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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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tuesday night, the local guidance counselor learns her fate for a post that caught at tension of the police and prosecutors. and investigators say they know the man behind the mask at a string of pharmacy robberies tonight the search is on to find him. but the big story on "action news" tonight is hunt for a killer and motive after after a bus stop shooting that unfolded in broad daylight. >> it had happened just before 9:30 this morning as police say kim jones was waiting for a bus to arrive, instead a gunman got to her first. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live with the story. dann, you've got the latest on
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this. >> reporter: brian, homicide detective making progress tonight in this horrific and shocking execution style murder. and sources tonight say whoever did this, this was personal, very personal. >> we knew she was targeted for whatever reason. we do not believe it was robbery. >> reporter: fifty-six year-old kim jones never saw or heard it coming. she was wearing headphones as she waited for the number 23 septa bus a at corner of 12th and jefferson around 9:15 this morning. police say it was a routine for years as she traveled into center city to her job at turning points for children social services program on south 15th street but this morning police say someone walk up from behind and shot her point blank in the back of the head. >> she had her purse, she had her cell phone. she had jewelry on, in of which was taken, in of which was disturb. >> reporter: her ex-husband and two adult sons declined to speak to "action news" but long time neighbors are asking who would want to kill her. >> that is what i want to know. who is her enemy? this is a quiet neighborhood.
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i cannot figure that out. >> it just doesn't make any sense. it is a waste of a terrible, terrible waste. >> reporter: her boss say kim jones job was not the job where she encountered disgruntled or unhappy people. no sign of trouble. >> no, happy. recently married in december. had a twinge until her eye. very happy lately. just going to miss her so much. >> reporter: authorities are going to surveillance footage to see if they captured images on have the black heavy set man wearing dark clothing and carrying a black duffle bag who was seen fleeing the scene. investigators say jones had been divorced from her ex-husband for over 25 years and recently remarried just present christmas. >> for whatever reason she was targeted, it is not a random act. we don't know why she was targeted. we will get to the bottom of that and we will get the person responsible for this very quickly. >> reporter: city is offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction. police have been interviewing
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family members trying to get leads on hoist behind the killing and they seem to be pleased with the significant progress they are making tonight. live here from police headquarters dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> dann thank you. shots rang out inside a kensington grocery store tonight leaving the store's owner wounded. it happened here inside steven an "s" grocery in the 2900 block of d street. police say two suspects entered the store, one putting a gun to the head of someone shopping there. that is when the the owner, 44 year-old rafael martinez grabbed his own gun, prompting the suspects to shoot him in the shoulder. martinez's son spoke about the crime. >> god came and took the phone and the the other guy was walking in the back. i saw him coming n he took the gun started shooting at them. he shot him in the arm. >> martinez was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. police say the the whole ordeal was caught on surveillance camera. also new tonight, one person was shot inside a
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germantown barber shop the the 20 year-old victim was hit in his leg inside the international barber federation on the 1500 blue of germantown avenue. the victim is an employee at that barber shop and so far no arrests have been made tonight. husband of the missing mount laurel woman is facing murder charges. twenty-eight year-old kyle crosby is being held on 1.2 million-dollar bail tonight. police say evidence links him to erika crippen crosby's murder even though her body is still missing. she was last seen with her husband at a cherry hill restaurant at the end of december. crosby was arrested last night. police say he traveled through maryland and delaware over the past five days. a serial robber is on the loose in philadelphia a. he has hit ten places and police say he is getting more violent with each crime. the tonight they know who they are looking for, but they need your help. sharrie williams joins us from a mcdonald's, that the suspect robbed in overbrook park
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sharrie? >> reporter: and shirleen, this is two of three businesses that he has hit in the last two days. this one at 7500 block of city avenue, city line avenue but detectives telling us that he is beginning to escalate in the violence if he does not the get what he wants the whole point is to alert businesses and the public that he is out there. sunday in the middle of the afternoon a business, held up by this man philadelphia police say he is 49 year-old cartell wright and he is no stranger to the police. surveillance video captures him as he walks in the rite aide on the 5400 block of lansdowne and demand cigarettes and cash. >> he has his hand in his pocket indicates he has a weapon and threatening to shoot the employee. >> reporter: after leaving the rite aide wright carjack the six five-year old man and took off, and in less than two hours later police say he robbed the mcdonald's on the 7500 block of city avenue in overbrook park. detectives say that wright had
