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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 24, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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wednesday night, and the clock is ticking, and it is christmas eve, christmas morning, lots of last minute shoppers looks like mostly men were outside tonight, if you are not done just yet we can help. >> holidays are all about giving, so tonight we will catch up with local police officers spreading holiday cheer they are making sure that this is a memorable christmas for dozens of children. but the big story on "action news" tonight is impending arrival of santa claus, and yes, it is christmas eve, if the kid are not in bed already they are no doubt in their pj's eagerly awaiting tomorrow morning. >> it is a good thing santa
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has some experience with nasty weather. here's a live picture of center city. you can see it is a foggy night out there, we could see rain overnight, meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board and melissa, what can we expect christmas morning. >> shirleen and brian, heavier of the rainfall, lifts off to the north and east in time for christmas day but we will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar still some light rain showers across areas of south jersey down through delaware but heavier rain has passed through or north and east. big concern in the majority of the moisture is the visibility is reduced. we are down to 5 miles in trenton, point in the poconos, 4 miles in reading. up to 9 miles in philadelphia so conditions are starting to improve from several locations, as moisture is moving wouldn't out. temperatures are pretty mild for late december. it is december 24th. we are at 62 degrees in philadelphia lower 60's in trenton. fifty-three in the poconos. along the coast in sea isle
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city coming in at the 50 degrees. the warmth will stay as we get into christmas day and as we get into christmas everyone wants to know where santa is. we are tracking him and little boy or girl you need to know he is currently in jamaica and headed for port au prince, haiti. time to get in bed. get those cookies and that milk ready for santa as he comes on home. here's the call, as we look at christmas day mild with some sunshine. wind gusting from 30 to 45 miles per hour, with the temperature coming in at the 53 degrees once we get in the afternoon hours. coming up, guys we will look closer at the forecast and let you know what follows for rest of the week ahead and more on christmas day with the accu weather seven day. >> we have got less than two hours to go until the clock strikes christmas. if you have not finish your shopping yet then that last sentence may strike fear in your heart but don't worry, you are not alone. >> no, you are not. we sent eva pilgrim out to talk to people waiting until the absolute last second to
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get it all donnas she joins us live from wynfield, hey, e va. >> reporter: hi guys, if you are a real procrastinator who literally you are out of options, have no fear, is there still some stores opened for you. check it the out, many 24 hour pharmacies like this rite aide are here for all those last minute holiday needs. a steady stream of people are moving in and out of stores still opened around the delaware valley, at the mall. >> little last minute christmas shopping. >> reporter: for the final rush for presents has become an unofficial tradition, that is mostly about having fun. >> santa actually laid across the three of our laps, believe it or not, christmas spirit. >> reporter: but time is now mostly out. once busy stores of the cherry hill mall has closed for the night, king of prussia, many shoppers say waiting until the last possible hour paid off. >> not so bad today, maybe
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everyone shops early. >> it is slow compared to other days, but it was bigger item we sold. >> reporter: he said all that spark he will was flying out of the case these year. sales are up over last year. one of those sales was to these newlyweds. >> our first christmas as a married couple. >> yes. >> reporter: and, they decided to let his new wife open up her present, early. >> i had to do something special. >> sparkling is good. >> reporter: sparkling is always good. at this point here at rite aide we are seeing mostly people who are picking up those wrapping essentials, parts, the the wrapping paper, things that they forgot to put around the paper. that is what we are seeing for the most part. but if you still need to buy gifts, to get creative there are some things you can get inside. we are live here in wynfield, eva pilgrim for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> hoping to see something sparkling for christmas.
