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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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philadelphia mayor michael nutter and police chief charles ram i meet with the president of the united states, what they say needs to happen so the the country can move forward following the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. plus search continues tonight for a missing college student, shane montgomery walk out of the manayunk bar the night before thanksgiving and has not been seen or heard from ever since. but the big story on "action news" tonight is resignation of the comedian bill cosby from temple university's board of trustees. >> cosby turned in his resignation at his alma matter this afternoon after hold ago this post for 30 years.
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the board says the comedian did in the want to be a distraction. that is more than a dozen woman have come for saying they were drugged and sexually assaulted by cosby. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at temple university tonight and kenneth, lots of people reacting there right now. >> reporter: brian, this scandal involving bill cosby was bound to impact, temple university at on point as it raised dawn, even as though there is still huge support for cosby here students tell us tonight the that he did the right thing. he was a popular fixture at temple university's big event, graduations, ceremonies, but the the growing sex assault scandal involving actor and comedian bill cosby has taken its toll forcing the school's most well known trustee to quit the board. i have always been proud of my association with temple university, cosby says, i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. >> i think that there is a bigger problem that we need to look at ate we have to keep focus on that.
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>> i'm not surprised. i don't know fit is right thing or not. that is what everybody has to do in these types of things. >> reporter: allegation from his more than a dozen women spanning decades the 77 year-old entertain shore denied wrongdoing and never been charge. temple has supported and defended cosby enduring a 2005 civil suit, filed by a former university basketball employee. she accused cost which of molesting her in his cheltenham mansion. >> if it was a big issue and fit actually happened he would have been quick a while ago. >> allegation where is owe long ago and i just disagree that he stepped down. he has been a big part of the temple university for so long. >> reporter: october, cosby was reelect to the temple 36 member board of trustees where he served since 1982 but he wasn't just a famous name but an active voting member over 309 year period making major decisions for this growing campus, its projects and its nearly 40,000 students. >> it is a shame. i'm sad to see it happen. they cannot say editor prove
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that he did it, it is just tough. >> reporter: we have learn other colleges cut ties with cosby. the brooklyn college of music and boston will no long's ward a scholarship in cosby's name and the university of massachusetts amherst is asking him to step down from sharing a fund raising campaign. reporting live from temple university tonight here in north philadelphia, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. shirleen? >> kenneth, thank you. if you stepped outside at any point today you know it did not feel like december 1st but we hope you enjoyed the 65-degree weather because colder air and rain has moved in. for more on what you can expect, overnight let's go to meteorologist melissa magee at the "action news" big board. >> we had a busy night for the first day of december and unfortunately it was is too good to last. high today in philadelphia 65. that came at 1:00 this afternoon. at 5:00 we have dropped down to 58. we kept on dropping, the last hour, the we had a temperature
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of 45 degrees. we are a good 20-degree temperature drop in the past eight hours. the here's part of the reason y storm tracker six live double scan radar we are tracking a cold front moving through. the you can see the bulk on have that cold front and bulk on have that precipitation with the front pushing off shore, cross areas of south jersey and delaware but we will widen out the picture. there is moisture we are tracking off to the south and west. doesn't look like a whole lot here. we will cross the lehigh valley and tene river valley this will work southwest to northeast direction affecting portions of our region as we get in the day on tuesday. we will outline time line for you, as we go throughout the rest of tonight into the the morning rush hour it looks to be mainly dry once that first batch of precipitation moves off shore tonight. as we go in the mid-morning and mid afternoon hours we are calling for light rain in philadelphia mix north and west. toward evening hours tomorrow into the night some light rain for most locations. is there a winter weather advisory in effect for lancaster county for snow and sleet. we will look closer at that with the full and exclusive
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accu weather forecast, brian. >> see you shortly, thank you. new at 10:00 eric holder plans to unveil new just advertise department guidelines this week, and hopes of putting an end to racial profiling. holder is in atlanta right now for first of the series of meetings. he will travel country discussing ways to build trust between law enforcement and communities that they serve. all of this, of course, as a result of the ongoing fall out from ferguson, missouri. it was a week ago tonight that a grand jury announced it will the not indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. meanwhile president obama is calling on two of philadelphia's top officials to guide the country through this crisis. sharrie williams joins us live from police headquarters tonight. sharrie, you've got details here. >> reporter: brian, those two philadelphia city leaders, include mayor michael nutter and police commissioner charles ramsey. they have been both tapped by the president to partake in the the ongoing conversation
