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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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wednesday night, brian is off, police now have what they are calling a reliable tip, in the search for missing college student, shane montgomery, and accu weather has the word of a freeze that could throw a wrench into your morning drive. but the big story on "action news" is a farewell to one of the most famous phillies our city has grown to love, espn is report ago this short stop jimmy rollins has been traded. after 15 years he is coming out of the only pro uniform he has ever worn. now he will be wearing l.a. dodgers blue. rollins had has been a fan favorite for what he has
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accomplished on the baseball diamond, just recently becoming phillies all time hits leader. you might remember that short stop received a lug ailing set from the phillies when team honored him for that milestone. little did we necessity the team would then send him packing to the west coast. sports director ducis rodgers is here now and we knew changes would be likely but not a lot of people were expecting this. >> rebuild shirleen is underway. rollins has full no trade rights and at the end of the season he said wow not be willing to wave that apparently now he is. a according to multiple reports phillies and dodgers a agreed on a deal. the there is no word what phillies will get in return for rollins but they are, in need of young pitching. rollins is a longest tenured athlete in town. he is phillies all time hits leader, in 2007 he won the national league mvp a award, the following year rollins led phillies to a world series title and he just turned 36 years old. yesterday gm ruben amaro,
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junior reiterated he is trying to make phillies younger. >> a lot of emotion and reminiscing going on with fans tonight and that is where "action news" reporter sharrie williams takes the story live to it sense bank park, sharrie. >> reporter: shirleen, of course those fans would come here with jimmy rollins being a part of the draw to come to the game and speaking to fans tonight, some of them shocked by the move, others not so shocked but all of them thankful for what he has done. >> i noticed a a lot of work in the commune and done a good job. sad to see him go. end of the era. >> reporter: end of an another ace one way to put it as phillies fan prior to say good bye to one of their good guys jimmy rollins. >> every day out at short stop, reliable as could be, good guy, you know, never any legal problems, just a stan up guy for kid to look up to. we will miss him. >> reporter: at this temple basketball game sports fans were talking baseball and all that number 11 has meant to the delaware valley.
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>> it is a sad because i like jimmy rollins. i ebb joyed watching him play. it makes me feel sad that he will be leaving. >> reporter: california native became engrained in the phillies sports culture playing 15 seasons, three time all-star and a four time gold glove winner and phillies fans won't forget magic of 2008 and short stop who helped present i home a world series championship. >> he gave us our own championship. i'm young. we will remember that team. >> reporter: off the field rollins had tremendous impact through his jimmy rollins family foundation fighting against juvenile arthritis and working to prevent child abuse. >> my best sense is that jimmy rollins will always feel very good about his time in philadelphia a, he will always be a fan favorite, look forward to seeing him back in philadelphia when the phillies play the dodgers. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, fans at chickie and pete's watched as news of the trade flashed across the big screens. they thanked rollins for his
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time in philadelphia. >> i'm happy for him. 2008 phillies team, it is time to move on, you know what i mean. time to have move on. we have to rebuild. i'm looking forward to the future. >> reporter: so fans talking about the future and optimistic on what it may bring but no one will forget what jimmy rollins has done in his 15 seasons here. live from citizens bank park sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> we will miss j roll for sure. 20-inch water main break dating back to 1893 is behind the mess here on the 1500 block of germantown avenue in kensington. the break happened around 8:00 this morning and water was shut off at the source in about a half an hour. roads in that area of fourth and oxford and germantown avenue will be closed until clean up and repairs are complete. neighbors have been dealing with road construction here
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for months, but officials believe that cold weather and the age of the main are to blame. there are new developments in the search for missing west chester university student, shane montgomery, police got what they are calling reliable information about his difficulties a appearance and that prompted them to narrow their search today. a "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live from manayunk with the latest on an effort to find shane, kenneth. >> reporter: shirleen, search teams were in the schuylkill river for about two hours today but they will be back in the morning, this is the camera sources say captured shane montgomery crossing this bridge right here but what happened after that, we still don't know. tonight officers of the philadelphia marine june writ back in manayunk and on the banks of the schuylkill. they were retrieving a piece of equipment after a search earlier in the day related to the disappearance of shane montgomery. the unit will be back thursday morning after a new piece of surveillance video, sources say, shows shane stumbling a
