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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> the search continues tonight for a mother from delaware whose children are found indiana. and a crime in a bucks county apartment complex last month and tonight a happy ending for ollie and his owner. >> and a messy morning commute to begin your workweek. >> a minimum of snow, rain and everything in between headed our way. "action news" annie mccormick has a check on how penndot crews are planning keep your road safe. let's begin the coverage with a look at the forecast and meteorologist melissa magee at the big board, melissa.
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>> sarah, walter, we're tracking wintry precipitation. that arrives in the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. with that said the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory. philadelphia 95 corridor and interior sections of south jersey and suburbs to the north and west and we're tracking sleet and freezing rain. so this goes into effect at 1:00 in the morning right through 1 p.m. in the afternoon. here's what we're tracking. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3d showing you here low pressure still over areas in missouri. and a lot of that precipitation breaking out ahead of the frontal boundary. nonetheless we track the frontal moist you're that works its way to the mid-atlantic region affecting delaware and lehigh valley overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. future tracker 6 has you covered. 6:30 in the morning mixed precipitation breaking out from philadelphia and north and west and a concern along the 95 corridor and we have expected
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and mostly rain and temperatures dell dill icy mix and rain in philadelphia and 95 corridor and changing over to rain for the poconos. this does look to be a prolonged icing event for areas north and west. and an icing concern there. precipitation breaks out between 3:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the morning and changes over to rain at 11 a.m. roughly 8 hour period of icy mix before you find that changeover. slick roads a big concern and of course this is bad timing as it is coming in time for the morning commute tomorrow morning. coming up aa closer look at future tracker 6 timeout the precipitation and let you know what you can expect where you live in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. let's check in with annie mccormick on the schuylkill with more work about to get underway. >> talk about bad timing like melissa was saying. this happens during the morning commute.
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plans are in place and penndot tells us right now the salt is actually on these roadways because just two days ago there was precipitation. they said that will last overnight. but they do hundreds are of tons of salt again once the messy commute begins. >> we're bringing in state crews at midnight and we will have 182 trucks on the road ready to start spreading salt when the precipitation begins to fall. >> and now, penndot tells us they will add contractors monday and expect more than 300 on road. six counties including major thorough fares from malvern to south philadelphia have tonss of salt ready for whatever comes our way. >> we'll continue watching the forecast if we feel we need additional trucks on the roadways in five counties we'll call in additional contractors. >> i should bring up the shovel and deicer and ice melt from the garage and have that ready to go. >> commuters like carroll rap
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are listening to the forecast and preparing for tomorrow morning's ride. >> getting gas in the car. i'll be ready to hit the road tomorrow morning and be up early. >> some optimistic travelers are comparing this forecast the to what we had last year. >> i would rather take sleet and snow any day than 12 15" of snow. >> philadelphia streets department will have 70 salt trucks hitting the roadway tonight. high elevations and places like manayunk where the narrow winding roadways ice over quickly go first and could make for a potential dangerous morning if not treated. and back out here live penndot says they will be watching the forecast closely. they tell us that that is what is going to determine how many trucks they bring in and again they expect to have over 300 in preparation for this. they tell us though they're putting it into perspective last
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year at this time and they already used four times the amount of salt then they used so far this winter season. for now reporting live along the schuylkill expressway annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you annie. "action news" begins 30 minutes earlier tomorrow to bring you latest weather updates and school delays join matt, tam, david and karen starting at 4 a.m. on 6abc. >> police are at a home in smyrna, delaware searching for clues in the disappearance of a young mother. keesha hamilton and her small children wept missing. it triggered a multi-stateer is. . children, ages months and 4-year-old old were found safe in indiana when police pulled over their father. he's in custody awaiting extradition to delaware. keesha hamilton is missing. police searched the home today looking for anything to help them determine her whereabouts. >> family friends and students