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that is will be held around the the country, as far as the series of meetings, the president is asking for addressing the police relations in the community. take a look the at meet ago this took place earlier today. this is a new assignment for philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey and this one is directly from the president of the united states. ramsey will co chair mr. obama's new task force on 21st century policing. the goal to reduce distrust between police and minority communities and this will include funding from the obama administration for body cameras to be worn by law enforcement officers, that is one of the proposals, included was a task force to look the best practices of police departments that have improved community relations and the goal, it is to then institute those find as cross the nation. the as we know, this initiative coming from the president, his recommendations after what happened in ferguson and in speaking with commissioner ramsey tonight, he says that this will not be
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only about talk. >> there is a sense of urgency but it won't be just sit around and talk, if i was that, i wouldn't be wasting my time, because that is only thing that would be an outcome. the the president is very serious about this. i understand the skepticism but we will move forward on this. this than the is something that will just become no more than just converse says. >> reporter: the the president so serious bit, he has already given commissioner ramsey, 90 days to report back to him and in speaking with the commissioner tonight he says he is, up to the task and believes it can be achieved. we're live at police headquarters, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> harry, thank you. the nfl meanwhile will not punish five st. louis rams for their on field show of support for protesters in ferguson missouri. the players waved their arms in the hands up, don't shoot gesture before yesterday's game against oakland raiders.
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st. louis police office's so, said it was profoundly disappointed with the players and called for an apology. as though a grand jury found evidence to the contrary some witnesses said michael brown had his arms up when officer wilson fatally shot him. new at 10:00 a man was hit and killed in northeast philadelphia. police tell us that the victim was crossing cottman avenue near oakland street when he was hit by a dodge charger. at the time it was dark and raining and victim was not in the crosswalk. police have have not identified the man yet but's peers to be in his 40's, but the driver who hit him, stayed on the scene, and police are calling this a tragic accident. tonight is there still no sign of missing college student, shane montgomery. the reward for information in the case has jumped to $25,000. the fbi has also posted montgomery's picture on digital billboards across the city. he was last seen leaving this manayunk bar around 2:00 a.m. on thursday morning.
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>> the time line that we have put together for this shows him leaving the bar at a certain point, and then being on main street, and that at that point the trail goes somewhat cold. >> a ping from montgomery's cell phone was pick up near crs a mile from the bar. that ping was less than an hour after he vanish. the montgomery's family was handing out leaflets. his mom says she is holding out hope that he will be find. jury selection began in the murder trial of the man accused of killing a philadelphia police officer. rafael jones was charge with the shooting and killing of office are moses walker junior during a robbery in 2010. chancer mcfarland pleaded guilty to his role in that killing, and agreed to testify against jones. prosecutors a that jones was the trigger man. red cross is helping four families tonight after a row of town houses went up in flames. this fire in newark, delaware started when a man crashed
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into a gas meter. martin lou ease was just a few doors down and shot this video today. he heard sound of tires and then ran out of his house. that is when he saw his neighbor stuck in his car. the house was on fire. his neighbor's wife trying to put out the flames. the gas line did rupture it did not explode greatfully. a with man who lost her wallet on a september bus has been reunited witt. septa bus operator miles wright found the black wallet on friday. he says owner boarded the route 23 bus around 6:30 in the morning. somewhere between 11th and mifflin and 11th and reid. wright aid that the woman left the wallet on the dash while she went to her seat to get change from her bag but tonight a happy evening, she has got her wallet back and complete with her credit cards and $400 in cash. >> i said thank you so much, thank you so much. >> septa says people leave belongings around all the time
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and tend to write them off but they should call and check with the company's lost and found. the holiday season is in full swing right now and philadelphia's rittenhouse square, the the lighting of the christmas tree took place tonight and there is plenty of holiday cheer on hand when mummers performance and a group of student singers. our videographer dann sheridan who shot this story tonight smiling from ear to ear. he saw a familiar face, his son's baby-sit's monk the talented carolers. radisson blue warwick hotel in center city turned a reality tar for help with the holiday decorating. project runway season 12 winner and philadelphia native dom streeter is putting together a one of a display in the lobby. dub's franklin fire place it mimics the the hotel design of lending hysterical and modern characteristics and it looks great. talented young lady. >> yes. your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. >> so imagine when the man you paid to videotape it doesn't
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deliver? coming up at 10:45 that is what bensalem police say this man did and tonight, following "action news", getting involved, he has been arrested. plus you've got to see this bizarre chase a man jumps out of his car and tries to run but don't worry, he has got another set of wheels there. and next finally hearing from ray rice's wife, she's breaking her silence and talking about the night ray punched her in an atlantic city hotel he will rate or.
