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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 19, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> friday night. a tow truck driver gets two little and very big surprises, two young children inside a suv he toe away. tonight he's talking to "action news". >> there's no new video of ray rice after he punched his then fiancee at the revel casino. you have to see what happened when they were in handcuffs taken into custody. >> charges filed against a bucks county man for allegedly leading police on a child chase. investigators say the man created a massive scare after telling police he was almost
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carjacked by bradley stone who just carried out a killing spree. stone was the focus of a massive manhunt after he killed ex-wife and five family members that same day. >> after searching all day police got a call stone was spotted in doylestown. turns out it was a hoax. annie mccormick joins us with more on the man who made it all up, annie. >> reporter: and shirleen, brian, tonight a district attorney telling us 34-year-old luke sandersland instilled a lot of fear in the public and cost taxpayers a lot of money when he made up a report of spotting and being carjacked by a dangerous fugitive in midst of manhunt. >> any comment? >> reporter: this man luke sandersland is responsible for a hoax that diverted a manhuntb cks county district attorney said it brought numerous action
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as way from montgomery county where they believe stone was hiding in doylestown. >> it caused an enormous amount of expense, anguish and anxiety and some very real risks. >> sandersland was walking his dog and he said stone approached him and demanded keys to the vehicle and he said his dog bit stone and he paid the guy off. the man was desperate to raise money for an alleged medical condition. >> the fundraising was not contending well and we're contending mr. stone's terrible crimes gave the opportunity for that something else to happen. >> heckler says by coincidence there was acquaintance of stone's in same apartment complex and they thought sighting might be credible. there was no answer there tonight and neighbors were not
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pleased or surprised this was a hoax. >> there's no reason to make something like that up, you know. >> and he does remain in jail on $250,000 bail tonight. he faces a list of charges including making false reports and recklessly endangering another child. annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17, brian and shirleen. >> thank you. we have breaking news right now out of cherry hill, new jersey, chopper hd live over the scene of app accident that has closed route 70 westbound now at the haddonfield road intersection. we are told that this accident has injured at least one person. >> you can see this is still very much an active scene. lots of emergency vehicles out there. as you can see from the lights this apd about 30 minutes ago right at route 70 and haddonfield road. a pickup truck and car collided in westbound lane at haddonfield road. one person in the car as brian mentioned was taken to the hospital. no word on conditions just yet.
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again route 70 closed westbound. we'll keep you updated on this breaking story. a 46-year-old woman fighting for her life after being run over by her own vehicle in the somerton section of philadelphia. chopper6hd was over the scene 5:30 this ing in the 10,000 block of jamison avenue. she was picking her children up at the kline jewish community center and when he got out of her vehicle it rolled. she tried to stop it and was crushed under the suv. crews were able to save her but her chest was crushed by the weight of that car. police community relations have been at the center of national debate and here in our area with law enforcement under fire. today is national step out in blue day set aside to show support for local lawen forment and residents of mayfair stepped out to take part in that and that's where sharee williams is
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live. >> guy who organized this is grandson of detectives from the philadelphia police department. he says city of philadelphia had nothing planned to honor this day. so he took the facebook and hundreds turned out for a rally he called way overdue. >> tonight a different type of demonstration compared to those held most recently in mayfair residents took to the streets not to protest police but to support them. >> they're out there risking their life. that's you know the big thing. >> donald gavshy is the main organizer. >> this message is completely positive. we don't want to focus on any bad cops because there's bad cops, racist cops. we're here for the 99% which i believe is 99% cops are good. >> we're here because he want to be heard and let's make ourselves heard and known that we draw the line. we respect our police. >> all ages taking a moment to
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thank the men and women in uniform for all they do. >> they do so much for us and sometimes we don't even understand how much that means to our city. >> there have been hundreds of demonstration as cross the country in protest of law enforcement following the deaths of several black men at the hands of police officers. but organizer hearsay this rally is not in response to any of that. >> it's just a neighborhood, neighborhood of mayfair and our friends getting together to let the neighborhood police know that the neighborhood and community backs them. >> philadelphia police stood watch ensuring everything went well and even though the demonstration was in their honor they say they only came here to do a job. >> they have a viewpoint like the protesters did. we've been dealing with it the last few weeks. they have their viewpoint. both groups have the right to go out and express their views and we're here at all of these to ensure there's no hospitality damage and no one gets hurt.