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committed ten robberies in the city since march, and including hitting this rite aide at 5040 city avenue four times. >> we believe it is increasing in intensity and desperation. we know people know this individual is. we know he is operate nothing west philadelphia and southwest philadelphia. >> reporter: police say the 49 year-old is more violent in his approach. detectives say this is wright kicking in the glass door at mcdonald's at fifth second and chestnut on monday morning. once inside he is demanding the employees to get on the ground. he even grabbed one by her face and threw her down. >> he has been more aggressive recently. you can see changes in his physical appearance. he appears that he is a addict to crack cocaine or some other type of narcotic. >> reporter: police telling us tonight they are very frustrated about this because they want him off the streets. we know that the patrol officers are very alert. they do know him. they know that someone out there knows who mr. wright is and probably knows where he is
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also... >> all right. that was sharrie williams reporting just lost her shot, sharrie, thank you. chester county teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with the teenage student. thirty-five year-old sarah o'neill was a teacher a at church farms school in exton. she's facing four charges for corruption of minors. teenage victim told police that the relationship began last january when he was just 16. according to the affidavit the the two met up at several hotels, custodian also found them in the dark classroom together a allegedly several times. their relationship was discovered in november. you want to bundle the kid up in the morning. we are in for another chilly start, let's head to meteorologist melissa magee at the "action news" big board, hi there, melissa. >> hi there, the chillies overhead. looking at numbers outside tonight we are in the teens and lower 20's. twenty-three in philadelphia. sixteen in allentown. nineteen in reading. just 9 degrees in the poconos a long the coast in wildwood
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coming in at 25 degrees. those wind however are still coming from the north east. when you factor in the wind chill it feels like 2 degrees below. feels like 14 in philadelphia a9 is current wind chill in lancaster and 16 in wildwood. things will turn cloudy for the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours as part of the reason why. storm tracker six live is showing you we are tracking low pressure off the coast of the carolinas. we will notice moisture gathering. mixed precipitation as well. so this will work it way to the the north and east but that moisture will get thrown west ward a across areas south of philadelphia. so we're talking about what we can expect for middle half of our workweek here especially in the morning rush. so some snow showers are likely south of philadelphia, so for areas that we're tracking with this snow, central delaware and far south of new jersey. possible coating is likely. watch out for slick spots with that coating on the way. coming up we will take a closer look at the forecast and let you know how long they will stick around tomorrow and if there is any kind of
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moderating temperatures in the works for the the accu weather seven day, brian. >> we can hope. >> thanks melissa. >> yes. crowd gathered in bridgeton new jersey tonight calling for justice for jeremy reid, the 36 year-old was killed by police officers on december 30th during a traffic stop there. the the protesters held a peaceful demonstration at the city municipal complex demanding answers and as to why he was killed. the officers involve are on administrative leave right now. reid's family a has hired an attorney and announced an independent investigation. investigators in france are now hunting for the the rest of -- france are hunting for the the rest of the terrorist responsible for last weeks deadly attack. police arrested a man in bulgaria believed to be link to the brothers who carried out the massacre at charlie hebdo. still on the run, this woman, she's the the alleged girlfriend of the gunman who killed four people at a kosher supermarket. just days after the murders at satyrical newspaper unveiled its new addition
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today. they have defying the with the cartoon of the prophet mohammad weeping and holding a sign saying i am charlie the word all is forgiven are written a above. the magazine will print 3 million copies. well, in the wake of, so many reports of hacking, president obama now says he wants to improve cyber security. today he urged congress to pass legislation that promotes better information sharing between private companies and the federal government. he sat down with congressional leaders at the white house today. he said this is one area where democrats and republicans can actually work together. >> with the sony attacks that took place, with the twitter account that was hacked bias lamb is jihad sympathizers yesterday, it just goes to show how much more work we need to do. >> the president was referring to yesterday's brazen and surprising cyber a attack on the u.s. military. is is sympathizers took over
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twitter and you tube pages of u.s. central command. hackers posted isis videos and warned american sold tours quote watch your back. the white house will hold a summit on cyber security next month. long time philadelphia city council woman marion tasco will not seek reelection. tasco has represented the ninth district since 1988. her announcement came after council president darryl clark decided not to run for mayor. there was speculation that tasco had been interested in the council presidency but she says clark's decision to keep that job has nothing to do with her decision. >> for me personally in terms of my house and where i want to be with migrate grandsons, it is time to go. it is time to allow someone to come in with fresh ideas. >> tasco was 77 will remain as leader of the 50th ward. she will continue to remain active in local politics and
