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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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monday night, brian is off, college students sound off on a main line, marching in the names of unarmed men, killed by police. the missing doggies in rescue but that is not helping its owner get her back, the break down standing in the way of a happy reunion tonight. but the big story on "action news" tonight is rain, and lots of it, as a nor'easter heads its way to soak your tuesday, the biggest threat of high water, will be down the shore. that is where "action news" reporter dann cuellar is monitoring preparations but we
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will begin with the accu weather team meteorologist isly tynan and melissa magee watching storm tracker six double scan, melissa, we will start with you. >> shirleen, we are tracking that coastal storm that nor'easter that will work its way up eastern see game. looking at storm tracker six live double can radar 3-d you can see the formation of had storm that we're tracking just off of the coast of the carolinas here. it will move from the south to north direction straight up in new england as we get in the overnight hours and into the day on tuesday w that we've got some rain and on conditions north and west where you might find mixed precipitation. we will go in tighter on storm tracker six double scan street level. beginning of the moisture approaching areas from south jersey, the tip from tape may and kent and new castle counties in dover, delaware. one thing we want to notice and focus on is we have that moisture over cape may and along the coast temperatures in the 40's. you are dealing with rain. forty in millville. 35 degrees in philadelphia looking off to the north and west a bit of the concern for our northwestern suburbs.
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twenty-nine below freezing mark in allentown and 30 degrees currently, in lancaster. to our north and west we have winter weather advisory that has been expanded and continues for chester, montgomery and bucks county. this will stay up until 7:00 o'clock tuesday morning and for the northern tear, purple counties we have that winter storm and winter weather advisory until will 10:00 o'clock in the morning. the winter storm warning for poconos as we could find a brief mix changing over to rain. big story and big question a as we get in the day on tuesday that soaking rain for many locations. cecily tynan has more on that that is right, melissa a few door tracker will show you this will be a rain event for our region, although a lot of kids would love to get a snowstorm out of this. you can see at 7:00 o'clock we have heavy rain a as across our viewing area. mixed precipitation in the poconos. even the poconos i think that snow will be changing over to rain. so the big concern, is the the fact that we're getting a lot of rain. a flood watch has been posted for, tomorrow, for the bulk of our viewing area.
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for creeks and streams that will be flooding over, since we could get one to 3 inches of rain. the heavier rain will be east of philadelphia. a big concern, also, the fact that we have the the wind off the ocean, just piling up the water and we're coming off of a full moon, coastal flooding, coastal warning has been posted for the the entire shoreline frome side heights to downtown to rehoboth. high tides tomorrow between 9:00 ape 11:00 o'clock and we do expect moderate coastal flooding. we have some flooding earlier today but i think it will be worth tomorrow. so, this is what to expect over the next 24 hours. inland, it is going to be a wet, rain driven storm. one to 2 inches of rain with the possibility of localized flooding, wind gusts to 30 to 40 miles per hour. the shore though is really the location taking it on the chin, up to 3 inches of rain, and with that on shore flow, beach erosion will be happening, that coastal flooding i was talking about and wind gusts, 40 to 50 miles
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per hour. at the storm system pull as way tuesday night into wednesday morning, it will be pulling in some cool air, while some of you will talk about what to expect there and break it down on future tracker coming up in the full accu weather seven day forecast. shirleen. speaking of that flooding, lets go down the shore where there is the biggest threat of that, "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live right now, hi there, dann. >> reporter: how are you doing shirleen. things are rocking and rolling on the new jersey shore. we are on the north end of atlantic it the i. behind me old boardwalk that was washed away by hurricane sandy a few years ago. look at those waves coming in behind the building, they seem precariously close to the shoreline, maybe a pretty picture on a beautiful summer day but it is down right nasty tonight and it will get more ugly as that nor'easter moves in closer. power of mother nature, waves crashing along the the shore. and strong wind gusts.