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>> not only was it rally in support of police but it also turned into a toy drive for chop. that was happening at the same time at this rally tonight. overall, everything was peaceful. but, philadelphia police tell me they did have enough manpower here just in case anyone showed up in opposition for tonight's demonstrations. we're life in mayfair, sharee williams "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. sharee. thank you. we're in for a chilly weekend. at least there won't be any rain. that's good news if you head out either day to do holiday shopping. meteorologist melissa magee in for adam tonight. melissa you have late word from accuweather. >> brian we'll stick around with the chill at least as we get into the weekend. it is seasonably cold the past couple days. yesterday high temperature of 41. today we climbed up to 42. it's not far away from average. average for us this time of year is 44 degrees as you look at the numbers across the mid-atlantic reepingon near the
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freezing mark in new york city and 36 washington d.c. and norm and west 29 pittsburgh and upper 20s in buffalo, new york. here's satellite 6 and action radar you can see we have partly cloudy sky across the area. this rim of high pressure over the great lakes stays in control and as the weekend wears on this high gets closer to the region. suppressing cloud cover and that when you see to the south of our area. we'll check outed weekend outlook as you holiday shop or ep joy the weekend. tomorrow, limited sunshine. it's calm. 39 degrees. sunday, partly sunny, dry, high temperature of 42. >> a lot to talk about the forecast. sunday marks beginning of winter solstice and tracking wet weather that arrives the day before christmas. we'll take a look at that with the full and exclusive accuweather 7-day, brian. >> see you shortly, melissa, thank you. >> staples says nearly 1.2 million credit and debit cards may have been compromised during a security breach earlier this
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year and criminals used malware that might have allowed them access to transactions at 1 15 stores. cyber thieves may have gotten card holder names. card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes. staples is now offering credit monitoring for customers that could be at risk. it affected different stores between july and september. staples released a list of those impacted stores tonight and we have learned that ten of them are in our area. they include two staples here in philadelphia. then one each in springfield. exton, whitehall, new hope, telford and kennett square all those stores in pennsylvania and one store in newcastle delaware was impacted forked river new jersey. staples posted more about this breachch you can find the information open the web site, shirleen. >> all right. brian, keep a close ion wall they weekend while shopping.
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police have even a number of pick pocketing cases in the last month. these two are accused of stealing a woman's wallet. they racked up 14,000 in charges. investigators say the thieves have two methods of operation in one scenario one distract the shopper while a partner reaches into a purse on shopping cart and in the other they look for unattended purses. >> clerks are targeting homes off white horse pike in clementon, new jersey there's been 7 break ins in the last ten days. every time infruders got into a side or rear window they believe suspects are staking out homes during the day. they believe thieves are heroin addicts stealing to support their habit. >> we have more coming up including president obama end of year address. >> you'll find out what he has to say about soapy decision to pull the interview from theaters on christmas day. >> a delaware tow truck driver
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halls away a illegally parked suv. inside two young children. he tells us about that shocking discovery. >> more surveillance from the night ray rice punched his fiancee in atlantic city. see what happens as they are
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>> new tonight video of the night baltimore ravens player ray rice punched his fee an stay in atlantic city it was taken after he hit her at the revel casino atlantic city last february. she shows a range of emotion during the 45 minute video at one point crying. by the time she and rice are both escorted into the elevator and handcuffs she appears to kiss and newsle him. president obama held a final press conference of the year and now he is in hawaii getting ready to celebrate the holidays with his family. karen travers has more open what the president said. >> hello everyone. >> wrapping up 2014 president obama said there were ciss here and abroad and there's work to do open the u.s. economy but. >> america is making significant strides where it count. >> with republicans controlling house and senate january the president seemed to have his political new year's resolution ready. >> i want to work with this new
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congress to get things done. >> president obama was asked right away of the hacking of stonery pictures. he thinks soapy made a mistake pulling the film "the intervie interview" after hacking by cyber hackers. >> i wish they spoke with me first i would have told them do not get into a pattern in which you're intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks. >> this week, president obama announced historic snivt u.s./cuba relations reopening embassy and reestablishing diplomatic ties that were severed in 1961 and easing economic sanctions. but cetics, including many cuban american law makesers, slam the administration for rewarding castro regime without getting any concessions. >> president obama: you have done the same thing 50 years and nothing changed you should try something different. >> for firing air force one for a trip to havana.
