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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 18, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> thursday night a sex tape is making its way arendered a bucks county middle school and the two children in it may be siblings. a mother who went a year since seeing her son get the ultimate christmas gift. and the big story on "action news" the shoplifter that picked the wrong store to rob. an off duty officer and teenage son were in the right place at the right time and the suspect they apprehendsed was clearly not. "action news" reporter dann
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cuellar is live with tonight's big story, dann. >> reporter: shirleen, brian, it's not every day you hear a story like this. this actually happened at this cvs pharmacy. an off-duty officer and son happened to be shopping here when things got crazy and they jumped into action. it was all captured on surveillance tape. >> i'll tell you when it was going ton was just happening i didn't think much about it. >> reporter: run immediate police sergeant dan you murry and his son stay was 8:30 when they went in to buy shampoo and vitamins they see a man wearing a mask running and a customer saying stop that guy he's a thief. >> i tackled him and started wrestling with him and my son brian jumped in. >> surveillance captured the drama at the doorway of the pharmacy. >> he started to resist a little. i got mad you know i lost it because he was trying to fight with my dad. i jumped on him and we had him on the ground within five
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seconds. >> reporter: wow. >> it was crazy. >> investigators say it turns out the suspect matthew p. donahue held up a pharmacist at knife point demanding all the oxycontin they had, $11,000 worth of bills. uniformed officers arrived later and took donahue into custody. for sergeant murray another day open the job he was supposed to be off-duty. >> i'm a trained police officer and acted how every officer should act. my son and the other private citizen wentz above and beyond. they got involved and helped me stop this crime. >> reporter: let me guess what do you want to be when you grow up. >> i'm thinking about being a cop, we'll see. >> reporter: a happy ending during the holidays. matthew p. donahue is at the camden county jail on lieu of 100,000 bail. we're live in run ane
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now to camden where a man was shot in the head 700 block of they areman street. the victim in the 30s rushed to cooper university hospital. at this time police have not made any arrests. tonight, parents and students at roosevelt middle school in bucks county is reeling because of a sex tape. it could be a case of incest. school district officials say several students were caught watching that video at a school concert tuesday night. it features at least one roosevelt elementary student. police confiscated several phones and are conducting interviews to find out where it came from and who may have distribute today. >> it may take a while it will not be done overnight. there's a lot involved in this and we want to do a complete and thorough investigation on this. >> i want to emphasize.
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the actions did not occur within our schools or on our property. >> the da said the two minors may have unknowingly been recorded. a new law makes it illegal for minors to send and receive new images. this may rise to a more serious level of child porn agofy. police in bensalem are working to build a criminal case against a teenage driver they say hit and killed a 16-year-old as she was getting on the school bus. she was crossing the street when investigators say an 18-year-old in this bronco hit her yesterday morning. sources tell "action news" the defroster in that bronco was not working. the car was even described as " a hot mess" by a police source. a decision to file charges sko come tomorrow. a chester county couple accused of killing a 3-year-old boy appeared before a judge.
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jillian tait and gary waved their preliminary hearing. they say the boy was whipped, tied up and beaten to death inside a hobl home in west caln township. the district torn plans to seek the death penalty. >> a 69-year-old north philadelphia man is missing and tonight his family is desperate for answers. veto maglio wept to this macaronis on old bustleton avenue sunday. he was spotted driving his yukon. his family says he has health problems and needs medication. if you know anything about what happened to mr. maglio call police. >> the trump taj mahal has been offered a $20 million lifeline and that's short of what workers were helping for to help keep the casino open. billionaire carl"
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out of a proposed $100 million deal restore pension and other benefits and remake that resort. $20 million will keep that casino open through bankruptcy proceedings. >> two entities are appealing award of casino license to a south philadelphia project. sugarhouse casino appealed the decision to ward a license to the live hotel and casino that would be built 9 and packard. they were behind the province casino and former inquirer building broad street. pennsylvania supreme court never overturned gaming board's decision on casino licenses. the sun came out today. it was not warm by any means. you may want to get used to temperatures in the 40s. let's go now to meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board with more, hey, ces. >> highs will be sticking in the 40s through the weekend.
