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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> sunday night the big story on "action news" is breaking news in sidney, australia. >> a hostage situation is unfolding inside a chocolate shop and calf eye downtown sinned any lindt cafe in up scale portion of the city. police won't confirm how many people are being held but television footage shows several people pressed up against ai window with hands in the air. >> images show a black flag and white arabic lettering they
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cannot confirm if it's lilly motivated. a large section of downtown sidney have been evacuated. we'll bring you any updates as that information becomes available. >> back here now donations are pouring in for a delaware county family dealing with a terrible tragedy they lost their home and grandmother in a fire. police are dropping off to drop off food toys and clothing and a mother and five children survived the applies the children's father was injured while rescuing them. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live in the satellite center with the full story. kenneth. >> sarah this is lower chichester first fire death in more than 40 years victim family members one of the only ones impacted we've seen that firsthand in the past 24 hours >> these firefighters emts,
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first responders sort, folding and accepting donation fires family of 7. >> they were left with the clothes on their back after a fire destroyed their home saturday morning and killed their grand mother, 62-year-old doris morgan. this small town first fire fatality since early 70s. >> nothing this magnitude hand in this community in a long time. to see all the community pull together and stand up for the familiar any need is great. >> and morgan says her five nieces and nephews are out of the hospital and the father in law of the children is suffering from burns. he risked his life to save his kids. >> he's so excited to try to tell his story. in the meantime, he does have to relax you know so he can get better. >> davar rogers was at the fire station to say thank you.
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rows of necessities and toys for the holiday season and toys for sister's family. >> amazed by the response that came through just like that. >> and they've come from all over the tri-state to show the martin children and parents letter to not alone. >> we sought story and it was touching and we felt stroltly to come down here and help this family. >> many who have overwhelmingly respond to the call for help wanted to give donations for medical housing and expenses. the family will set up a bank account as they continue to recover. reporting live in satellite certainty tonight, ken, "action news" at 10 on phl17. walter. >> thank you, kenneth. arson investigators will be in philadelphia's germantown section after a house fired bombed overnight. crew were called to the unit block of east culture street. four adults and four month old
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child were able to get out. this is not the first time they respond todd a fire bombing in this neighborhood. hear from the couple who narrowly escaped. >> now to the show down in south philadelphia tonight. cowboys and birds are in thick of a fight in first place and that means eagles fans are sfreeking out hoping for the best which, of course, would include a big win. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in south philadelphia checking in with eagles nation. >> and walter everybody wants it to be a repeat. i may not get that. right now the cowboys are leading and eagle koz still get a win. >> fans packed chickie's and pete's in south philadelphia some anxious and some confident. >> i think 31-0 eagles. >> 30-17 eagles. >> i'm a little nervous. i talk a lot of trash on facebook back and forthwith the cowboys fans. >> this is the biggest game and
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if they get through here. >> eagles versus cowboys match-ups in high stakes and could get eagles closer to the decision. that has fans dreaming of the playoffs. >> i think we'll make the playoffs. >> i think we'll make it. >> we have to win it. >> the game late 8:30 kickoff meant more time for tailgating and tradition of eagles cowboys rivalry plus last home game of the regular season called for special menus and lured fans from across the pond. >> our biggest and best tailgate together and we had to get a pig for the pigs we think dallas is. >> biggest game of the year against dallas and came over you cannot come to a game without tailgating. >> back in the moment fans wonder if front the birds could beat the cowboys again like thanksgiving night. >> it's not going to be thanksgiving day by far
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think we win. then we're going far. >> okay. it doesn't have to be a repeat. just as long as we win. some we talked to tonight said they're already buying tickets to ar arizona for the super bowl. reporting live outside of the link annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> staying optimistic. thank you, annie. we enjoyed seasonably cool temperatures this weekend and although the clouds were holding tight for most of it outside tonight the action cam caught the crowds shopping and strolling out and about this sunday evening. now it's time to look ahead to the workweek. meteorologist melissa magee joins us for the outlook and the forecast. >> walter, did have knitly cool today. seasonably cool. as you mentioned look at the temperatures across the delaware and lehigh valleys and 45, 45 is actually average for us this time of year. trenton 40. up in the poconos 3. sea isle city 43. we have those winds pretty constant out of the northwest. we have kushts wind chill in
