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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 31, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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wednesday night a chester county couple accused of the torture and murder or a three-year old child enter a in the guilty plea today. and two years after hurricane sandy destroyed it, a landmark restaurant is back opened in south jersey tonight, just in time to ring in the new year. but the big story on "action news" tonight is new years eve, we are less than two hours away from midnight and it scenes like this, this is how the rest of the world has already welcomed the new year from sidney, australia to london england, paris france and dubai all around the world the party is in full swing.
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right now. and we're about to join them. good evening, we hope this new years eve find you very well tonight, the clock is ticking on 2014, a year filled with soaring highs, and sometimes difficult lows but in less than 120 minutes, we will say good bye to all of that and lift curtain on a new year with adventures not yet known. that in itself is an adventure. this is the scene in times square in new york city right now, ground zero for america's new years eve party. some 1 million people are filling that square as we speak to watch the ball drop, and too plant a kiss on someone even if that someone happens to be a stranger. this is how it looks at penns landing here at home, as at this very moment they are putting finishing touches on a fire works display that will fill the sky where philadelphia delight of those below. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is one of of those blow and she joins us live from the penns landing where the party is just getting
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started hi there. >> reporter: thinks the second round of new years eve festivities here at river rink. it is cold out. but people are having fun. you can see that the skaters are hitting the ice again for the second time, both of the parties they have here tonight coincide with the fire works, the first ones were at 6:00 p.m., second round is at midnight. fire works, burst into the clear crisp night sky for those on an earlier new years eve time frame, tonight 6:00 p.m. display did not disappoint. >> i think at the end where all of the fire works got really big and were like up at the top of the sky. >> amazing. a beautiful night. it is chilly but does feel like new years so yeah it was an amazing night, music was wonderful. >> reporter: delaware river water front corporation produces the sugar house new years eve production and this is no small feat, both shows synchronized todd music use 4 tons of explosives and shoot 800 feet in the air. they are launching from barges in the middle of the delaware
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also long penns landing tonight, new years love this mt. airy couple choose to go day for their wedding. >> i think it is great, we will never forget our anniversary. we will always have a party to go to. it is just adding to the celebration. >> it is a celebration. new year, new beginning. >> reporter: back at blue cross river rink winter fest, music food and skating kept people occupied between shows. the. >> it is really fun but really cold but it is worth it because it makes it a memorable year. >> reporter: until it is time to officially say. >> happy new year. >> reporter: back out here live it doesn't look like a lot of people but that is because they are just letting the the second round of people back out here on to the ice. they took a couple hour break here for a little bit well, as for fire works displays they are different. one at 6:00 featured music from movies thaw might no one at midnight will feature hit songs from 2014 and you can see the fire works from penns
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landing, since ticket are sold out here at river rink you can see from it penns landing or across the river from camden from the ss new jersey or pretty much anywhere around the city. for new reporting live along penns landing annie in mccormack for "action news" at ten on phl17. looks like fun, thank you. we will take awe cross the delaware river to the waterfront in camden, new jersey. another hot spot tonight. a lot of folks gathering there for different view on the fire works. this is how it looked for the first show at 6:00 o'clock. you could enjoy it again at midnight from the decks of the battleship new jersey as annie just said where some foulke are spending the night on board. earl willer there were activities for kid who got up close and personal with the fishes. at the adventure aquarium. well, definitely a chilly start to the new year, heading out tonight you will want to bundle up. lets check with meteorologist cecily tynan live at the big board hi there, cecily. >> it is clear, crisp and very cold. philadelphia is dropping down to 30 degrees.
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wilmington is 27. allentown already down to 21. million will will 24. reading currently 23 degrees. the the wind have really dropped off, in some areas. they are calm in millville and reading but we have have a westerly wind at 14 miles an hour in philadelphia, 8 miles an hour in wilmington five in trenton and that does have an impact with the wind chill. wind chill is just 1 degree in philadelphia to 29 but feels like 19 in wilmington. feels like 19 in trenton and feels like 17 degrees in dover. the the good news is the skies are completely, clear, owe visibility is spectacular for any fire works tonight but the next 12 hours temperatures dropping very quickly, the coldest weather, since november, we had a few very cold mornings in november and 16 degrees below in the suburbs, 24 degrees for center city so a frigid start to 2015. of course tomorrow, the mummers parade. if you are heading down to watch, they are marching down broad street definitely bundle up yet again. plenty of sunshine but breezy.