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>> thanks, eva. fire fighters in magnolia, new jersey had their lights and sirens, flaring there wasn't a fire, no, it is just special visitor, santa skips a reindeer for a ride on the decked out antique fire truck, he even stopped to deliver presents to this lucky little girl. every year fire company adopts a family in need to make sure that theyhave a bright christmas. two people were hurt, today, after a car slammed in the delaware nursery home. action cam was on the scene minutes after the impact, near the village nursery home on hockessin, delaware. an 89 year-old map was pinned by that car and suffered critical injuries. one of the people inside the nursing home was also hurt. there were two people in the car but they refused treatment. right now police are still investigating the cause. philadelphia police have a tip from the public will help
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them find a truck driver who hit a woman in holmesberg last night and then left her for dead. three three-year old teresa pozi was on the center line of state road after 5:00 last night waiting to cross when she was hit. the the driver was either in a tow truck or a pickup truck. pozi's grief stricken mother says any fur could help. >> if anybody can please help us. if you are a mother, you will necessity what i'm going through. >> just awful. >> teresa had planned to spend christmas with her family, accident investigators hope surveillance video from businesses along state road could provide some clues. a truck, struck and killed a person in west chester this morning. it happened around 10:00 o'clock in the 700 block of east market street. police have not told us victim's names just he or she was hit by a garbage truck. they are trying to figure out if the person was walking or riding their bike when it happened.
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bitter sweet holiday season for a family who suffered inn comprehensivible tragedy this year. some volunteers are trying to make it the brighter. santa claus made a visit to the surviving children of keisha williams. their mother and three of their siblings were struck and killed in the carjacking back in july. today, santa and his helpers bought presents to help get christmas started a little early. >> we're just very happy with all of the support that we have to accomplish this and give the family a little bit of special christmas because they are going to be missing other important family members. >> keisha's mother cares for her remaining children. family that this show of generosity was great thely appreciated. thousands gathered to hear pope francis deliver his christmas eve message from the vatican. he urged follow tours face problems with faith and tenderness.
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just days ago pontiff criticized his staff for gossipping and having a lust for power. several have spoken out says the pope was merely asking them to examine their conscious, and use the christmas season to heel. tomorrow the pope will deliver his traditional christmas day speech. the family candle light service at hope church in voorhees, new jersey was pack tonight. the popular services says it is on the spiritual rights that jesus brought and they are reminded many bright trapping of christmas keep faithful from seeing the real meaning of the holiday. a very magical night in chester township. police officers are making sure that some very special children have a present under the tree in the morning. sharrie williams has the story. >> reporter: twas the night before christmas and gifts still needed to be delivered. it doesens of bicycles are making their way under their tree as a family who could really use them, families like
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roselynn burton who is raising two great grandchildren. >> i'm quite sure i would be very happy, they are happy little girls but to see a gift like this being given to them, i'm quite sure that that smile will be even bigger. >> reporter: it is all possible for a charity called santa's wills, founded by peg and her brother. >> for me everyone of those think there is a face on that and on christmas morning they will come down and be so happy that they have got a bag from santa and they will feel loved. >> reporter: charity works with donors to come up with the bikes and then they partner with the chester township police department, to find families in need. the department then load the bike on the large city truck and it is off to deliver them, part of the arrangement is the kid have to be in bed when the bikes arrive so the parent are waiting up for the special delivery. >> that is what my grandson da therius, township cops are the best. i really appreciate them because i could not afford to
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get it. >> reporter: from door to door the the officers spread the holiday cheer and brighten the the family's home. >> this idea collecting giving away bikes was thought of during a moment of grief, the founders of the santa's wills lost their mother to cancer on christmas day so giving something to others was a way to restore their own joy. >> i'm looking to find that joy to put back into christmas again. because it was sad a. >> reporter: santa's wills have been rolling strong for seven years now, miles keep coming for these families and for those who started it all. in chester township, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on, phl17. >> our hearts go tout them. we have much more ahead including an update on former president george hw bush. plus there is concern tonight that a lab technician in atlanta might have been exposed to the ebola virus. and we will take a look at top optionness gaming consoles this holiday season. next we will take to you
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missouri where this is more rioting after a white police officers shoots a black teen but this time there is video. as we go to break, we want to thank all of how shared your holiday photos with us. check out all these great light displays sent to us on social media, using the hash tag six abc light.