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could help run campaigns. one of the original founders of the much loved jim steaks on south street died today. he opened up jim's in 1976. since then the building at fourth and south has become a favorite among local of tourist and alike. he opened up the steaks at 38th and chestnut in university city. sold that off in the 90's but still bears his name. he died after a lengthy battle with alzheimer's disease. i have to get a cheese stake in his honor. >> yes, a big one. still ahead a one man's plot to poison house speaker john boehner. facebook launched a a new feature today that will give children and chance to get back home where they belong. ape soccer superstar hope solo gets good news from the judge. why domestic violence charges against her have been now dropped. hundreds of metro riders in washington d.c. were forced to evacuate as smoke began to fill a tunnel and car, tonight we have an up update on that
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i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ we now know the the name of the woman who died when smoke filled a train on the d.c. metro system. she is 61 year-old virginia
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resident, carol glover. officials a say an electrical malfunction caused the smoke but investigators are still trying to find out exactly what went wrong. d.c.'s mayor says today that the fire fighters responded within a customary time but after arriving passengers said, it took first responders 45 minutes to reach them. and an ohio man is accused of threatening to kill house speaker john boehner. federal prosecutors say the suspect, 44 year-old michael hoyt is a bartender. for years he served boehner drinks at a country club and allegedly repeatedly threatened to kill him by poisoning his wife. police say he called 911 and blame the speaker forgetting him fired and then sent threatening e-mails to the speaker's wife. a judge has dismissed domestic violence assault charges against soccer star hope solo her trial was set for next week. solo was charged with fourth degree assault, stemming from an altercation with her half sister and teenage nephew in
10:17 pm
june. solo says she was depending herself who is 6 feet nine and weighs 280-pound. her relatives say she attack first. solo has won two olympic gold medals with the u.s. woman's a national team. now the exclusive accu weather forecast and word that some of you could see some snow when you wake up tomorrow morning. >> the good news is it won't be much, meteorologist melissa magee has the very latest live at the big board. >> hi there brian and shirleen. the the system we're tracking isn't that impressive but those who will find snowfall it will slow you down in the morning with slippery road. we will talk about that in a moment. but that chillies definitely overhead. in philadelphia coming in at the 23 degrees. sixteen in allentown. nineteen in reading. eighteen in trenton. the that is current air temperature. twenty-five in wildwood. now you factor in the wind chill with those wind conn start today and out of the north/north east w that said it feels like 8 degrees in trenton. fourteen in philadelphia. four the current wind chill in
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allentown. feels like lower teens from the beach haven down to wildwood. here's satellite six with action radar. we have had plenty of sunshine. albeit a bit on the chilly side. looking down to our south we're tracking an area of low pressure that is off the coast of the carolinas. cloud are starting to build up and thick men advance of the system. we are looking at a lot of precipitation but milk precipitation moving in the areas of the carolinas and vast. this will work its way north and east. as it does so that moisture even though the system will stay away from our region will get pushed back across the delaware and lehigh valleys. future tracker six has you covered waking up tomorrow morning at 7:00 in the morning for most spots it is mostly cloudy but looking down across wildwood and areas south of dover a couple of snow showers are likely. 9:00 in the morning still cloudy, through philadelphia, areas to the north and west but from atlantic city on west ward into areas in delaware you could find a few snow showers and flurries around and good news is that this moisture clears out very quickly. just in time for the
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afternoon. as far as what we're expecting with this system, possible clearing, for areas in surf city and wildwood, millville smyrna and as far south as milford. as we get in the afternoon hours we have some clearing on the way. here's the call from accu weather for your bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy, bind you will seven the kid. wind chills at five to 15 degrees. the average temperature will be in the lower 20's. call from accu weather in the afternoon hours with those snow showers, early in the day, for areas south of the city. it is cloudy and cold. high temperature of 32. thirty-eight in cape may. twenty-nine for thu the high temperature in allentown. thirty-one the high in trenton. so we've got snow showers early south the of the city but that chill sticks around. temperatures, however will rebound later this week, brian and we will talk about those numbers with the accu weather forecast. something to look forward to. >> thank you, melissa. check it the out this house might look like a winter wonder land but it is not, on purpose , a pipe burst inside of this detroit home turning tonight to more than a mess.