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temperature at 10:00 o'clock 32 degrees. by 2:00 he clock 37. by 6:34 degrees. factor in the breeze wind chills the way it feels will be in the upper 20's. it will be dry tomorrow but i'm tracking a storm system on the way for the weekend. we will talk about that in the full accu weather seven day forecast brian. >> cecily, thank you. chilly weather has not stopped people from venturing out tonight. dann cuellar hit the streets and found all kind of celebrations but a house party there, and dann, you have been a man on the move tonight. >> reporter: that is right, we are here and we will take you on a tour. we are here, and they are hanging out with their family and friend, and they are sharing our hopes and as preparations for 2015. let's show you how families, including this one, celebrating, pretty much like other families across the the delaware valley. it is food galore snacks,
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cheeses chips you name it, all of the dips and stuff like that but as you said other people choose to go into center city philadelphia to celebrate. the let's take you there. >> three, two, one... happy if you year. >> reporter: at franklin square tonight families gathered with their children to watch the square drop to ring in 2015. >> happy new year. >> reporter: yes, a time to hang out with family and friend and watch fire working off in the distance down at penns landing. meanwhile in a hotel monaco on chestnut guest where is drinking wine and getting ready for festivities the at a pet friendly reception. >> we're having a party so to speak and we are having a ticketed event so you can get an we have an open bar food, live ban dj's the works.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: meanwhile at city tavern on second street in olde city they were having a traditional 18th century feast that was just out of this world. >> we stay with really good food, interpreting 18th century, and a great wait staff, that is fantastic, musician that is we have behind me. >> reporter: complete with staff dressed in the period chef walter staib give us his interpretation of what the holidays must have been like in the days of ben franklin and other founding fathers. >> happy new years. >> reporter: and finally walking up escalator at the lowes hotel where they were setting up two ballrooms to celebrate the new year. >> this is a main ballroom. we will have a couple dj's in here. in the other room we have more club scene so we will have a bunch of dj's in there. >> plenty of food. >> we have vip as well. we have about 300 vip's tonight. >> reporter: champagne toast at midnight. >> yes. >> reporter: happy new year. >> happy new year to you.
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>> reporter: and, everyone have a happy, prosperous new year in 2015. are you ready, guys one two three. >> happy new year. back to you brian. >> all right, dann. happy new year to all of them and thanks for them for being in their house tonight. please do in the drink and drive. we want this to be safe night for everyone out there. extra police will be outside on the road and there will be sobriety checkpoints. state police say locally there was a jump in crash these holiday season and dui a arrests are also up significantly. >> as far as the troop area we have had an increase from last year to this year. we have had 75 percent more dui arrests then we did the year prior. >> some of those 75 percent are due to increased enforcement. uber is expecting this to be their bus yeast night ever. it anticipates more than 2 million riders out there and there is no doubt that
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ride will cost you more. the company is men for is what called surge pricing, raising prices when ride are in high demand. and fares are expected to be 12:30 to 2:30 a.m. an investigation is underway in the fatal police shooting of a man in bridgeton new jersey last night. witnesses recorded scene on the cell phone, 36 year-old, james read of millville in the passenger car, in a car, and, routine traffic stop, we don't know why police opened fire but, reid was killed. prosecutor say the handgun was found but no details beyond that. the officers have been placed on administrative leave while that investigation, continues. investigators are learning more now about the man who police shot and killed in drexel hill today. the those who knew joseph pacini said he was somewhat of
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a recollect clues who dealt with mental health issues. twenty-two shots were fired in all in the intersection of garrett road and had shadeland avenue. five two-year old pacini was wanted for making threats to police, many on you tube and very violent. when police trying to arrest them they say he drove into their car, narrowly missing several officers. that is when five of them opened fire, upper darby police chief michael chitwood says he thinks the officer's actions were justified. >> he created this monster. he created it we didn't. he created it. unfortunately it ended in his demise. >> chit wood says it appears pacini was shot in the neck and both shoulder. delaware county d.a.'s office is now investigating. a chester county couple accused of killing a child and torturing him pleaded not guilty in court today. gary fellenbaum and jillian tait were arraigned and notified prosecutor's plan to seek the death penalty. the paris charged with