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>> president obama: we're not at a stage here where me visiting cuba is in the cards. >> and his press conference made history. 8 questions from 8 reporters all women. a white house first. reporting from washington, karen travers for "action news" at 10 on phl17 you. >> heard the president talk about the controversial movie "the interview" sony says it may release it after all on a different platform. you'll have to wait and see what they do. sources tell "abc news" hackers have contacted sony again threatening that they have more potentially disinstructtive information that they still could release. they also praised sony for pulling plug on the movie calling the decision very wise and some movie critics of course, disagree. >> it's a time in a world where we pride ourselves on being able to say, whatever we want to say. and satarize whatever we think
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deserves to be satarized now it's like a gangle. >> soapy ceo appeared defending his decision saying the call was made after major theater chains across the country elected not to show the film out of concerns about safety for their theater goers. >> it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> we turn again to meteorologist melissa magee and tonight with the all important weekend word. hey, melissa. >> hi brip, hi shirleen, the weekend is looking nice and dry. it won't be chilly. nothing unbearable this time of year. high in philadelphia climbed up to 42. degrees shy of average. normal this time of year is 44. record 65 setback in 1929 and outside tonight most spots in lower 30s u. up to 20s. 28 wilmington 34 in philadelphia and 34 ral ep town and lehigh valley coming in at 30 in beach haven. winds northerly sustained 7
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miles an hour. still wind chill to factor in, 28 city. 26 allentown and 27 for the current wind chills number in reading and it feels like 32 outside in beach haven. here's satellite 6 along with action radar partly to mostly clear across much of the mid-atlantic region high pressure over the great lakes and high over the weekend will continue to drift east ward across the region and till keep us nice and chilly but dry. the good news it surprises the moisture to the south well away from the region. in fact heavy rainfall moving across the southern tier states will move off south and east the rest of tonight for that matter as we get into the weekend as well. we talk about as you wake up tomorrow morning future tracker 6 showing you temperatures along the 95 corridor will be at the preezing mark and low spots in the 30s. exception the the poconos as we get to 10 a.m. saturday. as we get to afternoon hours ability of recovery on the way.
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calm, high tomorrow coming in at 39, 3858en town and 40 for the dmooingt cape may and 39 dover. norm and west of ton a little skiing if you're in the poconos skier's force cast coupled for you breaks of sunshine, wool, calm, and 30 is the number 2:00 this afternoon. that's a quick look at the forecast. changes on the way. winter solstice begins sunday and we're tracking wet weather before the holiday arrives on thursday. we'll talk about those details with the oak you uweather forecast guys. >> thank you, melissa. >> think made it official jimmy rollings is no longer a philadelphia philly. >> jeff skversky is in for ducis rogers and he's live in the "action news" sport center, jeff. >> jimmy rollings 15 year run is ovlly over tonight. deal with dodgers is finally zone. phillys all time hits leader was not always a hit with the philadelphia fans. but, jay-roll has very found
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memories here. >> they have cheater and boo and whatever else they wanted to do in between and understood the fact that i was true to myself and true to myes press and true philly. and i think with that respect to who i am and what i've done and wish me all the best and i wish them all the best moving forward also. >> rollings, rollings was a true philly. in return for jay-roll two minor league pitchers get ready. they're both concerned top prospects. all right, football eagles and redskins tomorrow in what is a must-win game. look here's the good news washington is the worst team in nfc east and eagles would ooet f last 11 against rifles. here's chip kelly and the eagles leaving for washington from 30th street station and eagle can not clench a play nov shot tomorrow and they can lose it if we lose.
