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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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wednesday night, and brian is off, and an emotional night for a local college campus as the search continues, for a fellow student, who disappeared, without a trace. bill cosby takes to twit tore give thanks to two celebrity supporters, as more accusers come forward with a celebrity attorney. but the big story on "action news" tonight is protests and outrage here and nationwide, now that another case has resulted in no indictment for a white police officer who killed an unarmed black man. today a grand jury in new york, deidentify add against
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charges for the police pan who put eric garner in a fatal choke hold. garner's offense, selling loose cigarettes. the entire incident from last july was caught on video, tonight attorney general eric holder a announced that the justice department is looking into whether garner's civil rights were violated. garner's family has been pushing for federal involvement and his wife had this to say tonight. >> what my husband's death will not be in vein as long as i have a breath in my body, i will fight the fight to the end. >> president obama vowed to fortify the efforts to mend the racial tensions between law enforcement and minorities. in the meantime, here at home, demonstrations continued, tonight a protest that was planned against mike brown's killing in ferguson and the lack of an indictment in that case grew into one that included garner's case. that protest happened in the heart of philadelphia as you can see, just as the city's tree lighting ceremony took
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place. "action news" reporter kenneth moton was there for tonight's event, and he has tonight's big story, kenneth. >> reporter: shirleen, it is not holiday tree lighting celebration that the city expect, but it is the one that the city officials said they understood as hundreds, exercised their right to free speech, and protest. >> ♪ >> reporter: sound of yuletide, clashed with the chants of protesters in philadelphia's city hall courtyard. they stood around the the soon to be lit christmas trees with signs demanding justice for ferguson, missouri teen michael brown, speaking out against racist actions of police. >> we cannot do nothing anymore and we are trying to do it peacefully and respectfully but things need to be disturbed if we will shake something up here. >> reporter: so, christmas carols on stage, protest continue. >> we wanted to support, we want to be respectful to people perform but we want our voices heard.
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>> reporter: of course these demonstrators have the right but what is the timing right which brought milk reaction from those who attended this holiday celebration. >> whatever they have to do to get justice and peace, hey i'm witt. >> it is a tough situation but people are out here trying to ruin it for everybody else. >> reporter: it was an evening of protest that started at 30th street station with the die in, simulating how michael brown's body was on the ground after officer darren wilson shot and killed him. minutes later they marched, disrupting traffic during the evening rush. also outraged about the no indictment in the eric garner case in new york. at city hall one protester was arrested after jumping a barricade. this city's top cop briefly tapped by president obama to lead his 21st century policing task force kept watch. >> our job is to let them protest but a allow the event to take place at the same time and i think so far we have had very successful in doing that and that was our only goal and
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aim. >> reporter: but that arrest appeared to be the the only one from tonight. shortly after the tree lighting, protesters called it a night, but they said, they're in the done. reporting from philadelphia city had hall in center city tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. shirleen. and protests of eric garner brought sections of new york city toy a stan still. they gathered in times square and made their way to numerous landmarks walking through traffic on the west side highway in manhattan. civil right groups are planning a national march in, washington d.c., december 13th, to protest grand jury decisionness new york, and ferguson. we are now breaking nice out of edge water park, burlington county. a pedestrian was struck and killed on route 130 near cooper street. the vehicle involved in the crash did stay at the scene, and the investigation is still underway and all southbound
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lanes, of route 130, are closed. candles lit the night at west chester university where students are hoping and praying for the safe return of the missing student. shane montgomery has been missing for a week, and he was last even in manayunk, and that is where "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live tonight, chad. >> reporter: shirleen, we're learning new information about the investigation, into the montgomery's disappearance. sources tell "action news" that the bounce shore escorted montgomery from kildare is here last thursday morning, told investigators he ran into montgomery about an hour later, down main street. he said montgomery apologized to him. he was in good spirits and appeared to be in good health but what happened to montgomery after that is anybody's guess. >> ♪ lean on me >> reporter: a couple hundred people gathered on the the west chester university campus to pray, for shane montgomery. >> it is heart breaking and hard to go to your classes and try to be normal but we do our best to try to help.
