporter dann cuellar following latest right now in tabernacle, burlington county. dan, this has shaken that community. >> that's right, brian, we may never know why. state police say janine mcpage did it and if she recovers she'll be charged with shooting her three children, killing two of them apparently while they slept. >> janine lapage is believed to shot her three children and turned the gun on herself. >> new jersey state police confirmed what sources suspected all alone based on physical evidence inside the home holly park drive. 44-year-old janine lapage shot her three children found with her in a bed in the upstairs
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bedroom. tonight the first time relatives were allowed to return with church volunteers to cleanup the horrific mess in the aftermath of the tragedy. la judge page used family owned revolver and shot the kids. >> a pillow was used to muffle the gun shot sounds which we believe accounts for reasons why other residents of the house did not hear the gun shots. >> 8-year-old nadia harman and 14-year-old brother nicholas died at the scene, lapage and her son alexander survived and are in extremely critical condition at cooper medical center. >> i knew some of the kids pretty will. it's -- i'm having a hard time deal with it. >> i think it's very sad. it's a very tragic thing that happened. and you know my prayers go out to the family. >> crisis counselors were available at seneca high school
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at tabernacle where the two attend school. >> it was sad. there was some people crying. there were counselors. it was sad. >> lapage and children were living with brother and family. a woman that identified herself as lapage's best friend described the mother as unemployed nurse with financial troubles and said if things got bad this is how she would end it. >> motive is not something we're talking about now. we may never know with certainly depending on condition of lapage what that motive was. >> now, officials are trying to track down reports that one of the children may have texted a friend saying they would not be going to school because their mother was having a bad day. meanwhile, the family setp a fund to pay for funerals and other cost. it's called lapage harman memorial fund. go to any pnc branch to make a
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donation. live in tabernacle, dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right, dan, thank you. breaking news now just a short time ago. rescueers helped a worker draped on scaffolding at a south philadelphia chemical plantsch the worker was unconscious when firefighters arrived. this happened at energy solutions in the 3000 block of penrose avenue and the works was stable when transported and the illness was not related to reaction to tem calls. we'll keep you updated on the breaking story. to some, it is incredible notion. bill cosby performed at sold out develop knew in melbourne, florida tonight even as the number of women accusing him of sexual assault continues to grow. tonight's performance, which also renderedrd a standing ovation, is the exception rather than the rule because the list of canceled events and social
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gatherings has been getting longer up to 6 now with another show cancelled as part of mutual agreement. for now there's 29 other shows still scheduled. >> you find your saevrlingz the longer you're married -- [ lau [ laughter ]. >> that's a sample of last night's performance in the bahamas where cosby make a joke about marriage. she got a standing ovation as i said and that happened to be a benefit for women's service organization. lawyers continue to deny a number of allegations against the 77-year-old comedian saying that accusers are coming out of the woodwork with fab indicated or unsubstantiated stories. the city of furgeson, missouri is bracing for grand jury decision tonight to when an officer should be charged in the death of michael brown. even president obama is urging calm. in an interview with "abc news" the president told protesters not to use jury decision as excuse for violence.
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meanwhile fbi sent 100 additional agents into furgeson. that city you'll recall was marked by sometimes violence clashes after 18-year-old group was shot and killed by officer darren wilson. state police been given new guidelines on keeping the community vaiv and allowing protest others to express themselves. furgeson said police officers are ready. >> we're preparing for worst but really hoping that the leadership that's coming out to protest if they do will try to keep it peaceful. >> we still don't know when the grand jury's decision will come. it could be as soon as this weekend. already, some schools in furgeson have announced they will close next week as precaution. homeless man linked to the shooting and robbery of a student at temple university november 8. derrek handcook was arrested on campus and charged with attempted murder, robbery and other owe fence the 23-year-old
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victim was shot in the hip. he is expected to survive his injuries. philadelphia sheriff's office has been ordered to stop strip searches it carried out on children. that's response from child advocates when they learned serves were happening at philadelphia family court. searches were carried out individually and in small groups. in an area visible to people caulking by. court issued now rules to regulate screensings and did not elaborate on the procedures. >> story of missing dog in southwest fld has a good story. louis was stole westbound the own areas truck a month and a half ooing go. he's back home to a public severity owe to find him. sharee williams has the story. it's the reruin dwlon dog owner hoped for but didn't see coming. >> complete shock. i'm still in shock.
