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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 15, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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it is monday night and we've got breaking news right now, there are police choppers and sirenness bucks county, a as we speak, with new lock downs and authorities are looking for the man wanted for six murders, tonight, the search for bradley stone, authorities are closing in on a montgomery county man who they say hunted his six victims across three different townships. >> bradley stone was deliberate in his targeting according to police and all victims were linked by one person: his ex-wife. will police have reason to be especially cautious with this suspect. bradley stone, is a former
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marine reserve who has served in iraq. his specialty, artillery, and position charged with monitoring the weather to help deliver accurate artillery fire. >> there are three scenes where we're seeing lives taken today in souderton, lansdale and low salford in montgomery county. "action news" team has gathered information from all three, including new information about the victims, and they are all standing by live with all of the latest details tonight. but first, to "action news" reporter dann cuellar following a possible sighting of bradley stone, in doylestown, and dann, what is the latest there. >> reporter: well, brian, they strongly believe that this was the guy they were looking for bradley stone. resident here at stonington farm apartments at 150 commons way have been asked to shelter in place as police continue a intensive manhunt for, bradley stone. the the central bucks ymca has been put on lock down which is in the area where a multitude of police agencies are searching. now this all began just before
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8:00 o'clock when stone was believed to have attempted to carjack someone in the area of shady retreat, and burpee road here in doylestown there were reports of shots fired but nobody hit during the attempted carjacking. the victim reports a man who strongly resembled bradley stone, fled into a nearby wooded area. police have brought in k-9 a's who sources say have pick up his scent. the a answer that alludes authorities is where exactly is bradley stone, a as they continue searching for him, here, in this area. now the the philadelphia a police department, sent one of their helicopter with and infrared chopper hoping to pick up stone's heat signature but so far no go. this guy is a former marine reserve hoist did a brief tour in iraq. he a has experience with artillery and left with a rank of sergeant. he had has a history of dui a arrest but no history of violence before this today. a at this point it does not peer he is going to give himself up peacefully and that is what has authorities here very concerned.
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now, earlier today they searched all day at a home in pennsburg where he was believed to be hiding out, but no go, and then this happened, and then tonight, it looks like it is going to be a very long night, here in doylestown, bucks county. back to you guys. >> all right, dann, thank you. we are going to go live new to kenneth moton, he is at the lower salford police department with the break down of the day's events, kenneth. >> reporter: shirleen, all of these other shootings are coming out of this police department tonight. investigators say it appears that it took suspect bradley stone an hour an a half to drive from one house to another to execute his ex-wife and her family. the montgomery county killing spree allegedly at the hand of veteran u.s. marine, ex-husband and father bradley williams stone started in the early morning hours. >> i heard three or four gunshots. i heard kids yelling saying mommy, no, no, and he just said let's go we have to go.
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>> reporter: at 4:55 a.m. police in lower salford said they got a 911 call at resident at pheasant run apartments at main street. they found stone's ex-wife, three three-year old nicole hill, in the upstairs bedroom dead with the gunshot wound to the head. their two daughters, missing. >> at approximately 5:00 in the morning, shortly thereafter, mr. stone delivered his two daughters to a neighbor in pennsburg, that is the last time he was seen by anyone. >> reporter: half an hour before stone's ex-wife was discovered, police say he was in lansdale on the 100 block of west fifth street, where he shot and killed a 57 year-old former mother-in-law, joann hill and her seven five-year old mother. an her before around 3:30 a a m, investigators believe stone got in the souderton home of his ex-sister in law a patricia flick at penn and garfield avenues. he gunned down the woman, her husband and her 14 year old daughter. a 17 year eld boy was also shot in the head but survived.
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horrible discovery was made around 8:00 a.m. >> it appears through our investigation that the events that took place in souderton actually took place first at approximately 3:30 in the morning. so, while last discovered, first in find. >> reporter: because he dropped off his children in pennsburg that why is swat teams surrounded stone's nearby home, and, of course, he was not there. up investigators say with this ongoing manhunt they have put several members of the victim's family into protective custody, brian. reporting live from harleysville, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has been learning more about the victims, in lower salford where stone's ex-wife and children lived. annie, what have you learned tonight? >> reporter: they are learning more about the victims, including the suspect's ex-wife. we have talk to her co-workers who tell us that they love her and that they will miss her immensely. we found out she was just engaged over the summer.