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all red there i has been minor street flooding in some parts officials say it will get worse as the nor'easter closes in up and down the new jersey shore. >> especially with the full moon right now we get extra coastal flooding, high wind, make hure everything is tied down, get as much stuff as you can inside. and have your basic plan of what to do, medicationness case we get power outages with the high wind that we usually get. >> reporter: in ocean city tonight christmas decorations and signs were being blown around, and quiessential hometown u.s.a. seemed like a virtual ghost town tonight. what an amazing site at 7:30 at night in ocean city and is there not one soul on the boardwalk. not one. it seems just about everybody has pulled out of here and gone to higher ground except for maybe 1lone soul walking the street. in atlantic city veterans of these storms were getting ready. >> i have seen roads the black horse pike have been closed, right lanes with the coastal flooding, coming in high tides and stuff, and you know, as
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usual, us jersey shore people are prepared for it and we will weather the storm. >> we deal with 30 or 40 miles an hour win. ain't going to be nothing like sandy though. >> reporter: visitors from philadelphia were taking no chances. >> we're going to try to go back to our condo because it is a little bit windy, and really, really gusty and it is cold. >> it is just beginning. we're expecting it to get worse through the night and the next day but we have our contingency plans ready to go. >> reporter: back here in the north end of atlantic city where these waves are crashing the shoreline. officials a if your neighborhood tend to flood be prepared for that to happen, particularly, around high tides, tomorrow morning, between 8:00 and 9:00 o'clock. they can that you machine for weather reports. stay alert. stay safe. we're live from atlantic city, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> incredible scene the the power of those waves, thanks,
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dann. as you heard the storm will be kicking up by the time you wake up in the morning. so keep an eye on conditions, with the "action news" morning team, it is getting an early start at 4:00 a.m. and it is only on channel six. tempers are still flaring nationwide in response to two high profile killings of unarmed black men, at the hands of police. the lack of indictments in each case. on the east coast there was a big gathering outside brooklyn's barclay center right as royal couple prince william and kate middleton were set to visit. one of the west coast demonstrators were back on the streets of berkley, california where protests, turned violent over the weekend. tempers are still flaring nationwide in response to two high profile killings of unarmed black man at hands of police and lack of indictments, in each case, in it that outrage marched through main line during a protest made up of residents and local college students. "action news" reporter kenneth moton was there.
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>> reporter: on the horizon, there is marches and protests sparking waves across this country. it reached the main line monday night starting on busy lancaster avenue in bryn mawr during the evening commute. a chalk line drawn around black people representing the deaths of michael brown, eric garner and others at the hands of police no indictment, no trial, because no indictment questions. it is worse, because we're dying. >> i think that if we actually come out and raise awareness it might make a difference. >> reporter: march continues down route 30 out of these 200 people, mess were college students from this area but members of the community were also here. they made to it haverford college where they stood in front of founder's hall for moment of silence. >> i felt sadness for lives that have been lost and i was just thinking about how complicated the whole situation is and it is not something that i willful i understand but i'm's here to support everyone that is involved. >> reporter: later on to bryn
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mawr college, demonstrators lit candles, this rally for change is something we have mostly seen in the city of fill and other urban areas across the nation. >> in this community in particular, racism might be something that isn't noticed, but by certain members of the community so it is important to emphasize this isn't just something that is happening in urban environment. >> reporter: this demonstration ended with no a arrests, only on traffic delays as students and community members marched around this area with the goal of disruption to bring awareness. reporting from bryn mawr kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. bucks county school guidance counselor is off the job tonight after what she allegedly wrote on line regarding yesterday's die in protests at the link this message was posted on facebook, i'm about to show that to you in a moment under the account of marry kate blankenberg a guidance counselor at central bucks west high school. and here is that post: it says if my child cannot get to
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the eagles game due to protesters, i will personally shoot everyone of them. you have been warned, idiots. central bucks parents say that this is not something that should be swept under the rug. >> she put herself in a bad situation and it is to go to go. >> definitely reprimanded i don't know if she should lose her job but everybody does make mistakes but she should think before she does something like that again. >> according to a local paper she said that the child might have gotten a hold of her ipad and made the post while she was teaching sunday school. a woman's body was discover in the trunk of a car in south jersey, but police don't think that she was killed there. they think 41 year-old jesus garcias toed remains in the car at quality inn on route 38 in mapel said shade. right now he is charged with concealing human remains and jailed on $150,000 bail. the investigation started when a woman called police to report that her 38 year-old daughter was missing.
