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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> a daycare is shut down and one is dead. what they discovered when they went inside and a family desperately searching for their loved one, 26 mother of two missing and her husband is nowhere to the found. the big story on "action news" is the end of a three-day terror spree in france. three begun mep with terrorist ties are dead and one female accomplice is on the loose from paris to philadelphia the independent victims are remembered good evening and thank you for joining us.
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brian is off tonightch the terror that gripped the french capitol is over and tonight we have team coverage. dann cuellar attended a rally and first let's bring you up to date on how police took the terrorist down. >> two intense standoffs leaving terrorists in france dead. >> we're hopeful the immediate threat is dead. >> 0 miles outside of paris police cornered the two beermings they say carried out wednesday's massacre. the interior minister saying the brothers holed up inside not knowing an employee was there hiding and brothers came out shooting. before killed by police they reportedly called the french tv station saying they were commissioned by al qaeda in yemen and were depending prophet mohammed. and while inside a kosher supermarket east of paris another accused terrorist kobali
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killed four hoingt stajs and called the same television station claiming he synchronized his attack with the brothers and that he was a member of isis. and investigators say kobali murdered a police officer in a shootout yesterday and was killed in today's siege. his accomplice is on the run. today through a translator french president said the country remains on high alert. >> france also knows it is not over yet with the threat. >> on sunday attorney general holder will meet with world lead others to discuss combating terrorism that same day a big rally is scheduled in paris. there is one earlier this evening in philadelphia for the victim and dann cuellar was there she joins us from love park you hi there, dan dann, how are you doing, shirleen.
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for the people of france and democracy and freedom of >> some onlyly they sang the french national anthem some holding candles and posters saying we are charlie. among those with sarah arsenial native of paris living in philadelphia the past four years. >> with 9/11 we never really understood in france what it was to have your country attacked and feeling vulnerable. i think today we realize. >> it was hard foyer for her to hold back tears making the connection after what americans felt after 9/11. americans at the rally understand what the french are going through. >> i think when something as staffage and terrible happens looking forward to people throughout the world to show their voice. >> these friendch students study marketing at temple and left france returning from winter
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break not knowing what happened until they landed here. >> it's something you can do you have to do something about. it it can't happen >> many of those attending including woman in wheelchair raised pencils symbolic to freedom of speech. >> and pencil saying phase. >> freedom of expression. >> i think this attack on freedom of speech, we have to get together and speak out. otherwise they win. >> the rally was hastily organized by council general of france in philadelphia. >> people are coming out to support fundamental values of democracy and of which freedom of press was one of the pillars. >> so clearly the attacks have hit a nerve even here in the united states. overall, there was a sense here tonight that we must all stand together and fight terrorism
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wherever it strikes. live at love park, dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you dann. now to the weather the weather was slightly warming today but it's not going to last. win i could say it was. we're in for a chilly weekend. let's get to meteorologist cecily tynan. hi, shirleen i liked it better before you corrected yourself. it would have been nice if today's weather lasted a few more days. we may look to 36 ninlly at noon temperatures climbed above freezing and the last time this week we were above freezing was 4:00 monday. we had 91 is consecutive hours below freezing and yesterday's high measly 19 degrees. now, things are changing. satellite 6 and action radar showing clouds from the cold front that moved through this morning that brought some snow showers for the morning commute that now moved off the coast and now what we have are winds out of the northwest.
