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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> sunday night the mother from south jersey that shot her children then herself died. >> and police caught one in a burglary. >> a roller coaster accuweather forecast. our region is in for a wild ride. >> rain, heavy at times and temperatures soar into the 7 0s. wasn't watch-out. winter weather returns in time for the holiday rush. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with a look at the forecast.
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yes, sarah. >> there's a lot to go over between now and as we get into travel concerns the day before thanksgiving. we'll start out with tonight. stromtracker double scan is showing precipitation south and west of philadelphia. it's basically pressing into delaware at this hour moving to areas in dover is. we'll widen out the picture. stormtracker 6 double scan 3d you can see the large area of rain moving across the ohio valley and southern states. area of low pressure moving out of the tennessee valley with this warm front. moisture lives out to a southeast northwest direction as we move to the afternoon hours. moisture will continue in the overnight hours. around 2:30 in the morning and persist the first half of the day tomorrow. we'll outline what is ahead. rain develops southeast northwest direction. heaviest of the rain will fall during the overnight hours. showers leftover for the commute tomorrow morning followed by record warmth by monday afternoon. the sweet 70s are returning for
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portions of the delaware and lehigh valleys. we show you the system track currently. as you look to the west. moisture out of british columbia into the pacific northwest this is energy we have to track. it links up with a coastal storm. this problem as we get into wednesday we'll iron out thursday in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, sarah. >> for the latest own changing weather situation tune into "action news" tomorrow on 6abc. you'll get the late frelingt accuweather and traffic updates and top headlines starting 4:30 a.m. only on 6abc. >> police are investigating what they say is a suspicious death after a woman's body was found southwest philadelphia. a woyr house in the 1900 block of south christopher columbus boulevard, 2:00. a body of a woman was found believed to be 35 to 40 years old. investigators say she appeared to have suffered multiple lacerations and police are working to determine if these are the remains of a woman
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reported missing by her family earlier this week. >> a community in south jersey was rocked this week when they learned a mother shot her children and herself. today that mother died with theself inflicted wounds. neighbors and friends tonight come out to mourn the terrible tragedy. kenneth moton is live in camden tonight with the sole survivor is being treated. kenneth. >> reporter: walter, right now 11-year-old alexander her sman listed in extremely critical condition at cooper in the same hospital the word came out before moon that the woman accused of shooting him, his own mother, died. >> god we just come before you today. you know that all of us are hurting. >> tonight, prayers and candles in taesh in that casele hours after the community learned new jersey state police shot her three children before turning the gun on herself died from her injuries. >> they're clinking on to each
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other. that's the reason a lot of them wanted to do another vigil tonight. this is the second vigil town hall since the tragic shooting holly park drive. janine lapage unemployed nurse with financial problems used a pillow to muffle the shot that killed her daughter nadia harman and son nicholas herman. alexander is still fighting to live at cooper. he's on the mind of this community which prides itself on being close knit. >> we're sometimes not able to recognize when in the community are hurting to the point they may do something like this. that has people shook up. how can somebody get to this point. >> they listened to words of comfort as they grappled with the violent tragedy which impacted the children that went to school with the young victimsch the pta president who was in contact with the family
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had words on their behalf. >> words cannot express our grief and we hank the communities for understanding our needs of privacy during this excruciatingly difficult time. >> reporter: the family has set up a pnc bank found pay for funeral and medical costs of this remaining survivor of the shootings and the new jersey state police say their investigation continues. reporting live outside cooper university hospital, in camden tonight, ken, "action news" at 10 on phl17, sarah. >> kenneth, thank you. police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia that sent two teenagers to the hospital tonight. officers arrived on the 2300 block of north pawn street before 6:00 and a 17-year-old boy was shot in the arm and leg and a 16-year-old was shot twice in the knee. both were taken to temple university hospital in stable condition. as of yet no arrests have been made. >> the hunt continues for a second suspect accused of