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across this bridge after having drinks at kildares irish pub thanksgiving morning. bridge near the business leads over the canal to a parking lot which is next to the river. >> up to this point they didn't have much to go on. so now at least there is some evident he was in the area and now we know which direction and homefully they can focus the search. >> reporter: cameras captured the video. owner says police check their systems several times but you this morning they tried different time frame and spotted shane. we have not been able to confirm the exact time but family friend courtney jay, doesn't want to believe it is shane. >> knowing him, he did not just go stumbling across and just disappear. we have searched the river. they have been on the river. they have been searching and it just doesn't seem right. >> reporter: we know 21 year-old was out on the town home from west chester university. kildares has said shane didn't appear to be over served when a bouncer escorted him out around closing time. >> there is parts of me that
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do think it will turnout bad but i'm here for everything and i want to keep looking. >> reporter: now neither kildares or shane's family commented about the latest development. reward for information leading to this young man is up to $65,000, shirleen. the reporting live from manayunk tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> kenneth, thank you. family of the hit and run victim killed in caln township is still looking for answers. tonight they gathered at a candle light vigil in honor of 19 year-old keisha gray, the 19 year-old aspiring nurse was struck on the 3400 block of lincoln highway last friday night. no arrests have been made in that crash, but police found a damaged honda pilot believed to be the striking vehicle. atf agents have been working to find the cause of the fire that killed a philadelphia fire fighter. joyce craig was fatally injured in the basement in the home in the 1600 block of middleton street early
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tuesday. funeral services for joyce craig have been scheduled for this weekend, there are viewings at bachelor brothers funeral home on north broad street friday evening and saturday morning. the funeral follows at 10:00 saturday morning, fallen fire fighter will then be laid to rest at ivy hill cemetery. philadelphia fire fighters and paramedics union local 22 are accepting donations for their two children, checks can be made out to local 22 joyce craig memorial fund, police and fire credit union is collecting money at 901 arch street, philadelphia pennsylvania, 19107. we will show thaw address again before the break. parts of the region will be seeing snow showers, throughout the night and temperatures, dropping below freezing, could cause some problems for the morning commute. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the big board with the very latest on this. >> hi shirleen, storm tracker six live double scan showing we have pockets of snow showers right now, a few near
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trenton but most of the activity has been north and west of philadelphia. we've got one robust little area of some snow showers between 222 and 422, heading toward route 100 just in the north of pottstown right now. thinks all associatedded with that same nor'easter that brought us the heavy rain yesterday morning. it stalled. this is bringing us snow showers and some of them are accumulating since temperatures are dropping below freezing, albrightville 3.2 inches of snow. poconos into that winter weather advisory. martin's creek ..8. elverson .6. west rock hilltown ship half inch. allentown reporting just under a half inch of snow tonight. this is why, temperatures are falling in allentown it dropped to 32 degrees already. reading is 33. philadelphia a still 36. millville 37. sea isle city 38 degrees. temperatures will be dropping at or below freezing tonight. any snow showers on the untreated surfaces could cause
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icing conditions. rule of thumb tomorrow morning if it looks wet, on the road, consider it black ice, and it only takes a little bit of ice to cause big problems for your morning commute. temperatures will be dropping down in the 20's in the northwestern suburbs and that means already seeing a quick coating in spots. be careful. could be icy road tomorrow morning. we will talk more about this and look for signs of the sunshine returning coming up in the full seven day forecast, shirleen. >> i will think warm thoughts in the meantime. some students in philadelphia a received some important help trying to get in the high school of their choice, students and their parents attended district's high school application night tonight, action cam was at district family resource center where young people were putting final touches on those essay questions. deadline is friday. new generation of officers will be patrolling the streets of south jersey communities. thirty-five new recruits graduated from the gloucester county police academy tonight. these men and with men will
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represent various counties of south jersey and new jersey division of fish and wild life, family and friend were there for the moment, snapping pictures and capturing this memory. still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten, the nfl has new rules for players in light of recent domestic a assault. >> i'm dann cuellar crime is significantly down in camden and big business is moving in bringing jobs. what gives. i'll have that story coming up. on health check too much radiation a new study questions how often breast cancer patients are treated, this way. here's another look at where to send donations to the children of fallen fire fighters, joyce craig.