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prayed for safe return of award winning teacher tonight in bucks county the crowd gathered candlelight in jamison at a vigil for christopher tully the 40-year-old has not been seen since tuesday when he got out of his parents' car where city avenue meets lincoln drive in philadelphia and he has bipolar disorder. he taught at middle bucks institute of technology for two years. anyone who may have seen him is asked to call philadelphia police. there is good news tonight in the search for a couple's be loved pet. we told you about ollie that went missing after bizarre crime spree in bensalem. this story finally came to a happy conclusion. "action news" reporter sken live in robinsville mercer county with full details kenneth. >> walter ollie's owners believe he traveled as far as away as 5 miles from home but they think he was trying to make his way back when he was found. tonight he is recovering in this
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animal hospital after a scary couple of weeks. >> when you call him ollie the dodd son or ollie the protector evenlyer one is is fine. the point is he's homep. >> he can statistic i cried. >> it's been two weeks since the canine chased after an intruder in the franklin apartment complex. 21-year-old angel schwar he's mad air owe jockey for parks casino was committing awe lude act on the balcony of their home. he came crashing into through a window. that's when ollie and fellow talk sawnd heinz attacked. >> we knew somebody was in the house and that's what dogs do protect. and he protected me and got me out of the house in enough time. >> madero fell from second floor with olliech the many eventually broke into the home of a neighbor who shot him twice. during the bizarre and violent turn of events ollie was lost
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in the chaos. there were sightings so a rescue and recovery group called ruby the grayhound set traps and they provided infrared cam that that helped the owners track him down sunday afternoon more than a mile away if home. >> 2 a.m. we got infrared photos of a little dog outline. we know it's him. he's there. >> we caught up with them where he was back with his buddy heinz being checked out for injury to his back leg. >> he is happy. looks good. we're really really hoping he will come back and just kind of go back to normal life. >> ollie will have to undergo surgery here. but he's expected to make a full recovery. a go fund me account was set up to help pay for expenses and the rest will be donated to animal rescue and recovery groups. meanwhile last check that suspected intruder also is recovering after being shot. he's been charged with a number
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of offenses sarah. reporting live in robinsville new jersey, kenneth moton on "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> kenneth thank you. >> body of a worker who died thursday in collapse ever a bucks county silo has been recovered. this afternoon crews found 48-year-old tony gabriel a worker at the riverside industrial park early thursday and the structure gave way burying gabriel under toms of dry concrete. officials say many fire companies and contractors were involved in the 100 hour search for the bodies. >> the other contractors demolition crews without them it would not have been possible due to the equipment. then materials that we had to remove. >> the incident is being investigated by the federal occupational safety and health administration. police in philadelphia are trying to find the gunman behind a triple murderner mayfair a woman walked into the first floor of this home on the 6 0 0
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lock of vista street late light night and found bodies of her boyfriend and other men shot execution style. investigators have yet to determine the motive but neighbors tell "action news" this neighborhood has become increasingly dangerous. >> i think it's getting bad around here. i've been here five years. i live on lawman street taken gets worseer and worseer by the day. >> no suspect is named yet and victims have yet to be identified. >> the hunt is on tonight for the person behind a day-time murder in brewerytown. investigators were called to the 1400 block of north hollywood street before 3:00. there they found a 21-year-old man shot in the side of the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. fire investigators in camden new jersey, are working to determine the cause of a two alarm blaze. flames tore through the apartment around 1:00 this afternoon. firefighters got the blaze under control in under 15 minute and not before they needed to strike a second alarm. no injuries were reported.
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>> some national guard troops spent nearly a year overseas are home at last [ applause ]. >> there was a around after applause for a dozen members of detachment 19, the operational support air lift command of the new jersey army national guard. the pilot and support personnel flew thousands of mission as long the arabian gulf transporting 09,000 pounds of cargo and 2,000 personnel. now it's time to spend with loved ones and home cooking. hear from the troops in the next half hour of "action news". >> more to come on "action news" at 10. an important food recall for people with peanut allergies. >> a show of solidarity more than a million strong citizens and world leaders standoff against ter flix sglairs and i break in the recovery of airasia flight 8501 newest clue in the search for the plane's b
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>> more trn a million peopleen including over 40 world leaders packed paris today in show of unity against terrorism ♪ sang the french national anthem and khanlted charlie charlie as they walked through the streets and march brought together rivals like israeli prime minister and palestinian prime minister and they all dime honor the 17 that died in attacks last
