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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> thursday night it was a brutal attack aboard a septa trolley and the target a teenage girl. she tells us what happened as the man caught open tape is being shown beating her. >> trouble in atlantic city. details of emergency steps being taken to save a city open the bring. the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news in new castle county. this was the scene on i-495 edgemoore tonight where a pedestrian was struck and killed. police sources tell "action
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news" the victim was hit by at least four vehicles none of which stopped. it happened before 8:00 in the northbound lanes. it's not clear why the victim was on the highway or if any of those striking cars knew that they hit that person. the northbound lanes of i-95 remain closed philadelphia pike to edgemoor road as police investigate. and now to the arrest of several members of a prominent bucks county family accused of setting fire to their own home to live a life of luxury. >> 7 people are charged in connection with that alleged scam. prosecutors set their new hope mansion on blaze on several occasions to collects tens of millions of dollars from insurance. "action news" reporter dann cuellar following the story from new hope tonight. >> hello. when we went looking for comment there was no answer at the call box outside the mansion on stony creek in buckingham. >> call ended try again later. >> the grand jury probe stems
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from a huge fire at the mansion october 22 of 201 3. back then the fire chief told me it was third fire at the mansion in 4--year period. what's going on? >> i don't know. >> were the other fires accidental. >> undetermined. >> aig insurance firm paid in excess of $20 million in connection with fires and result according to investigators were seeking another $20 million for 2013 fire. claire had accused volunteer firefighters that respond todd blaze of stealing jewelry reportedly worth millions while they were in the home. the grand jury found the allegations to be false and the family has a history of filing questionable insurance claims for the last 20 to 30 years. >> we spent the last fourteen months under a cloud of suspicion. i have a great dedicated group of guys here. >> in addition to claire and tom french attorney general charged adult daughter her asdult son
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carl risoldi and sheila and private investigator mark goldman and fabric vendor rich holeson they have engaged in wide ranging multi-million extreme to defraud aig and using proceeds as source of ongoing funding for excessively extravagant lifestyle. for their part the volunteer firefighters were feeling good of being cleared for wrong doing. >> i knew sooner or later we would be vindicated because i was confident nobody took anything out of the house but we went through the ordeal. >> at caused which included prominent republican fundraiser prosecuteen and former deputy sheriff and spokesman all turned themselves in and released after posting bail. in buckingham township bucks county dann cuellar actions news at 10en phl17. >> it is -- all eyes are already on the weekend. a system that could make saturday a wet one. and you will see some snow
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joseph is live at the big board. >> the moisture down to the south gathered from new orleans to atlanta and throughout the southern part of tennessee valley double scan radar. as it spreads north and east it will begin as snow for a good majority for us and as fillederd into the store it will change to rain newest information coming in is it will speed up a little bit. right now it looks like snow starts to break out across dover being atlantic city, up to philadelphia between it 9 10 11:00 tomorrow night and friday. and then it will continue to lift off to the north and then switch over to rain by saturday morning for most of us in fact as we look at precipitation type depending where you live it could linger as snow throughout most of the event north of can laster and reading and allentown. but for the greater philadelphia area trenton, wilmington begins snow quickly flipping to rain and mainly rain in southern
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areas where we saw most of the snow the last go around. and so here's your nor'easter timeline friday night to saturday morning again south to north now targeted around 9 p.m. to 34euded r midnight and stayedest precipitation of snow changing to rain will be between 2 and 8:00 on saturday and quickly exits. we'll salvage saturday afternoon now. noon to 3 p.m. ends from the southwest to the north and east f we take a look at model consensus here for saturday, it looks pretty good from gfs, to nan, e uro, rpm models, philadelphia, looking at 1.3 to 2" of snow before the flip-over to rain. we'll talk more about this it system and another on the heels for the beginning of next week. shirleen, coming up in the next 7-day forecast. >> thank you adam. philadelphia federation of teach certifies celebrating a victory
