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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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weekend. >> thank you, ces. >> philadelphia police department wants to lead the round house and some neighbors
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near the new location in west philadelphia don't want it around their house. they took that opposition to a meeting open the project tonight and that's where "action news" reporter dann cuellar picks up the story. dann. >> shirleen, vote areas proved the sale of 200 million in bonds to move police philadelphia and in the wake of theture meterologist furgeson protesters are de announcing the move as a bad idea. >> and 75 protesters marched to. >> i can't breathe, i can't breathe. >> pointing to what happened in furgeson and new york city they blasted plans to move philadelphia police headquarters to old providence life insurance building at 46 and market. >> do we agree with that?
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>> no. >> we have to say no, we do not approve of plaque police mep and use and cynical use of raid in order to continue to blast body and we say no today. >> protesters claim there was a growing distrust of the police and do not believe police headquarters should be moved to west philadelphia neighborhood. >> this say neighborhood terrorized by the police now and with the patrol boundaries skengd further and further west ward combined with patrolling of the philadelphia police department. it's too much. >> protest derz not disrupt the community meeting which was aimed at presenting proposed $200 million project including moving medical examiners office and health department to the site upon completion in 20 18. one woman expressed her concerns about the move. >> i'm very, very concerned. and -- over what happened. >> and deputy mayor everett gill sop said the move was aimed as
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serving communities better. >> councilwoman jamie blackwell says she understand the protesters concerns. >> we're here and we support openness and discussions and we're happy to talk with them and deal with them on this. because we have plenty of time to talk about it. >> but protesters continue their efforts in the weeks ahead even if it means staging them in front of the homes of city officials. we're live in west philadelphia, dann cuellar dann cuellar, "action news" on phl17. >> thank you. a town hall meeting in south philadelphia brought out residents concerned about police brutality and gun violence. deputy commissioner kevin bethel joined lawmakers and community leaders in tonight's discussion autumn reed high school. they talked about the impact of mike brown and eric garner grand jury decisions and audience
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heard from the parents and children as young as 3 years old taken by gun violence there. >> is a conviction in murder of off-duty, philadelphia police officer. rafael jones received a mandatory life sentence. officer moses walker junior was shot and killed during a robbery in august, 2012. a co-defendant testified that jones thought the policeman looked like a college student because he carried a backpack. it may have been an easy target. that defendant faces 20 to 40 year sentence as pleading and charmed guilty of third degree murder. >> police have names of suspects want ford a violent robbery in bensalem. they're looking for david pier grocery and daniel leflar believed to be the men that smashed display cases and stole thousands of dollars worth of coins from the coin and collectable store. they got away in this vehicle and both are considered armed and dangerous.
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>> today, was city council last session of the year. council members spent it debating mandatory paid sick leave for employees. proposal was required with business ten or more employees to provide sick paid days. city of xherns was against the plan. there was no decision today. council plans to resume the date when it reconvenes in january. >> one night to assemble 100 bikes. it's not a lot of time. that did not stop volunteers from one local company determined to make sure children in need have a very merry christmas. "action news'" as annie mccormick has more from west chester. >> one night, 100 bikes. it's a deadline rivaling one of santa's workshops and this is in carpenter warehouse. >> we have 100 bikes here and have friends and family and colleagues. >> this is 7th year the company assembled bikes for those in need. to date they have given away 400
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assembled bikes and this year their biggest every dovr, matt, brian and monica have lost count over how many they built. >> how many did you build. >> 100. >> 100? >> tlcs put in the bike are important. >> every child has memory of their first bike and it's special memory view forever and to be able to be part of that is nice. >> they're assembling and raised 1,000 towards buying the bikes by doing good deeds in the community. >>self less act to understand they were giving without receiving anything. so they were bringing money and collected. >> the most important part of the bike event is delivery. and that is taking care of too. >> they stay local. we work with social service agencies in chester and montgomery county and they identified children in need so each bike that we purchase is
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for a specific child. >> in west chester, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a full hour of "action news" at 10 continues with yet another accusation against bill cosby. >> the second i knew i had been drugged and i had been drugged really good. >> this time the face is a famous one claims from super model beverly johnson tonight. >> someone called angelina jolie a brat. hacked hollywood e-mails that have executives apologizing tonight and rescue means no dog fighting in these puppies tonight and rescue means no dog fighting in these puppies futures but now they need homes
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>> another famous face joining growing list of women detailing frightening stories about allegeden counters with bill cosby. trail playsing super model beverly johnson says the actor/comedian drugged her with a cappuccino in his home in 1986. >> the second i knew i was drugged and i had been drugged really good. >> reporter: johnson says she
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realized what happened and began screaming and cursing. >> he was getting angry and pissed and he grabbed me by a arm and dragged me down the brownstone stairs. >> like other accusers, johnson says this happened decades ago. more than a dozen women have come forward in the past month claiming they were drugged, molested or raped by cosby. johnson says she came forward partially because of the way her friend and fellow model janice dickinson was called a liar after accusing him of rain. >> this busy day on capitol hill staffers walked out and put hands up in a show of support of cases of eric garner and michael brown both killed by police officers not indicted fort killings. black asian and latinos who worked for members of congress took part in the protest along with some lawmakers. >> there's real live trauma in hollywood tonight over the
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release of e-mails of sony entertainment. it shows a top movie producer calling angelina jolie a brat and making racial marks about president ohio bama. it could be the beginning. hackers may have accessed celebrity phone numbers, employee social security numbers and aliases used to protect privacy. time now nor the accuweather forecast and it is a cold night out there. let's send it over to cecily tynan at the big board. hey, ces. >> hi, shirleen. it's cold and snowy again. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we're getting another round of snow showers. the stayedest snow showers over newcastle northern kent counties and say him county cumberland county and atlantic county and snow showers across berks county and also montgomery county and this will add additional moisture to the roads and we have to be careful as temperatures drop. currently in philadelphia, 34.