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eagles likely need a one out to get and that still may not be good enough. >> flyers goalies -- [ inaudible ] a back injury at practice today. as you can see there he had to be helped off the ice. nathan will miss both games this weekend and possibly more time coming up in about half an hour. sixers playing charlotte tonigh
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>> in tonight's "healthcheck" a warning from health officials to avoid prepackaged carmel apples linked to four deaths and two dozen illnesses in ten states. cdc is trying to determine which brands are involved and thousand he became infected with listeria. there's no tron stop eating plain apples or avoid other carmel products. >> it's a party with a purpose tonight in west philadelphia. pennsylvania state senator vincent hughes and his wife actress cheryl lee ralph hosted a party at the first district plaza. there was great music and darn good dancing. they brought non-perishable food items to be donated to the program. >> there's that ridiculously cute kids from the phoenixville kindergarten center. monday the members one special
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singer mahan there daughter of news director tom dave whoys smiled as he watched his daughter for good reason tonight smiled as he watched his daughter for good reason tonight he was
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>> coming up in the next half hour recalls with ford and chrysler. >> christmas is a week away and still has shopping to do and we're in luck we'll tell you which stores are staying open late for all of you procrastinateers. >> and daycare provider in a huge load of trouble tonight after a couple of kids left in an suv that got toed away with the kids
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>> 10:30 now and here's a look at stories we're fol on "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a man who said he spotted stone is behind bars. authorities say he lied about the claims causing panic in the community and he's facing a number of charges and held on $250,000 bail. there is new video tonight from the night baltimore ravens player ray rice punched his fiancee in atlantic city.
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it shows the two of them after arrested both in handcuffs and at one point, the two of them as you see here, end up cuddling. >> also staples is joining long list of retailers that suffered cyber attacks. office supply chain says 1.2 million credit cards may have been exposed during a security breach earlier this year. new at 10:30 a daycare provider is facing charges tonight after police say the children she was supposed to be watching were left and tended in a vehicle that was towed. that suv was parked here in the no-parking zone at the shopping septemberner newarkch the tow truck driver showed up 12:20 this afternoon, looked into the vehicle and saw no one inside. at 12:29 it was open a flatbed and headed to toe yard less than a mile away. that's when he said he heard something and discovered 1-year-old and 5-year-old girls inside. >> one kid was laying down in the third row seat of the suv
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and other kid was maybe 1, 1 1/2 years old tiny little girl in halfway booster seat. >> the daycare provider was not named. she faces two counts of child endangerment charges. delaware state police are investigating. >> the victim of hit-and-run in best philadelphia has now died. 30-year-old brian scales was hit three weeks ago by a volvo station wagon at 59 and marketch the father of two was deaf and never heard the car coming. police recovered the volvo and no charges were filed against the driver. sources tell "action news" the vehicle is owned by a woman who let's her son and daughter occasionally drive it. >> there's now a 5,000 -- or rather 5 k tomorrow raise money for help find shane montgomery fund, the 21-year-old disappeared thanksgiving morning after living killdare's in manyunkch that fundraiser takes
10:33 pm
part 9 in the morning on main street. >> rocky the bob cat infamous from escaping from his new owner now has a new home, a zoo. they ordered her to give up her pet today. he's been at the center of ongoing legal fight. he escaped at least six times in october fine bleeded guilty to letting her hairy hugh deany run at large. she was ordered to pay 5,000 in fines and restitution. >> pennsylvania residents can get beer delivered to their homes and there's a few catches. retailers have to obtain what's known as transporter for higher license. delivery will be limited to 192 oupss that's equivalent to a twelve-pack of 16 ounce peers. suggest merz wits not be able to pay when beer arrives all transactions have to begin at
10:34 pm