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tonight. a commonwealth court judge ruled the school district cannot cancel their contract. in the 42-page rule the court said district acted illegally when it tossed out terms of the union old expired contract and imposed their own new terms. that included health benefit changes they claim would have saved more than 50 million dollars a year. >> the commonwealth court confirmed the the form was m proper in handling the bargaining agreement. >> they're tying to decide whether to appeal to the supreme court. no new contract talks are scheduled. >> today new jersey governor chris christie unveiled ambitious plan to bull atlantic city out of financial free fall. during today's third atlantic city summit the governor named corporate specialist ladin adds
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manager. christie avoid calling the move a state takeover but most observers agree that is just what it is. he says both men will work in partnership with atlantic city mayor own city council to chart the best course of action. >> reality we want to make it better. we've seen in the past when the that authority was exercised it turned out to be better eventually. >> we really need to cut it down to the details and find out what is really going on with the different pieces of the city. and then come up with a plan that makes sebs. >> now among the responsibilities of the emergency manager, preparing a plan within three months that will stabilize atlantic city finances through any legal means necessary. >> a week after a woman is hurt in a freak accident in center city she remains in serious condition tonight. erica good win was talk walking last thursday when 18-year-old rebecca kim fell from 8th floor of art institute dorm and hit herch the temple student was killed in that fall.
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4-year-old goodwin was rushed to the hospital and suffered spine and shoulder injuries. kim was taking photos on a ledge when she fell. >> we've got update tonight on shooting we first told you about last night at 10:00. a clerk remains in critical condition after being shot in the germantown neighborhood. police say the 53-year-old husband and father was shot 8 times at the grocery store prieta. the store owner and two-year-old child were inside at the time. neither was injured. a teenager says she was attacked by a man on a trolley and she got the video and injuries to prove it. "action news" reporter chad pradelli talked to the 17-year-old today. >> reporter: her eye is swollen and bruised. her nose broken after this mana tacked her on the route 15 trolley yesterday morning [bleep] [bleep]. >> my nose i got a sneezing a
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certain way and breathe a certain way i cannot move my mouth in certain directions because it hurts my nose. >> shay is 17 and anding her name at the family request. she just hopped on the trolley for the short trip to school. >> my bag kept bumping this man. and he was getting mad my bag was bumping him he started calling me names and getting real smart with me. >> she ignored him and she says the man got up threatened her in her ear and ripped off his hat. when she saw his fist clenched she tried to defend herself snri hit him and he hit me at the same time like three or four times in my face. >> he's a creep. on a bus. full of kids. if the book bags were hitting understand you're on a bus full of kids. it happens. >> the man fled 7th and girard. shay's mother then got the call no mother wants. her daughter was attacked and
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was on the way to jefferson hospital. and er nurse herself she feared the worst and broke down. >> to know a man hit her was like really? really? she's a kid. what male -- and when she called me she said a grown man hit me in the face. >> police would like you to take a close look at the man. shay says she's never seen him prior to the attack and while her injuries will heal shay and her mother worry about the emotional scars. >> i hope he gets caught. and i hope he -- >> that's chad pradelli reporting. septa says there's surveillance on the trolley and they're working to get the video to east detectives. the piano man is coming to philadelphia! we'll tell you when he'll takeover citizens bank park. >> the philadelphia homicide detective on the other side of the law tonight. investigators say he helped his girlfriend cover up a murder. and another royal scandal prince andrew responds to allegations