10:20 pm
it was a spectacle. water gushed through the walls and basement before freezing. the the family says everything inside of that house was destroyed. >> wow. well, still ahead, innings isers take on the hawks, jeff skversky will tell fuss they managed to pull off a three game winning streak. in health check we will look at why doctors may request more brain scans in the future.
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in tonight's health check a routine brain scan could help doctors predict your behavior. new study a as doctors might have more success treating some patients if they examined the way the person's brain functions first. researchers say the results of the scan could tell doctors whether patients would respond better to drugs or behavior modifications. the it could also than helpful in treating a variety of conditions ranging from depression, to cigarette addiction. well, sixers had a modest two game winning streak heading into tonight's match up against atlanta. >> that is where the streak would end. jeff skversky is live in the
10:24 pm
"action news" sports center, hi jeff. >> when do we ever say this red hot sixers relatively speaking looking to win three in a row tonight for first time since last january but, don't get your hopes up. atlanta is here. they are the beast in the east right now. sixers down double digits the entire second half. there is kyle korver. he is four, three pointers. atlanta shoots 52 percent from beyond. even elton brand gets in on the action, do you remember him, late fourth, another former sixers scoring some points on the old stumping ground. atlanta won nine straight. twenty-three of the last 25. it looks like they lose by 18. they will lose tony wroten to a knew injury. ouch. yet another flyers player goes down with an injury defenseman brayden coburn will miss four weeks with the left foot injury another blow for d who is already without kimmo timonen, nik grossman and steve mason. coburn took a puck to his left foot blocking a shot last
10:25 pm
night. it is same foot he broke earlier this season when he in missed 12 games. coburn out and carlo will be called up against washington capitals tomorrow. he has been a healthy scratch for the the last two months. >> the coaches and the team have been keeping my mentally and physically focused. everyone understands how hard the process was but i'm not here to make any excuses, i'm here just to play the game of hockey and do what i can do help. >> who needs defense when you can score like they did last night. flyers seven goals. hopefully they have saved some goals for back to back games starting tomorrow a against the capitals in washington. we will be right back with we thought
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coming up next half an hour an adorable dog who figured out how to ride the bus to the dog park, all by itself. >> okay. have you ever found yourself away from home with a dead cell phone battery or lap top? join the club. at 10:45 we will look the at the best devices to keep you powered up on the go. next we will hear from police commissioner charles ramsey, he was in washington d.c. today talking about 21st
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if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. and we thank you for joining us. here's a lot at big story on "action news" at ten on phl17. philadelphia police are trying to find the person who gunned down a 56 year-old woman. police say kim jones was waiting for the the september bus at 12th and jefferson this morning when someone shot her in the back of the head. a kensington grocery store owner was injured this evening, police say two suspects entered the store,
10:31 pm
one putting a gun to the head of a customer. the the owner grabbed his own gun prompting the suspect to shoot him in the shoulder. police say the whole ordeal was caught on surveillance camera. tonight police are looking for a serial robber who has hit ten stores since march. the the the suspect is 49 year-old cartell wright and is no stranger to police. they say he is more violent, with each crime. we will begin this half an hour with philadelphia's top cop in washington today kicking off a series of public meet initial light of grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in new york, and ferguson. police commissioner charles ramsey took on his new role as co chair have of president obama's task force on 21st century policing. today the the the group of law enforcement educators, community leaders discussed ways of building trust and regularity masscy between police and community. the group will cover many more topics over the coming months that will be president to the president in march.