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>> i just want the montgomerys to know it is not only the west chester university that is supporting them but those of us in the community. >> reporter: montgomery's parents and family attended the candle light vigil his father spoke briefly. the words were muffled by chokinge motions. >> we miss him, we love him and we want to get him back. >> we're hoping that hope and faith that we all feel. >> i think it is a testament to the kind of kid that shane was, the amount of people that showed up here tonight. >> it is day seven since shane difficulties a appeared after a night of drink nothing manayunk, search has turned up few clues, police and federal investigators continued to scour surveillance video looking for a little bit of evidence that could lead to his whereabouts. for his mother, each passing day, brings more heart break. >> we do the best we can, i'm taking one moment at a time, i have a wonderful, wonderful, support system, a wonderful,
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wonderful familiarly. >> reporter: again, at last check there was, there is a $31,000 reward for information leading to montgomery's whereabouts. i'm live from manayunk, chad pradelli for "action news" at ten on p hl17. the rain gave us a soaking today, but it is out of here and weather will match the calendar, after an unseasonable cold and hot roller coaster of temperatures. meteorologist cecily tynan is live now with accu weather, hi cecily. >> hi shirleen. satellite six with action radar is showing it is finally getting the clouds out of here, there were pots in the clouds and drizzle, really for two days now and you can see how we are breaking the the clouds, generally north of philadelphia but as we head through the overnight hours even the clouds from south jersey and delaware will be moving away. temperatures are beginning to drop. philadelphia currently at 44 degrees. temperatures only made it up in the upper 40's today. million will 44. sea isle city 46.
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allentown 40 degrees. reading 37 wilmington 40. we have a good breeze. wind speeds out of the west northwest at 13 miles an hour in philadelphia, 13 in wilmington. nine in millville. ten in trenton. the wind will be diminishing in the overnight hours and the skies will continue to clear, and that means it is going to be a seasonably cool night. clear skies, overnight low of 34 degrees in philadelphia, 29 in millville, 31 in wilmington. thirty in trenton. allentown dropping down to 28 degrees. the good news is i'm tracking dry weather tomorrow, however, the bad news is rain will be returning and it will stick around for a while. ill will's have details in the full forecast, shirleen. >> we will see you again soon, thanks cecily. over here at the big board now a day after bill cosby was you'd for sexual battery a well known attorney wants to give bill cosby a a chance to prove quote whether he is a saint or a sexual predator. gloria alreadies representing three more women who claimed to have been victimized by the
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the comedian. all three grew emotional as they shared their stories, including one who was 17 at the time of the alleged encounter. their stories, similar to those of other women who have come forward but at issue is the statute of limitations, the only recent accuser at this point that is able to file a lawsuit is judy huth a california woman who claims the comedian molested her in 1974 when she was 15 years old. california state law may allow that case to push through. but as for the others, alreadies proposing two options one that cosby wave the statute of limitations so these women can have have their day in court or. >> he should agree to place 100 million-dollar into a fund and anyone who claims that he was a victim could appear before a panel of retired judges. >> alred continued by urging
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cosby to then nightmare by accepting either of the options proposed, again, these are just allegations and cosby has said lit until response to them. he did, however, take to twit tore thank at least two celebrities who have questioned legitimacy of the accuser's claims, one of them is philadelphia's own, jill scott, who got into a twitter exchange over what she says is a lack of proof ape another is whoopi goldberg who questioned the validity of one woman's claim because she didn't request a rape kit. both received thanks, from cosby, on twitter. philadelphia police don't have description of the three men who attacked a 17 year-old boy in kensington, so they are hoping that a $1,000 reward will help catch them. the men ambush the teen on the 900 block of north fourth street on november 16th. he suffered a broken jaw. police do not have a motive. united airlines has officially ended its service to atlantic city international
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airport. united's final flight into ac was yesterday. in a statement to "action news" the airline says it is disappoint that had services to at atlantic city did not meet expectation, the the airline's decision is latest blow to the resort town that has seen four of its 12 casinos go out of business this year. still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten, air bags are under recall, but some say that recall should be even bigger. we will talk about the defects, next. also a bizarre one here an alleged assault with the chicken sandwich has a man facing criminal charges tonight. it is not the holidays without a tree lighting, there was a big one in philadelphia tonight.
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lawmakers had another chance to grill a top official from an air bag manufacturers who is under fire. the federal government had called for an expanded nationwide recall for vehicles that have takata air bags. officials say a defect in the air bags creates powerful explosions that sent shrapnel flying into passengers. the air bags have been link to five tetz and dozens of injuries.
