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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 7, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> a storage facility in south philadelphia a body of a security guard was found. >> outside lincoln financial field protesters blocked the streets as eagles fans leveled following a disappointing game. >> the big story on "action news" tonight is word of another nor'easter expected to arrive early this week. >> the sun returned today after that saturday soaking unfortunately it looks like our region can expect this familiar scene right there to return again this week. rain and high winds are in your forecast.
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meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board to explain when it all rivz. melissa. >> it looks like this storm system arrives late monday night. the brunt of the storm system moves in throughout the day on tuesday. with that we're expecting some heavy rain. in advance of that precipitation on the way today we've got cold temperatures outside. air temperatures are in the 30s. when you factor in the wind chill feels like 25 in philadelphia, 21 poconos and current wind chill in sea isle city 26. satellite 6 and action radar showing we have clear to partly cloudy sky overhead tonight and the temperatures will cool down quickly across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight partly cloudy. and 27 in the city e. 21 allentown and 28 dover. let's look into the week ahead. future tracker 6 showing you as we go throughout the day on monday sun giving way to clouds and as we get into monday afternoon clouds will build and thickening and monday night to tuesday we're tracking nor'easter that moves up from
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south to north direction affecting much of the delaware and lehigh valleys with that soak rain. and so we'll talk about what is ahead. mostly dry tomorrow. late monday night after midnight we're tracking coastal storm that arrives on thursday. and with that comes threat of rain, heavy winds and coastal flooding. we'll take a look at it and time out future tracker 6 in the precipitation in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. the "action news" morning team will have the latest on the changing weather situation on 6abc tomorrow morning. be sure to tune in starting at 4:30 a.m. >> now to south philadelphia where eagles fans were met with protesters after tonight's game demaning justice in the wake of recent police involved killings. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live tonight with the latest. any. >> and walter tonight please don't tell us how many officers they have on the ground but it was incredibly strong presence in the air and ground with officers from all different departments. protesters they say so far no
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arrests at all made today. many protesters were met with cheers from annoyed fans just trying to get home. but overall it was peaceful. an estimated 2 to 300 members of power group of inner faith protesters including members of local clergy laid at intersection of broad and patterson. it was to disrupt traffic leaving eagles seahawks game. >> all we're trying to doing is keep awareness alive and keep awareness for injustice they're having injustices throughout the country. >> this is not just a blackish ubut issue for all americans. >> they were simulating how michael brown's body was lying after killed by darren wilson. outrage offer a new york grand jury decision not to indiet a police officer for the choke hold that killed eric garner was also part of the message. philadelphia police were out in full force respecting the first amendment. >> we were prepared n large part because they helped us out to be
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fair. they let us know what was coming and so, kudos to them for that. >> eagles fans yelled their thoughts as police shut down the intersection for a half hour. it's estimated there were more than 60,000 eagles fans leaving the game. >> they had the right to protest. but, you know, to cause a disturbance like this with people trying to get home with families and kids i think it's you know protest on the street why block the highways. >> to me i deposit really care. they can do what they want. it's their legal right i. i want to get home. >> and the protest itself was only about four minutes and 30 seconds however the disruption lasted offer a period of two hours. as you can see, everything now is back to normal. we're live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> any, thank you. before the eagles game tonight volunteers fanned out with flyers to spread the word about shane montgomery to tailgateers. the wester university student
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disappeared early thanksgiving morning after leaving a manayunk bar. they're hoping somebody heard or saw something to help locate the missing west chester university student. friend and family of the 21-year-old are asking people to check foe photos they did on main street light night. >> he's famous for photo bombing. >> he might have photo bombed. >> they'll take anything they can get. honestly they're getting desperate and want to bring him home. >> organizeers say there's now a $50,000 reward for information about shane montgomery's disappearance. >> moving ton disturbing discovery at a storage facility in southwest philadelphia. a man's body bound and beaten. "action news" learned the victim was a security guard. "action news" reporter sken live outside police headquarters with the latest on the homicide investigation. kenneth. >> walter sources say the victim was possibly beaten to death right before he was found and the last time anyone talked to
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him was around 11:30 this morning and now police are checking surveillance cameras on that business to try to get a look at his killer. >> he was a big man with a lot of fight. philadelphia police say a 67-year-old security guard locker room storage incorporated didn't survive a brutal attack. >> he was a big buy guy. had to be more than one person to take him down like that. >> a manager found the man dead around 3 p.m. in conversion van on property of this storage facility on the 2200 block of south 62 street in southwest philadelphia. sources say he was tied up and had massive head trauma. a manager and friends told us the victim worked here several years and he would explain about people getting over bashed wire fence and in fact, sources say it appear the killer or killers used another van that belonged to the guard to ram the fence to make an escape. >> i can't believe that he is dead. because like i said something had to be going on down here for that to happen.