the store. wine and liquor will not be available for delivery. >> twice as fun on delaware river property usher in 2015. mayor nutter and camden mayor red announced details philadelphia city hall. there's two chances to watch the sugarhouse casino new year's fire house one 1:00 in the evening and other strike the midnight. it would not be new year's day without the mummers. 114th annual parade will take a new route city hall to washington avenue and you can watch it all here live on phl17. >> well, streets of camden were lit and lively tonight as all kinds of community groups took part in camden holiday parade and winter wondrerland. it kicked off broadway and market 6:30 this evening and wrapped up camden children's garden the club was an organizer of tonight's
10:35 pm
>> and holiday season took on a bit of odd twist here at the christ community church in phoenixville tonight. in addition to traditional songs of christmas everyone in attendance too part in game show style competition to teach and test their knowledge of the bible. lose like the kids had a blast. >> looks like a lot of fun. it feels more like holidays with colder temperatures out there. >> just in time because winter is officially right around the corner. melissa magee with details tonight, hi, melissa. >> hi brian, hi shirleen. it feels closer and closer to winter season which arrives as you get to subbed evening. talk more about that nay moment. i'll show you the picture outside sky6 live in hd gorm us shot of center city sky line. we have a partly cloudy sky overhead. temperatures chilly in the 30s checking out numbers north and wets of town. 29 slatington and 30 pottstown and 30 new holland kennett square upper 20s and center city
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and chester 21 and down across jersey and delaware most spots away from the coast, vineland 25, move to hockessin temperature 31. groups mills 29. same thing in ewing, 3 2 tom's river. >> here's satellite 6 and action radar. partly cloudy sky across much of the mid-atlantic region. dry the rest of tonight and for that matter into the receipts of the weekend. the last weekend before christmas arrives next week. here's a setup for you on your saturday. high pressure in control with highest to our north. high will keep things nice and calm and still on the cold side with northerly winds funneling down. clouds and pockets of sunshine. high temperature tomorrow in the city 39. average for us 43 the no. far from arm. as we move to sunday this ridge of high pressure scoots further east and so sunday partly sunny light winds on the way and high temperature of 42.
10:37 pm
sunday evening it is all about arrival of winter. winter solstice beginning 6:03 in the evening when the sun direct raise are right over the tropic of capper corn it will be one of the shortest days and longest night on the way as we get to sunday. and sun will be at lowest point in the sky when you look at the angle of the sun. now we fast forward to the day before christmas. christmas eve we're tracking a storm system out of the south. it works east ward and cuts up to the west of the region. so it will tap into a southerly wind. wind gusting christmas eve 40 miles an hour. a good soaking rain all the way blustery as well. not a white christmas but wet across the delaware and lehigh valleys. keep that in mind if you do travel or last minute holiday shopping. on the backside of the storm system cold enough to find snow showers across areas midwest and down through the great lakes. call from accuweather with exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you tomorrow, chilly, sunshine, high temperature up to 39.
10:38 pm
on surprised, clouds, sun, with high temperature of 42. with winter beginning 6:03 in the evening on sunday and the west thing about after sunday is that on monday the sunset where it looks like we'll have a higher sun angle in the sky and daylight hours will increase after the winter solstice something to look forward to in that regard. monday, evening rain, tuesday, milder up to 5 and drizzle will be round and wednesday, wet and windy christmas eve high of 58. and santa might need a poncho i don't know. thursday, wind whipped, high temperature 46. dry out for christmas and kwanzaa seasonable 45. weekend looking going. >> as long as it's jolly red pronecho. >> i can see it. >> water prooch. >> thank you melissa. >> there was lots of fun and christmas cheer in strawberry mansion tonight. philadelphia prison system held
10:39 pm
16th annual party for families in need he rec center. the party was organized for all those years with the help of co-workers and family. and 20 years after a woman's luggage was lost it's been found. incredible story straight ahead. >> and offering help for all you last-minute holiday shoppers. >> and next ford and chrysler last-minute holiday shoppers. >> and next ford and chrysler aexpanding their recalls.
