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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 1, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> thursday night it's been a day of running and strutting and string bands and tonight we have the winners to philadelphia's oldest new year's day tradition. and political icon has passed. former norm governor quo mow died the same day his son swore a second only to the office he once held and vie vent sexual assault of a woman in broad daylight and quick thinking of a witness who helped track down a
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suspect in a matter of minutes. it happened in the spring garden section of philadelphia. dap, police say this started as a robbery. >> that's right brian, and right now with a person of interest in custody the parking garage here at 17 and calohill is under guard tonight keeping an ion everyone going in and out this in wake of sexual assault in middle of the day that left this community shaken. >> i'm in shock. it's awful. it always seems safe the times i've been here. >> for some safety and security has been left scattered by braves and tack on second level of parking garage before 11 a.m. sources say 33-year-old victim was followed by her assailant into the garage taken started as a robbery. the suspect trapped her between two cars. forced her to undress and sexually assaulted her. >> even when i'm alone i feel safe. i'm not sure. >> a man driving in the garage saw what was happening got out of his car and chased after the assailant.
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police joined the chase and grabbed the suspect on the sidewalk a half block away on community college campus. on other side of the fence they found a suspect's coat and victim's hat. sources say he was seen discarding him as he ran. they got the evidence in a brown back. the victim was taken to hahnemann with multiple injuries. across the street residents and workers here were left horrified. >> this is the first time this ever happened. i've been working here 10 years this is the first this ever happened. >> residents who use the garage daily say they always felt safe until now. >> it's mind boggling. crazy, good way to start the new year. >> now, while the victim continues to recover from injuries the detectives that were at special victims unit continue to work on the case couldn't and continue to call the man in custody a person of interest. no charges have been filed as yet. live in the spring garden section i'm dann cuellar "action news" at 10 on phl17.
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>> dann, thank you. >> a young boy fatally struck by police cruiser on sunday was remembered tonight. the 10-year-old was killed while crossing delsey with four others. patrolman nicholas sorento was restoppeding to a call for assistance at the time. officials have not said whether lights or sirens were on. the officer is on administrative lead. >> a crash that killed retired rabbi is guiltyty -- not guilty by reason of insanity. the man was struck when his car was struck by a 20-year-old eric malts. he'll be reevaluated next month and every six months there after . >> the hamilton township division of health is informed of two additional hepatitis a cases in mercer county.
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one is worker at the hairport salon and other fitness instructor hamilton area ymcr, jkr branch they were even at or from rosea's catering during the first confirmed case back in november. health officials warn anyone visiting the salon on ymca in recent weeks may be at risk for developing hepatitis a if they've not been vaccinated new year and new minimum wage for workers in the state of new jersey. hourly minimum wage wept up 13 dronts 8.38. under voter approved initiative the rate rises eachier in tandem with consumer price index, cpi marker of inflationch the wage hike is expected to benefit 1 76,000 workers in new jersey. >> 2015 off to chilly and sun-soaked start.
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cecily tynan live at the big board with more on what tomorrow will bring. >> today was a beautiful day. tomorrow a nice, sunny friday. action radar showing you sunshine, a few high thin clouds drifting in south of philadelphia and temperatures are seasonably cool. >> millville 37 allentown and poconos dropping down to 30. reading 31 and wilmington 33. it certainly was windy today. wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour winds died down substantially. there's a stiff breeze out of the west, 14 wildwood and windy in poconos winds 21 miles an hour. you add that with the temperature and wind chill makes it feel like 21 in philadelphia and 34 allentown. cold but dry night. live double scan showing we're not going to stay that way over the weekend. moisture beginning to gather
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across the gulf all associated with low pressure moving in texas and that will be tracking up to the west it will bring us soaking rainstorm and a dramatic swing in temperatures. i'll talk more about that in the accuweather forecast, brian. >> cecily, thank you. another one is in the books now under crystal clear skies. mumers stepped out from city hall this morning where unique style of fashion and fun and many watched the mummers here on phl17. "action news" reporter annie mccormick was there every step of the way from the parade to brigade to parties tonight. live at city hall with a recap. hi there, annie. >> hey there brian, they were not scared off by the cold today. it takes a lot to put this together. a lot of people to take it all
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down. confetti off the roads and still a lot of work to be done. >> the party on chew street rocked and rolled this mummer's party on the one day year everybody breaks into a strut. before the reveling came the hard work. comeics, ban shees and string bands performed outside for judges at city hall. >> it was wonderful. >> was it what you expected. >> it was everything we expected loved it music colors. >> in convention center the brigades put on shows with sets and costumes. >> the crowd reaction and competition is phenomenal as clubs get better and better they raise the bar higher every year. >> they practice and you can tell how much went into and how much giving back to the people. >> i like the costumes. >> 114th old tradition shortened its route this year due to declining participation and increased cost.