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>> j.j. speers with her black lab louis for the first time six weeks. she picked him up at the philadelphia animal hospital in surprised arranged meeting her supporters known as team louis received a call from a couple who thought they found him. >> we check the dog. it was right dog. they hand today over and they were crying. people on our team were crying. >> tonight, louis is back where he mrongz, home. >> it is easily the happenest moment of my life to have him home. >> tupz clear are where he's been the last weeks. doctors say he lost 15 pound sean weak. but is otherwise okay. >> tried to give me a hug when he jumped up he was too weak to do it. >> october 9, j.j. dime south philly home depot and left louis in the car. someone told her vehicle and louie was in the backseat. that's when team louie was born. they took to social media. this facebook page helped louie
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get home with more than 15,000 likes and even a billboard to find him and it worked. >> absolutely could not have kept fighting and looking for louie without team louie behind me. so thankful and just unbelievably happy. >> louie back in favorite fleiss sleep first night back home the goal in coming days and week really is to get him in great health. doctors prescribed special food plan to help him pick back up the weight he lost n south philly, sharee bill yumz. "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> glad louie is back. >> still ahead on this hour of "action news" at 10. this is video of a teacher dragging a student near a school. there are criminal charges and that is not all. >> 'tis the season of giving and apparently takeers are buzzy also.
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check out this video from south philadelphia. >> ip annie mccormick some kids from chop and friends got sleep-over of their dreams. we'll tell you where that shot sleep-over of their dreams. we'll tell you where that shot right there doesn't give it away
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>> in northern ka california the family of a girl seeing dragged in the video is considering a lawsuit against the man dragging. denny peterson was trying to put the girl in the swimming pool after she refused to go n it shows the girl grabbed by arms and legs while she yells her top is coming down. that did not stop peterson. he was put on paid leave for a month after the incident and reassigned to another school. peterson was put on paid leave a second time after he was charged with child abuse. >> now, to the accuweather forecast and we talked about some -- we thought cold air was behind us. >> not quite yet not done with us let's check in with cecily tynan live at the big board. one more hit with this cold weather. >> exactly. tonight very cold night. again. but afternoon tonight we'll climb out of the deep freeze. but today certainly was a cold
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air. morning low 28. 10 degrees below the normal low this time year. afternoon high 37 degrees. that's 17 below normal. i like to point this out high today was actually 1 degree shy of our normal low for this time of year. and this is unusually cold for november. and it's going to be us with again for another 18 hours and things begin to change. philadelphia, 31 currently, allentown 24, wilmington 7, trenton 28, millville 18 degrees. the winds are dying off but we have enough of a wind to create a wind chill of 23 degrees in philadelphia with wind at 9 miles an hour feels like 17 in lancaster. and it feels like 26 ina aisle city. >> at light 6 and action radar showing this is the big weather make they are weekend. high pressure over virginia. this high pressure moves east. you may notice also that finally lake effect snow machine has been shut off.