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her fiance was with police mess of the day, they are worried about his safety until the suspect is caught. seven victims, six fatally wounded, all related to the alleged shooter bradley william stone, ex-wife, friend saying tonight an ongoing custody dispute was the catalyst. her ex-husband allegedly shot her to death in her bedroom and took the couple's two daughters. he left them unharmed with neighbors. police say he allegedly killed his mother-in-law 57 year-old joann hill air her mother patricia hill, in their lansdale home that they shared. horrified neighbors watched their bodies being removed from the home and remember the couple's custody issues. >> i don't know if it was still going on at this time but you there were custody battles. >> reporter: throughout the the day investigators finding hill's sister pennsylvania trish flick, brother-in-law aaron flick and their daughter nina, only 14, shot and killed in their souderton home. seventeen year-old anthony flick found in the home with the head wound and transported to the hospital.
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>> nice family. i mean, they didn't bother anybody but, you know, so i don't know, it is scary. so, i hope they get the person who did it. >> reporter: neighbors at hill's apartment complex stunned today, that she's gone. grateful that the couple's two daughters were spared. >> it is really sad, you know, they are hurt, our kids were very close to their kids and, you know, my son would run right up to her. she loved holding my baby, my little one. she would be like i'm taking him, keeping him. she was a great lady. >> reporter: right through can see bullet holes in the side of that apartment building, from early this morning. lower will salford township police tell us that they will remain out here throughout the night until the suspect is caught. for new reporting live from lower salford township, annie mccormack for "action news" at ten on phl17. thanks, annie. keep up with the latest wouldn't this investigation by waking up with the six abc
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morning team. coverage begins at 4:30 only on six abc. we are also following breaking news out of delaware county, police are on the scene of a hooting, in glenn olden. chopper 6hd flew over the scene on the 600 block of glenn field avenue, less than an hour ago. officials a say three people have been wounded, at least two critically. we are told the suspected shooter has been taken into custody n word on the motive. we will bring you any updates as they become available. well, all of us, including these folks skating in the blue cross river rink, saw something earlier today, that we have not seen in sometime: that would be the sun, of course. but unfortunately this was just a tease. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the big board and melissa we can put away those sunglasses again tomorrow. >> that is right, brian. we will trade in the sun shades for an umbrella as we get in the afternoon hours because the sun only made a brief a appearance because it goes back behind the clouds tomorrow. welcome back. that is what we can say today and that is what we said
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earlier today. with the sunshine returning across most of the delaware and lehigh valleys. it has been seven straight days where we have been stuck in the clouds. the last time we saw sun shining brightly across the region was back on december 7th. on satellite six with action radar the clouds are starting to build and thicken up from a west/easterly direction. they will continue to do so a head of this next frontal boundary that we are tracking. the here's storm tracker six, double scan radar, what we have is an area of low pressure to the north of st. louis. we can see that trailing front. a lot of that precipitation a across the great lakes has been up in canada we are tracking this moisture moving across the the ohio valley. that will work eastward as we go throughout the day, on tuesday, so we will talk about what is ahead. those clouds will continue to build up and thicken up for rest of tonight and first half of tomorrow. tracking those showers, around for tuesday, and then also above average temperatures, before we drop below, by the the end of this week. we will will go overall of the details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, shirleen. >> sounds good, thanks,
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melissa. philadelphia police office shore shot and killed a driver following a routine traffic stop is on administrative leave. that driver, 26 year-old brandon tait-brown was pulled over for traveling without headlights in mayfair. during the stop, two officers say they saw a gun on the car's console and asked tait-brown to get out. they say he reached for it, although an officer opened fire. did he not survive. his family says his killing was uncalled for and they want answers. >> i want to know that they didn't do this intentionally. i want to know that they are not purposely trying to kill and hurt my son the way they did and killed him, and had no regrets. i need to know you care because it is hard to trust you. >> reporter: gun discovered in tait-brown's car was stolen and police say he had a list of priors but his family says he had been on the straight and narrow for three years, holding down a job at bucks county rental car agency which owned the car that he drove. president obama paid a