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murdering tait's son three-year old scottie mcmilan. the investigators say he was beaten to death inside a mobile home in west caln township his memory was honored today as people gathered in west chester to raise awareness of child abuse. >> if you hear bit, suspect it get involved because someone has got to be the voice of the children. they cannot speak up for themselves so we have to do it for them. >> two local woman are selling shirts with the phrase no excuse for child abuse they say proceeds will go in the trust fund for scottie mcmilan's older brother. philadelphia police are asking for your help tonight solving a fatal hit and run. three three-year old teresa p.o.zi was struck and killed in state road in holmesberg last tuesday. the up investigators are looking for older model ford pick up or tow truck. they think it has front end damage on the left side but so far they tell us they have no leads in this case. well, if you visited please touch museum, this week you might have been exposed to
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measles we have details straight ahead. plus tips to help you avoid a rough morning after a fun night, like you should be doing, tonight, to save that off. and a restaurant shut down by super storm candy just reopened tonight we will take through next. and we're also tell you how these two insuring police officers gun down are being honored tonight. blank as we go to the break we will leave you with a count down to the new year in one hour and 46 minutes to go, until we say a big hello to 2015.
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new year began with tragedy, 35 people were killed, dozens others injured. the city's river front was jammed were spectators at a time welcoming in 2015, the cause of that stampede is under investigation. bad weather in the java sea is slowing the recovery effort in the crash site in air asia flight 8501. officials have said bringing home those who passed away, is their top priority right now. seven bodies have been recovered and taken to the local hospital for identification. a crisis center has been set up for, the family of the victims. officials say finding all wreckage will will take quite
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sometime and the plane's black boxes to learn just what happened leading up to that crash. two streets in brooklyn will be renamed in honor of two new york it i police officers ambush earl they're movement streets where rafael ramos and wenjian liu's home will be named after this. mayor deblasio say it will ensure that the fallen officer never forgotten. gill more girls and the practice. his manager has said he passed away from the brain tumor at a new york hospital, herman's career expand four decade. he won a tony for his performance in george bernard shaw's miss warren's profession and emmy for his role in the practice. herman was 71 years old. now to the exclusive accu weather forecast, and, getting started on a cold note. >> it is, brian and it is a big slip, from what we
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experience december 204, it was warm, and virtually snow less. a warm, 4 degrees above the average, temperature for december and snowfall we're looking at 3.3 inches below average. because we got .1-inch .1-inch in october and december the lowest snowfall total in eight years. we are in a snow drought. i know snow lovers are hoping for some snow. certainly cold enough for snow, 30 degrees in philadelphia, 21 in allentown. twenty-four in millville. twenty-seven in wilmington. five in trenton. we have clear skies, and cloud free conditions and wind chill factor as well make it feel like 17 in dover. feels like 19 in trenton and 19 degrees in wilmington. it is a cold night. satellite six with action radar showing the good news is for anyone viewing fire works, we do not have have a cloud in the sky. visibility is excellent, part of the reason why high pressure is building in. this high pressure will bring us a very cold night, and
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another cold day, for tomorrow. so for tomorrow, we are looking at lots of sunshine, but wind chills will be in the upper 20's and afternoon highs only in the upper 30's. today our high 33 degrees. it is not quite as harsh tomorrow 39 degrees in philadelphia allentown 34. wilmington 39. south jersey will make it up to the lower 40's, cape may checking in with a a high of 42 degrees. the mummers parade cold but bright at 10:00 o'clock 32 degrees. by 2:00. thirty-seven. by 6:00 o'clock 34 degrees. we are looking good but cold for the mummers. heading up to the poconos tomorrow it is a big ski week. it is sunny breezy. temperature at 10:00 o'clock 19. by 2:00 o'clock 25. the wind chill in the morning 5 degrees and it will feel like 15 degrees in the afternoon. i'm tracking maryland rating temperatures as we head through the the week but a very messy weekend. all of the details in the accu weather seven day forecast, brian.
