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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program at 10:00 p.m. with ducis rodgers meteorologist adam joseph shirleen allicot and brian taff. it is wednesday and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news. chopper 6 hd is live on the scene of a massive water main break in northeast philadelphia. it was reported around 9:30 tonight on bluegrass road just east of grant avenue. here is a closer look at that large geyser seen shooting into the air. the water department is on the scene working on it right now. this area is made up of largely businesses. no word on the cause or if any of the businesses have been affected. now to an "action news"
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exclusive tonight. 24 hours after a kensington grocery store turned into the scene of a gun fight we have surveillance video showing the shoot-out. now the store's owner is telling his story. he took the bullet before himself firing several more. >> that man is recovering at home right now. the two suspects who budged into his place of business are still out there on the street. he hopes you can help change all of that. "action news" reporter dann cuellar live in hunting park and you have the exclusive details. >> that's right, shirleen. two armed bandits met their match when the store owner prized them pulling his gun and firing back fleeing without getting a dime. and speaking with the botched hold-up captured by surveillance cameras. police say around 7:00 last night two men went into steven's grocery and the owner behind the counter as he and a friend in
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the red pull overwatched television. suddenly one of the men pulled a gun and put it to the side of his head. >> he grabbed me from here. i felt something really cold against my ear and he told me yo, don't move. and i stayed calm because what can i do? >> the store owner, martinez realized what was going on and rushed for his gun. the gunman fires a shot and he quickly returns fire. >> did you have any time to think? >> nah. i not thinking. >> you just reacted? >> yeah reacted like that. >> and he runs for cover and a woman customer in the back of the store grabs her son and shields him. the bandits duck for cover and run from the store in different directions. the owner's son came out of the back with cheesesteaks without knowing what happened. >> i was scared. i couldn't believe it. and i was in shock. i couldn't even sleep last night i was up until about 3:00 in the
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morning thinking about it. >> striking the owner in the shoulder and the doctors say he is lucky not striking vital organs. in the 19 years in business the first time someone tried to rob him. >> never been through this before? >> no. >> yet you move so quickly. >> yeah, you know. >> mean while the police search for the two bandited who fled the store. if you know where they are you are asked to call the police. >> all right dann thank you very much. the philadelphia police are trying to figure out who killed a well-liked north philadelphia woman at a bus stop yesterday morning. 56 year old kim jones was gunned down as she waited for the bus to take her to work. the police are convinced that she was targeted but the why is still a mystery. co-workers at the social service agency where she was a program director said she was a church-going woman with no known enemies. an ohio man arrested for
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plotting to attack the u.s. capitol and kill government officials. and we have the latest developments. >> the f.b.i. revealed this alleged home-grown plot late today. at the center of it according to agents is christopher cornell. officials say he had plan to travel from cincinnati ohio to d.c. for an all-out assault. now authorities say the 20-year-old suspect went inside this gun shop in suburban cincinnati today and purchased two m-15 rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. but once he walked out, f.b.i. agents tackled him and arrested him. the f.b.i. says cornell was plotting an isis type of attack on the capitol hoping to set off pipe bombs aimed at lawmakers. according to document he used twitter to paste information. after the arrest cornell spoke
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out. >> he was a big kid. his best friend is his cat, mikey. >> has for how the f.b.i. was able to foil the plot cornell was talking to a partner who was supposed to help him carry out the attack it turns out the partner was an f.b.i. informant. security beefed up at the national guard base in delaware. patrolling with guns drawn after they raised the security level to threatcon bravo. and extra security was put in place last night after five different vehicles approved the base either asking for directions or just driving up and turning around. owe fish-- officials say there is no specific threat and it is out of an abundance of caution. from the u.s. we head to
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france where they lined up before dawn what i wanting to pick up their copy of charlie hebdo. the first edition since the attack at the offices and this issue had a cartoon issue of the prophet mohammed on the cover. usually printing 60,000 copies today 5 million. it has been exactly one week since the two masked gunmen stormed the paris offices. today new images from inside of the kosher sup they killed four. and a group in yemen claimed responsibility for last week's attack much we are learning the french authorities are looking for a fourth male suspect. mean while the one female believed to be involved was seen on surveillance video entering turkey. and john kerry is expected to meet with the president much france in paris to reiterate the u.s.'s support. thank you.