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he challenged them. he must have challenged him and that's what happened. he would not be the type of guy to runaway. >> they scoured over the property while detectives were inside the office looking at surveillance wednesday. we're looking for witnesses and cap vasing for video. we don't have anything definitive yet hopefully somebody will give us a call with information. >> those who knew the security guard say the southwest philadelphia man was a father, military vet, and part of a motorcycle club. he was a good guy road motorcycle and stuff we used to hang out. it's crazy. >> as investigatetors worked to find a motive and this killer they also say that police were still trying to get in touch with relatives and not releasing the victim's name just yet star after. kenneth moton "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> kenneth, thank you. a long time delaware firefighter and emt is in critical condition
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tonight after trying to help a driver on i-95. lieutenant daniel calloway was hit by oncoming car southbound lanes tip couple 5 a.m. officials say he got out of the car to help a disabled motorist get on to the shoulder and it happened on his way to work. we'll have the latest on this investigation and word from calloway's chief in the next half hour of "action news." we now know the name of the person killed on i-95 delaware last night. investigators say 37-year-old laura grant of oxford, pennsylvania was killed when she was walking in the southbound lanes near route 1. grant was struck by two vehicles and pronounced dead at the scene scene. both drivers stopped. >> a roaring fire swept through a north jersey home this morning killing 4 people including an infant. the flames broke out of the 3-story house east orange around 6 the youngest victim was 6 weeks old. the oldest 78 years old. and investigators are still
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searching for a fifth person who remains unaccounted for. >> the final state sanctioned bear hunt in new jersey kicks off tomorrow just a few months after the state's first dadly bear attack. a student from rutgers was mauled to death in state park back in september. four years ago lawmakers agreed to allow an annual hunt each december to put a cap on bear population in energy until. education for the sublick is a better solution. >> today marks 72 years since aak tack on pearl harbor. >> that includes several memorials in our region and some cases veterans who survived bombing shared incredible accounts. tom rawlins has the full story. >> today, december 7, 2014 people throughout our region from the battle ship new jersey to delaware to valley forge ignored the chill wind and gathered together to remember that most awful december 7.