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>> the parents of james holmes begged for his life to be spared. they released a statement saying their son is gripped by a severe mental illness. jury selection is january 20th he killed twelve people and injured 70 others and pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. >> in boston a judge ordered confinement for a company at the the sent ev of fungal meningitis outbreak new england compounding center accused of using expired ingredients and failing to follow cleanliness standard that resulted in tainted tear
10:43 pm
identify injections. 7 50 were sick sglend ford and chrysler were expanding recall of cars containing dangerous air bags. ford added 450,000 cars to the recall list. chrysler recalls nearly 2.9 million. all recalled air bags made by tacata corporation. they're linked to five deaths and numerous injuries. the bmw stands at loan auto maker holding out on nationwide recall. well, complements go a long way. wait until you here about the 10,000 dollar gift a fast food worker received. >> shopping frenzy has begun. only 6 days until christmas. which stores are staying open only 6 days until christmas. which stores are staying open
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did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands. make dinner pop. >> we have good news for last-minute shoppers in your life. stores are getting into the holiday shopping marathon trend staying open around the clock and taking stress out of the holiday season. here's "action news" reporter wendy stalls map. >> everybody is insane at the same time so. we all just bum into each other. >> last-minute shopping dash
10:47 pm
officially started. >> it's real hectic nowhere to park and shoppers everywhere. >> i started shopping today. so we've been top outlets and over to the mall and now we're here. >> if you have not gotten all shopping done don't fret with five days left some stores are pulling out all the stops to make sure even last-minute shopper gets the perfect gift from old saint nick. >> i do everything at the last minute. >> everything? >> everything. >> kohls opened 6 this morning for 100 hour marathon open 24 hours a day until 6 p.m. christmas eve. >> he's here to help me i'm last minute, december 24 shopper. and i started about 4:30 sometimes. >> and you all have a few more hours for toys "r"us too they're getting into the non-stop shopping game. >> i know what i want to get i run in and grab it and often times at the last minute.
10:48 pm
>> toys "r"us are extending hours tomorrow 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. and on sunday around the clock and won't be closing until 9 p.m. christmas eve. >> we're last-minute shoppers. >> and with only five shopping days left after today the good news is if you do come shopping in the middle of night you may be able to avoid those crowds and get a parking spot right up front. i'm wendy saltzman for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> there is hope tonight for anyone who ever lost their luggage. it took two decades but this bag has finally returned to the rightful owner. tsa lost and found in arizona called maria delos letter her know her bag was found after all that time. she's a designer and inside that dog she discovered art supplies from a show in las vegas. >> when i looked that note it was dated -- it dated me as 20
10:49 pm
years ago. and i was absolutely blown away. >> tsa spokesperson says the agency might have done reorganizing and discovered that bag in the process. maria says many supplies are still useable. >> good stuff. >> a fast food worker in texas got a pretty amazing holiday present at her drive-thru window a customer gave her a coat off her back and it was a mink. she says she complemented the woman on her coat and the woman took it off and hand today over. the woman who gave it says she followed her instivrnt. >> lady said that's a beautiful coat. and she was so sweet. so i just took it off and handed it to her through the drive in window. >> she was a perfect strange are i didn't know this lady from nobody i never seen her in my drive-thru. >> the coat is worth about $10,000. >> my goodness i was like you know what you got a nice car there, too, and your house is
10:50 pm