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breaking into a home and tying up an elderly couple. it happened late last night on the 4300 block of roosevelt boulevard. investigators say two men broke he into the house. tied up sleeping residents and took a tv, cash and jewelry. a neighbor saw the men breaking in and called 911 then that neighbor encountered thieves as they were leaving the property. >> he said how are you doing i said okay he said how about you, i said okay i gradually waited until they passed me and flew around the corner and i said hurry up they're out back he came down the steps with the flat screen tv. >> police arrested that man carrying the tv. his partner in crime took off. police believed the pair also broke into a car further down the block. mariono rivera more from neighbors coming up in the next half hour of "action news". police in delaware county became the victims of frightening hoax earlier this morning. around 4:30 state police in
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media received a man saying he killed his mother and was going to shoot police when they arrived. officers rushed to governor's drive in wallingford. turns out the home owner was fine. investigators sai call this a case ever swatting when someone calls in a false report to provoke a swat team response. investigators are trying to figure out who made that call. >> the eagles secured a much-needed win in convincing fashion in southwest philadelphia to make up for last week's embarrassment in green bay. that loss was on the back burner 13 seconds into the game. birds hit the titans hard and early and never let up. in the end the eagles won 43-24 and with that victory the birds can shift focus to thursday's much-anticipated game against the cowboys on thanksgiving day. jeff skversky has full highlights and a look ahead coming up in sports. >> and eagles win was not the only impressive performance in town today. the city hosted the 21 annual gore text philadelphia marathon.
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30,000 runners camperred their way past landmarks. dave vas allo took the men's title today second time in fact he won in 010 this is extra special for him. 29-year-old from massachusetts also qualified for the 0 16 u.s. olympic trials. >> my goal it was to qualify for u.s. trials. i mean i'm happy that happened. it really is a dream come true. it's really the last things on my running bucket list. >> how about that? >> fort women lenora patrina believe it or not was her first full marathon. >> pretty cool. i was hoping for top five. >> that's amazing. >> approximately 60,000 spectators were on hand to watch all the excitement. >> we're just days away now from a 95-year-old tradition returning to the parkway. the 6abc dunkin donuts
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thanksgiving day parade, last minute preparations were in full swing and "action news" reporter annie mccormick got a sneak peak at rehearsal today. >> you cannot hear the taps from the tap dancing group fantapulous yet because they're on carpet but you can see the moves and hear the music. >> the dance numbers is a parade staple made up of students from kids and adults from dance company as roun the delaware county. >> performing arts and dance school. >> and also from out of town. >> this is the 17th year we've been dhoyng where we pull in top dancers from really all around the country to come together in non-competitive situation to really enjoy the art of tap dancing. >> and this is hard stuff i'm trying to do it and can i not get the hang of it. if you think this is good now wait until thanksgiving day today is the beginning of a long
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week of rehearsals. it takes a lot of practice to look this good. >> today we're if full production mode. we had production meeting for all the television run downs today. >> three years ago organizers added routine center stage for local theater students giving them parade opportunities. surprised, rehearsal started early. some dancers are in multiple numbers and loving every minute. >> we're here for fantapulous now until 7. >> that's a lot of work. >> yes. >> my friends will see my me dance. >> those stands behind me will be full and this will be the stage for the dancers. reporting in the parkway, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> and if you cannot make it out to the parkway for the parade on thanksgiving not to worry. incident have to miss a minute. you can watch it live with host rick williams and cecily tynan over on 6abc. the floats, music, and all the
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fun. it all begins 8:30 thursday morning. >> all right. coming up on "action news" at 10. a 12-year-old is shot and killed by police in ohio after the youngster was found brandishing a high powered firearm what looked like a high powered firearm. >> and details police released about a driver and it was not his first crash today. >> buffer low is bracing for another blow from mother nature. piles of snow to potentials of another blow from mother nature. piles of snow to potentials of dangerous floodi