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it started at city hall ending at broad and washington. the lister family has not missed a parade in decades. >> it's a family tradition since 1970 there's all my family up there. >> and they celebrate new year's baby liam. >> happy birthday dear liam. >> music and mood in the air made philly's finest want tonight bust a move with every day citizens and even city employees breaking down for the end ever the holiday many left excited to start 2015. >> happy new year. >> >>. >> taking a live look over second street right now. you see the festivities underway. a lot of mummers celebrating their wins their big day now again in the books another successful mummers day parade.
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back here liver as we're talking to many mumers can i guarantee you even throat parade is 365 days away we start planning next week. reporting liver annie mccormickp on phl17, brian. >> the party reveled their way there thank you. >> let's switch live to the man that guided us through the day today year in and out. steve high schoolman honourary mummer hall of famer and today steve another great day and the task of naming winners. >> thanks you to and to alicia and sharee and sarah doing a great job today. it was beautiful winter day and overall good day for the parade route. i talked to city officials that say they're giveing a good mark and will look at it and tweak a few things they're pleased how it went it was a day of kid and wishes and winds at some time and string bands i have this fancy brigade division inside
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the convention center south philly vikings the winner. south philly vikings and their captain first prize and category shooting stars come in second and sat insliper third avenue fourth jokesers five. string band division and big winner is bands with the theme the machine trnd system meltdown to electrifying performance on 100 anniversary of first parade quiker city second and south philadelphia wood win tide for four and presentation director of fralinger string band congratulations on your string band. what does it feel like to win. >> incredible sense of pride. >> what was it about the performance that resonated. >> i think we took it to different levels and we had banjo players upside down and lights in our suits and all that seems to payoff.
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so we're extremely proud and happy with our results. >> con gatlations to you and everyone at fralinger string band. now, let's go to captain's category in string bands in the captain winning captain is jimmy good of quaker city string band. jimmy good. john barron second and tom robeson third and separated by less than a point point. comic division. murray comic club wins again 17 in a row in 79th year. winning comic brigade in good timers and that was miss mummerdelphia and fancy division in the hand some costume category matt layton third with ghost dance and king jockey category in-er isp of holy grail wins and winchberg brigade
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celebration in mega brigade riverfront with broader theme and captain wins there too and frogy car second. another chapter ends in this great philadelphia tradition. live in south philadelphia at the mummer's museum i'm steve thank you brian. >> my privy tloj set next to you for a couple hours. thank you. and a job well done. >> more to come. this man has a smile across his face when this kid did to his mom when she asked him to cleanup. >> and police on high alert and what's being donna cross the country. keep officers safe in the wake of last month's deadly shooting in new york city. and for the first time we're hearing from the captain of that greek ferry that caught
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former new york governor mario quo mow died hours after his son andrew began a second nerm that same office. he was dubbed a liberal lion nope for soaring intellect it's not clear how he died he was hospitalized in november not well enough to attend son's inauguration this morning. mayoro cuomo was 82. >> from philadelphia to los angeles they're on high alert
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tonight. fbi sent out a bulletin saying fatal shootings of two nypd officers spawned numerous threats of copycat assassinations in new york city alone 70 threats assessed so far most deemed not credible but 16 people were arrested as a result of them. >> i'm alarmed enforcement are heart and soul of keeping people safe and rule of law is so important to every day freedoms and so when you jeopardize that it's a big deal. >> in tampa two depitys were shot at one of the boys narrowly missing the officers in houston officers are forced to work in pairs. st. louis severity anti-police brutality officers. 50 officers were shot and killed last year in the line of duty. well a break in weather today allowed recovery teams to