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philadelphia of 40. feels like 30 in poconos and 38 degrees in lancaster. here's satellite 6 and action radar clouds are pretty stubborn. apparently not bunl ago cross much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. limited clearing as we get into the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours. we'll talk about what's ahead adds we press forward. those clouds fort most part locked in tonight. for the first half of the day tomorrow. temperatures close to average and early half of the workweek we're tracking showers and let us know how much rain is on the way and if this is soaking or not. i'll have the details coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, before you head out the door tomorrow get the latest from accuweather ton abc. join matt, tam lay, david and karen for an update on the forecast e. traffic alerts and latest headlines. it's all starting at 4:30 a.m. >> and the hunt is on for the thugs who rocked and sht a 65-year-old man in north philadelphia this afternoon. it happened 1:00 at 8 and clear
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field streets. investigators say the man was shot in the leg and thieves made off with his luggage. victim was taken to temple university hospital and so far no rests were made. >> police investigating another shooting that happened right around the same time this one in port richmond. 38-year-old man was shot in the leg on the 1900 block of east monmouth street taken to temple hospital and so far no arrest here i'mer. >> today marks two years since mass car at sanityy hook in connecticut a local group marked the anniversary by demanding changes to gun laws ♪ capped light vigil was held here at the springfield friends meeting house to remember the 26 children and educateers killed in december 2012. supporters of delaware county united for sensible gun policy organized this event and called for new gun legislation. >> a firefighter in wilmington top was hon ford for a life type
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of service today. raymond brawk was back at fire station 6 where he started with the wilmington fire department. current firefighters gather todd wish raymond all the best in it his retirement after a 51 year career. many of those who worked with him over the years also came out to tell him it was an honor to serve by his side. >> we still have yet to see if the eagles are super bowl bound. but philadelphia already has a national football title under their belt this year. germantown northwest raiders received a warm welcome home after whipping pop warper super bowl in orlando this weekend. "action news" reporter chad pradelli reports. >> the northwest raiders return to the lonnie young recreation center with prov he in hand. they beat the new version britain raiders from connecticut and the game was televisioned on espn. raiders rolled to 26-6 win. >> off the line they were go. our backs showed up.
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it's a smart team. everything worked out >> asheem young touched four touchdowns to these kid the championship is months of hard work and accomplishment they'll kha er forbe the rest of their lives. >> it was field go to put into over time. and after that everybody was crazy. >> we had an awesome time. great experience fort kids. we brought back to our community. it was wonderful time. >> we deserved this and the kids deserve this this is some positive. everybody should embrace it we're part of the solution. northwest raiders. >> in germantown, chad pradelli, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> still to come to on "action news" tonight more drenching rain headed for mudd slides plagued california also, protests or flat racism. debate after disturbing images
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are found hanging on a college campus. >> and one of the biggest stars come to illness sweeping the nhl >> and one of the biggest stars come to illness sweeping the nhl and how it impack the season
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>> uc berkley in california is investigating a cardboard cutout
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discovered yesterday morning hours ow after students joined the nationwide protest. the de separate sparked over whether imamounts were protest art or intended to be offensive. police joined in the search for who whoever is responsible. >> the month's outbreak in national hockey league continues to spread. one of the sports biggest stars sidney crosby of the peng wings is diagnosed with the mumps. crosby had a swollen face friday but told reporters he tested negative. a second test over the weekend confirmed the virus. he got a booster shot before going to winter olympics and said this diagnosis was a surprise. >> a raiming brush fire sent resident australia running. tower ing homes under construction on outside of perth
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they alerted everybody to get out or be ready to leave in moment's notice. helicopters were water bombing from above and crews on the ground they ar able to get the blaze under control earlier today. >> the cleanup is getting under control in california and the wake of the devastating storm and now bracing for more rain tonight. national weather service forecast up to 2" of rain through tomorrow morning san francisco and sacramento areas. >> and another front expected to arrive by midweek meteorologist melissa magee is join us again for the accuweather forecast. clouds for us lots of clouds sarah and walter and unfortunately for the start of the workweek for the first half of the day tomorrow cloudy sky overhead and despite the clouds overhead today we climb two above average and in philadelphia coming in at 47. average this time of year is 45. winds today persistent west, northwest direction.