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mayor of a st. louis suburb is urging calm after the death of the black teen by a white police officer. antonio martin was shot last night in the gas station, and surveillance video shows martin pulling a gun on the officer, who was questioning him, and another man, about a store theft. the the other man, ran away, and the the missouri mayor says there is no comparison between this killing and those of michael brown and eric garner. jet blue says it will help officers wishing to attend funerals of two new york city policeman, killed last week even. the airline says it will fly two officers from each department on its route to the funerals in new york. the services for officer rafael ramos will be saturday. jet blue is helping to have the families of slain officer
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wenjian liu flown in from overseas. lab technicians in cdc in atlanta is being monitored for accidental exposure to ebola. person might have come in contact with the small amount of the live virus on a sealed plate. the material was not supposed to be in that lab, where the tech was working. other workers are being evaluated for exposure but at this point they are not under man try monitoring. former president george hw bush remains hospitalized in houston tonight, and family friend tells abc news that the president is doing quote fine. they expect him to be home in days. mr. bush was rushed to the hospital late last night after experiencing shortness of breath. he is 90 years old. controversial movie the interview will open in select theaters tomorrow but you can watch it right now if you'd like. sony released the movie starring seth rogan and james franco available on line.
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the it is available on google play, you tube and x box video and other sites for $5.99. tomorrow's limited release including several theaters in our area. the accu weather forecast as santa makes a turn for the east coast. >> melissa magee is live at the the big board and medical list awe are track ago this rain that is moving out. >> yes, that is good news, that soaking rain, that you had earlier today, is lifting off to the north and there is one more batch we have to watch as we get in the overnight hours but for the the most part heavier is already out. millville looking at rainfall totals 1.66 inches. inch and a quarter in dover. inch in atlantic city. philadelphia is .82 ain't three-quarters of an inch of rainfall, falling today in reading. in the wake of the moisture moving off to our north and east these temperatures at this hour are very mile. it is 62, in philadelphia, trenton also a lower 60's, allentown lehigh valley, 57, same thing in reading a long the coast in wildwood upper
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50's. dover coming in at 63 degrees. here's what is going on as we look the at win direction and coming out of the south, southwest that southeasterly wind sustain from 3 miles an hour in allentown to 10 miles an hour in philadelphia it is unseasonably warm air and at this hour. satellite six with action radar shows you there is moisture we had overhead today, lifting off to the north and east but you do notice there is more moisture out across western pennsylvania and down through ohio valley. that works eastward as we get in the overnight hours once cold front actually swings on through. we've got you covered for tonight. heading out for midnight mass for christmas eve and services then, a few left over showers, watch out for that and areas of fog will be an issue. milder temperatures at midnight we are looking at temperatures in the lower 60's and keep in mind the record is 64 setback in 1990. future tracker six is showing you that cool front moving through and last batch of moisture on the way in the morning. cool out from the west/east direction at 7:00 in the
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morning on christmas day abe cloud will break for sunshine on thursday afternoon but the wind will pick up on the back side. so here's the call from accu weather cloud and sunshine, cooler, temperatures earlier in the day tomorrow and then they will be falling once the front passes on through. 53 degrees in the afternoon hours in philadelphia and most spots will be in the 50's. we want to take a closer look the at fourth cast for christmas day and another check of where santa is right now with that accu weather seven day in the next half an hour. >> bye, melissa, thank you. >> for a first look at sports as bird begin to look at next season. jeff skversky is in for ducis rodgers tonight live from the "action news" sports center, hi jeff. >> eagles are the only ones really talking about this giants game everybody else wants to know about the future. eagles coach chip kelly is not ready to announce starting quarterback for next season. when asked about nick foles future kelly said he will reevaluate in the off season. for now kelly is only worried about the giants. mark sanchez will start for
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eagles in this meaningless regular season final a begins g men. since taking over for injured foles sanchez has the most turnovers in football among reasons eagles are not going to the playoffs. running back lesean mccoy has said this season is a waste of time. >> it is tough. i think every year you try to get to the playoffs and get there and hopefully have a nice little run, to get a chance to the get in the super bowl. that is what i always thought of and dreamed about doing. we have to keep going. i think we have to get the piece toes get there. so far we came up short. >> i want it so bad, man. i will continue to do what i can to help this organization, get to that point and i will continue to make myself a better player, come back even stronger, bigger next year. well, sixers are in the holiday mood, believe it or not, sixers, same team that lost their first 17 games, well, they have won back to back games for the first time
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and sixers will of course be off until friday and they will rally with friday down 23 last night to beat the heat. prompting miami start dwayne wade says it doesn't get much worse than this it does, dwayne, ouch, takes a foot to the gut last night, take another look. that hurts. i'm delicate. i'm standing here not out here playing. i'm are delicate. we will be right back with
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egg harbor township turned an unfortunate medical condition into her first but not her last business venture. >> she has made it a family affair. lisa thomas laury has story tonight. >> reporter: her name is siri jackson a seven year-old. >> i want to help little kid who have cancer. and, we can look beautiful. >> like you. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: she does not have cancer but two years ago her family noticed her hair was thinning, eyebrows and lashes shedding. she was diagnosed with hair
10:24 pm
loss. >> i was like, all of this will come out but i'm afraid, kid will tease me. >> she was able to, go into second grade. >> reporter: siri's grandmother came up with the idea, with hats with individual themes and human hair. it is the kissy face collection named for what the family called siri, there are kissy face hats for blonde hair. >> this is the sun. and, look at that. >> and there are kissy face hats for girls who like spots, kissy faces for doubters with military families, for bikers and hats with dog lovers. >> you know, why it is so special for kids, because, you know, feel happy, feel great, feel beautiful, and their hats, like me. >> reporter: earlier this month grand mom and granddaughter attended a business fair hosted by shore medical center.
