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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 25, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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test >> thursday night and a valet run down by a hit-and-run driver at the king of prussia mall. he's talking to "action news." what happened seconds before a woman drove straight towards him an ups dlaivrs a family wish. >> and the big story on "action news" is a memorable christmas birth. instead of maivrpinger this baby came into the world on septa train. and instead of three wise mep the mother had three transit police officers.
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live outside hahnemann hospital with the dramatic details. sharee. >> and rick, talk about a special delivery for baby who could not wait he was actually born on that septa train today bringing the train to a complete stop. thankfully, two septa police officers were ready to jump into action. >> my water broke my water broke. >> loretta and michael were on the train when it halted. >> next thing you know the l stopped and we wanted to know what the commotion was about. >> the commotion was a woman in labor ready to give birth right there on the train. >> a baby on the l. couldn't believe it. >> peterson began rolling with his cellphone camera. >> female in labor aboard train car 1166 15 eastbound 15 eastbound i have a woman in labor aboard train notify
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rescue. >> sergeant daniel kaban works the subway line and was first to respond. >> i rushed downstairs. >> there was no time to spare the baby was coming. >> i was like hey guys get your gloves on. he had gloves ready i said you go come on. >> sergeant was joined by officer durell james and they helped her i deliver the baby. >> the umbilical cord was arounds the neck a little but other an that healthy baby boy. an unforgettable thing for passengers. >> you're not expecting it. >> and she got her present. >> they tell us there will be crazy days. never told me it would be christmas day though. all in all this is a blessing. >> i already opened my presents i didn't know i had another one waiting for me 5:53 this afternoon.
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>> well, 'tis the season for giving. and also receiving gifts. and i think both of those happened on today. these officers on duty, officer james was on duty less than an hour when this all happened and for sergeant kaban he was on duty two hours. so quite a start to their day. and as for mom and baby they're doing fine tonight at hahnemann hospital. live in center city sharee williams on "action news" 10 an phl17. >> well the show and political leaders used this christmas holiday to spread a message of hope and unity. pope francis used annual policing to remember those with little cause for joy this holiday season. in addition to these children refugees and hostages the process called for prayers for 149 people killed in last week's attack on a school in pakistan. closer to home, new york archbishop timothy dolan addressed ongoing protests over deaths of eric garner and
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michael brown call for no look work together. a sentiment echoed by president barack obama. >> our family will join millions in celebrating the birth of jesus not just babe why i in a mainker but the message that changed the world. to reach out to the sick, hungry, troubled and above all else, to love one another as we would be loved ourselves ♪ >> and back here dozens celebrated christmas mass at the cathedral basilica of saint peters and paul. they sang hymns of prayers and thanks. >> the ref rapped philip bennett delivered the holy eucharist service. the theme, what child is this. focusing on many ways the birth of jesus transformed humans worldwide. worshippers joined hands in a
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sign of signty. >> well, santa made its rounds and is back at the north pole tonight. >> and kids all over the area awoke this christmas morning to discover what he brought. at the home of kery and jason kahne in northeast philadelphia it appears those reindeer did heavy lifting. jay sop the eldest of the five sons got the bike he wished for and bike hel note go with it and also got other sports gearch the younger boy found santa books and action toys and twins got motorcycles. quite a busy day for the kahne family. >> if you wanted sunshine for christmas most of you got your wish for part of the day anyway. meteorologist chris sowers was live at the big board with the rest of your forecast. >> it really was incredible moments for you rick. high temperatures today were warming than halloween. numbers should be going, we shot up to 65.
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yesterday 6 4, upper darby 65. glassboro 6 a5. wildwood 63. doylestown 63. the front came through and wintdz shifted west and temperatures cooling down. even 45 at 10:00 at night is warmer than the normal high this time of year. chilly evening. certainly not cold. especially for late december standards. satellite and radar showing cloud cover up here to the north. we're starting to clear out across the delaware valley and that allows the temperatures to cool off tonight. for tonight, mainly clear, chilly, certainly not cold. 30 outlying suburbs, 35 for center city. winds diminishing out of the west at 5 to 10 miles an hour. we'll come back with the 7-day forecast and finltly have nor december like temperatures to show you. >> we enjoyed it less. thanks chris, talk to you in a bit. valet at the king of prussia mall is talking about the christmas eve confrontation that landed him in the hospital and woman behind bars.