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a lot of times the cold front the cold air lags behind nearly 24 hours. so we did not get the cold chill today but it's moving in tonight. right now in philadelphia it's 27. millville 24. allentown 20. reading 19. wilmington 23 and poconos dropped down to 13. the winds are beginning to kick up as well. wind chill factor makes it feel like 19 in philadelphia 12 wilmington and 11 allentown and 4 in the poconos. wind chills are going to be nearly as cold tomorrow as they were yesterday. so this is what is ahead. yes we have a brief break today. temperatures will be frigid with blustery winds again on saturday. and then i'm tracking the possibility of the potential for messy morning commute monday with a wintry mix. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. >> now to the search for missing south jersey mother of two. erica crimpen-crosby missing
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more than a week. tonight friends and family formed their own search sharee williams is live with the latest development in cherry hill. >> police tell us they are searching for erica tonight and also happening her husband is now out of sight and that is troubling. the couple was last seen here at this restaurant in cherry hill. that's pj we'll hans and that of course was back in december on the 30th. this is where the investigation begins and the family playing detective tonight where the lived. >> she loved her not been seen or heard from in over ten days. family members gathered to hold signs expressing their love and to search for her the 26-year-old is mother of two
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daughters a 7-year-old and newborn. >> my little cousin has to grow up with only 7 years of memory with her mom. my cousin caylee doesn't veen memories. >> erica lives with her children and i husband at this mount laurel apartmentch the couple was last seen together at this pub in cherry hill december 30 which is last anyone saw erica. a friend showed us the last text message she received from erica that night. >> hey girl call me we need to talk. >> and now, kyle is nowhere to be found as well. also gone is erica's car a cranberry red ford taurus. the couple had a rocky marriage. they now fear erica is dead. >> if you killed my sister let my bury my sister let me do that at least. if that's what you did you can runny don't care what you do i don't care if you get away i want to bury my sister i want her home. >> family members say investigators could have done more to question erica's husband
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before he wept missing. tonight they voice their frustration. >> the moment that this came about, they should have held him for 48 hours and got all the warrants and everything they need. that's called negligence on their behalf. >> and police tell me they are aware of the family's frustration. but i spoke tonight with the burlington county prosecutor's office and they tell me they are working hard to find erica and at this point they cannot divulge details of the investigation and they tell me they did speak with kyle earlier in the week. we're live in cherry hill. sharee williams, "action news" at 10 on phl17, charleen. >> thank you, sharee. >> the state forced montgomery county daycare to close its doors. the order came while the office of child development and early learning was investigating the death of a child at the win more learning center in win more. authorities say a daycare worker put a blanket over a child's face and left her unattendeded.
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she do ied and her cause of death is not known. the state found several other violations onsite monday and wednesday ordered the facility to stop caring for children. >> the south jersey police officer who hit and killed a 10-year-old boy will not face charges. 10-year-old matthew died december 2348 franklin township. he was hit by a patrol car being driven by nicholas loslento of. the officer's actions were not criminal. he was restoppeding to non-emergency call and did not have flashing lights on. he was going 74 miles an hour at the time. police say mccloskey plan to the road at the time of the accident. family and friends said their final good-bye to shane montgomery. a funeral was held in manayunk. he disappeared thanksgiving morning after leaving a bar. his body was found in the schuylkill river last weekend. his death was an accident. >> police in atlantic county are investigating the discovery of a
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man's body on the front lawn of home in north field. the body was spotted at a house on virginia avenue around 11:00 this morning and an autopsy sake conducted to find out how the man died. police have not found out whether the death is suspicious and he has not been identified yet. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane responded to a word that charges be filed against her. she said today she did nothing illegal. any review of the facts would conclude that. the charges stem from allegations that came from a late grand jury investigation to a newspaper. the charges are part of political attack because of her efforts to cleanup harrisburg. >> we learned today that new jersey governor chris christie was questioned recently by federal investigators over the bridgegate scandal. christie met with prosecutors last month during a secret session at governor's mansion. he answered questions about lane closures on george washington
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bridge that caused massive backups in september of 013. they were allegedly part of political retribution by christie staffers against the mayor of fort lee, new jersey who did not endorse christie's reelection bid. it's not known what the governor told prosecutors during that meeting. and still ahead how happiness plays a role in heart health and 10:30 learning more about a 40-year-old vorhees woman who died from the flu. >> and the president talks about his plan to help meshs who want it. to get an education. is it time for rami you 20 16 bumper stickers the former governor gives a hypothetical whether he'll run for governor next
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>> mitt romney said he is considering another around of donors. he said he would run a different campaign this time around. as recently as october he said publicly he was not planning on running. >> president obama officially announced propose tool make community college free for any stwhunt will work for it. he told us about it last night and made at announcement in tennessee ahead of upcoming state of the union address.