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>> one person was killed and 31 injured this was a second accident. the same bus hit a denny's restaurant. fatigue may i have played a factor in both accidents. >> a 122-year-old died after shot by police cleveland hoe owe. a 12-year-old. they thought he was brandishing a real gun. >> he's sitting on the swing and pulling it out of his pants and appointmenting it at people. >> they responded to a call yesterday about a person waveing a gun a park. it ways bb gun. investigators say it resembled semi-automatic pistol and orange safety sticker was removed. >> officers ordered him to stop
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and show hands and he fwhent his waist band and pulled out the weapon. one of our officers fired two shots striking the young sglan both the officer and partner were put on administrative leaf while cleveland police and the fbi investigate this case. >> furgeson, missouri remains a community on edge tonight. prayers for peace and justice were offered for churches across the st. louis suburb today as neighbors away a decision in the shooting death of michael brown. grand jury is expected to reconvene tomorrow as worked to decide ft. officer that shot brown will face criminal charges. president obama called on protesters to keep the peace. >> evacuation plans are in the works and red cross is setting up shelters in buffer low after 7 feet of snow melts and temperatures rise. prime concern is prefer entering roof collapses and crews are working to remove snow from
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buildings. bulldozers are plowing streets and opening storm drains and residents warned to move val ubldz out of basements. more on buffalo weather related crisis coming up in the next half hour. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. you like roller coasters. let's go for a ride. >> buckle your seat belt. >> here we go walt erin sarah, up and down and extra in betwe n between. temperatures outside kurm fr currently temperatures in the most part upper 40s, lower 50s. high in the city climbed up to 54. one degree above average today. 47 trenton. 47 allentown, 57 wildwood. dover 54. here's satellite 6 and action radar. mostly cloudy across the delaware and lehigh valleys and first change we're watching for the rest of tonight moisture coming in from the south. there's an area of low pressure moving through the ohio valley and trailing warm front this warm front will lift off from the southwest to northeast direction and more than likely impact our region with a lot of
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rain some of which will be heavy at times as we get into the overnight hours. future tracker 6 has you covered. you can see during the overnight hours, 00 in the morning pockets of heavy rain across the region an some spots half inch to three quarters inp of rainfall and slow going for the commute tomorrow morning. once the moisture pushes on off to the north and east we're tracking record are warmth on the way by monday afternoon. records to watch in philadelphia, we're calling for a high of 74 degrees. the last time we hit that was back november 11 of 2006. have to watch allentown for record highs and trenton, wilmington and atlantic city coming close to lower 70s challenging record warmth. call from accuweather, morning showers, spring like by the afternoon. high temperature of 74. 70 allentown. 66 cape may and high temperature in dover tomorrow in at 671. >> big con -- in at 71. jumping to 60s and 70s tomorrow.
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the rain moves in overnight. spring like warmth on the way monday and travel troubles and concerns as we goat middle half of the workweek as we're tracking potential coastal storm in time for busiest one of the busiest travel days of season. we'll have the details coming up in the accuweather 7-day. i'll accepted it wack you to walter. >> septa jefferson station turned to holiday party central this afternoon. >> you're the only girl my heartbeats for ♪ >> how is that for a commute. >> about 300 seniors brew add long with enter taper an thopy riley at an early thanksgiving dinner. the chance for these seniors to make new friends and kickoff the holiday season with a little bit of fun. >> coming up after the break the birds are feeling good heading into the holiday show down. coming up with the cowboys. jeff has highlights from today's
10:19 pm
big win. >> talk about stuffing we'll tell you about nausea inducing >> talk about stuffing we'll tell you about nausea inducing title of former ring
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most famous cheesesteak shops wants to see your moves. rowan university dance team showed off cheesesteak shuffle outside geno's in philadelphia. they launched show us your shuffle trying to build enthusiasm as eagles make a run for the playoffs. nip posting video on the shuffle has a shot at prizes including eagles game tickets. good reason top dance right there. >> especially now that the eagles got back on track today for the big win over the titans. jeff in the sports center with the details, hey, jeff. >> let's be honest eagles fans you're questioning how good this football team was after the worst loss of the chip kelly era last sunday. today all is forgotten. eagles put up 43 points on tennessee titans.