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>> a date that will live in infamy. >> the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by air forces of empire of japan. 24 0 0 americans pairished on the sneak attack aboard u.s. ships and airfields. >> in the chaos alexander horanze survived. he says there had been prior alerts of possible trouble before that sunday. >> that one day it happened december 7sh everybody was at ease and this is when they took advantage of us. >> another pearl harbor survivor ed kahne was aboard the u.s.s. fighter. >> we lost one ship off alaska and marry was tore feed owed off
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okanawa and i guess the guy upstairs didn't want me yet ♪ >> once young survivors now for the most part in 90s and numbers dwindling estimated to 3,000 veterans left that witnessed the attack 73 years ago and reluctant united states was brought to world war ii [ taps [ taps ]. >> john recallings for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> animals on parade a collection of furry character forced out into the cold and reason why is now a criminal investigation. >> and british invasion. we have the first imannuals of prince will youth and duchess we have the first imannuals of prince will youth and duchess kate in the big apple tonight
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>> over inform greece rioters lobbed bombs and molotov cocktails. they took on the streets in the athens on 6th anniversary of death of a teenager shot and killed by police. businesses and some vehicles there were damaged. athens police officials are reporting dozens of arrests have been made. >> sources say it was a twist of fate that filled attempted rescue of american hoingts taj in yemen. officials and military say u.s. commandoes were approaching the
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al qaeda hangout where luke somers and south african teacher were being held when a guard went outside. he spot the commandoes who opened fire and they were killed before the commandoes could reach them. >> 19 people were rushed to the hospital and thousands more evacuated from suburban chicago hotel this morning. authorities say it appears somebody intentionally left chlorine powder stairwell at the high at hotel. guests reported feeling nauseous and dizzy. many of them were attending the annual fur fest convention and left the hotel dressed in cartoonish animal costumes. >> now to the philippines where the death toll has risen to three as typhoon ruby nears the capital. the storm weakened and is moving slowly. officials say it could be tuesday before this storm timely move out to sea. ruby is knocked out power and caused widespread flooding and 900,000 women evacuated from the storms zones to avoid destruction.
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officials are now concerned about land slides. >> all right time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and nor'easter headed our way melissa. >> that's right walter and sarah. we're tracking counter clockwise rotating storm that moves in as we get into the day tuesday. with that comes a threat of some heavy rain, wind and flooding concerns as well. outside across the delaware and lehigh valleys. philadelphia coming in at 34. when you factor in the wind chill feels like 25 degrees. you have north or northeasterly winds moving into much of the area that hour. 28 allentown and currently in beach haven 39, 35 in dover. here's satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see it's clear to partly cloudy and dry. it will remain dry the rest of tonight and for that matter the first half of the day tomorrow. but we'll widen out the picture here and what we're tracking area of low pressure moving across the northern plains one piece of erpere we're tracking and tracking disturbance forming off the coast of klooip s, this area of low pressure will transfer energy to this coastal
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storm that will develop and work its way up the eastern sea board as we get to tuesday. for that matter this precipitation looks to linger as we go throughout our week ahead. we'll time things out for you and show you in anticipation of the coastal low develop there's a coastal flood watch issued goes up tuesday from sea side heights west ward to areas of rehoboth as moderate tidele flooding is concerned especially with astronomical high tide which exacerbates flooding there. and winter storm watch posted for tuesday mainly for poconos as we could find heavy wet snow as the storm system pulls away. we'll time things out with future tracker 6 showing you as we go throughout the morning hours we're dry. sun giving way to increasing clouds throughout the day as you can see as we get into after midnight on monday we'll track that moisture coming in from the south to north direction. heavy rain at times 7:00 not mild adds we get throughout the day on tuesday and it looks like
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moisture will continue throughout the day tuesday and as the storm system pulls away you can see on the backside of it we got moisture that lingers as we get into wednesday and some of which could be in the form of some wet snow showers north and westch the call from accuweather showing you cloudy skies overhead, chilly, dry, 6 a.m., 35, 36, 7 a.m. and 37 is the number at 8 a.m. coming up we'll take a closer look at the coastal storm on the way and share more impacts with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. we'll send it back your way walter. >> thank you, melissa. >> that hurt my ears, fans of the royal family let out sleekz and squeals as prince william and duchess kate arrived in new york city. the first either one visited the big apple. they'll atnd a private reception, fundraiser for alma mater and visit to 911 memor
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>> santa clause lovely wife and helpers had access serious meals as they made early rounds in delaware today taking part in the 8th annual crews for kids and volunteers used classic cards and street rods to deliver a mountain of toys to crows choseer and chester hospitals. >> time for sports and recap of today's big loss against seattle. let's go live to jeff skversky in the sports center. >> we saw it in super bowl last thursday and how dominant seattle defense is. we got a bitter taste with soul possession of first place and possible first round buy at stake. eagles' coach chip kelly trying to figure out what surprise with his team today and trying to figure out where the defense is. seattle quarterback russel wilson. wide open marshon lynch eagles down ten.