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takata says that these are linked to high humidity owe existing recall and handful of states is sufficient. >> takata continues to believe that the public safety is best served if the area of high absolute humidity remains a priority. >> meanwhile honda is taking its own actions, company is voluntarily recalling all suspect air bags, in its reek also nationwide. time right now for accu weather and let's send it over to cecily tynan. glad that rain finally cleared out, cecily. >> it business time, shirleen. we had two days of rain. today may have felt chilly but 48 degrees is only 1 degree shy of the normal high this time of the year. it is december. normal high is 49. our morning low 40 degrees. temperatures were stuck in the 40's all day long. still in the 40's in philadelphia. 44 degrees. wilmington dropped down to 40. millville 44. allentown 40 degrees. reading down to 37. lancaster a cool spot currently at 36 degrees.
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you factor in the wind though wind chill makes it feel cooler. feels like 28 in lancaster. thirty-eight in philadelphia feels like 32 in reading. the wind will be diminishing tonight and the skies will be clearing out and that will lead the way to a seasonably cool night. satellite six with action radar showing high pressure trying to build in. build up to the north. what this is doggies clearing out the skies. we have on clouds south of philadelphia, they will be sending out in the overnight hours and then we will have at least first half of the day tomorrow will be a lot of sunshine. future tracker showing 8:00 in the morning, it will be nice to see the sun. clouds out of here, rain is out of here, bright sunshine but as we head through the day we will get high, thin clouds to filter in by 4:00 o'clock. milky white skies. so, the morning rush forecast, leave umbrellas as home but grab sunglasses. you will need them. mostly sunny. temperature at 6:00 o'clock 34. still 34 at 7:00. and by 8:00 o'clock up to 35 degrees.
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tomorrow will feel like december seasonably cool, high in philadelphia, 44 degrees. allentown 42. millville 45. wilmington 44. cape may 44. early sunshine, and then afternoon high clouds. it will be rain free throughout the day tomorrow which is great news because after tomorrow, i'm tracking rain that will stick around, not just for the weekend, but even beyond, we will talk more about that coming up in the full accu weather seven day forecast, shirleen. >> thanks, cecily. holiday season is bright inner center city thanks to this 40-foot tall norway spruce. city held its annual tree lighting ceremony tonight at philadelphia city hall and "action news" reporter sharrie williams was there. >> reporter: let there be holiday lights, philadelphia's official holiday tree was ushered in with fanfare at city hall bringing smiles to faces, young and those a little bit older. >> just wanted to be here with the kids and do something for holidays and see the tree for the first time. >> reporter: night kick off
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with holiday music from local singers to reporting artist estelle. >> i have been here a few times, a lot of love. >> reporter: her performance is part of the reason that this father and daughter headed out to dilworth park. >> we enjoyed ourselves. we're together. we awe great performances tonight. hearing estelle sing was a blessing for us. >> reporter: 35-foot tree is a a are in way spruce grown in media, pennsylvania. it is decorated with more than 2,000led lights. the tree is returning to city hall after a three-year hiatus because of renovations to earned ising dilworth plaza, now renamed dilworth park. even though there was a a whole lot of dancing going on and holiday cheer, families could in the overlook it doesens of protesters who showed up, before the the the tree lighting, she says she believes in the right to protest but didn't understand why demonstrators chose to have the tree ceremony. >> i didn't under stan the
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connection between race relations and struggle, in america, with the the christmas spirit. >> reporter: brown and her family thought about leaving, but decided to stay despite the interruptions. >> it is a mixed emotion because i have feelings as well. you want to support that, however, i want my children to still have their tradition that we have with the tree lighting. >> reporter: families we spoke with said they are so glad that the city decided to go ahead, with the tonight's tree lighting ceremony, t-ey said that despite everything that happened, it still helped them get into the holiday mood. the in the courtyard of city hall, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. it is time now for sports. the ducis rodgers is live in the "action news" sports center, hi there ducis. >> hi there shirleen, eagles are nine and three heading in to this huge game sunday with the seattle seahawks. birds are in a great spot but as jeff skversky explains they are not where they want to be. >> play across the 30, 25, 20,
10:20 pm
15, ten, five, in for the touchdown. >> reporter: yeah, eagles beat cowboys to take over soul possession of first place but the eagles have won nothing yet. they are not even guarantied a playoff spot were four games to go, birds are all business as they get set for seattle, the the defending super bowl champs. >> we have to prove, we have not won anything yet. we have to prove it by keeping wings. >> at the 459, 50. >> reporter: if the eagles will run the table over the final month they need lesean mccoy to continue to run bio posing teams. mccoy has rush for 300-yard over the last two games and eagles have won both of them. >> i think he ace a complete running back. i knew coming in here what a talented player he was. >> reporter: mccoy is 48 yards a away from breaking wilbur montgomery franchise record for rushing yard a record that has stood for the last 30 years. >> it is something cool, it really is. i never imagined when i got drafted here that i could have
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a chance to hold the rushing record. that ising on big. that is what i'm looking forward to. >> reporter: more important to mccoy is to take a closer step to scoring a division title and a possible first round bye. jeff skversky for "action news" at ten on phl17. the sixers just defeated the t wolves to get their first victory of the season, we will show that to you next half an hour, shirleen is back we will show that to you next half an hour, shirleen is back merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog?