beautiful. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> again rossty. >> time for sports tonight. >> jeff skversky live at the big board, ces. >> brian you would look good in that coat. jimmy rollings last time we'll show him in that outfit. the biggest thing intist history he's a dodger. the phillies club house will never look the same. rollings number 11 locker is empty tonight. rollings longest tenured athlete in philadelphia wanted to statement he had a change of heart whether phillies changed direction to rebuild after nearly 15 years here he won mvp and world series j-roll says he's not that stood leave. >> it's business. i shed my tears for the first time when phillies traded bobby braeuh that tore a piece of my
10:51 pm
heart out and brought home realization this is a business and things will happen and you cannot be emotional about them. >> he cannot have any regret fort career he had in philadelphia as i told him i said go to la and win another one. >> so here's what the phils get for all-time hit leader zac efron 20-year-old righty 33 overall draft pick two years ago and also 22 middle of the rotation guys. chip kelly has not missed playoffs since offensive coordinateser at new hampshire and he's trying to avoid a heartbreaking finish with two games to go. kelly and eagles leaving 30th street station headed for washington where they play a must-win game tomorrow 4:30 against redskins worst team in nfc east. >> we need to win, bad. so it doesn't take much
10:52 pm
motivation. we played against couple good defenses division opponent last week that knows a lot of our stuff we'll face similar challenge next week where we have to be sharp and accurate. >> sixers make yet another head-scratching trade tonight and send guard alexi sped to hugh stop for second round pick and lonnie toriof will not play rest of season because of injury. sixers hanky wheeling and dealing while they look for first win. concernal walker around noel. sixers down 24. doesn't get better. tony wrote ten air ball. they drop 23 of first 25 games and well they're the only game in nba without a w at home. it's flyers, if they don't have enough issues now this. starting goalie steve mason goes down with a back injury at
10:53 pm
practice today and as you can see he had to be helped off the ice. mason will not play at all this weekend. tomorrow in toronto, sunday in win peg the eagles seem like their own hope in town. >> big day tomorrow. huge day tomorrow. >> well deserved honor for a long time member of the camden catholic high school community current and former players for the basketball team honored monsignor bob mcdermott for 40 plus years of service. he was head coach of the team in 70s and served as assistant until last year. players say his service and dedication have inspired their players say his service and dedication have inspired their lives on and off the court
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sgluv don't often associate a bathtub with good health. this new trement maui spaw poke ara toon louz customers to bathe in beer. it's said to detox few and one thing beer does not do when it goes down your mouth. the only buzz is relaxation. beer continues not a drop of alcohol. >> if it's good for my pours i'll try it out. >> all right. the weekend forecast. >> yes, shirleen and brian. we'll show what you is going on out the door tomorrow morning as you go throughout the day.
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you can see temperatures will be in the 30s. 30 at 7 a.m. mostly cloudy. limited sunshine. 34 at 10 a.m. 38, 1:00 and 4:00 tomorrow that temperature coming in at 36. here's weekend call from accuweather. on saturday sunshine, chilly, calm. temperatures 39 and sunday partly sunny and dry. temperature 42. winter solstice begins sunday temperature 42. winter solstice begins sunday 6:03
10:58 pm
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of the gourmet kitchen, we find ourself back in the warm embrace of the parlor. easy, duchess. it's one room, not gosford park. where'd you get all this sweet furniture? oh, we rented it to make the house feel more comfortable and inviting. don't sit there! oh, my gosh. it took me 20 minutes to get these chops just right. there. does that look straight? nothing about that looks straight. mm. i love the house. it's beautiful. here is a tree. it's a pachira, a taiwanese symbol of good financial fortune. it's also known as a money tree. that makes two of us. well, i would like to propose a toast. mm. missed me. to the hard work of claire and cameron-- or as i like to call them, "clameron"... oh! which is what potential home buyers will be doing when they see this place-- clamorin'. clamoring to buy it f--


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