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and in western new york. but not before dumping trenl dus amount of snow. new york reporting 88" of snow this week. now this is equal to 6" of rain. the reason i'm pointing that sought next week with big warm-up on the way, it looks like western new york will be dealing with widespread flooding. back at home tonight, clear and calm. record lows in allentown and reading and lows back down to 13. 23 for saturday after a cold morning the afternoon will be chilly. not quite as harsh as today. sunny and high clouds in the afternoon. allentown 40. philadelphia 44. millville 45. and in cape may 45 degrees. and then this is, of course, marathon weekend. rothman 8 k i'll run that tomorrow morning 7:30, cold, 28. for marathon and half marathon looking good, 38 at 7:00, by
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noon, 5 2. great weather for runers. if you're volunteering if you're spectator if you want to bundle up. i'll talk about record warmth on the way and rain in the accuweather forecast. >> i should be. >> three hours sleep. >> good luck in that. >> tonight one of the best nights ever for a very special group of kids. as we speak special patients from chop turned in hospital gowns for philly themed pajamas in hospital rooms for the ballpark. annie mccormick takes us inside a sleep-over to remember. >> 4-year-old grayson savery cannot believe he got a locker in the philly's club house. >> rray i see it. >> you're an official member of the phillies team. >> reuben amaro offered him a contract and he signed. grayson finished 18 months of chemotherapy at the children's hospital of philadelphia. he joined three other young parent and family and friends for a sleep-overed in the club
10:19 pm
house. >> it was not what i was expecting. >> what were you expecting. >> like hard floors and like sweaty gym lockers. >> and the night included pillow fight with phanatic and several rounds in the batting cages and pizza and movie and little reporting for channel 6, too. a local man bought the package at philly charity fantastic auction and donated anonymous limit first time ever pour a club house sleep-over. >> we're grateful to whatever did this for us. >> obviously once in a lifetime experience. i don't know if he heard us throughout. >> 10-year-old brook milford never hit a ball before. she's flighting neuroblastoma for the second time. >> she said i'm not sorry i got cancer and that it came back because a lot of good things came out of it too. >> she's counting this night and so are her new friend. >> this stuff makes it snot bad
10:20 pm
having cancer look at all the cool stuff i do. >> the fun doesn't end twhont these kids wake-up they have breakfast with the philly phanatic. "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> incredible experience. >> yeah. >> a moment for those kids to be kids. >> they'll never ever forget that that's for sure. >> on that note let's get a check of sports. >> jamie apody in for duce douse liver in the "action news" sports center don't you love that, jamie. >> what a great story. that's fantastic. talk about the eagles shall we? bounce back game now less than 48 hours away and eagles take taking on 2-8 tennessee titans and they get ready mark sanchez and company working on hurry up office and they're well aware titans while not greatest team in the world run aggressive scheme. they blitz ben roethlisberger on 50% of drops and caused problems for sglim this team has a very large defensive play book.
10:21 pm
they bring a lot of blitzes. it's not like you can say here's two blitzes. they have shown -- some of the stuff they've shown a few times. it makes you prepare for everything. what it ultimately comes down to implication and communication. >> chip tell sli stressed all week long about team's ability to move on from embarassing to also packers and that will be key sextd spn analyst ron jaworksi. one thing every player and team must have to be a world cham spleen amnesia. forget the last play of the last game. eagles under chip kelly have shown that resiliency. the game is over whip or lose they have shown that consistency. forget what happened in green bay it's about tennessee titans. we'll find out if they can do sglat did sixers make it even dozen tonight. did they finally get the first win?
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>> the kids started at 10 this morning and ended a few minutes ago. last year students raised more that 28,000 for pediatric cancer research than year they're hoping to reach 100,000. >> well if you don't mind us saying there was a lot of proud folks in our newsroom as trusted colleague got app honor almost 30 years in making. you know "action news" reporter david henery for commitment to seeking truth and reporting to you each and every day. he has done that job exceed eggly well for 26 years at 6abc. the temple grab and wayne native was given his place in the broadcast pioneers hall of fame. big congratulations to you david broadcast pioneers hall of fame. big congratulations to you david henrey.