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andre gore says michelle simons pulled up to valet stand at the season 52 restaurant before 5 p.m. and immediately asked for co-worker's phone. when she rolled up her window the kleing asked if she was going to steal it. the nrim only township hit the gas and drove straight to the valet. >> i jumped on to her hood and was like -- i if i can urd she would stop while on the hood but she kept on accelerating. >> he held on 20 feet before falling and simons fled the scene crashing her car in a burger king parking not whitpain township. the officer was not hurt. the woman is facing a number of charges including dui and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle. philadelphia police say a 22-year-old man crawled under a car in attempt to save himself from a ghaun tonightch the
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victim and girlfriend were walking near 17 and pike in tioga when suddenly someone opened fire the man was shot three times in the torso and legs. neighbor who's heard the gun fire called 911. he was rushed to temple hospital in critical condition. police have no suspects and no motive at this time. and now the controversial movie both hacking target and political lightning rod. but, tonight, "the interview" is hottest ticket is town. 44 million comedy cents areas round a plot to assassinate north korean leader taken nopd more than 300 theaters despite sony's decision to pull the move in threats after tacks terrorist and cyber. to change the heart seth rowing an and even goldberg made a surprise visit to the los angeles screening. >> we thought this may not happen at all. >> you all came out d. thank you.
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>> the interview is available on demand through xbox, youtube and google play. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim will have reaction to the film in the next half hour. >> the people are on hand today to relive a pivotal moment in history on christmas day 1776. with five and drum leading the way the reenactment of crossing delaware sunny skies and 50 degree temperatures. that's a lot better than snow and subfreezing cold and washington encountered 238 years ago during original crossing and both 24 0 0 soldiers and 200 horses and 18 cannons to the new jersey side. they then made an 8 mile march to trenton to surprise their mers fairyes a battle that turned tide of the war for independence and played out again on this christmas day 2014.
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>> a south jersey family had an extra reason to celebrate thanks to surprise delivery all the way from the middle east. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the story. >> this is corporal matthew morrison of the new jersey army national guard and this morning he made for a very special surprise christmas delivery all the way from the middle east. >> how do you feel right now. >> very excited. very excited. >> and "action news" went along with a film crew documenting ups's your wishes delivered program. the big brown truck picked up morrison at philadelphia international airport and headed straight for his home in carneys point, new jersey just a block away the corporal and the ups driver prepared to execute their plan. morrison will wait in the back of the truck and the driver will persuade the family to come outside. >> it's been a long time since i've seen them both so butterflies are starting to kick in. >> our cameras stayed back so we would not ruin the surprise but even far away. >> oh, my god.
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>> you could hear a shout of joy morrison's stepson ryan. moments later. >> how are we doing ryan did do you good. >> morrison embraced brian and wife caroline and kissed billionly of unborn baby due in march. >>mer y christmas. >> we got married in may he left in june and found out i was pregnant in july. >> i really missed him a lot. he means a lot to meand it really hurt not seeing him so long. >> he will leave again in a few days and one year deployment, in the meantime, ryan and family will enjoy the best christmas presents they could ever imagine. >> anything is possible. everything, i don't care like anything. >> annie mccormick, phl17. >> there's much more still to come on "action news" at 10 including answer to a question we all have for the flyers who would make the best san santa. >> and from batteries to magnets what parents need to know about
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the new toys to keep kids safe. >> and also cute and cuddly we have adoptable animals so adorable they could melt a grinch's heart this christmas. adorable they could melt a grinch's heart this christmas. we'll be right
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>> at least six protesters were arrested overnight demonstrateers took to the street fol a death of a aimer. app toneo martin pop aid gun at police and police opened fired. protesters were arrested as they smashed windows and tried to break in stores. and staj aid buy-in near st. louis. the search for 2-year-old north carolina boy turned to a case of murder. steven blue is charged with murder of son tristan. boy's mother, brianna danger field is charged with child neglect. raleigh police have not yet recovered the body of the boy ropt reported missing yesterday afternoon and they're not saying how the murder may have occurred. a neighbor says the heartbreaking situation especially at christmas. >> it's a time to rejoice and enjoy family and for something like this to happen, on
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christmas eve, christmas day, it's just ruining that. >> police told the family car -- towed the family caraway from the scene and are not telling what trol played in the case. the timber crashed down 400 block of eyesian avenue st. daivdz and the tree took down power lines knocking out electrically and closing the road. though the property was damaged fortunately no one was hurt. >> time for an update on that accuweather forecast. chris has been keeping an ion the temperatures. boy was it warm this christmas morning. >> unusually warm. this is almost the third time in half a century we climbed to the 60s on christmas day. yesterday, 64. that tide report record. 65 this morning and numbers pulled back as the cold front pulled through. look how this holiday compares to others this year. christmas eve, 64, christmas day, 65. that's past 24 to 48 hours easter only 60.
