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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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tuesday night, and a trio of churches burn miles apart in delaware and investigators do not believe that the fires are accidental. and there is new surveillance video showing the moment a pedestrian was truck by a car that just kept on going, police have new information, tonight. but the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news, more trouble for bill cosby who could now be forced to face a why. >> tonight he is being sued for sexual battery, woman claims's assaulted her when she was 15 years old. jidith hut claims comedian
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molested her in the playboy mansion in california. she said the year was 1974. >> while the statute of limitations prerents criminal charges, california law a allows anyone hosers emotional distress or any other kind of negative impact within the last three years to file a lawsuit. she says that cosby befriended her before making her drinks. then, forcing her to perform a sex act on him. there has been no response tonight from cosby's represent, huff is the 18th woman to come forward with accusations of sexual assault a against bill cosby. we will have more on cosby, later on tonight, but first, accu weather detailing recovery of temperatures that dropped to chilling levels today. >> yeah, winter weather advisories just expired, for sections of the region and you can expect, a bit of a warm up. meteorologist melissa magee has latest from storm tracker six double scan. >> yes, shirleen and brian you can see that warm up is coming. when you look at precipitation on storm tracker six live
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double scan radar earlier this evening we had milk precipitation across northwestern suburbs but look closely we have rain for that northwestern location from his allentown to lancaster along the i-95 corridor and interior sections of out jersey. we're going to look at treat level and you do notice just a wintry precipitation to the south and west of redding there and northern sections of lancaster county. otherwise we will get warmer a air coming northward and conditions like we said that change over to rain, for the rest of tonight and that will continue to be the case. we will look at the temperatures. it is 43 in the city. thirty-five in allentown. chilly rain in reading at 33. only place where temperatures are at freezing mark, poconos 32. forty-nine along the coast in sea isle city. we did pick up a decent amount of ice, however to our north and west. up in the poconos close to a half inch of some ice, pen argyl, tenth of an inch. same this he had looking. .7 in pot town and doylestown coming in with .06 inches of ice.
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so a bit of the glaze on the trees or glaze on the glass, perhaps if you have your car outside. morning rush hour showing improving condition on the way. cloudy skies overhead. just an isolated shower, 6:00 a.m. that temperature is 42. forty-three at 7:00 in the morning. that temperature at 8:00 a.m. coming in at 44 degrees. it will be milder as we get into wednesday afternoon. we will look at how high these numbers will go with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, brian. >> melissa, thank you. it is video you will only see on "action news". surveillance video that could crack case of the serious hit and run in west philadelphia. the police are hoping it can help identify whoever was behind the wheel of that car right there, and tonight, we have learned that police have been able to identify the victim. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is following the story live tonight and kenneth, what is the latest here. >> reporter: welshing brian, we have learned this hit and run victim, this mystery man was identified late this evening, finally, we do know
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that he is still in critical condition at hup as police tried to find a suspect. tonight, only "action news" was there as philadelphia police towed this silver volvo in the i am pound lot. sources say the vehicle is believed to be the one, scene in the surveillance video obtain exclusively slamming in the pedestrian at 59th and market streets in west philadelphia, around 9:00 monday night. we're not showing moment of impact which threw the man several yard, but we will show the people running towards him. they helped, but investigators say the male driver of that volvo didn't even slow down. today accident investigators received a anonymous tip that led them to the 200 block of south cecil street where just a few blocks from the hit and run scene. sources a say police spotted the volvo with front end damage and broken windshield we could see for ourselves. they also track down the the owner, a woman, sources say told investigators her daughter and son also use her car. police got a search warrant and took vehicle will into examine it for evidence.
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meanwhile, accident investigators say the the 25 year-old victim suffered internal injuries, along with massive trauma to his head and chest. he was rush to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania with no id. but he was identified this evening. police are still trying to track down a relative. at this point police have not released the name of their victim, again, no arrests, but investigators feel like they are closing in on that suspect hit and run driver. we're reporting live from university city, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17, shirleen. >> kenneth, thank you. delaware state fire marshall's office believes someone is making a habit of burning churches near felt on, delaware. i want to show you this map here. there were three fires since this morning, and all of them are believed to have been done by the same person, or persons, and as you can see they were all just a few miles apart. the healing hands christian church on 500 block of berrytown road suffered a total loss.