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist cecily tynan with this accu weather update. storm tracker six live double scan is showing we have areas of snow showers. i showed you ones in the northwest suburb earlier and now zooming in, on this batch of snow showers, right now, that is working through new jersey turnpike and it rolled through trenton and near georgetown right near, heading towards lakehurst. this is really light but problem with the snow showers tonight is that temperatures
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are going to be dropping below freeze ago cross the viewing area so anything wet on untreated roads will be freezing over. currently the temperature has dropped down to 32 degrees with the snow showers in trenton. allentown 32. reading just slight arely above freezing at 33. philadelphia 36. millville 37. sea isle city 38 degrees. the wind are still, really gusting. it is a blustery night. wind west northwest, wind gusts 22 miles an hour in philadelphia. twenty-nine in reading, and 25-mile an hour wind in millville, all thanks to the nor'easter. the gift that just keeps giving, satellite six with action radar showing that stalled low pressure, near nantucket and it is going no where fast. what this is doggies pulling in moisture from the atlantic across northern new england and upstate new york and by the time it gets here it is lost most of its punch but it is still leaving a coating in spots and this will continue as we head through overnight hours.
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future tracker showing 6:30 in the morning lots of clouds and snow showers in the poconos also in the far north and western suburbs and throughout the day tomorrow it will be very similar to today. lots of clouds, windy, chilly with occasional showers and snow showers just showing at 2:00. snow showers and showers across south jersey. temperatures will really have a tough time making it out of the 30's. national weather service has issued that winter weather advisory in effect for poconos until 4:00 in the morning looking at an additional one to 3 inches of wet snow across the poconos tonight which is, of course, great news for ski resorts, lot of them will be opening up foresees on by friday. here's the call from accu weather for tomorrow. we will keep clouds. it will be breezy, chilly with some snow showers, a few rain showers as well, very unsettled day, high in allentown 36 degrees. philadelphia 39. millville 39. cape may 41 degrees. temperatures typically this time of the year in the mid to upper 40's, and they will return. i'll let you know when in the
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full seven day forecast, shirleen. >> thanks, cecily. today medical students from across the the country put their own signature on a nationwide protest, of grand jury decisions in the killings of eric garner and mike brown, they called it white coat to black lives and as you can see from these tweets there was participation from across the country from hard harvard to unc chapel hill to u.s.c. and every where. doctors state die in protests while wearing a symbol of their profession. medical students at temple were no exception, they protested holding signs that red racism is a public health crisis, long with signs that red white coats, for black lives. medical students at the philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine staged a similar protest but included a die in, they laid down for four minutes, parallel to the number of hours mike brown's body laid in the ferguson street. tonight, power and inter faith movement against
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injustice led by clergy hosted an event called strange fruit the seven last words of seven black lives. it called attention to men and women killed by police, renowned poet and first philadelphia poet lauer rate sonya sanchez was among those who reflect on the issue. nfl own's proved the league's new personal conduct pol willcy for players, that includes a more extensive list of prohibited actions, players who are charged with a assault, sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse will be suspended for six games, players union has not yet weighed in on the changes. players believe any changes to the personal conduct policy should be part of collective bargaining. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton suffered two fractures in his lower back in the car crash yesterday. newton is now out of the hospital and will stay with his family while recuperating and will not play sunday. he was injured when his truck overturned when a car pulled
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out in front of him. time for sports, ducis rodgers live from the "action news" sports center. hi again, ducis. >> hi ducis, operation rebuild is in motion and so is jimmy rollins. multiple reports have phillies trading their short stop to the dodgers. phillies have not officially announced the tiehl just yet. rollins has been with the club since 2,000. he is one of the faces of the franchise. there is in word which piece phillies will get in return but they do crave young pitching. rollins can veto any trade and recently as september he told media he wasn't going anywhere. it appears he has softened his stance. l.a. is a hop, skip and jump from his home in the bay area in 2007 mvp helped lead the team to the world series title in 2008. rollins is in the top ten in many of the phillies all time the categories. he passed mike schmidt for first place in hits this past season, tops in doubles, his 216 career home runs ranked him ninth in franchise history, rollins also has four
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gold gloves. phillies also trade add way pitcher relief pitcher antonio bastard owe we will give you details on that in the next half an hour. give you details on that in the next half an hour. shir ♪i want it all!