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camden police have have gonna above and beyond to protect and serve were recognized tonight. police department presented several officers, with citations and service awards, most of these honors were presented to officers who handled difficult situations involving armed criminal suspects and how they safely resolved a potentially volatile situation. music ledgend kenneth gamble hosted his annual fashion show gala fundraiser and benefit tonight. the event took place at the university of the arts, in center city philadelphia.
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proceeds go to universal company's halls of wisdom and from boys two men character building and social it kill programs. universal companies is a community development and education management corporation founded by gamble in 1993.
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to save you money along with the list of gifts to avoid giving this year. and it is a busy night for fire fighters and red cross were on the scene of two a apartment fires.
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here is a look now at the big stories we are following tonight on "action news" at ten on phl17. crowds protesting the deaths
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of michael brown and eric garner, made their way through downtown philadelphia, this evening, they started at 30th street station and eventually made their way to city hall, their chants drowned out a youth choir at city tree lighting ceremony. they were protests this evening in new york city, both brown and againer were killed at the hand of the white police officers. just today a grand jury announced it would not indict the police officer in eric garner's case. three women who were victimized by bill cosby have a proposal for him and they want the comedian to put hundred million-dollar in an account until a judge candy side the truth and decide how much each victim should receive. the women are represented by gloria all red. tonight, the red cross is on the scene of two different apartment fires, check out these, massive flames, in wynfield around 7:30 this evening, huge fire broke out in the 5300 block of westmontmont avenue, residents
10:31 pm
watched as flames shot out, from the roof of their building, no one was injured, the red cross was told five people need add assistance but that number is expected to grow. the red cross is also helping 16 families in bucks county tonight, a teen who lived at fox wood manor in levittown tells us he heard a big explosion and then saw flames. he then started knocking on peoples doors, everyone made it out safely. we are still waiting to find out what caused these fires. the search is over for a man who disappeared after a boat capsized in the cristina river. the last night at 10:30 we told butt search for emmanuel gateling on a barge when it capsized tuesday in wilmington. two other men were rescued around 5:30 tonight, gateling's body was found in the cabin of the barge. there are new images of a gun toting robber inside of a warminster township 7-eleven earlier this morning. the armed man covered his
10:32 pm
face, with the black mask, he demanded cash, and cigarettes, from the clerk inside of the store on west street road around 2:00 a.m. he left before police arrived and no one was hurt. no arrests have been made in the string of church fires in felt on, delaware. most another just damage was done to the healing hand christian church on berry town road on tuesday. subsequent fires were set at the manship chapel on burn night mill road and at laws mennonite church on carpenter bridge road, all three churches are within 10 miles of each other. today we have talk to pass for wilbur moore from healing hand, his tiny church was key steroid. he wants to rebuild and hopes whoever is responsible will come forward and listen to one of his is surmons. >> as i said earlier if i see him today, if they were hungry, would i feed them f they need somewhere to stay would i give them somewhere to
10:33 pm
stay. but as we said earlier we are knock down but we will get backup again. >> the damage to healing hand is estimated at $75,000. offers are already coming into help the parish rebuild. if you ate at rosa's restaurant in mercer county and exposed to hepatitis a you can get vaccinated tomorrow. hamilton township officials will offer shots to anyone who ate at rosa's between november 10th and december 1st. restaurant employee tested positive for the disease, clinic runs from 2:00 to 8:00 at the the colonial volunteer fire company. time now for accu weather, a rather wet, rocky forecast giving way to more seasonal temperatures. let's send it over to meteorologist cyst hi tynan, hi cecily. >> finally we are getting rid of the rain. sky six taking a look in atlantic city where we have clouds over hid but that drizzle that was there all day long and has finally left us. now temperatures are beginning to drop. taking a look at temperatures