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sanchez to ertz. 35 yard score. that's more yards than sanchez had all game at this point. eagles within three. seahawks fly right back down wilson for doug eagles back down ten. richard sherman egging on angry eagles fans. 4th quarter down ten. feels like 40. sanchez picked off. he has worst game since taking over for nick foles completes only ten passes and throws for under 100 yards eagles manage 130 total yards fewest ever by a chip kelly coached team. they likely lost a shot at first round bye as well. >> they played better than us and hopefully we'll get an opportunities to see them down the road. we have to make that happen. we cannot sit here and they're not going to give it us to. we have to go out and win and it starts preparation for dallas coming up. >> we expect to do a lot of things better we came in confident and i thought we had a great game plan and i think we
10:24 pm
just didn't play very well. >> no they did not. here's a look at nfc east standings tonight. eagles move back to tie dallas for first place. cowboys coming up next at the linc next sunday which is now a crucial game for the eagles playoff chances and eagles of course doing themselves no favors today seattle had 301 more total yards and ran 40 more total plays than the eagles. and rogers down at the linc coming up later in sports. >> jeff thank you. isn't aclause also made a stop in bucks county today to lend a hand for toys for tots volunteers in levittown. old saint nick and members of newtown was collect are for money and toys hokted by american dream real tixt lastier's drive raised 15,000 and brought in a truck load of lastier's drive raised 15,000 and brought in a truck load of toys for children who might ♪i want it all!
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>> ♪ all right. those are the sounds of the joy bells and team org stra of philadelphia playing together today at the kimle center this collaboration couples professional musicians alongside mutions with intellectual disabilities after three yearsp planning they made music beautifully together. >> norm korean officials address
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rumors their country is behind a major hack at stony pictures. >> a and special salute to the president. which big names were there. >> and consumer reports just released naughty and nice list. it's a list of company policies, released naughty and nice list. it's a list of company policies, which ones are consumer friendly deciding between buying bread and health care is much tougher. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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>> if you're just joining us at 10:30 here are the stories we're following for you on "action news". >> police in southwest philadelphia are investigating a murder at a storage facility a manager discovered the body of a 67-year-old security guard in a van at locker room storage incorporated this afternoon. sources say she was tied up and possibly beaten to death. homicide detectives are now investigating. >> protesters blocked traffic outside the linc tonight. they laid on the street as eagles' fans left the game to a so-called die in to bring tongs killings in new york and flier were hand out about the west chester university missing students. they want people to check pictures early thanksgiving morning in manayunk a 50,000 reward is offered in theer is.
10:31 pm
>> a fire fight frer delaware remains in cits call condition tonight after being hit on i 9 a5 trying to help someone on his way to work. more on the crash and his condition. >> reporter: just before 5 a.m. sunday good samaritan and long-time firefighter and certified e mt lieutenants calloway stopped his car and crossed a highway to help a driver in the southbound lanes of i-95 tinicum delaware county. state police say a driver of suv crashed into the disabled car pushing the vehicle into 30-year-old calloway. medics rushed him to choseer chester medical center in critical condition. pennsylvania state police say the driver of suv stopped and accident still remains under investigation. calloway is long time volunteer in new port, delaware at belvideer fire company where he's lieutenant and field training officer on ambulances and hired as a paid firefighter in delaware.