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visit to troops in new jersey today, to say thank you. the the president was greeted by thousands of military members and their families, here at joint base maguire dixon lakehurst n a trip timed around the holidays he told service members and their holidays that the sacrifices are much appreciated. >> he can gather with family and friend because you were willing to hug yours good bye and step forward to serve. >> i thought that was great in time for the holidays. it is good when you meet your boss the big guy. i feel like difficult a lot for moral here on base. >> the president, the big guy, the boss, specifically cited the troop's work in afghanistan and fight to contain ebola out break in west africa. governor chris christie was also on hand for those remarks. more than 500 students in west chester will be moved to a new school next year. tonight the district school board approved a redistricting plan that impacts all grade levels. among the changes hill side elementary will no longer be a split school, the 108 high
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schoolers impacted will have the option to graduate where they started, officials say the the plan will alleviate overcrowding. today's deadline came and went without contact seen a workers boeing to request from the trump taj mahal. owners asked for union to withdraw its appeal of the court order that eliminated workers pension plan and health benefits. it did not. neither side will discuss what exactly that means for the casino's future or the job of its 3,000 workers. trump taj mahal is scheduled to close at 6:00 a.m. on saturday. and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten tonight, camille cosby speaks out for the first time since the latest round of rape allegations against her famous husband. and another tense hostage situation, this one in australia where violence was caught on video. also we will go, saving with six abc, before you decorate for that holiday gathering, we have easy ideas that won't break the bank.
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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camille cosby is now rejecting accusations that her husband of 50 years drugged and assaulted numerous women n a statement released to day
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she wrote bill cosby portrayed by the media is quote, a manny do not know. camille went on to say the accusers have not been vetted and quote none of us would ever want to be in a position to attack a victim but the question should be asked, who is the the victim? fall out continued for cosby today, and they a announced they suspended the endowment comedian. nfl players association is fighting for adrian peterson to return to the field. union filed a lawsuit seeking to throw out an arbitrator's decision that upheld league's suspension of peterson for child abuse. he want immediate reinstatement because he served more than the maximum, the players contract called for, and peterson has pleaded no contest to hitting his four year-old son with the switch, as discipline. let's get you caught up on that accu weather forecast and word that sunshine today was short lived. >> thing of the past. >> of course, those clouds are rolling in and melissa magee is standing by at the big
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board with more. >> hi shirleen and hi brian. we had some sunshine today. good start to the monday. unfortunately clouds are moving in tonight and showers will return for our tuesday. the high temperature today with that sun overhead, up to 48 degrees, so 3 degrees above average. you look at our typical low for this time of the year, 37 degrees, and outside tonight, believe it or not, temperatures along i-95 corridor are in the 30's. philadelphia coming in at 37. so not a bad night overhead. it is 34 in allentown. thirty-two at the freezing mark in reading a along the coast in beach haven 38. sea isle city at 41. here's satellite six with action radar sunshine earlier today, mostly clear skies. you can see clouds are starting to fill from the west to east direction. the here's y we will widen out picture you can see this area of low pressure to the south of st. louis. we have a trailing cold front on the move and moisture to the north and east of this system as well. so a lot of this precipitation heads up in to canada. what we're tracking is
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weakening across the ohio valley that will work its way east, as we go throughout the day on tuesday afternoon. here's the setup as we time things out on future tracker six. at 2:00 mostly cloudy and that moisture approaching with the west easterly direction. light rain, light showers from allentown down to berks county a and lancaster county. as i advance this make sure you have wet weather gear close and umbrella just if case because for the evening commute some light showers will be around. not a whole lot of precipitation with this anywhere from a tenth to a little bit more than a third of an inch of precipitation. 10:00 o'clock tonight tomorrow night i should say we still have those showers that will be around. here's the call from accu weather as we look at the morning rush, mostly cloudy, not too chilly, 6:00 a.m. 38. thirty-nine at 7:00 a.m. and 40 is the number at 8:00 tomorrow morning. here's the call for accu weather as we go through the afternoon hours. temperatures in the lower 40's and 50's. it is a cloudy start with afternoon and evening showers on tuesday, and then tuesday night, at sundown, as we say, happy hanukkah for all of