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>> ambitious new plan to bring down the costs of community college tuition in america and i want to bring it down to zero [ applause want to bring it down to zero [ applause ]. >> now, here's how it would work. students who attend school at least half time and maintain a 2.5 gpa would get tuition free. average tuition savings 3800 a year. republicans quickly dismissed proposal saying it may never move forward and white house says the president wants to start at least a conference. >> it's time now for accuweather forecast and we're not getting quite out of that freezer yet. meteorologist cecily tynan has the details on that. hey cec. >> hi, shirleen. we have one day break today made it up to 36. tomorrow, temperatures will not even climb out of the 20s. right now, philadelphia is 7 degrees. millville 2 4 allentown 20. wilmington 23. and reading currently 19. and the wind chills are starting to drop: it feels like 19 in
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philadelphia. that's not that bad. feels like 1 wilmington and feels like 11 allentown and feels like 9 in reading and overnight tonight wind chills will drop down below zero. satellite 6 and action radar showing why we had a cold front that moved through earlier today this is what brought us snow showers and this really opening the door for winds to die down out of the northwest and that's what would create the intense chill. in addition to the snow showers ahead a lot of facebook viewers and facebook fans sending me pictures of this. they said it looked like dipping dots or styrofoam you see beaten back chair and kelly sent my a photo. grapple snowflakes coated with super cold water drop let's creates what looks likes hail. difference if you try to touch it it actually falls apart it's very soft. we had a lot of grapple sightings today. tomorrow morning no snow, grapple or cold air.
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latest wind chilled cape may county and southern delaware down into the single digits. however the i-95 corridor and south jersey and new castle county includes philadelphia trenton and wilmington looking at wind chills dropping 5 below zero. immediate north and west suburbs wind chill dropping to 5 to 10 below zero and northern lehigh valley and poconos wind chills tomorrow morning down to 15 degrows below zero. if you head up to the poconos to go skiing, meet you in the lodge. because it will be bitter cold. lots of sunshine. temperature at 10:00, 6 degrees and again wind chill 15 to 10 and by 2:00, 11. and wind chill below zero. breaking it down tomorrow. high in allentown, 19. downingtown 2 2. pottstown 19 wind chills in the afternoon in the single digits. i-95 corridor low 20s for the eyes with wind chills in teens and south jersey 3 degrees in cape may and wind chills in the teens. it will be a dry weekend. but early next week i'm tracking
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ice and rain. i'll talk more about that in the full accuweather 7-day forecast shirleen. >> thank you, ces. >> tomorrow there is a private funeral for espn anchor stuart scott there was a viewing this evening in raleigh, north carolina where his family lives. scott pass away age of 49 after a long battle with cancer. his family is asking people to donate to the v foundation for cancer research. >> are you generally a happy person? how your mood plays a role in heart health. and this woman thought she put on a few pounds because of the holidays. that was not the case. meet the new mom who did not know she was pregnant until she went into
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. >> why some get ptsd and dorz not. survivors of 1988 early quake people were studdied and people with fsd had variation to the again. some may be susceptible to trauma a now the that they identified the gene it's easier
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to find new treatments. >> when it comes to heart health it pays to be happy. new research out of harvard opt midsts are less likely toe have heart disease or stroke and they found factors such as optimism and life satisfaction offer protection against cardiovascular disease and held true regardless of person's age education, weight and family history of heart disease. >> a massachusetts woman thought she had back pain when she went to the hospital. instead she had a baby. 23-year-old katie cropis went to find out what was wrong and shocked to learn she was 9 months pregnant. doctors told her at 10:15 and the ten pound baby was born after 11 sdmri thought i had put on some christmas season weight you know. and but i never thought that i was pregnant. 234e6r never. >> doctors say it's more common than i might think.
10:24 pm
it happens more frequently if a woman is overweight or has irregular periods. >> it's time for sports. jeff skversky joining us live in the "action news" sports center hey there jeff. >> hey there, shirleen. sixers trade has been suspended without pay because he's refused to report to the sixers. who would not want to be a part of this tonight against the nets. what a finish tied 88, three seconds to go. michael carter williams and nerlens noel ball game sixers win 90-88 it's just their sixth w. what a finish tonight. flyers will be without defenseman nick grossman tomorrow and for the next three weeks. gross sman out with upper body injury and drilled into the boards last night against washington. flyers face the brew inz tomorrow sglavrn eagles linebacker emmanuel acho may not go to playoffs but acho is going to the high school prom.