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millville 3 3. allentown 3 2. reading 31 and lancaster 30 temperatures will drop below freezing. add to this winds it's blustery out there. winds out of the west. 15 miles an hour. philadelphia, 15 millville, 12 wilmington and you exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast you to that in the feels like 23 reading and 26 in sea isle city. takes blustery chilly night. and it is still somewhat unsettled. satellite 6 and action radar showing the gift that keeps on giving low pressure that was a nor'easter it's over northern vernon odom and this is like a pin wheel. you can see it well. it picks up moisture from atlantic and spins it down. we don't get anything all that heavy but leftover snow showers that's what we saw today and getting right now. they should be out of here for the morning. but again be careful there could be icy patches at 6:00 in philadelphia and 31 at 7:00 32 and by 8:00, 33. lots of clouds. wind chills will be in the low 20s tomorrow morning.
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so you definitely need to bundle up and it will stay on the cold side tomorrow. breezy, chilly, however we kill see breaks of sunshine so get august little better in philadelphia 40 degrees. allentown 36, trenton 37 and millville 406789 after the weather we had this week i think a lot of people want a warm and sunny weekend not that warm but sunshine and temperatures up a notch and coming up in the full accu weather 7 day forecast. >> warm in comparison to what we've seen. >> it's time now for sports. ducis roth certifies live in the "action news" sports center ducis. >> shirleen, 13 days that's how long it's been since flyers last raid in at the wells fargo center tonight home cooking against the devils looking at the highlights, shawn scores and that's flyers first short handed
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goal of the season later in the first matt reed third of the year flyers 2-0 advantage. 2-1 in third, this is thurns. wayne simmonds twelfth leading goal of the season come open the power play. flyers take it 4-1. as for jimmy rollings situation we're in a holding pattern. timer phillies nor dodge rerz commentsing on this proposed deal it appears to be rollings is leaving town. rollings will fill a hole at short stop for dodgers after they traded short stop ramirez to the red sox. they're looking to get young pitching in return. rollings made an impact on his fans and teammates. moyer played with j-roll. >> that's the way the game is today. it's sad but if you're a fap of the game or you follow the game you come to accept that. there's sentimental feelings i'm sure by many people by many fans
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who are probably very heartbroken. >> ahead next half hour hear how chip kelly feels about the >> ahead next half hour hear how chip kelly feels about the h
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>> mice have long been used by scientists for lab testing and now some cancer patients are paying a lab to carry bivts their own tumors to see what he drugs might work best pour them. customized row dents are pricey testing can cause upwards of $12,000 it may be worth it. 70% of parents found it help null their treatment. >> it's a joyful night in the very fitting theme for musical celebration of the season tonight. >> that's the sound of this year's holiday concert ♪ overbrook school for the mind. public was invited to enjoy overbrook school for the mind. public was invited to enjoy talent of young singers as they
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>> rescue puppies that need a new home and 10:45 philadelphia police show us body cameras they're testing out and the difference it could make on the streets and next we're on the scene of a deadly accident the man walked right in the path of an oncoming car. man walked right in the path of an oncoming car. these stories and more after
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us. here are the big stories we're covering tonight "action news" at 10 on phl17. a 13-year-old in wissanoming was shot this evening and he plan to his house to escape a couple of robber when's they opened fire. he suffered a grays wound to the stomach. >> a 38-year-old woman was attacked this evening in university city. she was hit in the back of the
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head with a bike lock in the 4 00 block of 41 street. the suspect dragged her down the street and an officer was in the area and jumped into action saving the woman and arresting the man. model beverly john sop latest woman to claim she was drugged by comedian bill cosby. johnson says it happened during a visit to his home in the 80s. he gave her a cappuccino laced she screamed at him and he put her in a cab and september her home. >> a man was hit and killed after he stepped into the path of an oncoming car. the victim is 20 years old and hit in the 3700 block of kirkwood highway quart to 9:00. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> a stretch of kirkwood highway is shut down while police investigate. a sea of investigators scoured columbus farmers market and caused last month devr stating fire and "action news"