10:32 pm
chief chad ingram has known him for years. >> since i was notified by my supervise are i responded to the crozer hospital to be with dan's friend and family and offer any assistance that i could on behalf of our fire company. >> tonight his family and fellow firefighters are putting for him. >> dann is all around great guy. when we received -- when i received the call this morning notifying me of incident i was not a bit surprised that dan would not have stopped to help anybody in need. >> annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> about a dozen people are still recovering from yesterday's deadly carbon monoxide poise opening in pasayk new jersey a woman and man were killed by the fumes and found in one of the second floor studios of converted factory building. the source of those fumes is still under investigation. >> and police are hoping you can help locate a missing south
10:33 pm
philadelphia man. 47-year-old peter decosta vanished yesterday morning. he was last seen at his home 1900 block of south 6th street. officials say peter suffers from a medical condition that requires medication. he is 6' 2" with thin build and anyone who may have seen shim asked to call philadelphia police. >> north korea is aprouding a recent sign area tack against sonny pictures and but communist officials there say their country had nothing to do with it. hackers destroyed the computer system leaking personal employee data and releasing five movies on-line. north koreas with a prime suspect because of outrage over the interview. an upcoming comedy with plot line centers on assassination of dictate or kim young un. they call it a righteous skkt for stony wrong doing. >> a group includes four syrians
10:34 pm
tonasian and pal stipulate then they were detained ins with suspected ties to it all kada. they've never been formally charged. they were cleared for release in 2009 but u.s. struggled willing to find a country to take them. it comes as president obama renews push to close guantanamo bay rizon. >> president obama hosted a meeting at the white house to honor outstanding artist, tom hanks, sting, lilly tomlin and ballerina patricia mc bride kennedy center resip yepts. just yesterday he went to the hospital for a ct scan. >> time for a accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. if you have not had rain we were short of tractor-trailer last couple days. >> more moisture on the way,
10:35 pm
guys, monday, mostly dry, overnight non tuesday that is a big day. you find brunch in the storm system and coastal storm we're tracking we'll talk about that. sky6 live in hd showing you the picture outside. looking at the center city sky line on the sunday night. we have a clear to partly cloudy sky overhead. temperatures are in the 30s. so when you factor in the winds coming in out of the north, northeast still a breeze. wind chills currently in city coming in 25 degrees. as related stromtracker double scan radar you can see quiet and dry. this picture will likely change as we get into late monday night after midnight monday and throughout the day tuesday. temperatures north and west of town, slatington 28, tanersville 24. pottstown 33. lower 30s for st. daivdz, kennett square and st. daivdz and chester. down across new jersey surf city 38, sea isle city 35. hockessin 35 and 34 in smyrna delaware.
10:36 pm
here's satellite and action radar. we have a clear to partly cloudy sky overhead. few more high, thin clouds as we get in through the day monday before it turns cloudy as we get into monday afternoon. couple of furt turz we're tracking for you this disturbance upper level loewener jury across the northern plains and also a coastal storm that develops off the coast of carolina. we'll track this as it joins moisture and fawzs out with area of low pressure to carolinas and this works its way up the eastern seaboard forming coastal storm and nor'easter in the day tuesday. future tracker 6 showing you as we go throughout the day monday sun giving way to clouds and known night after midnight track moisture that moves through from south to north direction to you can see 3:00 in the morning we have beginning of that rain. as we get into 7:00 on tuesday morning some of that rain for the commute on tuesday looks to be heavy at times which is why we have that coastal flood watch across south jersey through delaware and take a look at what
10:37 pm
happens as we go throughout the day on tuesday. as the storm system tries to pull away we see wednesday morning backside of this storm system as it really moves up into the north and east this could end as wet snow showers especially across the higher terrain even up to the poconos which is where we already have a winter weather advisory and winter storm watch in effect for the poconos you could find ever hade wet snow. if you look for good accumulating snowfall you have to head across interior sections of north east and interior new england tuesday to find that. here are the impacts. heavy rain tuesday. anywhere have 1 to 3" rainfall and winds sustaining anywhere from 15 to 25 mimes an hour gusting as high as 40. that coastal threat is a concern and this will end to wet snow norm and west of that 95 corridor. the accuweather forecast showing you monday turning cloudy, high temperature 9. later monday night to tuesday tracking soaking rain high temperature 46. and wednesday, some spotty showers will be round with high