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halloween 64. thanksgiving 42. the past 4 hours warmer that the other holiday seasons we've seen excluding memorial day and 4th of july and things like that. to get that kind of warmth christmas day is very, very rare especially delaware valley. temperature now, 45. dew point 28, wind west at 14. pressure reading 13.6" and cooling down at 45. this is above average this time of year. lancaster 3, allentown 4. with the breeze it feels like 30s. satellite 6 and action radar there's the cold front right there and winds shifting west and this is certainly not a cold wintd. cold wind north, northwest, westerly breeze. tomorrow proms to be wider as well. not much going on across the country. it's nice and quiet, high pressure setting up shop across the southeastern part of the united states. so, service looks like this for tomorrow. high pressure anchored over the
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carolinas and mild day. we get to saturday, same things. couple of funnel systems approaching from the west and high pressure in control. saturday is mild. then we get into sunday frontal systems out here to the west will increase clouds and could be showers late in the day. but winds are still out of the south, southwest. even sunday, sunday is mild day around here as well mean into tuesday, wednesday, some of that arctic air finally attacks the area from the northwest and things begin to school down. 50 tomorrow in philadelphia. 50 wilmington. 50 millville, 49 trenton and mostly sunny and mild this time of year. when a come back in a few minutes i'll talk about the colder changes in the 7-day forecast. >> we don't have to talk about the cold changes see you later. thank you. >> time for sports tonight jamie apody is live at the "action news" sports center hi jamie talking about those eagles and boy they were kind of a grinch for thus holiday season weren't they. >> grinch is green after all and if only sanity app left eagles a playoff purse but instead cole
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in sweat socks. the question how did they get here? after a season that started with such promise. >> 9-3. too many turnovers. 35. most by far in nfl and there's more. what are the issues, shady mccoy making a list and checking it twice. >> we need to execute at all and i think we did not make the plays in the right times we should have made the plays. and also you got obvious stuff like turnovers that really killed us in the line of our games for sure. >> a 3-day christmas break could not have come at worst time fort flyers. they are red hot. they won the first three games on season long 8 game road trip they'll be back at it saturday in nashville. for now in the holiday smirt. which flier would make the best santa claus. >> probably denaldo he has a belly going on.
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emory i've seep him with a fake, big beard. >> jake. >> jake again because he can grow one heck of a beard. doesn't look great with the red color he would dye is white for the holidayshoe, hoe, hoe, from the flyers. >> still to come on "action news" an adorable overload we'll take you to special christmas at delaware countsy animal shelter and new toys comes new safety concerns what hidden hazards parents should watch out for when "action news"
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on select new volkswagen models.