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week and vowed those behind at tacks will not >> there were similar shows of support all around the globe. in london a hall owe graham of french flag was projected to a building. new york empire state building was lit in the colors of the french flag. coming up at 10:30 the laimentest in the investigation and those behind the attacks. >> as millions across the world united against terrorism another threat locked belgium. the newspaper was 'vac associated after receiving anonymous bomb threat. they sedan explosive would go off in the newsroom. the building was evacuated and nothing was found. there is a new development in recovery effort for airasia flight 8501 drivers retrieved
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one of the plane's black boxes. search crews skourd the java sea and had pings coming from two spots located only 20 miles apart. they were brought to the surface now and a serve will continue for the cockpit voice recorder. yesterday the plane tail section was pulled from water and the plane went down of course two weeks ago killing all 162 people on board. a wintry mix is on the way to start your workweek. meteorologist melissa magee joins us with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> we're tracking wintry precipitation breaking out ahead of the main frontal boundary off to the south and west. we'll show you stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you precipitation for lancaster county and areas south and west. we'll go in a little tighter getting some reports of sleet mixing in with light rain in lancaster and even precipitation pressing into smithville and quarryville and chester county. now the bulk of this precipitation will hold off as we get into the overnight hours
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and early tomorrow morning. due point in the lower teens meaning the atmosphere is fairly dry. bulk of that precipitation is steady precip and wintry precip moves to in time for the commute tomorrow morning. high temperature today in philadelphia, 40. nice to be normal today after temperatures yesterday were below average. high temperature saturday just 25. so 40 is average for thus time of year. outside tonight 35 in philadelphia. at the he's freezing mark in allentown, 32. 33 dover and beach haven coming in 37. 33 lancaster. satellite 6 and action radar shows you area of low pressure we're tracking coming out of missouri and all the moisture out across the ohio valley this swings through southeast to northwest direction as early as tomorrow morning. future tracker 6 showing you 3:00 in the morning as onset. you'll have sleet mixing in across the northwest suburbs and precipitation will be widespread with what the model is showing you. 7:30 in the morning precipitation across the northwest suburbs.
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philadelphia you'll have that sleet mixing in as well. 9:00 in the morning you find changeover to philadelphia and mostly rain for south jersey and delaware. still that mixed precipitation holding on across areas in the lehigh valley and poconos. and this will continue even as we get into the evening hours so. as far as i-95 corridor 3:00 in the morning to 7 a.m. you'll find sleet changing over to frozen precipitation. 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. you will have a changeover from wintry prestoyp rain and after 11 a.m. looks to be all rain. coming up a closer look at the system on the way and talking about more specifically northwest suburbs in lehigh valley with prolonged icing event and let you know when the moisture moves on outcomeing up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. back you to walter. >> thank you is melissa, talk to you in a bit. >> an important recall for people with peanut allergies morning star says spicy black beatenburgers may have peanuts in them but not listed in ingredients.
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inincluded in recall are packages with upc numbers and best buy dates. they're offering full refunds for those who may have already bought them. >> jeff has highlight and first check of sports. >> we'll take it. >> beyonce is hypotheticaling deciding between bread and health care is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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>> they got the blood pumping in bucks county this afternoon to help a little girl with a mysterious medical ailment the philly phanatic was showing off his moves counsel ill rock subject to benefit nia's movement she is a 6-year-old with movement and speech disorder which doctor can not seem to diagnose. money raised today will help her she special nriingts atlanta that may be able to find a cause. >> time for a check on sports. let's go live with jeff skversky and the "action news" sports center hey jeff. >> it would have been eagles'
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fans worst nightmare why cowboys go to super bowl. thankfully they don't have to worry about that scenario tonightch the play everybody is talking about. under five to government go for it fourth down. bryant what a catch at the one. but packers challenge it. take another look. it appears to be obvious catch. however according to the nfl rule des didn't control the ball the entire way to the ground and comes loose when he hits the ground play overturned. certain going nuts. can't believe it. packers they takeover and take the game. 26-21 advancing to nfc title game to face seattle. >> you were sure you made the catch. >> i was certainly was trying to reach for the goal line i don't understand why it ways challenge. >> the judgment on the field is we have a principle preveiled