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be able to search for wreckage of airasia flight 8501 a funeral was held for one woman a victim of the crash to be identified and authorities are conducting dna analysis on 8 other bodies recovered so far. uss samson also on the the scene aid in aid in recovery the plaque boxes once found will help investigators determine the cause of crash. time is running out to find them. there's 25 days of battery power left and search area doubled to 13500 square nautical miles. >> the captain of the greek ferry over the weekend is speaking for the first time. he was last person to be he vac yailted from the burning ship and told reporters we did our best with the help of god. at least 11 people died and nearly 100 more may still be
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missing. a tugboat is towing that damaged ferry towards italy >> now to the accuweather forecast as we wind down 2015 it was a good one. >> i think it was a good one. >> windy, temperatures above average for first of january. philadelphia 42 degrees. allentown 39. trenton 40. wilmington 42 and average high for january first is 41 degrees. we did one degree better than that. temperatures stay cool all month though average high for january 31 is 41 degrees and january is usually a lot snowier than december. december we typically get 3 1/2" of snow. this december we had .1. average snowfall january 6.5". i'm tracking snow for the weekend. but i'm tracking rain. but tonight it's just a clear and chilly night.
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philadelphia 36 millville, 37 allentown 30 wilmington 33, atlantic city airport currently 35. winds died down from earlier today. we still have winds between 5 and 15 miles an hour wind make it feel like 9 in allentown and i 9 wilmington some of the moisture is developing. that low pressure will move into texas and what that will do is track up to the west and that will bring us soaking rain for the second half of weekend. it will also pull up one-day surge of very mild air. it will be mild tomorrow though mostly sunny morning rush hour and typically cool, 6:00 31, by 7:00 32, by 8:00 33, factor in the breeze and wind chills will be in the mid 20s. through the day tomorrow we'll see sunshine and high, thin clouds late in the day with a cool breeze and not as blustery as today.
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allentown 38 for the high. philadelphia 43 degrees and millville 44. i'll talk more in detail about the weekend and true arctic air that will move in next week in the full accuweather 7-day forecast brian. >> cecily will talk you to shortly. a first look at sports the rose bowl incredible game today not a good one for the high wli talented quarterback in college. a rough day for jameis winston. >> yes indeed it's a day he would like to forget. heisman trophy win are a year ago. we'll show you that in a second. think about this. it's taken a while to get to this spot. timely have a true playoff system. two semi-final days again today rose bowl between florida state and/or or. noles reigning champs looked like garbage today i giving the ball away in third corner. tony watson scoops it up for 58 yard touchdown and 59-20 to be honest with you it deposit feel
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that close. oregon will face winner ever the sugar bowl for national championship on january 12. this game in progress as we speak. alabama leads 21-6. we're in the 2nd quarter. to the eggleess if they're indeed a player or two away from super bowl caliber like they say they ro the next few months what they do over the next few months will be critical. espn analyst ron jaworksi. >> every off season is important. i'm a big believer that's when i make biggest strides from a football team. through the draft. through free agency. but getting players to develop that chemistry is that the so important. that culture that chip likes to talk about. that's done in the off is season. >> ahead next half hour hear why ron hextall is encouraged despite
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>> welcoming philadelphia's baby born in 2015. check out sophie agraceling doddson born 3:04 this morning.