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>> we have more coming up tonight including dualing robots. >> and 10:45 to bethlehem where a sink hole swallowed two trucks and forced residents out of their homes for the night. >> and days after evidence came out that suggested ceo of cooper health systems and wife were murdered. we're hearing from a family friend. we're hearing from a family friend. wh
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>> welcome back. here's a look at the stories we're covering tonight on phl17. >> it was 44-year-old janine lapage who pulled the trigger and shot her three children. they were found inside a
10:31 pm
tabernacle home they were shot in her bed and she used a pillow to muffle the sound from relatives. two children died and a third hospitalized along with lapage. >> bill cosby performed at a sold-out venue and got a standing ovation. it comes as several shows were cancelled with mounting accusations he drugged and sexually assaulted several woman. cosby's lawyer is blasting the media for reporting those accusations. >> louie the dog has been reunite knighted soleen from south philadelphia along with owner's truck 6 weeks ago. louie lost about 15 pounds sean weak but otherwise he's okay. well, it is going to be another cold night out there. in fact, we are breaking records in some part of our region. >> for more what you can expect tonight and this weekend let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> hi there, cecily. >> hi, shirleen. we're going from record cold to
10:32 pm
record warmth next week. tonight, sky6 behind me showing center city sky line. it's clear. it's cold. winds are dying down. temperatures across the region and philadelphia is still 31. allentown 24. and millville, i should say down 18, reading 26. trenton 28. lancaster 23 degrees. most areas not reporting much wind. with temperatures that low doesn't take much to create a wind chill. feels like 20 in philadelphia, 17 plan castser and feels like 18 in millville. and temperatures really tumbling as we head to the overnight hours. part of the reason why no clouds up in the sky. satellite 6 and action radar showing clear conditions. when you have clear conditions any of the heat that the earth absorbs from the sun during the day radiates straight to the atmosphere. radiational cooling. this will allow temperatures to tumble and looks like couple of
10:33 pm
our regions may actually set records. forecast low for allentown, 15 degrees. i'm expecting reading to drop to 16. that would tie a record for reading. >> allentown new record. philadelphia, probably not record low of 14. 23 the low. wilmington dropping down to 20. atlantic city airport down to 17. with this high pressure moving east tomorrow we get a return flow out of southwest. not as brutal as today, high of 43. good sunshine during the day. and we see high, thin clouds developing and sunday this is when temperatures really start to warm-up. 56 degrees. increasing clouds and then this warm front brings us rain surprised night to very early monday morning and behind that front temperatures will be soaring up to record levels open monday. sunday, show, philadelphia marathon and half marathon, it is looking nice. partly sun next start of the
10:34 pm
race 38. but you can peel off the layers as you head through noon. 5 2. wind on light side and temperatures mainly in 40s for the race khxt is really nice marathon running weather and great weather at the linc. 1:00 sunday partly sunny 55. rain will move in. well after sunset on surprised. most of the weekend will be rain-free. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast for saturday. cold in morning. by the afternoon not as cold as today. still cool day. 44. high clouds late in the day. sunday, much milder, high sooring up to 56. and look at this. monday, few lingering showers in the morning and it will be partly sunny, windy and record warmth, 72 the high. ep joy it. temperatures begin to tumble open tuesday. 58. on wednesday we drop down to 46. low pressure riding just offshore will likely bring rain
10:35 pm
along the coast and behind that for thanksgiving it clears out but it's cold. 45 friday. lots of clouds. high of 46 degrees. 72 degrees on monday after temperatures in the 30s. for a good part of this week. >> i think that will feel nice. >> i do, too. >> if you don't like it, it is just one day. >> wild ride. >> thank you, ces. >> new tonight at 10:30 fatal crash under investigation aix jeep and car collided around 7:30 this evening. this was scene on route 611 county line road in horsham five people rushed from the scene. one person died at the hospital. as we told you earlier this week we learned there is now evidence that suggests cooper health system ceo john sheridan and wife were murdered. tonight a spokes sman speaking on behalf of their children. there was a fire at their home. abc news news con fipd joyce was
10:36 pm
stabbed 8 times prior to the father. a source close to the investigation says john shar i dan had side twoundz side and penetrating wound to neck. his body was found under a armoire doused in gasoline and set on fire. the share i didn't funds are grateful for the resources dedicated to the case. >> this is their parents. they're eager to know what happened. if someone is responsible for this we want to know where it was. some suggested maybe it's not happening quickly enough. this is not being quick it's about being right. >> as soon as there are any new developments in this case of course you will learn about them here on "action news" first. >> police in chester looking for attacker that stabbed and killed a 51-year-old woman. they found her inside a home 700 block of epingle street stabbed
10:37 pm
in the chest. william was hospitalized but did not survive her injuries. >> a former wilmington firefighter has been sentenced to sentenced tobation and ordered to replay for than 33,000 dollars. he pled guilty to two counts of theft and second degree surgery. accused of stealing from the belvideer volunteer fire company when chief and wilmington firefighters association. he was sentenced to 18 months probation and must repair the money he took. winslot township police officer falsely reported someone shot at his cruisener arbor meadow drive last no. during the investigation they discovered car used personal weapon and fired one bullet through the wind kheeld. he's us is sind spend enter without pay. >> a grins on the loose in philadelphia tonight. cameras captured a woman
10:38 pm
spineing a package not hers last friday. you can see she casually walks up to home in the 500 block of reed street looks around and grabdz a box from behind the storm door. she woukz off then. if you recognize this woman philadelphia police wants to hear from you. >> new tonight at 10:30 sports betting in new jersey will not happen. a federal judge shut down proposal to partially lift the than hopes of boosting horse racing in the state is locked in the legal battle and they are expected to appeal that. >> we just found out this week pope francis will attend the world meeting of families in philadelphia and already law enforcement officials are making extensive preparations for his visit in september. more than 100 people are expected to converge on parkway to see the pontiff.