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those celebrating the holiday. it begins at sundown and we're tracking scattered showers. we will take a closer look at that seven day in a little bit, guys, back over to you. melissa, thank you. now for a first look at sports tonight. eagles fans are licking their wounds after last night's loss to dallas. >> painful one, ducis rodgers is live in the a "action news" sports center, hi there ducis. >> it is a dallas hang over type day, bird wake up and realize they no longer control their playoff destiny. they will need help to get in the post season. by losing to the cowboys last night eagles relinquish control of the nfc east. in order to win the division eagles must win out and let cowboys lose one more game or eagles must split and hope cowboys lose both of their remaining games, the bird though say they will not think about playoff scenarios. >> they know what the task is a at hand. we got no wiggle room in one direction or another. our focus should be on washington. but i have been a lot of the guys, they are been in and out
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of here for treatment, we will meet again tomorrow morning at 8:30 and getting. >> coach kelly gave us an update on nick foles. he has not been cleared to play. that broken collar bone still needs more time to heel. he suffered the your week nine against texans so mark sanchez will start at washington, on the saturday. to baseball now phillies are still in the process of moving jimmy rollins and others may an follow this team might get gutted. gn ruben amaro junior told jeff skversky tonight he doesn't think it will be very long before phillies are competitive again. >> i think we've got a good group of pieces of players in our system, and players in our field right now that can get us there much quicker. but again, it will take some doing and it will take some things that will be difficult. it is a difficult challenge. >> ruben amaro, junior with our jeff skversky. ahead next half an hour sixers get their brains beat in
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the philadelphia orchestra joined forces tonight, with hundreds of local vocal lists
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for a holiday sink >> ♪ >> it is the sound you can only hear, at grace baptist church tonight. more than 300 singers in the philadelphia orchestra bringing to life some of the classics, the sink in is part of the orchestra's commitment to go into the community and share their gift. there is a lot of pomp and circumstance tonight for a group of young champion, northwest raiders football team won the pop warner national championship on sunday, to celebrate a pep rally took place at lonnie young recreational center, for 26-six victory, this is midget team's first national title.
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we have some breaking news to pass to you right now we have just learned that the upper perkiomen school district will be closed tomorrow, that is as a result of the ongoing search for bradley stone, of course, upper perkiomen montgomery county and search underway right now, in bucks county. >> yes, this is a live look from doylestown, township, as that search continues, this coming from a reported sighting of bradley stone, in this area, of course, we will have continuing coverage, of this manhunt, coming up, at 10:30. a
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it is 10:30. we begin with breaking news. a possible sighting of bradley stone in bucks county. the marine is wanted for killing his ex-wife and family. they were looking for stone. late this evening they got what could be a big break. right now an apartment complex and the central bucks
10:30 pm
y.m.c.a. are on lockdown as they search for this dangerous man. a lot of people are scared. many people are concerned hearing the chopper. hearing sirens. >> the police helicopter is equipped with infra red. it's searching right now for bradley stone. they are getting reports that residents are getting phone calls. there is a tremendous amount of concern in this area tonight. we will have all the latest with several reporters some on the ground right there in bucks countbuckscounty. and two in paul paulsboro wo hospital. the fire started in the single-family home at 6:40. it took the firefighters an hour and a half to get it under
10:31 pm
control. two people complained of smoke inhalation. we are waiting to find the cause of that fire. >> there was a surprise in court today. don tollefson redrew plea. we will go to trial. he bought fake packages in the name of charity. he is representing himself when that case is heard starting january 5th. >> i was in a position where i did not, as i believe it, fully understand all of the evidence and all of the charges. i had more time to do that. >> i am disappointed. i had hoped to put this case to rest. i was anxious that mr. tollefson plead guilty of. this is his right. >> more than 200 victims are seeking $341,000 in restitution from tollefson.