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>> one of the women who has accused bill cosby of sexually assaulting her is now suing him for calling her a liar. tamara a green says after she went public with her a allegations cosby's lawyer called her claims absolutely false, and made statements intended to expose her to publish contempt. green says that cosby drugged and assaulted her when she was an aspiring model in the early 70's a. she spoke publicly about the a attack in 2005. suit was filed in massachusetts where cosby now lives. on health check at ten breast cancer patients to be getting more radiation then they really need. according to expert guidelines some women with early stage breast cancer only need three to five week course of radiation therapy, however, researchers found 80 percent are instead getting a longer
10:24 pm
five to seven week course. longer duration doesn't pose a health risk or add to insure costs but may simply be unnecessary. it was an early christmas for dozens of children this evening in port richmond.
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don't go anywhere we have much more in the next half an hour, a warning for comcast customers, why you need to grab your last bill and check it closely it turns out the cable giant made a big mistake. next up we will take to you camden where police officers were busy this evening, cleaning up the streets, how city is turning
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here's big story on "action news" at ten on phl17. one of the most famous phillies is leaving according to multiple rollins had has been traded to l.a. dodgers. new surveillance video surfaced that show shane, stumbling across the the bridge after having drinks at kildare's irish pub early thanksgiving morning. is there a $65,000 reward for information that leads to shane: philadelphia fire fighters joyce craig will be laid to rest saturday morning, killed
10:30 pm
tuesday morning while trying to rescue a woman in the 1600 block, of middleton street. but the big story tonight at 10:30 is a huge push to get camden, new jersey back on its feet. crime has been a problem, but a new county police force is getting the problem under control, and we are seeing companies, return, dann cuellar tells us what is behind, this shift. >> reporter: when mere sus petition under cover officer may be passing through, forces four men in the car that throw a gun out the window you can say it is a new day in camden city. that is what happened ride ago long with camden county officers when one of the men allegedly threw a 9-millimeter on to a grassy feel. around the corner under cover vice officers were targeting johns coming into town looking for sex. >> we had guys, from down the shore, delaware, men from every where, come here, and attempt to buy sex. >> reporter: tonight, a guy in a tanker truck from illinois
10:31 pm
was caught soliciting an under cover officer after trying unsuccessfully to lure her into the truck he tried to flee but was later stopped in his rig down the road. >> get out of the car. get out the car. >> reporter: these are small nuisance crimes compared to the big fish, force has been going after since it came in existence in 2012. >> small things occurring on the streets, small nuisance crimes >> reporter: since new force was formed murder and manslaughter is down 49 percent, total violent crimes down 21 percent but that is half of the story of is what happening in camden. >> number within problem we have in this city is poverty. >> reporter: more than 300 million-dollar in tax credit have been attracted to development of the subaru corporate headquarters, a manufacturing facility, and a lockheed martin laboratory and 76ers new practice fat it is. but unlike broken promises of the past, officials say these companies have vowed to create jobs for the people of camden. >> all of them so far have expressed an interest in
10:32 pm
hiring residents from the city, they are speaking to our county work training force to begin preparing residents of the city for employment. >> reporter: admitly they have a a long way to go in camden but good news is, that they seem now to be making big progress and turning things around. in camden, new jersey, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. a 30 year-old woman was hit and killed this evening, victim was hit by a truck near delaware park boulevard and stanton o geltown road in christiana around 6:00 o'clock. paramedics arrived and pronounced her dead on the scene, the driver of the truck that hit her stayed at the scene, delaware state the police, are investigating. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who shot a man, victim was hit in the 4900 block of fairmount avenue around quarter to 5:00. he was rushed to hup, one of the bullets also hit a home, no one inside was injured. investigators are still trying to figure out motive for the shooting.