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44 is the normal high. the average high for philadelphia this time of year we didn't hit that today, 41 in philadelphia. kind of a shock to the system after two days in 50s. allentown didn't make it out of the 30s. 39 degrees. trenton 40. wilmington 42 and boardwalk in atlantic city the high today 41 degrees. temperatures are pretty slow to drop right now. philadelphia down to 38 degrees. millville 36. allentown 37, wilmington 37. part of the reason why the temperatures are not dropping quickly is that we have pretty thick cloud cover. satellite 6 and action radar showing that the clouds really thick right over us. what this does insulates the earth like a blanket keeping in the radiation that we got from the sun earlier today in the form of warmth. however the clouds will thin out in the overnight hours and that will allow temperatures to drop into the 20s in suburbs. it will be chilly night. this is what is ahead. heading into the weekend. it will be cool but dry for good news for travelers, or holiday
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shoppers. next week, though the first week of december -- or winter i should say, it will be a dreary one. i'm looking at not a white but a wet christmas eve. i'll have the details coming up in the full accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. shirleen and brian. >> thank you, cecily. one family got an early christmas present their dog will be home for christmas after taking one heck of a trip. >> the dog disappeared from their home and turned up hundreds of miles away. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the philadelphia animal hospital where max is cared for tonight. max has quite a story, annieq ite a story, quite a journey, brian and shirleen. we don't know if max was stolen from his yard in north carolina or ran away and somebody with best of intentions brought him here to pennsylvania. but what we do know is he's having a good nap here right now. and tomorrow, he is headed home. happy, healthy and far from
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home. 3 1/2-year-old max's discovery is making of a christmas miracle. >> i think he's real lucky considering he's going home. >> delaware county animal control officer lisa stewart said kids found him in chester and brought him to the clear police. a microchip revealed his eye tixt he's at philadelphia animal hospital recovering from his journey. we may never know how max got here and what he saw along the way. >> the dog was actually from north carolina. and we're not sure how he got here. >> from high point, north carolina specifically, max's journey spanned hundreds of miles over a month's time. his owner treacy harrison tells us she and her dust emily did not believe the call. we reached her by phone today. >> i said there's no way you can have my dog it's in north carolina he said we have the dog. >> she knew when she saw the picture. >> without a doubt that's my baby i know he's my buddy sleeps on my bed overnight. >> normally would take a week to
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get him home and his owner want him hope in time for christmas. tomorrow he's on a flight back to north carolina. >> no, i want him home. it's the best christmas i don't have words to describe. it i have a christmas bonus today to be honest with you and that's going right back out the door to pay to get max home and to pay for the vet bill and have him boarded tonight. i don't care. >> reporter: and treacy tells us that today is exactly a month to the day that max went missing. that very same day she tells us doctors tell her her father had three days to live. he's still alive. we're told treacy said actually today she got the news he will make a recovery. for now reporting live in southwest philadelphia, annie mccormick, -- or for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> any. thank you. >> that's not the only happy reunion. >> still ahead a soldier runs home after a year away and pulse
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off a surprise his mom will never forget. off a surprise his mom will never forget. >> couple fakes a heart attack deciding between buying food and health care is something else.