10:32 pm
the fbi and the police need your help finding a bank robbery at 9:40 this morning, this man walked into the pnc at south broad street. he handed the teller a note and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. it is believed that the same man robbed the ban chestnut. the man is armed and draws. >> all of the vehicles are owned by the state. they were sitting in in parking lot that los to the division of child protection and permanency. they are trying to restore its fleet and get them back in service. today when action news stopped by there, a guard was watching the lots. no arrests were made. check out this mess. 700 fedex packages spilled on the highway. the driver was trying to avoid a
10:33 pm
tire when he lost control and crashed. he was not seriously hurt. fedex sent in another truck to deliver them. it's fedex's busiest day of the year. host hotels and resorts announced that they will shut their doors in june. a brand new one will re-open in the fall. the brand has not been revealed they are set to be at the top of the comcast tower opening in 2018. no complaints hear about the weather. tomorrow is a bit of a story. >> you have to grab your umbrella before you leave home. going to melissa magee. >> we had changes overhead. we are trading in the sun for the clouds and shower that moves in by tuesday afternoon. sky6 live, hd a beautiful shot.
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you see the skaters are having a good time on the ice. they are in comfortable consumer reports. north and west of town, all of the locations are in the 40s and 30s. we can show you the neighborhood numbers. it's not a bad day the high coming in at 48 degrees. we are starting to cool down. temperatures right now as we take a look at the graphics. the temperatures are in the 30s and 40s across our region. we have changes on the way on tuesday. there we go with the graphics. 33, new holland. and chester and center city coming in at 34. down in new jersey, 32 in browns mills. same in ewing. and dover is coming in at 34 degrees. lots of clouds are starting to move on in after a sunny day
10:35 pm
across the delaware and lehigh valleys. the sun came today. it clouds up tomorrow. the area of low pressure is over missouri, over st. louis. you have the frontal boundary moving eastward as we go throughout the day on tuesday. we will time the precipitation out for you. we are showing you 1:30 on tuesday afternoon it's cloudy. the showers are advancing. you see light precipitation for brooks and lancaster counties. make sure you with the wet weather gear close to you. across delaware and south jersey we have moisture to contend with. we are on the wet side as we get into tuesday. tuesday night say hello wand happy hanukkah. those that are celebrating the holiday beginning at sundown. as we go through the day on tuesday the showers will be
10:36 pm
around with a high of 52. breezy limited sunshine on wednesday with a high of 52. we are cooling down on wednesday and friday. guys. thank you. melissa. we want to return to the breaking news we are learning minute-by-minute. they are the murder of six people. they are on lockdown as the police search for this draws man. going to sharrie williams at the big board. >> brian and shirleen it started after 8:00 on what happened in doylestown. it was a carjacking. the driver told the police that the suspect came and had a knife and wearing military fatigues. the police strongly believe it's bradley stone on the run. out of the precaution, those
10:37 pm
that live in the area in particular they were asked to shelter in place. the shooting deaths started in the early morning hours. the detectives have been working in montgomery county. that the deaths started at three different locations. >> they are searching for bradley stone. >>reporter:now the search continues in the late-night hours. he killed his ex-wife nicole hill and five of her relatives. a custody dispute could be at the center of the violent shooting spree. >> i don't want you to have her or see her. >>reporter:the events started a the 3:30 in souderton at the home belonging to stone's former sister-in-law, patricia flick. they set off a flash-bang.
10:38 pm
stone killed flick, her and 14-year-old daughter. >> it's scary. i hope that they get the person that did it. >>reporter:at 4:25 a.m. an emergency phone call. >> a 911 call. >>reporter:them found joanne hill and patricia hill both deceased. 30 minutes later, another 911 call. this time from a neighbor of nicole hill in lower salford. hill lived there with the alleged gunman. >> mommy no. no, no. he said let's go. we got to go. the neighbor saw stone fleeing with the children. minutes later stone dropped the
10:39 pm
kids off with a family friend. >> that was the last tim seen by anyone. >>reporter:still search forgot bradley tone. they surrounded his home in pennsburg. out of the agents used robots to search the home. no sign of stone. >>reporter:he may have shaved his beard. he was a marine reservist. he served in iraq. he had recently shaved. as we reported the upper perkimen school district closed because of the search. find out who made barbara
10:40 pm
walter's list of most fate fascinating list. and more on the deadly
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tonight we are learning more about the deadly hostage standoff if australia. it happened early monday morning. a 50-year-old took over this cafe. holding seven people inside. the suspect is an islamic and 16 hours after the standoff began a swat team moved in after they heard a number of gunshots inside. >> at that time if they did not enter many more lives would be lost. >> when all said and done, two hostages and the gunman was dead. a police officer was shot into the face. they are calling in an isolated independent. james bond is the latest victim of the sony cyber attack. they say that an early version of the screenplay was illegally made public.