10:38 pm
temperature 45. maybe wet snowflakes and higher terrain. we're tracking upper level low that really wants to linger even on thursday. we have to allow for rain or snow shower otherwise thursday mostly cloudy and looks like we'll stay 40s ends of next week guys. we're tracking coastal storm and monitoring the update. >> little bit of a rough week ahead. >> cloudy and dreary. >> coming up in the next half hour of "action news" amazing story woman from new jersey that lost parents in plane crash 55 years ago receives a priceless piece of past. we'll explain coming up. >> if you want to make your money dhount christmas listen up. which stores are being applauded for policies to keep customers which stores are being applauded for policies to keep customers in mind and which to
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>> americans paused today to remember 73rd anniversary of attack on pearl harbor ♪ say can you see ♪ >> wrld war ii survivors attend the memorial in hawaii. many are frail and in their 9 0s. they said it was important to be there to remember the 2400 americans that died. current military leaders say that generation indeed changed the world. >> pearl harbor survivors helped unit all americans and as a result of their efforts and
10:42 pm
sacrifice of their ship mates we achieved great erie quality. greater civil rights and greater prosperity with more freedom and come to accuracy for others. >> as the crowd looked on a u.s. navy ship passed in review. signaling at the moment the attack occurred. >> the st. charles seminary opened doors to public today. future priests got tours through the historic catholic landmark in wynnewood. gave the community at large a chance to check out the sem fair write's art collection and get a dmrims into the life of students. there oui we're told the pope will stay on cam whus he visits philadelphia for the world meeting of families next september. >> still ahead jeff skversky joins us with the highs and lows an a lot of lows from today's eagles game. >> and before you spend your hard earned cash this christmas, make sure you check out the naughty or nice list. consumer reports tells you which company should get dmol their stockings and policies not consumer friendly. >> and don't forgot wake one the
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being baggage feels. >> they call it temporary fee just in time for holiday travel. >> among retailers zales is called naughty in credit study they charge the highest interest rate 28.99%. if you are in the market for big screen tv over is naughty for not accepting returns on 37" and larger. company's advice refuse the delivery if you spot a problem and sams club turns up nice list this year if you plan holiday male warehouse store will double the refund of money if you don't like the produce, bake goods you have. >> here's another company policy that makes consumer reports nice list. stubhub for being transparent about costs. ticket resailor says the price you see for ticket is price you pay at checkout. no surprises, nydia han for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a priceless heriloom has been
10:48 pm
returned to a new jersey woman 55 years after she thought it was lost forever. she lost her parents nay plane crash in 1959 it took 15 years for crews to locate the wreckage in washington state. joyce never expected anything more and that was until a logger contacted her last week and said he had stumbled across her mother's ring near the crash site. joyce was stunned. >> my mouth was copy couldn't believe when what i was hearing. >> restores your faith in human nature because you know there's so many bad things happening and yet, there's good people out there. >> that man nick buchanan and nephew used to track down joyce 3,000 miles away she called the surprise ring reunion early christmas miracle. >> that's unbelievable. >> wow. >> what a great story. >> time for a check on sports where the stories are not so
10:49 pm
good. >> not as exciting as that story. >> no it's not eagles held to fewest points, yards, first downs, yards all year, worst offensive game of the region. silences explosive offense. holds eagles to 130 total yards and fewest ever by a chip kelly coached team yeah it was that bad. frustrating day against super bowl champs seattle offense running just finement start of the second. russel wilson. 26 yard score. hawks with 188 open the ground. that's more than eagles had total. down three at the half. first play in the third. lesean mccoy team's all new rushing leader ut, oh fumbles ball. will thomas in seatal the recover. mccoy can't believe it second straight game with fumble two plays later leads to this wilson and wide open marshawn lynch. 15 yard score. eagles down 10. next possession eagles answer showing white marks.