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healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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>> there's fallout tonight from sony decision to cancel "the interview" in the face of thets threats. they're denoupsing the decision and who may be behind the hack into sony pictures. the electronic assault was routesed through six sxurz and six countries this the master mind could be part of north korean spy unit of war jurors recruited as children and trained for years. >> boston marathon bombing suspect made his first public appearance since eyes arraignment more than a year ago. what happened outside of the courtroom captured head blinds. a survivor of that bombing confronted two women who say tsarnaev is innocent. mark held up hisprosthetic leg and said that's proof right there. after the hearing was over he
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said he is grateful to be alive. >> nigerian terror group poke aharran has kidnapped 85 women and children and killed 32 men. on sunday the militants stormed a village not far from the town with same terror group that kidnapped more than 200 school girls last yearch the officials state gunman shot the men before hurting women and children together. >> it's time for the accuweather forecast on this chilly night. >> looking at more chill in the future. katherine scott is sapding by at the big board. >> a little more chill and sunshine. we saw a few peaks today but back to reality. tuesday, wednesday, high of 53. nine above normal. today we dropped down to 41. that's three degrees below normal and the next couple of days temperatures will remain on the cool side. right now, philadelphia, 38, allentown 37, wilmington 37, millville 36 and boardwalk in
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atlantic city 37 degrees. and you factor in the winds. bit of breeze out. there winds not as strong as earlier today. but it makes it feel like 30 in philadelphia. wind chill 27 in reading and 28 sea isle city and cool spot in lancaster 26 degrees. satellite 6 and action radar showing we have a veil of clouds over us thickest over the hart of delaware valley and adds we head through the night high pressure heads in and that breaks up the clouds. morning commute forecast some sunshine. partly sunny. brisk and chilly again at 6:00, 3. by 7:00, also 32 and by 8:00, squeeze out one more degree with temperature of 33 degrees. breaking down region by region it will be brisk and chilly again tomorrow. winds not as strong as today. some regions in the northwest will not make it out of the 30s. allentown tomorrow, 39 for the high. reading 40. lancaster 39, pottstown 48,
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quakertown 39. philadelphia, tomorrow, will be just like today, 41 degrees. it will feel a little better since the winds won't be as harsh. trenton 40, glassboro 41 heading to south jersey shore points 40 cape may and dover 42. that's three below average. if you want warmer weather i'm tracking it. but it will come at a cost. i'll explain that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> there's always a price. >> yes, there is. >> always a price to pay. >> holidays are all about spending time with family of course. one mom was convinced this year would not be the same without her entire family together. >> there were tears of joy tonight in trevose as mom got an early christmas gift in the form of her son who is also a proud soldier serving away from home. "action news" reporter sharee williams is here with that touching story. >> yes, and this surprise guys really is one of a kind. you will see what i'm talking about. it's been a full year since
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private first class jake henery saw his mom. he's used to be in a uniform. tonight he went undercover as a bird for a surprise homecoming. >> i've never gone a year before. >> private first class jake himry home for the holidays. no one knows about it just yet. >> henery a combat engineer was deployed during christmas of 2013 orders to middle east were cancelled but he's been stationed at fort riley kansas ever since the philadelphia nate receive here to surprise his mom. >> anyone to knows i'm here right now. my mom will cry. it should be fun. >> to pull off the big surprise henrey came to red robin snrawnts trevose near his home. he's going to dress up like red the mascot and go out to his mother's table where she's having dinner. so it's time to suit up. first the pants and one piece body suit. then make sure it is zipped up nice and tight. then the bright yellow shirt,
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the big red sneakers, the gloves and last but not least the birkhead. then it's off to greet folks having dinner all with one special customer in mind the mascot begins to pick on her. she plays along as good sport until the big reveal [ [ laughing ] mom and son together again. >> oh, my gosh. >> this smom filled with joy. >> it's everything we're altogether. and when he's not here we're not together so oh, my god. >> this soldier happy to see his family and wow his mom. >> i think it went pretty damn well. she cried so. we did good. >> right? awe. >> excellen surprise. >> hen we will be home 18 days plenty of time to be with family and friends he even brought home with him two soldier friends who could not get to families for the holidays.