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mom and dad have been waiting to are this little one to enjoy for a decade now. sophie aarrived a few days ahead of january 6 due date. parents and grand xeernts not be happier to meet herthon new year's day. >> we're hearing from a utah couple that got their hands full in 2015 to say the least. people around the world following ashley and tyson's gardner's journey after struggling for infertility 8 years they found out they were having two sets of identical twins. on sunday their daughters were born. early but they wereel healthy. >> after eight years of going through infertility and wanting a baby so bad to find me holding one of your little tiny babies i don't think there are appropriate words to be able to describe the feeling. >> get sleep now mom, couple says they hope to inspire others also
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>> we have more coming up in. next half hour including movies coming out in 2015. this man is behind bars. he did not like what his mom was telling him to do. gruesome crime he's accused of committing plus. >> huge fire overnight levels unabandoned warehouse. and what was not destroyed
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>> hello again 10:30 thanks nor joining us a look at stories on "action news" at 10 phl17. >> police are questioning a man after a woman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight. he was attacked at a parking
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garage 17 and calohill in spring guard and and a man saw what was happening and chased after the suspect. police caught him a block and a half away. a vigil was held for 10-year-old matthew mccloskey sunday night franklin township and officials have not said whether officers lights or sirens were on at the time. >> it would not be new year's day without annual mummers day parade quite a show on broad street mummers once again strutted their stuff. more than 100 firefighters were called in to battle early morning fire at a business in burlington county and the flames damaged nearby houses. nora muchanic has the story of the massive fire fight from mount holly. >>. >> reporter: this is what it looked like early thursday morning as arrow company wept newspaper flames. more than 100 firefighters from all over burlington county battled water supply problems and bitter cold. they were also hampered from
10:32 pm
construction of century old manufacturing building. >> it was wood floors soaked in oil from this machine shop and that made the fire burn that much quicker and hotter and made it hard to put out. >> i put my shoes on and grabbed coat and ran out the door. >> stella harris was evacuated along with other homeless people sheltered across the street. >> it was horrible. flames i was terrified i was walking through backyard and all i heard was boom. >> flames were inteps and the fire was so high and hot it jump add cross the street melting front of two buildings here and two started to catch fire. >> i was afraid. when i got outside from the debris in the air you could see all -- pieces of fire in the air. >> firefighter were dousing hot spots throughout the day and heavy equipment was left to demolish the building. the blaze knocked ot power to
10:33 pm
several buildings in the air and community center scrambling to finds other accommodations for its clients. >> we have soup kitchen here we were supposed to feed today tomorrow saturday, sunday. we're trying to feed people and find places to put homeless people. >> cause of fire is it still undetermined. investigators have not been able toe examine the scene yet it's too hot and unstable n mount holly i'm nora muchanic for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> police in bensalem are investigating a woman's death. 11:00 this morning authorities got 911 call reportingself inflicted inflict inflicted gunshot left a 23-year-old woman dead. they are questioning a man that lives inside the home. that person is cooperating with detectives. >> an hour into 2015 city of chester had first homicide. police found a body in yard along the 1400 block cole hain
10:34 pm
street 1:00 this morning and the victim's mother identified the man as 22-year-old ram own anderson. 2014 was a tough year in chest they're were a record 30 homicides. delaware county is the a record with 49. >> a would be robber in pennsylvania was bust the after police followed the paper trail. toilet paper that is. over the weekend a man walked into michael maria's pizza shot in uniontown handed employee toilet paper. on it was a note that said i got a gun give me $300. >> there was a guy outside that has a gun on me and if i leave this store without 300 he'll shoot me. >> that worker was suspicious and hit secret alarm. the man praised police for saving him. officers were not buying his story. they paid a visit to his home and one look at toilet paper this is what they saw impresent of the note he had given to pizza shop worker and yeah drugs
10:35 pm
there. that guy in a little trouble tonight. cecily tynan standing by once again with look at accuweather forecast tonight. cecily some criminals solve crimes themselves. >> i love stories like that. don't squeeze the charmin. >> stromtracker double scan shotz moyingtd tour beginning to shatter over the gulf of mexico. that brings us soaking rain. tonight we're clear and on the chilly side. taking a look at temperatures across the region of the right now center city 35. quakertown. checking in at 3. st. david 35 in levittown. headed to south jersey boardwalk in atlantic city still 40. hammonton dropped down to 36. cinnaminson 35. hockessin delaware 35. dover delaware currently 38. tonight will be another chilly night. seasonably cool. mostly clear. typical for january.