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police then tracked her vehicle through the onstar system. would the man's identity is being withheld, pending an autopsy. a sicklerville pizza shop owner has been charged with numerous counts of credit card fraud and forgery, police say henry fernandes, junior of bella the pizza two had been over charging credit card customers for four months. during the investigation officials located well over 30 credit cards that were overcharged. police believe there are more victims out there so they are urging anyone who has gone to bell a a pizza two to get a check of their statements. still ahead on this full hour of "action news" an abduction is caught on video right outside a girl's home but this one could have ended worse. also a missing doggies rescued but she's still in the back at home, tonight we will look at the troubles that is keeping the dog and their owner a apart. the royals are in the u.s. and they have been busy, we will catch up with will and kate coming up next.
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six people are dead, following a small plane crash, in a washington d.c. suburb. the private jet crashed into a gaithersburg maryland home just before 11:00 this morning.
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all three people on board were killed, on the ground, a woman and her two young sons who were inside the home also died. the two story wood framed home was gutted by the impact of the crash, and ensuing blaze. team of ntsb investigators have recover the cockpit voice and flight data recorders from the down plane. a minnesota girl snatched off the treats by a complete stranger is new back home with her family. surveillance video caught the the suspect kidnapper luring a seven year-old from her friend. he told her he needed help finding his pup i. police say girl was left a few blocks away and police were able to locate her now they are using the video to hopefully, id this suspect. a missing doggies missing no more, but that is just where the the story begins, dog's owner had no where to know who its rescuers are so she's unable to get her beloved pet back. "action news" reporter sharrie williams, explains. >> i hope that someone knows
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shelley and they are taking good care of her. >> reporter: eight year-old a va crowley cannot stop thinking of her best friend shelley. shelley is a myth tour chihuahua and she has been in missing for more than a week now. >> she's a lovable dog. she's cute. she's cuddly. she is actually the perfect pet. >> reporter: family was bringing in christmas decorations two saturday's ago when shelley slipped out of the front door. just two days after going missing the phone call they had had been waiting for, a woman found shelley right here on comly road, not too far from the house but the good news would be short lived. >> i definitely thought we were going her back. >> reporter: women who found shelley brought her to brees animal hospital in mayfair. they scanned for a micro chip. so would the man left her name and number at the hospital and took shelley back home with her. but when the crowley's finally call the animal hospital back,
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they say that the office staff had lost the women's information, and in essence, left shell i in limbo. >> they lost the information that was put on the sticky. >> reporter: family hopes whoever has shelley will see our news story and help them reunite. >> she's out there probably looking for us and we are looking for her. >> that would be the best gift to have shelley come home for the the holidays. it actually wrote her a a letter to sanity and if said if shelley is hot home for christmas could he bring shelley home. >> i hope she comes back real soon. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. a coastal storm is heading our way, sky six is looking live, the atlantic city right now. the cameras a bit shaky out there and the the shore, it is what we are concerned about. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the accu weather details. melissa. >> we are starting to see that rain approaching areas in south jersey and delaware. looking at storm tracker six
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live double scan radar you can see that moisture moving in atlantic city and press nothing to dover, dell will wear. you can see moderate heavy pockets of rainfall moving in areas of cape may on southward. we will go in tighter on street level it was with storm tracker and if you are traveling on route seven, we have that rain moving in sea isle city and garden state parkway, a as well, as on route one from milford on northward right through dover. the moisture will continue. it will gather from south to north direction as we go throughout the rest of tonight and into the overnight hours. checking out sustained wind speeds from 15 miles an hour in allentown to 23 miles an hour, in atlantic city. we will find higher gusts as we go throughout the day on tuesday, and notice the direction of the winds. they are coming from the north and north east so we definitely have have a nor'easter that is working its way, rather into much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. satellite six with action radar showing you the beginning in the formation of our coastal low that we're tracking just off the coast of the carolinas but moves from
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the south to north direction. moving into new england as we go throughout the day. future tracker six will time out precipitation for you, showing you as we go throughout the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning, pockets of heavy rainfall for philadelphia and areas to the east and a little bit of mixed precipitation from berks and lehigh counties in between allentown and reading which is why we have the winter weather advisory posted across northwestern suburbs but that will change over to rain as morning commute draws near. and by lunchtime we are inundated with that heavy moisture. it starts to taper off in the evening commute with just some showers around. so lets talk about what to expect as we go throughout the day on tuesday. rainfall we're calling for one to 3 inches of rainfall across the region. big concern at the coast, moderate coastallal flooding and possible stream and street flooding heading inland. gusts and inland at a the coast between 30 and 50 miles an hour. we have the duration with the storm system on tuesday but lingering snow showers into wednesday. we will look at that closer
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with the accu weather forecast, shirleen. >> we know you'll be on top of it, thanks, melissa. time now for sports and ducis rodgers is live in the "action news" sports center, ducis. >> the eagles have flaws and those flaw where is on display, yesterday in their loss to seattle. but work to correct them had has begun as another challenge awaits, the the cowboys sunday night. jamie apody was with the birds today that was unbelievable. that is unbelievable. >> it was obvious to him on the tape as it wases in person, eagles just didn't execute and the coach let his team know it. >> i told them exactly what i think. you didn't play well. i said we weren't the better team today. maybe we will get another shot at that team somewhere down the line. >> what doesn't need to be said was yesterday's loss put birds in the must win situation sunday if they wish to continue to control their destiny. >> everybody understands, the the more games you win better opportunities you have to play in the post season and that is what this deal is all about.