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he also told me the first thing he did when he got back to philadelphia, he went to a wawa. >> smart man. >> i'm glad she was not afraid of costumes. >> she played along excellently. >> unforgettable christmas for sure. >> thank you, sharee. >> flyers in action as we get a look at sports. >> jeff skversky is live at the big board with more, jeff. >> guys i need a wawa coffee the way the flyers are playing. standings, players ul the way at the bottom. only one time in the eastern conference is worse right now. flyers trying to heat up against florida before going on season-long eight-game road trip. flyers and panthers going to a shootout tonight in the extra session. dave bowen beats the mason right here. ut, oh, play flyers need a goal to stay alive. here comes shawn stoned by roberto. last time they won in a shootout almost a year ago. they continue to lose point on the ice.
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>> eagles a few weeks ago looked like a lock to make the playoffs. now eagles fans a little worried. they could be headed home in a few weeks if they don't take care of business saturday in washington. mark sanchez has to cut on down on mistakes since taking over for foles. 11 turnovers in 7 games and eagles have the most in all of football. if they don't turn it around quickly this one promising season will be lost. >> there's been a lot of just small mistakes, maybe you not plays developed like i should and we need that to get gone. >> we need to get rid of negative plays. get rid of turnovers. i waish there was a famous explosive offense that you saw prior to the last two weeks. >> sanchez and nick foles have combined for the most
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>> it was fun for the whole family at the jewish community center in cherry hill tonight.
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>> draidle, draidle, draidle i made it out of clay ♪ >> equal part draidle spinning and dancing in the hanukkah celebration grand finale third night of hanukkah. >> some lucky kids got a chance to pick out early present while spending time with officers. 24th district took children to target and helped them pick out a new toy or three and they target and helped them pick out a new toy or three and they donated
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>> much to come in the next half hour a shoplifter fakes a heart attack and it's caught on camera. >> this say busy weekend for holiday parties from what to bring to holiday tipping we're answering all your etiquette questions at 10:45. >> and police officer hailed a hero tonight and credited with saving lives after coming face to face with
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>> thank you for joining us and here is the big story we're following tonight on "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> parents and students at roosevelt middle school, bucks county, are reeling over a sex tape making its way around school hall ways and police say the video could be a case of incest. they're trying to figure out where it came from and they confiscated several phones to aid any their investigation. an 18-year-old accused of causing a deadly crash could find out if he will face charg s charges. a girl was hit and killed while trying to catch a school bus. an off-duty police officer and
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teenage son credited for taking down a crook tonight. they were inside this runameadecvs when a masked man tried to run out the door. talk about being at the right place at the right time. >> tonight at 10:30 excessive police force being a hot topic philadelphia police wants to make sure everyone is well aware of what happened yesterday. an officer showed restraint in the 2800 block of north 20 street when faced with a man holding that rifle you see right there. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist has the story. >> reporter: chopper6hd was over the 2800 block of 20th street yesterday afternoon before 2:00. police tape was up and even from high above we could see ar 15 a military-style assault rifle in the middle of the street. philadelphia police officer colinberg of the 39th district came face to face with the weapon and he was on patrol alone. >> when i heard approximately 10 to 15 gun shots and rapid fire
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succession. >> he came and saw a man police identified at eric barnes firing the assault rifle into the air. he already fired 30 rounds and had dozens more ready. officer berg approached with his weapon drawn. >> immediately announced police, drop the weapon. about the second time i yelled it he was looking over his right shoulder. as he looked over his right shoulder i was within 8 to 10 feet of him at that point he realized me coming out of nor being right there i had the drop on him and he immediately dropped his weapon. >> it's an example of remarkable restraint on the part of the officer. >> today officer barnes is getting high praise from top brass for neutralizing the situation and saving lives including suspect's. this say story the department wanted the public to hear especially in light of recent news of deadly encounters involving police officers and civilians.