10:36 pm
overnight low 30 and 27 millville and 35 allentown and satellite 6 and action radar showing bright sunshine. full day. sunshine and clouds streaming south of philadelphia. tomorrow we'll see good amount of sunshine high, thin clouds later in the day ahead of a storm system bringing to move into texas. the same storm system that brought snow to southern california las vegas arizona new mexico and this tracks west this will bring us surge of warm air. >> tomorrow nice day good amount of sunshine high, thin clouds in the afternoon and milder than today u. 44 and the winds will not be quite as strong. it will feel nicer than 2-d today. not bright and sunny. saturday, the morning dry. you have a long run you want to do, do it saturday morning. rain moves in in the afternoon. high 42. this storm system will track a
10:37 pm
warm front through the region saturday night. temperatures rise overnight and sunday will be warm. temperatures up in 60s. we're looking at very wet sunday. breaking down the weekend that rain moving in in the afternoon. could have brief mix with sleet and well norm of philadelphia along the i 78 corridor and areas north. we're looking at general half inch to inch of rain. a lot of rain with this system and temperatures will soar into the 60s. but just for one day. the call from accuweather the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. tomorrow, fine friday, sun, high thin cloud 44 on saturday. that rain moving in in the afternoon. brief mix north and west. 42 degrees. temperatures rise overnight and sunday, mild temperatures. 6 degrees. period of rain. then cold front sweeps through. behind the system windy and colder for monday high of 39. tuesday a clipper moving through could bring us snow showers in the evening. high of 32.
10:38 pm
and then behind this system we have a blast of bitter cold air on wednesday 29 thursday temperatures drop even more with a high of only 28 degrees. so a real temperature roller coaster as we head to the next 7 days. >> feeling lining winter finally. >> thank you. >> a gruesome one here a man accused of be heading his own mother because of a dispute over chores. we have the bizarre story coming up. >> and plus a warning if you recently ate at chick-fil-a why you need a clear look at your bank statement and gm announce as i recall. details you need to noah the break.
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>> general motors kicking off a recall with suvs and faulty ignition. the vehicle can move out of the start position and stall and prevent air bags from deploying. gm recalled millions of vehicles worldwide because of issues. >> chick-fil-a is warning customers about a possible security breach. fast food chain learned of unusual activity involving cards
10:42 pm
at a few restaurants. the chain did not relesion any other details including where the restaurants might be. chick-fil-a says it's working with law enforcement and cyber security experts to investigate. >> utterly gruesome crime out of florida a man is accuse of of decapitating his mom in new year's leave. she kept nagging him to put away boxes in the attic. he was planning the crime for two days. gomez's brother found his mother's body and called police. >> a georgia police chief said he shot his wife with service revolver but it was an accident. his wife is listed in critical condition and chief is on administrative leave while authorities investigate his claims. >> safe to say one family will never forget each other's birthdays. meet the trio all born january 1 and next we take a look at hot movies that will hit the big screen in 2015 and nightly remind to start your day with
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♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. >> taylor swift managed to shake frozen off the billboard chart her album 198 9 2014 top
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selling album out in my opinion weeks of the year. 3.6 million copies sold and frozen 3.5 million copies sold of that record in 2014. >> 2015 timely arrived and it's not exactly the way it was featured in back to the future part 2. we don't all get around on hover boards sadly and jaws 19 does not exist that is less said. >> the film got a few things right. biometrics and video telephones are real thanks to apps like skype and face time. they're also 3d movie and hall owe grams and flying cars they're a couple in the works don't count on flying one of those down the street any time soon. >> well, this new year brings a host of new and highly-anticipated movies among them new star wars and "50 shades of grey" and some you may not have heard of yesterday. chris conley is going to change
10:47 pm
that. >> new year's begins with exclamation point and right now for 2015 ♪ power converting skeptics to old school of the film and j.j. be a rams "star wars" vi. force awakens. how hot can "50 shades of grey" get valentine's day. go to johnson and jamie to capture open the cuff spice and books bound for fwlory. will audiences be able to resist themselves. >> johnny. >> billiony dep recapture his flare. >> i'm afraid i have to put my foot down darryling with your permission of course. >> he was helped to find the matrix again.