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>> topping helm check at 10 hill yopz of kids across the country had fun with toys. many of those toys may pose
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hazard. more on how to keep them safe. >> presents unwrapped and boxes opened and now that toys are out, what's the best way to keep our children safe? according to the pediatrician's group step one allowing child to play with a new toy be sure i carefully read up instructions and that means all instructions. step two, remember that young children can choke on small parts in toys and games and pay special attention to buttons and batteries and small mag et cetera. they maya pier as nothing but they can swell and be sure you put the older skid toys away from younger children. it makes sure toys doesn't end from younger children. it makes sure toys doesn't end up in the wrong
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>> voll tires came to we love pets in media. they were the best in holiday typery and gave them extra treats. they wanted to show all creatures not just humans
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deserve a special day today. >> there's much more to come on "action news" at 10. the most talked about movie of 2014 opens in theaters and backs them in. what people think of it. and philadelphia officers trade police caps for santa hats to make some christmas deliveryes. police caps for santa hats to make some christmas deliveryes. we'll be right
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>> welcome back i'm rick williams here are some of the stories on "action news" at 10 tonight. a christmas baby arrives at an unexpected >> more celebrating birth of jesus in bethlehem 2000 years ago and christmas eve confrontation that landed him in the hospital and woman behind bars. but first 10:30 a few days ago you could not see it. now you can not avoid. it today the controversial film called "the interview" aired in more than 300 theaters including one in wilmington, delaware though it did not debut in manayunk it had movie goers there talking. annie mccormick is liver with the story. hi, eva. >> eva pilgrim is live with that story. >> once the bellyes are full there is not a whole lot to do today except for maybe go to the
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movie theater. one movie it's christmas opening taken was a special gift in and of itself. >> the parking lot is packed and the lines are steady. >> i'm here to see the movie any. >> heading to the movie theater is part of holiday tradition. >> i was opening presents. >> after you open presents there's nothing to do may as well do something else. >> there's new movies out and we'll just pick a movie. >> bun of the hottest tickets in movie we were not supposed to see "the interview". >> the film centers around a plot to assassinate north korean leader un and spawn an international hacking scandal involving north korea and president obama. last week sony pulled movie amid threats of cyber violence to abruptly change course and off release days ago. it's been on-line since yesterday. today you can see it in more than 300 theaters nationwide.
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>> reason enough for the interview could writing seth and evan to show up at la for a screening. >> we thought this may not happen at at all. >> "the buzz" sold out theater areas cross the country including this one in wilmington, delaware. >> and tell me people life is hard. you need to have a sense of humor snri understand why they're mad a little bit. but whatever it's a movie. >> now "the interview" as rick said, is not airing at this theater in manyunk. if it is not airing at a theater near you you can get it on demapped, xbox and google play. >> eva pilgrim, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you. the american red cross is helping several families displaced by a building collapse in philadelphia olney section.
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>> that's where the upper facade of a twin home gave away just after 9 p.m.. the collapse forced 7 people from the property and volunteers were providing food, shelter and they are determining if the homes are safe to return to. >> red cross is helping several people who could not spend christmas day in their homes in the northeast. this after fire spread through a two story row home 1000 block under the circumstanceser avenue 10:00 last night. crews knocked flames down within 30 minutes and red cross says four people are now receiving assistance. >> well, isn't adid not deliver all of the gifts last night. he made a few stops today philadelphia. >> the man in red from the 14th district in every year they adopt a family doing their best but still struggling and they enjoy seeing
10:34 pm
smiles on those kids and someone cares about them. >> homeless living at the breakfast mission. after that they learned storey of book of jesus and kids got to tear into gifts especially picked out for them. men stayed at the shelter and got gifts later in the morning and all are hoping by next christmas they'll have the best gift of all a home of their very own. >> a closer look at the holiday accuweather forecast and it's warmer today than halloween, thanksgiving, easter, 4th of july. >> not quite. >> it's a live look at sky6. santa brought all of us a little gift this morning temperature-wise. up into the 60s. breeze kicking in midday. outrageously warm this time of year. you can see how clear we are. tank whim and mild evening around the delaware valley. stormtracker 6 live double scan no issues out there this evening
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we're cyst tall clear. those temperatures slide off over the next couple hours stopping out at 65 officially in philadelphia. peak wind gusts 30. dover 37. wrightstown 36, downingtown 3 3, cape may 30. if there was a weather complaint out there this afternoon it was the breeze. now things relax a little bit. temperatures cooling off. 45 presently in philadelphia, 42 allentown. and satellite and radar showing cloud cover up here to the north. clear skies across the mid-atlantic and deep south and that's pretty much going to set up friday. high pressure sitting there north of atlanta and this entire area here clears out over the next 2 hours, nice tranquil conditions up and down the eastern sea board we hold these funnel systems off until sunday afternoon. saturday quiet and mild as well and remember winds are blow around in clockwise fashion along the high. as long as the way is off the coast we're tapping into northerly breeze this time of year. surprised, inching closer to the
10:36 pm
area we'll increase the clouds and sprits and sprinkles are possible and all the snow you see out here well norm and west of the delaware valley. cold air attacking the region norm west as we get to sunday night and monday and even that really doesn't look too terribly cold. for late december standards doesn't look that impressive. manly clear, chilly, outlying suburbs 35 center city and winds relaxing out of the west 5 to 10 and mostly sunny, x-rays mild, 50 for ingt kaed high normally we should be around 42. we'll reach 50 right around 3:00 in the afternoon. by 9:00, 39, mostly sunny, lunchtime 48, 50 by 3bg and:00 47. and temperatures following off during the evening. the exclusiveive accuweather 7-day forecast and nice and sunny and mild. cloudy during the afternoon. 50. and the cold front pulls through
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turping blustery and cooler monday. shower in the morning. 43. tuesday, brisk and chilly 3. wednesday stays any 30s lots of sunshine out there. 38 and then thursday sunshine expected but it will be chilly out there high of 38. again it's cold. not terrible this time of year. >> i get it. >> feeling more like december. >> we'll take it. more to come on "action news" at 10. a man is no the dog house after -- about a cat. >> something going on in one string band. we'll it will. later babies that made us laugh until we cry. we run down the top videos felt touring -- when we come right we run down the top videos felt touring -- when we come right back.