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today was another nasty day, some of you are going to wake up and have to deal with slick roads in the morning, lets get to meteorologist cecily tynan. the cecily. >> already dealing with a few icy patches and some of the northwestern suburbs. storm tracker six live double scan showing that low pressure that nor'easter is stalled and this is what is toss something snow showers our way. they are not all that strong but they are enough to cause a few problems. lets go closer on storm tracker six live and you can see how snow showers are kind of dying out right now in the northern suburbs. there is one batch to the west of coatsville, and actually managing to make it down into delaware and that is where it turns into rain and also there is another batch moving through pottstown, and then a few more on the way, overnight hours, that have reports on my facebook page that are some accidents in quakertown right now, thanks to the snow. snow not amounting to much, most areas, although poconos albrightville a hot spot reporting 3.2 inches of snow,
10:34 pm
martin's creek .8, elverson .6. west rock hilltown ship half inch and allentown reporting a .4 of an inch of snow. not a lot but with temperatures dropping below freezing tonight, it could cause icy roads. allentown and trenton already 32 degrees. poconos 24. philadelphia 36. million willville 37. wilmington 36 degrees. it is blustery as well. we have wind gusts currently at 20 miles per hour. factor that in with the temperature it feels like 24 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 21 in reading and lancaster and it feels like 23 in allentown and trenton. future tracker showing as we head through overnight hours tomorrow morning plenty of clouds and some more snow showers mainly north and west of philadelphia, early tomorrow morning and through the day it will be very similar to today, lots of clouds, a break of sunshine and then perhaps another snow or rain shower future tracker showing around 2:30, one across south jersey. very unsettled tomorrow. it will be windy, and cool,
10:35 pm
high of 39 degrees. on friday we will begin to improve, this low pressure, not quite as breezy, some peaks of sunshine, and that high pressure, as we head to the weekend, and more sunshine and gradually warming temperatures. but for the morning commute it will be cloudy with a few snow showers, northwest, temperatures, below freezing at 6:00 o'clock, 31 degrees, be careful, a few icy spots, at 7:00, 32, at 8:00, 33. so the exclusive seven day forecast, one more nasty day, breezy, clouds with a few snow showers, chilly, the the high of 39 degrees. the on friday lots of clouds but we should see a few peaks of sunshine driving things out, 42 on saturday, good timing with this, skies brighten, 44 degrees and sunday looking nice. the mostly sunny, 46 degrees, dry on sunday night at the link. the monday it stays sunny 48 degrees and then on tuesday
10:36 pm
and then turns cloudy could have a few showers as hanukkah begins at sunset, 48 degrees and wednesday, also mostly cloud which a couple showers and a high of 44. we can handle this one more day of dreary weather and then improving. good timing because the sun will be back at the weekend. >> we will make it through. >> you bet. >> love park is getting make over ape tonight dozens of people shared their ideas, this crowd, gathered at freeze library in philadelphia, this is second public meeting to discuss redesign, team at the the associates will oversee the project. self residents in delaware county can now officially call themselves an american. sixty-two people representing 28 different countries, became citizens of the united states tonight. naturalization ceremony was held at delaware county courthouse, proud moment was also attended by family and friends. santa stopped by bartram gardens tonight, okay, it was reverend paul earthquake moore, he handed out
10:37 pm
candicans, and stuffed animals to the children. reverend moore is on a mission collecting donations to help five families this year. he wants to make sure families who might not be able to afford anything has presents under the tree on christmas day. about 300 people enjoyed a warm dinner tonight in camden, salvation army and campbell's soup hosted inaugural community holiday dinner held at the ray and joan crook core community center. campbell has announced it will train centers culinary staff ape put on cooking demonstrations for center members. nut cracker market is opened, tonight the pennsylvania ballet held a ribbon cutting at kimmel center. we are looking at the largest indoor holiday shopping center in center city. there are 67 on vendors, ape through saturday, and from 11 to 5:00 on sunday. one couple was sick of having packages, stolen off their porch, how they got revenge, if you look closely