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and has to be overturned by pretty strong evidence. i did not see it on that play. >> indy wins the other divisionle game today over denver. hockey now goalie steve mason misses roughly the next two weeks what the team is calling lower body injury and flyers forced to call up a player from lehigh valley. yesterday the game in the first period. he left with a knee injury and he was hurt last month with back injury. ray emorry is expected to start tomorrow against tampa bay at home against lightning. they're top team in the conference. right now flyers 11 points out of playoff spot. they need all the help they can get walter lets go back to you in the studio. >> people looking forward to enterage movie can expect red carpet scenes from the film. they went to film a scene. the stars walked and rewalked the red carpet to get the
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perfect shot. the enterage movie is expected to open this summer. >> the rumor mill is working over time that's beyonce buried with strategically placed bump. they're wondering if baby number two may be on the way. for now no confirmation from the queen bee. it shows blue ivy
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>> allowing people to sea their caffeine cravings and select a new pet in the process. pet cafe opened doors in san diego. as you might have guessed patrons enjoyed pastries coffee to see their pets. >> they love the they will tell you they're crazy cat lady. they won't be upset at me for saying that. >> in case you were wondering melissa was. the owner says there's several doors that keep the cats away from all the food prep areas. >> proving once again there's no such things as a bad idea. >> exactly. >> more to come in the next half hour flames erupt in carwash in delaware county with employees inside. >> millions rallied around the world today with unified message against terror. tonight's word of new threat. details. >> plus the right credit card
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can save a lot of money whether looking to transfer
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>> if you're joining us at 10:30 here are the stories we're
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having for you. >> keesha hamill top and two children went missing yesterday. the 4-year-old and 4-month-old were found safe last night in indiana with their father. cortez hamilton senior is now awaiting extradition to delaware and so far there's been no sign of 35-year-old >> and ollie the dog is back home with his family tonight. the dog chased after an intruder two weeks ago. the dog is treated for an injury to his leg and a bunch of tlc have happy owners. >> penndot crews heading out at midnight to make sure you're safe for the morning commute. a minimum of snow ice and rain willing create icy conditions across the delaware and lehigh valley. >> with that said meteorologist melissa magee is here with the accuweather forecast and it's looking like it will be potentially nasty. >> really nasty especially if you're north and west. and we have amounts of precipitation will not be great one it's coming in in time for
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morning commute and icy concern as well north and west. we'll show what you is going on. as we look at temperatures north and west of town, 8 tanersville and 31 lateing ton and 32 warrington and 33 chester and same thing in center city at this hour. oxford 3 4 new holland 33. down across areas in south jersey it's 32 toms river and ewing 31 hockessin 31 and 32 degrees in dover. we have winter weather advisories post add long the 95 corridor. interior sections of south jersey and areas north and west in anticipation of the moisture you see on satellite 6 and action radar. some moisture is braeinging out ahead of the main event still off to the south and west. we're getting some reports of light sleet if not light rainfall moving in across areas of lancaster county. as i widen out the picture there's more moisture to come. there's an area of low pressure coming out of missouri a trailing cold front with that and moyingts tour moving across areas in ohio valley. we watch the precipitation
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affect the region overnight tonight and as you wake up tomorrow morning. future tracker 6 has you covered during the overnight hours and predawn hours as well. mixed precipitation you will find. things are 12eu8 in along the 95 corridor north and west. 6:30 in the morning give yourself extra time. you can see in philadelphia mixed precipitation. it will continue across areas in lancaster and reading and allentown and poconos. for areas in south jersey and delaware you you could find sleet mixing in at the onset and this looks to be mostly rain event down across the shore and on coastal communities. 10:00 in the morning you notice a changeover to rain for philadelphia and still mixed precip holding on to poconos and lehigh valley norm of allentown. and as moisture continues in the rest of the afternoon hours and into evening hours monday. so we'll talk about what we can expect with the precipitation moving on through. across the northwest suburbs and lehigh valley there could be icy glaze about tenth of inch of ice before a changeover to rain
10:34 pm
after 11 a.m. on monday. philadelphia 95 corridor. sleet and freezing rain at the onset and changeover to rain 9 10:00 in the morning and south jersey and delaware again looks mostly rain for the region as you wake up tomorrow morning. the call from accuweather with the morning rush wintry mix on the way. give yourself extra time. there will be slick spots. keep in mind ground is cold and for a good chunk of last week temperatures were below freezing. 6:00 in the morning 44, 44, 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. the number at 34. the forecast showing you on monday a wibtry mix and changing over to rain. high temperature in at 39. behind that on tuesday brisk and colder 34. wednesday lots of clouds around high temperature of 34. area of low pressure stays offshore by then but will throw back more cloud cover midweek. thursday, sun sheen and clouds high of 37. sunny and breezy friday high of 37 and we're back up to near normal numbers next saturday, 40