10:39 pm
his agents will be working with multiple -- the agencies will all be on the same page using fema national incident management system and will have central command and field operations. >> wul have commanders, boots on the ground, up close, they have the communications, feedback to the main command post. >> and raingts already mondaying to are potential threat streams or official media internet and through wide record of performance the idea is to head them off at the past. if a three get through they're helping it would be detected by high tech monitoring and legion of undercover officers. >> memory of one life cut short was celebrated in conshohocken. friend came to bally's top ballroom to remember elizabeth
10:40 pm
cianci. she was traj beingly killed by a drunk drive on the schuylkill. proceeds from tonight's event will support scholarships for high school students and raise awareness of driving and drunking. >> it was one part battle of the bra and another part battle of the brain. the school hosted sumo robot competition where they build and coded robot keep youable of aking lining assume or wres lories. students from other area khejs were also invited and top prize heres with a big one. winning team is bound to australia for app international competition. very cool. >> very cool. >> a giant sink hole causing problems in bethlehem tonight. >> and a woman arrest outside the white house and what tlees say she had on her and next the window wants fault on top of moving car. wriss describe
10:41 pm
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>> a window washer fell 11 stories and landed on top of a moving car of the man is hospitalized in critical season condition. she was moving equipment when he fell on top of a bank building.
10:44 pm
he hit a moving car crushing its roof and sending glass flying. he was conscious when help arrived of the driver of the car was not injured. as we spoke tonight authorities are trying to intercept eight packages a gun man sent to friend. they are not considered hazardous and continue videos and journals detailing my ron may's paranoia about the government governmentch the 33-year-old wounded three people before killed by police on thursday. classes resumed today with extra protection at florida state university. >> a woman arrested outside the whitehouse has been rj chaed. april is accused carrying a weapon without a license part of the demonstration following prz owe bedroom aimmigration speech when secret service agents spotted a gun open her. she has a hearing seat for monday morning and could face five years in prison.
10:45 pm
>> up next which stores have already kicked off black friday sales. >> and next massive sink hole sales. >> and next massive sink hole opens up and swallows two mmmmmmm. look out. now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares even more. ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat icken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself
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>> not one but two trucks neil a sinkhole. bethlehem, northampton county, 80 0 block of hamilton road prompting interruption of uwillty service and people evacuating their homes. eva pilgrim has the late sgleingt it started just water pressure issue and soon turned into massive sink hole crews are working to fill. tonight many families are not allowed into their home. >> entire department was come around telling everybody we didn't have to leave and neighbors didn't but further down they would have to leave. >> 30 families were evacuated after the sinkhole opened up overnight on the 1800 block of hamilton road. >> we found the leak and unfortunately it was very sent receive. it created sinkholes and undermined a resident's drive way and front yard. >> and the hole keeps growing first swallowing up pp&l truck
10:49 pm
to and then a dump truck. neighbors tell us this area is broken to sinkholes. crews working on the repair say they stabilized the area and are cleaning out the hole before they fill it back in. >> a neighborhood where everyone knows each other on this street an i hope neighbors are doing okay and houses are okay. >> this family from this house telling us there are cracks in the foundation of their home and they've been told it's unsafe right now for them to say there. they're staying with family tonight. in bethlehem, eva pilgrim, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> black friday is just a week away. you don't have to wait until thrown cash in on great deals. walmart launched pre black friday sale today. they're offering reduced price from toys to electronics to