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a teenager facing charges tonight after police say he spread around inappropriate video of another student. the suspect is a 14-year-old boy. we are told the victim in the video is also a 14-year-old boy. the two are classmates. the police are investigating right now whether anyone else was involved here. a delaware teacher charged with having a sex woman relationship with a 17-year-old student. 50 year old richard charged with several charges of abuse. inappropriate behavior with the girl at least nine times on school grounds and a number of times at his home. 19 years ago this month the philadelphia police officer, larisa bared was gunned down. she is not forgotten. in west oak lane, she was kill responding to a robbery.
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a rapper sentenced to death. and evacuation when a fire broke out in a prison at the northumberland county prison in pennsylvania, which is about 40 miles north of harrisburg. the fire broke out around 2:00 this afternoon. tonight it appears the prison is destroyed. no one was injured. the prison is nearly 140 years old. fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the blaze at a pennsauken chemical company. over the chemical company after 7:00 as crewed battled the flame. it was in a dust collector no one injured. a new claim against comedian bill cosby and this may call within the statue of limitations. a model saying she was drugged and assaulted by cosby six years
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ago. meeting with detectives for two hours today. she blacked out after cosby gave her a drink and awoke naked with cosby over her. 20 women accused him of assaults and hers is the most recent of the alleged attacked. in for a chilly night, in the teens and 20s overnight. warmer days are on the way, you have to be patient. and cecily tynan is live at the big board. >> after two afternoons with temperatures in the low 30s, tomorrow if we hit 39 it feel feel pretty nice. this morning woke up in the cloutdz -- clouds and south jersey, the white is a trace of snow to the pressure that moved quickly out to sea. still a will the of cloud cover left over. at 10:00 tonight, high thin clouds. the clouds will be eroding as we
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head through the overnight hours and that will allow the temperatures to drop very quickly. currently 31 degrees in philadelphia. and the temperatures not really dropping that much now. allentown and reading 27 degrees. wilmington 29. millville 31. trenton currently 29 degrees. winds really not all that strong. generally out of the north you can see with the wind stream. philadelphia, 7 miles an hour. millville 8 miles per hour. a little wind creates a wind chill factor. feeling like 24 in philadelphia 22 reading, 23 degrees in millville. as we look ahead tonight, looking at temperatures again dropping down into the teens and 20s. another cold night. you will know the drill, dress in layers overnight for tomorrow morning. the next two days afternoon highs up near 40 degrees. that is about where we should be this time of the year. i'm tracking very mild air, but unfortunately along with some rain ron -- on sunday.
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details coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. are you struggling with your weight? telling but a new device that can help. quite a feat. two men shall the first to free climb to the top of yosemite and an incredible one hearing from them at 10:45. and more amazing video. a man loses control crashing through a car wash. why he says this happened. a local nonprofit hit hard times. that has not stopped the founder. she is operating out of her car. how you can help out after the break.
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searchers discovered the the airasia air and many of the body may still be on board. this is buried under the sea. ment discovery marked more questions. found more than a mile away from the tail section where the black boxes are located. the indonesian officials say it can take two weeks to process the information on the flight data recorders in the united
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states it would take just a day. and a deadly crash in texas. two killed when a bus carrying prisoners hit an icy patch and went down the embankment. eight inmates and two correction correctional officers. a 94 year old man sped through a car wash in sacramento, california at 40 miles per hour. and then yep crashed. he paid for his wash but claimed he couldn't take his foot off the pedal. he did $100,000 in damage but incredibly no one injured here. after the forecast as our stretch of bitter weather continues. >> there is an end in sight if you wait a little bit. we hope you are. cecily tynan at the big board. >> by tomorrow afternoon temperatures a little warmer than today. the morning low today 20
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degrees. 5 degrees below normal. afternoon high second day in a row only hit 32 degrees. that's 8 degrees below normal. next two days temperatures will be climbing up near 40 degrees. it will be seasonable and i think it's going to feel pretty nice compared to what we have been dealing with. 31 degrees in philadelphia, the same in millville. 32 sea isle city. wilmington 29 and allentown and reading currently 27 degrees. and you factor in the winds, which are generally light, less than 10 miles an hour, we still have a wind chill factor. feeling like 22 in dover, 22 degrees as well in reading. it has been a cold winter but have not got much snow. this winter philadelphia only 1.inch of snow. the afternoon this time of year is 6.2 inches. last year we were hit with so much snow the second snowiest on record. this time last year we already had more than 20 inches of snow.