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there was $75,000 in damage done here. you could see a charred bible, and chairs, about the only thing left. the pastor rushed to the scene shortly after the fire began at 2:00 a.m. >> we need a place now where we can serve and right new we don't have that place. >> while fire fighters were at helping hand they received another fire call, the manship chapel on burnite hill road suffered a thousand dollars in damage. at 5:30 there was a fire at log mennonite church on carpenter bridge road and there was $0,000 in damage there authorities have made no arrests so far. brian? leaders across professional sports talk about the pervasive issue of domestic violence on capitol hill today. there have been a number of instances involving players but as "action news" sharrie williams tells us the topic took one nfl executive with ties to our area to a rather
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painful place. the she's live from the satellite center and sharrie, you've got details on this one. >> reporter: brian, most gripping testimony it came from that former eagles player troy vincent tiering up at times he shared that growing up domestic violence was a way of life at his home. eagles fans know him as a five time pro bowl cornerback but today troy vincent is tackling and taking on the issue of domestic violence, sharing a very personal perspective. >> my brother and i watch helplessly numerous times as my mother was beaten and knocked unconscious as we dialed 911. >> reporter: vincent, now an executive with the nfl addressed domestic violence in professional sports during a senate committee hearing on capitol hill. his testimony what's motional at times. >> i relate to the 20 million victims, domestic violence. >> reporter: rinse event played eight years with the eagles and induct in the teams hall of fame. he was also regarded as a
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leader off the field, often giving back to his hometown of trenton, and for the last two decades he has worked as an advocate against domestic violence. at the hearing vincent was joint by representatives from other pro sports leagues under fire from committee members. >> i want to necessity if you are developing uniformed policy that will effectively and appropriately punish players who commit what are criminal acts against women and children. >> reporter: while lawmakers question if enough is being done, one player a says that his punishment goes too far. after agreeing to a plea deal with no jail time for hitting his son with a tree branch. >> i stand here and i take full responsibility for my action. >> reporter: today minnesota vikings star running back adrian peterson was in new york appealing the nfl's decision to sus pen him indefinitely. the his hearing comes after former baltimore ravens star ray rice had his penalty for attacking his wife in an elevator thrown out by an
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arbitrator. it was ray rice's case that in part helped fuel today's hearing but lawmakers saying there needs to be a standard of addressing domestic violence, even if there isn't a criminal conviction. live from the satellite center, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> sharrie, thank you. driver involved in this crash has been sited with in attentive driver. sixty-seven year-old man was behind the wheel of the lex thaws crashed in the row of town houses in newark, yesterday. three families were left homeless because of that crash and the fire that followed. one resident was hospitalized with smoke inhalation. health officials say patrons of a mercer county restaurant may have been exposed to hepatitis a, a food prep worker at rosa's restaurant and catering in hamilton has the infection. people who kind at the eatery between november 10th and yesterday could be at risk. health officials advised those people to get vaccinatedded if they are in the already. hamilton is hosting a clinic
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for residents at colonial volunteer fire company on thursday from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten, you heard breaking details about a new lawsuit against bill cosby and now hear from a temple trustee who sat with him on the board before cosby resigned. there were two victims in this robbery a woman on her phone and the infant, the robber claims not to have seen. also pretend to be a solder and you run risk of being check by a real one, the alleged imposter's problems might not end there.
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as we told you at the start of the newscast tonight bill cosby is facing a new lawsuit connect with the growing sex assault accusation as against him. a woman filed suit in los angeles today claiming that cosby, molested her back in 1974 when she was just 15 years old. that accusation comes one day, after cosby resigned from temple university's board of trustees. tonight as cosby maintains his silence the board's chairman is talking about cosby's split from his alma matter. a "action news" reporter chad pradelli has the story. >> reporter: as accusations mounted temple university was under increasing pressure to sever ties with bill cosby.