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>> cecily, thank you. new for a nurse look at sports tonight a as eagles make a big change off the field that could have an i am pennsylvania pack on it. ducis rodgers live from the "action news" sports center, hi there ducis. >> the shake up in the front office tom gamble vice-president of the player personnel for the the eagles and the team have parted ways. in the three sentence press release howie roseman thanked gamble for his service. espn was report ago this gamble was actually fired. he has been seen as a chip kelly guy. here's what chip said on monday and prospects of him moving on to a general manager job elsewhere. >> some guys are content and in their role but other guys want to see what the next step is or see what the next seat is or put the next hat on. i think tom does an outstanding job. if he has an opportunity to do that i would support him and give him any help in that situation. he is a heck of a football guy good we will see where this lead. baseball now phillies continue to get younger but are they getting better? that remains to be seen.
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phillies traded outfielder marilyn byrd to the reds for a minor league player. byrd had a productive year last season. he had 25 home runs. he was second in strike outs in all of baseball. phillies get right-hander pitcher ben lively in return. he was cincinnati's minor league player of the year for 2014. he had a combine 13-seven record, last season for single and double a and era was a hair above 3.00. ahead next half an her flyers try to get back on track in will colorado brian back with m
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path health department is alerting the the public new to a possible measles exposure. officials say someone who probably has measles might have exposed others in two places in the past few days. cvs on lancaster avenue in wayne on early sunday evening or the police touch museum late monday afternoon. infants under the age of one anyone who has not been vaccinated or may have missed a vaccine could be infect.
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if that is someone you know you are urged to take them to the doctor. as we head to the quick break tonight we will leave with you more celebrations from around the world, welcoming in 2015.
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v we have a lot more coming up tonight, lots of folks excited right now not only is
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new years right around the corner but so is mummers parade. we will talk to the participants about preparade jitters. plus we will take to you a restaurant that just reopened that had been shut down and shut down for more than two years after taking a big hit from super storm sandy.
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10:30, thanks for joining us tonight, we are just about 89 minutes, until we officially shut the door on 2014 and usher in the new year this has been quite a year, let's give you a live picture right now from new york city and empire state building is a a glow in colored lights tonight. there is a million people descending on times square in the far from right there tonight and as a result police ramped up security. they want to make sure it is a fun night but safe one a billion people are expect to turn on their tell rigses tonight and watch that iconic ball drop at the stroke of midnight. closer to home lets check out penns landing live right now, there have been festivity all evening, and a huge fire works show at 6:00 o'clock and, of course, everyone gathering, killing time with ice skates waiting for that second show that kicks off at midnight. for those heading down there
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right now bundle up, and if you know someone there call them make sure they have a coat. meteorologist cecily tynan with more on the accu weather forecast. >> hi brian hopefully they are already bundled up because this cold has been well advertised. we have been talking about it for days. i'm helping you sky six behind me live over penns landing which will be lit up with fire works in a hour and a half and sky conditions are ideal. we have completely clear skies not a cloud in the die but with the clear skies temperatures are dropping very quickly. taking a look the at temperatures across the region center city it is down to 25 degrees. in pots up to, it is checking in the at 25. oxford is 26 degrees. south jersey just as cold, bridgeton 24 degrees. vineland 20 degrees. cinnaminson 26 and delaware hockessin 26 degrees and dover 25 degrees. so, tonight for the the clear skies, brisk wind, temperatures dropping very quickly. it will be the coldest night,
10:32 pm
since late november. we have a few very cold days in november, and 16 degrees is the the low in the cooler suburbs from allentown. center city dropping down to about 24 degrees. a chilly start since 2015 and we will see plenty of sunshine. satellite six with action radar showing we have to go up to upstate insuring to get any cloud cover. we are crystal clear tonight. high pressure right over us. this is providing us a dry start to the new year and in the meantime we will cross the coast, off to the west coast and you can see this storm system moving into air zone, this is bringing up to a foot and a half of snow in the mountains and las vegas getting a touch of snow, some areas in arizona. never see snow, saw a half inch today. that storm system will be heading our way over the weekend but tomorrow we will be clear and cold, the polar plunges, there are about five have of them the at jersey shore tomorrow doesn't get much colder then this for new years day. ocean temperature is 44 degrees. that will feel good compared