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>> a scandle known as deflate-gate entererd a bizarre chapter today whether they deflated footballs. two of the team's best known names held separate and equally odd press kchss. sharee williams live satellite center. >> this storm surely has not passed. quarterback tom brady and head coach bill belichick facing reporters for the first time about this scandal that has been happening. in the meantime both denied any wrong doing. with the super bowl days away patriots are asked if they cheated. >> number 12 usually under center but tonight tom brady is under fire. >> everyone is obviously trying to figure out what happened. >> brady bombarded with questions about espn report that 11 of the 12 balls he used to beat the indianapolis colts were
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under inflated 2 pounds per square inch by nfl standards. brady was asked directly if he was a cheater. >> i don't believe so. i feel lie like i've played within the ruled and didn't do anything to break the rules. >> an under inflated ball is easier to grip and catch especially in foul warmch the balls used in sunday's game were approved by officials more than 2 hours before kickoff. experts say the only time the balls could have been tampered with were minute the game or on the sideline. >> i did not alter the ball in any way. >> brady explained pregame ritual. >> you go through process of breaking balls in and getting comfortable with them. i choose the balls because i want to use for the game and then that's what i expect to go out on the playing field. >> the patriots have about tangles in scandals before. in 2007 the nfl find head coach bill belichick $500000 and took away draft picks as punishment
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for video take taping opponent sideline signals in a game and belichick maintains he was unaware of the deflate-gate. >> i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs. i had no knowledge whatsoever about the situation. >> now the nfl says it's investigating these deflate-gate accusations but brady told reporters today that no one from the league office has contacted him and that shirleen has many people asking even more questions. live in the satellite center, sharee williams, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> those questions not ending any time soon. thank you, sharee . >> authorities in edgewater new jersey say a massive apartment blaze that destroyed more than 200 units started by accident. it shows that construction crews work on plumbing at avalon edgewater apartments accidentally sparked inferno last night.
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firefighters went door to door to de oak vait hundreds of residents that ran out of their apartments with little more than clothes on their back. the level continued to smolder until late this afternoon when it was all over 2 40 units were gone. >> it is very very, very upsetting. in the beginning i was so scared. >> knowing that everybody's belongings were there and everything lost it's horrible. >> more than 500 people were impacted by the fire. late today governor christie visited the victims and assured them that the state would work quickly to get them whatever they needed. >> prince andrew made his first public appearance today since being implicated in sex scandal aix spokesperson denies the member of the british family had sex with under age girl 14 years ago. >> i wish to reiterate and reaffirm the statements which have already been made on my
10:18 pm
behalf by buckingham palace. my focus is on my work. >> a new court document sheds more light on allegeden counters between the prince and then 17-year-old in the 220 page court filing, virginia roberts seen with the prince said she engaged with sexual activities with him three separate occasions once in london, new york and u.s. virgin islands. roberts claims the prince's former friend billionaire jeffery epstein forced her to have sex with the prince and other powerful men. in a statement "abc news" buckingham strongly denied the allegations. robert says those denylees are fruitful. >> turning to the accuweather forecast as we look at the system set to arrive on saturday. >> adam joseph keeping a close ion this one. >> we're talking about a nor'easter here. >> it's quick moving and will have more warm air than the typical mid-atlantic. it you're not a snow lovr this is a storm for you little bit