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for weeks the university stood silent but yesterday, cosby resign from the board of trustees, and chairman of the board tells me tonight it was a noble thing to do. patrick o'connor has served on the temple board of trustees for bill cosby for decades. he represented the comedian against accusations of sexual assault in 2005 but more than anything, he calls cosby a friend. he said yesterday cosby called him and said he was resigning from the board. >> it was painful. it what's motional. it was brief. >> reporter: o'connor says the board was already considering its next move but it was content to take its time and deliberate all of the facts. that is when cosby stepped in and took the decision out of the board's hands. >> as he said to me, my issues are becoming a distraction to temple university. i love temple. i don't want temple to be harmed by my personal issues. >> reporter: o'connor says he understands the anger towards cosby but like the lawyer he
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is, he calls him just accusations. >> question his character more and more. >> no, i know bill, i don't question his character at all, but these are his personal issues that he has to deal with him. >> reporter: o'connor would not talk about specific allegations against cosby. he a said despite personal issues facing the actor, cosby has been a great ambassador for the university and does not believe the fire storm will tarnish temple's image. >> it will long survive any of these issues because it is a stellar institution and deserves to stand on its own as it will and we will flourish. >> reporter: what affiliation will bill cosby have with temple university going forward? o'connor says he cannot say, i would have to ask cosby himself. attempts to reach the comedian were unsuccessful n north philadelphia, chad pradelli for "action news" at ten on phl17. well, rapper meek mill is out of jail earlier then expected. back in july he had an
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outburst at his parole office, which resulted in a why sentencing him to three to six months for violating parole. the parole was related to a drug case from 2009, he served five months, before today's release. meek mill was also ordered to take etiquette classes. police in the bronx have made an arrest in this heinous robbery. that is a woman holding a baby being dropped kick, but mother felon top of her two month-old and suspect took off with her cell phone, fortunately it didn't take lock for police to identified alonzo brown as the attacker. the 18 year-old apologized after his arrest telling reporters and police he didn't realize his victim was holding a baby. power is gradually being restored in the city of detroit. power outage there forcedded early dismissals at all public schools and wayne state university. other affect buildings including governmental facilities and joe lewis arena, home of the detroit red wings. fire department,
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policetations, and officials blame outage on a major cable failure. city's mayor says the power grid has not been modernized in decades. time for the accu weather forecast. we are still wet earlier tonight. >> more wet overnight but better stuff on the other end, melissa magee live at the big board with more details, hi there. >> hi there brian and shirleen. we are still tracking wet weather. the good news it is some light rain across portions of the delaware and lehigh valleys. that mixed precipitation is starting to exit our region. we will will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar. steady amount of precipitation from the poconos and southward into areas in delaware. the pretty close to dover here. we're going to go tighter for north and west of town. storm tracker six live double scan street level and along route i80 just to the north of the poconos there and even to the south of i80, we will have wintry precipitation, we did have ice, earlier tonight, across areas in the poconos, close to a half an inch. you can see that moisture, however, already switching over to rain as we get warm
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air from the south working its way northward. temperatures, however, are reflect ago this change as well, as it is 43 in philadelphia any precipitation that falls will be in the form of rain, it is 35 in allentown. up in the poconos where that temperature is at 32. we have wintry precipitation to deal w3 in red ago long the the coast in sea isle city, 49. upper 40's as well in millville. we are looking at visibility, it is limit sod what. give yourself some extra traveling time. we are down to 3 miles in the city. down to 4 miles in allentown have the wrist built released to 1.3 in dover. we will show you satellite six with action radar. here is moisture moving on through as we speak. there is a frontal boundary lifting to the north a head of that boundary we will tap into that air and northwesterly wind. a as moisture comes from the southwest to northeast direction you can see that precipitation is switching over to all rain. so, future tracker six is shoaling you at 7:00 in the morning it is a mostly cloudy start. maybe a stray shower around. wednesday, at noon time we will still have a little bit
10:19 pm
of precipitation to contend with but the best part of the day tomorrow is that we will be clearing out once we get in the evening hours for that ride home, and it looks like we will see milder air, working its way in as well. so, mostly cloudy, that is call from accu weather, spotty shower. high tomorrow in philadelphia is 55. fifty-one in allentown and cape may you max out at 54 degrees. we will take a closer look because it is milder tomorrow but temperatures will come crashing back down as we get into thursday. those numbers coming up with the accu weather forecast, guys. >> melissa, thank you. after giving dallas a clubbing on thanksgiving day, the eagles are back at work and focused on this weekend. >> ducis rodgers is live in the "action news" sports center with more, dueses hi there guys a long weekend, mini vacation, call it what you will but bottom line is it is over for the birds. they are back to work and anxious to get ready for sunday's game with the seahawks. jamie apody reports. >> back to work for the birds and if they had had any rust after four day layoff, jordan matthews didn't let it show, he and his teammates able to