10:50 pm
appliances. >> if are you tired of seeing ads. google will screen out webs on web sites hoyinged by going m. it will cost you $1 to $2 to $3 a month. urban dictioneriary is an board and it's a good way to make less dependent. you have to pay if you want less ad filled experience. time for sports. >> let's do it. >> jamie apody is live now at the big board. she's filling in for ducis rodgers. >> i don't want to pay. okay. all right, best thing about tennessee is jack mettenberger is not aaron rodgers. eagles secondary like we would be app pi about that. what they really need to guard against is doing what fans are doing and that's look ago head to the cowboys game four days
10:51 pm
lightser, jeremy maclin says not to wore by about that. >> that's one good thing chip kelly chip does a good job of. we know we can't get there unless we take care of business on sunday. we have to have a group of guys coming in here that know plays fast and play hard and it will be our job to take care of business. >> this is 17-year-old brandon dipsa who is battling cancer. todd herreman surprised the family with grocery shopping trip to acme an tour of eagles complex. harmans has his own foundation and 6 days before thanks giving there's nothing about giving back. >> i'm in a position where i'm able to help them and my board members on the foundation all came down here today to help, too, and it's just that you know i think it's that time of the year and i wish people thought about it all yearlong rather than holidays. neelz good to be out doing it.
10:52 pm
>> the nation ago number one college basketball could beat the winless sixers. he had to have known he would face something. kentucky, talk like that is not school in philly. 0 seconds into the time tonight. 3rd quarter already leading by 1. that's right 31. grad mark us for us for free. now that's 34. >> le shawp mccoy taking this in. they're 0-12 following 122 to 96 worst start in 42 years they wept 0-15 in 197. >> earlier this week they would be in for quite the challenge against fourth ravrked duke. justice winslot coast to coast for flew devils who led in the second half. >> charleston classic i went to
10:53 pm
ucla. in the second half damien lee within two and drexel win one. leaves magic when out the dragon's 13 second half turnovers their down fall as they would fall 7-70. they're 0-4. >> columbus they were giving back. claude giroux flanged by teammates like shen brothers and others. they gave thanksgiving din to those feeling at the rodney foundation house. the friends stayed and played games with the frekd a special the friends stayed and played games with the frekd a special nights for families dealing with
10:54 pm
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>> are new desperate need of relaxing get away. unique spa experience. every year people travel hot spring resort outside of tokyo to celebrate international relief of bojalebu by bathing in it. the wine is goat be enjoyed in the spat and opening whine. >> i'm glad you cleared it up the whine you're drinking is not the one you're soaking in. >> absolutely. >> one last check of the wake-up forecast. >> waking up to cold
10:57 pm
temperatures. philadelphia we'll be dropping down 23. wilmington 20. trenton 19, millville 16, allentown 15. this the would be a new record low and reading could be tying record low of 16. through the day tomorrow you'll see good amount of sunshine. it will be on chilly side. only 44 by 4:00. we'll warm back up into the 50s on sunday. >> a glass of wine will warm you up. > thank you. >> thank you for joining
10:58 pm
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♪ come and get it. ive minutes. you're destroying those things. ay, jay, leave him alone. well, i'm sorry, but that cow has suffered long enough. fun. whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. hang on. dinner's ready in five minutes. coach wants us to practice lay-ups. they are deceptively hard. a curious mix of dance and strength. you're making it lame again. sorry. ay, dios mío, that coach. i hate that guy. he seems to have the kids motivated. oh, dad, you haven't seen him. he taunts the kids. he's abusive. if this was a colombian soccer league, long time ago, one of the kids would have taken that guy out and kkkhh! a coach is supposed to ride the kids hard. phil, help me out here. he's a mean man. oh, you're such a woman. come to the game. you'll see. this guy's a real mother-scratcher. pardon the language, gloria. mm-hmm. gloria? he better cool it, or i'm gonna introduce him to the captain and tennille.


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