10:21 pm
>> one of the places eagles were lacking yesterday was running game. shady mccoy had one of his worst games of the season. we have learn he was playing with a heavy heart, his cousin passed away in a car accident late last week that is why shady was excused from practice on friday. >> the focus was not there. >> shady managed to past wilbur montgomery and became all time leading rusher but a loss hold personally and professionally overshadowed that milestone. jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> ahead next half an hour we will hear from phillies interim president pat gillick for the
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on health check at ten more kids than ever are getting flu shots each year and it is helping. in 2008 doctors changed their recommendations and all kids older than six months should get the shot. researchers wanted todd know if this change was doing any good, and it turns out vaccination rate are up and the number of kids who get add in mythed to the hospital for the flu has gone down. this is according to a new
10:25 pm
stud friday vanderbilt university. a handful of culinary students attended a special cooking class today, students at this philadelphia school, got a visit from the veteri foundation culinary classroom, a trained chef taught them proper cooking techniques and sent them all home with the recipe for german potato salad. idea for culinary classroom is for students to share healthy habits they learn a at school with their families at home.
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still to come on "action news" at ten a in montgomery county community rallies around a family that lost a father, while investigators continue their search for two hit and run driver who killed him. and new jersey college student who parent who are tuition to court to make them pay up and "action news" is there with the update with the story that has gotten a tension nationwide we will tell you where they stand today. ♪i want it all! ♪and i want it now!
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>>announcer:"action news" at 10:00 on phl17 continues with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rodgers. thank you for joining us. here is a look at the big stories we are covering on "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. a group of 200 protestors were marching down the main line to stage a die-in. the area college students led the effort for a nationwide response of the killings of unarmed black men by the police. the search is on to find a missing dog that was rescued. shelley was rescued in mayfair to scan the dog's microchip. he lost the contact info and
10:31 pm
leaving shelley in limbo. now to the nor'easter. showers away from making an appearance here. it will be wet when you wake up. taking a look at sky hd over atlantic city. the shore communities are bracing from the flooding. and melissa magee has the full accuweather forecast. >> we are starting to see the rain move into areas south of philadelphia. you can take a look at the big picture on stormtracker 6 double scan hd we are tr tracking it fm the coast. we get into the overnight hours and tuesday the system comes in. the moisture south of the philadelphia pressing into areas of south jersey. mays landing down to the atlantic city and sea isle city and cape may, pockets of the moderate heavy rainfall en route 47 into millville.
10:32 pm
for kent and new castle counties in delaware. this is the beginning of the moisture that moves on in. we have the flood watches and warnings posted across portions of the area. the temperatures are 35 in philadelphia. 46 in sea isle city. that is why you are dealing with rain. 46 at the boardwalk. and 29 in allentown. the temperatures north and west of the i-95 corridor are below the freeze can mark. that is where we could find an issue north and west. it posted for chester and bucks county on tuesday. you have the northern tier counties expire at 10:00 a.m. of you ca10:00 a.m.. you can find a brief mix over to rain. on wednesday, snow showers and heavy snow on the back side.