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we got some in south jersey and delaware. that low pressure is moving away. what is happening right now, we have low pressure that's building in from the west. the cloud cover now is gray. and that means that the low pressure is eroding the clouds heading through the overnight hours. futuretracker tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning loads of sunshine and keeping the sunshine through the day. the bus stop forecast for tomorrow, bundle up the kids again. lots of sunshine but don't let the sunshine deceive you it will be cold. by 8:00 26 degrees. the forecast showing the temperatures tomorrow will be more seasonable. 39 degrees in philadelphia. 1 degree below the average high this time of year. pretty close. and atlantic city 40 wilmington 39, allentown 33 reading 34 and lancaster 35 degrees. not as cool as today with a mixture of sun and clouds. i'm tracking much milder way on the way for the second half of the weekend, as well as some rain. and next week we could see a bit
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of snow. talking about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all kinds of things for us? a lot happening. >> thank you. a nonprofit dedicated to helping disadvantaged men in philadelphia find jobs is now looking for a little help of its own. men's fit had a partnership with the city for office space. at kenneth moton reports it is in limbo. >> trying to look the part. >> if clothing make the men rhonda is providing them and a lot more. >> my goodness carl you look fantastic. >> i am passionate about what i do. most organizations focus on women and children which is great. missing is the support for men. >> eight years in philadelphia. starting men's fit to helpful low-income men, mostly minority finding them attire and business
10:19 pm
services. today she was helping 20-year-old carl and other participants from the charter. and the school partners with them and offers the high school drop-outs a second chance. >> to prove myself the world and the statistics that even though i dropped out i can get my education and move forward in my life. >> but it has become a labor of love. she has been hauling around shirts suits and ties because she lost her office space with the mayor office of reintegration services or rise which helps offenders. and when they moved men's fit thought it was coming along. instead the group was left out in the cold. >> they are working through their process, i assume but we haven't heard anything. so i can't wait any longer. >> while willingham searches for another donated space, she will keep working out of her car to suit up the men who are looking for a better future. >> you have to put your best
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foot forward. >> men's fit is hoping to hear from the city soon. and she says the number of men she used to help weekly 25 has been cut in half. kenneth moton "action news" at 10:00. are you packing on pound because much your job? common traps in the workplace.
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>> on "healthcheck" at 10:00, a high-tech new option for people struggling with obesity. a device with electrical pullses making weight loss easier. the electrodes are placed in the abdomen and pulses tell the brain whether it feels full. and half of the patients lose 20% of excess weight. have you been putting on weight lately? it could be job. put a list of top reasons why americans are putting on weight at work. 41% blame the freebie table.
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stress is story. and the study found people working in or commuting through neighborhoods with lots of drive-throughs are more likely to stop at them. and then there is the vending machine. packaged snacks are high in calories and low in nutrients. and the flyers on thes ice looking to extend a pretty decent streak. >> ducis rodgers is live with more. >> the flyers an up-and-down team this season. now on the up winning three of the last four games, taking on the washingtoneshshington and 20 saves in the first two periods. and how about that? zepp looking good. and we be in the third period
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and the flyers take on vancouver tomorrow. and the sixers on the road and lowry having a season. averaging better than 20 points a game. 18 for him in this one. four threes. and helping lead the raptors to victory. chip kelly's former quarterback in oregon turning bureau. marcus mariota is expected by many to be the number one overall pick. and the birds own the 20th pick in the draft. a busy night in college basketball including the return of one larry brown.