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not a lot. >> as we look at the almanac. highs today 41. low 30 and that record low 7 below in 1984 coldest all time low temperature in philadelphia during the month of january. and temperature right now allentown, 31. not bad out there, 35 wilmington, 38 philadelphia. freezing point for millville and better than that wildwood. satellite and radar locally here we'll show clouds still happening on and that's what's trapping some of the heat relatively speaking that we generated today and clear skies offer to the north and once the clouds clear overnight tonight that will allow the temperatures to crash by tomorrow morning. and if you take a look at numbers tomorrow for friday. another decent day. 40 in philadelphia. 40 wilmington and 40 millville. much brighter than today with a lot of sunshine. seasonable and you'll notice clouds thickening in the afternoon from the south to north. and ahead of that nor'easter in fact by 10:00 tomorrow night
10:20 pm
will you watch us, 24 hours from now the snow will fall in wilmington on the vernl of philadelphia, lancaster, and mixing in the far south with warm air is already invading and then as we get into the overnight hours friday into early saturday morning 6:00 that rain snow line punk turz way to the north and west as warm air floods in with this system and especially to the south and east. and it's lingering as snow and mixed sleet in the lehigh valley and poconos. and then as we get into saturday afternoon some lingering rain showers early and then that clears by middle part of the afternoon. as we look at the expected snowfall total as cording to inch southern areas and much of this will wash away with the rain. 1 to 3" in and around philadelphia and western suburbs before the flip-over to rain. and as you head to the north of trenton and allentown and northern bucks county that is where we can see at least 3" of snow at some cold air hold on longer during the storm. when i come back we'll let you know why the warm air is taking
10:21 pm
over with this storm plus a better chance for accumulating snow for everybody in that 7-day. we'll let you know when the storm comes in guys in a little bit. >> you shouldn't have. >> hey, i got to get some of the snow. >> i guess so. >> thank you adam. >> he is coming here first find out that is who will rock citizens bank park this summer. >> in "healthcheck" we have something to motivate you to get off the couch after this
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pass >> in tonight's "healthcheck" we all know we should work out. some think it's inconvenine and there's nor to exercise near their home. that's not true. researchers at the university of wisconsin, mad sop. looked at how close people lived it parks, gyms and other exercise facilities. three out of four people live less than a mile away. those living closest tend to be
10:25 pm
less like eye to live beyond the age of 75. no matter where you live physical activity is never far away. >> there goes my sglus and mine mine is right downstairs. >> the season may be over for the eagles but there's plenty to talk about. >> ducis rogers is live in the "action news" sports center with words on the birds. >> eagles named ryan game their quarterback coach. dave played for chip kelly at new hampshire and is former temple offensive coordinator. >> six eagles take part in the pro bowl surprised in arizona. connor barwin kelce sproles, dorenbos. even veteran can get giddy for nfl all star game. >> it's pretty cool to be able to be around the best in football. there's a lot of guys that put a lot of hard work and sacrifice to end up here and you get to meet a lot of us. a lot of russ similar people and most of us connect pretty fast.
10:26 pm
>> basketball now. sixers are waiting word on tony wrote ton. he went to california to see a specialist and missed past five games with knee injury. it was thought to be a sprain. they're worried it may be something more serious perhaps season ending. >> i'm always afraid of that you know? but i'm not here to say that. it is on the table. and you know, we're judging it all, we're judging it all and nobody should write he's done for the year that's not what i'm saying. but it's one of those options that lingers and so because it lingers it worries me. >> ahead next half hour find out which sixers player was target of a very creative
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>> we have some svlyes to you about they deposit realize the selfies would appear in the cloud, yes and the police saw the picture as well. >> and next we have the story of a philadelphia detective accused of helping his gir
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>> hello squen, back barks, thanks for joining us at 10:30. here are the stories we're looking at on phl17. >> a pedestrian was struck in killed in delaware in the northbound lanes of edgemoor. police say four cars ran over the victim.