10:34 pm
across the region, currently center city is 42 degrees. we're stuck in the 40's all day long. the saint david's dropped down to 36 degrees. pottstown 38. martin's creek 37. levittown in bucks county checking in with a current temperature of 40 degrees. south jersey hammington is 40. vineland 44. glassboro 41. hockessin delaware it is 40, and dover, delaware, currently at 45 degrees. and well, we are officially in december and today's high 48 degrees was just 1 degree shy of the normal high for this time of the year, which is 49. we have dropped down in the 40's as far as our normals. as we head through the the end of the month, the average high, really high, dropped 41 degrees by the end of the month and december, a lot of people do like the white christmas, december, typically isn't a very snowy month, the average snowfall for the entire 3.4 inches typically february is the most snowy month that we have in our region. satellite six with action radar showing moisture is out of here.
10:35 pm
we still do have have some clouds mainly south of philadelphia, high pressure will come across the region and that will be clearing out the skies tonight. and tomorrow, it will bring out the good amount of sunshine but really first half of the day. plenty of sunshine early and high, thin clouds begin to develop by the afternoon. temperatures are on the cool side with a high of 44 degrees. this high pressure cannot stick around all weekend long and will move up to the north and east and that will allow the the clouds to rhea peer, on friday, and it will really begin to thicken as far as cloud cover, 46 degrees the high, rain at night, and unfortunately we will get into a blocking part earn where that rain will last right through the weekend in to early next week getting into a wet pattern. tomorrow will be dry in allentown, bright start to the day, a chill in the air, afternoon high only 42 degrees after morning lows in the 20's, and in atlantic city we will see clouds in the afternoon. morning will be sunny with a high of 44 degrees. wind out of the northwest at five to 10 miles an hour.
10:36 pm
so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, better conditions tomorrow then today. 44 degrees the high. it will be cold. we will see some sunshine early in the day. clouds up in the afternoon. friday, plenty of clouds, drizzle will in the afternoon, rain arriving at night with a high of 46 degrees. it looks like umbrellas will be your best friend this weekend. saturday damp, dreary, 52 degrees. unday periods of rain, 46, heading to the eagles game at the link definitely take rain gear. unfortunately that rain lastness to monday with the chance of rain, 47 degrees, finally by tuesday the sunshine will return, with a high of 46 degrees and then wednesday, partly sunny with a high of 44 degrees. this weekend if you have some indoor maybe holiday decorate to go do i suggest you do the indoor stuff because as far as outside, it is going to be a little bit soggy. >> that might be the best bet, thanks, cecily. all across the area people are getting into the holiday spirit.
10:37 pm
>> ♪ >> fun night at villanova university, there was music and, of course, highlight of the night, the tree lighting, this is merry christmas villanova week, last year they made ginger bread houses and this weekend they will take a trip to new york city. look who it is, santa made a stop at voorhees town center food court tonight and brought with him a big red sleigh filled with gifts. santa then supplied several children with early christmas presents. several malls across the area have wishing booths and it turns out santa is making wishes come true of day. still ahead, a cat that survived a month in the moving box, and this guy is in trouble tonight, wait until you hear which is from mcdonald's is accused of throwing at his wife. real housewife star teresa guidice is not happy with her lawyer, how she's fighting back.
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10:40 pm
the search continues for person who stabbed an american woman at a high end mall in abu darby. the 37 year-old was stabbed with a sharp tool after a fight broke out in the bathroom. this is surveillance video of the suspect attacker.