10:23 pm
swoop and eagles get their groove back today at the link. opening kickoff rookie josh huff scores first tough down of his career. 107 yard kickoff return. long nest eagles history, fly, eagles, fly, they run out to 17-0 lead in 1st quarter. it is eagles all day long. lesean mccoy 130 yards rushing and touchdown and eagles are celebrating and dancing to 43-24 win. that's how you bounce back. >> you've done a great job of staying in the moment and playing in the game. we talked about it when you make a mistake, fix it. admit it and move on. they understand what we have to do. takes long season. >> huge win at home. awesome job special teams and defense. running game got going. so there's a lot of good things to take away from this thing. and we have to turn it around fast. >> yesterday doing coaching
10:24 pm
staff is even back at the training facility tonight studying on the dallas cowboys who they play in four days. eagles won ten straight at home. best stretch in 21 years. more on the eagles coming up in the next half hour plus talking about getting ready for dallas cowboys. that and more coming up in sports. ar sarah back to you in the studio. >> jeff, thank you. two undefeated teams went head to head cardinal o'hara high for all the gory. the cyo fifth and sixth grade championship. the last two undefeated teams in entire league. despite incredible showing by both teams saints fell to tigers 19-6. congratulations to tigers. we can say we're plowed of bucks mont saints and one of the coach's defensive coordinator walter perez. walter we know you're down tonight but a great season.
10:25 pm
>> we won divisional championship last year and made it to archdioceses. you guys are fantastic. >> nicely done you - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪
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♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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>> if you look forward to your feast on thursday look away
10:28 pm
here. a map gobbled down 9.5 pounds of turkey in ten minutes. he's a three time wing bowl champ here in philadelphia. oh, gosh. he took home a 5,000 dollar check for his fast feasting. >> i was hungry. >> yeah sgle not anymore. >> the next half hour of "action news" police are searching for a woman last seen at a daycare in lehigh county two days ago. they're hoping you can help. >> more and more people turning to crowd funding on-line to start a new business. a delaware county couple is start a new business. a delaware county couple is hoping to r
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>> here are stories we're following for you on "action news". >> police are searching for a lehigh county woman that ace disappeared after leaving work on friday. >> a two thugs broke into an elderly wumle's home and tied them up. residents just dug out from days of snow? buffalo and they're now facing another whammy by dr. mother nature. and it's in the form of warmer weather. we'll explain. >> and with that said soggy weather headed our way is giving the south quite a soaking. heavy rain and street flooding
10:31 pm
made for miserable day in charleston, south carolina. many tourists had to see the sfriingts under umbrellas and we'll need rain gear tomorrow morning. >> melissa with the accuweather forecast. it spans the spectrum. >> if you want to talk about near term that rain over south carolina currently is moving our way overnight. it will fall while sleeping. you wake up in the afternoon hours at least if you want to snreext. >> i would rick to. >> shorts and flip flops by the afternoon. >> sky6 live in hd a shot of penn's landing on sunday. it's partly so mostly cloudy as we're tracking moisture coming in from south to northeast direction. moves in tonight. a little leftover early tomorrow morning. after that tracking record warmth by monday afternoon. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar shows you beginning of precipitation pressing into delaware and lehigh valleys and
10:32 pm
moisture pressing in to areas of lancaster and chester county and berks county close to reading and areas in south jersey. bulk of this precipitation falls during the overnight hours and first thing tomorrow morning before we got another change on the way. areas north and west of town, tanersville 45. slatington 46. 53 chester. lower 50s in center city and oxford and kennett square 506789 down across new jersey and delaware, temperatures at least along the immediate coast line in 50s. over to browns mill 43. same in ewing. dover 54. hockessin lower 50s. satellite 6 and action radar cloudy sky. moisture of area of low pressure currently moving through the ohio valley taking with it i should say a warm front. moisture moves in south west to northeast direction as we get into the overnight hours. and it will continue even as we get to first half of tomorrow morning. once the moisture pushes out however these temperatures climb. especially when the sun mrournz
10:33 pm
midday. 63 early tomorrow morning in philadelphia. 45 up in the poconos. and as i advance this we continue to tap into southwesterly wind flow. 3:00 in the afternoon temperatures along the i-95 corridor easily newspaperer 60s and not sfpd we hit the 70s in fact high temperature tomorrow in the city of 74. old record 74 setback in 2006. so a lot to track in the near term. as we fast forward to wednesday, however, it's a big day for a lot of people. it's day before thanks diving and busy travel day as well. we track what is coming out of the pacific northwest going to link up more than i likely with the area of low pressure off the coast. the big we what will it track once it works its way up the eastern sea board. track number one has storm system close to the coast. meaning rain south and east. slow, north and west and 70% chance of that taking place.