10:35 pm
and 45 sunday with milder conditions. so of course this is a storm. it's a light one at that. precip is key guys we have to watch it. >> all right. melissa, thank you. "action news" begins 30 minutes earlier tomorrow to give you latest weather updates join matt, tam lay david and karen at 4 a.m. on 6abc. >> now taken to credible show of solidarity today from the terror attacks in france. >> rallies were held in city around the world like this one in montreal tonight. colors of french flag flashed across tower bridge in london and empire state building as show of support. a new terror threat tonight for isis directed at us and allies. matt gutman has more now. >> american police and security officials on alert tonight, isis renewing call to launch attacks here in the united states posting a new message on twitter
10:36 pm
calling on followers to strike the soldiers, strike their police, security and intelligence members all this comes as more than a million people took to the streets in paris. vowing to defy terrorism and rally cry from the attacks on the charlie hebdo and grocery store. >> in memory of these innocent people. >> this is the chant we've been hearing charlie charlie you don't see any security around here yet people say right now they feel safe. >> but as the people rallied the hunt for the most wanted woman in the world went international hayat boumeddiene the only known living suspect escaped france before at tacks plea fleeing to spain, then turkeyy and eventually crossing into syria. al qaeda and yemen initially
10:37 pm
claimed responsibility and new information about hayat boumeddiene life partner and video from isis supporter showing hayat boumeddiene >> we don't have credible information to what organization is responsible. >> the million plus who gathered in paris sunday refusing to live in fear. matt gutman "abc news" paris. a man from south jersey who molested teenage girl while she left learned his fate today. bernard kayhill has been sentenced to 14 years 23 in straight provideson he pleaded guilty to sexual assault and districting child porn. explicit pictures were found on his computer of the 16-year-old after his arrest more than two years ago. his sentence includes lifetime parole and must register as a sex offendser. >> triple shooting at a birthday
10:38 pm
party in nicetown sent three people to the hospital overnight. two men and three women were sent to the hospital. several people got into an argument and somebody opened fire. two of the victims were transported to the hospital in stable condition and third was treated and released. gunman did get away. >> in delaware county firefighters battled flames that broke out that carwash. this is the scene ridge auto spa 500 block east baltimore avenue cliffton heights 10 a.m. the business was open and all the employees escaped. cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> five local wise super markets celebrated grand opening with gifts for the community. "action news" in conshohocken as they cut the ribbons on newly refurbished store there and cut checks to community groups and philabundance food bank. philadelphia top chefs are sharing a few secrets of their
10:39 pm
success with the conference that began today at drexel university. topics covered everything from understanding state liquor laws and bouncing back from a bad review. the session was open to the public giving a chance to learn from the best. >> much more coming up on "action news" after a tough year away from loved ones the trips from new jersey spilling tonight there for the happy homecoming. >> and mashing the end of christmas we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. get a fios
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>> of it was a day of happy reunions after troops returned from a year overseas. nor nar has the full story. >> there was a around after applause for a dozen members in detachment 19 army support air lift command of new jersey army national guard. pilots and support personnel returned recently from a yearlong deployment to southwest asia. >> great to be them to see kids and family and it's pretty interesting to see how fast they've grown and changes that happened while away. >> this unit of citizen soldiers flew thousands of missions up and down the arabian gulf. >> third time for most of them to be over there and we're just happy to have them back safe and i sound with no incidents. it's challenging environment to fly over there.
10:43 pm
>> family members watched as new jersey's general pinned distinguished service medals on all those returning. in his remarks he was sure to thank family members of unit saying they thanked their country as well as anyone in uniform. >> it's dive document fall back into regular routine which we're anxious to do but it's adjustment to the family. >> these flags serve as a reminder the nation and state of new jersey have each and every one of these great solders in their sglarts that adjustment to the aviation support unit is one they're eager to make until duty calls again. at the joint military and assistance family center i'm nora muchanic on "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> coming up in sports. governor chris christie took aim at philadelphia sports fans and now takes a jab at city itself. jeff has the full story. >> if you want to save money while spending get the right credit card. next "saving with 6a thank you cable.