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♪ >> same sound brought to new a different way. this was the philadelphia orchestra's new life note night event. three earlier and shorter concerts in a casual atmosphere. for $45 you can come in and sit anywhere you like. the concert is 75 minutes leaving time to still grab dinner afterwards. the next two shows scheduled for february and april. >> making great music accessible to everybody. much more in the next half-hour including a woman who fell and got struck between two buildings in brooklyn. >> at 10:45, meeting one of the
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men who managed to scale el capitan today using only his hands and feet. this has never been done before. incredible. and the flu hitting very hard. one school that had to shut its doors today because s thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years and get a $400 bonus with a two year agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> we have a breaking news update, the story that led this newscast tonight. this is the result of a burst pipe in northeast philadelphia. you are looking right now at a
10:31 pm
massive geyser that's been spraying just like this at least a half-hour now on bluegrass road. this is not a city-owned water main but a private water line broken. look at what is happening, because of the temperatures outside 1 degree below freezing the water is coming down and coating the frees in a thick layer of ice right now. the water department crews are on the scene trying to get this geyser under control. again a private line burst in northeast philadelphia. some customers are affected because three have to shut off water in the area. but of course we will keep you posted on that aspect of the story as this newscast continues tonight. the other big story tonight, the winter illnesses that have been sweeping through northeast philadelphia, taking over local emergency rooms and closing one school. nazareth academy was empty today forced to shutdown after the principal, sister mary said
10:32 pm
that 55 students were out sick on monday and then 75 were out yesterday. today crews aired out the classrooms and disinfected the building. the outbreak at the school is a reflection what is happening throughout the region. and torresdale hospital treating so many with flu-like symptoms they have more patients than bed. it is not just influenza they are treating. >> you see a lot of people coming in with either upper respiratory symptoms viral intestal and a lot with influenza. we are confirming it with a test in a certain subset of patients. >> area >> nazareth reopening tomorrow. and two sisters recovering after hit by a car on the way to school this morning. the scene in front of riverside
10:33 pm
elementary. the girls with late to school and took a public transit bus not their regular school bus. they were hit while trying to cross the street. their injuries are said to be non-life threatening that's the good news. the driver will be sited for going above the speed limit. a woman could not escape a fast-moving fire in delaware county. the fires called to the home on east providence home before 3:00. ment crews found marilyn kramer dead on the front porch right there. three others escaped as i havesafely to the backdoor. and kramer's nephew thinks she may have fallen asleep while smoking. a burglar on the loose after a police chase and crash in bucks county. at state road in bensalem township, officers pursuing two burglary suspects when the car
10:34 pm
slam into a guard rail. one suspect was caught and the other took off on foot. the pennsylvania state police and k-9 units called in to search for the second suspect. us marshals arrested a philadelphia man, one of the most wanted fugitives. 43 year old tam minh le was captured yesterday in ashland, virginia. accused much stabbing three men and dumping their bodies in the schuylkill river last august. they say le and other members of a vietnamese gang left the men for dead. one victim survived swimming to shore for help. and they were killed after le gave them money for drugs but they gambled it awell. nascar kurt busch says he thinks his ex-girlfriend is a wants protection order against busch claiming he roughed her up in september at dover
10:35 pm
international speedway. this week busch testified that he was the one in fear. driscol even told him that she and the other woman were the reason for the character in zero dark 30. and driscol calls the claim lumd lumd -- ludicrous. do you consider yourself a generous tipper? maybe not as much as one. a taxy driver picked up a passenger in old city. the trip was less than a mile and the fare only $3.31. the passenger left a $900 on the credit card and the deliver thought it was a mistake. >> $989.89. good day of work. and january is here and it feels like it outside. >> and cecily tynan is tracking
10:36 pm
temperatures tonight. >> i am wondering if the passenger had a big red suit jolly old elf. around christmas it sounds like santa. and looking at the blue cross river rink at penns landing. it is quiet tonight and cold. we should be getting used to it by now. the temperatures in the region dropping down into the 20s. in chester 29 degrees. pottstown 27 quakertown 26. center city still holding at 31 degrees. heading into south jersey 29 in browns mils vineland 31 and sea isle city 32 degrees. and delaware smyrna temperature of 30. and action radar showing the swirling map, it is the low pressure bringing a trace of snow to a half inch of show to atlantic county kent county delaware. the system is moving away. we still have clouds left over but they are breaking up heading