10:34 pm
track 3, 70% likelihood it pushes offshore taking with it bulk of precipitation. couple things and key factors to keep in mind however. keep in mind it's month of november this time of year it's difficult to get big storms nor'easter s and snow storms across the region and how much scold established by surface before the storm same rivz. we're coming off record warmth monday. the exact track of storm will be key and we'll watch development as we go throughout the rest of tonight and that matter monday and tuesday. the accuweather forecast showing sweet 70s tomorrow. enjoy. high of 74. breezy, cooler, tuesday, 55. tracking coast high of 40. looks dry right now on thanksgiving, chilly, high of 4. 37 on friday. lots of changes throughout the week. david murphy has the latest on 6abc tomorrow morning. >> enjoy that 7 day. >> make a long time before we see that again. >> thanks melissa. >> state police need your help
10:35 pm
to find a woman from lehigh county missing since friday 33-year-old jessica pagat of whitehall township last seen leaving northampton daycare where she works lunchtime and supposed to return to duck duck goose childcare a short time later her car recovered but pagat has not been seen since. if you have information about this case contact state police. >> philadelphia state police say a pair of robbers targeted an elderly couple in frankford. one of the suspects is on the loose. "action news" reporter david henery talked to a neighbor whose vigilance employed one arrest. >> the thieves were caught red handed out of the backdoor of this house they were apparently up and down this block trying other houses and breaking into one car. a neighbor says she heard them trying to get into her house. >> it was around 10:00 i hear a knock at the door. >> neighbor that doesn't want to be identified says she heard the doorknob rattling appeared in a
10:36 pm
window and saw two men trying to break into a house. they wept inside. they tied up elderly couple that lives here and ransacked house. they took jewelry. cash and television and didn't get far. police restopped together neighbor's 911 call were out front investigating. the neighbor walked around back and saw the burglars leaving. >> they said how are you doing, i said okay i waited until they passed me and flew around the carper all ut cops were out front i said will you hurry up they're out back ! >> they had the flat screen tv. >> police caught the man in the back alley and the partner ran off. police were back in the neighborhood today where they learned burglars attempted to break into one other house. crime spree appears have started far end of the block where the
10:37 pm
thieves broke into the car. it belongs to jason yates and is the second time the family has been robbed here. >> when you have to deal with that and the children and of course it makes you unsafe. but you have to protect yourself and be wise. you know and just be cognizant of things that can happen. >> a neighborhood on edge as police hunt for the second suspects. they dusted for finger prints and collected other evidence including surveillance on nearby homes. david himry, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> still to come on "action news" it's a one, two, punch from mother nature in western new york as buffalo condition toynz to deing out from several feet of snow now they could face prospect of flooding. >> it's incredible story of sure vivrl from down under. cyclist find innant unlikely place and now mother is under cyclist find innant unlikely place and now mother is under arrest.