10:50 pm
an khez to ertz, 5 yard score. that's more yards than sanchez had all game that point. eagles within three. seahawks fly back down field. wilson this time for doug baldwin. eagles back down 10. richard sherman. oh, eagles fans 4th quarter down ten feels like 40. sanchez picked off. eagles have most turnovers in football lose 24-14. ducis rogers has more from their first loss at the linc since last october. >> all week the birds were tell us they were looking forward to the challenge against the depending super bowl champions for what they learned today russel wilson is as good as advertised. >> those couple teams you thought had you him sacked you can hear the crowd go crazy. he kept a lot of drives alive for them. >> there was a couple times we had miss add assignments and it hurt us and you can not do that against a good quarterback. >> he made some plays tonight we have to be better some plays you take your hat off to him.
10:51 pm
>> this is a bad loss. we had the game going the way we wanted it to go. defense was getting no stops. no turnovers, all that stuff adds up. we were not the best team today but today never affects tomorrow. so, you have an opportunity to correct those mistakes we still have all those ahead of us. >> it's humbling and we have two games past two weeks and we'll get back. >> the fourteen points are fewest points eagles scored since lotsing to the giants lasts season. ducis rogers for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. ducis, so with the loss here is how the playoff picture looks tonight. you can lukely say good-bye to that first round bye, eagles remain in third. four teams in the nfc 9-4 including dallas with almost three games left and eagles don't have tie breakers with arizona, green bay and of
10:52 pm
course, seattle. letting this enger not with division on the line. cowboys come into town next sunday night they're not happy with the eagles after embarassing them open thanks diving and dallas the boys want reconvenient sglj we're excited about the challenge to go back and hopefully be better. gopt get me wrong. eagles are good. very good. well coached football team he wants things aggressive and fast majsz a lot of pressure 689 saying that we didn't play our best last night i'm excited about the team's chances to go in there and put together. >> college football penn state headed for yankees stadium. that's right nittany lions play first bowl game in 3 years at the home of the new york yankees on saturday december 27 against boston college. temple qualified for first full game under matt rhule beating tulane. owls will not be playing in the postseason.
10:53 pm
temple left out and not shed by any 35 bowls after finishing 6-6. >> he absolutely deserved to go to a bowl game to play the schedule we played, seven bowl teams. >> we're four and four in the conference and our kids you know they competed and won six games in this conference and deserve to go. >> well it's not going to happen for temple. hopefully going forward this is a building black for -- >> no question. >> there's -- bikers from south scerzy brought cheer to sick children today in wilmington. dozens hit the 'roid for little smile for christmas annual food drive. each donated 15 an a toy as part of effort and they personally delivered each gift to ai dupont children's hospital and placed them under the tree in the lobby where they will remain until them under the tree in the lobby where they will remain until christmas day
10:54 pm
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>> melissa here now way check of accuweather. >> we stay cold as we wake up tomorrow morning sarah and walter. looking at the day planner 7:00 in the morning, 27, sunshine top start giving way to increasing clouds. 7:00 in the morning 31 middle and upper 30s in the afternoon hours. clouds and monday night into tuesday, use is when we track the nor'easter bringing heavy
10:57 pm
wanes gusty ends with and coastal flooding. meteorologist david murphy has coastal flooding. meteorologist david murphy has the latest on
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[lively music] ♪ >> hi, welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i'm your host, tv's craig ferguson. today, these two teams of fabulous human beings will battle each other for a huge cash prize in a game that's all about famous names. does no one ever say that about you? you're laughing like, "oh, you're fabulous." >> i love it. >> you are fabululous. if that weren't enough having these fabulous people here, they're gonna be joined by two real-life celebrities right here in the studio. i know. our teams today are carra and katie, and joe and laura. we'll get to you girls in a minute. all right, joe and laura, please step up to the plate. >> yes. >> tell me all about yourselves. >> we've been best friends for 15 years. >> okay. >> we met at usc at


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