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is with insurance investigators and electrical engineers and attorneys as they walked throughout rubble. the four alarm fire broke out november 18. ten businesses were destroyed and market was temporarily closed. strauss family owned a shop called liquor emporiums 36 years and lost almost everything. >> we want to know what caused the fire. we would like to know what disrupted our life. >> it's overwhelming. it's your family business and only income it's your life. we want to remind you the market is still open. once the cause is determined, investigators give the all clear, market owners hope to demolish the damaged building and re build it. tonight we got sat news to share young boy that was honourary member of the washington township fire department died. this is aid an rival being sworn in. yesterday the 7-year-old lost his battle with cancer. aid an touched so many as his condition worsened and fire
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departments learned of his dream of being a firefighter s his name is on roster of fire departments all ra round the world. new tonight at 10:30 a man admitted to hiding cameras in the women's bathroom at the university of delaware. javier men dole asoto pleaded guilty to 49 counts of felony invasion of privacy and each carries 2 years if prison. part of a plea deal the deputy attorney general asked soto serve no more than 7 years. investigators recovered more than 1500 videos. most women were filmed between may, 2020 -- 2012 and this past june. >> a fight broke out on school bus and wilmington police had to be called. it involved two middle school girls around 5:00. police were called to maryland avenue near latimer drive they found one of the girls with a few abrasions. she was taken to an area hospital and another girl was questioned and police have not said what started the fight.
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>> tonight we have an update on 10-year-old police pennsylvania boy accused of killing 90-year-old womanch the public defender said he's scared lonely and misses his momch the boy has been in adult jail since arrested in october. he is youngest person to ever face adult homicide charge in the state. the 10-year-old is accused of killing anel arely womanch the boy became upset when the 90-year-old yelled at him so he grabbed hurricane and choked her with it. >> a man arrested for dog fighting has surrendered and now they need good homes. check out these adorable puppies for adoption. 8 were taken from a man's south philadelphia home since october they have been in the care of pennsylvania spca. they've come a long way. >> they doubled in size and came here october 28 and weep been caring for them here as we do every night, every day, feeding them. walking them. >> if you're interested in
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making one of the puppies part of your family contact spca and step by the pets plus natural location in lansdale. definitely the kinds of thing we need to see to warm our heart ton a cold day out there. the snow was coming down this afternoon and there's a chance roads could be slick into the morning. let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> shirleen can i call it a three-dog night tonight. it's chilly and stormtracker 6 live double scan behind me showing low pressure we've been dealing with for days continues to throw moisture in our direction in the form of snow showers. let's zoom in stormtracker 6 live. stayedest showers are south of philadelphia and across jersey now and south of wilmington and saleel county and millville new jersey, mays landing and out through atlantic city and with the temperatures falling tonight anything wet and untreated roads like last night will be freezing over. so you really want to be careful. philadelphia still holding 34
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degrees now. millville 3 3. trenton 3 3. allentown dropped down to 3 2. reading 31. poconos 25 degrees and it's pretty breezy out there. wind chills make it feel 23 millville and 27 sea isle sit write and 26 in philadelphia and 23 reading and feels like 25 in wilmington. so it's cold and damp and with temperatures dropping tonight there will be problems on the roads. with snow showers moving through tonight we're looking at coating to inch in spots. so again it's not a big snow event. problem is temperatures dropping below freezing and the areas where the water is not blown dry from the wind there will be patchy black ice developing and you want to be careful bridges and overpass can get icy under these conditions. satellite 6 and action radar showing this is low pressure right over northern vernon odom and that's what continues to spin. it's not moving much. but it's weakening. tomorrow we'll finally start get this thing out of our hair n
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meantime i want to fly west. big weather story is actually missing a few radar echoes. if it were working it would show a storm system moving into pacific northwest i knew it was there, and this has potential to drop 5 to 10" of rain, 2 to 3 feet of snow and wind gusts already up to 110 miles an hour in the mountains. this will cause a lot of problems for northern california. i think next few days we'll be hearing about a lot of mudd slides. back at home tomorrow morning big story is the wind chill. it will feel like temperatures are in the 20s in the morning. but then things begin to improve a little bit. low pressure again moving slowly. it's weak eping, clouds break for sunshine and it will be breezy and cool. high of 40. so a little brighter than today. and a little drier. heading into the weekend. high pressure will take control on saturday. that brings us mixture of sun and clouds and breezy and cool. but a little better, 42 and that