10:25 pm
listen to this. eagles fan in virginia asked acho on twitter if he would be her date if she got 2,000 retweetsw he said i'll go if you get 10,000 retwets and sure enough weeks later done. hannah delmonte you have a date. >> it's going to be extremely awkward or extremely fun. i'll go for latter. and try to have fun with it. but i actually did not go to nrom high school. i went to all guys school growing up. this will be my first prom to go to. >> 24 years old acho is going
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>> ing up in the next half hour a local high school shows support for a teenager battling cancer. and how to get money back on items you've already got sitting around. and there is a new case of hepatitis a in new jersey. one of the latest
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>> thank you for joining us. here's a look at the stories on "action news" at 10 on phl17. three terrorists and two suspects were killed during two separate hostage sieges. four hoingt tam, ans were killed. french officials they they were gunned down when attackers enter earned a grocery store. one female suspect is at large. >> female friend of erica crimpen-crosby are trying to find clues for this missing woman. she is mother of two small children and was not seen in more than ten days last seen
10:31 pm
with husband in cherry hill. he disappeared as well. >> charges will not be filed against a police officer who hit and killed a 10-year-old boy. the boy died in franklin township and the officer was restoppeding to call and did not have lights on at the time. police say mccloskey ran into the road when the accident happened. we want to get right to the forecast. we had a bit of a warm-up if you can call it that. bitter cold is coming back. >> shirleen today 36. it was cold. compared to yesterday's high of 19 felt good. live on sky6 behind me blue cross river rink at penns landing and a lot of folks getting fresh air temperatures not quite plunged but will in the overnight hours. what a week it's been monday seems so long ago. our high made it up to 50. but tuesday and wednesday not even half of that. 4 degrees.
10:32 pm
high yesterday was core of the cold air. 19 degrees. we had a wind chill of 6 below zero. yesterday morning, today 6. still four below the average high but compared to 19 degrees it didn't feel that bad. right now quakertown dropped down to 19 and st. david's 19. center city currently 25. south jersey generally in 0s. 28 sea isle city and 25 hammonton and 25 glassboro and hockessin 23. you factor in the breeze there's a bit of wind chill factor making it feel like 19 in philadelphia and 11 allentown and feels like 9 in reading and winds will be picking up as temperatures drop tonight and that will create another morning of brutal wind chills tomorrow. satellite 6 and action radar showing front that mroovd through this morning with snow showers has now moved off the coast. we have arctic high pressure building in for tomorrow. this will bring us wind chills nearly as brutal as yesterday
10:33 pm
morning. pretty close. cape may county southern delaware we're looking at wind chills in single digits. philadelphia, wilmington tone and trenton a. newcastle delaware wind chill dropping down 0 to 5 be lee zero. northwest suburbs 5 to 10 below and northern lehigh valley and poconos wind chill tomorrow morning 10 to 15 degrees below zero. despite full sunshine tomorrow our high only 0 degrees. it will be blustery. wind chills in the single digits. similar to yesterday's weather. things will change quickly on sunday. our winds shift out of south west that means team turz rebound above freezing still a chilly day, 34. mixture of clouds and sunshine. weekend dry. i'm tracking a system that will bring us moisture on monday. south of philadelphia this will be mainly a rain event. problem though right around the
10:34 pm
i-95 corridor if this moisture moves in fast enough monday morning the ground will be frozen. that means it would start as wintry mix before changing over to rain. we could have icy monday morning commute and lehigh valley some snow before eventual changeover to mix and rain later in the day. partly cloudy tonight, 8 to 14. wind chills slipping below zero and the forecast sunny and bitter cold tomorrow high 20. sunday better day for outdoor activities 4. more cloud cover rolling in. monday, wintery mix again, gradually changing over to rain. 36. >> tuesday behind that system brisk and colder high of only 23. wednesday mostly sunny 34. thursday and friday lots of clouds stays cold and temperatures are in the 30s. i've been tracking potential for coastal storm on thursday. latest computer models show that
10:35 pm