10:33 pm
to the air temperature a at noon, 37 degrees and it will be windy at the shore with wind at 20 miles an hour. the the wind chill will be 27 degrees. so good luck to everyone doing a polar plunge try to get warm as you go into that cold water. heading to the mummers parade lots of sunshine temperatures in the 30's at 10:00 o'clock 32. 2:00 o'clock 37. 6:00 o'clock 34. wind chills in the upper 20's. today wind chills were generally in the lower 20's. not quite as harsh but it will be cold. this high pressure still controls tomorrow plenty of sunshine with wind chills in the upper 20's. what happens as we head to friday. high pressure moves out. we will get high thin cloud streaming up from the south not as cold with the high of 44 degrees and that low pressure over arizona is gathering strength in the gulf of mexico and moving to our west over the weekend. that means a late weekend soaker. mainly rain, although saturday night areas north and west of philadelphia a could see sleet at the on set. so the exclusive accu weather
10:34 pm
seven day forecast breezy and cold through new years day. 39 degrees friday but 44 saturday. dry during the day, that rain moves in at night could begin, as a brief period of sleet north and west of philadelphia 41 degrees, on sunday we will get soaking rain but that storm system also pulls up very mild air, 58 degrees, but then temperatures nose dive next week. windy, colder. 39 degrees on monday. tuesday 34 with some snow showers tuesday night and then wednesday, bright but bitter cold, 32 degrees. it looks like temperatures will remain in the lower 30's right through end of next week. >> all right. thanks cecily. camden county police officers helped make this a happy new year for children in the city of camden. they distributed hundreds of pretzels and cookies along with water a and juice all of it part of an effort to reach out to young people. families were also treated to a movie as police department's mobile command center. officers want resident to know
10:35 pm
that they are on their side and a part of the community. well this crowd enjoyed a hot meal tonight, chosen 300 provided a special holiday dinner in center city. organization serves the needy. this year it distributed more than 100,000 meals to the homeless. a land mark south jersey restaurant reopened today, two years after super storm sandy almost destroyed it. sarah bloomquist takes us there. >> reporter: at charles worth hotel in fortecue the the kitchen was bustling the staff was getting dining room ready for guest is arriving for afternoon meal to ring in the new year. it is a celebration for the owners for last 20 years, jim and shirley never thought they would be hosting, not here. it has been a rough few years for this historic hotel on the delaware bay. >> well, it is just over two years now, a lot of effort, a lot of repair. >> reporter: two years ago hurricane and i battered
10:36 pm
fortecue leaving behind extensive damage to much of the town including the charles worth hotel. >> to see the the deck, the bulkhead messed up things in here messed up, the the whole town, i mean around here was lumber every where. it was just very devastating. >> reporter: without the money for repairs, they thought that they would have to demolish the hotel. then in the fall a federal loan and grand money finally came through. restoration got underway, much of it done with donations and volunteers time. >> people have come and helped us rebuild, clean, scrub, paint, a little bit of carpetry here and there but just to put us back in the position you see us here today. >> reporter: to meet grand terms restaurant must be in operation in 2014, that explains today's within day opening and the sold out dinner for a hundred guests. >> this was where we needed to get the kitchen ready to get the restaurant ready. so is there work to be done
10:37 pm
upstairs but they will be ready by the spring. >> reporter: this place has been around for 90 years and survived to see 2015. sarah bloomquist "action news" at ten on phl17. spending at midnight will cost you in more to fill up your gas tank in a pennsylvania. in one seems to know for sure how much it will go up but we do know tax on gasoline to wholesalers will rise to the tune of 9.8 sent per gallon. >> it will be a painful increase but thankfully with the price of crude being so load, gas being much lower then it has been since may of 2009, it will not be as painful. >> the tax revenue will will go toward improving pennsylvania's highways and bridges, more than a third of the state's major road are rated in poor or mediocre condition. still ahead at 10:30 tonight we have an update on the massive salt spill will we tell but last night, what might have caused to it pour out of the morton factory and on dozens of park cars next
10:38 pm