10:32 pm
and newspaper of them stopped. philadelphia police are trying to track down a man on this video. he attacked a 17-year-old girl while on the route 15 trolley yesterday. septa is working to retrieve better surveillance video of the suspects. the new jersey governor chris christie appointed two people tasked in helping atlantic city get finances under controlch the governor held third summit in struggling sea side casino destination. they lost four casinos leaving thousands out of work. >> we've already had one round of snow and now another is headed our way. >> the nor'easter will hit early on saturday morning for the latest on the timing and what you should expect. adam joseph standing by with the latest. hey adam. >> we'll speed up the timing with the latest information and come in before midnight now tomorrow as we look at double scan live radar and we can see all the moisture that is being pultd out of the gulf of mexico. in fact you can tell the storm is energetic because all of the
10:33 pm
lightning strikes near new orleans now that system meaning buzz as it heads south to north. as we take a look close to home with some of the numbers. right now it's 34 in pottstown. 31 quakertown and warrington and chester 38. there's a chill in the air tonight. and off to the north we're starting to clear the sky and void the sky of clouds. we're dropping the temperature quickly. it's 29 groups mills and ewing and downp where the clouds are thicker it traps the heat. 36 hockessin and gla glassboro and cinnaminson 33, 3 4, clouds to the south and they're starting to fall apart norm and east. thicker cloud waiting in the wings way down to the south. as we fly you down there we can see moisture from the gum of of mexico which will eventually transfer energy to the coastal storm and some at laptic moisture will get in on the act. but there is no snow or sleet on the leading edge of that precipitation because there's a
10:34 pm
lack of cold air. typically with a nor'easter setup during the winter you have a massive high in eastern canada which sends a lot of cold air down the east eastern seaboard and also into the ohio valley. there's no high. so that high -- that load deepens rapidly off the carolinas and it will send a lot of mild ocean air rapping in around that low to takeover the precipitation and because there's no blocking feature a high to the east this will be a quick-moving nor'easter. 11:00 tomorrow night you can see the snow across much of the area from reading philadelphia, to the south. it comes in a little early and then there's warm air that take over and we see rain by 6:00 saturday morning and even in the northwestern suburbs and far northwest lehigh valley, poconos, mixture of snow and sleet and early saturday afternoon everything moves out early on saturday afternoon as light rain showers. 1 to 3" reading to philadelphia.
10:35 pm
some of this will wash away. it changes over to rain. you're not necessarily going to see this much snow on the ground. and in allentown north of trenton we could see as much as 3" of snow as changeover may not make it that far north. as we look at exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast it's warm leading up to the storm at 40. and we stay in the upper 30s on saturday with the snow mix and mainly rain for the majority of our region during the day on saturday. and then on sunday 42. looking good. then our next system is a clipper system just like our previous storm just a couple days ago. and snow is likely here and we could pick up a couple of inches here. we're not talking right now as a massive storm monday. but we'll watch that at 34. and it's very cold behind. it upper 20s and then thursday sun and clouds 32 degrees. but if we get inch and a half 2" in philadelphia for that it would be biggest storm of the winter. >> we're not complaining. >> no. >> thank you adam.
10:36 pm
>> it started with a murder and search for suspect. police say as the investigation moved forward one of the own stopped them from solving it. tonight, that officer is facing charges. john rawlins has the story. >> september 8 2013 a man is stabbed to death in after hours club in the 3300 block of north fifth street. police look for suspect erica sanchez a former loaf lover of the dead man. apparently sanchez has a new boyfriend ronald dubb a homicide detective sanchez calls dove and dove does not do his duty as an officer. >> instead jumped into action to do just the opposite to bury evident. he activity shieldeled here and hid her and financed her flight he drove her from philadelphia to rochester where he checked her into a holiday inn. >> wian says dove cleaned sanchez vehicle a 2006 red honda
10:37 pm
element like this one. he took it to a garage owner and said store it out of side. >> police were actively looking for the car. >> while hiding sanchez dove told other detectives she killed inself defense. brian mc monday gal says dove's heart overruled his head. >> i can tell you ron never thought he was trying to help a criminal. he was trying to protect a person who had been victim of domestic violence andself defense. >> dove appears to be facing continuing investigation into other matters. questions remain about what he may have known about a missing person ronaldo torrez and torres's friend melanie colon shot six times her body dumped behind this juniata park apartment building. >> and that was john rawlins reporting. just within the last half hour we learned that dove's bail was set at 25,000 dollars he did post 10% of that and will be