low heading out to sea. that trend continues. and this would miss us. i think everybody would be happy about that. >> we would be. >> hopefully it goes that way. >> thank you. and new tonight 10:30 hundreds of people paid respects to limo driver gunned down on new year's day. a funeral was held. on new year's day he pickedp a group of men one pulled a gun and demanded money from shooting him in the head. one person was charmed with his death. he leaves behind fiancee and 5-month-old baby girl. >> suspected carjacker was captured this evening. in port richmond. where police managed to arrest at least one suspect. they tell us ordeal began in 3500 block of east tioga street. >> one of maryland top episcopal bish opens will be charmed in a crash that killed a father from
10:36 pm
riverton burlington county. he died in baltimore riding his bicycle whl a car slammed into him. bishop cook was behind the wheel and drunk and texting at the time. she faces charges of vehicle manslaughter and drunken driving. >> west chester police believe this man broke into a home and sexually assaulted another man in middle of the night. the incidents happened walnut street december 28 and investigators just released this surveillance picture. the two men did not know each other. if you know this man, police want to hear from you. we're hearing more tonight about the 40-year-old woman from voorhees who died from the flu earlier this week. nicole born was young, active and healthy mother of two. 40-year-old suddenly pass away sunday after rushed to virtua hospital two days earlier. doctors say she had h 3 n 3 most come on flu virus and severe. however her death is highly
10:37 pm
unusual. >> most people who die of the flu tend to be either elderly immuno suppressed or very somebody at this age would be extremely uncommon event. >> born's family said she did not get standard flu shot and the vaccine is not perfect match for the h 1. for the h 1.. n but still helps. >> a person was diagnosed with hepatitis a. an infected patron they cannot be sure that is where they caught the virus. >> it was a playground for the rich, famous ape even the rat pack. after 70 years in business atlantic city race course is closing doors. its owner says there's been a
10:38 pm
decline in business and regional economic climate the track in may's landing opened up in july of 1946 among those in attendance on opening day frank sinatra a and bob hope. last day for business will be january 16. new jersey governor chris christie is nou not bowing to critics. heeds haided to lambeau field to cheer on his dallas cowboys and wearing his lucky sweater. he took slack from the eagles and giants fans with unabashed display of cowboy support. you you see him here in the private box joyping in a group hugch the governor doesn't want to break the team 5-0 streak so he'll once again attend. the governor will pay for tickets and travel himself. well it seems like everyone is discovering something we all know. philadelphia say hot spot. "new york times" has named philadelphia mopping top 5
10:39 pm
places to go in 2015 actually number three on the list. only mill app, italy and cuba are more exciting and philadelphia was chosen because of urban feet furdz, dilworth park schuylkill banks, boardwalk and beer gardens. >> a dog with expensive taste swal owes a ring worth 23,000. and remember the woman that turned down 975 million check from her ex-husband turns out she changed her mind and next major changes that are being made at the university of virginia after a student told rolling stone magazine
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>> a former florida a&m university band major sentenced to more than 6 years behind bars in connection with hazing death of drum major. dante martin is first of 15 band members charged to receive prison time. prosecutors wanted nine years. they say martin was ring leader of hazing ritual that left 26-year-old robert champion beaten to death. greek life at the university of virginia officially resumed today and came with a lot of new restrictions. fraternities and sororities must have three sober monitors at
10:43 pm
parties and beer keingz and mixed drinks for given and wine can be served only if poured by one of the monitors and this is in response to a rolling stone article where a woman was accused of being gang raped. >> harold ham wife will accept the settlement after all. sue anne originally rejected the check when she received it monday she said she was entitled to more. ham's attorney said the check was deposited and the couple was married 26 years and didn't have a prenup tuille agreement. >> the dog that decided to swallow a 23,000 dollarss
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actually we do see flames at the top of the home there when you look closer. heavy fire was reported from a 2 1/2 story house. second alarm was struck before 10:30. no word yet on severity of any injuries or if there were injuries in this home. of course we'll keep up updated on this breaking story in monroe township. if one of your new year's resolutions is to save money we're helping you get back on things you already bought. here's consumer reporter nydia han with the details on that. >> many of us resolved to save money this year and this is a way you can save on stuff you already bought. rebate and designed to tap into the 500 million in rebates that go unclaimed every year it's still in beta phase but you can browse and download free rebate forms for thousands of popular products and can shop based on rebates or if you already bought something use rebate hero to find rebates on