10:38 pm
at your last comcast bill, some people were overcharged. how do you get that money back. >> this man survives 12 days at sea, he talks about his here owing ordeals. r ck, aner
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ron abraham went sailing on thanksgiving day off the the coast of hawaii. they both started taking on water but they call for help. coastguard heard ron's call and launched a 12,000 square mile search, four days later, the search was called off. then yesterday morning, 12 days after his initial call for help, he was able to make another call, and an hour later he was found floating 64 miles off the the coast of hawaii. >> it is doing okay. little bit tired and weak. they got him food and water. >> i thought i was going to die. i hung in there. i took mental discipline, but these guys are real heroes and they save peoples lives. >> reporter: ron says weather push him 200 miles off shore, that is why he could not use his radio. he survived, eating fish. new details about comedian joan rivers will has been
10:42 pm
released, she named her daughter melissa as beneficiary and will's executor. the it is estimated rivers fortune could be as much as 150 million-dollar. she left money to a number of charities along with her two a assistant, publicist and niece and nephew. rivers died in september just days after she stopped breathing, during an endoscopy. a huge celebration in monaco today prince albert and his wife princess char lean welcomed twins. gabriel arrived first and two minutes later jaquez was born. he is now heir to the thrown. forty-two cannon shots rang out to announce their a arrival. prince albert has several children but since they were born out of wed lock, they are not eligible for the thrown. still ahead, we will tell you which store will stay opened around the clock as we get closer to christmas. >> plus this man noticed something strange on his comcast bill, tonight he has got a warning for other customers. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team get morning's top news
10:43 pm
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the kind i have with you. me too.
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comcast customers, check your bills, cable giant is admitting it made a mistake and erroneously charged some of its customers an unintend fee. consumer reporter nydia han has the details. >> reporter: william engels scrutinizees every bill he gets. that is how he caught this mistake on his comcast statement. >> i found, we are charged in there for $9.50. >> reporter: he called cable giant to ask about it. >> they seemed to know exactly what it was, it was a billing error that occurred when help switched to a new system. >> reporter: he said comcast representative told him she would credit him for the mistake. >> this had been coming autopsy a lot but they weren't doing anything to correct it unless people called in and told them bit. >> reporter: he says that is what made him angry, motivating him to alert me via twitter so i could alert our over six abc viewers. >> i think it is irritating. >> reporter: comcast admits it did make mistake on some customers november statements. but the company says it quickly identified the problem, and reversed the late fees. the it says credits will
10:47 pm
appear on customer's january statements. comcast says it did switch its billing system for greater philadelphia customers in early november, for its new jersey customers just this past week which means your statements will look different. comcast says that their new bills will be easier to read and provide more details information with special package or service discounts shown separately. they will allow customer care representatives to process orders and answer questions more quickly an ache rattily and improve service calls and in home installation experience by reducing scheduling conflicts. >> that was nydia han reporting. comcast says you don't to have take any action if you find this mistake on your bill but do check your january statement, for the credit, comcast wouldn't tell us how many customers were affected by this mistake. kohl's wants to help last minute shoppers get everything that they need, before christmas. that is why the company has decided to keep all of its opened stores, all of the stores opened that is, around the clock, to five days leading up to christmas.