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>> there's a lot of good work that goes on every day an a lot of people that do risk their lives helping others every single day. doesn't mean we don't have issues but we need to keep it if proper context. >> i'm doing my duty. this is what we're trained to do. >> reporter: he served 8 years in u.s. army tours in iraq, afghanistan and bosnia and that helped him on the streets of philadelphia yesterday. barnes owned that weapon legally and it was properly registered to him. still he is charged with firearms violation and reckless endangerment and remains behind bars tonight. in hunting park i'm sarah bloomquist, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a 32-year-old man is recovering tonight after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. it happened here in the 6600 block of gyre avenue 7:00 tonight. police say a man was shot in chest and one arm. he was rushed in stable condition. no arrests here and no
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indication to whether the man was intentionally targeted. >> whov held up this metro pcs phone store will get one phone call when they catch him. torresdale avenue and kudly street 6:30 tonight and made off with a few hundred dollars. police are trying to figure out if it's the same person that held up a different metro castro avenue last night. >> crooks saw a fedex driver and opportunity to strike. december 1 a package was delivered to this home in northeast philadelphia. at the same time that black car went driving by and moments later sensing opportunity the same black car pulled up and the driver jumped out. he takes that package and then takes off. >> one week after tragic death of a hero the community came out in her honor. club and punch line apparel
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hosted a fish fry in honor of firefighter joyce craig louis. food was served to those who attended. all proceeds go to craig louis memorial fund and benefit her two children. >> hundreds of homeless advocatesto came to dilworth park to remember those that died this past year. william dougherty, cardy blackton some of the names held high as their lives were celebrated according to statistics there are close to 6,000 homeless people in this city with average of 45 who die each year. homeless memorial day is national event striving to bring attention to this crisis. if you think stores are packed this holiday season get ready for more traffic on the road waitz. aaa estimate that 98.6 million americans will travel 50 miles from home during the holiday season. that is an all-time high. more than 1 million of those called five county philadelphia
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metro region home. take a look at this. here at the big board aaa saying a big reason people are traveling this year, lower gas prices. check it out. philadelphia the average is 2.73. compared to last year that is significantly down $3.47 last year, south jersey $2.41 and now $3.26 last year and delaware fay paying $2.06 down significantly from $3.37. prices down across the board. >> good thing, thank you, brian. let's send it over to cecily tynan now with the "action news" accuweather forecast. hey, cec. >> speaking of travel. if you travel this weekend locally, no problems at all. it will be a dry weekend. and we should have a good amount of sunshine as well. take a look at temperatures across the region now, temperatures not dropping all that quickly because we have a pretty thick cloud deck insulating the earth. pottstown now currently 36 degrees. quakertown 34, martin's creek 35
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septemberer city 37 and levittown 36 degrees. heading to south jersey and delaware, hammonton now 35 degrees. hockessin, delaware 36 and bridgeton new jersey checking in at 36 degrees. satellite 6 and action radar showing that we have that spinning north and east of main. you can see how it is beginning to pull out. now we have cloud cover over us and high pressure takes control. this will break up the clouds tomorrow and bring us a good deal of sunshine. this is the most sunshine a lot of areas especially north and west of philadelphia would have seen in weeks. and so looking pretty good. and still breezy and still cold. the high 41 degrees that's three below average. that was the high today. and but it will feel a little bit better tomorrow because the winds won't be quite as strong. it will not be quite as harsh. headed to saturday high pressure right over us. what this will do is squeeze out moisture from the atmosphere. good amount of sunshine mixing can clouds. high of 40. calm winds and as i was talking about yesterday that low pressure i have been tracking
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for days that will stay well down to the south. track actually even shifted further south today and it will be heading out to sea. it will not bring us any rain and it will not bring us any snow. some people want a white christmas. white christmas means you have at least an inch of snow on the ground and it does not happen that often in philadelphia. if you take the average over the past 30 years we only have a 7.9% chance most years to have a white christmas and this year, it looks even lower because i'm tracking a system that will pull up some rain and warmer temperatures on christmas eve. it has to track much further to the east for us to get any snow. so i'll keep you posted on that. the call from accuweather tomorrow know clouds and sunshine. winds out of northwest at 41 miles an hour. and so it is going to be a cool day. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast that december chill tomorrow it sticks around saturday high only 40. but the winds will be qualm and