10:32 pm
>> it is an enormous task but one that is very doable in my opinion. i think the short time line and speaking with the president reflects the sense have urgency had he has in dealing with this problem. >> attorney general eric holder will be tackling the issue. he will be in philadelphia this thursday to join a round table discussion on bidding community trust. a facebook post has now cost a central bucks west high school guidance counselor herrion. last month mar your kate blankenberg said if my child cannot get to the eagles game due to protesters, i will personally shoot everyone of them. you have been warned idiots. post came on the day of the planned die in at lincoln financial field. she said her child may have written the post at first but prosecutors later determined it was, in fact, she who wrote it. no charges were filed but school board decided tonight to terminate her employment with the district. tonight we have learn the name of the delaware man who was killed after he was hit by
10:33 pm
two cars. victim is 69 year-old steven spoty crossing naamans road in clay machines monday when he was struck by a car. the the impact knocked him to the ground where he was then hit by a second car. the the the first driver took off and a second remained at the scene. police say he was in the crosswalk when he was hit. former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson wrapped up his testimony today. tollefson is accused of bilking more than $300,000 by selling what prosecutors say were bogus travel packages. today, during cross-examination he testified about a trip he organized to the 2012 summer olympics in london. tollefson says he did not commit a crime but was just a bad businessman. the prosecutor says he expects testimony to wrap upxt week. delaware county man now wants to plead guilty for opening fire inside of the mercy fitzgerald hospital in july. forty-nine year-old rich and plots interrupted his public defender during a hearing to
10:34 pm
make that statement. he was charged with the murder of his caseworker five three-year old teresa hunt psychiatrist lee silverman was also wounded in that incident. silver man pulled out his own gun and shot plots during the encounter. atlantic city is getting millions of dollars to help the 8,000 casino workers laid off in 2014. u.s. department of labor announced national emergency grant to help those affected by the closures at the atlantic club, show boat revel and trump plaza. thirteen million-dollar will be a available immediately to help workers learn new skills and get jobs. another 16 million-dollar will be available for state demonstrate is a a continue need for the money. we are in for another chilly morning, tomorrow. >> yeah little bit of the winter mix for some. lets head to meteorologist melissa magee tracking very latest on the next dose of winter, hi there, melissa. >> hi there brian and shirleen. we had that chill overhead and we will find some precipitation as we look into
10:35 pm
the day on wednesday especially for areas south of the city. we will show you the picture outside sky six live in hd, down the shore in atlantic city. this is an area of concern waking up tomorrow morning with those snow showers staying south and east of that 95 corridor. check out storm tracker six live double scan radar all is dry and quiet across the region but clouds are starting to build, lower and thick's cross the delaware and lehigh valleys in advance of the precipitation. a weak area of low pressure that is off to the south that will work its way off shore but will move off to the nortenas. we will explain it. temperatures however pretty cold in philadelphia coming in at 23. eighteen in trenton. 9 degrees in the poconos. sixteen in allentown. twenty-three in millville. 25 degrees currently in wildwood. when we factor in the wind chill, however with those wind coming in out of the north east it looks like 2 degrees below zero in the poconos, 14 in the city, 4 degrees is current wind chill in allentown. fifteen in wildwood, the teens as well as in dover for feels like numbers.
10:36 pm
satellite six with action radar shows you we have the cloud starting to build across the region and it is all because of the area of low pressure off the coast of the carolinas. you can see some precipitation starting to form. light rain showers across the carolinas mixed precipitation press nothing to areas of virginia. the storm system moves well off shore but as that moisture moves back in with that southeasterly wind we could find some snow showers popping up maybe south of the city. future tracker six has you covered at 8:00 in the morning. it is mostly cloudy. snow showers are popping up for areas in atlantic city, wildwood and south of delaware as well. we will take a look what we can expect throughout the day tomorrow, possible coating likely for areas in surf city atlantic city millville and smyrna and points to the south. we are not expecting heavy accumulation this ace weak system but could slow you down and cause you slippery travel. keep that in mind mainly south and east of the city. back here at home morning rush in philadelphia, cloudy and cold. wind chills from five to
10:37 pm
15 degrees. temperatures six, seven and 8:00 o'clock in the morning in the lower 20's. the here's the setup for us in the middle half of the workweek. we have an area have of low pressure south and east. mostly cloudy, high temperature only at the the freezing mark with snow showers mainly south. for thursday it is not as chilly in at 37 degrees. sunshine and clouds on the way as you tap into a return flow with those wind coming from the south and west. call from accu weather as we take a look for rest of tonight exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you a brush of snow to the the south. high temperature coming in at 32 degrees. on thursday sunshine and cloud, high of 37. breezy and bright on friday in at the 40 but back down in the upper 30's on saturday. we did mention that the temperatures are maryland rating, check this out on sunday it is mile cloudy but we will take it 49 degrees. monday brisk and colder for mlk day of service. high of 39. the cloud and sunshine tuesday in at 36 degrees. still chilly tomorrow. we're track ago this snow