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>> when 2015 mumers parade steps off new year's day something willen going on in one string band. spring town duffy is dining
10:41 pm
change of of the guard. >> one, two, one, two, three, four . >> duffy's spring band in northern liberties the only band with two cap taps dominick fred -- >> say did jake has been parading with duffy since 11 months old. now he's already comfortable out front like in newtown parade. >> oh, yeah we had a parade and he's out there dance ago way. >> jake is confident now takeover the family band. >> you have respect for your daded correct. >> yes. >> but you believe you would be a good captain. >> yes. >> i have heard you have said in the club house you're ready to takeover. >> yes. >> okay. so you're rey ad takeover as cap sglan uh-huh. >> does that mean you think you could do a good job. >> uh-huh. >> and does that mean you think you can do a better job than your dad.
10:42 pm
>> yes. >> dancing and showmanship. >> he's an engineer on a tugboat and his father owns duffy and presided as captain until 985 and ted marks 30th anniversary of the helm and with to the family. >> it brings close family closer together. you do it long enough it's a time to do things over. i hope he ep joys it as much as i do. >> in south philadelphia, i'm steve high schoolman. >> this reminder pxts hl 17 is home -- phl17 is home of mumers. you can watch this parade 8 a.m. home -- phl17 is home of mumers. you can watch this parade 8 a.m. on phl17
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>> you probably don't remember the card you got for your first birth day. they'll never forget the musical card that made her a star this
10:46 pm
year. looking back at babies that had us laughing until we cried in 2014. >> who can resist a dancing whether dancing ally mc biel or dancing to sell bottled water but when the baby is real boogyinging to the musical birth day carpet touring at hamster dance. the moves start >> the card was from her grandma for acadia's first birthday. >> it's quite well loved at this point you can see. >> hamster inside is happening by a thread.
10:47 pm
>> when i was one they didn't have musical birthday cards. try dancing to this acadia single handedly boost the card industry and opposite was also going viral. whoever thought a movie call the chip muvrpings adventure could be a tier jerker and this was second time almost 3-year-old reagan had seen it the part where a baby peping win is reunited with his family really got to her reminds of us lynn maru. >> she was dubbed emotional baby the way she repeatedly reacted to just this one song her mom used to sing. >> i'm going to wake up missing you . >> now a year later her mom says she still gets emotional when
10:48 pm
she watch this video. >> it's a song. >> don't tell that no acadia sometimes when parents reason in the other room they hear the card opening. >> she'll sit in there and go at it. >> when you put her on tv she wept at it all right. >> loves it. >> yeah. >> cnn. >> wake up missing you. >> new york. >> some cute babies. jamie apody is live at the big board. she aa house full of babies this morning. we're not talking about that but about the eagles and giants. >> there was dancing and dry crying at my house as well. let's talk about the grinch that stole the playoffs. they're green and that's what they did. they got cold and this is what i want to know. what i want to know is how they'll get up for this game on sunday like a kid on christmas morning. chip kelly tells us they'll do that despite the fact it's
10:49 pm
meaningless. >> they're a bunch of competitors f you're in the league there's no better thing than playing football on sundays. and they're focused on what they can control. giants are playing well against a good team who is on three game winning streak themselves. >> and if ever eagles had tools they were walk under the tree maybe things could be different. there's awls next year. here's gifts birds need from resident expert santa jaws. >> merery christmas everyone. ho-ho-ho i'm sanity clause bringing some gifts to the philadelphia eagles as they approach the last payment game of the regular season and as we look down the road to next season. here's the gifts that i'm going to give the philadelphia eagles. a shut down corner for next season. ho-ho-ho. that is what the eagles are going to need. an explosive ride receiver.