10:41 pm
you can see suspect is veil wearing a head scarves and black full length gown. this is what women there wear traditionally. michael brown's step dad says his emotions got the best of him. he issued an apology for inflammatory comments he made the night it was announced officer darren wilson would not be indicted. as you know ferguson erupted in chaos, police are investigating if lewis head intended to insight rioting when he screamed about burning things down. real housewife new jersey star teresa guidice is suing her lawyer n a lawsuit obtain by tmz, teresa claims lawyer never met with her before filing bankruptcy documents. he she also claims he didn't list key aspects and blaming him that she got busted for bankruptcy fraud. next month she will report to prison. she was slapped with a 15 month sentence. when she's done serving time her husband joe will report
10:42 pm
for prison. iowa man is a accused of hitting his wife with a mcchicken sandwich, yes. police say 21 year-old marvin ellis was sleeping when his pregnant wife woke him up and offer him a sandwich. he said he didn't want it and he threw it at her. ellis is accuse odd have smashing the bun in her face, injuring her nose, and ellis is charged with domestic simple assault. we all know cats have have nine lives and this might be the reason why. meow's family was moving from virginia to had wiz and she was supposed to stay behind with relatives. well, on moving day, the the cat, who was in where to be found. fast forward a month a family belongings arrived in hawaii. as they were unpacking they heard a faint meow. yep, he was in a box, he could barely walk and lost a lot of weight. she will spend three months in quarantine because he didn't have proper vaccinations for
10:43 pm
the trip. it is going to cost her owners four grand. a a lot of us are busy buying holiday gifts, experts give us a list of five things you shouldn't give this year. plus we will take a look at some apps that can help you save monday think year on your holiday shopping. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team get morning's top news headlines weather and traffic starting 4:59:30 a.m. only on six abc. ♪
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♪ ♪ with the name the philadelphia region has trusted for over 75 years, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to keep pace. independence blue cross. live fearless. okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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cyber monday mark a major milestone sales topped $2 billion nationwide. that makes it the biggest on line hopping day ever, in the first to pass the 2 billion mark according to com so far this holiday season shoppers have have spent $26.7 billion, that is up 16 percent from a year ago. only 22 days until christmas. and it is time new to save with six abc. not everyone gets their holiday happening done on black friday and cyber monday, those crowds and lines at stores will continue right through christmas eve, fortunately though there are some free apps to make things easier. >> reporter: a variety of free, smart phone apps can help with every area of holiday shopping. from hunting bargains to staying within a holiday budget. shoppers looking to save some money can try an app like
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coupon cherp a which has hundreds of coupons so users can down load them in the store. raised helps save money in a different way. they let shoppers purchase unused gift card discounted below face value from their smart even if and presents a bar code to the cashier. no need to run from store to store to find the best deal. shoppers looking to find prices on the go can use apps like price grab tore scan product bar codes. to locate best prices, in stores, and on line. red laser works in a similar fashion, and searches for retailer discounts and coupons too. browse gift ideas during downtime with a mobile app like fancy, which cure rates virtual catalogues, lets users like items and see what others have like. create wish lists a and make purchases. to organize, try an app like santa's bag a to do list with a jolly holiday theme, which
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lets shoppers keep track of what they are buying for friends and family and most importantly, keep track of a gift budget. alycia variety vitarelli for "action news" at ten on phl17. many search for a perfect gift to give for a holiday but some are just should avoid. experts compiled the top five worst and most gifted owe fenders. coming in at number one scented items we are talking bubble bats, candles, and number two, leather accessories for men. they last a long time so wallets and belts don't need to be replaced often. next, calendar, lets face it, most keep a calendar on our computer or phone. next up, picture frames unless there is a sentimental picture inside you might want to skip it. lastly holiday decorations, most people say they don't want extra stuff laying around their house. so don't bother. how does star bucks for life sound? well, it could be yours, coffee giant is giving away
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ten ultimate star bucks cards in the u. is. it is made up of ten car on the gold, and comes engraved with the winner's name. if you get one you can go to star bucks every day for the next 30 years and enjoy a free food or beverage item. it is value at $54,000 to register you have to make a purchase using a gift card or the mobile app and then enter the the code printed on your receipt are. contest runs through january 5th. and it is time now for sports, ducis rodgers is live now at the big board. >> hi there shirleen. we will start off with the sixers. they have been close a few times but that and a quarter isn't worth of anything. tonight sixers try to avoid matching worst start in the nba history, zero and 17 visiting minute so the a second quarter robert covington 17 points off the bench for him this puts innings isers up a dozen. third quarter, tighter game, covington, misses a lay up.