10:37 pm
high pressure will bring temperatures to mid 40s on sunday. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast not as damp, or dark tomorrow, breezy, some sunshine, high of 40. still on the cool side. saturday, partly sunny, 42. and sunday it will be seasonable, 46 degrees. mixture of clouds and sunshine. dry conditions for eagles game. sunday night at the linc with temperatures in the 30s. sunny, mostly sunny, 4. clouds up sunday monday 48 and tuesday 48 and 44 wednesday and 42 thursday mixture of clouds and sun. we get the snow showers out of here and see sunshine. more sunshine on the way for the eekd. >> not a bad looking 7-day either, thank you, cecily. >> santa is a busy guy. tonight he was in west kensington visiting little boys and girls. he stopped by light house police athletic league to visit 100 children and santa was not only
10:38 pm
one spreading good cheer. coca-cola employees handed out gifts and they made a 5,000 donation to pal. >> still ahead philadelphia police showed off brand new body cameras and dramatic rescue days after four brothers were reported missing police rescued them from their dad. >> and it's a gift of life for this little boy. how a straechinger is coming to rescue of this 3-year-old who how a straechinger is coming to rescue of this 3-year-old who desperately needs a kidney
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sdmrt the search is over for four brothers today swat teams surrounded their father's car on a california highway. two of the boys are running saferty as police took their dad into custody. they were reported missing friday. the boy's mother is missing and a body was found another vehicle mropinging to the family yesterday. but it has not been identified. >> and in mississippi investigators are asking the public to help them find the person who set a teen on fire and left her for dead. volunteer firefighters found jessica chambers car on fire saturday night. she reportedly told one of the firefighters something before she died. police need more information. prosecutors believe chambers phone will help them. she received a call before she
10:42 pm
left her house that night. >> and a little boy is get thing a life saving ghivt holiday season a straichinger volunteered to give the 3-year-old one of her kidneys. tonight the two are in atlanta hospital recovering and mason's family has been praying for this day since he was born. a single mother heard about mason's story and offered her kidney. >> i don't know how to put it together i'm just -- i'm excited but scared. >> over the weekend, there was a huge party. santa brought gifts for mason and his brother and donors 3-year-old son. this is definitely one christmas they will remember. planning to fly delta next year? well some new options you'll have when it comes to air fare and next philadelphia police show us a botdy camera they're testing out and don't forgot wake up with the "action news" tomorrow and get top headlines and weather and traffic starting tomorrow and get top headlines and weather and traffic starting 4:30 a.m. on 6abc. r ck, aner
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>> fr >> philadelphia police are testing body cameras. it can improve behaviors of officers and public and reporter
10:46 pm
sarah bloomquist got a list of your cameras today. >> the model being test bid philadelphia police range in size and have a variety of features. they cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 commissioner charles ramsey is pushing for body cameras for a while and hopes it will increase transparency while providing another level of protection for police and the public. >> i think cameras help to one provide accurate record of what took place and i think everybody is aware that something is being filmed and it can alter behaviors. >> other departments in the area have already put body cameras on officers on patrol. this is video have eavesham township police. philadelphia policies are being refined. for now officers will start recording when they respond to a 911 call or pull over a car. >> definitely be used with a click of a button you push it down it's on and push it up and it's off. >> in each case the officer
10:47 pm
informs the person they're inacting with they're reportering and in some cases -- >> sometimes we ask for permission. as of yet four weeks i've worn it no one ever said no. >> ramsey is president obama's new point person on finding ways to improve relations between police and public. he sees body cameras as a big stone achieving just that. >> bottle line is we're moving in this direction. and this is pilot but i have every intention of expanding this beyond just 22nd. >> president obama proposed spending $75 million over three years to provide body cameras to police nationwide. that money will likely go to cost of equipment. but a hunl part of the cost of body cameras is storing all the video which gets downloaded after every shift. that is something else the city will need to figure out in the months ahead. in north philadelphia, i'm sarah bloomquist, "action news" at 10 on phl17.