10:38 pm
released. >> a music teacher in poconos turned himself in today and is accused of having sex with a former student. 39-year-old brandon flatly appeared before a monroe county judge amid accusations he engaged in sexual relationship with a 17-year-old high school girl. police say the pair met when he taught the girl at stroudsburg intermediate elementary when she was 10 and they changed 90,000 texts. bail is set at 75,000. >> residents who say they're fed one noisy construction along 2 a5 bellmar took complaints to officials tonight. burrow hosted a meeting for concerned citizens and there were plenty of them. many say their lives were disrupted by the constant noise and some describe structural damage caused to their homes bit shaking. 25 construction is parts of a much bigger plan to ease congestion where 295 i-76 and
10:39 pm
route 4 come together. >> princess diana's brother charles spencer stopped by drexel university this evening and discussed his new book killers of the thame and talking about execution of king charles the first that ruled england in 1600s and the book talks about the 59 men that signed his death warrant and he also talked about running his family's estate which is look a real life downton abby. >> and bucks county high school students dressed to impress and strutted down the catwalk tonight in fairless hills. pensburgy high students hosted their annual prom fashion evrm po on campus tonight. more than 50 students took part and the event raises money for senior class students who cannot afford to go to prom. >> and madonna is praising fbi after she says someone stole her brand new music and screech face as i judge. the latest on the actor's battle of law in wisconsin battling a
10:40 pm
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>> ma doon says israeli police had a hacker that released her music on-line. the suspect was has bee inked. the suspect is 38-year-old man have tel aviv madonna is not his only victim. she's profoundly grateful to fbi and israeli investigators. her next album level heart comes out in march. >> well, you recognize this guy. or you will when you see his face. that's screech from saved by the bell that entered not guilty plea to charges stemming from bar fight. justin diamond and fiancee were in a wisconsin courtroom today and the actor is accuseded of stabbing a man during an altercation on christmas. he said in the past he was just depending his fiancee at the timech the victim told police he shoved diamond forcefully and did not realize he was cut until later. >> well, a texas man was pretty bummed when someone broke into
10:44 pm
his truck and took his ipad and 5,000. thanks to the cloud he was able to help police track down the not so smart suspect. look at these picturesch the suspects took 17 in all. you can see them posing a burger king and was of cash in their mouths. the victim was shocked when they appeared in his cloud a week after he had been robbed. one of the suspects said he didn't know what the cloud was. you know what that's a good thing fort suspect and for the police. >> fort police. >> lucky. >> still ahead saving you money at the pharmacy. helping you pay less for your prescription drugs feign they're covered by insurance. >> and don't forgot wake up with the "action news" team. get the morning. news, headlines and weather
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>> americans spend more than 250 billion a year on prescription drugs. savvy shopping for those covered by insurance can save you plenty. alicia vitareli has tips. >> for people taking precipitation medicine regularly consumer reports says average annual cost is more than $700.
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but there are surprising ways to cut your drug costs. >> first thing you can consider is taking over the counter medication for really common ailments as opposed to taking prescription drug. of course do that with advice of doctor. >> for seasonal allergies claritin is cheaper substitute for precipitation they're as good as next yum for a fraction of the cost. look for the ingredient found in somanex rather than lunes. it a and paying for your precipitation yourself rather than going through your insurance plan. >> paying out-of-pocket can be cheaper if you go to samz club walmart or target. >> paying outright for livotatin could be cheaper that copay. >> if your insurance company has
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preferred pharmacy shop there you could see big deals. if they have mail order program check that out too you could see savings there as well. >> when shopping for over the countier medicine looks for store brands. they'll next to name brands and can cost a lot less. alicia vitareli for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> consumer reports says don't take drug store displays that say clearance or sale at face value. they ken tis you to buy a name brand on sale but expensive than the store brand equivalent. >> billy joel is headed back to the bank this summer. citizens bank park officials say joel will perform before thousands after corridoring fans on august 1 3. he has performed citizens bank park other times. in fact more times than any other artist. tickets for the show will go on sale next friday january 30. they likely will sell out quick.