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as you look at temperatures outside tonight 45 in philadelphia, allentown 42. 43 sea isle city and lower 40s lancaster and dover and factor in the winds and trenton 10 miles an hour. light breeze to contend with. makes it feel current wind chill in the city of 40. here's satellite 6 and action write dar lots of clouds across the mid-atlantic. cloudy for most of the weekend. eye pressure over ohio valley and you look over the ohio valley typically when high pressure is control you see fairly clear skies. that's not the case. wind direction is coming in from northwest and to the north and west fair amount of cloud cover overhead. that's reinforcing seasonably cool air overhead and reinforcing clouds across the region. call for the morning rush mostly cloudy, chilly, 6 a.m., 34.
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5, 7 a.m. sunshine possibly breaking out by the afternoon. a.m., 37, highs all across the area tomorrow most spots in the middle and lower 40s. 46 philadelphia, 44 allentown and 45 for the high temperature tomorrow in cape may. limited is sunshine and seasonable temperatures. now we're showing you stromtracker double scan radar we talked about the rain across areas in california think have round two in northern california and this is first batch of moisture moving across the nation. that moves east ward. that affects us in the day tuesday. we'll talk about that in the full and exclusive accuweather 7-day i'll accepted it back to sarah. >> thank you. the annual meteor showerer reached its peak this morning. they captured the shooting stars from a planet tear yum in germany. they are small dust particles this stream of stars is
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intensifying every year. >> in south philadelphia big new year's day tradition. action cam stopped by inaugural world championship of wenches. mumers division of men not afraid to put on a dress. ten costumes only one could win. phl17 is your home for the mummers. tune in for all the the music and tradition. it begins 8 a.m. with sugarhouse breakfast with the mumers and then at 10 they march down broad street and paex find out who the whiper is at the sugarhouse kas even casino fancy bringing grade. >> cole hamels talks about whether he's open to a trade. >> cole hamels talks about whether he's open to a trade. >> and introducing
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>> many dressed in holiday hats and festive running gear embracing spit of the season. proceeds go to helping finds a cure to average rite sglis time to check on sports. let's go live to jeff skversky and the "action news" sports center, hey, jeff. >> chip kelly may not hate dallas. boy do eagles fans hate the boys or what. cowboys egged by eagles fans on the way to the linc tonightch the fight is on for first place in the nfc east of it is on even hours before kickoff. that's eagles safety malcolm jenkins and yes, des bryant jawing nose to nose yelling during pregame warm-ups and des doing more than yapping two first half touchdowns eagles falling behind 1-0. eagles down 11 in the third. they had zero offensive yards in the first airport. cole hamels name thrown all over the place this off season and
10:23 pm
now the phillies biggest tradeship sounds like he would be willing to walk away from philadelphia. hamels tells nob radio he wants to pitch for winner and if gm reuben amaro comes to waive his no trade clause sounds like he'll say yes. sundays like playoffs and family are top priority and possibly accepting a trade. >> our kids go to school here we love our home but my family is from the west coast and wife's family from the midwest. that's kind of what if anything does happen, you know you do, you have to kind of look at that different perspective. for whatever city is going after winning that could definitely change every sort of perspective and desire. buzz you know that trumps almost anything is winning. >> and it might not happen anywhere around here any time soon. more with hamels in the next half hour and college hoops big five match-up between villanova
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and temple. back to you in the studio. >> jeff you might think it's too chilly for a swim. 400 kids hit the pool today in north philadelphia and salvation army croc core community center hostsed first ever kettle and bell swim meet. athletes made up 15 teams from new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware came out for friendly competition. organizeers say events like these are great ways to expose
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>> santa helpers thousands of runsers dressed up and took narcotic city of lights race. christmas tree costumes an snowman and this runner wearing a full suit of armour. another runner completed entire race running backwards. the run serves as fundraiser for organizations dedicated for helping sick and injured children. >> a baby girl born this weekend in arizona has a birth date nearly impossible to forget. little victoria marie jones arrived yesterday 10:11 a.m. born 10:11, on 12/13/14 unique birth date atrack aid lot after teption whicher her parents wore expecting because