10:20 pm
catch a break and now bring on the stretch run. >> i feel so good it felt like we had a bye week. now we're fresh and ready to go. >> reporter: mark sanchez headed home to southern california, and quarterback of the team, top the nfc east was just another guy at the belated thanksgiving day table. >> when i go home, i'm justin mark, and i'm just the the most normal dude. would you never play ball or played at u.s.c. or new york or anything. they treat me the same. i have to get my plate a at the table. they other peoples plate out and go to the door and walk people to the car. normal stuff. >> reporter: this week sanchez will take on his former college head coach pete carol. >> i know it will be competitive. i remember when coach, when we were at u.s.c. he would talk about playing against guys that you coached with, or played for him and stuff like that and his biggest thing is to take it back. >> reporter: next up a team that stole all of the headlines in route to the up are bowl, this game, big time implications as eagles fight
10:21 pm
for 29 seed in the nfc playoffs. >> they have a target on their back when they won the championship because now everybody like man we beat defending champs maybe we have a shot. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. ahead, we will check on the struggling flyers who ahead, we will check on the struggling flyers who skate in san jose.
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if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. in the spirit of the holiday season the philadelphia orchestra put on a concert just for its fans. >> ♪ >> music director yennick, led a free concert forgiving at the kimmel center tonight. this was their way of showing their appreciation to supporters of the orchestra. they also encouraged people to give back as well, by donating new or gently used winter coats. beautiful music. the spirit of the season also on dazzling display elsewhere in center city tonight. the shops at liberty place hosted second annual tree lighting party this evening. and, the christmas tree, the
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star of the show there, santa a was also on hand to take pictures with the kids, and were treated to face painting and free whose chocolate while the adults were treated to the sound of the season from the liberty strings orchestra. we put all the apps you love...
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we've got much more coming up in the next half an hour. >> the holidays of course a time forgiving at 10:45 tonight the things you need to know before donating to charity, this holiday season. and next a developing story out of wilmington where
10:28 pm
rescue crews are looking for a man who fell off a barge in the river.
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>>announcer:"action news" at 10:30 on phl17 continues with brian taff. shirleen allicot, meteorologist, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. thanks for joining us. here is a look at the big stories cover ongoing phl17 at
10:30 pm
10:30. the police have identified a man that was critically injured in west philadelphia. they found a volvo that was involved in a crash at 59 and market. it happened on south cecil street. no arrests have been made here. shane montgomery was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk, on thanksgiving morning. there is a $25,000 reward for information that leads to shane. a woman is suing bill cosby in california. he molested her when she was 15 yearsfzñ old. huth suffers emotional distress. that allows her to file the suit
10:31 pm
under california law due to the distress. and the messy look outside. some are getting hit with freezing rain. what we can expect in the morning, going to melissa magee. >> yes, shirleen and brian we have the mess right now. a lot of the wintry precipitation is moving to the north and east. the rain is steady at times overhead across much of the region. double scan street level, you see the precipitation light ini nature, to trenton down to the i-95 corridor to wilmington. if you are across the interior sections of new jersey down to glassboro and salem. we get into a break. the temperatures will rebound as well. it's 32 in tannersville. up in the areas to thet]mn pocs you picked up half an inch much
10:32 pm
yzyç/wñqñjv' wildwood is freezing. 42 in cente in center city. 42n chester. 50 in toms river. sea isle city is 50. dover is 38. hockessin is 37. the moisture is coming in from a south to north direction. as you got the moisture coming from the south you pull up the moisture source as well. we get into the middle half of our work week. 5:00 in the morning for the commute there could be a passing shower or two around. otherwise it's mostly cloudy skies. weighs go through the morning
10:33 pm
hours, a spot shower south of philadelphia. we will find breaks in the clouds as we get into wednesday. a few peeks of sunshine as well. we are south of the warm front. you tap into the milder air. the cold front sweeps through on wednesday. on thursday the high temperature returns. it's partly sunny and dry. this looks to be the brightest day of the week. we are tracking precipitation by week's end. allentown cloudy. up to 51. not the best looking day however. down the shore, temperatures we show we rebound into the 50s. lots of cloud. isolated shower is likely. here is your exclusive seven-day forecast, wednesday in philadelphia maxing out at 65 degrees. thursday up to 46.