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ray rice has been cleared to play in the nfl again and today his wife broke her silence. janet rice has been his biggest supporter even after this video from inside an atlantic city elevator surfaced. it shows rice hitting and dragging janet last february. at the time they weren't married. since then they have tied the knot and janet is standing by him. >> i can say he is telling the truth. i know for a fact that ray told the honest truth that he has been telling since february. he has proven himself as a fat ball player for seven years. there hasn't been a question what he can do on the field.
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>> janet maintains nfl was full a wear of the incident from the beginning and that commissioner roger goodell only kicked him out of the nfl following public outrage. the the judge a agreed and reversed the suspension. rice is now a free agent a. we will wait and see if anyone will sign him. a go p staffer is out of the job tonight after posting some harsh criticism of sascha and mallia obama. elizabeth lawon turn in her resignation. last week she criticized the teens on facebook for the way they acted and dressed during a white house ceremony in which their famous dad pardoned a turkey. she said girls should have shown more class and if they dressed like they were going to a bar. she also attacked the the president and first lady saying they are not good role models, she worked for a republican congressman, deleted the the status, after significant backlash. and an alleged car thief in california didn't get very far, thanks to a good samaritan. police say it all started when they tried to pull the driver of the stolen bmw over.
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he led them on a short chase and ended up crashing the the car. at one point he rode a skateboard to get away and then a driver of the pickup truck stepped in. he managed to corner the suspect with his vehicle allowing police, to nab him. yes, a skateboard. >> he tried. >> he did see that. >> but he fail. now the accu weather forecast. we are tracking that overnight rain, coming our way, melissa. >> yes, brian and shirleen i wish we could skate away from the weather and go back to the milder weather we had relevanter today. unfortunately the warmth is coming to a close and showers are working their way in the delaware and lehigh valleys. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. we've got the rest of the cold front starting to push off shore but some moisture from south jersey down across areas of delaware. keep that in mind if you are on, the garden state parkway, heading northbound on atlantic city there. you can see across sea isle city on down south and westward into areas of cape may and then milford. keep in mind that, that
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precipitation months through tonight we will get another batch of moisture that moves in as we get in the day on tuesday. so winter weather advisory has been posted for lancaster county because, we are calling for some snow and sleet and changing over to rain gradually as the day progress tomorrow. we have had a high temperature in city of 65 degrees. right now we're down to 44. colder air moving in. allentown and lehigh valley 39. beach haven coming in at 43 and 43 currently in millville. here's satellite six with action radar. is there cold front moving through right now. this pushes off shore, with the moisture, moving off into the atlantic. but if you look off to the west there is precipitation, some mixed precipitation as well, moving across areas of southwestern, sections of pennsylvania, and, mixed and even with some snow and some sleet. so this will move in the delaware and lehigh val fridays southwest to northeast direction as we get throughout the day on tuesday. here's the call from accu weather for morning rush. chilly, cloudy, showers as far south, 6:00 a.m. in the upper
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30's. we're cold at 36 at 7:00a m. at 8:00 tomorrow morning, that temperature coming in at 37. here's what is going on as we get in the morning hours. mostly cloud which a little bit of precipitation across south jersey abe through delaware. do not be surprised if you have a little bit of the sleet pellet that will be mixing in. otherwise as we get in the noon time hours tomorrow, a lot of that precipitation staying mainly off shore. but then a slight mixed precipitation north and west of philadelphia along that i-95 corridor for allentown, reading and down to lancaster. coming up we will lot at system on the waste for tuesday and then this week we're kind of up and down a roller coaster ride with our temperatures. we will take a closer look at that with the accu weather forecast, guys. >> melissa, thank you. see you shortly. sixers are trying, but some question how hard to avoid a date with infamy tonight. >> ducis rodgers is live from the "action news" sports center with a first look at sports. >> shirleen and brian, 16 tries, 16 losses. sixers are dangerously close to tying nba mark for futility, to start a season.