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kissy face collections was signed immediately at the event and hats will soon be available in the hospital's gift shop. as for this pint sized business woman. >> tell me about having your first business. >> it feels great, like great, great, great. >> reporter: she's still working on a web site go to our web site six for contact information. i'm lisa thomas laury for "action news" at ten on
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still ahead the adorable picture of president obama playing dress up to girl scouts. and plus planning to go to the movies on christmas we will look at new ones out this holiday season. we are continuing to track sanity, we will tell you where to use, right after the
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thanks for joining us on this christmas eve, and here's a lot big stories tonight on "action news" at ten on phl17. >> philadelphia police are hoping to get a tip from the public to help try to find a truck driver that hit a woman in holmesberg last night killing that woman. she's three three-year old teresa p.o.zz. how was in the center of the street while she was struck by that truck. driver was in a tow truck or some kind of a pickup truck. two people are recovering after a car slammed in the nursing home today. an 89 year-old man in the cokes bury village was pinned by that car and suffered critical injuries. one other elderly woman inside the home was also injured. only 90 minutes, until christmas, and if you have the not finish your shopping, don't worry, while most stores have closed for the night some pharmacies are keeping their doors opened, all night long. and right now at 10:30
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rain is heading out of here as santa is heading in. for kid that works out perfectly. >> would say so, melissa magee tracking sanity and that rain system tonight. we have word santa is pretty darn close. >> really close brian and shirleen. the last time we check he was in haiti. now santa's whipping along, rodolph is doing his job because he has landed in the states very close to our region and we will talk about that in a moment. let's show you storm tracker six live double scan radar, we have some moisture off to the west moving across western pennsylvania and down to the ohio valley. that is where we have to watch out for as we get in the overnight hours and after that smooth sailing for christmas day. check out visibility because it is still a concern for some locations, millville down to 3 miles but up to 10 miles in philadelphia some improvement here in center city. allentown down to 7 miles. .3 in the poconos and low level moisture there in redding with visibility reduced to about 6 miles. check out these temperatures though.
10:32 pm
at 10:30 tonight, sitting at 48 degrees in slating ton. forty-eight in fleet wood. 53 degrees in tannersville. warrington 60. new who will an 56. center city and chester coming in at 62 degrees. down across new jersey ewing six 16789 browns mills 61. smyrna 63. dover at 64 degrees at this hour. check out 249 hour temperature change with those southerly wind coming in advance of the cold front that will move through later tonight. we are 15 degrees warmer then we were this same time yesterday. 13 degrees warmer in the poconos. 16 degrees warmer then we were 24 hours ago in trenton. here's satellite six with action radar. there is that heavier rain across our region lifting off to the north and east but cold front still off to the west, moving across western pennsylvania, and down to the ohio valley, once that swings on through these temperatures currently in the 60's will fall down in the 50's and evenly the 30's into christmas night. we will track that
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precipitation, future tracker six showing you during the overnight hours we have that front that swings through and as we get into 7:00 in the morning on christmas day through showers still lingering from lakehurst down to wildwood but there is cloud that will be breaking for some sunshine as we go throughout the day on thursday. the in the wake of the moisture wind will be gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour. we have an update on santa hopefully everyone is in bed. right now he is in virginia but heading toward milton, delaware, it is time to to bed, get pg's on and think happy thoughts as santa brings those presents for christmas day. we will say merry christmas to everyone. some sunshine. wind gusting up to 35 miles an hour. 9:00 in the morning 53. temperatures start to fall off. 1:00 in the afternoon. fifty as we get into 5:00 o'clock in the evening on christmas day. temperatures in the upper 40's. we will crash down into the 30's for overnight lows. we will be a touch cooler for friday.