10:34 pm
on friday cloudy up to 48. as we get into saturday, periods of rain. a high temperature of 52. it looks to be unsettled as we get into sunday. showers around with the eagles at home at the linc. we will dry out as we get into next tuesday. it's better tomorrow. up and down we go there week. the seesawzuz continues. a developing story at 10:30. the coast guard is looking for a man that fell into the christina river. two men fell in. emanuel gatling is still missing. we are told that gatling was wearing a orange float coat. the wilmington fire rescue crews are on the scene looking for
10:35 pm
him. a delaware woman is in trouble for renting out homes. the problem is she did not own them. the homes were in foreclosure. kelly hodge greer of felton is facing forgery. a man found that a couple was living in his home. the police say there are other unsuspecting renters out there. they are asking anyone that might be a victim to contact them. a local congressman is asking the u.s. attorney's office to investigate a military impersonator. >> it should be up here. >> got me on that one, bud. >> they confronted the fake soldier at the oxford valley mall after noticing irregularities in his uniform
10:36 pm
insignias. the federal stolen valor act says you cannot impersonate a soldier. there is a federal lawsuit brought on by tracy morgan. they did not disclose their safety practices. his friend was killed when a their limo bus. kevin ropers, the driver is facing criminal charges. the investigation continues on this accident. shortly before noon, an out-of-control car3úuhy smashedo a florist. it happened at sunset road in burlington. the 54-year-old driver was rushed to the hospital with cuts
10:37 pm
and lower body injuries. no one inside of the store was injured. those that lost a loved one it can be difficult. the samaritan healthcare and hospice held a candlelight ceremony. they were encouraged to dedicate a light on the tree in memory of someone that has passed. greco is known for their baby products. tonight they are under investigation. they want to talk to michael brown's step-dad. what he was doing before the riots broke out. what he was doing before the riots broke out. not everyone is a
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two buses packed with children collided this afternoon and the result was tragic. this was the scene in knoxville, tennessee. two children were killed along with an adult aid. 26 others were injured. they have not said what caused the crash that send one of the buses on its side. michael brown's stepfather could face charges for what he
10:41 pm
said, after they decided not to indict darren wilson. louis head is on video talking about burning things down "burn this place down" later that night violent protests broke out. a number of vehicles and buildings were set ablaze. they interviewed people with him that night. a grand jury could decide tomorrow if a new york city police officer could face charges in a chokehold death last july. there you see garner is down. one officer has his arm around garner's neck. he cries out he can't breathe before his body goes limp. the cause of death was compression of neck. they found asthma and obesity
10:42 pm
were factors. there was not violence like, there was in ferguson when the announcement is made. oprah winfrey was the target of a failed terrorist attack. in 2009 two men planned to use a truck loaded with plastic explosives to destroy oprah's studio. they were angry at oprah because of her fame. they are in custody on unrelated charges. the regulators are investigating if graco caused a car seat buckle that is stuck in the latch position. once a manufacturer discover as defect it has five days to notify the regulators.
10:43 pm
they indicate that graco was aware of the problem in 2009. if graco is found guilty they could face a fine up to $32 million. >> a slap massage. some found a different secret to good-looking skin. it involves pigs. and tips for those that plan to donate to charity this holiday season. how to make sure that your money is helping out and not paying administrative costs. is helping out and not paying administrative costs. get the topyp3ñ 0lcñác!'çhxñ did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not
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cyber sale. the lg, 49-inch television and the lego creative tower. it's a time to give not only to friends and family but those in need. many will donate this year. how can you determine if a charity is worthy of your han has important advice. >> everyone is doing a food or toy drive this year. the mailboxes are stuffed with solicitations from charities do your homework before giving. beware, consumer reports found that some charities spend little on the causes that they promote. >> for instance the latest irs filings the cancer fund reported in texas that they spent 8¢ on the programs, 89¢ went to fundraising.