10:50 pm
>> now the scandal with a catchy name that say patriots improve their game. it's called inflate-gate. >> bill belichick and tom brady held separate conferences today and essentially said the same things. they have no idea why 11 of 12 balls they supplied were reportedly significantly deflated. they practiced with them before turning them over on game day. while the nfl investigating patriots dean eye deny, deny. >> when i came in monday morning i was shocked to learn of the news reports before the footballs. hi no knowledge whatsoever of the situation until monday morning. i don't know what happened. >> i have no explanation for it and don't know what happened between the time i touched it and you know really until monday morning i have no idea what happened with the balls.
10:51 pm
>> chip kelly found a new quarterback coach. they have hired ryan day played qb new hampshire when chip was a coach there and day was offensive coordinator at temple. six birds will take place in the pro bowl on sunday. it's work. but not really. >> i think you just go out there and try to do your job. but, you know, it will be a little more fun probably. it will be a little more of a comradery thing. >> the exploreers will host st. joe's on tuesday. >> temple hosting southerner daxt easy for fran dumbfy and company. quintin part of 12/5 run second half puts it out of reach and owls win 73-48. >> and finally if mtv brings
10:52 pm
back the show punked sixers may be a good host. we don't know which member. jeff skversky wraps up the sportscast with the story. >> no no. >> sixers rookie forward jakar samson is cracking up after teammates had entire suv covered in aluminum foil outside their practice facility. >> i was surprised. i was super surprised. i was not expecting this. >> did do you this? >> this was not my work this was not my work. i need a few more years in this league to do stuff like this. >> pretty few any hu? >> hill larious. >> while nobody will admit to this the players did put people up to it. they had to buy 25 rolls of reynolds twroop get the job done. he was unable to foil the plan until it was too late. >> who gets pay back for this.
10:53 pm
>> first i have to find out who did it. i don't know who did it. i have to find out first and then i'll get back to you on that. >> as funny as it is now some of the other players are a tad worried their car maying hit next. >> it's hill larious i'm happy it's not my car. >> not yet. >> you worried your car is next. >> my car 345eu my may be next. >> jeff skversky for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> don't tell adam. he might find a surprise in the parking lot. >> you know what, those cars -- >> guard the toilet paper you well,
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dinner pop. ♪ >> 75 excited kids got to happening out with the sixers at the roxboro ymca tonight it's the first fit 76 fitness clinic. the program designed to show middle school students that exercise comes in lots of forms and can be lots of fun as well. the clinic is also part of nba an fit week. >> a commitment to reading. let's take you to a special game. they completed pal reading program. they were treat todd dinner with the team followed by a temple basketball game. >> you were rocking jumping jacks. >> i'll preserve myself now.
10:57 pm
>> lot of happy kids there but not happy, snow will be short lived as we come through the upcoming weekend. day planner tomorrow, beautiful day, sunshine, upper 30s for high temperatures. yes we will get snow. tomorrow night to saturday morning. especially north and west. coating to inch far south. 1 to 3" wilmington to be to philadelphia and reading and lehigh valley at least 3" of snow friday night to early saturday morning and much of it changes over to rain. >> okay. >> thank you, adam. >> thank you for joining us on "action news" at 10. >> for sh why do we do it? why do
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hose pancakes smell great. what are you doing with those? luke and i are doing a recycling drive. if we collect enough bottles they build a school in africa. luke: wouldn't that be so cool to go to a school made out of bottles? that would certainly be a special school. did you hear what i said parents -- "special school"? okay. nobody make a big deal about it but i just broke up with dylan. no! oh, my gosh. are you okay, honey? yeah, i'm fine. i just -- i need to date someone who has a clue instead of an idiot who bangs his head every time he rides his bike out of his garage. every time. i'm sorry, honey. i'm sorry for both of you. i'll have to text him later. mm. i got to jump in the shower. i'm gonna be late. where are you going? i'm going to meet my friend valerie. i haven't seen her in 15 years. we used to work together. you worked? mm-hmm.


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