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sunday 44 with mixture of clouds and sunshine and winter officially begins at 6:03 on sunday evening. so the first day of winter, monday, it is looking wet. rain moves in in the afternoon. high 46 degrees. we bump temperature up to 51 degrees on tuesday with clouds and drizzle and christmas eve during the day is looking rainy and windy. a high of 56 degrees. can't get snow at 56 degrees. and then behind that system for christmas day a very windy day. but, dry, mostly cloudy, high of 44 degrees. and if we get some christmas magic and that storm tracks about 500 miles further east than expected we will get snow. >> okay. >> straipinger things have happened. >> that's true. >> stay tuned. >> we will. >> all right. cecily. thank you. >> thank you a phl17 is home of mummers parade on new year's day and today one group in the parade celebratesed a milestone in true mummer
10:40 pm
that is the unmistakable sound of the string band congressman bob brady gave them a proclamation celebrating that 100 anniversary and brady presented $100,000 check for the greater philadelphia traditions fund that covers costs associated with parade all yearlong. we are looking forward to new year's day. >> we are. >> still to come on "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight holiday etiquette questions answered if you ever wondered about the perfect christmas tip for the baby sister or even rules of regifting we have you covered. >> but first double trouble on floor of walmart. thieves try to create a way to steal a car full of toys and thieves try to create a way to steal a car full of toys and almost
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three people died and eight others injured after suspected after of a drink driver in california. investigators say 56-year-old margo brownstein rap a red light hitting a crowd leaving church and slammed into oncoming traffic. two people remain hospitalized right now.
10:44 pm
bronstein is facing felony, vehicle manslaughter and dui charges. >> a judge ruled two wisconsin teenagers accused of stabbing a classmate to sea the fictional slender man are competent to stand trial. they lured their young friend into the woods last may and stabbed her repeatedly. ib credibly that young victim survived. >> a pair of thieves made off with a car full of toys after one of the men faked a heart attack and there is video of it. police in florida say these two men passed a cart full of toys at this walmart including huge barbie car and house and instead of paying deputies say one of the men fell to the ground, grabs his chest and facts a heart attack people notice and his buddy walks out with all the toys in town. as soon as the coast is clear he jumped up and is fine and both are behind bars tonight. >> amazon is announcing service for those of who you cannot wait
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any longer to get your order. >> and the holidays can be tricky. up next, some common tipping guidelines and regifting advice. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team. this morning's top hea
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>> from what to bring to the holiday gathering to tricky questions posed by tipping. tonight we're answering your etiquette questions. >> tiz the season for visiting, gifting and tipping and the confusion that can come with it. we asked experts pressing holiday etiquette questions starting with whether you really need to bring something to the holiday party. >> we want to show appreciation so when we go to someone's home take a small gift. it does not have to be a very expensive gift but something that has meaning and the host or hostess would really appreciate. >> a small ornament or gift that can be used rights away go beyond the usual bottle of whine. regifting is now common and do it carefully. >> one thing you need to be careful of is looking to make sure it was not personalizeed to you. >> holiday tipping is customary for those of you who provide services service throughout the year. these are guidelines. the proper tip for baby sitser is average pay for one day or
10:49 pm
night plus a small gift from children and hairdresser or bashshier cost of one session and newspaper carrier $10 to $20 and postal carrier can not accept cash but consider a small gift less than $20. >> don't for goats write thank you notes show appreciation for this busy time of year. >> and amazon has shipping option for customers that cannot wait any longer. one-hour delivery is coming. right now only available in manhattan to am zone prime membersch the on-line retail giant says the service will cost $7.99 per delivery it's free if you don't mind waiting two hours. the new service called prime now will expand to other cities in the new year. all right time for sports and rough night for flyers fans. >> it was. jeff skversky live at the big board, jeff. >> guys, maybe amazon can deliver wins around here what do you think? any time now waiting and waiting
10:50 pm
for flyers to get going. only one team in eastern conference is worse. and playoff chances are getting slimmer by the day. vinny la calfler slicing them up against florida. first period. scotty upshall es net gets rebounds and beats stave mason first goal against his former team. they come from behind second period. from behind the net what a pass to jay vorchek tied at 1. it goes to shootout. six round of extra session this is dave boland beating stave mason. stoned by roberto. flyers lost last ten shootouts. 2-1 final tonight and they pick up a crawl shall point. >> eagles have not lost to redskins in two years and no saturday would not be a good time for that to change. let's not even talk about that. this is virtually a must-win game for your eagles.