10:48 pm
you can shop until you drop from december 19th to christmas eve, only five more days, until christmas. washington d.c. couple was sick of crooks stealing their packages off their porch owe they decided to get revenge. revenge they did. they said they have had three packages stolen since objecting. they were angry. they placed a fake package outside. they aimed their security camera right at it in hopes of getting a good look at the crook as they suspect the thief struck this time he got away with a box filled with dog poop. >> i actually wanted to put a note in the box that said something. >> i think he deserves it. >> you get what you deserve, what comes around, comes around. >> i bet you that is last time he stole from them, righty chuckled too that was a good one. that remains to be seen but now his face as you can see is all over. oh, boy. it is time now for sports, ducis rodgers live at the big
10:49 pm
board. ducis, the rebuilding has begun. >> it has, shirleen. if the phillies were a game of jenga pulling jimmy rollins piece is beginning of the whole thing coming down. according to multiple reports jimmy rollins is heading to the los angeles dodgers. this would end a great era in philadelphia sports. he has been something else. there has been nothing official from the phillies and there is no word on which players they might get in return from l.a. but phillies are said to be seeking young pitching. as recently as september rollins said he would be back next season. he has full no trade rights, but apparently he is willing to wave it, rollins is from california, so that may have something to do with it. phillies are in full rebuild mode so that may have something to do with it as well. check out these numbers, rollins is in the top ten in many phillies all time categories. he passed mike schmidt during the season for first place in hits, he is tops in doubles as well, and his 216 home runs
10:50 pm
ranked him ninth in franchise history. rollins also owns four gold gloves. phillies haven't officially announced the trade of antonio bastardo he hits to the pirates for left-handed pitcher joe he will rodriguez. twenty-three year-old rodriguez had 2.38 era in the arizona fall league, this past season. football now, the eagles have another date with the dallas cowboys this week, sunday night, their second meeting in three weeks, just like in the first meeting, first place will be on the line. the birds took it to dallas on thanksgiving day, eagles had 256 yards rushing in that one. lesean mccoy had 159 yards and a touchdown. what will eagles game plan be this time around? coach kelly could try to confuse cowboys the the same way he confused media during his news conference today. >> i think you can paralyze yourself by over analyzing. they think we know that they think this so we think that they think that this will, you
10:51 pm
know week go play. >> lost me there, coach. >> lets have fun with numbers. sixers have more wins this month than eagles. they are in atlanta tonight. first quarter, kj mcdaniel thinks part of the eight-zero sixers run. he puts in two of his ten points. sixers town four after one. moving ahead to the fourth quarter ball will find kyle korver, and five, three's from him tonight, 17 points, sixers lose 95-79. brooklyn up next on friday night. college basketball temple intowson, will cummings, fran will like this, three pointer, after a little shake and bake, temple wins by a dozen, 76-64. once again big news jimmy rollins appears to be heading out of town a lot of people are broken up but this. >> he might be first of many. >> very decorated player. >> popular player. >> could we afford to lose them. >> they are in rebuild mode. there will be a a lot of young guys for next few years.
10:52 pm
>> strip it down before you bill it backup. >> wait and see what happens. having perfect attendance pays off just ask these kids tonight, philadelphia mayor michael nutter met with kids who are part of the mayor's very impressive performers program. he recognized 220, ninth graders who have not missed a day this school year. as a reward he gave them tickets to temple basketball games
10:53 pm
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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today on the drexel university campus main building was more like santa's workshop for students, faculty and staff members wrapped 5,000 gifts, the the toys will be distributed next week to youngsters in west and north philadelphia, and this annual event at drexel is one of the city's largest toy drives. tonight, we've got an important update on this, fashionable, gabe's owner has been reunited over weekend she was found wondering the streets of omaha, after a couple days in the shelter, she's finally home. her owner says she's making sure this escape artist does not pull another disappearing act and you cannot help but admire that sweater there. >> on a night like this it will come into handy. >> yes, tonight and tomorrow as well. storm tracker six live, double scan three i want to show you that low pressure, that same
10:56 pm
low that went through yesterday morning is just hanging out and this will bring up more wind out of the northwest, more moisture, mainly in the form of clouds but it will be breezy tomorrow, with occasional rain and snow showers at 7:00 o'clock 32 degrees. icy patches possible. by 10:00 o'clock 36. by 1:38. and by 4:00 o'clock 38 degrees. david murphy will have latest on "action news" at 4:30 tomorrow morning. be careful there could be a few slick spots in the morning. >> sound good, thanks cecily. we will be careful on the roads out there. we thank you all tonight for joining us here on "action news" at ten, modern family is coming up next followed by friends. now for brian taff, adam joseph, cecily tynan and ducis rodgers, i'm shirleen allicot. have a good night. we will see you back here tomorrow night.
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