10:28 pm
of a different reason. she was due new year's day. >> new year's eave if you wait until 12:01 he'll be on the news. >> we were like okay they come when they want to come. >> as you can see they still got on tv and although she arrived early victoria and mom arrived fine. the next time we see a date with four sequential digits january 2 2, 2103, 88 years from now. >> coming up on the ne bombing. >> he has not set much since allegations surface the bil cosby breaks silence. >> plus today in "saving with 6abc" making sure you have the best possible credit score can 6abc" making sure you have the best possible credit score can save you lots of
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deciding between buying food and health care is something else. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. >> here's stories you're following on "action news". >> a delaware county community is rallying around aa family that lost a grand mother and home to fire. donations poured you into lower chichester volunteer fire company for amad martin and five children. his mother in law 62-year-old doris morgan was killed in the
10:31 pm
blaze yesterday on fun field avenue. martin was able to save his children but was badly burned himself. >> police in philadelphia need help finding a man with dementia. 70-year-old man was last seen friday at sidney hill apartments on south 22nd street 5' 7" tall black pants and jacket. if you see him call philadelphia police. >> and northwest raiders returned to germantown as super bowl champs. the team won the division one championship yesterday at disneyworld. the big win capped off an undefeated is. >> a home in germantown was fire bombed overnight. fortunately five people including a bayney escaped. now arson investigators are looking for the person responsible. "action news" reporter chad pradelli spoke with the family targeted carmen pope and husband are cleaning up. their home was fire bombed this morning around 1
10:32 pm
to a large >> i said we can't get out. >> they rushed upstairs and climbed on to a roof and waited for help. >> at adult males and females and the infant were rescued by ladder 8 from rear second floor roof of the property at that time. >> they had been to that block a dozen times. earlier last month the home next to the popes was fire bombed. ifs clear if the two are connected and a task for is investigating. >> they busted my windows out first and then mzamane later fire bombed. >>. >> what do you stwoonts say quhoy did this. >> they have to pay for it. >> the arson task force is
10:33 pm
investigating. it's comprised of philadelphia fire, police and atf agents. in east germantown, chad pradelli, "action news" at 10 on phl17. three people are out of their home tonight in the city olney section because of overnight fire. flames broke out 1 a.m. in a row home on 300 block of west godfrey avenue. firefighters were able to get the blaze under control in 15 minutes. nobody was hurt and cause of the fire is still under investigation. nobody was hurt in this crash last night in conshohocken a septa train or norristown manayunk line collided with the car near popular avenue before mid night. the vehicle was pushed before coming to a stop. no one was in the car at the time. 16 people on board the train were taken to their destinations by bus. they're trying to figure out how the car got on to the track. >> two philadelphia police officers were injured over night in this crash in the city frankford section.
10:34 pm
the officers were responding to a call when their van was hit intersection of frankford avenue and seller street. impact caused the van to spin out and slam into the abutment. both officers were treated at temple university hospital and they are expected to be okay. the couldn't versusy over cia post 9/11 interrogation techniques continued to boil over. jose rodriguez who headed the operation says the report be trees intelligence officials and undermine trust for future presidents. chaney defended the tactics and said he would allow it to happen again in a minute. >> we're now for 13 years we avoided another mass casualty against the united states and we captured bin laden and awful lot of senior guys for al qaeda responsible for the attack on 9/11. >> critics like mccain say the harsh tactics were not sonl for successs in counter terrorism
10:35 pm
including death of osama bin laden. >> after weeks of silence comedian bill cosby has spoken out not specifically about accusations he drugged and raped women but during a intervie said he expects the black media to stay put that ral on the top youic and praised his wife. >> volunteers assembled food into holiday meals in northeast philadelphia. today the knights of columbus formed assembly lines and packaged up all the food supplies, turkey, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings wentz into och box along with toys for children. the boxes went out to needy families akos the area. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. we need sub. >> i know. we have not seen the sun since tuesday. breaks of sunshine.