10:44 pm
they are going to retaliate by charges anyone that desesemi the crypt. barbara walters released her list of 2014's fascinating people. a mal al activist that married george clooney and "game of thrones" author, r.r. martin. >> and feeling quick, easy inexpensive christmas ideas to spruce up your home. get the mornings top news spruce up your home. get the mornings top news headlines weather and traffic
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well, if a u-haul truck pulls up to your house it may not be cause for too much concern. to keep up with the demand the u.p.s. is renting trucking from other companies. you can ask the driver for
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identification if you are concerned. they deliver 500 million packages in the month of december. >> if you can decking your halls for holiday gatherings you know that entertaining can get expensive. it's about d.y.i. and alicia has four quick ideas you can do with the kids and have people talking. it's cute, do it and brag about it. >> and tina lamoore says that you can create pieces from pinterest. >> i want something for my door. what can i do. 40 things pop up. half of it in my house.
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>>reporter:the wreath and grab left over greenery for free anywhere they sell fresh christmas trees. homemade door decor. speaking of santa. >> this is where the red cup is glaglamorous. >>reporter:you can add plain black ribbon. >> how cute that is. it glam it i glams it up. it adorable. >>reporter:in less then that $5 your hand soap can get a holiday make over. >> they make spray paint for plastic. it took me 10 minutes. >>reporter:and use a jar and. >> salt. regular salt. fill it up. these were literally ornaments that were castoffs from the
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tree. it cheap and easy. at the end of the day i did this project from pinterest. >>reporter:aliv alicia for phl17. the dallas have the inside track. the eagles need to winout and hope that dallas loses two of their games. chip kelly is not thinking about playoff scenarios. >> we are watching them. there are no scenarios can be put on anyone's head. i don't know if it makes you feel better. it about one thing we can do. go out and play against washington on saturday.
10:51 pm
>> coach kelly gave an update on nick foles. the broken collarbone still need morsneeds more time. and colt mccoy was injured. moving onto basketball with the sixers. they were not fun to watch. they get smoked by boston. the league high 22 loss of the year. and cole hamels is routh forgot the sixers. they trail by 19 at the break. third quarter. and noelle 19 points for him. kyle olynyk putting on a clinic. they lose 105-87. >> it's a fact that you dolaie an egg from time to tonight.
10:52 pm
tonight we laid an egg. we are not going to make excuses. which were poor tonight. >> the phils is part of a plan getting younger. expect darin ruf and no more chase utley. ryan howard or cole hamels. the team needs to get better. that means no one is untouchable. >> we cannot limit ourselves. if it involves players that are player here and a great deal of success that is something that we have to consider. >> when you have younger players that have something to prove, there is more hop in their step and range. they have energy. that comes with youth. a little bit of that is important for us. >> i have a funny feeling things are going to be different when
10:53 pm
it comes to spring training in february. we'll be watching ducis, thank you. welcome back the phillie phanatic treated carpet treatment. they recognize the local community heros. rubin amaro jr. aens t
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we want to quickly update you on the search for bradley stone. the police are scouring a neighborhood in doylestown. that is where man resembling stone was spotted. people are told stay inside. he is wanted for the murders of his ex-wife and five of her family members. stone's two young daughters were not harmed. again this, is a developing story. we are taking a live look at shady retreat road as the manhunt continues. you can be sure to watch "action news" at 4:30 a.m. for the latest on this investigation. and melissa magee has one last work week at your five-day forecast. the clouds are starting to mover in overnight tonight. they continue to do so on tuesday. the bus stop forecast. what you need to know. 6:00 a.m., 38 degrees. lots of a clouds. not chilly.
10:57 pm
8:00 a.m., 40 degrees. here is your day planner mostly cloud. temperatures at 7:00 a.m., 45. and 10:00, it rebounds in the upper 40s. not a lot of precip on the way. we will watch out for the showers tomorrow, guys. thank you melissa thank for joining us. thank you melissa thank for joining us. >> for melissa
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