10:33 pm
the radar shows the center of our storm system up to the coast of the carolinas. from a south to north direction we will watch the moisture invade our region. it's timing the precipitation for you. it mostly rain for all locations. at 6:00 in the morning for the commute tomorrow morning, mixed precipitation across the suburbs. it will change over to rain. areas to the east, you have heavy rainfall to the city on lakehurst and wildwood. it continues as we go through the mid-morning and lunchtime areas. the storm system pulls to the north and east. with a few lingerings7 rainshowers. for philadelphia, the i-95 and areas east, 2 to 3 inches of
10:34 pm
rainfall. south jersey through delaware. north and west of town you can find 1 to 2 inches was rainfall. the winds are gusting 40 to 50 miles-an-hour. waves as highs as 10 feet and coastal flooding is aq big concern. a wind-driven soaking a dreary day. high of 41 degrees. a high of 39 on wednesday. not sure if you have a coating north and west for the commute on wednesday morning. it stays chilly with a flurry around on thursday. a high temperature of 39. ate raw and wet day throughout the day on tuesday. thank you, melissa. and "action news" will be starting half an hour earlier tomorrow morning as we track the storm. tune in at 4:00 a.m. on 6abc for the latest from accuweather and traffic updates. if you are on the go make sure you have the stormtracker 6 app. it puts the radar and the alley
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forecasts. it's free for your apple and android device. for the first time we are hearing from a new jersey college student suing her parents for ou out-of-state tuition. ricci asked the judge to find her parents in contempt because they will not pay. wendy saltzman broke the story last month. >> she did not speakçó with eitr of her parents in the"n courtrm or in the hallway as they are an arm's length away. both sides rejected a possible settlement agreement. the court case of ricci versus ricci has gained national attention. there was no comment outside of the courtroom. inside the hall of justice there was a battle underway whether to
10:36 pm
pay her tuition. >> you are still not going to pay. >> they can do me what they want. i am not going to give any money. >>reporter:the judge denied riccis parents' request forcing them to contribute to her college education. >> she wants her parents to pay 100%. she has not been asking that. she never has been. >> they plan to appeal. the tuition was due on november 12th. kaitlyn is ifing fo is is askinf 1200 a day. >> we want to build the relationship and the family back together. they are looking for a check. i won't do that. >> it's nice to see she is alive and doing well. it hurtful when she will not look at us. when i got emotional in the
10:37 pm
courtroom and my husband got emotional in the courtroom she didn't. it has been almost two years since they spoken. they are meeting with the lawmakers. they treat divorced parentsol differently than those that are staying together. >> the kids can do what our daughter is doing to ú we want to protect other people. >> he says that he hopes that cooler heads prevail. there is a failure to pay. if there is no settlement reached they will be back in three days before christmas. i am wendy saltzman on phl17. the search continues for two drivers that killed a montgomery man on tuesday. they prayed for the family in bridgeport. they gathered outside of our
10:38 pm
k of mount caramel. he crossed the intersection at rambo and ford. the wife thanked the group for supporting her and two young sons in the wake of the tragedy. >> it's amazing to me the outcrying for tom. he was an wonderful man. this is touching my heart for me to know that they are honouring his spirit like this. >> they are looking for a black explorer. the driver took off when a second vehicle hit him. that is believed tosrn a green cadillac or suv yo with a stick decal. >> he is doing better. he remains in intensive care. that is according to callowway's family. he stopped to help a disabled car get off of the road on
10:39 pm
tinicum township. he is wake and alert following surgery. a convince store owner is offering $5,000 to catch the bandits that held up his clerk. they captured the robbery inside of the tire center today. they snatched cash and cigarettes. the clerk is okay. the owner wants the men off of the streets. >> these are not employees. these are like my family. in some cases have family members working for me. i take it personal. >> they are looking into if the pair is behind an arounded robbery in chester county. arme. they may be together as sh as ty wore sat same shoes and pants. a technical glitch forced the people to use cash or smart
10:40 pm
cards into this morning. the lack of enforcement was put into place yesterday. if you received a ticket because of the glitch on friday or saturday you can send a message via twitter with the complaints. hackers hit sony. this time the gamers were the target. the duke and duchess have a visit to brooklyn. a break down much their whirlwind trip. what do you see when you look at that hanukkah wrapping paper. it was so offensive it pulled from store shelves.
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it could be some time before the cause of this massive fire in downtown los angeles is determined. flames gutted a seven-story apartment complex under construction this morning. it cracked windows and damaged nearby highrises. two highways were temporarily closed. no word on the cause. the investigators were called to the scene. sony has been hit by a cyber attack for a second time. the hackers went after the playstation store this morning
10:44 pm
preventing the users from accessing the network and communicating with each other. they warned of more attacks to come. last week sony pictures of headached by cyber criminals that leaked employee's info online. walgreens is pulling had a hanukkah paper. she bought the paper. then she spotted the symbol. she can't believe it made it past production in the stores. thanks to her keen eye the product will be pulled from all locations. william and kate had a day that saw them splitting up the east coast. and it took them the world by storm. it turns grumpy cat no a cash cow for herlln
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did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands. make dinner pop. king james was not the only one at the nets cavalier's game in brooklyn.