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>> delta is giving its passengers more options. it's splitting aircraft into five classes starting in march delta will begin offering three main cabin options and two high-end options. at the low end is basic economy. for more money you can upgrade to openings that include seat selection and dedicated overhead bin space. no word what the price difference will be. >> t-mobile is hoping to get new customers this holiday season. carrier announced a new unlimited talk, text and data plan. it starts at $100 a month for two people each additional line 40 a month and available to new and existing customers and only for a limited time. >> and next month, it's out with the old, in with the new at mcdonald's. the fast-food giant plans to drop 8 items from the menu instead of four quarters pounders only one will be on the menu. mcdonald's is also cutting down number of premium chicken sandwiches and wraps it offers.
10:49 pm
don't worry classics like the big mac are not going anywhere. >> it's time for sports ducis rogers joining us from the big board. >> hey there, shirleen, we'll start on the ice tonight. nelson liked being there and flyers not is much. road has not been kind got flyers they wrapped up 1 live 4 trip and they're back home to face the devils. assisted by matt reed. later in the first to reed and reed has been allergic to goals. flyers on 2-0 advantage. wayne simmonds team comes under the power play. flyers win 4-1. >> we want to stay in that race in the playoff race and we have
10:50 pm
to get some wins and a good way to start the home stand. >> we're still in a holding pattern when it comes to jimmy rollings, neither phillies or dodgers madety official. j-roll will say good-bye to philadelphia and philadelphia will get pair of minor leaguer pitchers in return it is said. his former teammate jamie moyer puts his legacy into per spec live? he was a key part to the organization and one of the faces of the organization fora long, long time. i'm sure jimmy will come back to philadelphia as a retired player. and you know shake hands and you know philadelphia means a tlot jimmy rollings. people can really now hopeful lay appreciate what he has brought to the ball club. >> even without the phillies news this was shaping up to be a big week in philadelphia sports. that's because it's dallas week. birds are beginning to implement the game plan for sunday night's
10:51 pm
game. this is a bigy. first place at stake. eagles won first meeting easily two weeks ago. things got chipy. we know the two fan bases don't like each other phillies say he's above all the hatred. >> i've never been a hate guy i don't hate anybody we played and i have respect to him and i hope we have the opportunities to play them him full strength sglj it's biggest game to date and we have to go in and win this game you mean philly fans will rep here. >> chip kelly had a treat for flares after practice. hot chocolate, marshmallows too. if that was eggnog you would speak my language. >> sixers acquired app dray karlinc or davies. he is 33 years old which makes him aarp eligible on this sgleem high school football vikings of archbishop wood got a sendoff during a pep rally today. they will go to face off against
10:52 pm
a western pennsylvania team in hershey. archbishop lost once, fourth straight year they're in title sglaim thank ush ducis. students hoeing aid family litcy event tonight the reading together program is time these students dedicate to the children of the city. tonight was an opportunity for the parents of those children to celebrate the hol dies and shar a male with the impressive celebrate the hol dies and shar a male with the impressive tutors and future doctors
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>> this north caroline man has nativity scenes heen converted carport and shed so he has more troom house his collection he worked ton 30 years he's so proud he even opens his home at the holidays and invites foam check it out. >> take a good look that tortilla. you notice anything strange? face maybe? texas manziel if you look closely you can see jesus. this tortilla won't go into anybody's belly it will be kept in safe place. >> speaking of jesus a church in wisconsin found a way to round up members it's buying out the bar. that's right churches decided to host 'vept at a local bar to get to know the community it plans to serve. it would be weird and might
10:56 pm
cause tension for a church to do event in bar. if jesus did his ministry he twobt places others thought he should not be or places he should not go. >> church does not have a cap on the amount it plans to spend and says it will only buy one beer per person how is that for an idea. >> sounds like good marketing. >> very different. >> in deed sgle when you make up in the morning and temperatures below freezing and want to bundle up the kids. brick and chilly. and 8:00, 33. wind chills in low 20s and remember watch for icy spots on roads early tomorrow morning temperatures below freezing. some breaks 234 clouds and clouds dominate the guys and oui see breaks of sunshine. 4:00, 38. more sun shoon on the way over the weekend with temperatures climbing up mid 40s. forecast is looking better and
10:57 pm
better. >> i think it was perfect timing. >> yes. >> thank you, cecily. >> thanks for joining us on "action news" at 10. "modern family" is next. for cecily tynan, aadam joseph and brian taff as well as ducis rogers. i'm shirleen alicott have a good rogers. i'm shirleen alicott have a good night.
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