10:34 pm
accu weather forecast we are dry but gusty wind tomorrow. high temperature 53. friday it is sunny and nice not bad at 50. saturday sunshine and cloud, mild for december, 54 and on sunday, mild with the high temperature of 50, much cooler as we get into monday, 42 and temperatures fall back closer to normal as we get in the rest of next week guys. santa is on his way, and hopefully all have a very merry christmas. >> he does not come if you are not in bed, that is right, time to get to sleep. >> thanks, melissa. this is what happens when an ef1 tornado touches down just look at damage left behind in north carolina. one of the powerful twisters touched down for just a few minutes today. it had wind of 105 miles an hour, one person was injured by flying debris. seven people went to the hospital late this afternoon after an accident in spring garden. septa bus and a city trash truck collided at broad and callowhill streets. the injured went to hahnemann
10:35 pm
and jefferson university hospitals but none of the injuries appear to be serious. the cause of the accident is under investigation. a pedestrian is in critical condition tonight after getting hit by a car in hammington, new jersey. it happened around 6:50 this morning in front of the saint anthony padua catholic church. rick tim was rushed to atlantic care regional medical center. driver remain at the scene, no word on how the accident happened. women is facing charges after wreaking havoc behind the wheel tonight. her carries being placed on the flatbed after crashing at burger king in whether it pain township. it all started in king of prussia when woman got in the confrontation with valet attendance at season 52 restaurant. she hit one of the men with her car and then sped off. it took multiple police departments from several township to get her to stop but victim is being treated for a head injury. south jersey day care center where a child died last month is now, out of business.
10:36 pm
state officials confirmed that the owner of sunshine day care on cher lane boulevard in millville is no longer operating. police say a 15 month-old drawn in the 1 foot deep gold fish pond just outside that facility. that while investigators say owner was inside caring for six other children. so far, no charges have been filed. chester county family lost their home on this christmas eve, a viewer sent us these photos of the home engulfed in flames. it located on old wilmington road just south of route 30 in sadsbury township. fire was so intense part of the house collapsed, fortunately no injuries here and the causes under investigation. a bucks county guidance counselor will not face charges for a facebook post that prosecutors say was inappropriate but not criminal. thirty-seven year-old mary kate blank evenberg wrote about a die in protest outside the link a few weeks bag saying quote if my child cannot get to the eagles game
10:37 pm
due to protesters i will personally shoot everyone of them. you have been warn, idiots. at first she claim her child wrote that post but investigators determined it was in fact her, so she won't be charged, she has been put on administrative leave from her job at central bucks west high school. there is friendship and warmth this christmas eve. chosen 300 ministries, hosted a christmas party for dozens of families and individuals there was a big dinner with all of the trimmings playing music, and children had a lot of games and gifts as well. it was all a way to say that in philadelphia, there is room at the inn. ♪ familiar carols rang out during christmas eve service at mt. airy presbyterian church. they were woven in the nine lessons of the service which tell the story of jesus birth.
10:38 pm
so lucky kid got to open up an early gift tonight and pretty nice ones at that. check out the sheer joy, on the face of these elementary school students who towered into a brand new bicycles tonight, the older kids, tablet computers. they before given out in south philadelphia by pennsylvania state representative jordan harris who wanted to get younger kid more active and older kid better equipped for school. >> ahh. still ahead on this christmas eve night president obama plays dress up with cute little girl scouts, you just got to see the pictures. plus we will tell what you caused a panda cub at national zoo to climb up a tree and stay there, for the the last day. 10:45 a look at some of the popular gaming systems that santa is delivering to homes tonight. and, as we go to break we want to thank all of you who shared your holiday photos with us, check out all of these great light displays.