door. this burglar, one burglar thought taking a cat nap would be okay, it wasn't. we will tell you why right after the break. more celebration from his and the world on this new years eve night. we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fast. that is up to him. get this great price online guaranteed for two full years. plus a $400 bonus with two year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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jury selection gets underway for boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. today judge denied requests by his lawyers to move that trial out of state he also refused to delay its start a. defense lawyers have said it will be impossible to find an impartial jury in the commonwealth of massachusetts. avalanche killed a man in colorado this morning. he was snow showing with another man and woman outside of denver. this is not proper video. those two were up 12,000 feet when the survivors said they turned back and saw a wall of snow engulf the victim. he was wearing an emergency beacon but was found 15 minutes later and did not have have a pulse. still a lot of cleaning up to do in chicago, that huge avalanche, of salt spilled out of the north on's factory and on to dozens of cars in the dealership next door. apologies for this video
10:42 pm
tonight, the the chicago department of buildings say it a appears that the salt inside was piled too high, causing the walls to give way. the building did an outstanding, did have an outstanding violation for failure to maintain its roof but it is not clear fit had anything to to with the the wall giving way. structural engineers are deciding whether the building can be repaired right now. police in houston texas said an alleged burglar broke the cardinal rule of crime get in and then get out. instead he passed out. owner of the house snapped this photo after finding the accused thief curled up in one of his bedrooms wearing his clothes. here's the kicker, when police arrived to wake him up he learn the intruder lived two blocks away from the victim and was taken the nap in between crimes. police found several piles of the rick tim's stuff on the burglar's porch along with the half empty bottle of alcohol which might explain some of it. someone in philadelphia is holding a a lottery ticket worth a million-dollar, we will tell you where that was
10:43 pm
sold and next up count down is on, not just to 2015 but also the mummers parade, we will talk to the guys about performing in that philadelphia tradition. don't forget to wake up with the a "action news" team, get the morning's top news headlines weather and traffic starting ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and
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2015 sugar house casino mummers parade is a go for tomorrow morning. so these are nervous hours for mummers who are about to be judged. so what is it like to perform at city hall? phl's 17 steve highsmith puts that question to the captain of the string bands. >> reporter: fancy's, comics witches, string band and fancy brigades are ready to strut. what is it like to be there in costume where all around are fans, tv lights, cameras and it is she time. >> performing on new years day is special. >> emotions excitement nervousness. >> you think about everything. all of the the goose bumps all of the knots in your stomach. >> there is a moment of sheer terror, there is no going back and doing it again. if you make a mistake the world sees it. >> it is rush of adrenaline, excitement. >> my biggest memory every year is when the last note sound. the it is like the weight of my entire life has just gotten off my shoulder.
10:47 pm
>> you left it all out there you gave it all you can. >> when i was finish i was any of us because i thought i didn't smile. i saw video after and i realized did smile. >> great is feeling in the world. >> it is also fun because you are bringing a lot of happiness to people on the sidelines of the parade. >> a feeling that i wish everyone can actually experience one time in their lives because this is it. this is everything that you have practiced for. >> it is a feeling thaw have never experienced especially when those bright lights hit you, it is the best thing in the world. >> reporter: feeling before the performance in america's oldest foulke parade. in center city, i'm steve highsmith. phl17 of course, is home to the mummers. it is the only place to watch the parade live tomorrow morning and i'll be privileged to be part of it from 10:30 to noon tomorrow. our coverage starts right here at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. it is new years eve and lots of folks are outside partying having a good time
10:48 pm
but we all know there is nothing fun about waking up with a hang over. so tonight your annual tips to avoid one. drink lots of water tonight. hang over is mostly caused by dehydration from downing a glass of water in between drinks tonight will help you out tomorrow. eat something. it is a myth that greasy food will help and it could make you feel worse. reach for healthy protein and carbohydrates and finally, get some rest. experts say sleeping off the hang over really is the the best medicine. drunken bird act just like their human count are parts. researchers in oregon health gave spews to these bird. why do you ask? no idea. once the bird got buzzed they started to slur their songs just like people slur their speech. researchers say their work helps them understand how alcohol a affects humans but we think they were just, i don't know, too much time on