10:20 pm
just two away heading in to tonightes game against san anton ohio spurs. san antonio played without tim duncan and tony parker. sixers played without nerlens noel. he has a hip injury. first quarter, or second quarter there, wow, look at that big dunk by marco bellanellie, 15-point spurs lead. leonard leads all with 26 points and ten boards. sixers lose by six. they are now zero and 17. and if they lose at minnesota on wednesday, a share off the record will be their. on to better news, the eagles are nine-three that ties best record in the nfl but where do they stand among the nfl's elite teams, we will find out sunday when they take on the super bowl champs. seattle, the seahawks their defense tops in the league in terms of yards allowed per game. it is tough against both run and pass. their opponents average less than 19 points per contest. we will hear from both sides
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on this key nfc match up. >> they've got players at every inning is will position on defensive side on the of the ball. is there a reason they won the super bowl last year and held last two teams they have played since three-point. they have talented players. >> these guys have have really joined together and recaptured what it was that we played with last year and it took us sometime to figure it out but we have, and it is only as good as next week out. >> you know, the experience they have, we know that they obviously won at a high level by winning the whole thing last year. i'm excited about the opportunity. >> coming up next half an hour jeremy maclin goes back to school, we will explain. more news after this.
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a. we will see the frontal boundary moving off of shore. there is more precip moving into tuesday. and the double scan live radar we have moisture across the areas in the delaware and lehigh valleys. i want to focus in on south jersey and delaware. if you are on the garden state parkway, and even cape may, precipitation is starting to move out. we get a lull as we get into the rest of the day on tuesday. the moisture moves in as we get into tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening. it's a mild day on the 1st of december. a high of philadelphia coming in. it's a good 15 degrees above average. this kind of high is something in the april month than in
10:33 pm
december. the cold air is coming on in. 44 in philadelphia. and along the coast in beach haven, 43. you can see that there is lots of clouds around. we are tracking the cold front moving on three. if you look to the south and west there a bit of precipitation. it's light in nature. a lot is falling apart. we notice a bit of mixed precipitation getting closer and closer to the delaware and lehigh valleys. we have a winter advisory on tuesday. and future tracker 6 is showing you at 7:00 in the morning it's a cloudy start to the day. there is rain along the coast down to delaware. you may see sleet pellets mixed in. you have the cold air can looed ilockedinto the surface.
10:34 pm
there a concern at 4:30. a bit. of mixed precipitation to the poconos down to allentown and lancaster. it's not until tuesday evening you get the steadier batch of precipitation. the liquid rain as it comes through the day on tuesday evening. the best shot of finding accumulation from berks county up to the poconos where you can find snow and sleet where you see a changeover to rain. the accuweather forecast it's a chilly rain tomorrow. and on wednesday a passing shower. high of 55. thursday, cool but bright. and rain moving in on friday. and low 50s next weekend. we are tracking precip north and west. >> thank you. before you head out of the door with the umbrella in hand
10:35 pm
don'ting fodon'tforget to get t. 4:30 in the morning only on 6abc. new at 10:30 one person was taken to children's hospital after a fire in west philadelphia. this was the scene on media street after 7:30 tonight. we were told that two crews arrived to find heavy smoke and fire. two homes were destroyed before they could find out where the fire came from. no age on the person that was hospitalized. there were a pair of thieves in berks county. robert and iraqi berman were caught on camera in the library yesterday. one was the lockout the other stuffed rare books into a bag and planned to sell them online.
10:36 pm
the library hopes that the books are returned undamaged. the family living on coulter street says they were fire-bombed before 4:00. he woke up to a loud boom. he says he went to the porch where he found two large canisters on fire. the family of eight escaped through the backdoor. in it west virginia the manhunt is over. it was left with four dead. jody lee hunt's body had evidence of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. one the victims had filed a domestic violence complaint last night. there was a georgia boy was hidden in a wall.
10:37 pm
the parents remain behind bars. jean took his 13-year-old son four years ago. he was able to text his mother his location. the officers returned over the weekend and found the terrified child in a crawlspace behind a linen close. >> we never know what happens behind closed doors. as law enforcement we have to ensure that we do everything possible. that is what we did. >> the shocked boy was reunited with his mother. the father and stepmother are charged with child cruelty and false imprint. anthony alonis says he was
10:38 pm
only joking when he wrote the lyrics. his lawyer was saying that he was venting and that his posts were covered by the first amendment. the 81-year-old justice returned to the bench five days after having heart surgery. she was sent home the next day. ginsburg is the fourth oldests justice and never missed a day of argument. they treated hard-working women to an evening of pampering in camden. it's the third operation cinderella. they got makeovers. all for the appreciation of the work that they do every day. it's for cancer patients that give on a daily basis.