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former navy seal who claims he killed osama bin laden is under investigation. navy is looking into whether
10:42 pm
roberto neil classified information whether he said publicly he fired the fatal shot. investigators did not say what information they believed, might have been leak. director roman poland ski has lost his bid to have a court dismiss his sex case. judge says one of the reason he reject the motion is because he still refuses to return to the united states. he pleaded guilty having to sex with a 13 year-old girl, during a photo shoot, and he was in jail for 42 day mental evaluation, and his lawyer claimed that his judge assured him that would be a sentence but when he was ordered back to prison he took off for france. self ertz to extradite him back here of failed. the panda cub at national zoo got a big shock, literally. it sent him hiding in a tree and refusing to come down. on tuesday she touched off a hot wire and that caused her enclosure, the the shock sent
10:43 pm
her scrambling up that tree, and zoo says this is, standard panda behavior, and she is fine and she will come down when she is ready. check out this adorable picture, president obama got all dolled up with the group of girl scouts, each one of them wearing a sparkling tiara. group attended the annual white house science fair, in may, and the white house photographer held the photo and released it, tonight. got to love that. >> yes. >> good dad right there. >> if your christmas feast including chinese food it turns out you are on trend, more after the break. plus it is getting down to the wire if you are thinking about buying a gaming control for christmas we have some information, you need to know.
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if you are planning on chinese tomorrow you are not alone. it is 152 percent more popular on christmas than any other day of the year, according to grub hub. their data show christmas eve, christmas day and new years day are the top three days for chinese food orders, the most popular dish, general su's chicken. >> i love that. >> i had that tonight. i'm part of the trend.
10:47 pm
>> yes, you are. gaming consoles make a great gift beside playing video games, it can stream videos, surf web and help you get in shape this year is there a new choice for pint sized player. here's consumer reporter nydia han. >> reporter: consumer reports checked out top options when it comes to gaming consoles to help you make the best choice. in this consumer reports lab, gaming experts matt, and others check out x box one from microsoft, nintendo wii you, sony's play station four and new comer leap tv from leap frog. it comes with a educational games and controller that is just right for little hand. leap tv is aimed at children three to eight for $150. if you are choosing a console for older kid expect to pay a lot more. >> question you should ask yourself, when it comes to the console is do you want it just for gaming or all entertainment through console. >> reporter: while any of the higher end consoles will stream from services like
10:48 pm
netflix and others, x box one has advantages of the entertainment hub. when bundled with the connect motion sensing camera can use voice command. >> watch tv. >> reporter: switch between games and watching tv without having to pick up a separate remote. >> x box one is a good choice if you split between gaming and watching tv or movies. >> reporter: like x box one play station four has built in blue ray and shines for gamers who likes graphics intensive games and show video clips or live streams or sample a friend's game over the the internet. >> they have a button on the controller. after you hit that one button you have access to all play station sharing features. >> reporter: if you don't want your kid to view shared content it can be trick toy restrict. finally if having a greatest selection of family friendly games is your priority, the wii you is console that delivers. the wii you cost about $300, play station, $400 x box one with connect is $450. but consumer reports say
10:49 pm
around the holidays you can often find consoles bundled with different games and accessories at a discount so it pay toss shop around. i'm nydia han for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> time for sports tonight, the eagles fans begin to ponder the future for quarterback nick foles. >> jeff skversky is live at the big board, jeff. >> last december chip kelly joked nick foles would be the starting quarterback for next 1,000 years but now after a season ending injury, it doesn't sound like kelly is ready to commit to foles even for next year let alone the next 999. mark sanchez will start sunday's meaningless season finally with the giants but the quarterback of the future question could linger all off season. fold had turnovers before breaking his collar bone. he will reevaluate foles just like he does with everybody else. >> for me the same the the day before christmas is i will evaluation at quarterback. we have a process for them to go through.