10:38 pm
south but some bit of the warm up is on the way. >> get above freezing. >> we have to get above that first. >> thanks melissa. >> now that the winter chillies really settling in prime time to head to the ski resorts in our area we are lucky to have quite a few of them. of course colder weather is great for business there "action news" reporter walter perez hit the slopes today. >> reporter: blue mountain was off to a great start opening a slopes the the week before thanksgiving, the earliest opening day in blue mountain history. >> but then we had warm weather all the way through december and it has only been within the last two weeks where we have had hundred percent opened by this weekend. >> reporter: it has been tougher to keep slopes snow covered as bear creek mountain resort located in macungie lehigh county where it is just a few degrees warmer then poconos. >> those two or 3 degrees or four or 5 degrees, makes a huge difference in the ability for to us make snow or not to make snow. >> reporter: pennsylvania ski resort have new hope in that it seems old man winter made a
10:39 pm
new years resolution to do his job. with recent temperatures dipping under 20-degree mark, conditions have been nearly ideal to turn on the snow guns. the as a result most regional resorts expect to have all or nearly all of their trails opened by this weekend. with the martin luther king and president day holidays a approaching that is good news for the resort, and the skiers and snow borders. many say that this year is still better than last year deemed by many as too snowy and too cold. >> last year i got out whenever the road weren't impossible, which was rarely last year. >> that it was my friend. >> reporter: either way seven two-year old matt le grand says a bad day skiing still beats a great day at work. >> i'm still a kid having a good time learning to enjoy it more and more you do it, better you get, better you get the the more fun you have at it. >> reporter: twenty-four to 36-inch bases here at bear creek and blue hundred tane
quote quote
10:40 pm
and as long as temperatures remain below freezing through overnight hours in particular they still expect to count this ski season as a success. reporting from bear creek i'm walter perez for "action news" at ten on phl17. a cat who found herself in the precarious predicament over the weekend need a new home. this was the kitty on saturday, a jar filled with ice stuck on top of her head. good samaritan rush the the cat to the animal hospital where the the jar that you had out and cat was freed. these are brand new pictures of the cat who has been named ana after the character from frozen. the she's staying at garden state animal hospital in cherry hill. the group randall's rescue was handling the adoption. you should contact them if you are interested in ana. i have a feeling ana will find a home. >> pretty cute. still to come ben and jerry announced its new flavor and it will have cookie butter lovers going nuts tonight.
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a three-year old utah boy is safe with his mom tonight after a wild ride. the mom left the boy in the running cars this morning as she, and came out and she saw someone driving off, in that car. and, she left her phone inside so police called in the the the little boy answered and said she was all alone. told them to start honking the horn and that is how they found him. it is just scary a million-dollar bucks running through my head, and thankfully he he is okay and he is doing what he did. police and, and, missi and national center for in missing and exploited children. facebook is now getting involved. starting to day, as soon as an amber alert is issued users will live nearby will see a
10:45 pm
post in their news feed, and it will include a picture with information about where the child was last seen and what they were wearing. john walsh who is six year old son was abducted and murdered in 1981 release aid new notification system will make a big difference. >> that child's face which you don't see on the highway sign, which you don't see on the radio that puts important information right on someone's cell phone or lap top immediately. since amber alert began in 1996, more than 700 children have been found. we have already mentioned, i promised it is coming, we will tell but ben and jerry's new flavor. >> um, cell phone bat theory always die? after the the break we will look at products that can help keep you charged when you are on the go. don't forget to wake up with the a "action news" team get morning's top news head line, weather and traffic at 4:30 a.m. only on six
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they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. cell phone batteries die during date? tonight we are helping you extend the battery life. consumer reports shop smart magazine puts charging devices to the test. a alycia vitarelli has the story. >> reporter: it could be
10:49 pm
stressful to be out and about away from the power source and your phone goes dead. a lot of companies are tapping into that fear producing products for portable power. how about a leather purse that comes with the own charger. sure these are cute but are they necessary? this bag for $175 has a put in battery but pocket could not zipper properly because of the cord sticking out. >> why in the buy a portable charger to put the in the bag thaw already own. >> reporter: there are portable chargers on the market? how do you pick one. >> when you shop look for ma ah and keep in mind average smart phone battery holds about 2200 to 3000mah. >> reporter: this sleek device for $20 anchor astros mini has 3200mah more than enough to fully charge your phone. it works with both apple and android devices and small enough to fit in your bag or pocket. for those who need to power up several on the go there is this, the the tilt energy backpack, it is $200.