10:50 pm
he can yum seven out of the gym, cleans it up. sixers by one. under a minute to play in the fourth quarter. michael carter williams leaves it for nerlens necessity he will. that will do it. sixers win 85-77. they are a avoiding tying the worst start in league history. >> we played an unbelievable game. my guys picking me up when i was tire. they made unbelievable big shots. we got this win a as a team. >> to football now, eagles might finish with more wins then sixers. while you chew on that bird are preparing for sunday's game against seattle. nine and three verse eight and 46789 mark sanchez and eagles seem to be hitting their stride at the right time. seahawks are reigns champs. they have won five of six. bird satisfaction they relish this challenge. >> this is what you play for. you want to play meaningful games in december. the situation we're in we know if we take care of business we will be sitting in a good spot. it is a defending champs coming n they are hot right
10:51 pm
now. defense is playing a at a high level. it is our job to deeven if the nest. >> instant is the university of florida fired its coach two weeks ago there have been reports that the school would go after chip kelly. coach says in one has contacted him. he is not interested. he is not even flattered that his name has come up. >> no, i think it is silly. >> why? >> why is it silly, that somebody would be interested in you. >> because it is a rumor, it is not the truth. i think things that are false are silly. football questions, anyone. >> is that it, good. >> put to it rest. flyers need a hug, they can use a win, they have dropped nine of their last ten. tonight they skate in anaheim we are in the first period midway through the first and there is no score. moving on to college basketball, big night for, there we go, the big five. every member in action, pen gets its first victory of the season topping navy 57-46. villanova visiting lasalle, i
10:52 pm
think coach johnnies excited there. first half, jaevon pinkston, doing some damage. nova up a dozen. jay wright's squad is cruising. darren hillyard scored 15. they shoot 50 percent from point land. they win 84-70. temple and st. joes, coach martelli and coach dunphy. they pick up the action in the second half. isaiah miles, crash the the board 20, points, nine rebound for him . hawks up a dozen. now a one point game, temple trailing, owls get two good looks at the basket, one shot denied, the other comes up just short, st. joes beats owls with the two-point win. >> how about them sixthers. >> they didn't give up. >> they had to get it eventually. >> feeling good. >> little evening thane could. >> thanks, ducis. if you've got 7 million sitting around this swank i
10:53 pm
pad in rittenhouse square can be yours. right now it belongs to phillies closer jonathan papelbon. the 4200 square food condo is located at 1706 rittenhouse square. papelbon bought it two years ago for 4.6 million. it is on the 15th floor and has four bedrooms and three and a half bats. there is a floor to ceiling
10:54 pm
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meet woman known aspirin zest etch a sketch.
10:56 pm
jane can whip up a christmas tree in no time, okay this video is sped up but give her a couple minutes and she can make all kind of holiday favorite on a etch a sketch. she pick up her first one when she was four years old. >> i've got, rodolph here, for the holidays. >> yeah. >> and then you have the van goh here i have stary night on my bucket list to see that painting some day. i have always wanted to draw it on a etch a sketch. >> she takes order and will draw whatever you want, she sells them on icy. just do not do a flash thing or you you will lose it. >> yes, take a picture, yes. >> it is gone. >> okay, all right. >> umbrella can be gone for tomorrow ape that is bit. rain is coming back but the bus stop forecast is showing sunshine early in the day, mostly sunny, chilly start at 30. 5:69 o'clock 34 degrees. by 8:00, 35. it will be on the cool side tomorrow and we will see on
10:57 pm
high thin clouds moving in, in the afternoon at 1:00 o'clock 42. by 4:00 o'clock 42 degrees as well. it will be dry but rain moves in on friday night and sticks around all weekend, into next week. >> all right. >> tomorrow will be dry. >> that is good. >> we will take them when we can get them. thanks for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten modern family next filled by friend. for brian taff, adam joseph and ducis rodgers and cecily tynan, i'm shirleen allicot, and ducis rodgers and cecily tynan, i'm shirleen allicot, we will see you tomorrow.
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