10:36 pm
not a lot on the way. we'll sew what you is going on. lots of cold, live in hd looking tractor-trailer blue cross river range and all is quiet now in penn's landing. chilly. and it looks like we have a partly to mostly cloudy sky across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys temperature will be close to average below second half of this week ahead. stormtracker 6 liver double scan ray tanersville, 40 in quakertown along the area in center city and chester coming in at 43 degrees. down across areas in jersey ewing 39. same thing browns mills. hockessin 4. bridgeton 44. vineland coming in at 44.
10:37 pm
same for glassboro. you look at wind chill winds now coming in out of west, northwest direction. so a bit of chill to factor in in the poconos feels freezing mark 3 and from 40 in the city current windchill at the boardwalk 43. >> here's radar we have high pressure over the ohio valley. clouds are break up just a little bit. having a hard time. this is what we like to call a sdirty high. dry kbz. but mostly cloudy sky overhead. also, the winds are coming in out of the northwest. and there's a north and west still with a lot of clouds across area in the great lakes and canada region and because of that the clouds spill into our area as well. tuesday area of low pressure moving into central planes and same storm system bit way responsible for soaking rain cross areas in california. they get round two actually moving in right now across areas in northern california and later
10:38 pm
on tonight into tuesday. this will be our weather maker as we get into tuesday with that we have wet weather on the way. future tracker 6 timing out for you. 8:00 in the morning, mostly cloudy, fillederd sunshine. few pockets and breaks of sun monday afternoon and advance this as we get to tuesday early in the day. things cloud up quickly across delaware and lehigh valleys and once we get to tuesday afternoon you can see the showers approaching. and it looks like they will be round at least for first half of the day tuesday into the evening hours you can find anywhere from tenth inch to less than half inch of precip. not a lot on the way. light showers. reinforcing cooler air behind that cold front. call from accuweather. forecast, 46 tomorrow. normal afternoon and evening showers on tuesday high temperature of 48. looks good on wednesday. there's that sun. breezy and milder 52. and behind that front on thursday cooler high of just 42. 41 friday and looks like we will be watching the coast as we get
10:39 pm
into next weekend with rain and if not snow possible depending on time of next storm we're tracking. >> 5 looks nice. >> really nice. >> enjoy for december. >> thanks melissa. >> still ahead "action news" at 10 the group that hacked sony pictures has more embar isment coming before christmas. >> credit score means everything. tips for staying on top of it everything. tips for staying on top of it coming up in
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you've been part of this family for as long as i can remember. and you just mean so much to all of us.
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pillsbury cookie dough. >> police in alabama made an arrest in death of auburn university football player. 18-year-old jakal mitchell was shot earlier today. he had multiple gun shot wounds to the chest. -year-old markle been taken into custody. mitchell was expected to compete for a starting spot next season. >> russia denies one of the military jets collided with a commercial jet over sweden. the jet had a transponder turned off when it nearly hit the passenger plane. russia defense minister insists they were never less than 4 miles apart and the airline claims it was blown out of proportion than was never danger to the flight. >> producers of upcoming james bond film say early screen play for inspector was among material
10:43 pm
stole anyone the hack. now cyber criminals behind it are promising more damage. the group behind the recent attacks pledged to release more sensitive data in message posted on-line to guardians of peace "we're preparing for you a christmas gift " they go ton say it will put sony pictures into the worst state. social security numbers, unreleased movies and incriminating exmails were made public. >> coming up, jeff has an update on your eagles. >> close to half of americans are not doing something that could significantly impact their finances what you should be doing in 6abc. >> don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team and top news
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wphl wphl wphl
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>> your credit score can determine whether you get a loan for house or car and impact interest rate. here's consumer reporter nydia han explains how taking simple steps can save you money in the long sglun credit core is based on credit reports. close to half americans never check credit reports to make sure they're accurate. they can take a long time to
10:47 pm
untangle. nathaniel louis was to buy a home some day and he discovered his credit report showed bad debt totaling more than $108,000. >> i was glab flabbergasted 0% was not mine. >> another man with the same name records got mixed up with mcdab equals. consoler report finds 3,000 americans says credit errors are come on. of those that check reports 20% found mistakes that could lower their credit scores. >> the stakes can lead to losing out on job wphl wphl ort mistake can really hurt. >>, for instance, on 300,000 30 year fixed mortgage if credit score drops from 780 to okay 680 you will pay almost 25,000 more during the life of the loan.