10:48 pm
princess william and kate sat on courtside. he was not the only celeb he was spotted to on tuesday. marci gonzales has the break down. >>reporter:the duke and duchess of cambridge were in new york city for the first time ever. met by admirers fro from the cae hotel. it's a jam-packed trip. william meeting with president obama and speaking to the world bank. >> they are doing a number of things to support charities that they care about. >> duchess kate is doing her
10:49 pm
part to. she spent the first part of the day spending the day with children. >> we know that she lives in a castle. >> he is excited. it is a real princess not at animated princess. >>reporter:the couple is attending an reception with hilly and chelsea clinton and then heading to the game to watch theok cavaliers and nets. they will pay a visit toxd the 9/11çó memorial.ok and kem kevin hart was backn turn tw3intown to promote his n. it tells a story of az] man. he plays jimmy callahan to
10:50 pm
challenge those in need. it important for him to personally bring each and everyone of his films to the delaware valley. >> it's my goal. it's my task at hand to make sure that my city gets their just do. i would not be where i am today if it was not for philadelphia. >> "the wedding ringer" opens on january 16th. hey there, ducis. >> they have to figure out what wrong with the them last night. two touchdowns wilson scored a russian touchdown as well. they could not get anything going on the offense. the birds hurt their chance of getting a first-round bye. >> we don't have a group like
10:51 pm
that. the team had good results. i expect them to be flying high tomorrow and get ready to go. there is no better thing to get their attention then to play at the linc. >> we need to focus in front of our nose and get the bad taste out of our mouth and give it our best next week. >> he had plenty to say during the game and after the game. sherman says how different they are this season without receiver desean jackson. >> 100%. you can hurry up all you want. if you don't get the yards or passes, it's a quick three out. if you are ready when they are ready and understand the concept you can get them off of the field. >> blitz and bow ties and bourbon that was the name the event in center city. sanchez is among the birds
10:52 pm
helping them out. it's to support the youth in philadelphia. and the phillies are looking to make something happen. no player is untouchable. that includes coa cole hamels. and pat gillick says that the phils are willin will deal. it's a big challenge for rubin. it's not an easy challenge. the whole organization it is up to the task. we are not going to reach all the goals that we thought we reached. certainly we are going to get to a few of them. >> one lousy vote that is how close kic dick allan was to geto the hall of fame.
10:53 pm
the m.v.p. will be back on the ballot in 2017. >> tony broten has a knee injury. mo'ne davis is honoured again. she is playing high school varsity basketball even though she is in the eighth grade. >> i love seeing her. i don't get tired. i want to be her when i grow up. we all do. the grumpy cat turned the frown into cash. and the cat rose to fame in a
10:54 pm
youtube video. she is best-selling books and ad alternativand atv movie. she is best-selling books and ad alternativand atv movie. she earned morei ig t ove
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pockets of the moderate and heavy rainfalls. overnight into tuesday we are tracking the nor'easter. for the morning rush heavy rain. watch out for slick spots north and west before a changeover to rain. the temperatures will be in the upper 30s. david murphy will have more on "action news." and for "action news" at 10:00 "modern family" is next. and for "action news" at 10:00 "modern family" is next. for adam josepha so unfair!
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you told me i could go! i told you you could go if you got a "b" on your history exam, which you didn't. i have a learning disability. the letters jump around on the page and appear backwards. honey, we had you tested like six times. trust me, i was praying for dyslexia. oh, my god, why can't you ever let me have any fun?! [ muffled screaming ] ew. ew. dad, gross. your hand smells like cheese! i didn't want to dirty a knife. sit. now, we all know when nana dede comes to visit, your mom can get a little... psycho? scary. drunk? all true. therefore, i need you guys to be on your best behavior. don't worry. i'll keep to myself. i have to practice for my cello recital. [ groans ] ohh, fine. you know what? if it keeps you out of your mom's hair, yes, do that. luke, if your mom starts to lose it, i need you to lighten the mood by being extra cute.


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