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>> the epic blizzard that buried buffalo is over but the worst may be yet to come. temperatures are threatening to leave flooding. abc rob marciano has the latest. >> first there was 7 feet of snow. second then becomes flooding. >> these walls of white could turn into walls of water as temperatures rise, so do fears
10:41 pm
buffalo could go from snowed in to flooded out. mercury will get into the 60s in western new york and 15 degrees above normal. governor andrew cumo told residents to prepare for large scale evacuations. >> it's a toxic brew is what happens in a flood. it has sewage in it and also it's runoff in it and it does tremendous damage. >> nearly 80" of snow dmaivd roofs of some 30 buffalo buildings. >> they started dig digging this car out but what's the sense. you can imagine living like this 6 days and counting. >> some area streets are invisible under a blanket of white. residents are stanted in their homes. this man is good samaritan. >> we cannot goat work or get groceries hi to walk to south tworn get a gallon of milk for my neighbor.
10:42 pm
>> this man gave a hand when his wife's water broke. residents are hoping better angels of mother nature don't turn mountains of snow to rivers of water. >> that was abc rob marciano. >> to sidney, australia abandoned baby truly a fighter. they believe the child survived for days at the bottom of a storm drain. week old infant was rescued after cyclists heard his cries. they managed the lift the heavy concrete lid off the drain at the bottom of 8 foot pit the baby boy was wrapped in a hospital blank sglet we felt sick. >> we still feel sick. >> we wanted that baby to know it was okay. >> police are still investigating. but they're looking into weather the baby was placed into the storm drain tuesday, 24 hours after his birth.
10:43 pm
they were able to track down his mother the 30-year-old woman is they were able to track down his mother the 30-year-old woman is charged with attempted murde
10:44 pm
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raise cash. two people are using this for a popular tron start a family. >> their funding a family. after years of emotional, physical and financial strain trying to have a child of their own they timely found a way to make it happen. and they're turning to this trending way of raidsing money to do it. >> eric and allison cole steam have it all. great marriage. strong faith. good jobs. but there's one very big thing missing. ail little twoun share it with. >> it was become you know our baby's room. >> you're pictureing a nursery. >> yes. >> like millions of couples they spent the past five years of the heartache of infertility. >> so they turned to invitro fert sdaix. >> they said you're not pregnant and it's devastation and we go through it again and then again and then again. >> five years three rounds of
10:47 pm
ivf and tens of thousands of dollars later the kohls were drained emotionally, physically and financially. >> we kept it private and just embarassing a little bit why can't we have kids and everyone else can. >> they decided to adopt and then a new source of stress the cost. >> we went from 32,000 $48,000. >> all out of pock sfwlet yes. >> and that's when allison said it clicked. with why not get help funding their family. seems everyone is doing it for all kinds of reasons like this guy in ohio. >> you want to raise $10 for amazing potato salad he got 10 grand. >> he raised more than $55,000 so kohls set up good found me page of their own sharing dream of having a baby. >> we don't care about the race we want a family. >> their campaign is more common than you think. over the past four years go fund me helped race more than $1
10:48 pm
million for couples like the coles. >> there's a lot of young couples doing the saiming thing. >> they pray like those other success stories there will soon be a crib there in the corner. >> help us make our dreams come true. >> if you want to help allison and erica dropt a child i put a link to the go fund me page on my facebook page. i'm alicia vitareli. >> south jersey students inspired by a class of simons spent this season at school. a carnival took oaf the cafeteria. complete with games, balloon animals and philly phanatic to benefit craneo facial students. they read a book called wonder about eye boy with facial
10:49 pm
deformity. it was organized as a way to choose kind. >> a check on sports. jeff skversky is here. there's a lot of bounce back with sports. >> eagles have not done that. green bay, they had an embarassing loss. eagles bounce back and take out anger on tennessee tight apps scoring 33 points. eagles come out on fire today at home. opening kickoff, josh huk goes end zone to end zone and huffs and puffs 107 yards longest kickoff return in eagles history. so much for the green bay hangover. eagles season high 17 points in 1st quarter. and to the first looking for more mark sanchez ut, oh picked off. more turnovers than touchdowns. eagles have the most turnovers in football. 2nd quarter into the happened of justin hunter, 40 yard score.