10:50 pm
i watch every single game every single decision that everybody made at every position before we make legitimate decisionness terms of what we do. it is not fair to any player to say i have saw enough. let's make a decision what we will do. for the the rest of the year. that is not the how we do it. >> now eagles have five guys going in the the pro bowl but defensive even fletcher cox is in the one of them. cox admits he is mad bit too. chip kelly says cox is their mvp. >> i think he has been our top player. he has been nearly unblockable at times. he is a very disruptive force. >> it means a lot. i respect chip. everybody around in this facility and this whole organization. my job is to come in and be a best player i can be. you know, be coachable every day. >> i love that dance. >> first college bowl game outside north america since 1937, it is so wild, the ending is so insane you have to see this you can watch this
10:51 pm
finish in the bohamas bowl, over and over again. central michigan down 35 points in the fourth. they come back against western kentucky. no time left, down a score, final play, central mic jesse and watch the insanity. three laterals. six different players touched the ball, and they go 75-yard. they score 34 straight points. they are down one. all they need is an extra point to send it to overtime. they go for two and the win, and they blow it. after all of that, september rally with michigan loses to western kentucky, five-one. >> they may be worst team in the nba but sixers are feeling jolly. they have won back to back games for first time. they are in such a festive mood we caught up with the sixers singing christmas carols. listen. >> dash go through the snow. >> you better watch out, you
10:52 pm
better not create, you better not pout i'm telling you why. >> deck the halls with bows of holy. >> rodolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose. >> look at the frosty >> yes. >> frosty the snow man good horrible. >> michael carter williams vice good, moving back and forth. >> not a good singer. >> no. >> very good dancer. >> all great sports. >> great sports. >> funny. >> yes, really awful. >> thanks, jeff. >> and if you are planning to see a movie tomorrow here's what is new, all-star cast head in the woods, baker and his wife want to end the curse on their family so they are sent on a quest to buy a wish. they must get items from famous fairy tails in the wood, it is rated pg, disney movie, which is parent company of six abc. tim burton's new film big eyes is based the true story
10:53 pm
of margaret keen she found success as a painter in the 1950's but her husband took credit for her famous creations until she refused to let him. big eyes is rated pg13. angelina jolie direct unbroken which tells extraordinary true story of lou, the olympian survived a near fatal plane crash in world war two and then spent 47 days on a raft, japanese navy caught him and he spent time as a pow under brutal conditions. unbroken is also rated pg13. mark wahlberg stars in the gambler. by day he is a literature professor but at night he ace high steaks gambler. when his winning streak comes to a halt he has to pay back loan sharks by any means necessary. gambler is rated r. as we mentioned earlier a couple of theaters in our area will be showing the interview,
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
melissa magee has one more lot at weather. >> we have got a pretty good day on the way. we will show you forecast for christmas day, mild with full sunshine, and temperature 53 degrees, wind gusting to 35 miles per hour, so keep in mind as day progresses, the temperatures rather will be falling. i'm so excited for sanity, santa is in hartford, connecticut and his next destination vermont. so it is time to get going.
10:57 pm
>> santa is on the move. >> yes he is on the move. >> yes, he is. >> he does not mess around. >> everybody gets presents that they wanted, they were fishing for. merry christmas to you and to you. >> and to all of. >> merry christmas to everybody. thanks for watching "action news" at ten, modern family is next followed by friend. >> for shirleen allicot, adam joseph, medical liza magee, i'm brian taff, have a good night, merry christmas and we will see you back here tomorrow night.
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make it progresso or make it yourself - (glass clinking) if i could just have everybody's attention real quick. um, on this wonderful occasion-- our daughter leaving tomorrow for college... (mitchell) oh. if i could get everyone to raise their glass as i quote from one of our nation's great fathers-- jefferson. george jefferson. "i never dreamed that one of my own "would be going off to a university, "but here i stand, a proud black man, knowing that all those hours i put in at the dry cleaner--" - phil. - not now, weezie. - where was i? - quoting that president. okay, if she's the future of america, we should start using chinese money now. (scoffs) we already are. my arm is tired. to haley. - to haley! - (glasses clink) and before everyone puts their glasses down, uh, uh, we're also very proud of lily. tomorrow is her first day of kindergarten. - to lily. - (gloria) oh, lily.


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