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no cities in our areas made the list. >> shirleen, you can take all the shots you want, sixers are worst shooting team in nba youngest in league history and they may have the most heart and they show it tonight on the road. sixers in brooklyn where there's never one sam hanky wake up you want to see this what a finish. down as many as 13. back they come. tony wroteton the basket and foul. sixers take the lead 2 and change to go. brook lopez ut, oh ties at 88. so other way. sixers run down the clock. final seconds. michael carter williams. what a pass to your lens noel slams it down with three seconds to go. sixers win 90-88 it's their sixth win of the season. >> flyers face boston tomorrow. goalie steve mason calls it a must-win game. they have to do it without nick
10:50 pm
grossman he'll miss three weeks with upper body injury after drilled into the boards last night first period. against washington. flyers look for third straight win tomorrow against the boston bruins. basketball now cherry and white will try to stay white hot against tulsa. they have not lost since villanova a month ago. fran dumbfy is still not satisfied. >> coaches are an interesting breed. we always want more. we want perfection knowing full well it won't happen let's try to be as good as we can be and you have a nice little run going and it will be difficult to continue it that's the next chore. >> we caught up with tu today at shineers hospital where pens and women's basketball teams were handing out toys to kids. >> chip kelly constructed a championship caliber team and he ambulance to are there to see oregon monday against ohio
10:51 pm
state. kelly is not the only one with local ties to the title game. voorhees native eli apple red shirt freshman for ohio state and number one prospect out of eastern high school in new jersey. and his family will be there rooting apple on. >> you never think oh, my kid will be a super star. that's worst thing you can do. you realize they're a kid and nurture their love of the sport and enjoy as family and allow it to take them as far as they can and f it's taking him to the national championship game. that's awesome. >> speaking of awesome in two years as eagles' coach kelly has come across as no nonsense hardcore football guy who knew he had such a sense of humor check him out as new pitch man. >> toast teet owes official of nfl. >> chip kelly. >> no one cares tostitos official chip of the nfl. >> chip eagles fans care about you chip.
10:52 pm
the new tv ditch man for tostitos he's in 10 commercials leading up to the spuper bowl you have to love theseself defecating commercials by chip kelly. >> makes you love him more. he has a good sechbs humor. thank you jeff that was funny. >> players took time out to give back and help future hockey players they teamed up with usa and. aa 200 children eight and younger came buy to learn the ropdz from the pros. >> tonight the basketball team and fans showed support for michael shelly by wearing orange. he was diagnosed with lymphoma during the football season and completed 7 rounds of chemo thermy and we wish you michael the best of luck ♪
10:53 pm
west philadelphia shared important musical message today. students from universal dare charter school sang of importance of getting an education. it was set by, we are here, alicia keys nation movement for a better world and teaches hope and inspires kids to think about the future. >> it's for younger kids like i'm here to make a change in the world. >> students made a video outlining future goals. finish product don't wait for awesome...
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>> this lab ra door ate a ripping of his owner taken was too risky to wait for jewelry to come out on its own. >> did you eat my rings. >> she eats more than rings i'm afraid. >> once i got inside the stomach there were rocks in there. there was some either can't tell if it was sticks or bones. >> naughty naughty sierra. went home with a clean tom ak and owner went home with her rings. she got them back. back on her finger. >> sierra needs a raw hide bone or something. keep that dog occupied. >> if you stay inside keep an ion your dog.
10:57 pm
>> and keep rings on your hand. >> and stay inside it will be cold tonight. temperatures dropping 8 to 14. that doesn't tell the full story. you can see lowest wind chills and i-95 corridor dropping to 5 below zero and north to west suburbs temperatures dropping down and wind chill 5 to 10 below zero and northern lehigh valley 10 to 15 below zero and afternoon high tomorrow only 20. stay warm. >> thank you cec. mmm ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
10:58 pm
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