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it's their turn to let loose. >> they feed us and pamper us. when we get out of here we will feel so lovely. the group was risked away for a shopping spree and dinner at the cherry hill mall. what a night for them. still ahead on "action news" at 10:00 from behind the lens to behind the bars. they nab a wedding videographer that scammed couples. who is to blame. now your chance to snap a selfie to pope francis. how you can get a cutout for selfie to pope francis. how you can get a cutout for your house. ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪
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a bucks county videography walked out of the station with handcuffs. and nydia han tell us that the "action news" trouble shooters helped to alert the police back in august to his alleged scam. >> over the summer a number of the newlyweds contacts us for help. mike dolbow had closed up his shop and vanished with their special memes. >> i was so upset that someone would do this. >> after "action news" contact the dolbow he said he was mailing the couples their raw
10:48 pm
videos. the trouble shooters helped to get their videos edited. >> i have to play it. >>reporter:but dolbow didn't even show for a couple of weddings. they took dolbow into handcuffs. >> i hope that you guys spends a much time doing this to me when you find out what happened. >> so what happened? >> if i had the time i am sure i could. >> can you say anything about happened? >> you have to ask my father. >>reporter:his father left for florida and let him in this position. "action news" talked to dolbow's dad and told them that they sold the son his business. >> 44 victims that we have as of today. after this airs i am sure that
10:49 pm
more people will see story. theft by deception, receiving stolen property and deceptive business practices. the he stole more than $40,000 from his victims. if you believe you have a case against dolbow the bensalem police want to hear from you. and as a result of today's rainment dolbow is at bucks countarraignment. >> and exciting is mounting for the wor world of families. here is one present that won't fit under your tree. a life-sized cardboard cutout of
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pope francis. it offers hats, shirts and pins and other memorabilia. they have cyber monday deals going on right now. that is right. time for sports. the odds are good that the cardboard cutout could beat the 76ers. >> the sixers are this close to living in infamy. and noel has a hip injury. jeremy grant. the first in the basket. and marko, the 15-point spurs lead at halftime. the sixers lose by 6. if they are lose from minnesota
10:51 pm
on wednesday a share of the record will be theirs. >> i saw the guys playing the spurs. we are star-struck. we had no juice or energy. >> and dallas was tough. settle may be tougher. the hits keep coming with the eagles. they have a date with of the champs. 8-4 the season. there is plenty to keep the coaching staff up at night. the defense is top in the nfl. >> the best secondary that they played. they have pairs on every division. there is reason that they held the last two games they play with three points. >> brent sellick had a public difference of opinions. for chip kelly no big deal. the coach got to the bottom of what was being discussed.
10:52 pm
>> what they are going to eat for thanksgiving dinner. you can catch someone yelling at someone on everyone play. >> no biggy. jeremy maclin spent the morning at the north philadelphia school. he found he was breaking bread with an unlikely person. >> you a cowboys fan? >> he was at st. james. he told the kids they never should be ashamed to ask for help if they need it. he was a quarterback. this means as much to him as it does to the students. you know, give them inspirations and give them, you know, the ability to learn from me, and learn from my experiences and try to help them along the way. >> finely you may be smarter than a fifth grader.
10:53 pm
watch what happened when the texas quarterback gave him numbers. >> 93, 97. he will multiple them together for you. >> 90,213. brian can you look a9,021.boom. >> i was trying to do the math. smart 7 years old. >> we'll be right back. welcome back okay, then. [ laughter ] r ck, aner
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[♪ singing ] these are the state street miracles. they have disabilities that have many abilities. they rehearse several songs. since joining the group they have improved their speech and
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self-esteem. good for them. brian and shirleen, as you wake up tomorrow, are we'll show you the bus stop forecast. the temperature at 37. the day planner is showing you throughout the day the temperatures in the upper 30s. watch out for wintry precip. thank you for joining us on watch out for wintry precip. thank you for joining us on "action news" at
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