10:50 pm
santa will come through with explosive wide receiver and the most big passing plays down the field and come back for eagles quarterbacks. number three gift, hoe, hoe, hoe, healthy offensive line. every football team needs that to stay helmy. i'll give good health next season. >> and another gift for the eagles they smash mouth saferty and if you want to come to the middle i will have safety there ready to back somebody down and knock that ball loose. on the way from santa to the eagles. santa's gift most important. a football team next season that does not turn the football over ho-ho-ho santa will come through. merry christmas. >> okay. it's much christmas day tradition as food and family
10:51 pm
it's nba today on tv. lebron james making return to miami as a cleveland cavalier. standing ovation after video tribute and it was dwayne wade house his old teammate you have happening on the rim in the heat take it from there. current 101-91. >> christmas is peace on earth. good will towards men. how about with gill to other competitors. >> the first line of a potential twas the night before christmans when all through the house cue the colorado hockeys the stockings were hung by the chimney with care you get the idea in the end the entire poem was tweetd merry christmas to all and to all a good night.
10:52 pm
>> we forget that the phils got to started. >> jamie, thank you. >> a maibd man is helping for a christmas meeshlingle after he accidentally sold his girlfriend's cat. he was trying to hope when he stopped by her apartment to sell a bed proingted poch craigslist. the cat was hiding inside. the fighting feline jumped into the box when the buyer showed up and held a stranger carry mattress at the door with little doorway inside it. which they could not find the cat she put two and two together. >> right away i knew he had hidden in the box spring. it was old hiding place i taped up. i untaped it to set bed and he freezes and doesn't me out. so i'm sure is that the where he was. well the couple did contact the buyer but the kitty cat was nowhere to be found. they believe he jumped out of the box spring but it arrived.
10:53 pm
they're off ago i 200
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>> finally tonight children away from them to get medical treatment did not miss out on christmas today. >> one of sanity's helpers dime ronald mcdonald's house in camden and he greeted the ying
10:56 pm
patient and posed for pictures. this is no ordinary santa joseph hausman a dr. from cherry hill who was jewish. he's been playing this role fore14 years. this whole family comes and the kid' smiles give them joy that last all year. >> one last look at the forecast from chris, how are we doing. >> at this rate it will be 0 by valentine's day. >> i like that. >> numbers keep going up and up. tomorrow, not bad, 50 normally we should be 42. it will be comfortable to the workweek. as you look at the 7 day forecast mild through the weekend. 54. nice coming up saturday. sunday cloudy and lane shower late in the day 50. 43 monday and cold arctic air moves in tuesday, wednesday, thursday in the 30s. >> thank you for juneing us joining us tonight. for shirleen alicott, brian taff, adam joseph, chris sowers,
10:57 pm
ducis rogers, jamie apody, i'm rick williams have a nice evening we'll see you tomorrow. rick williams have a nice evening we'll see you tomorrow. good
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ay, finally! look who's wearing her itsy bitsy bikini. (jay chuckles) he can comment because he's gay. he was talking about lily. so was i. ay, cam, you make her look so pretty. guess who's not coming for christmas. and the spotlight shifts. mom. she cancelled. (claire) what? in a voice mail, no less. unbelievable--and by that, i mean believable. why isn't nana coming? i don't know. something about her new boyfriend whisking her away on a cruise. i just got my gift. (claire) what boyfriend? carl the cruise ship captain. it was in her holiday newsletter. oh, i can't read that whole thing. no. yeah, after two pages about the bird she rescued... and by the way, i don't think you can say you rescued something if it dies. it died? she wrote a poem about it. a little too free with the free verse for my taste, but fine, we'll call it a poem.


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