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redeemable for 400 in travel related expenses and two miles for every dollar you spend and there's no first year annual fooel fee. card hub is also found best credit cards for students folks with bad credit and those of you looking for best card offered. i'm nydia han for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> the pope marked end of christmas season today with adorable tradition. pope francis baptized 33 babies during a service inside the vatican 15 chapel and feast of bap tim of the lord is held first sunday after epiphany and 13 boys and 20 girls welcomed into the catholic church today are all children of baptist employees. >> wondering if it is divine intervention. juliet awas brought in badly broken leg tuesday and undergoing surgery when her heart stopped there open the operating table. >> no heartbeat, no respiratory
10:49 pm
rate. she was turning blue. >> she was dead. >> she was dead yeah. >> as you can see juliet's story has a happy ending they performed cpr resuscitating her two minutes later she's recovering and they expect the lucky dog to be adopted in the next few months. >> jeff is here with sports. it turned out to be okay for eagles fans. >> at this point it's all the you can help for right dallas loss and first time since thanksgiving against eagles and car map tonight. america's team and everybody's favorites team in philadelphia benefitted from controversial call last week only to be knocked out by one tonight. dallas on the road in green bay. of course not -- packers come back 4th quarter aaron room others to richard rodgers, green bay goes up five. all right then play of the game what everyone is talking about. dallas down five. under five go they go for it
10:50 pm
fourth down tony romo to des bryant what a catch at the one but packers challenge. take a look. it appears to be obvious catch. according to nfl rule he did not control the ball the entire way to the ground and comes loose when he hits the ground not a catch play overturned wow i don't get it des doesn't get it cowboys fans don't get packers takeover. run down the clock wow rogers completes two third downs and sdal as goes down and packers win 26-21 advancing to championship gim face seattle next. >> clearly was a catch. no question man. no question. come on, man, i can't believe. it that's all i can say. i can't believe. it i never seen nothing like that in my life. i hope they say -- i don't want
10:51 pm
to hear that let it be. >> new jersey governor chris sauers can send that orange sweat to the dry cleaners. he paid his own way to get to green bay to support his favorite team and made interesting comments along the way. christie tells on way in to lambeau field "the people here are great. this is not like going to philly" that's a different story" philly" that's a different story" wow, really, no borlly love for city of brotherly love from chris christie. all right. afc payton manning facing former team. denver hosting indianapolis. two touchdowns. no love for mapping. possibly worst playoff game of the career. one and dmon playoffs. record nine times. indy wins 24-13. colts going to afc title game manning may be going home for good and calling it quits. >> like i said give simple
10:52 pm
answer and i'm processing. it i can't say that. i could not say that. >> so who is going to soup are bowl. to be decide aid week from tonight. green bay goes to seattle. at new england 6:30 afc championship game. what a sunday it will. >> well this is last thing the flyers need as they sit here 11 points out of playoff spot tonight starting goalie steve mason will be twout weeks with lower body injury. flyers called up rob zeth from lehigh valley. mason left the game yesterday with what appears to be a knee injury. this time last month he left with a back injury. emery is expected to start against tampa bay best team in conference. >> he was slow getting up in the game the other night and innocuous play seemingly but down he wept and could not get up. >> that should be a good game
10:53 pm
tomorrow for flyers. all right moving on. two years after leaving oregon for eagles, chip kelly's imprint is all around the program program. that remark is coming from star quarterback. heisman trophy winner marcus mariota. the team kelly built is a win away from first national championship. oregon ducks play ohio state tomorrow and kelly is expected to be there for the game. of course he's a fan. mariota admits he's a big eagles fan, too. >> i enjoy watching eagles and i like to see him be successful. it's hard to keep in touch. he's a busy guy. so for the most part. he always expresses support for us and that moons a lot. >> that will be a big game. >> can't
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>> philadelphia's look at the day planner 48 degrees -- 38 degrees and 10:00 in the morning change over to rain through the afternoon hours and of course meteorologist david murphy will be on early tomorrow morning with the latest on 6abc. >> all right.
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[lively music] ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host tv's craig ferguson. today, these two teams of naughty donkeys will battle each other for a huge cash prize in a game that's all about famous names. and as if that weren't enough, we will be joined in this very studio, by two real live celebrities. beautiful. powerful. rich. our teams today are brian and jon, and lisa and rachel. forgive me, gentlemen. ladies first, step it on up. hi, girls. >> hi. >> hi. >> my, you look lovely. >> thank you. >> tell me all about yourselves. >> we met a few years ago at a hockey game. i'm a ducks fan. >> and i'm a kings fan. >> okay. >>


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