10:51 pm
mark sanchez and birds trying to block out all the confusing playoff scenarios and soley focus on the redskins and worst thing the eagle can do this week is think washington is easy win because they're the worst team in the nfc east. >> we're coming to a point and if we show up sitting on our hands we might be punched in the face. they are playing well. robert griffin looked well when he played last week. he has a lot to play for obviously. we'll get their best shot and they'll get our best shot. >> after the last two weeks, well, let's, face it. eagles fans have not been in the best mood. fighting for first-round bye to a team fighting to make the employ-offs. ron jaworksi says don't get your hopes up . >> we're not where we need to be as on organization and team with elite football teams and seattle and green bay. eagles are not there yet. it will take time.
10:52 pm
let's put a little less gas on and let's put the brakes on and be realistic of what we have. it's a good football team. not elite yet. >> realistic all right after tough loss to templ henz are without a win we're a month into the season. sadly ud delaware mascot gaining actual game now. we pick it up. second half. quintin decozy on the base like. 20 for him. tee up 21. new kid on the block. devon coleman making his debut. knocks down nine. temple wins by 20. 82-62 final in delaware. >> sixers making it a happy holiday. target city avenue. steering kids into the ninja turtle section. that kid there having a nice
10:53 pm
holiday. >> cowabunga. >> thank you. >> listen to >> well, yes the sounds of the season there. church of the jay-z in north philadelphia this is the gospel choir made of students from fourth to eighth grade. talented kids thanked traditional and temporary songs and dedicated a song to pope francis in advance of his trip to philadelphia [ music ] beautiful spirit of the holidays pitch perfect verizon hall kimle septemberer tonight and the nut cracker and philadelphia orchestra presented glorious sounds of christmas concert led orchestra presented glorious sounds of christmas concert led by conductor
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looking for one of these?
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >> on to cecily tynan with one last look at the forecast. >> cool side, dry, sunshine. more sunshine than today for areas norm and west of philadelphia. not bad. the forecast shows partly sunny. bundle up, 6:00, 32 by 8:00 and 33 degrees and temperatures like today will struggle to make it into the low 40s and 1:00, 40. but by 4:00 down to 39. partly sunny skies it will be breezy, not as windy as today
10:57 pm
and looking at a dry weekend and early next week rain will be moving in. >> okay. well i guess tonight is definitely a night for some hot tea. >> i got mine. >> thanks you cecily. thank you for joining us tonight. for "action news" at 10, "modern family" is next form owed by friends. >> for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and jeff skversky, i'm brian taff, have a great night. some warm tea and great day tomorrow and we'll see you back some warm tea and great day tomorrow and we'll see you back here tomorrow might
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clive bixby. what a sexy surprise. - quick question-- - mm-hmm? did it hurt when you fell from heaven? because you... fell... i'm gonna come in again. we are watching baby joe on valentine's day so my dad and gloria can... - make love. - ew. don't. - oh. - the point is, we are celebrating a day early. so they can finally be intimate. you've more than made that point. i'm just saying it's a long wait after giving birth. - six weeks. - ugh. i couldn't keep my hands off this one for that long. (both chuckle) i can only imagine what jay's going through. i should check on the kids. haley took 'em to a movie. she's not even gonna answer. i know, but, sweetie, i have a good reason to worry. luke had that nasty nosebleed this morning, and alex, as usual, fainted. she's fine, and dunphy men get nosebleeds. i told you this when we got married. it was in my vows.


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