10:37 pm
through the overnight hours. and the high pressure taking control. tomorrow with the high pressure it will be a dry day with a mixture of sun and clouds. and i am looking a little tall tonight that is cold. high of 39. and i grew like two inches. there we go 39 degrees, it is 1 degree shy of the average hype this time of year. feeling pretty nice. heading into friday we bump the temperature up 1 degree. but wait it feels will be a lot cooler. we'll be dealing with winds generally out of the west-northwest up to about 30 miles per hour. so wind chills will be in the teens and 20s. with this cold front and behind the cold front, high pressure biddle -- and sunday is tradeoff, mild but dealing with rain. the forecast tomorrow in philadelphia brighter light breeze. and allentown a good amount of
10:38 pm
sun sheen -- sunshine and seasonable. and the shore instead of snow and clouds sunshine with a high of 40. wednesday out of the west 7-14 miles per hour. a little bit of a breeze but not that windy. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow mixture of sun and clouds. high of 39 degrees. friday, bump it up to 40 but usher in the winds up to 30 miles per hour. and then behind the front on saturday, the sunshine returns but temperatures take a bit of a hit. the high only 35 degrees. sunday, a lot milder. 46 degrees, but it clouds up with some rain. and futuretracker showing the heaviest rain likely along the coast where you could get a half inch to an inch of rain. about a half inch in philadelphia. and the poconos, likely a few showers sunday. and monday behind sunday's cold front it is windy and chilly but dry for mlk day of service. 39 degrees. the temperatures drop back to 36
10:39 pm
degrees tuesday mostly sunny skies. wednesday for snow-lovers a clipper is flying through bringing us snow showers and a high of 37 degrees. it is amazing how everything is relative. 39 degrees. you know a few months ago would he would talk about how cold it is. i think it will feel nice tonight. >> it sure will. and you think of snow we had this time last year. >> more than 20 inches. >> all right thank you. and as we continue tonight, pork carnitas off the menu some chipoltes. and a woman off the apartment building and face-to-face with an angry, angry hippo and the video after the break.
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me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ >> video in from california where a car has crashed through the front door of a mace store. and traveling in the store
10:43 pm
before stopping. at least four were injured, but information here very preliminary at this point. a brooklyn college student had to be rescued monday. she fell from her roof and ended up wedged between two buildings. the space was less than two feet wide. that may have helped the 23 year old survive what would have been a four-story fall. at first the firefighters tried to break through a wall but eventually shimmied down and able to free her. a few cuts and broken leg. tourists set offing to see animals on an african river getting more than they paid for. the manager started recording after seeing something large below the water. second later a huge hippo exploded out of the river to the back of the vessel. fortunately the driver was able to gun the engine and get tourists to safety. it turns out the group had good reason to be scared. wildlife experts say the hippo
10:44 pm
is the most dangerous animal in africa. incredible rescue at sea caught on camera. the choppy waves of the caribbean sea. a tiny speck and strange sound. scott campbell on the back of a disney cruise ship and a young man screaming for help. the man fell overboard from a royal caribbean ship earlier in the day. >> and i started screaming "man overboard." >> and man overboard indeed. passengers and crew members up there him a lifevest and ring and they launched this life boat. after the rescue the man was alert and waving to passengers. and royal caribbean was grateful for the other ship's assistance. disney, the parent company much 6abc. a teenager under arrest helps save the life of the police officer who arrested him. we have the video. >> incredible story. next hearing from one of
10:45 pm
the men making history this evening. he climbed to the top of el capitan at yosemite using just his hands and his feet. and don't forget to wake up with the pakz -- "action news" team. starting at 4:30 a.m. only on
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>> mission accomplished. this evening two men became the first to free climb to the face of el capitan in yosemite national park. we have more on their amazing journey. [cheers and applause] >> emotional end to a brutal record-breaking climb for kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell climbing to el capitan with only hands and feet. tearing skin from fingers, climbing at night and sleeping in hanging tents. >> there is this crazy arctic wind storm. >> at one point kevin struggled unable to get through one of the toughest sections of the crime. >> pretty devastating and thoughts crossed my mind that i should just throw in the towel and support tommy to the top. >> after six days and 11 attempts, he made it. >> whoo!