10:49 pm
their hand. 2014 has been taylor swift's year. she had a hit album and a tops the list of celebrity do gooders this year. the non-profit do something posted its annual celebrities gone good list and ranks celebrities who donate money to good causes. swift gave all of the proceeds from her single welcome to new york to the city's public schools and this is the third year that the wyomissing native has topped the charity watch chart. it is time for sports tonight. all around good guy ducis rodgers live at the the big board hi there ducis >> no ought >> can you had hear me now good we can hear you now. >> magic of technology it the helps when you turn it on. up and down season for flyers, they hope to end 2014 with a
10:50 pm
bang and a win in colorado. this fan hopes to witness it live. midway through opening period, flyers on the power play, jay voracek with his 15th goal of the season. one to nothing flyers. the avalanche would tie it up and later take the lead in three and a half minutes. his first nhl goal, right now, we are in the second period and flyers trail two-one. how about this the eagles made shaking things up on defense in the off season but shake up has occurred in the front office. the team announced that it and vp player personnel tom gamble parted ways. gamble and chip kill write thought to have a close working relationship. espn is report ago this gamble was actually fired. gamble will in problem landing another job likely as a gm. here's what chip aid about him earlier in the week. >> on guys are content in their role but other guys want to kind ofe what the next step is or what the next seat is or put the next hat on.
10:51 pm
i think tom does an outstanding job. if he has the opportunity to do that i would support him, and give him any help in that situation. he is a heck of a football guy. >> roseman released this statement not much to it. we thank tom for his service over past two seasons and wish him and his family the best. appreciate all tom has done for our scouting department and our team. baseball will now rebuilding continues, marlon byrd is latest philly to be shipped out. outfielder traded to the red for minor league player. byrd led team in home runs last season with 25. the phillies get right-handed pitcher ben lively in return. he was the the red minor league player of the the year for 2014. he had a combined 13-seven record last season for single and double a, and lively's era was a hair above three. moving on now, call it downtime for philadelphia sports but villanova basketball is where it is at. cats are up to six in the latest rankings.
10:52 pm
jay wright and company opened big east play against butler. first half defense lead offense and celebrating their 19th birthday today, he realized, that we are watching. chris jenkins one of four cats in double figures. nova wins by 12. thirteen-o record matches their best start in school history. temple will and u-conn, second half action, owls on the break jaylen bond with the owls up by two. late in the game two-point temple lead. rodney person out of the other even this ties the game. we will will get to overtime. there is only one bucket made in overtime thankfully owls made it. temple beats reigning national champs 57-53. college football new they call rose bowl the grand daddy of them all, but this year it is precursor semi final to the championship game. oregon will face florida state tomorrow, and chip kelly used to coach up marcus mariot ta. he calls him most talented kid
10:53 pm
i have ever coached in college. you can see what chip means when mari ot ta faces a tough florida state defense. >> you know they're going to ... >> all right. >> having some video issues tonight. >> a little bit. >> explanation, video issues. >> were you saying all those nice things about me when your mike was off. >> you commented my howard cosell jacket. >> nice jacket.
10:54 pm
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one million-dollar lottery ticket was sold in the spring garden section at 1900 block of fair mount avenue. ticket matched first five numbers in last night's drawing but not the in mega ball so the winning numbers are here, three seven 44, 63, and 67. the meg ball number is 12. rite aide gets a $5,000 bonus, for selling that ticket. what a nice way to end the year for some. >> happy new year for them. >> yes. >> we will be starting the new year with very cold temperatures but bright sunshine. day planner showing at 7:00 o'clock 26 degrees. by some o'clock 32. temperatures will struggle to make it in the upper 30's a abundant sunshine but factor
10:57 pm
in the wind, wind chills in the upper 20's tomorrow afternoon but a dry and cold start to the new year. >> early happy new year to you. >> to. >> just about an hour ago. >> very close. >> thanks for joining us for "action news" at ten modern family is next followed by friend. for shirleen allicot, adam joost he have cecily to nan ducis rodgers i'm brian taff, have a great night safe night, happy new year and we will see you back here next year.
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