10:50 pm
eagles lead cut to ten. trying to get oat fence going. lesean mccoy. 53 yard game won 100 of 130 open the ground. next drive, mccoy finish it's off. eagles up 7-17 at the half. yeah it was dance party at the linc. third quarters eagles puts it away. happened of james casey for a touch down. eagles win 33-24. 8-3 best start since super bowl season ten years ago. more if a happy lincoln financial field with jamie apody. >> bouncing back in a big way. shady mccoy looked like his old self and eagles get tenth straight win at home and they say it felt great. >> huge win at home awesome job special teams awesome job defense running game got going that was big for us. big. >> how about shady gets those numbers.
10:51 pm
>> i'm happy when shady gets the numbers. quite frankly i think desean is who he has always been. >> no choice but to forget about this one and look ahead to dallas. that games four days away texas turny day and they're ready. >> we're in 3rd quarter and people are screaming about the dallas game and this thing is still going on. it's like what are they talking about you know? >> all is on the line if we want to win the division and repeat what we did last season. we have to go through dallas. >> they have a good team. so do we. it's a game we must win. >> chip kelly and staff put 234 oaf time and looked at cowboy's game tape and will keep monday practice as if it's a thursday. lincoln financial field, jamie apody for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> jamie. reagles fans whipping out those we want dal answer chance in 3rd quarter today. four days on thanksgiving on the road in dallas, eagles play
10:52 pm
cowboys with first place on the line. you can win? >> eagles studying cowboys. all eyes on think game. dallas cowboys took the lead. if dallas losses eagles have sole position heading into the game. >> sacked he satle quarterback russel wilson 7 times today and long enough to throw touchdown pass in third. cardinals rollover lotsing second of season. seattle wins 19-3. packers embarrass eagles aaron rodgers and rogers to rogers aaron richard packers win 4-21 and takeover first place in nfc north. here's how it looks at the moment in the nfc bird battling for positioning two of next three games are against dallas for seattle.
10:53 pm
sandwiched in between. fliesers out of their function. worst strep of the season. history grueling stretch of games about to begin. starting tomorrow in long island. flyers play 7 of next 8 open the road. flyers have looked better since general manager ron helptl khooed them out in new york. >> make sure we get -- like you said, we get into a hole it's always tough to get out. >> jake vorcheck has been the star and - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪
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some of philadelphia's most talented musicians were in the spotlight at the kimle center. philadelphia youth orchestra played fist of three con storts tell operate the 75 year. they hone skills with the pros including members of the philadelphia orchestra. >> time for final check of the accuweather forecast. >> walter, sarah, as we look at day planner you need umbrellas first half of the morning. couple leftover showers. once it breaks the surprise returns and temperatures soar. 67, 10 a.m., 72, 1:00 in the afternoon and 70, 4:00 in the afternoon.
10:57 pm
and meteorologist david murphy will have the latest on the spring like temperatures on the way. coming up tomorrow morning, guys. >> okay. melissa, thank you. >> thanks for joining us on "action news" at 10. celebrity name game is next followed by friends. >> for walter perez, melissa magee, i'm sarah bloomquist have >> for walter perez, melissa magee, i'm sarah bloomquist have a great
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[lively music] ♪ >> hey, welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. today these two teams of frisky badgers will battle each other for a huge cash prize in a game that's all about famous names. and as if that weren't enough, we will be joined in this very studio by two real, live celebrities walkining amongst us. [cheers and applause] our teams today-- michael and jenn and jordan and mike. we'll get to you guys in a minute. jordan, mike, step it on up. hi, guys. hey, tell me all about yourselves. >> we're harvard alums. we like to-- >> ooh, you're from-- you went to harvard, both of you? >> we did, about 10 years apart. >> okay. >> and we sing in a harvard alum


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