10:50 pm
the battery hold over some thousand ma h and has three points, two for phones, one for charging a tablet. the cables run in the compartment that keeps everything protect, including your lap top. alycia vitarelli for "action news" at ten on phl17. well, if you weren't already craving a late night snack you will be now mix ol goodies experts at ben and jerry's have come up with new flavors. they feature a center filled with cookie butter, expect took that are, features ginger bread cookie butter boom chocolate has a check late cookie core and peanut butter, features peanut butter cookie. that is like butter baby. >> time for sports tonight. >> jeff skversky live at the big board jeff is drooling over there. >> i'd rather talk about ice cream than basketball. rome was not built in the day and sixers rebuild may take longer but sixers can take a giant step tonight with the win over the the best team in
10:51 pm
the eastern conference. ron jaworski on hand as sixers go for three in a row. jaws will smile about this michael carter williams two of his 20 right there the even of the half former sixers kyle korver shoots from king of prussia look at the this. one of his four, three's in the third. sixers down by 15. kj mcdaniels with the dunk but they cannot hang with atlanta a even elton brand another former sixer, he scores, yeah, ugly tonight. sixers lose by 18. they also lose garden to i wroten to a knee injury. no there is nothing fun bye that, whatsoever. remember when larry brown ripped his former team saying he hated what was going on in philly with the sixers and made him sick to his stomach. perhaps brownies feeling a little better. southern methodist coach took his team to the sixth are game tonight. brown and smu are in town to play temple. while he patched things up with the front office he is still not 100 percent about the innings isers philosophy.
10:52 pm
>> i'm's not into an lit tics i never will. you know, my gut is as a basketball city that appreciates good basketball. when we lose we're not happy bit. they have a lot of great young players. i want to see them win. >> brown may not think much of the sixers these days but boy does he have lots of love for fran dunphy, calls him one of the most under rated coaches out there. look at dunphy, the 66 year-old doing push-ups with his players. he is still going. yet another injury for flyers, brayden coburn will miss four weeks with the left foot injury he joins steve mason, nik grossman on the trainer's table right now. coburn blocked the puck off his left foot same foot he broke in the beginning of the season which kept him out 12 years. carlo will take his place in washington. he had has in the played in two months. former eagles defensive coordinator and temple started
10:53 pm
to bowls will be the next head coach of the new york jets this according to espn. everyone is wondering is what up next for chip kelly's favorite college quarterback marc us mariota a he has until thursday to declare for nfl draft. if he is leaves oregon he is expect to be a topic and it sound like kill would i love to coach him again. >> thinks like a payton manning but has that athletic ability where he can beat with you his arm and legs. now before you get your hopes up eagles pick 20th in the draft right now. it is near impossible for them to land him at this point, if he were to declare. >> which makes nick foles happy i would imagine. >> yes. >> thanks, jeff. dog in seattle a has learned a trick, ride a bus to the dog park all by herself. this is a a clip as she
10:54 pm
searches for a seat on times even greets the other passengers. when she spots a dog bark guess what knows it is time to get off. she started to ride the bus to the park the with the owner but one day took too long finishing his cigarette at a bus stop so when bus pulled up she took matters in to
10:55 pm
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pillsbury crescents--awesome. but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: week night crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. guess what goes really well with eggs? pillsbury grands biscuits. make breakfast even better. grands biscuits. make breakfast pop. when we wake up. >> yes, when we wake up, it will still be cold. >> yes. >> snow showers south of the city, guys. we will show you day planner. mostly cloudy tomorrow, 20 degrees is the number at
10:57 pm
7:00 a.m. twenty-four at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. 1:00 in the afternoon upper 20's. the at the the freezing mark at the 4:00 in the afternoon and we're tracking snow showers mainly south and east of the 95 corridor. future tracker with wind chills showing you 7:30 in the morning. lower teens in philadelphia and 95 corridor and you have single digits north and west guys so bundle up once again. >> thanks, melissa. thanks for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten modern family next followed by friend. >> for entire "action news" team have a great night tonight, great day tomorrow. we will see you back here tomorrow.
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