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>> it's no so easy fixing credit reporter reporter more than half the people in the survey that tried were rejected, ignored or faced some area roadblock. >> avoid companies that promise to fix credit for a price. instead put your request in writing. and sxeron, transunion and he can we fax. en include proof of identity and full social security number. for serious errors consumer reports say you may have to resort it a lawyer and check your credit report regularly. you can do it for free once a year with each of the three major credit bureaus go to annual credit i'm nydia han for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a group of teenage champions was honored in delaware. perfect world ministries in newcastle held a service to congratulate the football team from william penn high school. they finished a perfect 12-0
10:49 pm
this season. congratulations to william penn hey high. >> time for a check of sports. an update on the eagles interesting one. >> it's nuts. eagles cowboys fight for first place. that is right fight for first is on. and before the eagles and cowboys even kicked off eagles safety malcolm jevrping inz and cowboys receiver des bryant nose to nose yelling at each other. who says the two teams don't hate each other. des bryant bickering with malcolm jenkins after thanksgiving after that game in dallas brints called eeingings cheap and claimed they gave them a busted lip. >> des doing more than yapping. bri apt with two touchdowns. eagles fell behind 21-0 in the game. they had zero offensive yards. they scored 24 points on their last four drives. >> if this game was not big
10:50 pm
enough eagles desperately need to beat sdal as to stay in control of their own destiny. locks up the division. a loss could keep them out of the play yvs. ment bills failed to call owe fep receive touchdown and they still win. he has two interceptions and fumbling in the end zone. green bay losses 10-4 and out of first 34r5eus in nfc north. et ing san francisco from playoff condition. marshawn lynn: seahawks win knocking the 49ers out. seattle in contention for the overall seed. eagles need to beat dallas to stay in control. eagles loss would kick them out of top six playoffs spots with two games to go. remember eagles lose tie backers to arizona, green bay and seattle.
10:51 pm
the nfc east will risk not making playoffs. >> elsewhere pen charter matt ryan trying to gets atlanta ta into the playoff-offs. drilled to the ground against steelers. never saw is coming, falcons see this coming. they still can't stop it bell runs did in. orlando losses to pittsburgh 2 27-206789 here's manziel making first start cleveland today. how cold against cincinnati. tie. debtmer number tonight. manziel 80 yards. picked off twice and door owe touchdowns. map sdel finishes 27-3 quarterback rating brain is thrown out 30-0. >> jimmy rollings it expected to be fist of big moves. could cole hamels be next. today hamels admits the perfect
10:52 pm
situation to him is good to a team that wants to win. hamels expressed desire to stay with the phillies but he tells the radio network he's open to another of leaving down considering phils are in rebuild another of leaving down considering phils are in rebuild mode. >> i think it's as close as i would like is to go to a team you want to win. you're playing end of october not end of september so you can go home. that's all work we do in off season and spring training and to within the world series that's at fun. >> wow is villanova peteing up on big five or not. 'nova beat sla sal 14. then beat st. joe's by more than that and temple taking it on the chin by undefeated wildcats. >> what we do and what we know they do. we're not prepared. >> listening you would think 'nova is not doing anything
10:53 pm
right against temple josh heart and darian hill expert for second straight year. they're 10-0. alls call it a 4-6 he wept down without a fight. >> we seen a better team tonight. >>. >> that's why i'm proud of how we paid. they're a good defensive team. score 5 points on them was good for us. >> so, villanova, 10-0. huge came coming up next saturday against syracuse. >> jeff, thank you. variety the children's charity hosted the annual holiday party in society hill today. treated to a buffet, music and chance to be up friends and special need children including summer camp and autism resource center and after school program. >> there was a holiday treat for riders at two big septa stations today.
10:54 pm
>> a group called in rush performed suburb and and jefferson stations in septemberer city. teenagers showed off with solo septemberer city. teenagers showed off with solo performances
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>> one final check of accuweather. >> chilly start tomorrow. lots of clouds around. pockets of sun as the day wears down. 41, 10 a.m. 46, 1:00. in the afternoon clouds breaking for sunshine with gradual
10:57 pm
clearing on the way. meteorologist david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> thank you. >> thank for joining us tonight >> thank you. >> thank for joining us tonight on "action news" at did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop.
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