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>>reporter:another way to give. donating to charity but the company gets the tax deduction not you. >> it can be hard to determine how much money from the seams actually go tsalesactually go t. >>reporter:is the lets you know how much money to go to the programs that they support and how much gouzkpm to the administrative fund and fundraisers. >>reporter:check out the charity's website to see its )÷ consider volunteering first. it's a great way to ask questions and get to know the charity from the inside. give to a non-funding company like the united way. i am nydia han for "action news"
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at00 on phl17. >> time for sports tonight. ducis rodgers is live at the big board. >> no one wants to go back to work or school after a long weekend not unless you are the eagles. they can't wait to see what they can do with the seahawks since sunday. watch this catch. no rust on him. the seahawks are the reigning champions. it's a good gauge for the bird s. >> we enjoy competing against the best. we work hard all week, all year. we don't want to go out and you know, be things that we know we c)wfç be. we want to know where we stand and where our work gets us. we are working hard to compete. >> everybody is ready to go. everybody is excited. we are back at the linc this week. the fans are going to be with
10:50 pm
us. everybody is going to be excited. we are ready to go. >> i am looking forward to the challenge. you have to bring your big boy pads this week. >> big boy pads. sanchez has as connection with seattle. he played with carroll at use. the two remain in touch. >> you are doing awesome. i received back, having fun. that means the world to me. that is someone that i respect and had so much fun for playing for. it's going to be good to see him again. >> all right to the ice. seven trade road losses the flyers were not good away from home. eight losses overall in the last nine games. a two on one rush. same play.
10:51 pm
sean cozpry couturier. the fifth goal of the season.jkñ they will be in anaheim tomorrow night. baseball news for you. the phillies have made offers to the three eligible players. ben revere is the biggest name. he batted a career high .306. an antonio has been a key member of the bullpen. he likely will be trade bait. and don brown is completely arrested. 2014. they can work out a contract on february. if not they go to arbitration. thank you, ducis. the time that men get away that came to a close, ladies. it's a gala to celebrate the fundraising efforts for men's health and to show off their
10:52 pm
mo-growing results. the categories were the bushiest moand of course man of;h8z move. good 'staches there. he has come up with the biggest thing for skincare. it's pig lard. its products called heal fast. james henderson debuted the product. it heals acne and burns and scars. ñ best kept beauty secret. we have to wait to see if it takes off. >> we could be waiting for a long time. the top stop sophia for the ladies jackson for the boys. other popular girls name emma, oliva, ava and isa
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>> three, two, one. [ cheering ] capitol hill was glowing tonight. john boehner did the honors of
10:56 pm
from that state. i love that scene. i don't love this weather though. >> neither do i. i double that. we are showing you stormtracker 6 double scan radar we have wet weather. the good news it's light rain. it's over the delaware and lehigh valleys. out the door we go, as we get into wednesday morning. the bus stop temperatures at 44 degrees. the day planner. lots of clouds. 48. the lower 50s as we get into 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon on wednesday. and meteorologist, david murphy will have more at 4:30. bright and early. we all will be asleep.
10:57 pm
thank you for joining us on "action news" at 10:00. >> for shirleen alicott, melissa magee, ducis, i am brian taff. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for joining us.
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[ smoke detector chirps ] [ sniffles ] [ congested voice ] what are you doing? tch, shush! one of the smoke alarms is chirping. i'm trying to figure out which one it is so i can change the battery. well, if anybody can find it [inhales sharply] it's you. ugh. you s-sound horrible. why don't... why don't you go back to bed? 'cause i've got too much to do. i've got to make the ladyfingers for the bake sale, and i've got to go by the gym -- i left my phone there yesterday. i'll do all that. we're a team. when one of us is weak, we lean on the other. honey, you don't have to do that stuff. including going to the gym four times a week to keep me interested, i got this. don't you have houses to show today? [ sniffles ] they...canceled. ohh, pumpkin. are you kidding me? it's...lucky.


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