10:48 pm
>> who are you? >> in jup tier attending how can kids in heart of the scene employee -- >> sexiest 19th will first time director elizabeth banks. >> be sharp or be natural pitch perfect ii. >> george clooney on board for birds intriguing live actioner tomorrow land. >> you can. >> the who is coming who is focused willful wall street robby with will smith there's more. who want peanuts in 3d and ever useful break lively carry age ever a line with harrison ford. >> you were very close. >> might it trouble audiences or
10:49 pm
thrill them to get a look at late paul walker. >> i'll gets you out of here. >> in serious 7 and do they look hungry to you? >> chris pratt finds out what happens when dinos dine. >> what kind of dinosaurs did you cook up now. >> many delicious treats on their way to theaters this year. >> chris conley reporting. what is it jurasic park iv. >> 50 shades of football today. >> lots of good football games. one half of upcoming national championship thing is decided. oregon can hang with big boards and quarterback is as good as advertised and floor did state. this is unfortunate.
10:50 pm
mariotta to kering ton in 3rd quarter and rushes for 6 2 yards including 3 yards scam per and 4th quarter get reigning champ 59-20. oregon will place winner of sugar bowl for national championship on january 20 rights now between alabama and ohio state buckeyes coming back and alabama leads by one point we're at the half. nfl free agency is two months away for the eagles toself evaluate. ron jaworksi didn't have to dig deep to finds a flaring need. >> and now we've seen it for two years. and we've seen the holes in the football team now. now it's off season. now you have to look at those holes and fill them and you have to get quality corners. probably another safety. i believe a smash mouth kind of guy that can interests act in the passing game as well as
10:51 pm
running game and early problem kahne champs tight players. those guys are good at playing a free receivety and make plays line of scrimmage. >> sixers off at toon tomorrow first game become to back of suns and clippers. >> monday nights hosting cleveland. lebron james will not play in this one. he's dealing with back and knee issue. >> flyers off game road since shivled three straight victories and flyers leave for carolina tomorrow. gm is trying to remain positive. >> overall we're not playing bad. we'll get it one way or the other. we're finding wins to ways and lose. if you look at the play i may do the other team constitution or
10:52 pm
not point out if you were okay with that. >> winter classic we went to d.c. over 4,000 on hand to see blackhawks and tie game less than 20 seconds to defy the pressure troy glal pressure troy glaler -- washington wints 3- >> e mailed me about that. >> we'll show you another one. organizeers hope a different ice locky game. the event took place hundreding ton valley montgomery county a few teams taken to the ice were lansdale catholic and archbishop wood. they took home the win 7-4. >> college basketball player -- there's a million for cancer research. hill is battling terminal brain cancer. it's amazing to know she'll make a difference in her own fight and that of nature valley crunchy granola bars give you energy from 1/3 of your daily whole grains.
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>> that's what my son want ford christmas. >> maybe you can get it. >> i don't know about that. >> going to play outside tomorrow you have to bundle up. good amount of sunshine. temperatures in the lower 30s for morning rush and also it will be preezy day. wind chills in mid 20s. we're looking at a good amount of sunshine through the day tomorrow high, thin clouds temperatures rising into the 40s. all in all pretty nice day that rain moving in saturday afternoon >> an ohio family welcomed a baby girl today but not only autumn and new year's day baby but shares birth day with mom and dad. yes, all three in this family born on new year's day. >> easy to share a birth day with somebody you love and then to have your daughter born on the same day like i said, that's just -- it's unbelievable. >> i would say so. dad jokes about celebrating next year and each getting their own
10:57 pm
cake no more babies right now.
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