10:49 pm
>> when i heard he made it i cried. >> then after 18 days and 3,000 feet, the final push with friends and family waiting above and watching from blow they make it to the top of the climbing world. abc news los angeles. >> incredible. a lot of people talking tonight about a teenager in florida because as he was being booked into jail a witness -- he witnessed a police officer collapse and then sprang into action. this is video from september. that is 17-year-old jamal rutledge in the right on the left and on the left the officer. and you see him collapse in a chair. and rutledge in hand cuffs starts yelling, moments after the same officer arrested him. and a check on the officer losing officer, yells for help. other officers run in and begin to administer c.p.r. doctors say had it not been for the teen's yelling and quick work of the other officer, he could have died. he hopes to return to full duty
10:50 pm
soon. rutledge and the officers will be honored for their bravery wlat later this month. chipotle pulling some pork products from the menu. and they say a major supplier did not comply with their animal welfare standards. 1/3 of the 1700 locations now have signs, and the signs tell customers that carnitas are not available. >> carnitas are my favorite. >> they are a lot of people's favorite, but you have to wait a little longer. we will take a quick break and come back with "action news" sports after this.
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>> sports now. we start off on the ice. steve mason is out. and giving rob zepp a chance to work. it is worth a lot. 3:00 into the game the victim of a bad bounce. a rare blelish on his work. 1-0 washington. solid from there, 20 saves in the first two periods. how about this one right here. full extension with the pads. looking good but the flyers can't manage the goal and lose 1-0. taking on vancouver tomorrow. the nba hardwood the sixers headed to toronto without a key
10:54 pm
piece. the leading scorer staying behind with a sprained knee. his absence is felt. second quarter, michael carter williams, putting in 29 points. and philadelphia native, kyle lowrey having a terrific season. the villanova standout to points a game 18 in this one. and the sixers lose 100-84. speaking of villanova, the wildcats cracked the top five and may far from the ceiling. and hosting ex and hart will finish and the 16-point lead. no looking back. and the big man can step out. leading with 18 points and now villanova up 64-51. we are in the second half.
10:55 pm
temple and smu. and larry brown. and the second half cummings behind the back and temple up 5. marcus kennedy the transfer often in his hometown. a game high 21 points of kennedy and smu beats the owls. >> for me at my age you know the neatest thing to be around the young kids that care. and that's what tonight was about. >> they are a good team. the defensive numbers are very good and very efficient team you see by the shooting percentage. la salle loses to dayton. and the run in the second half blows it open for the flyers. is st. joe in a battle. five three-pointers and a perfect 6-6 from the free-throw line. career high 23 points. no turnovers. the hawks win 66-55.
10:56 pm
you only have to wait a little more than a month. 35 days to be exact before talking about that phillies baseball. pitchers and catchers report to clearwater february 18. today the phills made a few of the top prospects available. that includes two guys they got in the jimmy rollins and saying it has been a whirlwind. >> knowing my life would change like that from one organization to the other. moving from the west to the east coast. but it was excite be to be traded for jimmy rollins. >> back over to you. >> thank you. and back to breaking news now. that we have been updating you throughout the hour the geyser continues to shoot into the air in northeast philadelphia. this is on bluegrass road east of grand avenue. as we told you before this is not a water main it is actually a fire service connection. >> we learned about 7:00
10:57 pm
incredibly it has been spraying like this since 7:00. a tremendous force of water. crews are on the scene. the good news no one in the area expected to lose water service as a result of it. quite a picture in northeast philadelphia tonight. and cecily tynan joining us. >> that will cause problems with temperatures below freezing and dropping into the overnight hour. the morn commute forecast temperatures in fichl -- philadelphias in the 20s. warming up t
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one, two, three, four. and skip, two, three, four. and turn, two, three, four. i don't like this part. well, honey, if you spot the wall then you won't get dizzy. here, watch daddy, okay? oh. how cool would it be if you turned into wonder woman right now? can't even talk about it. (telephone rings) oh it's the adoption agency. oh, my gosh. it is?! it is?! it is?! cam, you need to stop doing that. (ring) last time, they were just calling to confirm our billing address. hello. uh-huh. "uh-huh" what? yep. really? (whispers) "really" what? (gasps) that--that mother from calexico, she picked us. she did? uh-huh. she went into early labor. she's having the baby today. she is?! uh-huh. we have to go to calexico right now. we do?! just assume everything i say is the truth. (whispers) okay, yeah. okay. oh, okay, yes. well, thank you so much. okay, bye.


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